NHL Rumor Mill – April 26, 2018

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Latest on the Leafs, Canucks and Devils in your NHL rumor mill.

Has James van Riemsdyk played his final game with the Toronto Maple Leafs? (Photo via NHL Images)


ESPN.COM: Making the right call on James van Riemsdyk, improving the defense and finding their next general manager are Greg Wyshynski’s offseason keys for the Toronto Maple Leafs. While the Leafs are a better team in the short term with van Riemsdyk, re-signing the pending unrestricted free agent could be expensive, especially when they have massive new contracts on the horizon for young stars Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and William Nylander.

Wyshynski believes the Leafs must add some quality depth to the blueline, suggesting they are “about two defensemen away”. He also noted the rumors suggesting Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello could move up in the organization. That could mean someone else will be responsible for addressing their offseason needs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll likely see plenty of speculation in the coming days over what the Leafs might do or should do in the offseason. For what it’s worth, I believe addressing their blueline depth is their priority. They gave up too many shots-against this season, had a lousy penalty kill and relied too much on goaltender Frederik Andersen to bail them out. Maybe they’ll pursue big fish such as Los Angeles’s Drew Doughty, Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson or Washington’s John Carlson. Perhaps they’ll look at more affordable blueline options.

As for van Riemsdyk, I think they already made their decision about his future when they signed Patrick Marleau last summer to a three-year deal. Signing him will complicate efforts to bolster the defense and re-sign Matthews, Marner and Nylander. As for the GM’s job, Wyshynski suggests it could come down to Mark Hunter or Kyle Dubas. 


THE ATHLETIC: JD Burke suggests the Vancouver Canucks should leverage their short-term salary-cap space for long-term gains by pursuing “slightly overpaid players on teams that can’t afford that inefficiency” who can provide a positive impact as soon as next season. His options include Chicago Blackhawks left wing Brandon Saad, San Jose Sharks winger Mikkel Boedker and Dallas Stars center Martin Hanzal.

THE PROVINCE: Jason Botchford believes the Canucks should dangle some veterans in hopes of stockpiling mid- to late-round draft picks. He proposed shopping defensemen Chris Tanev and Ben Hutton and winger Sven Baertschi. Meanwhile, Botchford’s colleague Ben Kuzma suggests Boston Bruins center Riley Nash could be a good, affordable addition to the Canucks if he becomes a free agent this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of those players suggested by Burke, Saad would have the most value to the Canucks. Boedker’s been inconsistent throughout  his career while Hanzal’s bad back could limit his effectiveness.

Tanev, Hutton and Baertschi have been frequently mentioned as possible trade candidates this summer. One of them could be moved for a couple of mid-level draft picks. As for Nash, he might be a good addition but it remains to be seen if Canucks management feel the same way. 


NORTHJERSEY.COM: Abbey Mastracco reports New Jersey Devils general manager Ray Shero acknowledged his club’s need for secondary scoring during his press conference yesterday. He’s also happy with what he considers two No.1 goaltenders in Corey Schneider and Keith Kinkaid.

If Shero decides to add a defenseman, Mastracco said “the challenge is balancing the young players and their need for consistent playing time with the more established players.” He’s also been given permission by the Devils’ ownership to spend up to the salary-cap ceiling but cautions against using up too much cap space in free agency. 

NJ.COM: Chris Ryan reports pending unrestricted free agents Patrick Maroon and John Moore hope to re-sign with the Devils this summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Devils have over $55 million invested in 17 players. Shero has plenty of room to work with next season. He can bring back Maroon and Moore on affordable short-term deals, re-sign restricted free agents Miles Wood, Stefan Noesen and Blake Coleman to cost-effective contracts and still have enough space to sign a quality free agent.

Shero has also shown a willingness to make player-for-player swaps (Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson, Sami Vatanen for Adam Henrique). I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of him being active in this summer’s trade market. 



  1. I don’t want anyone telling me that plus minus is irrelevant.All you have to read in the stat line is Jake Gardner -5, and that tells you everything you need to know.

    He does create an interesting contract decision. Do they re-up Gardner on July 1. Or go a different direction and trade him or risk losing him as a UFA.

    • Boy oh boy was he ever brutal last night! If he couldn’t get motivated in the Leafs most important game then I would say for the Leafs to go in a different direction. He was directly responsible for 3 of those goals IMHO. Hopefully Leafs management can sort it out.

  2. Congrats to the “B”s

    Boston had more big game players and players that play a complete game right down the physicality …all the news media and NHL insiders all talk about the “NEW” NHL ..its speed finesse and skill….WELL that’s all fine and dandy …in the regular season!

    In the NHL playoffs the regular season is scrapped and its time to play BIG BOY hockey and if you don not finish checks, hit players coming through the center of the ice or in the corners or PUNISH the opposition for making plays when they have no business have that space and time …you will LOOSE a series every time !

    The Leafs had no size on the wings the duo of Gardiner and Zaitsev has an absolute embarrassment ALL SEASON long…and that liability duo has never shown up in big all season long.

    LOU ..has made a few errors this season …he gave up WAY TOO MUCH for Plekanecs the very style D man the Leafs are in need of was a player like Valiev ..a hard nose D man who HITS and does not let others take advantage …regardless of a few fleeting moments in time Plekanecs SUCKED and never fit in.

    Lou never addressed his D all year long …Dermott is a golden boy yes for sure BUT they have only one older man that plays a physical game and that’s Polak ..after that NOTHING !

    You can not alllow players to swing wide on the wings and rush the net at the dot…that player needs to be on his ASS every time …not a poke of a stick.

    Nylander pulls up every time there is a puck battle in the corner and NEVER made a hit on any play to wear down an opponent.

    This needs to be addressed BIG TIME!

    Leafs need some skilled size on the second and third lines who play a complete mans game…How the leafs gave Connor Brown only 2 . million for a career year of 20 plus goals and Zaitsev $4.5 million for a minus 22 in a year is BEYOND ME!!!
    HE SUCKS!!!!

    My main take away for 2018 ..

    Let go of or Trade :


    If I was the Leafs id be calling Chiarelli in Edmonton and make a deal for Darnell Nurse for Nylander right away !

    MCDavid needs a winger and we need a young hard nose D man that hits and can make plays !

    Start there Lou …at your earliest !

    Cheers guys have a good one !!

    • Why does mcdavid need a winger ? He led the league in points with a mix match , looked great with nuge and great spot for a cheap contract alongside them . Leon needs a winger . Nurse is going nowhere . Not for any package of nylander and spare parts you throw together that’s for sure . The leafs need to trade Gardiner . He has value and potential if played with the right defensive minded partner , the leafs don’t have this guy in the system or on the roster . They don’t need Gardiners offence from the back , they need a minute munching d specialist , but many other teams could use that talent . Trade him before the season or it will be like jvr / bozak situations . Not going to trade him in season or at deadline when in a run of any kind for a spot or position . Have to maximize what they can get for him as I doubt he is part of the future

    • Zaitsev is and has been a disaster since the beginning of last year . That will continue for another couple years before the buyout .

      • Zaitsev has 142 NHL regular season games of NHL experience. The fact he’s 26 isn’t relevant in the time he needs to learn to play the NHL game. It may speed it up nominally but it’s still in or around 400 games.

        Gardner will be retained until confronted with no choice. Losing Gardner isn’t making Toronto better. Gardner has warts but he has a ton of positives & he’s just in his prime for Dman.

        The problem isn’t Gardner, Zaitsev & Rielly. These are mainly just kids with Gardner being the old man of the group at 27.

        de Haan is my favourite UFA Dman as he won’t cost 7+ mil to sign like a Carlson, he is a leftie though but I don’t put as much stock as most into a Dman playing his off side if necessary. His skill set, age, development would serve almost any teams needs at D exceptionally well, Tor being 1 of many.

      • Are the leafs going to pay Gardiner next summer ? They will not have a choice when he’s ufa , extending him this summer seems unlikely .. so by your calculations he needs another 4 years to fully develop . The age does matter , young guys are learning the game and getting better . Zaitsev will be 30 when he reaches 400 and regressed on a bad 1st season . He’s learning the nhl style but isn’t but getting any bigger stronger . Playing minutes and getting exposed time and time again does Not = value

      • Striker, I don’t know were you get this threshold of 400 games, by that time your career is half over at 4.88 season in.
        That’s a lot of time for on the job training Hockey is a game of repetition, I could see a younger player taking time to adjust; however a more season player should adjust quicker. Sport is no different then real life work experience everybody learns and adjust at their own pace , some just quicker then other and some never at all.

      • Hey striker! Whose that favorite ufa dman again? I forgot

      • Striker, I too totally disageee with your 400 game theory. I don’t know how old you are or if you have kids, but I have 2 boys. One is 26 and he’s a man! My 21 year old is still developing. I get there’s an adjustment to the level of play, but at 26 you have the benefit of being totally developed physically. For a D man, probably more important… part of the adjustment is the wear n tear of a long, grueling season.

    • I felt Zaitsev was over worked for months due to his partner. He is a smart player and a solid 2nd pairing IMHO.
      Leafs regardless need a stud back there to calm things down. Everyone minus Matthews and Marner should be available to make it happen-If you can keep one of Nylander/Kapanen that would be ideal-send the other in a package for a D…we all know this

      • Zaitsev was overworked due to his partner ???? Lol are you serious ? Maybe gardiners shoulders were a little sore in 7 from carrying zaitsev for 2 seasons now , not with great success but in no way shape or form was it zaitsev carrying that duo . He is at best a 4 d man IF he had a real solid d partner , and even then we haven’t seen if he can be successful. He has made every parTner he has played with for two years worse by any measurable statistic , and by eye . If keeping Gardiner and trading zaitsev was an option I would go that route but what would the return be ? A bag of pucks ?

      • Craig you may wish to go run through some statistical data & get a better handle on the minutes #4 Dman are playing on most NHL teams. Reilly, Zaitsev & Gardner are being overexposed & have been since entering the NHL in Tor. It has been baptism by fire as Tor has had no depth to shelter these kids.

        The Hainsey signing bought some time for others to develop but no harder position to fill.

        Zaitsev missed 22 games this season & that had Gardner carrying kids. Gardner is very important to Tor’s transitional game. His 52 points, tieing him with Reilly for 15th in the NHL are a serious reason that the forwards you love can be who they are. Gardner’s job is to help drive offence, especially in transition join the rush to help create offensive pressure. He is asked to do so but try to be semi-responsible defensively. He finished the season + 9.

        His -5 last night isn’t reflective of his play. Debrusk’s goal is on Andersen, Gardner is all over Debrusk. On 2 of the other goals, the coverage by the forwards broke down. I’d suggest you go back & watch the lowlights again. Like Cherry said the other night regarding Subban’s slagging by most, it wasn’t his choice to pinch coming around the faceoff circle that was the problem it was the winger who’s job it was to fall back that collapsed as well that lead to Colorado’s breakaway goal.

        If you feel it necessary to blame someone for Tor taking an exceptionally good team to 7 games, look to Matthew’s he was invisible in this series & Andersen played a terrible period of hockey in the 3rd period of game 7 costing Tor that game but he did get them there stealing games 5 & 6.

        Matthews had 1 goal, 2 points & was -4. If your best player can’t score come playoff time that’s a serious problem. Everyone else, for the most part, did their jobs. Matthews? All part of learning to be a winner. I think He’ll be fine, ha-ha, but he won’t be feeling very good about his contribution at the moment as he was virtually non-existent.

      • Like I said striker , being force fed minutes and being exposed time and time again does not equal value . For all 3 , and the group , Freddy masked major issues . I’m not looking to blame anyone for the loss , it should have been expected , same d group as last year , was a weakness then , will continue . My question was do the leafs extend him this summer ? Seems unlikely to me , after that it will become gardiners choice . If the leafs do try to re sign him , what’s that number after zaitsev got 7 at his hit ? Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to trade him to a team looking for that skill set and spend the money /assets on a d man who can defend .

      • Zaitsev is just a plain disaster . And even if he develops by that 400 game mark , that will be another 4 years of incompetence . He clearly didn’t drive any offence this year , is a terrible defender and plays extremely small . His body is done developing and growing and because he is force fed minutes, that does not equal value . He may play top 4 minutes due to a lack of option , he isn’t a legitimate top 4 d man today or anytime soon .

      • Striker, put down the stat column, Gardiner had a terrible game. Maybe try watching the game. He was caught out of position on Debrusk, yes Anderson should’ve have had it, but Gardiner should’ve never let him get to the inside. Simple fact is he was on the ice for 5 goals against. His game wasn’t good enough, neither was Anderson or Rask. Gardiner doesn’t know when to pinch and when not to. Hopefully for Toronto he’ll be better next season.

      • Also I think that exceptionally good team gets bounced by a more balanced Tampa bay team in 5 , they won’t give up the zone entries and quality chances like Toronto does consistently

      • And did you watch the game it just highlights ? He turned the puck over almost every time he touched it , like caper said made the wrong turn on debrusk and was just bad . Yes he wasn’t alone but he was bad .

      • Striker, I don’t usually go against you much but you are completely wrong here. Gardiner was terrible last night; he was not all over deBrusk on that goal, he hit him after the uck was shot. He took a terrible route for coverage. The second goal was him turning the puck over TWICE in his own end. If you look at the 6th goal, he is out of position and in a scramble get back he bumps Freddy and his skate catches the pad pulling Andersen out of position and leaving the open cage for Pasternak.
        Freddy wasn’t great but Gardiner was plain awful, that -5 is completely reflective of his game and it could have been more if Freddy hadn’t made some great saves. He was a turn over machine last night.
        The only thing I can say is that he was trying, but had mental breakdowns literally every few minutes; this is more than I can say for Nylander, Bozak, Zaitsev and JvR who were all absolutely terrible and didn’t look like they wanted any part of the 7th game grind

    • i agree with your list & I would add Hainsey to the list, he is too slow.
      I would build the D around Reilly & Dermott. They need to get bigger on D & no more of the one dimensional players [Zeitsev, Gardiner]. One player that comes to mind is Manson, ANA, he can hit, he can defend & is a solid 2 way D man. They need more players like this.
      Also very happy that Marner showed up this playoffs, & on the flipside very concerned about Matthews, who was bordering on being invisible the entire playoffs, very sub par.

      • Striker, I fully agree with all the comments you made. Gardiner did not play his best by far, but he wasn’t the reason we lost the series and yes if Anderson makes three average level saves, we win that game. Goals 2, 4, 5 were average stops at best. I don’t blame Anderson as stuff happens. Matthews was the biggest disappointment, but I don’t blame him for the series loss.

        I blame the Bruins for the series loss as they were clearly the better team. Plain and simple.

    • Striker on April 26, 2018 at 11:08 am
      Boston had 221 hits, Tor 216. Good for 3rd & 4th in the 1st round.

      Boston showed a ton of speed.

      Toronto is a great developing team. Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Johansson, Kapanen & most of their D have years of growth & will keep getting better.

      Buying a quality Dman isn’t an easy proposition. Just ask Edm; Larsson, Cal not once but twice; Hamilton & Hamonic.

      Toronto took Bos to 7 games, that was a great accomplishment & this series was a coin toss for me. Andersen broke down at just the wrong time unfortunate but Tor has a very bright future.

      As I always say no shame in losing in the 1st Round. Boston finished 4th overall in the NHL 2 points out of 2nd & that was after treading water for the 1st 2 months of the season due to injuries.

      Toronto played great. I didn’t have this series going to 7. I had Boston in 5.

    • Edm isn’t giving up Nurse for Nylander at least not in a 1 for 1 deal & I would be shocked to see Edm move nurse even with a need to find a winger capable of playing with McDavid. That winger will come from within most likely if not it won’t be moving out 1 of their best young developing Dman.

      • Again , why does mcdavid need a winger ? Finding a winger for Leon is much more important

      • Edm will find both. Edm appears to have already found a winger for McDavid his name is Ryan Nugent Hopkins. Yamamoto or Puljujarvi will be Draisaitl’s winger eventually. Most coaches run pairs now not a solid locked in 3 players on 1 line. Most teams have a revolving door at 1 of the winger spots with a few exceptions.

        As always, Edm wasn’t as good as they showed in 2016-17 nor as bad as they showed in 2017-18. That breakthrough in 2016-17 lead to false hope, this team wasn’t that good, like Ottawa that season everything went right. Last season just the opposite. They are back on a more standard development model & they could bounce back significantly next season.

        I think you or I could play with McDavid for all the difference it would make. If he gets a chance to build chemistry with someone he will get even better than he is already. Edm will be fine.

        Parity has never been stronger, the quality of players being developed & coming is amazing allowing teams the ability to transition from bad to really good far quicker than in previous decades & it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

      • I agree , nuge should be on the wing next year . With mcdavid and whoever wins the battle in camp for that spot with them . Leon needs an established winger heading in to next year and if the young guys work there way in the lineup end up , that’s great but have to bring in 1 guy, winger with Leon in mind .

      • The main thing is the Oilers are also looking for defence and have nobody in the system to replace Nurse. There is no way the Oilers trade from the top 3 d-men and not have something coming back that can replace them.

      • Striker, by the same token, the Leafs are not offering Nylander 1-1 for Nurse. Not happening IMO – regardless of what people think we need. We drafted Nylander for a reason and he has plenty of time to continue developing. My God some of the other comments – not you Striker on here regarding what 20 year olds put out in their second season. Chill men.

    • Lol nylander for nurse lol.
      Maybe on Xbox.

      Nurse isn’t in conversation espicay for a nylander. There would be multiple bigger pieces to to even strike conversation for Nylander.

      A trade may look like the following:

      Nurse and Lucic

      Nylander lilygren mcdermott and a first in 2018

      Marner lilgren first in 2018

      • Settle down there buddy, no chance the Leafs move Marner for Nurse alone, forget Liljgren and a 1st

      • Top pair defensemen are harder to obtain than scoring forwards.

      • Get yourself some help dude

    • Is this a recording?

    • Kal, I agree with your comment, ultimately the Bruins were the better team and the better team won. Regarding the Plekanec trade, I assume part of the reason we gave up two players and the 2nd was to get rid of two contracts in advance of upcoming moves. There is a Russian defenseman that is slated to sign with the Leafs very soon. I think this and other potential moves were at least some of the reasons we gave what we did for Plekanec. Not sure the habs wanted more than a 2nd but likely would not have gotten that without taking the two other contracts – JMO of course.

  3. A lot of teams need defence and will come at a premium. Toronto does need at least 2 defenders. Morgan Reilly goes down and they are in trouble. Forced to play Gardner way too much and we saw the results last night . There were numerous giveaways on top of his dash 5

  4. Special note :

    My prediction for John Tavares:

    is that he will sign with the Devils …they have the money and the team is on the rise and he stays in the New York area and will Center Taylor Hall….this will allow the Devils to push down Hischier to a second line roll to give him more space and time and less line matching against him so he can produce against 3rd lines on a double shift.

    Time will tell…. but that’s my take.

    • We know the Leafs will trade Nylander, Kadri+ for Drew and sign Tavares

  5. I find it curious that Saad’s name comes up in possible trade rumors after his only down season. Sure, as the saying goes, “If Gretzky can be traded, anyone can be traded” (Ignoring the fact that the then Oilers owner was going bankrupt and was, pretty much, forced into trading Gretzky.), but considering Saad’s career averages and being on a long term, reasonable contract, does it make sense for Chicago to trade him? Doesn’t it make more sense to realize that, basically, everyone on the Hawks had a down season and Saad’s numbers reflect that?

    • I agree fully. Chicago gave up Panarin wanting Saad back on their roster. Saad will bounce back, he also has a top end we haven’t seen yet as prior to last seasons down year he has never seen solid PP time. His shot generation was top 30 for forwards but his shooting %; 7.6%, dropped almost 4% from his career norms dragging his career average to 10.9.

      Those bounces will swing back to career norms next season & I assume Chi will find a RW to play with him & Toews, it was a revolving door all season which isn’t a problem specifically except that most tried there had limited skills.

      25 goals & 55 points next season min baring injury. Back to career norms with solid upside.

      He isn’t being traded. His contract has cost certainty as you state & that has solid value to Chicago.

  6. So Ron Hainsy wasn’t the answer then? I could have told you that, in fact I did. The Leafs rushed the rebuild. They should have sucked for 1 more year. Getting a dman in last years draft like Heiskanan, Makar, Foote, or Branstrom would give them an edge in a year or 2. Yes they got Lijegren but how long till he’s big enough to handle NHL minutes? The Leafs should try and make a deal with the Bruins for a dman, they have more than they need and Toronto has the middle 6 forward depth Boston needs. They should have traded JVR to the Bruins at the TDL for Vakanainan and Lauzon or something along those lines. Then the Bruins would never have needed that Nash bum.

    • Hainsey was very good last night and is easily the best PK D-man we have, not that the bar is high to begin with.

      Gardiner is the whipping boy for sure and well deserved, he was awful.

      Some other guys who were downright terrible last night

      I’d be happy with them moving all of them out. Especially Nylander, trade him while he has some value, what an embarrassment last night, played with no heart or courage.

      Shout out to the classy bruins fans here who aren’t rubbing it in.

    • They haven’t rushed anything. They brought in some vets to buy time for developing assets. This is right on schedule. Next years team will be even better than this years.

      Shanahan has now been in place since April 11th, 2014. That’s 4 years, things are right on schedule.

      You make it sound like going out & buying the asset Tor needs is easy. It’s not it’s incredibly expensive both in trade & in the UFA market. Tor has been developing those assets internally as-as yet haven’t found the right trade acceptable to them. Do you want them moving a Hall type player for Larsson?

      People slag Chiarelli for this trade but that was the cost. He exhausted all other options & did what he had to do to get a solid young cost assured defensive Dman. As I said at the point of trade just player for player Edm lost this trade but it was a trade that needed to happen to make Edm better long term.

      Hamonic just cost Cal a 1st & 2 2nds, Hamilton the same. Vatanen moved for Henrique a very good quality 2 way C or LW who can play solid PP minutes.

      The only way Tor is getting the Dman they want is at the expense of 1 of their best forwards & if Nylander that isn’t getting it done 1 for 1 unless it’s a young developing Dman who hasn’t yet really shown what he will truly be. A player in a similar development curve & NHL experience to Nylander himself.

      This isn’t as easy as just picking up the phone & presto, solved. If it were we wouldn’t have so many teams in need of solid Dman. Most have to patch together what the can.

  7. As a montreal fan , i believe mtl has to give an offer sheet to N. Hanifin. I believe 55M for 8 years would do it. 6,875M per year.
    It will be very hard to carolina to match it

    • With any luck the other managers will “offer sheet” Carolina right out of the League!

      • Give it a rest Steven.

    • So you think Montreal should give is up its 1st, 2nd and 3rd round 2019 picks and their 2020 first round pick for Hannifin? And thats based on $6,875,000 for 7 years the max term they could offer. Carolina could match the offer but Im not sure they would want to.

  8. TSN is reporting that Shero has been given the green light to spend to the cap. This could make the Tavares saga more interesting as a switch from the Islanders to the Devils would not mean a huge move for Tavares. Adding him up front with the season Hall just had and making the playoffs certainly makes them a team to watch out for.

    • and if NJ could also sign John Carlson, they would definitely have a great offseason

  9. Gardner is a terrible defensemen wow! Golden boy Matthews the guy that Eichel couldn’t hold his jock was a no show. Nylander is soft as mink fur just like his Brother Alexander. JVR wants a big raise and long term deal lol, gone! Nylander make him go through Navy Seal training to find him some balls.

    • How many playoff points does Eichel have again? Mr. 10 million no show to the playoffs whiny little girl Eichel?

      I take Mathews every time over that whiny little girl!

      • Boo hoo, I hate losing… the new sabres slogan!

        That piece of hot garbage is. Loser by NHL standards, and life standards! Congrats on him and O’Reilly! Classic leaders!

  10. I don’t get why everyone always looks to want to lay blame for losing. Few picked Toronto to beat Bos, I had it as a coin toss & wasn’t even remotely comfortable with my selection. That said I took Boston in my bracket pool in 5, those 2 extra games will weigh huge in a negative way in my chances of winning that odd playoff pool. I also drafted rosters loaded with Bruins as I have it as a Bos@Win final.

    I went 7-1 in the 1st round. I had Columbus to beat Was. That was my upset game. This is the 1st year in a very long time where we didn’t have a 1st round upset.

    There is no shame in losing always. Tor played great. Matthews has 2 years of NHL experience he will get better & he’s already 1 of the best players in the world. Yes, Gardner, has warts all do but he is a solid NHL Dman that any team would love to have so if you want him moved dozens will line up to take him happily, warts & all as his positives far outweigh his negatives.

    Be happy Tor made the playoffs as it’s getting harder & harder to do so & advancing playing the best of the best harder still.

    • Ya, plenty of shade going to specific Leaf players on here.
      With you Striker, I thought the Leafs would give my B’s all they could handle, and they did. Had a lead going into the 3rd period of game 7. Was a great series. Leafs will be fine and they will add depth to there D, if it was me I take a chance on a developing young guy that is under the radar a little bit and not overpay, find another vet on a short deal. Buy time and keep drafting them.
      If they do move a young offensive guy for D, I move Nylander.
      Rask needs to calm his game down a little bit, and I thought the takes on his over aggressive moves were spot on last night by Simpson. If he doesn’t TB takes them out. They sure miss Carlo back there.

      • yeah its always about how bad the Leafs were- give the Bruins credit.. Bergeron Marchand and Pastrnak might be the best line in hockey. They are big experienced team they have some young kids like Debrusk and Heinen – but they are sprinkled into the existing team..solid D .. full marks. People really expected Matthews to dominate at 19? seeing Bergeron and Krejci every shift- lol..

  11. Come on- Leafs management knew they wouldn’t go deep was about experience- year one- they were dead last, year 2 made the playoffs and year 3 best regular season ever… big steps. They are not trading Nylander lol or would have already done so. Gardiner was bad – but once again miscast – they will add a couple D this year now that they have some short term flexibility This was a good experienced Bruins team geez- go easy on these guys..playing against a perennial Selke winner in Bergeron isn’t an easy task for anyone especially a 19 year old. This guy is the best defensive forward in the world!

    Hyman Matthews Nylander .
    Kadri Marner – Marleau –
    Brown Kapanen
    Jonsson Gauthier Martin /Leivo

    My guess is they will use Connor Brown / Bracco to upgrade D..via trade and add target UFA like DeHaan

  12. What does Botchford mean by mid-level picks? To me that means like 3rd & 4th’s? None of those players is being moved for that. Or does this mean mid 1st to mid 2nd round picks? I’m not necessarily moving any of these players for that. Certainly not Tanev or the young Hutton who just turned 25 having played 207 NHL regular season games on 1 of the worst teams in the NHL for all 3 of his seasons in the NHL.

    We have no idea what Hutton will be as he approaches full development still almost 200 games or more than 2 full seasons out.

    • If I am the Canucks and all i am being offered for Tanev is two middle round picks, then I say no and hang up the phone. I get that Tanev is not seen as a hot commodity in fandom around the league. But he is a foundational player for Vancouver, and will not be traded for anything less than his value to Vancouver which is pretty high. Suspect that if Toronto had paid that ‘sky-high’ price rumoured to have been asked for, they would now be preparing for TB in the second round.

  13. Nylander isn’t going anywhere, and neither is Matthews, Marner, Hyman, Brown, Kadri, Dermott and Reilly.

    Gardiner had a bad game but has been an important pick moving d man all season. I’d hate to have them sacrifice him in a trade to bolster their blue line. There are other assets to trade and avenues to get better players.

    Unless they are doing a sign and trade to get something for their UFAs the only one I see possibly returning is Polak unless Komarov will play for under 2 mil.

    Lots of passengers in the Boston series. Leaf management should recognize who were protecting their fingernails and get rid of them,

  14. This was not gardniers fault bad game yes for sure but where was any support from teammates. Didn’t see much help backchecking in the third.I’m a bruins fan and let’s be honest if Anderson does not make some of those outstanding saves he did this series is over sooner.Also he should have stopped debrusk game winner.And not shots in Third period for almost 9 minutes the leafs need work still.