Latest Ducks and Rangers Speculation – April 18, 2018

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Could an early playoff exit force the Anaheim Ducks to shake up their core? Is it a certainty Ilya Kovalchuk will sign with the New York Rangers? Read on for the latest in your NHL rumor mill.

Could an early playoff exit spur the Anaheim Ducks to move a core player such as Ryan Getzlaf? (Photo via NHL Images)


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman and TSN’s Darren Dreger yesterday speculating over possible offseason moves by the Anaheim Ducks. Appearing Tuesday on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650, Friedman pondered if a possible early exit from the 2018 playoffs might prompt the front office to “change their philosophy”, pointing out it’s not only that they’re losing but how they’re losing in their opening-round series against the San Jose Sharks.

Friedman wondered “if they start to look and see is it time for some of the guys who have been there a long time,” such as veteran forwards Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Ryan Kesler, who all carry expensive long-term contracts with no-movement clauses. Getzlaf and Perry each have three seasons remaining on their contracts while Kesler has four. Friedman noted Getzlaf is still a good player but Perry’s production has declined while Kesler’s physical style is taking a toll on his body.

Appearing on Vancouver’s TSN 1040, Dreger doesn’t think the Ducks can return with the same core group next season for another kick at the can. Like Friedman, he cited their one-sided losses in their opening-round series with the Sharks. If the Ducks wanted to extricate themselves from one of those expensive contract, Dreger believes there would be teams with considerable interest in Getzlaf or Perry if either guy was placed on the trade block. He thinks clubs that lose out on the bidding for New York Islanders center John Tavares via free agency could be very interested in Getzlaf or Perry.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman and Dreger are merely speculating about the Ducks’ offseason plans. They aren’t saying Getzlaf, Perry or Kesler will definitely get traded. Indeed, if the trio is unwilling to waive their movement clauses there’s nothing the Ducks can do about it. They could attempt to buy out one of them but that would leave them with expensive salary-cap hits for the next six-to-eight years.

Of the three, Getzlaf would have the most value in the trade market. Though the 32-year-old center missed 26 games this season to injuries he still managed 61 points in 56 games. Teams that fail to land Tavares would certainly come calling on Getzlaf if he becomes available this summer in the trade market. 

Perry, 32, had a respectable 49 points in 71 games but his stats have declined over the last two years. Injuries limited the 33-year-old Kesler to just 44 games, raising questions about his durability. 

Assuming one of these three would agree to waive their no-movement clause, their respective contracts could hamper efforts to swing a deal with another club. The Ducks could be forced to pick up part of the salary-cap hit. 


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman’s appearance Monday on the NHL Network discussing the future of KHL winger Ilya Kovalchuk’s intention to return to the NHL this summer via free agency. he said the feeling around the league is Kovalchuk wants to join the New York Rangers and the club does have some interest. He noted Kovalchuk can talk to teams but he can’t officially sign a contract until July 1. 

NEW YORK POST: On Sunday, Larry Brooks said the Rangers need Kovalchuk more than he needs them. “And certainly neither side can commit to the other until the Blueshirts have a coach in place.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers are rebuilding with youth but they also want to add an experienced veteran or two to help them remain competitive and take some pressure off their developing youngsters. There were recent reports out of Russia speculating Kovalchuk could get a three-year deal from the Rangers but I doubt they’ll commit to more than a two-year deal. While there’s no guarantee the Rangers will sign Kovalchuk, expect the two to be linked in free-agent speculation leading up to July 1. 



  1. So Lyle … what’s the word around LA? They had players who had career years (Kopitar, Brown, Doughty, Quick) yet they struggled to make the the playoffs which showed with a lack luster playoff performance (their “playoff” was making the playoffs?). Signing Doughty is key. But what about any shake ups?

    • Nothing of note yet but I daresay we’ll hear more speculation in the coming days.

      • Lyle its clear besides a right shot D-man Kings will actually play for 3/3 split… They need a LW who can score since Brown is awful trying to plug him in there on 1st PP unit missing shot after shot at open nets or the net itself in his case :). Reider was a horrible trade, his poor play led to a backbreaking VEgas goal too… PEarson is more a setup guy, Iaffallo maybe he can score 10 goals eventually but don’t see him a 20-30 goal guy anytime soon… Clifford hehe, looks like they gave up on Mersh(sp), Brodzinski, Kempe played well at LW in limited time on 1st line but they seem to want to make him a center.

    • one of the issues was also Toffoli and Pearsen flat lining instead of trending upwards. iaffalo was playing first line and there is a steep drop off in their bottom 6. They need to sign some significant FAs or trade one of their D-men for a few pieces.

      • Taz they kept breaking up Pearson/Toffoli who have chemistry together… They barely had that 70’s line together w/ Carter… Kempe got that hat trick playing w/ them after he got hurt if not the same game… Otherwise it wasn’t much, Kings need a 1st line LW and RW… Brown can’t score 35-40+ goals he should be traded while has any value now… Carter could move up to the 1st line to play RW… Yet need a LW since Iafallo is more a 3rd liner, PEarson is good to keep w/ Toffoli thouhg putting them on the Kopitar line much be a bit much. Reider or so is a bust, flash in the pan no clue how to play in his own zone leading to VEgas easy goal… Until they get 3 right shot D-men they willing to play while ditching Forbort… I don’t see Kings doing anything, nice McNabb who they let go over forbort had the sweeping GWG :).

    • After how crappy Vegas made LA look in their playoff games, LA needs to make major changes.

      • LA is too slow for the modern NHL. They play well against bigger teams but can’t catch smaller teams. The Penguins 2016 cup run changed the NHL landscape enough to make a tram built like the Kings obsolete. San Jose, Vegas, Nashville, Winnipeg all got with the program and the rest didn’t yet.

  2. Kovulchuk should not be a priority. Rangers will be using all their new found assets to make other moves. I’m curious to see what happens with AV. Rumors have him being linked to Flames… Rangers and Flamrs could be dance partners

  3. A Ducks rebuild is over due. They are too slow for the current NHL They should consider moving anyone not named Lindholm, Manson, Montour, Larson, Fowler, Rackel, Ritchie, or Gibson. Also prospects such as Jones, Steel, Erikson Ek, and Blandisi. There is a market for a lot of the rest of the roster and they could get prospects and picks for them. Getzlaf to New Jersey? Perry to Dallas? Henrique to Montreal? I think Carlyle is fired if they are swept and then a busy duck summer.

  4. Ducks have confused “being immensely talented and playing dirty when they’re losing” with leadership.

    Getzlaf, Perry & Kesler are/were phenomenal talents, but their undisciplined penalties, frequent spears & dirty play are nothing I’d model my young players after. That’s not the same as “playing hard”, IMO.

    Assuming they only last another game or two this year, if they’re open to trades, I’d definitely try and trade at least two out of three if I’m the Ducks.

    They’ve made it past the second round twice in 12 years. While that’s better than many teams, I’d argue that it’s not enough for the talent they have/had.

    • tbh, there isn’t much scoring talent in Anaheim at all. Getzlaf, Rakell and Perry are the only point generators – too small a group.

      Their wing depth is terrible

    • Tralse

  5. Just a thought here if the ducks could unload Corey perry.Would Edmonton be a good fit if the money could work.And if the rangers sign kovolchuk does Nash go back as free agent or stay in Boston