Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 1, 2018

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Latest on Evander Kane, John Carlson and the Sedins in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

Will the San Jose Sharks re-sign left wing Evander Kane? (Photo via NHL Images)


THE ATHLETIC: On Friday, Kevin Kurz dipped into his mailbag to answer some questions from San Jose Sharks fans. To his knowledge the Sharks haven’t engaged in contract talks with pending free agent left wing Evander Kane. All indications are both sides will wait until after the season. Kurz guesses Kane’s next deal could be between six-seven years at probably around $7 million annually. Given how well Kane’s played since joining the Sharks, Kurz thinks they’ll find a way to get something done.

As for contract buyouts, Kurz speculates defenseman Paul Martin could be the only candidate. He has a year remaining on his contract with a $4.85-million cap hit. A buyout would save the Sharks over $2.8 million in salary-cap space, which could be put toward a major salary addition this summer. The improved play of winger Mikkel Boedker likely means he won’t be a buyout candidate.

Kurz doesn’t rule out the possibility of veteran forward Eric Fehr re-signing an affordable deal with the Sharks if he plays well upon returning from a lower-body injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane’s been a terrific addition for the Sharks thus far. If he plays well for them in the postseason, they’ll make a significant effort to re-sign him, provided his asking price isn’t ridiculous. I concur with Kurz that he’ll likely get around $7 million annually on a long-term deal.  As per Cap Friendly, the Sharks have over $60.4 million committed to 20 players. Buying out Martin reduces it to nearly $57 million. That’s plenty of room for a lucrative deal for Kane or perhaps someone else (John Tavares?) via free agency. 


THE ATHLETIC: In his recent mailbag segment, James Mirtle was asked about the possibility of the Toronto Maple Leafs perhaps pursuing Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson via free agency this summer. While the Capitals are expected to try and re-sign Carlson, he feels the Leafs could be at the front of the line if he opts to go through the free-agent interview period leading up to July 1. Mirtle feels signing Carlson would be costly, perhaps at minimum $7-million annually, but he would address the Leafs’ pressing need for a top right-handed defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Assuming Carlson become a UFA, he would be a more affordable option for the Leafs than chasing Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson via trade this summer or free agency next year, or trying to sign Drew Doughty if he decides to part ways with the Los Angeles Kings next summer as a free agent. That’s also assuming Leafs management doesn’t get stupid by engaging in a needless pursuit of New York Islanders center John Tavares if he opts for free agency in July. 


THE PROVINCE: On Friday, Jason Botchford reported long-time Vancouver Canucks stars Daniel and Henrik Sedin expect to let everyone know what their future plans are within the next couple of weeks. They’re expected to meet with management to determine their roles if they decide to return for another season. The 37-year-old twins are eligible for unrestricted free agent status on July 1. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The sooner the better for Canucks management, as Cap Friendly indicates they have over $54.5 million invested in 20 players for 2018-19. If the Sedins are comfortable with second- or third-line minutes and willing to accept reduced salaries, they’ll be re-signed for one more season. If they opt for retirement or to play elsewhere, it’ll leave the Canucks with considerable cap space to re-sign key players and perhaps make significant additions via trade or free agency.



  1. Daniel and Henrik may be coming to the end of the line but I dont see how the Canucks will replace their 100 points and locker room value without grossly overpaying a FA. Vancouver doesnt have a great history of good signings under the Benning regime (Eriksson, 4 more years at 6 million, Sutter 4.3 million, Micheal Del Saster). Id try to resign the Sedins for one more year between 3 to 4 million each. Their production has been pretty decent this season even with reduced minutes.

    • I think Sedins ride out into the sunset. When there are vets from other teams lined up outside Canucks dressing room, its a good indicator they have made their minds up.

      I think Canucks are willing to roll the dice and take their chances on starting life without Sedins. They’re in 27th place WITH them. How bad are they without them?

      The past 5 games, Canucks current youth are taking teams by surprise. Teams still fighting for playoff positions are getting their lunches fed to them. Imagine if super rookie Brock Boeser was 100% healthy?

      Saving $14m on Sedins can go elsewhere.

      • No way they leave without giving there fans a chance to show there appreciation well there playing.

      • Still 2 home games left….

    • I’d happily give them 1 year deals at 5 mil per but bonus laiden so Canucks can defer if inclined. 3.5 in salary, 1.5 in bonus monies for reachable bonuses, 55 games played, 45 points, they make 5.

      Play them as 3rd line players, 2nd when required due to injuries give the 2nd line PP time & let them help mentor the youth coming & buffer minutes.

      Their contributions considering they sit 8th & 10th; really 9th as Dorsett is gone for good, in TOI/GP is solid 3rd line production.

    • Well the Sedins were grossly overpaid at like 7M each… Though Daniel can least score goals so his cap hit is a lot easier to justify than his brother. Maybe they will move to play for Oilers so they can blame Talbot or McDavid for not making playoffs :). I think CAnucks can get an elite player for 14M that not having them saves them. At very least they could sign a guy like Kane for 7M who is more in his prime w/ years ahead. They didn’t get as much for Vanek as they hoped… Gagner besides a fantasy game here or there don’t seem like he has panned out as they hoped. I’d save the 14M, try to sign King Karl or Drew Doughty or even a Tavares :).

  2. According to Toronto slurper James Mirtle EVERYONE is lining up to play for Leafs. Leafs are ALWAYS front of the line huh? Tavares, Doughty, Carlson, Stamkos
    Lets wait and see what is left after Matthews, Nylander and Marner cash in

    • Bahahaha…Cryler

      • Only leaf fans don’t realize not a lot of players like playing for mike Babcock!

      • Ahahah…bbb

    • Tyler I guess media is located in Toronto or it was like THN… The last big name I recall them signing who was linked to them was David Clarkson :). I guess Marleau could count though that reminded me of when Guy Lafleaur signed w/ the Rangers old enough to not wear a helmet ;). Toronto more likely to try to sign Jumbo Joe or Ilya since they are closer to 40+ :).

    • I don’t remember reading that. The speculation is simply saying should the Leafs pursue these players. Whether they land them is a different story, the question is should they even try.

  3. Kane would fit in Edmonton not sure how they fit him in. I believe John Tavares stays with Islanders but hey it’s just my gut feeling. Boston has any more injuries it will be Providence in the playoffs looks like Carlo done for year.

    • Kane hates Edmonton.

  4. How can Kane be worth 7 per? If that’s the demand I let him walk no slight to Kane who I have defended endlessly.

    Recent signings. Hornqvist 5 years at 5.3, 6 years at 5, Backlund 6 years at 5.3, Marchesseault 6 years at 5, Atkinson 7 years at 5.875, etc. Kane isn’t worth 1 to 2 mil more than any of those players.

    Even with the cap increasing to 80 to 82 mil teams can’t afford to waste a penny. Kane isn’t worth more than Marchand. Granted Marchand signed with 1 year to UFA status in 2016 but I’m not paying Kane more & if he wants it, see you later, I move on.

    UFA status in your late 20’s is incredibly inflationary but the unfortunate trade-off to get the cap & other concessions the NHL wanted. The smart teams still work there way around it to the best of their ability not signing players coming out of there ELC’s too long-term deals.

    Kane signed a 6-year deal coming out of his ELC making him a UFA turning 27 on August 2nd. terrible asset management. 7 years at 5.5, 6 at 6 or 5 at 6.5, the shorter the term the higher the salary, anything more I walk away.

    • Sorry, this stupid lag problem with this site is a pain you lose typing during the lag. Turris 6 years at 6.

    • I agree Kane isn’t worth 7 a year… Though it is April Fools Day so I guess that story would be fine :). I think his best bet is to sign w/ Sharks for 8 years 48M… Maybe he can get them to give him an average of 6.5M for 52M which wouldn’t be that insane… Lots will depend on how he does in the playoffs if he is a bust or a boom. Maybe he thinks some team will pay him 49M for 7 years if he walks. If he does I don’t think he will complete that contract without getting bought out :).

  5. If Carlsson signs for anything less than 7.5 on a year deal I’ll be shocked & really that’s a discount to stay in Washington. If he goes to market on July 1st & takes the highest offer he easily gets Burns monies which is 8 most likely more as it’s a bidding war in that scenario.

    Buffy got 7.6, Ekblad 7.5, Hedman 7.875; he gave TB a discount. If Doughty & Karlsson are looking to reset the bar for Dman salaries wanting close to McDavid type monies, Carlsson isn’t a 3.5 to 4.5 million dollar discount from them. Not with this supply & demand market for this quality of Dman.

    If he signs for less than 7.5 it is his hand-picked location & he’s happy to leave some money on the table.

    • Sorry should read, if Carlsson signs for less than 7.5 on a 7-year deal

  6. Agreed Kane is not 7m. His baggage even though he may have turned a corner is going to cost him some dough. Marchand money would be max.

  7. A little off topic but can any of the posters here that follow the Sabres comment on Ryan O’Rielly?
    Is he in Buffalos long term plan or would he be a trade chip?

    • Well I remember Crosby going after him showing himself to be a dirty player… I liked Ryan he is a Lady Byng type player so he wont hurt a team taking bad penalties. If I was him I’d want to get traded from Buffalo. Unless they win the draft lottery to draft what would give them another NHL level D-man… I don’t see them doing anything worth a mention… I’m sure they can improve the players around him but don’t think it will matter in the standings. Their division currently has 3 teams who are like 20 points better than rest of the field within it. So they would have to make it as a wild card team. Unless they get an offer they can’t refuse he should be in their plans if he wants to stay :).

  8. As a non-Sabres fan, I still see O’Reilly completing the term of his contract in Buffalo. He can easily remain the number 2 centre until Casey Mittelstadt is ready to assume the role. At that point, O’Reilly would shift to the wing and likely play on his line. When Mittelstadt is ready to earn big bucks, the Sabres can trade O’Reilly in the last two years of his deal to a Pittsburgh team looking for the 6 or 7-peat. (obviously sarcasm).

    • I don’t get the sarcasm…

      • Well Chris its hard to win 6 or 7 in a row when will get bounced in 1st or 2nd round this year for Penguins ;). They don’t match up well against the DEvils… I think they can beat the Flyers since they got the Hydra in goal or King Khidorah from Godzilla the 3 headed dragon who I butchered his name badly :). It helps Penguins that Tampa, Toronto, Boston will knock each other off though ;). Florida isn’t likely to make playoffs since they had to play Boston 3 of those games they had at hand on the other teams while Bruins were still playing for President or 1st in East ;).

      • Now that’s sarcasm I get!

    • I don’t see many sabres games but I know they have Mittlestadt coming and with a premium on centres and O,Reilly has a fantastic face off win percentage I thought there might be some interest from other teams. I know the sabres would be looking for some defensive help.
      Obviously I am looking at it from a flames point of view maybe there could be a fit there ie; a defenceman for O’Rielly

      • Well I’m sure Vegas could have had him for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd rounder they gave for Tatar… Sharks had stuff to deal if wanted to replace Jumbo Joe. I’m thinking maybe he likes it in Buffalo for whatever reason. Since it seems he is producing enough for a team to take a chance on him. Maybe his contract situation involving Colorado soured teams on him as a player. I don’t recall many besides the Kings wanting to pay Dustin Penner 3M aka pancakes after his offer sheet BS :). Does he have a NMC or anything like that in his contract? Maybe he wont play in Canada like many players even if they are born there ;). Buffalo might look at teams like Colorado, Devils, Flyers, thinking they can rebound back into playoffs or be a bubble team sooner rather than later ;).

  9. As per the deadline comments made by BM Botteril, ROR is part of the teams long term plans. Now whether that was an attempt toget someone to massively overpay on a trade, we will never know, but that was the skinny as of a few weeks ago.