Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 4, 2018

by | Mar 4, 2018 | Rumors | 34 comments

Speculation over the futures of Barry Trotz and Lou Lamoriello plus some rumors on the Oilers and Canucks in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

Is this Barry Trotz’s final season as head coach of the Washington Capitals? (Photo via NHL Images)


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports there’s uncertainty over the future of Washington Capitals head coach Barry Trotz, who’s in the final season of his contract. Johnston feels if he’s not signed soon other clubs could come calling toward the offseason. If this is Trotz’s final season behind the Capitals’ bench, Elliotte Friedman suggests assistant coach Todd Reirden could take over.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trotz’s future could be tied to the Capitals performance in the 2018 playoffs. He’s a well-respected bench boss but he’s never coached an NHL team past the second round of the postseason. If the Capitals make another early playoff exit, they could part ways with Trotz. 

Nick Kypreos and Elliotte Friedman discussed the future of Toronto Maple Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello. Friedman believes Lamoriello still has term on his contract but wonders what his role is beyond this season. Chris Johnston reports of “whispers” dating back to last summer suggesting this could be Lamoriello’s final season as GM. However, there’s no comment from the Leafs about this. Kypreos wonders if Lamoriello would accept a lesser role as an advisor but Friedman thinks he could.


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols recently cited NHL insider Darren Dreger’s Thursday appearance on Montreal’s TSN 690 discussing the Edmonton Oilers’ potential plans following this season’s disappointing effort. Regarding a hypothetical question about possible trade destinations for Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson, Dreger said that, as far as he knews, the Oilers weren’t on Karlsson’s list of preferred trade destinations.

If Arizona Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson decides this summer not to sign a contract extension, Dreger speculates the Oilers could look at acquiring the Coyotes’ blueliner. He also believes the Oilers need to land a goaltender who can push starter Cam Talbot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Oilers pursue a top-pairing defenseman, I also believe they’ll focus more on Ekman-Larsson (if he’s available), who won’t cost a king’s ransom to acquire. Even if Karlsson was willing to accept a trade to Edmonton, the asking price would be far too expensive for the Oilers. 

THE ATHLETIC: Jason Brough recently noted the Toronto Maple Leafs failed to suitably address their need for experienced blueline depth at the recent NHL trade deadline. If that proves costly in the playoffs, he speculates the Leafs could “circle back” on Vancouver Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev. While acknowledging the Leafs could attempt to target Los Angeles’ Drew Doughty, Arizona’s Oliver Ekman-Larsson or even Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson, Tanev would be a more realistic option. 

If San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane hits the free-agent market on July 1, Brough said he’d be surprised if the Canucks didn’t pursue the Vancouver native. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks will get calls about Tanev this summer, but they’ve so far resisted the temptation to trade him. That could change, however, if they get a decent offer this summer.

As for Kane, it might be a mistake for a rebuilding club to take on a player with his off-ice baggage. He might be a better fit on a club that’s deep in veteran leaders, as he currently is with the Sharks. 



  1. By continually lining up Lucic (28 games without a goal) on left wing with McDavid are the oilers performing a masterful tank job to get a high draft pick once again??? How many points more would McDavid have if he had a left winger who could score on the incredible set ups he creates? Like RNH did last night on a rare shift together!!!

    • yes…if they get the #1 and get Darlin from this season.. I might lose it!. NHL should ban them from the top 3 picks.

      • Who cares. It’s a lottery. One team can win it continuously as long as they don’t hit the playoffs.

        It’s not like the draft is a sure way out of the basement.

      • The Oilers need to fire their scouting staff right across the board. They are horrible at analyzing and developing talent. They rely on a high first round pick because they strike out in the later rounds.

      • It’s easy for Jeff to say “who cares” he’s an oiler fan.

        To answer that question, everybody but Oilers fans care! Fans, 30 other NHL teams, players, the media, etc.
        It’s beyond ridiculous to continually reward a bottom feeder like Edmonton. Why should they be rewarded for failure year after year? They’ve already shown they are incapable of building through free agency and the draft. They have continually handed out ridiculous contracts to cost controlled players only to have to turn around and trade them for horrible lopsided trades. Hall for Larsson, Eberle for Strome… on and on we go. All this while bringing in Lucic, Sekera etc…. Fail!

        Enough, why reward this hot garbage team with the brightest stars of the game in this market? Why reward a bunch of incompetent, perineal losers? Is this t-ball? Everyone gets a trophy regardless of being great or a nose picking idiot?

        Everyone cares!

      • Once again who cares. As NYR4life points out just trade for the guy the oile5s draft. Not sure since he put forth such a fine point he wouldn’t find it as easy as me not to care.

        FYI any fan of the oilers are far greater sick and tired of having high draft picks than any of you who love to continuously complain.

      • Sorry ny. I do care but I think the system is as it should be. The owners management may be inept but the fans deserve it. Not every team can survive based on being an original 6 and having a gazillion people living in that city.

      • The fans deserve it???? Huh?????

      • The fans of teams who may have bad management still deserve a chance of being competitive. The draft system isn’t perfect. But it serves a purpose. For just about the entire world except Toronto Arizona landing Mathews would have been perfect. No such luck.

        I would think some kinda of system where either 1. A team can’t get the number 1 pick two years running is implemented OR a team consistently in the bottom has some probability changes in the lotto to give them slightly less chance.

      • Why do you hate Crosby! Please answer me!

    • exactly the oilers are tanking on purpose, for the #1 pick and bettman is going to give it to them mark my words

      • Frank is that you?

  2. It’s only going to get worse for Edmonton when McDavids contract kicks in next year. Oilers will be moving players out for cheap replacements. Montreal is in the same boat, paying Price ten million for eight years makes it impossible to add top end players.

    Edmonton: McDavid at 12 million, Lucic, Nuge at 6 million, and Draisitl at 8 million is almost 40% of their cap on only 4 players. Add in Nurse and Talbot and the Oilers are toast.

    A team like Chicago may be in cap purgatory as well, but at least they didnt gut the future until after they won three Cups. The Oilers are a lottery team now, how can they possibly hope to get better? Especially if they make another mindnumbing move like Hall for Larson.

    • Funny how Hall for Larsson last year was a wash-Trading both Hall and Eberle was the straw that broke the team balance. Hall has pulled an Eric Staal and refound his game.
      97 and Leon are top 15 players in the league without the proper cast. Leon should be moved for 2 pieces to fill holes.

      • Funny how everyone said they needed to trade them

      • Maybe they did,but Larsson and Strome? Really?

      • Nah you all just want to complain no matter what they do.

        They dont trade their draft selections everyone complains.

        They trade them. Everyone complains about them trading them.

      • The oilers made a bad signing in lucic.thats the worst thing They have done.

      • Who’s everyone Jeff? I never heard no one say oilers needed to trade one of the top lw in the game.

      • Yeah, and you don’t complain no matter what. I still remember a certain oiler fan dancing all over this page because they signed “a #1 free agent d-man in Sekera a while back… and how they were “turning a corner” after Sekera, Mcdavid, Nurse, Drasaitl….. how many years in a row did I hear that here????? Hmmmmm

        And agreed Chrism….

        I never said it…. but even if EVERONE said it…? Does oilers management read here and base decisions off of fans opinions? Lmao! Maybe that’s why they don’t deserve 1st round draft picks at all.

        Jeff, your arguments over the years just get worse and worse. This is the bottom of the bottom of grasping at straws!
        Just stick with the Sens. They still have a chance in the future.

      • Actually i dont complain. I state my opinion. Then admit when I’m wrong.

        You state an opinion, when regarding the oiler it is never positive. Just a complaint of what they did. Theybdo something different. Another complaint. Yet you don’t ever worry about being wrong because you only ever complain about what they did after the fact.

        FYI every one thought the oilers were turning the corner at some point or another. I’m not alone oh but of coarse you always knew they co tinue to be bottom dwellers because they are bottom dwellers.

        I’m sure if they win the cup one uear you say you knew it all along.

  3. Kane has provided a spark for Sharks, but it will ultimately come down to his performance in postseason whether or not he gets a longer term contract.

  4. so will Ferguson, Katz, even Gretzky finally realize that Chiarelli is NOT the solution, and fire him? so many poor moves, and it’s a risk to have PC still in charge especially if they have a top 3 pick in the draft

    overrrated GM since his days in Boston

    sure they could get OEL, but it won’t be cheap, starting with a 1st rounder and probably Nurse. I don’t see how the Oilers could do that, AND re-sign OEL (he’s a UFA after next season); it would be a waste to give up lots for OEL only to see him in an Oilers uniform for 1 season at most

    • the oil hang on to there mistakes until they have no choice poor mg,t has handicapped this team since sather left the last of good mgmt. Chia is a very poor judge of talent and gets toasted in trades by hanging on to him there just burning up Mcdavid golden years

      • McDavid has many years left! The Oilers will get there eventually.

  5. Why does Babcock continue to deploy Komarov in the no#1 power play unit.. 1-58 is insane. “Doing the same thing over and over expecting different result”!!??

    Marleau is also being propped up with no result.

    Plekanec I feel is a mistake in acquiring and would have been better off keeping Fehr/Moore tandem.

    Zaitzev is somewhat lost in La La land defending however Babcock continues to give him minutes..

    Sorry for the rant.

    • Ya I don’t think TO getting Plekanec was really needed at all, especially seeing as they paid a decent price for him.

      • Actually I don’t think the leafs gave away anything trading for Plekanec. He can play on line 2-4 whereas Moore is a fourth line guy period. Plecanec is a really good penalty killer as well. They only gave up a second as Rychel and Valiev didn’t fit into future plans, just too many guys in line ahead of them.

      • Valiev as bob Mackenzie says is a head scratcher, he will be a regular dman in the nhl and the leafs defense is bad right now among the top shots and scoring chances allowed. The Habs won that trade for plekky

    • Plekanec has a history of being very effective against David Krecji and considering they’ll most likely meet in the 1st round maybe this is part of the plan.

  6. Maybe Edmonton will move down this year 🙂

    Regardless they are going to get a top draft pick/ prospect again. Tkachuk, Bouchard, Wahlstrom

    • Maybe they trade it. Yet it doesn’t seem any team wants to trade them anymore.

      We gone from teams massively over spending on free agent talent pre cap to state where trading an early draft pick is unfathomable.

  7. Lyle you are forgetting that Evander said he’s grown up!

  8. The Oilers already have Klefbom, Nurse, Sekera and Russel(Sekera and Russel have NTC) on the left side; if they acquire OEL (also a lefty), they would have to make another trade to bring in someone right handed who is able to play on the top 4. I know that Sekera and Russel can play on the right side but they kinda sting when they do.