Latest Canucks and Stars Speculation – April 3, 2018

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A look at a couple of short-term replacements for the Sedins plus more offseason speculation for the Dallas Stars in your NHL rumor mill.

Could the Vancouver Canucks bring back Thomas Vanek? (Photo via NHL Images)


THE PROVINCE: Prior to the Sedin twins announcing their intent to retire at the end of this season, Ben Kuzma wondered if the Vancouver Canucks should consider bringing back Thomas Vanek if the Sedins decide to it a careers. He noted how Vanek, in his brief stay with the Canucks this season, was an effective scorer in Vancouver, becoming a mentor for rookie star Brock Boeser and acting as an assistant coach on the bench. Kuzma said the 34-year-old winger enjoyed his time in Vancouver and would consider returning on a one-year contract with a no-trade clause.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Canucks bring back Vanek and pursue Bozak they will be short-term replacements for the Sedins on Vancouver’s second line. Critics of Canucks management could scoff at this idea, preferring the club build solely with young players. However, the development of their promising talent could benefit from the presence of a couple of veteran leaders who can still contribute as depth players and take some pressure off the youngsters. If Vanek and Bozak are willing to accept affordable one- or two-year deals, perhaps the Canucks will pursue them this summer. 


ESPN.COM: Emily Kaplan suggests making prudent signings, locking up Tyler Seguin to a contract extension and addressing the leadership as the three keys facing the Dallas Stars in the offseason. She considers it unlikely the Stars will bring back pending UFAs Dan Hamhuis and Kari Lehtonen. She notes they need secondary scoring and wonders if general manager Jim Nill will pursue San Jose’s Evander Kane or Toronto’s James van Riemsdyk via free agency.

Seguin is eligible in 2019 for unrestricted free agent status and could wait for New York Islanders center John Tavares to set the market this summer. Kaplan feels “it would be wise for the Stars to commit to the one player who has consistently performed.” 

Kaplan doesn’t expect head coach Ken Hitchcock to be replaced after just one season. However, there are some questions over the leadership of captain Jamie Benn. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kaplan also points out Nill has demonstrated he isn’t afraid to make bold moves. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes shopping this summer for secondary scoring via trades or free agency. However, he’ll face some scrutiny after a couple of last summer’s big signings (Ben Bishop, Martin Hanzal) were hampered by injuries this season.

It’ll be interesting to see if they attempt to re-sign Seguin on July 1. Given his consistency (five consecutive 70-plus point seasons), he’ll be in line for a substantial raise. As per Cap Friendly, Benn is the highest-paid Star, earning $9.5-million annually on an eight-year deal that runs through 2024-25. Are the Stars willing to exceed that to keep Seguin in the fold? They might not have much choice. 



  1. Sequin should be paid the same as Benn. Stars problem is no stars after the first line.

    VCR has Gagne, Suter, Edler, and when he returns Ericksson. Enough veteran presence As cousin Vinny said ,” stay with the Utes” . They are going to get a decent pick this year as well

    • Seguin is a centre so he should probably make a little more than Benn. Benn is the captian and unquestioned leader but Seguin’s market price is higher.

      • Funny Deee saw an article talking about how Benn wasn’t a good leader or questioning him in that regard ;). Sequin can play wing or center, I guess centre is some sorta slang male hating term ;)? He should get paid more than Benn since his salary has been lower while being a better or as good player if anything ;). IN your world centers should make more than wingers? I think only right shot D-men should make more than any other position based on logic not emotion :).

  2. Agree they have to play the “Utes”. They have the #1 prospect in their pipeline with Elias Pettersson coming as well. He will be hard to keep out of the lineup and it is easy to see how he could be their #1 center in a couple years, or even next season. His season in the Swedish Elite league was historic as he won the scoring title as a 19 year old. I don’t disagree that it would be beneficial to have a guy like Vanek on his wing for his rookie year. An example of that working is how McAvoy and Carlo have each benefited from playing with Chara and Debrusk, Pastrnak, Heinen, Donato have benefited from playing with guys like Krecji, Bergeron etc.
    It is a fine balance of playing too much youth which can cause losing, wanting top picks to restock, and developing a losing culture that is really hard to change. I have been watching it in Edmonton for years.

    • I had really hoped the Sedin’s would play at least 1 more year as there really isn’t anyone ready to replace them as secondary scorers.

      Pettersen will be the Canucks #1 but at less than 160 lbs today will need to add muscle mass.

      We have to pass the torch at some point & going to be curious to see what the Canucks do with that cap space.

  3. Wasn’t long ago and a lot people said Sweeney was an idiot all he did was move the people who wanted out or he had to move. Peter left a cap mess and Don fixed it and drafted some awesome talant. Boston looks good for the long haul.

    • Just the usual suspects that can’t find much positive to say about anyone. The same ones that slagged Sakic, Yzerman, Duchene, Barrie, Kane, Sweeney, etc. It goes on & on.

      Good time to be a Bruins fan, hell great time to be an NHL hockey fan, the amount of top end prospect talent in the NHL for almost every team but a very select few has grown rapidly.

      • Sweeney hasn’t done anything really good, the bruins have had a good yr with the easiest schedule in the league but they aren’t contenders a lot of holes still only a one line team

    • Obe, as a Bruins fan i’m pleased with Sweeney overall but there has been missteps along they way.
      didn’t get Fair value for Hamilton
      Belesky signing
      3rd round pick for Rinaldo
      passing over Barzal
      over paid for Rick Nash
      over paid for Nick Holden

      Yes there is lots to like but if i’m being honest he had hits and misses but more hits then misses.

      • Another hit for Sweeney would be the coaching change.Bruce Cassidy has done a fantastic job with a group that most people thought was in transition and not a contender for the Cup. It would be hard right now to bet against Boston in the East and Cassidy deserves a lot of the credit.

      • A third round pick for a very useless Rinaldo is about the best you could ask for but the rest you are right.

      • Deee your sexist comment about Rinaldo is disgraceful… An NHL player is an elite athlete hardly useless like yourself ;).

    • Ya Caper, kind of that way for GM’s. I thought the Nash deal was an overpay. When Sweeney first made the Hamilton deal I understood why he had to do it, but questioned the return. I am also surprised at how quickly the young guys are producing and contributing in a big way. I thought they may miss too much of Bergeron, Chara’s, Krecji’s prime to make the strategy work. Show’s you what I know, and happy to be wrong!
      Striker, it does seem like their are more prospects coming in that make an impact sooner and have high end skill at the NHL level.
      Not sure if this is the way it is now, or just going through a period of deep high end talent drafts.
      Makes early round picks even more valuable.

  4. As a Canucks fan….no to ANY UFA this year.
    Bozak will be 33. Unless Canucks can sign him to q year deals then sure. Otherwise stick with the vets they’ve got. Continue to infuse the youth and take the lumps that come.

  5. Kaplan is a funny girl who reminds me of LA Kings chick who said Brown deserved that contract w/ hefty raise ;). Its like a no brainer that Dallas can’t get rid of LetEmIn fast enough :). They would have bought him out if it wasn’t for the extended cap hit ;). Seguins might stay for 9/9.5M though he probably will want 10M for 80M over 8 years :). Stars big problem is they have not drafted well in the 1st round… Most of their good players that they drafted were in the later rounds or it would be real disaster ;). I’d probably have fired Hitch though I guess they are stuck w/ him. Without Bishop they would not have come close to making the playoffs so that was a good trade… Look at how they dropped like a stone the second he got hurt having to depend on LetOneIn who was always injury prone on Atlanta before he was a total liability on Dallas :).

    Canucks I don’t think it matters if they sign Vets except for jerseys or fantasy hockey. I don’t see Canucks having any chance to finish in top 3 in Pacific… They wont get ahead of the 3 California teams or Vegas in the next year or two anyways. Oilers will win another draft lottery way they rig things so they can’t be worse. Even a team like Coyotes might finish above them next year so might as well start the youth brigade maybe win a lottery or two. Even the wild card chances look dismal when looking at worst team in Central is the multiple Cup winning Blachawks ;). Its like now Winnipeg is suddenly a top team who looks to have an easier path to 2nd round w/ injuries to other teams now. Vegas would not want to play Kings in 1st round out of the potential matchups that would be the worst draw. Vegas could still lose to a team like Ducks or Blues. Yet they match up better when looking at the Ducks/Blues home/road record compared to Kings who had the best road record in West w/ only Tampa being better a while back. Ducks just lost Fowler for likely the 1st round which helps Vegas odds over them. In contrast Kings would not match up well vs. Nashville likely losing in 4 or 5 ;).

    If I was Canucks I’d bring back Vanek before messing w/ Bozak. Just seems all heard for last decade was Bozak will be traded or out of Toronto for this or that ;). I figure VAnek can replace the production lost by D. Sedin in goals. I’m not sure I could say the same related to Bozak producing as much or more than his bro though ;). I’ll be surprised if LetEmIn even gets another NHL contract its likely he ends up kicking around like Niemi. If I was Vancouver I might look to upgrade my goalies, I think 1 or both of them went thru waivers unclaimed at some point ;). Many see them more as backups, then again what do I know look how Darling Eddie Lack has done since Vancouver ;).

    • Didn’t read a word of this after the sexist first sentence. Grow up.

      • Deee you are the one who needs to grow up or STFU… So females can’t be funny if I laugh at a female its sexist ;)? I guess I can’t like their comedians :)? You don’t find it funny the statements related to the Stars goalie who they can’t wait to get rid of not coming back ;)? Its not as bad as that one asked the slang ghetto question to Cam Newton after she had racist tweets on her Twitter ;).

        You are the only ignorant sexist among us ;). Grow a pair MGTOW all the way 100% :). Haha lets see the first sentence was “Kaplain is a funny girl who reminds me of the LA Kings chick who said Brown deserved that contract w/ a hefty raise”… IN your twisted leftist mind that is sexist though if I said the same thing about a guy it would be fine ;)? Hell I said a lot worse about males on here along w/ others on this site. Her saying its unlikely to bring back their failed goalie is comical :). Almost as funny as linking somebody to signing w/ Toronto who never had any intention except to raise the price ;).

        Maybe she should change her name to Gabe Kaplan so can bring back Welcome Back Kotter :). Keep trolling Deee, I hear there is an opening at YouTube HQ for unix like yourself ;).

      • Lol….okayyyyy

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        Women suck. Signed. Doeloth

    • Daoloth

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