Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 25, 2018

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Latest on the Blackhawks and Hurricanes in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

Could the Chicago Blackhawks part ways with head coach Joel Quenneville? (Photo via


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports the future of Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville will be a hot topic of speculation at season’s end. He said it’s no secret Quennville and Blackhawks GM Joel Quenneville don’t have the healthiest of relationships, adding that things seemed to bottom out at the draft last year that Artemi Panarin was traded to Columbus for Brandon Saad well after the fact. It could have an effect upon the coaching market if Quenneville becomes available. Elliotte Friedman noted the Hawks coach has two years and $12 million remaining on his contract.

Rory Boylen recently speculated over possible offseason moves by the Blackhawks following this disappointing season. In addition to the speculation over Quenneville’s future, Boylen also noted Marc Savard’s appearance last Wednesday on Hockey Central at Noon discussing the club’s plight. Savard noted several key players, such as defensemen Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith and center Jonathan Toews, appear to be in decline.

Savard wondered if Toews is a guy worth putting on the trade block. “Does someone give you a couple nice pieces to move forward? I don’t think you move Patrick Kane at all, he’s still got all it takes. But you definitely need to do something going forward and it starts with those two key cogs. Are they going to get you to where you want to be in the future?” 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Quenneville’s tenure with the Blackhawks could be drawing to a close. He could end up pay for the sins of management. If so, don’t expect him to stay unemployed for long. 

Regarding Toews, Boylen suggests one reason for his struggles this season is the lack of quality wingers. I doubt Bowman will put his captain on the trade block, but I can the Hawks GM trying to find a way to bolster their depth on his captain’s line. Maybe that means putting him and Kane together and shoring up their secondary scoring depth.

Cap Friendly indicates the Blackhawks have over $68 million invested in 17 players for next season but all their core players are under contract. If the salary cap jumps to over $80 million for 2018-19, Bowman could have some wiggle room to go shopping for forward depth. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Carolina Hurricanes head coach Bill Peters has a year remaining on his contract but carries an out-clause following this season. Friedman said it’s unknown right now if Peters will exercise that option but he’s another name that could be out there in the offseason. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK : On Friday, Friedman appeared on Edmonton’s 630 CHED discussing possible moves by the Hurricanes. He noted there’s been times in recent years where defenseman Justin Faulk and forward Jeff Skinner have surfaced at times in the rumor mill. Both are approaching the end of their current contracts. “I think that’s going to the question: Does Carolina see value as keeping them as UFAs, or do they go out and say, ‘You know what? This is not something we want to do.’

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Friedman noted, a lot will depend upon who becomes their new general manager. Peters could decide to bail or could be pressured into taking his early out if the new management wants to shake up the coaching staff.

As per Cap Friendly, Faulk has two years left on his contract worth an annual salary-cap hit of over $4.83 million while Skinner has one year left ($5.275-million cap hit) and a no-movement clause. Of the two, Faulk would be the easiest to move, perhaps as a trade chip to bring in a scoring forward. 



  1. Coach isn’t going anywhere.

  2. Toews and Keith won’t move because of salary. One way too much and the other reasonably priced and on the lower side for a top 4 defence

    Dave Tippett is available.

    • I think Tippet will be back coaching in the NHL come next September.

  3. I think Duncan Keith contract is moveable, because the cash salary remaining is minimal and he is still performing at a relatively high level. he should return a good haul. Jonathan Toewes on the other hand is a in moveable because of declining performance and massive contract remaining, including both cap Hit and cash value.

  4. Off topic but we are in trade rumour doldrum times.

    My rant for the day.

    I don’t get the distaste many have for Vanek. Since arriving in Clb he has played 4th line minutes; TOI/GP 14:08, 10th for forwards, & is barely clinging to 2nd line PP: PP TOI/GP 1:40, 10th for regular skaters but Andersson has been injured. In 13 GP in CLB he has 3 goals, 6 assists for 9 points, +9 & no PPP’s. The cost Jokinen & Motte. His #’s are solid & have been for years especially if you factor in salary & cost to acquire.

    I advocated for Bos to pick Vanek up due to cost, as I didn’t want Bos, my favorite team, expanding solid assets to add depth. They buy Rick Nash. Nash has played 11 games, now injured, scoring 3 goals & 3 assists for 6 points, -4. 2 of his 3 goals on the PP, 1/2 his points on the PP which means he’s been on the ice for 7 goals against in those 11 games at ES or when on the PP. He is seeing 3:17 PP TOI/GP since he arrived 1st for forwards 2nd overall & his TOI/GP is 16:52 good for 5th among regular forwards. His cost, a 1st, Spooner, Lilgren, Belesky’s contract & for some reason a 2019 7th round pick?

    Good for Columbus. I hated this trade for Bos. Far to high a price to pay & they already had a stellar PP, all Nash did was bump someone off of it, well Bergeron has been injured, so really he just took his spot but even the 2nd unit didn’t need help either.

    Sorry, a little venting there. I hate these rental deals at these costs.

    • Yet the media applauded the Nash trade, it indicated that “the Bruins were going for it!”
      That statement is over rated. We’ll have to wait and see what the playoff bring; but that was a vast overpayment for Nash; I had no problem with the team the way it was, the Wingles deal and Gionta signing were fine, nothing wrong with depth at a cheap cost, Gionta only cash. I would’ve rather Evander Kane.
      Boston got hosed on that deal, Lindgren and Spooner should’ve been plenty.
      I had no issue with Spooner, he was playing his best hockey, who has 14pts in 13 games for the Ranger, this season was the most compete I’ve seen him and was also winning battles that never happened before.
      The Bruins next season have $3.932 dead cap space Belesky 1.9 Seidenberg 1.166 and Hayes .866 that’s a decent player and they have 2 season of Belesky and Seidenberg.
      Sweeney has done a good job but there us also some glaring mistakes.
      Playoff should be fun, I’m still sticking to my prediction Boston Vs Winnipeg for the Cup.

    • Striker 10 minutes or less are 4th line minutes… Even players on the 3rd line at times log in that range or below 15 minutes… So lets say Vanek is playing roughly 3rd line minutes depending if he gets PP time… Since I doubt he is killing many penalties if they got him for offense… His problems started when he was on Buffalo refusing to put up elite type numbers or show up every single game… He was expected to be like Kessel was for Toronto a Superstar that carried his team.

      When he refused to play for the Islanders killing any value for Moulson it soured many people on him… It was clear he wanted to play on Wild which was a bad fit for his style of game… Playing on a boring defensive team when known for offense only works for E. STaal :). So I think that patch hurt his value in the eyes of many if not all…

      CBJ I think made the best trades of any bubble playoff team at or around the deadline… Even not trading Jack Johnson who wanted to leave or minor deals like claiming Jussi on waivers or getting Zatkoff for future considerations… Devils made a few nice moves even if it don’t turn out to be enough for 2nd in my view. I think Florida might have run out of time or Flyers did enough in net to stay above water. I do think that their guy Line or how spell name is probably better than Mrazek which somebody on here or another site claimed. Yet he did enough in the short span before fading for them to probably stay in top 8.

      I remember people laughed when said Sharks should pick up Spooner from Rangers after that deal… I wasn’t crazy about the Boston trade personally… Though they were same team who gave Iginla a bunch of money who wasn’t worth it too… Or was that Jagr who I saw skate w/ puck for 2 minutes on a PP when Boston was down by a goal :). I give them credit for having Donato, signing Gionta I think it was from Olympic team though. They fleeced the Kings in that Lucic trade though don’t remember them getting value for Jones or Miller being lost to Vegas for nothing :).

      I give you credit you said Columbus would make the playoffs when it looked bleak. They won like what 8 in a row or something around time Islanders went on 8 game winless streak :). FEw other teams dropped like a stone too like Carolina to help open the door. I was one of the only people I saw talking about Florida being in it if they won 3 in a row when they won like 6. I also thought Islanders would have snuck in before their slide so :). Rant all you want, I’d rather read what people really think or care about than nothing ;).

  5. There has been a little talk around Calgary if Quenneville becomes available the flames would make a good push to hire him. Gulutzan is as good as gone – thank God

    • I think the next coach of the Flames will be coming in to a great situation – a good team that is almost there. Quenneville would be a terrific choice – his track record and his personal motivation alone would put Calgary way ahead of their current status.

      • If coach Q has 2 yrs left why would bowman let him go to a western team? It wouldn’t surprise me if they just moved him around in house

    • Joel will be coaching in Seattle if he gets canned… Maybe they can get Sutter back for another run for the Flames since his farm is in Calgary anyways ;).

  6. toews isnt unmovable… but barely moveable. its like price. some teams out there could take them on (i.e. vegas, ari, car, etc) but wouldnt want to move big time assets for either. what chicago could get for toews isnt worth what they could get by keeping him and hoping they can get him back on track.

    • I like Arizona! Imagine Toews, Stepan and Bolland down the middle? Wow!

      • I actually laughed out loud at that. the most overpaid top three centers in the history of the league!

      • All they need is Eichel now! Oh wait, he’s not overpaid somehow.

    • Toews isn’t even as bad as Price since you got 12 forward slots to hide or fit him into :). I still don’t think he moves unless Chicago takes up 24-50% of his contract since a 10.5M cap hit for him is like Bobby Ryan bad :). He couldn’t even wipe Kopitar’s rear who only makes 10M hehe ;).

  7. Firing Q is one of the worst ideas I’ve heard in a while, but…go ahead, enjoy a decade of cleaning up Bowman’s mess.

    The only way I could see Toews being moved is if it’s for other big (bad) contracts AND it’s a team that desperately needs a shakeup…

    Something like Toews and a pick for Niklas Backstrom (once they finally realize he is too soft for playoff success) and TJ Oshie. Maybe eat Orpik’s deal, too.

    • So the best way to cleanup cap space is by adding more? (Which the don’t have the room for)
      Shed 10.5 and add back 18 million doesn’t seem like a logical solution.

      Next question, how often do you see that many big $ deals move in one transaction between two teams?

      • “The only way I could see…”

        Pretty sure I indicated that it was unlikely.

        The reason Chicago would make such a deal is pull the Band Aid off quicker. By 2020-2021, only Oshie’s manageable $5.95 M cap hit would remain. At that point, they’d still likely have a declining Kane and a wretchedly useless Seabrook on their books and carrying Toew’s $10 M in addition would cripple them. This would give them a new look for a few years and clean up their books sooner.

        For the Caps, it would be a desperate hail mary to mix up the chemistry at the end of the Ovie era.

      • Well the paid 21M for 2 players in Chicago w/ Toews/Kane… So if they can save 3M by spending 18M split over 2-3 players its still a huge savings w/ cap rising ;).

      • No, they’d be making that 21 million and turning it into 28 million…. I don’t know how that’s saving 3 million…. that’s adding 7 .

    • Not sure Quenneville will be fired, he may just leave.

      • can’t… he’s under contract

      • Who really knows for sure but the talking heads down east are speculating Quenneville and bowman mutually agree to let Quenneville out of his contract.

    • Joel would probably end up in Seattle if he is fired or replace Hitch in Dallas :). I bet most the NHL would make a pitch at him if they thought he was looking for work… He seems to get along better than Hitch or Sutter who rub players the wrong way :).

  8. I thought no both Stan Bowman and Q are around for one more with StanBo the one closer to getting the pink slip.
    The thing is Bowman has never been actng out on his own: every Blackhawk decision is discussed with the higher ups in the organization, and then if the room is favorable, it is made.
    Sure, Q was angry and didn’t show up on the draft floor out of displeasure about they told him he was losing his warrior #3 defender in Hammer.
    Indent think Q was forced into a sof rebuild, he knew that he signing of Panarin three seasons ago just prolonged the start of it, along with the Hossa retirement.

  9. No doesn’t belong in the above…I think both

  10. Joel will be a fine coach for Seattle Kraken in a few years regardless what happens in Chicago :). Toews was always an over rated player who didn’t decline… He was never worth 10.5 cap hit nor was Kane… Least Kane can score 40+ goals which can justify that kinda money while Toews can’t nor will he get 100 points… They touted him for Defense comparing him to a superior player in Kopitar who has size he lacks too… I don’t see how they could trade an awful contract without retaining least 50% or 25% at lowest :).

    I do think Keith could be traded much easier than Seabrook… That was a bad contract to renew at that kinda money instead of moving on… Like when Niemi won the cup they moved on to Crawford or whatever his name is… Then they paid Crawford like 6M, he did enough for them since then before getting hurt to say alright maybe… Keith I think won Norris or was in running not that long ago which helps… Seabrook they would have to take up part of his contract… Chicago needs expansion Seattle to help by taking a bad contract or two even if they draft them.

    I don’t think the Saad trade was bad really since he was under contract for less money than what would cost to keep the other guy who was much smaller in statue… IF not for Winnipeg Jets shocking world, Vegas, both of them in top 2 of division… Then Chicago would probably have made the post season over a team like Blues, Avalanche, or Ducks and Kings… I always thought Joel was a good coach even if he was a dirty scumbag at times. Where he would send a goon to run a goalie like Blues did to Kings Storr years ago. I think he can coach an expansion team to be competitive so it will work out for Seattle when he is fired after next season :).

    • I don’t know about the rest of your post but you sure got it wrong with Toews.

      • I don’t think many if any player is worth 10M or even 10.5M in single cap space… You can get a better team splitting that over 2-3 players 99% of the time. IF I was wrong about Toews they wouldn’t be speculating about trading him on a rumors forum. I didn’t start the rumor about trading him… He was never worth the money they paid him… I don’t even think Kopitar was/is, least he is making a strong case for the Hart. Guys like Super Mario or Wayne didn’t get this kinda money… Nor did Mike Bossy, Trottier, really great players unlike Toews is is vastly overpaid and fading :). I’m not stopping you from buying his jerseys. I said Chicago had to go for broke when they handed out those bad contracts which they did winning more than many teams ever will :). I’m not shedding any tears for them, they probably one of the most hated teams or toughest ;). I’d rather not see them in the playoffs again in my lifetime than have to play them in a WCF :). There very few players who can score 40+ goals… OR generate 40+ goals w/ 100 points, so least Kane a person can make a case has earned his money compared to Toews. I don’t see any speculation about Kings trading Kopitar or even Buffalo shipping out Eichel due for 10M he isn’t worth :). I guess Wild Bill as they call him from Vegas should get 11M a year for scoring 40ish goals if Toews is getting 10.5M for his production. You need to score 3-5 goals a night, defense isn’t worth what it was once… Guys like Forbort w/ no talent for offense are useless. They have to play flawless hockey just to break even since they can’t recover for a mistake leading to a goal. I’m glad my team isn’t the one stuck w/ Toews so let Chicago twist in the wind :). That franchise was in trouble, people not watching games or attending them before their Cups. Lets see how loyal the fans are if they can’t make the playoffs for the next 2-5+ years :). Maybe Vegas will take Toews off their hands or Seattle to free up cap space :).

  11. Blackhawks are still a great team they could have had 5 cups had they kept some of the players . Joe is staying . What’s Nick smoking.

    • Kings could have 4 or 5 cups if they didn’t do the Mike Richards trade too :). Even if they had Voynov they might have 3 or 4 ;). Toews last two years has had 58 points exactly, this year he was probably going to get 58 again. Saad has had 50+ point seasons the last 2 or 3 if count the last season in Chicago. He has scored over 30 goals on CBJ having more goals than Toews w/ less points… So if Toews is worth 10.5M in cap Sadd should be worth like 9-10M haha :).

      You can’t win paying a guy that much money for so little production unless he is a D-man who shoots right ;). As for him being great on defense he is a -1 this season :). Kane to be fair has scored what like 46 goals w/ over 100 points since that insane inflated contract ;). Basically Toews has cost about 200K a point if he has 10.5M for say 58 points :). Its more like 180Kish though if wanted to be exact ;).