NHL Rumor Mill – March 7, 2018

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Should the Oilers consider an upgrade in goal? What will the Senators do with their 2018 first-round pick?

Edmonton Oilers goaltender Cam Talbot’s no-movement clause becomes a modified no-trade on July 1 (Photo via NHL Images)


THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchel recently examined this season’s performance by Edmonton Oilers starting goaltender Cam Talbot. While expecting the Oilers will stick with Talbot, Mitchell observed the 30-year-old netminder endured a difficult 2017-18. He also has one season remaining on his contract, with a no-movement clause becoming a modified no-trade on July 1.

The top free agent goalies this summer include Arizona’s Antti Raanta, Boston’s Anton Khudobin, St. Louis’ Carter Hutton and Winnipeg’s Michael Hutchinson. Raanta’s the best of the bunch but Mitchell noted it isn’t clear if he can take on the starter’s job and remain healthy or successful. The Oilers could go the trade route but their long history of dealing draft picks means a shallow prospect pool. Mitchell feels retaining Talbot and perhaps adding an affordable and reliable backup is the way to go. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Talbot had a rough season but so did most of his teammates. The Oilers struggles this season were largely a team problem. Given Talbot’s career stats and his solid play as Edmonton’s starter in the previous two seasons, I doubt they intend to replace him. If the Oilers make a move for a goalie, it’ll likely be for an experienced backup. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports next month’s NHL Draft Lottery could affect Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion’s decision regarding his 2018 first-round pick. As it will be a top-10 selection, it’s assumed the Senators will retain it and instead give the Colorado Avalanche their 2019 first-round pick as part of the terms of the Matt Duchene trade earlier this season.

This year’s pick is lottery-protected but next year’s isn’t. If this year’s pick falls between seventh and 10th overall, LeBrun speculates the Sens could part with that one, rather than give up next year’s and run the risk of losing a potential first-overall selection, especially if the intent is to rebuild by trading Erik Karlsson this summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Based on the initial report of the trade, I was unaware the Senators had the option of retaining their first-round pick in this year’s draft and instead send the Avs their 2019 selection. While this isn’t a trade or free-agent rumor, it could be interesting to see what the Senators do with this pick.



  1. Oilers must hate seeing the success of T.Hall in Jersey.His speed would have fit nicely with McDavid.
    Hindsight is always 20/20 but PC should have taken a breath and done something else. Anything else.

    • Last year Todd McLellan and Peter Chiarelli, were the toast of the town, moving Hall for Larson was considered a must move, it was the going price for a top 4 dman, you pay more, this was the market price. Hogwash I say; the going price or market price is what you decide to pay, not what someone else paid. The same in McDavid and Draisaitl, I’ve debated in the pass why wouldn’t lockup Leon first and then negotiate do the McDavid contract that ploy in itself cost the organization millions over the length of Leon contract. Is Connor worth $12.5 next year? doesn’t matter that’s what he’s getting and again we hear this is the new cost of such talent. What people are saying then is Peter Chiarelli set the market for trading a top forward for lesser value dman and he’s set the price for a top level forward in Draisaitl at $8.5 and elite forward if your so fortunate to have one as in McDavid at $12.5, personally I don’t subscribe to that train of thought and I don’t believe most GM worth their salt do. Don Sweeney was able to sign David Pastrnak for $6.66m per season after the Leon deal who is a direct comparable proving that one man signing is not another man fool gold.
      If the price is to high don’t make the deal or if you can live with the cost then go ahead; but what happened to the Oilers they were suppose to be cup contenders this year and now they are hoping for Rasmus Dahlin in the next draft. Can the Oilers next year be a cup contender? if so, everyone will be singing the praises of Chiarelli once again.

      • Pastranak is a winger . Leon is a center man who thrives on Mcdavids Wing as well . Sweeney was able to bring the dollars down by settling on a 6 year deal and 2 less ufa seasons . What does pastranak deal look like on 8 years with 2 extra ufa ? Also consider Leon was top 10 scorer at time of signing and center capabilities proven , albeit in small sample . Pastranak samples small as well .

      • Will you question Lou / dubas in the summer when they ink Mathews to 7x12ish , first , and then negotiate with Willie ? I don’t see any of the 3 accepting a bridge deal , Mathews , zero chance he is exposed to offer sheets . Nylander / Marner are going to be interesting but I doubt they accept bridge deals either .

      • 8x12ish * above

      • nylander and marner might be in a position where team could hardball them into bridge… Mathews absolutely not.

      • I agree Chrisms they could play hardball on the Marner and nylander deals . I don’t think they will personally , specifically nylander I think could be a tough negotiation . If these two are perceived around the league like they are in leaf nation might a team be willing to throw an offer sheet ? There was chatter with both Leon and pastranak and offer sheets , do the leafs want to play hardball with the future of the team ? I know many here say they would take that road , I’m not so sure I would , chiarelli wouldn’t , Sweeney didn’t , Lou / dubas I don’t think will . It’s been a tough year for Edmonton and I hear comparisons to Chicago / LA and 21 million to 2 players . The biggest difference and reason Edmonton can be different is Leon / Mcdavid are entering prime , still getting better , Chicago /LA guys were in prime on the way down or soon to be .

      • Caper and Craig, would either of you trade Pastrnak for Draisaitl with their current deals. Caper is a B’s fan and I think Craid is an Oil fan.
        I am a Bruins fan who now lives in Edmonton.
        As a B’s fan I would gladly trade Pastrnak for Draisaitl. As a guy who hopes the Oil does well because I live here and go to a few games, there is no way I would want the Oil to deal Draisaitl for Pastrnak.
        Could they have signed Draisaitl to a bridge? Maybe, he does have to agree to sign it, so not that easy. For the last half or 2/3 of Draisaitl he will not be over paid and will be an all star for years to come.

      • @Ray Bark, your post is insulting, my assessment has nothing to do with being a Bruins fan. It’s about PC management style and the fact the media called the Oilers a cup contender this year and PC was the best GM in the league last year, so what went wrong? The other point I was making is one GM and one move does not set a market price.
        The purpose of David Pastrnak name is because he was signed after Leon and the media as well as the blogger on here were using Leon as a comparable which Sweeney was able to sign him for less.
        NO Connor McDavid is NOT worth $12.5 per season. He is not at the least $2m per season better then every other player in the league and as of today in this season he isn’t the best player in the NHL that belongs to Nikita Kucherov this season.

      • Re; Nylander + Marner conversation above. I firmly believe that Marner is the better player of the two

      • Ray bark
        I wouldn’t trade draisaitl for pastranak + . I said the same about the discussion of Leon included in a deal for karlsson. Non starter for me .

      • Caper, insulting? I asked a question. I wasn’t suggesting bias (even though we all have them). I just wanted to know, because I think it is an interesting argument, especially from fans of the opposing teams involved.
        Thought that was the point of this site, to discuss/argue/debate. If I was insulting please point out what I said that was.
        If you think Pastrnak is a better value with his 6yr contract than Draisaitl is with his 8 yr deal. Would you trade one for the other. I think both deals are fair for the players involved.
        Chill dude, wasn’t passing judgement or suggesting anything.

      • @Ray Bark

        Just ignore him bud. We all knew you didn’t tend to “insult” him lol…

        You asked some great questions, with the Bruins, things are going well and one would never really want to make a big trade like that I would think in fear of messing with a good thing.

        With the Oil being brutal.. I wouldn’t think any wild trades get done until Feb next year to see how the team responds. But PC is a wild man… Rishaug mentioned they “may be playing a hurt klefbom to showcase him for a summer trade.” This morning on local radio.

        Good god. Many scouts have noticed the klefbom has been playing hurt most of the year. Shut him down and please please don’t trade him in the off season. See how he responds next year…

        Unfortunately though PC seems to be a knee jerk reaction kinda guy. We sure coulda used Eberles 20-25 goals this year… had the cap space as well. Why not trade him this upcoming summer??

        As for drai, I would only want to trade him for another big skilled Center with tons of potential as well. They are tough to find however…

      • Hi George!

      • George, that is why, as a Bruins fan, I would trade Pastrnak for Draisaitl. Big, young, highly skilled and proven centers are a rare commodity. He can also play the wing effectively in a pinch.
        I am optimistic about my B’s chances this spring, and next couple years. Having a guy like Draisaitl would make me optimistic about the next 7 years.
        The Oil is a tough call for PC. Talbot, Klefbohm, Karlsson, Lucic, Sekera (coming off major surgery) all had down years compared to their historical averages. Problem is the same as it has been, no prospect depth outside the #1’s. If you are relying on UFA’s or trades to compete and fill out your roster every year, you will fail. You also have no assets to upgrade by trade without creating another hole on your roster. PC didn’t create that, It has been a decade plus. But like you said he has no patience and goes for the quick fix, so he isn’t addressing it either. He has actually moved out picks for guys like Reinhart.
        The other problem is that would the average Oil fan be willing to stand pat this off season, and next, and the next to draft and develop? Not real patient up here these days, and I get that.
        If they trade Klefbohm after a down year, playing hurt, they should have their heads examined. I think he bounces back, as will Larsson and Sekera. Talbot? Who knows, goal tending is voodoo.

      • @ Ray Bark, you made your judgement based on seeing Leon play a couple of times? you value a center more then a winger, fair enough. Again the points you are making had nothing to do with the points I was making.
        What’s insulting is you don’t think someone can make a pov without being bias towards their team. Your reply was you wouldn’t trade player A for B because you watched A play.
        Look at Craig reply comparing the length of the contracts, now that’s spot on.
        Would I trade Pastrnak for Draisaitl, No. Why, because Boston has Bergeron and Krecji at center, and at $2m less a season I’ll take Pastrnak as my winger.

      • Connor McDavid is worth every penny of 12.5 million, the guy had 100 points on a team with no wingers. No player on Boston can hold his jock strap. The bruins are old and have 4-5 guys signed until they are 40 lol

      • Caper, where did I say that? I asked a question and you read something into it that was not intended. I have seen Draisaitl play numerous times live and also on TV. Which is where I watch Pastrnak unless the B’s are in EDM or CGY.
        Save your outrage for someone else. I think he is a more valuable player. If you get him you move Krecji.

      • @Ray Bark ignore @Caper like I mentioned earlier. You’ll just end up “insulting” him more.

        But yes I would love to get drais for pat if I’m running things in Boston. Again though, sometimes you don’t want to mess with a good thing.

        Who knows Boston might fleece PC … ha.

        I really hope not however.

        Side note- Rishaug back pedalled big time on his klefbom being shopped comments on a local radio show in the afternoon…

        God that guy drives me crazy and causes way too much drama…

    • As an Oiler fan I’m actually happy for Hall and still remain a fan of his. Just because he is having success now in Jersey doesn’t mean he would be having the same if he was still in Edmonton. There were a few issues with Hall in Edmonton.
      One issue was he had no chemistry with McDavid. Both players like to be the ones who drive the puck up the ice.
      Another issue, it was rumoured that he wasn’t liked all that much in the locker room, besides he friend Eberle.
      Yeah it would have been nice to get more for Hall, but at the time defence was a big issue and Chiarelli got what he could for Hall to fix that issue. All I know is if that move wasn’t made the Oilers defence would be a bigger issue now than it was 2 season ago. IMO the Oilers are better without Hall and with Larsson than with Hall and without Larsson. After all Hall is not known for his defensive play and is known for his turnovers, and turning the puck over when you play on a weak defensive team is not good.

      • One more thing to add. When Hall is getting interviewed yeah he does use the usual cliche, but he also gives honest answers.

      • Not directed at anyone just on Subject. This trade, Hall for Larson, isn’t being determined based on 2 seasons of play. Edm had a specific need, Larsson filled that need & they were better served as Hall is potentially easier to replace.

        At point of trade I said NJ won if just looking at the 2 players but far bigger issues in play than just that. Not the least of which is the business side, age, contract salary, cap hit & term.

        Edm wasn’t as good as they showed last season, almost everything went right, nor are they as bad as they are playing this season, where almost everything has gone wrong.

        When Hall & Larsson are both up for contract renewal we can look back on this trade & better reflect on the out come for both.

        I sure love what Sheri has accomplished in a very short period of time in NJ. Very impressive& I don’t like the contracts signed by either Draisaitk or McDavid both were over paid by a mil & 2 respectively.

        Now everyone will use both these contracts as comparables & you can try to say it doesn’t matter but the entire contract structure is based on comparables. That’s also how arbitration plays out.

      • Mcdavid got what he deserve striker.sorry but the market was made by Crosby.they base all this on the cap %.stupid

      • Striker, I totally understand why PC made that move, and agree player for player, NJ won. I don’t think anybody argued that at the time. Which you could then argue that PC should waited for a better return then. That is a fair argument.
        At the time I argued why I thought it would help EDM though, for the business reasons you state. Also the Oil had a black hole on D and had a severe lack of toughness. They got pushed around the rink and out battled on a nightly basis. They were passive and fancy. They really lacked what Larsson brings every night. He has had a tough year on and off the ice (as has most of the team), I hope and think he bounces back. Could PC have gotten a high pick thrown in? Got a Hamonic and a 1st for Hall? Waited a year and done better? Dunno, wasn’t in the room. He is what they needed no question. Did PC overpay? Probably.

    • Funny Jordan Eberle is doing well with the Islanders, Taylor Hall killing it with New Jersey, Justin Schultz is playing really for Pittsburgh. Milan Lucic was killing before and then he went to Edmonton AND NOW 10 GOALS ONLY CLUNKER…. ..EVEN YAKUPOV IS PLAYING MORE REGULARLY OUTSIDE OF EDMONTON WHATS IN THE EDMONTON WATER/

      • Eberle is doing nothing more than what he did in Edmonton. Not really killing it.
        Hall, is doing what every Oiler fan know what he was capable of doing since his 80 point season back in 2013-14. Haven’t heard, but maybe he has finally grown up and stopped being a distraction in the dressing room.
        Schultz, everyone knows that he was playing on the first pairing or second pairing when he wasn’t ready. In Pitt. they have him on the third pairing.

      • oh sorry forgot Yakupov. Yeah he is really killing it. On pace for 22 points when his lowest point total in Edmonton was 23.

      • Shultz is on the second pair not the third. And the first PP unit sometimes which is the best PP unit in the NHL.

  2. As interesting a notion it is, I don’t believe Ottawa would send this year pick to Colorado regardless of where they end in the standings.
    It’s telling your fan base we expect to finish lower next year and will hopefully have a better option.
    This isn’t to say I disagree with the thought just I don’t think you can send that message to their fan base.

    • I have to agree Caper. That trade was made with the idea that Ottawa would make the playoffs this year, which would have made shipping the 2018 pick potentially beneficial. Letting go of a top ten pick in hopes that you finish even worse next year would definitely send the wrong message to the fan base and to the team.

      • I think the pick and Karlsson go hand in hand. If they move Karlsson they are moving the pick too

    • Considering how Melnyk is successfully alienating the fan base, I don’t see how it matters, one way or the other.

      • That is a good point Paul…if management doesn’t give a hoot what message they are sending then anything is possible I suppose.

    • No… with Ott’s history (up down up down) and looking at teams like col, jersey, vegas… you never know what could happen in a season. you don’t give up a top ten pick for the chance next years is lower. They could trade Karlson and Chabot could come up and be great. white/brown could be deceptively good first full seasons. Anderson could bounce back. gotta keep that pick

    • I just hope Ott’s 2019, next seasons pick went to Col ends up 1st overall , that would be awesome for Colorado & good Karma for the BS Melnyk is pulling in Ott.

      Hughes will look good in the Avalacnche.

  3. That’s been all the talk amongst us Sens fans since the losing slump after the trade.

    I’ve been having the discussion with many on different sites.

    It creates an intetesting problem for the Sens. If they truly retool and improve next season it be bad to move the pick. Yet if they rebuild and move out karlsson letting colorado have it if it moves out of the top 5 may make sense.

    It’s a gamble.

    I’m still not sure if they can decide after the lottery or have to decide before it but it looks like they can decide afterwards.

    If it’s top 10 it’s there decision to take it back from colorado.

    I think saying “keeping it” is technically wrong as it has been traded to colorado pending the out come of the lottery and the Sens requeat of its return or not.

    It’s why Ottawa cant give colorado pittsburgh’s pick. They already traded their pick to colorado before they received Pittsburgh. Colorado owns possession of it at this moment.

    If that makes sense

  4. Lyle, has the NHL announced a date for the draft lottery? Things should be a bit more clear after that happens.
    Interesting point above from Jeff Noel about the first round draft pick.

  5. To Craig : Re Offer sheet on the Leaf trio… Marner/Mathews can’t be sheeted until summer ’19…. only wee Willy can be offer sheeted (new verb??) this summer … mgt should push as best as possible for a 3 year bridge …. lock for 14 years (3 EL+ 3 bridge + 8 after) … gets them to decision at 31/32 years of age rather than potential costly overpay at 30 years for Mathews (to start fall of 2027) …. he’d then (contract starting 27/28) potentially ask for 8 @ $15M…. last 2 years at 36&37 for $15M!!!! If they do bridge then 8 … next contract would start in fall of 2030… when he’s 33… and risk assessment on extension easier

    • That 36/37 is years old

      • 3 @ $9.5 M followed by 8 at $13.5 to $14… closing in on a total of $140M…. if they go 8 @ $12.5 (100); he’ll then follow up with demand of another 8 @ $15M (120 M)… $220M total and $30 M when he’s 36 & 37 years old

    • I know pengy , should have been clearer . I mentioned Willie after Mathews because he is due this summer . I know Mathews and Marner aren’t until next season . If I’m Marner I’m waiting until next summer and signing for term , like Willie did last summer . Mathews will get paid 1st , for 8 at whatever his agent targets basically , followed by Willie and what they do with him and unless they are offering Marner long term I don’t see him signing bridge . They will never expose Mathews to offer sheets , Willie can use the threat if its real for leverage to long term deal . Marner agent won’t be rushing in to a bridge .

      • The threat of offer sheet is not a big one on Wee Willy …. offer sheets are very very rare … can see one re Mathews but not WW…, if there is an offer sheet on WW… Leafs can match …. prob at top end of what they would have given him… if it is too much for Leafs …. due to the way the compensation rules are (total contract divided by lesser of contract term or 5 year)…, compensation would be either (A) 2 Firsts, 2nd and third); or (B) if really big offer— 4 firsts…. if either … KB takes the pics , plus Gardner and Leivo and gets EK and Bobby Ryan (Ottw retains 25%). KD then retains a further 25% of BR and flips him for a 2nd and a prospect (BR at $3.6M per would go for that)…. now in effect Leafs have traded WW, Gardner to get their stud #1 D (note at a lesser amount per year by far for EK than what they would have paid for combine WW & Gardner…. AND in effect the 2nd and prospect is value for Leivo….. convuluted ….. yes…. happening ….. very unlikely …. the net is that holding firm on a bridge with WW leaves long shot for an offer sheet that is either matched or comes with a boat load of options ….. AND a bridge for WW mitigates financial risks down the road (see my earlier post) AND helps in negotiations on AM & MM deals …. Leafs … hold firm on bridge for WW …. long term benefits ….. risk is truly minimal…. just sayin’

      • I don’t think the risk is that high on Willie offer sheet either . But I see that being a tough negotiation . I don’t think he wants a bridge deal seeing what has been happening around the league with young elite talent . Marner almost certainly will play out another year unless the leafs offer him long term with dollars he’s after . He won’t be rushing to sign anything in my opinion, bet on himself for another year , like Willie . Mathews wil get his 8x this summer 100% at no less than 11.5 .

    • Someone should offer sheet Nylander, not nessarily to sign him but to screw up Toronto’s cap situation

  6. Has anybody heard or know how deep this years draft is? I know there is a lot of hype about Rasmus Dahlin, but don’t know about anyone after him.

    • Bill Placzek (Draftsite.com) posted on here a while back that he thought it was a deep draft. He seems pretty connected to the scouting world. Lots of D in his top 20.

    • very strong top 5… overall strong 1st round… d especially considered strong as far as 1st round talents.

    • The draftss are getting stronger & stronger as the # of US kids coming up is growing exponentially & a few of the lesser European leagues are also developing more players.

      • Ya, it makes sense that it would Striker. It might be wrong but it sure seems like the kids are ready to contribute in the NHL faster than ever as well. Better coaching, physical training, diet etc.

  7. KD not KB … that’s Kyle Dubas… sorry

    • Sorry also forgot to mention that there are a limited number of teams that can actually do the offer sheet — teams must own their own pics (not others) for the compensation, to make the offer. That is 2019 pics not 2018— as the open season on offer sheets is after draft– As it stands right now— 12 teams already don’t have their own pics and are ineligible — TB, Pit, NYI, PHI, Cgy, Ott, Nsh, An, SJ, CBJ, Win, NJ… any trades at this year’s draft will likely make another handful ineligible for an offer sheet– nix two or three more for budgetary/cap space and maybe no interest reasons — and you are down to only a handful that can/would make the offer— still a long shot—– Bridge WW– then sign MM immediately to a bridge extension (to start fall ’19)… now you have put at least a little bit; of negotiating power back in the hands of KD on the AM deal. Given at least time to work on it.

  8. Craig— only way Leafs get AM 8 at $11.5 is if (1) some other fairly substantial injury comes in next few weeks or (2) WW and MM get inked to bridge deals. MM does NOT have the upper hand in negotiation. Only AM has upper hand due to his talent level as an exceptional player. WW and MM very good— but well shy of him — Leafs can and should pressure for bridge deals— 3 years @ $6.5M for WW… followed the next day by an immediate extension of MM for the same value/term. Then start the offer to AM at 3 year extension for $8.5— settle at 3 @ $9.5-9.75— then in spring of 2022 (to start that fall at age 25) IF healthy and absolutely no regression — 8 @ $13.5— now you have him locked until he is 32 years old— again signing AM now at 8 for 11.5-12 will cost you the big gamble of 8 years in his 30’s at $15M per– tough one

  9. … just another thought re MM and WW — their negotiating power comparable — you must look at RyJo — who at the time was more touted than MM and WW due to his size (6’3″ 220) and (at the time) recent stats— as you know he held out (trying to show his power)— there were no offer sheets — he had to settle for 3 years at $4.0M— KD would be remiss as GM to do anything but a bridge deal for WW and MM.

    • 0% chance Mathews is bridged . 0 . Nor will the leafs test how rare offer sheets are . Marner and nylander will be interesting , my opinion they won’t be bridged either but definetly possible . Depends how hard you want to play with your future core , not where I want negotiations starting hostile .

    • Mathews will be first at 8x 11.5 minimum , followed by nylander and what they choose to do with him . Marner isn’t signing a bridge this summer that much I can guarantee you . If the leafs put pressure on him to do so it will be after next season .