Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 15, 2018

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Latest on the Blackhawks plus updates on Max Pacioretty and Chris Tanev in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Mark Potash believes the first priority this summer for Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman should be acquiring a top-four defenseman. ‘‘We’re going to look at all those options, whether it’s a trade or free-agent acquisition or promoting players from Rockford,’’ Bowman said. ‘‘There have been some nice stories [at Rockford].’’

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Steve Rosenbloom acknowledged the Blackhawks’ priority is finding a No.1 defenseman or at least a top-four blueliner. However, he also felt their offseason shopping list should include a sniper for Patrick Kane’s line.

Rosenbloom noted Kane’s production declined this season, his first since the Hawks shipped winger Artemi Panarin last summer to the Columbus Blue Jackets. He suggested Toronto Maple Leafs winger James van Riemsdyk, who tallied 36 goals this season, as one possibility, though the cost of signing van Riemsdyk could prove too expensive. The Blackhawks might have to make a trade to address that need.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As always, the Blackhawks salary-cap space will be a determining factor in how they address their roster needs. Cap Friendly indicates they have over $67 million invested in 16 players. Their notable free agents (Anthony Duclair, Vinnie Hinostroa and Tomas Jurco) should be affordable re-signings. The salary cap is projected to reach around $80 million for next season and they’ll get some additional cap relief when Marian Hossa ($5.275 million cap hit) is placed on long-term injured reserve, but they’ll only get that at the start of the season.

There won’t be a lot of wiggle room this summer to take on additional salary. They could go the trade route to address their roster needs, but it’ll cost them some of their promising young players. Unless they can find a way to free up additional cap room they can’t afford to pursue an expensive potential free agent such as van Riemsdyk. 

Could the Montreal Canadiens ship Max Pacioretty to the Calgary Flames? (Photo via NHL Images)



SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Canadiens’ poor performance this season and Pacioretty only a year away from unrestricted free agent status, there’s plenty of speculation he could be traded this summer. However, almost all of that trade chatter suggests the Canadiens could seek a young scoring center as part of the return for Pacioretty. If the Habs were to pursue a Pacioretty-for-Brodie swap, I daresay they’ll want a promising young center as part of the deal.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Flames explore shopping Brodie for a scoring forward but I don’t see them pursuing a guy who’s a year away from UFA status unless they have some certainty that he’ll re-sign with them this summer. Pacioretty, a left winger, won’t address the Flames’ need for scoring depth at right wing.


THE ATHLETIC: Jason Brough recently speculated over the possibility of the Vancouver Canucks trading a defenseman this summer, perhaps Ben Hutton or Chris Tanev.  “I’ve said it over and over that Tanev would be perfect for Toronto, so I’ll be curious to see how the Maple Leafs fare in the playoffs,” wrote Brough, going to to propose Tanev fill Ron Hainsey’s role on the Leafs blueline. Tanev’s injury history, however, could hurt his trade value. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering how the overworked 37-year-old Hainsey struggled in the Leafs’ first two games against the Boston Bruins in their opening-round series, I daresay their management will make bolstering their blueline a priority this summer. Perhaps Tanev might interest the Leafs, though Brough’s point about his injuries could send them looking elsewhere for help. His eight-team no-trade list could also complicate things. 



  1. Patches in Cal unless someone moves to RW doesn’t make sense to me as if I’m not mistaken Gaudreau & Tkachuk are Calgary’s top 2 LW’s. Calgary needs help at RW.

    • I think Zucharello would be a better option. I’m hoping Trouba becomes available, and Rangers pursue. A top pair right Dman should be priority. Hamilton would be another guy I’d love to see in NY. Packaging Zuc with some of the many assets they have at their disposal should be looked at.

    • Hey striker your absolutely right the flames do not need another L/winger when they have such a glaring hole on R/wing

    • Hoffman is left but can play right. Perhaps one of the 3 you mentioned can do the same.

  2. Hainsey hasn’t looked great but his defensive partner Rielly has looked significantly worse. Tor has needed help at D for years. Hopefully, they find at least a solid top 4 Dman this summer. I think UFA de Haan would be a solid solution even though a leftie.

    • They should of helped the defence @ trade deadline and did not. That’s managements fault not the players. Maybe instead of staying the course when in position then go for it.

      • Nah Toronto did the right thing. Matthews and the like will be served well with this experience and Toronto can work the green market for D or get some more cost effectively over the summer.

        They did the right thing in my mind. I also think they can win a few games this series but a top 4 D likely wouldn’t put them over the top of anything this season.

  3. Chicago can solve one of their needs if they can get in top 3 at draft lottery… and on an elc!!

  4. How about that Leaf defense? The Leafs look scared to get hit, the NHL network gave a dozen examples of Leaf players looking scared avoiding contact, especially a guy like Nylander. Good thing they have Matthews, the greatest player in league.

    • The leafs d haven’t looked good in the first two games and simply look overmatched; However I caution Toronto is a very good team with an impressive home record. I suspect that Rask may have to steal game three as the leafs will come out flying an do some hitting, way too much space and time for Boston top line. Matt Martin will draw into the lineup.

      • Ya, it ain’t over yet, but I sure feel better than I did a few days ago. Losing Kadri really hurts them. He deserved the suspension, and I hated that play. Dangerous.
        But the guy has jam and grit. And can play.
        The Leafs are looking over their shoulder and backing down. Even the big guys like JVR.
        Size and toughness isn’t as valued as it once was as the game has changed, and you have to be able to skate today.
        The game also changes in the playoffs. big time.

    • Greatest player in the league what are you smoking and drinking oh yea Kool Aid.

    • The Leafs have an over abundance of players that are too small & too soft, combined with a D that doesn’t know how to effectively play D.
      And Kadri has been a big disappointment two playoffs in a row, I doubt his presence would have made much of a difference the first two games. I’m giving the Shanaplan an ‘F’ at this point.

    • The leafs are built for the regular season but not for the playoffs. This is very clear watching the first two games of this series. I don,t think they are one or two players away either. The unfortunate reality they may be stuck in the middle of the pack again going forward.

    • Its just youthful inexperience. In the end the leafs will be better for going threw this.

  5. The leads have to do something this off-season. Zaitsev has been terrible and Hainsey has been overused and is worn down. Hainsey at best is a five or 6D man.
    Zaiitsev contract is going to be an albatross. Lou has a history of getting himself into salary cap problems in Jersey. I’m afraid this contract maybe another one of those mistakes.

  6. Rosenbloom is not a hockey sports writer, just a pot stirrer who usually writes sarcastic negative opinions of how each Chicago sports team with no true feel for the sport team he is going after. Everybody posting here has a better feel for the game of hockey than he does. he rarely sees a game in any sport live, and should never be thought of as anything but a journalist trying to play everyman with rage reactions and solutions.

  7. Figureskaters. Afraid to take a hit. Confusion. Fingernails. Eggs in pocket. Being fed humble pie one piece at a time. Fear.

    12 goals against in two games.

    They should have traded Bozak, JVR, and Komarov as they had no intention of resigning any of them.

    One last word to describe this pathetic display of ineptitude……


    • Yeah but they have the greatest coach that has ever stood behind a bench and the Shanaplan. Don’t believe me, just follow the Toronto media and TV broadcasters.

  8. Would Bowman offer Connor Murphy and Anisimov for Patches? That’ll clear cap space and allow CHI to make a pitch for DeHaan for the 4 and give them the sniper they want for Kane’s line.

    MTL gets their center and a defenseman to either keep or move…


    • Wait another 2 weeks to see what draft order looks like. No point in speculating until then. Top 2 picks last year where by teams that moved up in lottery

      • I was thinking that too…..BUT….they can draft a young center in one of the top spots…. or a top 4 D. For now Anisimov & Murphy for Patches clears needed cap space to make adjustments. Who knows how the draft slots will turn out.

        I wonder if my Rangers will be high enough to grab Brady Tkachuk. Put him with Hayes and Vesey. I’ll take that as mone line and slot Kovalchuk with Namestnikov and Buchnevich on the other.

      • If Rangers get in top 3, doubtful they take Tkachuk… if they don’t move u in lottery, they’ll be picking somewhere between 8-11

  9. Not mentioned in today’s rumour section. But there is speculation byPhilly writers that Wayne Simmons will be moved at the draft. He is on the downside looking for a long term contract. With Simmons in play and the Flyers holding 2 mid first-round picks they could be very active. Would not surprise me if they made a play for OEL out of Arizona. That has been rumoured since the beginning of the year.

  10. The leaf s need to play Mathews line against the bergevin line. They are doing all Boston’s scoring.their other three lines are being asked to play defence against the leafs,it is a plus if they score.chara will have to play against Mathews thereby making it a little easier on marner.

  11. Leafs need backend and defence period. More size and grit up front a couple more of Hyman types.

    Interesting to see what the Flames do. They will do something . Maybe a Brodie & Bennett package

    • I am sure Brodie is gone this offseason. I am not convinced they will let Bennet go. He is only 21 years old and I think a different coaching staff will help him. Watching bennet play all year I can honestly say he would be a great playoff player. He can play that hard physical style you need in the playoffs plus he has some skill and speed. For those reasons I don’t think he will be traded.
      In the off chance he does get traded I will guarantee you the acquiring team will win the trade.

      • Brodie had a tough year.
        If take him on my team in a heartbeat.
        Same goes for Bennett.

  12. If I’m a GM I’m knocking on Sweeney’s door there is know way they can keep all their young prospects. Florida took advantage getting Vatrano and others should follow their lead. Boston has their core signed and won’t move any of them so Dons only move is to trade some of their prospects for picks.

  13. No offense, but Connor Murphy and Artem Anisimov for Pacioretty? That would be the end of Bergevin for sure.

    Look at it from the perspective that the team getting the better player wins the trade. Connor Murphy is a no. 4/5 defenceman, and Anisimov is at BEST a second line centre, and only when playing with a star winger. Otherwise he is best suited for the third line.

    How does that possibly solve Montreal’s issues?

    • Murphy is better than Schlemko and Benn. Alows them to try and peddle of Petry. Anisimov has more points than any of their current centers. Right now who is the #1C & #2C for MTL? this gives them options. Anisimov can slot #2C with Galchenyuk as his wing. All about options with cap spa.ce Not saying it is the best thing out there by any means, but a conversation to discuss.

      CHI benefits bc they get a winger to balance the 2nd line and would have to work on a #2C or rework theirD. Again creating options for both teams.

  14. Beatdown on broadstreet. Matt Murray is 9-1 in the playoffs after a loss and anyone who thought he wasn’t going to come back and play a solid game doesn’t know what they are talking about and shouldn’t be a hypocrite when complaining about other fan bases gloating after one game by gloating after one game.

    This post dedicated to George O(the O is for old man). I hope the nursing home you live in is serving something you hate for dinner to make today even more bitter.

    • I’m pretty sure Matt Murray is going to make HOF if he can play long enough… Flyers are a team that don’t even belong here rather it be Florida to least have decent games… All the games have sucked thus far being blow outs basically. Penguins might lost in 2nd round since missing Daley/Ian will take its toll depending… Either way the West is going to win it all :). Matt Murray might not be the best goalie to win a cup but is far from the worst to have 2 or more. He has played amazing at times when needed so not sure why anybody would be down on him… Penguins would not have these 2 recent Cups without him even if Fleury didn’t choke or get hurt. His play was a bigger factor when they faced Sharks since Nashville’s goalie didn’t give them a chance except for maybe 2-3 games at best ;).

    • Bitter sums up that sentiment quite well. And bitter from a fan of a winning team is so… sore winner? I Assure the spector world not all pens fans are such utterly and complete deeeee 💼 ‘s

      • Haha that makes me think of this news cast I saw… Guy was getting interviewed live starts saying its about deese… HE kept saying something like Deez… Reporter was a girl so she finally is like deees what? He is like Deeze Nuts its was so funny, Vegas in 5 looks more likely now… Shame King shad LaDue score last game so they reward him by benching him… While Clifford who blew it last game was in lineup… Least they had that 70’s line back together. Just hope they can win game 4, thought Folin was shakier than LaDue so not sure why put him in over… I can see Fantenberg played well so they wanted to reward him. So mad that game got cut into from the OT… I do think CBJ was off side by way rule is currently written though I’m against off sides or the current rule if nothing else… Least have it if anything is behind the line not some marginal if skate is up/touching ice which it never does unless toe dragging ;). I’d rather Capitals lose, to be fair I do think it was slightly slim off sides way rule is currently in books I seen clear on-side goals reversed that were blatant so :).

  15. Maybe now Babcock will put in Carrick, Martin, Leivo and Moore? It puts a whole different lookin to the game but I suspect he will want to out skate them with the last change? Next year the Leafs need a top four right defense man, hope Liljgren is ready, or move one of the three lefties to the right side? Hainsy should be on the bottom pair alternating with Carrick. Lou cant bring Polak or Komarov back because Babcock will keep playing them. Grundstrom will replace Komo. The Leafs need to stick with the plan.