Latest Sharks and Oilers Speculation – March 20, 2018

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Will the San Jose Sharks re-sign Evander Kane? Should the Edmonton Oilers entertain offers for Ryan Nugent Hopkins? The latest in your NHL rumor mill.

Does Evander Kane have a long-term future with the San Jose Sharks? (Photo via NHL Images)


MERCURY NEWS: Paul Gackle recently speculated on the possibility of the San Jose Sharks re-signing  Evander Kane. Since joining the Sharks in a trade-deadline deal with the Buffalo Sabres, the 26-year-old left wing has been a terrific addition to their offensive attack. In nine games with San Jose he has 10 points, including a recent four-goal effort against Calgary.  

Cap Friendly indicates the Sharks have $59.5-million invested in 19 players, the Sharks have sufficient cap space to re-sign Kane if they choose. He’d be a solid consolation prize if the club loses out in a potential bidding war for center John Tavares if the New York Islanders captain decides to test the free-agent market on July 1.

General manager Doug Wilson also has to consider if he’ll re-sign long-time center Joe Thornton. Winger Tomas Hertl is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights coming off a two-year, $6-million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will depend upon Kane’s performance over the remainder of the season and into the playoffs. So far, he’s fit in quite well with his new teammates. Another will be his asking price. He’s completing a six-year, $31.5-million contract with an annual cap hit of $5.25 million but with an actual salary this season of $6 million. His camp could seek a seven- or eight-year deal worth over $7 million annually. Of course, if Kane is happy in San Jose and really wants to stay, Wilson might be able to work this to his advantage. 


THE ATHLETIC: Jonathan Willis acknowledges Edmonton Oilers fans are understandably leery over the idea of the club shopping center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins as the club can’t afford to lose any more talent than it already has. Still, Willis feels it makes sense for the Oilers to at least listen to trade offers this summer. His trade value is likely high this year and there’s a market for good centers, which could work to the Oilers’ advantage. If they consider such a move, however, Willis notes that the player coming in “would need to be relatively young, under team control for years, and be a significant upgrade over RNH in some other area.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Willis isn’t advocating moving Nugent-Hopkins, listing in detail the value he brings to the Oilers. He concludes if they can’t bring in a premium return they should be comfortable with the alternative of keeping him on the roster. 

Still, it doesn’t hurt to at least listen to offers. Even if the return isn’t perfect, perhaps shedding his $6-million annual cap hit could free up sufficient dollars to perhaps acquire more quality depth via trade or free agency. 



  1. Here’s hoping San Jose signs Kane to a nice 8yr $56m NMC

    • So you’re a Kings fan? Or a Ducks fan?

      • Lol

      • Canucks…
        Media here run daily poll questions if they want Kane here. Almost everytime its an 80% “hard NO” Seeing as we are already wasting $6m for the next 4 years, we dont need Kane and his injury/attitude problems here for 7years at an insane price. Fans would rather remain patient and wait for prospects in the system to eventually make it.

        So here’s to a division rival blowing their wad on Kane

    • Hahaha you must take that name from the Tylor from AD&D :). Kane shouldn’t get more than 6M as he hasn’t improved from the original signing only declined in potential. If he don’t sign w/ Sharks it will be another Colin Cancer situation :)… Where the guy turned down money or opted out of his contract only to not get another… Maybe he can play in KHL like Emery or others to boost his value. Kane is being carried by the talent around him so he should sign there for 6X8 if he can 48M is more than fair for his issues off the ice alone ;). Great comment by Neans about that must be a fan of Ducks or Kings if not Vegas :).

  2. With Kane’s history he should be giving a discount. No one at the trade deadline wanted him except SJ and they obtained him relatively on the cheap considering the other deals that went down. He should like SJ.

  3. As a Sabres fan I can tell you that Kane was fine with Buffalo, he gave a better effort than 90% of team and played tough. Buffalo would have kept him but he was way too much money. If he would have signed for 6.5 million max he would be here but I believe he wants 7.5 million, too much for a guy who usually gets low number of points and assists. He sure did a great job of scoring even strength goals so he’s worth 6 million.

    Kane had no problems in Buffalo with teammates like in Winnipeg. I would take him if price was right, way better than teams who pay these old guys long deals after age 30

    • Matt as a Sabres fan what do you think of the Eichel contract having 10M? To me that seems insane, probably the worst contract in the NHL or among the top few. Seems most agree Kane shouldn’t get more than 6M. Its nice to want things, like the Canadian on Namaste Yoga is rocking Lily Concalves or Goncalves or so :). I think 6M is the max cap hit Kane should have even though I’m not a big fan of his. I liked him for fantasy when he was on Jets often having nice amt of shots and goals. He is kinda tough so have to worry about him breaking hand in a fight.

      My current favorite teams are Kings, Knights, then probably the Sharks… I’m not happy w/ them adding ugly laces to uniform to look like untied shoelace… Also they were wearing black I think when blew that 3-0 lead vs. Kings in playoffs… I think either way Sharks will win out… If they let Kane walk they can probably draft a better player w/ that 1st rounder or just as good. If they sign him for something like 5.5M or 6M, then fine, long as they don’t give him 7-8M or even 7.5 would be insane. He is no Jeff Carter who has a cap hit below 6M like 5.3 or whatever it is. His production isn’t at the level of a Forsberg who I think makes 6M in cap hit so its fair :). Hopefully he can help Sharks go on a run as they are probably a dark horse from West. In the east I guess Devils or CBJ would be the dark horse. Devils led division for a while so not sure if they count.

    • worst in the the nhl… the sabres are paying for future production… not past… their are worse contracts on almost every nhl team right now… paying for past performance not future.

      • Hold on…. You have argued endlessly that Stepan at 6.5 per is “grossly overpaid ” he was a 55 point per player on a contending team. But Eichel in his 3rd year is exactly a 55 point per player on a losing team….?????????

        Do you honestly see him as a 100 point guy? I certainly don’t.

        Your evaluation of players salaries is to say the least, utterly confusing!

      • Agree, Chrisms, the only thing holding Eichel back is injuries. If he stays healthy, and you could make the same argument for Auston Matthews, he should be a perennial All-Star for years and years. His contract will look better as he goes, not the other way around.

      • Yeah chris its a major reason NHL will run into another lockout or teams crippled by bad contracts. They see a guy like Toews get 10.5M or Kane, then suddenly they all want 10M+. Kopitar at least can make a case since he is in running for Hart or MVP whatever term prefer. When I saw Eichel it was like a shock… I was wondering if I lost my grasp on reality from concussion a few years ago etc. Since I couldn’t see why he would get that kinda money? You think NHL learned lesson by making the limits on ELC etc. Then teams have all the leverage until person is a full UFA. Yet they overpay these people for past production or future… They try to justify that the ELC is money saved or they were getting a discount for all those years so its time to pay up :)? The same people who think those here illegally for years are going to pay back taxes or they don’t cost more than the taxes they don’t pay in first place ;).

        Why NHL should hire me as GM :). Since a major reason you got these bad contracts is the agents to player relationship. You look at all these former players who are GMs or in jobs w/ the clubs. Guess what unless they are Dustin Brown they had agents who helped make them rich. So they jack up the money for the next crop spending other people’s money. Then if an owner wants to be hands on like Carolina they attack him as being a problem. I would work for that 400K he is offering just to show these GMs who would blacklist me how to get things done :).

        I guess Price is the worst contract since can’t hid a goalie in 12 forward/13 spots or 6 defense/7 slots :). Though Toews is on that list ahead of Kane :). McDavid will be the leader before its done if Eichel isn’t hehe. The cap going up is supposed to be there for the lower end players so they get a fair rate. So instead of them getting 500K they get 1M allowing for them to provide a decent life for their family or self if not both :). You got Jagr who had that classic reaction to that puck bunny posting a pic of him if recall that :).

        I know its a random off topic thing. I think NHL should allow for 1 more player on the active roster for game day. You already pay for like top 23 contracts or any making over 925K that keeps rising if recall… So why have guys be healthy scratches when can have 13 forwards or 7 D for 21 on an active roster… Since they don’t let use a position player to replace the backup goalie etc. Way league is now I think it would make it better… I see too many games a player is wrongly ejected or pulled from game from injury or some bogus concussion spotter :). That would help many of the young along w/ older players crack into lineups… Instead of sitting for 10 games… You can have a PP specialist for D/point shot… Somebody for PK, kinda like team USA had the D-man from CBJ Wisneiski maybe it was? I don’t think it would devolve into teams having Ryan Reeves type players or bringing back days of Jody Shelley, Worrel, Brashear, and Matt Johnson :). IN playoffs if games going into double/triple OT it could really help payoff… Even the shoot out there might be some players kept on the active game roster for that :).

        I plan to start a push to try to get that player added even if its hopeless or people mock me like they did when wanted to eliminate the 2 line pass off side BS :). Next maybe they should call it icing if ice the puck on a PP that would be interesting ;). Why does a short handed team get to ice the puck if they did something wrong when can’t otherwise ;)?

  4. To Arizona RNH+Klefbom
    To Edm OEL+ Strome