Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 11, 2018

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A look at the general managers and coaches potentially on the hot seat in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


THE ATHLETIC: James Mirtle recently listed Detroit’s Ken Holland, Toronto’s Lou Lamoriello, Edmonton’s Peter Chiarelli, Montreal’s Marc Bergevin, the New York Islanders’ Garth Snow, Arizona’s John Chayka, Minnesota’s Chuck Fletcher, Colorado’s Joe Sakic, Columbus’ Jarmo Kekalainen and Chicago’s Stan Bowman as the 10 NHL general managers potentially on the hot seat as this NHL season winds down.

Edmonton Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli is among several NHL GMs who could be on the hot seat. (Photo via

Holland was linked to Vancouver (before Jim Benning was re-signed) and Seattle’s expansion franchise. Mirtle also speculated Holland could be moved upstairs to a president’s role with the Wings or they could maintain the status quo. It’s expected Lamoriello will be moved out of the role as Maple Leafs’ GM at the end of this season, though he has a strong connection with Leafs president Brendan Shanahan.

There’s been rumors Chiarelli “is a man on an island in the front office as Wayne Gretzky exerts some influence,” while Oilers fans are “fed up”. Bergevin’s been given a vote of confidence by Canadiens ownership but Mirtle feels he’ll be on a short leash.

Snow has long had ownership support and contract talks with John Tavares could complicate any change before July 1. Still, Mirtle thinks the tide is shifting against the long-time Islanders GM. After two seasons with little improvement by the Coyotes under Chayka, a management change wouldn’t be surprising. Another early playoff exit by the Wild could prove costly to Fletcher.

Mirtle thinks this season’s improvement by the Avalanche means it’s safe to assume Sakic will be staying put. Kekalainen, meanwhile, could feel the pressure for Columbus to advance past the opening round of the playoffs. Bowman likely isn’t going anywhere in the offseason but Mirtle wonders about his future if the Blackhawks get off to a poor start next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve summarize the main points from Mirtle’s piece. Holland’s contract is up at the end of this season and I think the Wings are ready for a management change. Lamoriello is expected to move aside to make way for assistant GM Kyle Dubas. I can see him taking another role in the organization.

I don’t think Chiarelli will be fired but, like Bergevin in Montreal, he’ll be under pressure to turn things around this summer. Maybe Snow will be replaced, but I don’t think that’s a certainty. I certainly don’t see it happening while he’s negotiating with Tavares. If Snow can’t get his captain under contract, that could spell the end of his long tenure as Isles GM.

The Coyotes have had a rough season, but they’ve played better in the second half of this season. That could justify keeping Chayka around for another season. I agree with Mirtle that another disappointing playoff for the Wild could lead to major changes, which could include firing Fletcher. I don’t see Sakic, Kekalainen or Bowman going anywhere. 


USA TODAY: Kevin Allen lists the New York Rangers’ Alain Vigneault, Detroit’s Jeff Blashill, Edmonton’s Todd McLellan, Chicago’s Joel Quenneville, Washington’s Barry Trotz and Carolina’s Bill Peters as six coaches on the hot seat. 

The Rangers are committed to a rebuild but Vigneault has a reputation for being tough on young players. The justification for replacing Blashill could be the need for the younger players to hear a different voice. After Edmonton’s disappointing season, McLellan and GM Peter Chiarelli could be vulnerable. 

Quenneville could be replaced if the Blackhawks’ front office believes the roster needs a fresh approach behind the bench. Allen feels the fact the Capitals haven’t extended Trotz’ contract speaks to tension between the coach and the organization. A new GM in Carolina could want to bring in his own coach, while could spell the end of Peters behind the Hurricanes’ bench. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been an unusual season as no NHL head coach has lost a job…yet. Vigneault is under contract through 2019-20 so perhaps the Rangers will keep him around for next season. The fates of Blashill and McLellan could be tied to those of their respective general managers.

The Blackhawks’ struggles this season are of management’s making but it’s usually the coach who pays the price. If the Capitals make another early playoff exit, Trotz is a goner. With Francis out as the Hurricanes’ GM, his replacement will likely want to bring in his own staff. 



  1. Small debate with my buddies , looking for opinions from different fan bases .
    Would jets fans trade trouba for Reilly ? Would leaf fans trade Reilly for trouba ? Are there values comparable ?

    • Pretty even value. That would be making a trade just to make a trade. Not a very big upgrade either way. Both Trouba and Reilly are decent but not great.

      Guess Id say no to that deal.

    • Winnipeg wouldn’t move Trouba for Reilly; before his injury he was the jets number 1 dman. He’s not going anywhere….
      Unless the rumours are true and he wants out of Winnipeg and if that’s true then the part that he only want to play in US must be considered true, the Rangers and Detroit are two teams mentioned when Trouba name comes up.

      • I agree with you caper . I don’t think Winnipeg would . Toronto would add a piece / pick quickly to make it happen if it was on option . IMO . Not a deal that’s really happening just trying to comparing values , from both fan base or neutral

    • Trouba is a right shot D-man that has potential to be a #1 or least a 2nd pair guy. I don’t think they would trade him for anybody named Reiley nor should they. He probably has more demand or value if he ends up traded. I think Jets going on a decent playoff run will have them keep him there though. If they traded him I see him ending up on a team like Kings or Vegas. Somebody thin at right shot D-men who might only have 1 legit player there… Vegas has only 1 in Miller while Engelland has done better than expected… Kings have horrible left shot D-man in Forbort playing over a better player like LaDue… Folin might not be back, them protecting trash while losing McNabb who is vastly better now or in future shows LA don’t got a clue. There probably 30 teams who would trade for Trouba… OR least 20, though I doubt he ends up in Toronto in any scenario… I think he wants out of Canada if he leaves JEts.

  2. Bergevin, Chiarelli, Snow and Benning are the worst GMs in the league. How any of them keep their jobs only speaks to the imcompetent owners of each team.

    • Amen

    • Do you think isles fans in order to deal with the stress say ‘at least he’s not Millbury’? So sad for that franchise.

      • Eh last year the head coach was a problem which helped cost Islanders playoffs by like 1 point… This year they were good enough to make it before Tavares went in the tank… They had like a 8 or 9 game winless streak something bad… When had an easy win setup for them against Toronto the wheels came off… Greiss was awful in most of his games, they didn’t score enough for Halak… Injuries at defense really hurt their blue line… They stopped scoring when they needed goals the most…

        Though they really got surprised by Flyers along w/ Devils bouncing back faster than any expected… Factor in Carolina being a fringe team, Florida having games at hand going on win streak at right time thanks to the tragic event… CBJ makes a few trades to help their chances its just a rough roll for them. Hell if Islanders didn’t trade Luongo or whatever they would probably have their 5th Cup w/ him at goalie or have come much closer over the last decade or two… They are getting a new building that wont be made for basketball which will help them not have the worst home ice in NHL :).

      • Milbury has easily been one of the worst GMs of the last 25 years. I still can’t figure out how he has such high profile gigs on both NBC and the NHL channels. His commentary is positively awful.

    • @yawn dull

      yaaaawwwnnn ….duullll

    • Benning has completely re-stocked the prospect cupboards in Vancouver and made small trades that have had impact. Trading little used Swede D for Leipsic was a great move. Its hard to completely rebuild a team properly. Benning has done a better job than the others you listed. Perhaps you’re biased nature clouds your assessments.
      If signing Eriksson to that 6yr 6m contract is the hill he dies on atleast he had a chance this past deadline to trade him as it was leaked that Bergavin had a deal to send a 3rd and McCarron to Canucks for Granlund and Eriksson with salary retained.
      Last of the aging vets, Sedins, Edler, Tanev etc… will all be gone by end of next year.
      In will be some great young talent including Elias Pettersson who just finished tearing up SHL as a 19yr old, strong Hobey Baker candidate Adam Gaudette, and a shwack of other decent prospects that being properly developed.

      Take Jets GM Cheveldayoff for example if a GM who had his team finish low in the standing for years while stockpiling draft picks, making smart hockey trades and following his path. Finally after years of eating crap from media and know-it-all fans and bloggers, he has his team built solid for the next 10-12 years.

      • Yeah I didn’t like that trade by the awful Vegas GM… Leipsig looked great beating the Islanders with his efforts almost alone. Vancouver started season much better than expected… They got some stud young players or a future to look forward to. Though maybe in net they are not there yet they are still not as bad as some other teams. Vegas doing much better than any expected made it almost impossible for them to stay in top 3 of Pacific factoring in the California teams along w/ Calgary.

        I’d fire the kid from Coyotes who don’t have a clue at all how to run a team or organization. Montreal wouldn’t matter much firing their GM since Price will ruin that team for a decade w/ his contract. Avalanche got shafted in the lottery but did well in the Duche trade. Oilers paid too much for McDavid so they wont be winning anything for next decade regardless who is GM… Talbot carried them there last year only to run out of gas :). Jets have a tough time getting players willing to play there like other teams in Canada which complicates matters. He lost a few decent players in Ladd, Kane over years but kept a strong core from draft building ;).

      • Awful Vegas gm? It hurts a pens fan to compliment mcfee but damn. Records being broke all season long says something

      • Vegas is built for a short term not a long term run. They don’t have really any goalies after Fleury or maybe Dansk who would count on. They gave up 1st/2nd/3rd rounder for Tatar on a team that needs to be drafting players not trading picks for 1 marginal guy. All the success for Vegas is because of the coach of the year… Way they handled that russian they signed who had 3 games w/ 1 goal was a sign of things to come. He botched many picks that could have netted better players in the expansion draft… Maybe didn’t grade him out well…

        Also Pacific Division is really weak. Kings had Carter out almost entire year who were in 1st for a while. They might not even maybe the post season like they missed out on last year. Ducks had so many injuries to players costing them any real shot at 1st. Sharks lost Jumbo Joe, they had their own issues. Oilers took a nose dive they had Talbot carry them last year. Canucks did better than expected early on but flamed out much like the Flames… Who can’t even have a winning record at home :). He took too many D-men which hurt them not being able to flip them for assets or doing meager deals. To get Reeves was another mistake… A dirty player who can’t even log 10 quality minutes… While already have guys like Haula or Englellund who can log 10-20 minutes a night… Anybody that traded Forsberg for Erat is going to botch up a team needing a long term plan.

        I could easily see Vegas have some really bad years ahead… Did they draft the best options or players this draft? Did they do enough to start to build up AHL or other minor league teams etc…

      • This is factually incorrect up and down. Another day though

    • Bergevin was handed a potential cup winning team in Montreal with key players at every position except a centre and proceeded to tear it apart with poor trades and never acquired the number one centre we needed. Had he left things alone and not traded Subban or Sergechev maybe Tavares would consider Montreal but not now or ever. we’re 5 to 8 years away from being decent again

      • Sergachev isn’t all he is being hyped to be, pretty weak numbers considering the team he is on. Watching him play he still has some glaring holes in his game but is still young

  3. Snow must go period……………

    • Unless the Islanders win draft lottery to land the stud D-man… I think Snow will have 1 more season at most to least make playoffs while keeping Tavares… In Net Gibson has looked real good in his 2 or 3 games thus far :). So even if they lose Halak, least they got something besides Greiss in net ;). HE did make some good signings or moves… Like the Eberle trade has really helped them shipping out Strome. Though the 3rd rounder for a guy who was on waivers for D hasn’t helped his public persona much :). He could have had some better players or trades looking what was given up to get them. Until the new arena I think the team will struggle to compete for playoffs though. Hell Rangers gave up on season but were still ahead of Islanders in points not long ago even w/ like a 7-1 beating or whatever they handed them prior to that :).

  4. Perhaps Quenneville and Trotz switch places in the off season….

    On paper..AZ made net positive additions with Stepan, Hjalmarsson, Demers, Gologoski & Panik. Raanta would be a reasonable stop gap solution and his injury was a freak anomaly this season. I think it is coaching and less to do with who he brought in. Perhaps Trotz would be a nice option if he is fired. Solid join Nashville, when he was there. They were competitive at least every year.

    With AZ they can let Richardson, Rinaldo, Schenn & Connauton walk as a UFA. They can not qualify Freddie Hamilton as an RFA. Jacob Chychrun will be fully healed and ready to start the season.

    Now AZ needs to work on a reliable goalie who is not injury riddled. Keep Kuemper as the backup. Look at the free agent pool and use their cap space to add to the young blossoming roster. There are plenty of UFA players out there to retool next season. DeHaan on defense Statsny at center, etc….. and re-evaluate their coaching. IMO, Tochett deserved an opportunity but this team has not improved with 2 major things. First, consistency. There are basic game acumen and the team has not remained consistent in that. Some young guys pull off snazzy moves and that is their offensive approach. Secondly, team defensive system. I have no idea watching them what their structure is. Too many missed assignments…..comes down to coaching. SO Coaching is something they should look too. Leave the GM there.

    I hope the Rangers keep AV… I do not see anyone but Quenneville worth coming in as the coach. Sometimes better with the devil you know sort of philosophy.

    • Im suprised the Rangers havent fired Vigneault already. Well past his expiration date. Trotz or Quennville would be massive upgrade behind the bench in New York.

      • I like Trotz immensely but not sure his style fits their roster but then again….with them rebuilding with youth….they can all easily adapt. SO agreed Trotz and Coach Q would be good fits but I am ok with AV. Asst. Arniel though has worn out his time in nY IMO.

      • Ron Jull…

        What has Trotz done thats better than AV?
        Atleast AV has been ti the dance and lasted till game 7. Perhaps a GM finally asked AV what he thinks of his current team and asked who he can actually coach and work with.
        Hard on young players? Oh Boo-hoo…he has dine a masterful job at developing players to do their jobs without the puck before they learn to play WITH it.

        Joel Q would finally have a better chance at finally putting Caps over the top if they havent lost key guys like Carlson by then. Dont be surprised if their arent 20 team logo’d stretch limo’s parked outside Bowmans office when/if he is fired.

      • I think they should let him play out the string… then they can fire him blaming him for the losing… IT worked out great for Vancouver when they fired him only to see him take RAngers to the Cup Final :). While Vancouver went from winning Pacific Division not long ago to being a laughing stock under Tortz etc ;).

    • Toxhett gotta go.

      • Tyler,

        If Vigneault had done a masterful job as you put it then the Rangers wouldnt be gutting their roster. He didnt like playing kids here in Vancouver and doesnt like it in NY either. Theres a difference between wanting too, and having too.

  5. I dont think Trotz or Quennville would be out of work very long if they get axed.

    Trotz would be great in Edmonton where playing defence is only a rumor.

    • Id love to see Trotz in Philadelphia.

      • Trotz to Philly, McLellan to WSH, AV to CHI and Quenneville to NY? could be a coaching carousel this off season.

  6. No new names? The talent vs authority problem. There are probably some next gen coaches ready who might be great with young players, but what does it take to have clout over multi-millionaire vets? So we continue to recycle. Not all young coaches work out — Lightning tried “1-3-1” before settling on Cooper…but if you are really rebuilding are you looking for a “comfort level”. The game is evolving…some, but not all old war horses can keep up.

    • You got that AHL if a person does well as GM there or coach… Like Hextall was the GM of the Manchester Monarchs as the assistant GM for Kings before getting his slot w/ Flyers. You got Blake who won the Calder Cup as the GM of Manchester to replace Dean in LA. There a few coaches who have won at AHL level or below who have gotten jobs in NHL. I think Green for example, pretty sure Travis was coaching in AHL. Even the Kings coach I think he was in AHL at some point, though most know him as Flyers Head Coach. There is too much insider BS to break into NHL for any real job… Unless a nerd into analytics they really don’t give a shot in hell for most part :).

  7. How bad are things in Ottawa for Erik Karlsson as he was questioned this week by a reported about his supposing non smile in the team photo and what it meant.

    • King Karl should cry sexism since if females are told they don’t smile or should… They start to cry that line of BS :). I never smile in pictures anyways… Even if he did smile he would have people attack him for seeming happy about having his summer off after nearly making SCF year prior ;). I think he knows he is leaving but is trying not to alienate the fans and city :).

      • He didn’t smile!?!? What is this!?!? A civil war photo?

  8. How long is Torts signed for … if Clb misses playoffs is he potentially let go? Hard to see JQ behind any other bench. Over/under on coaching nixes by draft day …. I’m guessing 4

    • On the Cannon, a Blue Jackets blog, the debate over how long it will be before Torts gets fired has been going on all season. If Q is let go, after this season, it’s a fairly good bet that the CBJ FO will, at least, gauge his interest.

      • Least they not talking about when will fire the coach having them blocking shots ;). I kinda like that name The Canon… There is this one uniform I sorta like from CBJ. I think its an alternate jersey that has like a canon in a circle or something resembling the JEts jersey logo kinda. Pretty sure they wore them in playoffs a while back. Its hard to keep track since they stopped using 3rd jerseys this season. Though I’m glad the Kings wont wear their ugly yellow or purple crap ones ;). I’d rather see them wearing the Burger King ones ;).

        I think CBJ made some really vital trades to increase chances of playoffs… They did some minor deals like Zatkoff for future considerations or claiming Jussi off waivers… then they flipped him in a trade where they landed a much better asset… They kept Jack Johnson who wanted to be traded via request. I liked what they did at deadline too. While Vegas I think every trade they made has weakened the team… Since getting dirty trash Ryan Reeves they have not been as good. I didn’t like them trading away Leipsig who felt was under rated key player on later lines. Least you didn’t trade a 3rd rounder for a guy who was on waivers like Islanders :). I’m not a CBJ fan but their GM even the bold Saad trade I think has done well this year. I think Nashville won the Seth Jones trade but they were deeper at D making it easier for them to do. If they had a better coach maybe Karllson would have been used more to have him protected instead of losing him for example :).

      • Paul? I was wondering if my old college apartment that was borderline condemned… the slanty shanty… was still standing by osu? 99 w Oakland (rear). Any help!?

  9. Since the Rangers threw it in, I’ve been thinking about the possibility of a Lundqvist trade. Assuming for a minute that the NTC is a non-issue, what would a trade to Arizona look like? Are the Coyotes ready for a goaltender of that caliber? Do they have the resources to make an offer? Spitballing is fun.

    • KEEP HANK!!!! That team is nowhere near ready to have a mediocre goalie behind that young core of unestablished Dmen. Hank is very communicative out there. He, along with the few vet d-men will help steer the young guys. You need someone who can stop the puck. Think about how many shots thy have let up over the last 5 or so games. over 40 shots a game. Most 50. A mediocre goalie would be disastrous in building a winning mindset and culture. Sorry but I would not trade Hank at all. HE still looks good out there.

    • ARI should make a play for Price in MTL….. Start with Domi and talk from there. AZ is ready for something solid and worth it bc they have PLENTY of cap space …even in the next few years with their kids up for new bridge contracts.

  10. Ken Holland to Seattle and he hires Barry Trotz.
    I certainly agree with Richard Ilfeld about new blood behind NHL benches. How long did it take Bruce Boudreau to get his shot? Plenty of talent among AHL, CHL and college coaches.

    • Coaches are only as good as the players around them! Everyone hypes Babcock up but 1cup as head coach on a team that most commenters on here could have coached tona cup win, and the Olympics well again not too hard with that lineup

      • Over rated or not…he won’t be golfing in April. Bergevin is already at Golf Town trading his new set of Callaways for a shi$&y little putter! Big Bad Bergevin cant win a trade. Scary that they will let him steer the ship at the draft this summer. Yikes!

      • That isn’t true totally if the coach knows how to do things… Look at Germany beating teams like Sweden, Canada, nearly getting gold over Russia… They were very well coached who bought into a system that wasn’t some crappy neutral zone trap like Expansion Florida used to make SCF. Vegas is another team who had a bad GM but coach turned the team around on the ice even w/ bad goalies… Subban sucks, Lagace was like the worst goalie, yet they still kept it going to win Pacific Division… Even w/ fading talent like Fleury coming off an injury, Dansk did really well though to be fair. They played an up tempo system where can score 3-5 goals to compete in modern NHL… While other teams play crap systems that don’t work anymore. Hell Engelland is playing like 20 minutes a night who was seen as a washed up goon by many :). You need the right coach to use the talent properly while making up the lines… Almost every NHL coach is horrible at crafting their D pairings and lines… I saw Chicago had like 2 right shot D-man together w/ Seabrock playing w/ some other guy… Then they had I think 2 left shot D-men w/ each other wondering why they suck so much :).

      • Fd he also won’t be hoisting a cup in June! The leafs are a mediocre team with a goalie getting lucky and playing a lot better than he is! Fd is a leafs dreaming only thinking like he knows what’s gonna happen in the future! Leafs fans have had a bright future since 1967 lol

      • Hey fd (shticky) what do you think of your so called stud prospect along with valiev and 2nd for plekanac who obviously doesn’t want to play in Toronto looking terrible on the ice! Lou looks like an idiot on that one along with the hainsey and Marleau signing to boot

      • BBB, clearly you have never coached. Good players are the most important part of winning but they need a good coach to put them in the winners’ circle. I would say that coaching a team to an Olympic Gold might be the toughest assignment because it’s a short tournament and, once you get to the medal round,it’s win or go home. Babcock has proven that he’s a great coach.

      • Says a leaf fan and I guarantee I have coached at a higher level than you! If you don’t have the players you don’t win! If the leafs didn’t have Anderson standing on his head this yr they would have a tough time making the playoffs, bottom 5 in shots,scoring chances against and giveaways! That doesn’t say very good coaching to me the stats don’t lie

  11. What about Tippett ? not to Az of course

    • I really wonder who will end up the Seattle Kraken GM :). IF one of those guys is fired they might have an inside track for that job. Though it depends when they get fired, I think most will get 1 more season… Though law of averages dictates 2-3 GMs along w/ Coaches will be fired… Ron Francis is the first shoe to drop… Now him not making trades would make him ideal for an expansion franchise like Seattle to build properly unlike Vegas giving up 1st/2nd/3rd rounder for marginal player at best Tatar. When basically trading a Pearson, Toffoli, along w/ 3rd rounder for him it shows a guy who isn’t clued into building when has no assets like other teams who have decades of farm systems to use.

      Florida GM is doing better than Blackhawks. I think they often compare them since he used to be their GM or some crap. There those who think he is credited w/ building them for Cups kinda like Kings GM who was there before Dean people credit for them and HC.

      • You obviously don’t watch vegas Tatar fits into their system very well, funny hearing someone cut up a gm that is leading the western conference in the first yr! Lol

      • Eh I’ve not been impressed w. Tatar… Besides you can net 2-3 better players than him w/ a 1st/2nd/3rd rounder… Like Pearson was the last pick in draft… Toffoli was a 2nd round pick, Voynov was a second round pick, PK Subban was a second round pick, KIng Karl was like 15th in the 1st round… Not to even mention what can get in the 3rd round or by trading the pick…

        Tatar isn’t better than Pearson, Toffoli or a 3rd round pick… For an expansion team that has no real assets compared to other teams who had decades to build them its not a wise move. I don’t see Tatar as an elite player or worth the cap hit or players involved… Maybe you would trade Tyler Toffoli, Tanner Pearson along w/ a 3rd round pick for Tatar but I wouldn’t. I could see if a team like the Kings did a trade like that… While it would be bad at least it would be understandable while they still have Drew Doughty along w/ Quick on the team etc.

        I do watch Vegas they not been the same team since moving Leipsig, getting Reeves, or some other bad moves… Their coach can fit anybody into the system unless he is Russian :). Its not like Tatar is BArzal or getting hat tricks… Barzal another 1st round pick something they could have had over him… Even picks like Kempe or other players can be found in the 1st three rounds of the draft.

        For the most part Tatar is a 3rd line player on Vegas. They should have least had Green thrown into that deal. You already had 2 pretty solid top lines now this just complicates it. What can expect from somebody short sighted who would trade Forsberg for Erat though :). I’m glad they have the coach of the year or it could easily have become an ugly season early and often ;).

      • Lol you really have no idea what you are talking about………….nice try tho

      • I’ll go back in 5 years to point out the players they could have drafted with those picks… Tatar has like 2 points in his last 10 games… Hardly worth a 1st, 2nd, 3rd rounder… Pearson was the last pick in the 1st round, Rackell was the last pick in the first round, I could list a lot of players taken mid to late 1st round who have been better than Tatar. Tatar was a late 2nd round pick like 60th which is almost a 3rd round pick… So even where he was drafted you can get a guy who you can flip for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, round pick if find an idiot GM…

        Basically to build an expansion team you need to be thinking ahead 3-5 years. Those 3 missed draft picks are going to hurt them… Especially if they have to expose an asset to Seattle in an expansion draft… So they might lose a better player by protecting Tatar. Unless Vegas wins a Cup this year or soon then they will regret trading 3 picks for a marginal player who never had 30 goals.

        Even when the 1st round pick isn’t a homer you can get a guy like Trevor Lewis. Who has improved as he got older getting career totals in goals/points. You not agreeing with me don’t mean I’m not right or don’t know what I’m talking about. You are a fan of an original 6 team given that handle who wouldn’t have the perspective an expansion team needs. I hope they are able to keep a few key UFAs instead of losing them for nothing. I’d rather have 2-3 good players on ELC contracts over Tatar who isn’t going to be anything special now or in future. He isn’t even a Jeff Carter level talent.

  12. Avalanche should trade for Price they have good luck trading for the Habs star goalies. Philly also may be a fit have a few young D- man that Montreal could use.

  13. Draft – Develop – Promote
    Draft – Develop – Trade if required
    #1 Skating ability. #2 Hockey Sense.
    Look for undervalued assets – since most teams seem to overvalue size, grab the best smurfs you can find in late rounds and as free agents. Have a plan & stick with it. If you fall short in an injury or bad luck year don’t blow the plan to try for a wild card. It’s the Yzerplan. Also requires ownership commitment. Not standing pat. There are 3 on the roster from a C finals appearance only five years ago & there has been one since.