NHL Rumor Mill – March 30, 2018

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Latest on the Sedins, Pavel Datsyuk and Joshua Ho-Sang plus an update on the Chicago Blackhawks and Florida Panthers in your NHL rumor mill.

Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning is expected to meet soon with the Sedin Twins to determine their future plans (Photo via NHL.com).


TSN:  Pierre LeBrun reports Vancouver Canucks general manager Jim Benning intends to meet with Daniel and Henrik Sedin over the next few days to determine where they’re at in terms of their plans beyond this season. Their decision could spill into the offseason. One factor could be what role the twins will play if they decide to return with the Canucks next season. They’re currently seeing second-line duty this season. Retirement could be a possibility for the Sedins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sedins will likely take their time considering their options. While Benning could be patient, he’ll likely want a decision before late-June. By then, he’ll want to know if he’s investing in the twins for another season or on other players via trade or free agency. 


SPORTSNET: In this week’s “31 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman reported of some wild rumors suggesting Pavel Datsyuk might return with the Detroit Red Wings next season. However, his agent said that’s not true.

The Florida Panthers are trying to trade 2016 second-round pick Adam Mascherin, who’s a 40-goal scorer this season with the OHL’s Kitchener Rangers. He’s informed the Panthers he won’t be signing with them, meaning he’ll go back into the draft unless they can trade his rights before then. Friedman suggests interested clubs could be reluctant to give up much in a trade for a player they could instead have the opportunity to draft.

There was some speculation the Chicago Blackhawks might consider trading their lottery draft pick for immediate help. However, GM Stan Bowman doesn’t appear keen on the idea. “I would be surprised if we traded it. Maybe if it was for a 22- or 23-year-old, who would be a couple of years ahead of draft age. But not for a 25- or 26-year-old.”


THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple reports New York Islanders winger Joshua Ho-Sang isn’t happy with being buried in the minors this season. Stressing that he loved his Isles teammates and knows how hard they’re working this season, he feels he was unfairly singled out for his defensive issues when the entire team is struggling in that department. “I know they’re working hard. But I got sent down for defense and what are they in goals against in the NHL? I only played (22) games up there this year. I don’t think it’s my fault. They really painted it like it was my fault at the beginning of the year and I didn’t like that.”

Ho-Sang acknowledged there are aspects of his game that need improvement. “But I do think a lot of the stuff was unwarranted, especially in terms of the rope that other people were given. I understand I have a history and that might be a factor. I don’t know. But it’s frustrating to me.”

Ho-Sang said he and his agent haven’t requested a trade. Staple, however, thinks it would be hard to imagine there are other clubs clamoring for the young forward. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ho-Sang has promising offensive skills but there are concerns over his defensive play and his immaturity. The 22-year-old must work on those issues if he intends to crack the Isles roster full time. It wouldn’t surprise me if management explores his trade value leading up to the 2018 NHL Draft in Dallas. 



  1. I would take a chance on Ho-Sang. Million dollar legs and a 5 cent brain. Like many before him maturity will come and a trade to another organization would help. He needs to keep his mouth shut and let his agent do his job.

    • The reason he slid in his draft year was his attitude and by his recent comments that doesn’t appear to have changed.

    • I think it takes 350-400 games to fully develop your brain… can’t evaluate a talent until then.

      • HEY!!!! I’m well passed watching more then 400 games.

      • Lol. Longer if you have a big frame.

      • Ha ha

    • It might take a trade to two more organizations; ie Evander Kane
      Teams know they have a tremendous amount of talent and don’t really want to give up on them but the destruction they inflict on team chemistry in the early years is just to much.
      It looks like Kane is finally getting his shit together in SJ
      It might take Ho-Sang another 3,4 or 5 years before he finally figures it out.
      I agree he would have to go to a team with a very strong disciplinary type coach.

    • As an Isles fan it definitely seems like Ho-Sang is getting mistreated. The kid performed fine save from a few youth related mistakes that young offensive-minded players tend to make. His attitude was well known to the team and it’s surprising that they had such little patience for that and seemed to do so little to prod him in the right direction. I mean, he’s got to be able to fit in with the team, abide by the rules (at least somewhat), and can’t be causing issues in the locker room. Given the way the team was god awful at defense it feels like Weight & Co. were in a little over their heads as a first-year coaching staff. Snow doesn’t seem to be making decisions that are 100% in the best interest of the team overall at times, especially since you can’t just outfit a cup contender solely through the draft and signing 4th liners long term while letting star players walk year over year. So, between the two, the treatment of Ho-Sang is probably a symptom of more chronic mismanagement that’s just been dripping off the team for the last 30 years than Ho-Sang’s crappy attitude. If they insist on doing more of this crap, though, they should just trade him. Package him with Nelson and a draft pick and try to get a legit top 4 D or something.

  2. The rumor is he was hitting on teammates girl friends and wives. No idea if that is true but it was stated more then once. And he likes his drink way to much. That said there are so many floaters on this team he should be playing and rooming with a responsible veteran to keep him on the straight path. Let him play see what he has?

    • i would trade the bum if that story was true about a womanizer. someone could get killed over that kind of stuff.

      • Brian if into that type of gossip… There been many trades in the NHL from players sleeping w/ another player’s wife or so :). I think somebody was w/ Roy’s wife or something that got traded suddenly back in day :). In general there been 100’s of hockey trades over years related to affairs if believe in that gossip page info :).

  3. He could benefit from a year with Tortorella. Then we’d see what he’s really made of, lol

  4. I’m sure Benning is anxious to get Henrik signed to a new contract, with his one goal in 60 games this season!

    • Looks like a 50-55 point season for him. A mentor for Pettersson/Dahlen, team captain, maybe there’s more to it than “one goal”.
      Must be worth something hey ?

    • Every team in the league would sign him if available.

      • and affordable

  5. Todays rant off the topic as nothing worth discussing today still really.

    For those of you anti-expansion, Bettman bashers. The US invasion has begun. It has been trickling in for a few years, Seth Jones Arlington TX, Matthew’s Pheonix AZ, Carlo Colorado Springs Col, Gaudreau NJ, Tkachuk AZ, Slavin Col, Coleman TX, Noesen TX, Goistisbehere FL, Ruhwedel CA, Oshie WA, etc. but we are just on the cusp of a wave of US developed players coming to the NHL’s new footprint in America.

    The latest college signings see the usual states, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts & to a lesser extent Illinois & the NE States but the spat of recent college signings has Colorado, Washington, NY, NJ 2, Ohio & Idaho that haven’t & wouldn’t have been producing players signing NHL contracts if not for this vision.

    This is the early wave, in the next 5 to 10 years this is going to build into a tsunami. The wave of US developed players simply due to expansion into non-traditional markets is about to explode & the growth of the game about to take off in the US. 2 years after the next lockout the NHL will be rolling in cash as it will have it’s 1st major US cable deal & like almost everything the US will become the dominant nation.

    Enjoy but remember to send your thank you cards to Gary Bettman as he’s directly responsible for all of it.

    • This is just about accurate. Forgot to mention the last place the NHL needs to expand or move a team to is Canada. They already are going to both watch and attend games and develop their fair share of the talent pool.

    • Thanks, Gary, when’s the next lockout? Will Connor McDavid ever play in the Olympics? Any thoughts on the concussion issue, Gary?
      Keep up the good work.
      PS Watch TSN some time – you might enjoy the way they do hockey.

      • Lockouts helped make the league the viable entity it is. The olympics are a disgusting farce and thank Gary for not letting his league be strong armed into that hot garbage… what’s tsn?

      • Your an idiot if you think Gary has done a good job! Bc is bang on, a lockout hurts never ever helps

      • Yet your still around. If it hurt soooo bad… maybe you be gone? No? Cry me a river.

      • I have to many buddies playing not to watch, knowledgeable fans unlike yourself and striker know bettman will run the nhl into the ground and lockout to make himself look good to the owners

      • I’d like to quote a Canadian and say “denial is an ugly thing”

    • I remember during the last lockout, folks like Pierre Lebrum were saying it’s time for Bettman to move on and other were saying he’s killing the game.
      One of the things I’ve been saying for a long time in order for the NHL to grow we need more American content, doesn’t have to be from unconditional markets but it won’t hurt.
      Salary cap, if you like it or not, also help grow the league, the loser point allows teams to look like they have a chance and keep bums in the seats.
      Another area were the league would benefit further in growth is by more AA playing in the league; I understand it has some growth but more playing would help develop the game.
      Lastly instead of shying away from players with personalities ie PK Subban, Brent Burns, promote them and showcase their personalities.
      One example is the allstar game were a fan had a sign exterminate the Rat (Marchand) and Marchand posed with the poster.
      Nothing wrong with getting a glimpse of some of the personalities whether we like them for it don’t.
      The fans in Winnipeg were upset to lose their team but gave Bettman a standing O when they got their team back.

    • Ummm…my definition of a rant is not the same as yours. Perhaps i should rant about what a rant is.

    • You pick Ruhwedal and not Guentzel? That’s like picking guitar tech over Metallica Yeah I think everyone is quite aware that the US is getting better at hockey. It’s almost as impressive as how much better Canada has gotten at basketball. But saying another Canadian team is a bad idea is ridiculous. A team in a very small market like London Ontario, Regina Sask, even Halifa NS would be a bigger draw and money maker than any American city currently without a franchise. I don’t buy the “this population would be spending money on NHL hockey anyway” argument. You can’t spend morey if you cant get a ticket.

      • For more ways to spend money than a ticket.

      • Yeah the Coyotes, Hurricanes, Panthers etc are averaging 13000 fans but they are killing it in merchandising and endorsements. American fans only support teams that are winners(with very few exceptions.). Canadian fans are ridiculously loyal, the Maple Leafs would have folded a long long time ago if their fans were waiting for a winner. Striker pointed out one or 2 whole players from each of those states. There still are not enough quality players from any individual state to make up a team that could even compete against Ontario, Quebec, Alberta or BC. And just like I said about basketball. Canada makes up the second highest nationality in the NBA and our national team is really strong and the next predicted generational talent is Canadian but that doesn’t mean the NBA should start sticking franchises in Canada.

      • You about sold it deeee. Canadiens are loyal. Sorrowfully so.

        On a different point… what did lemieux do? Try currently saad Gibson trochek etc.

      • Americans are terrible sports fans, more American teams will only hurt the nhl

      • 😂😂😂🤣

  6. Adam Mascherin for Josh Ho-Sang? To obvious?

  7. Striker and Chrisms …. sorry I can’t disagree more …. putting another team in Toronto; or getting a team in Quebec……. wayyyyyyyyyyyy better for the league than having hockey in Markets such as Arz…. those teams draw (and draw big) from revenue sharing…. another team in Toronto; or one in Quebec …. hell … even a team in Halifax or Regina would have positive (add to League Revs) revs for NHL and therefore a PLUS to the league …. Minot hockey participation increases and future NHL players from areas in the US that are currently NOT huge NHL producing machines does NOT help the massive drain on league revenues coming from franchises such as Arz…. Tor Revs are greater than All other teams …. ALL…. every economic study done shows that another team in Toronto will in fact increase Revs to the Leafs and at the same time bring in new League Revs of at the very least 80% of what Leafs currently bring to table…. yes I’m Canadian …. but I’m an NHL fan …. Bettman’s bullheadedness to keep a franchise in ARZ all theses years (only so that he doesn’t have to admit he was wrong)…. has cost the NHL MASSIVE amounts in Revs

    • Here’s my rant. Bettman is rwapons8bke for expansion to the states. The nhl owners are. They give bettman his marching orders. If the owners told him to expand to mars. He would set right in on terra forming efforts. Bettmann8s just doing a job asked of him by his bosses.

    • I got done reading this and realized how lengthy my response would have to be to counter the wrongness. I ain’t pecking that into a cell. You don’t get it.

      • You don’t get it Chrisms more Canadian teams helps waaaaaay more than American teams

      • Nope. In both long and short terms this is factually wrong.

      • Americans are factually wrong! You voted a racist rapist as president lol

      • And that’s where the man who has no argument left on a sports site draws the line in the sand and falls tragically short. Goodnight sweet cheeks.

  8. Ho would help his case if instead of crying he produced offense at the AHL to not allow himself to be ignored… I didn’t like him when the Islanders drafted him knowing about his baggage and attitude… To him there is only a me in team for him to promote himself. The Slanders do have some forwards who struggle on defense like Bellevue or whatever his name is ;). Yet their offensive production along w/ attitude is more beneficial for a team compared to him. Ho wanted to start some anthem protests in a sport where players are from all around the world… He wanted to do a racist black power fist showing he is an ignorant racist looking for affirmative action to push him along not his own ability or skills. Russian players if any would have reason to not even show up for the anthems w/ all the xenophobic hatred towards them. Would they ban germans from playing on jewish holidays citing WWII as a reason :)? Should Honda be banned for Pearl Harbor ;)? Ho shows that talent isn’t enough you need character which he lacks a positive one. If you can’t even produce a point a game playing in an awful league like AHL or ECHL its time to improve on defense to compensate :). He probably would have played more if he didn’t have an attitude and weak work ethic like a Duclair before Rangers got rid of that trash. Last thing Islanders need is to alienate their fan base more who are not leftists in general. Most of their fans come from long island not the leftist corrupt criminal NYC region :). There people who paying more property taxes than HO’s salary :). When shelling out a few hundred to see a game the last thing want to see is a JT Brown type racist gesture or antics during the anthem. BAd enough Canada ruined their anthem changing it then wonders why they can’t win gold in hockey without a gender or curling at Olympics ;).

    Drew Doughty along w/ Brown have about 58 points the same Toews is likely to get… Yet they have things beside their play that gives them value unlike Toews haha ;). Brown the first USA captain w/ 2 cups, I think STars had Hatcher as first w/ 1 ;). Drew a better player than Toews will ever be now or later :). Great to see Chicago win playing a bean counter in net who looked better than most who played there this year for them :). Imagine what Ho says in private if this is the crap he states in public to the press :). He reminds me of that awful Jets QB who got his nose broken by a team mate for running his mouth… Then I think Gino Smith ends up on Giants starting over Eli to break his iron man streak :)… Then cries when he is benched again where he belongs haha ;). These Peter Pan types never have to grow up living in never never land for life ;).

    • I’m surprised that changing words to an anthem to words that mean the exact same thing can affect an Olympic athletes production. Who knew?

      That guy did.

    • @Daoloth I’ve notice a trend in your post. I’ve ignored in the pass but enough is enough.
      You have an opinion oh Ho Sang which is fine, then when you slam him you chose to compare him to another player of color and slam that player.
      This is the third such post you made in the pass month. As l mentioned the first two I noticed I ignored.
      There is enough injustice in the world, I come to this site to discuss hockey and rants, agree, disagree.
      If you want to debate hockey or an individual player fine, if you want to opinion on how the game could be better, grow it or what’s hurting it fine.
      Maybe I’m reading to much into if so I apologize, but as I mentioned its the third time in a month I noticed the reference to as you stated “AA” in a negative feedback.

      • +1 Caper. I don’t think you are reading too much into those comments. I don’t post here often but I’ve been reading here since the beginning. Daoloths comments have no place here or anywhere else for that matter. I won’t be back to this site if these sorts of comments arent dealt with.

      • You know caper… I don’t have the ability to actually read through one of douschlicks posts (autocorrect). But your post made me slog through. It’s hot garbage.

        Hot smelly garbage

    • Most of your entire post is vile and offensive. Beyond poor taste.