Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 8, 2018

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Latest on the Senators, Panthers and Rangers in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch examines what is expected to be a busy offseason for the Ottawa Senators. Topping the list, of course, is determining the future of captain Erik Karlsson, who has one year remaining on his contract. The two sides can open contract discussions on July 1 and word is the Karlsson camp could seek an eight-year deal worth between $80 million to $100 million. There was interest in Karlsson from other clubs leading up to the trade deadline and it could persist through the offseason.

The Ottawa Senators will have to determine if center Matt Duchene fits into their long-term plans (Photo via NHL Images.

Like Karlsson, center Matt Duchene is also slated next year to become an unrestricted free agent. The Sens must discuss a contract extension with Duchene, whose decision could be based upon the direction the club intends to take. Restricted free agents Mark Stone and Cody Ceci will have to be re-


A decision will also have to be reached regarding the future of head coach Guy Boucher. The Sens could be reluctant to make another coaching change over cycling through six coaches in 10 years. The Senators must hope struggling goaltenders Craig Anderson and Mike Condon can bounce back.

Garrioch doubts the Senators will attempt to buy out the remaining four years of Bobby Ryan’s contract. He feels there’s a chance Marian Gaborik could be a buyout candidate, as could winger Alex Burrows. 

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa believes Karlsson is destined to leave the Senators, as he doubts the small-market club can afford to invest 20 percent of their cap payroll into one player, no matter how dynamic he may be. With the Sens facing a major rebuild, Shinzawa believes the picks and prospects they could get from a Karlsson trade will help their reconstruction.

Shinzawa suggests the New York Rangers as a suitable trade partner as they have the ability to re-sign Karlsson and depth in futures to part with in a trade. He believes Karlsson could help the Rangers’ rebuild gain traction.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Karlsson and the Senators could surprise us by announcing an agreement on an expensive long-term extension for the superstar. However, I’m in the camp that believes he’s played his final game with the Sens. Given the Rangers’ depth in draft picks this year (10 altogether, including three in the first round, two in the second and two in the third), they could be an enticing trade target. However, they could consider Karlsson too pricey and, at 28, too old to fit into their long-term plans.

Cap Friendly indicates the Vegas Golden Knights have also stockpiled a fair number of picks over the next three drafts. They attempted to acquire Karlsson at the trade deadline and could revisit their interest this summer.

Duchene’s situation could also get interesting. He’s spent most of his career with rebuilding clubs and might lack the patience to stick with the Senators if they go for an all-out rebuild.

As for possible buyouts, I agree they probably won’t attempt to buy out Ryan’s hefty contract. In fact, I expect they’ll try to shop him to a club with extra cap space this summer. If Gaborik hasn’t fully recovered from his recent back surgery before the end of June they won’t be allowed to buy him out. As for Burrows, he’s on a plus-35 contract so they won’t get any cap relief from a buyout. 


NEW YORK POST: In the wake of the New York Rangers firing head coach Alain Vigneault, Larry Brooks looked at several possible replacements. He lists the University of Denver’s Jim Montgomery, Boston University’s David Quinn, Union College’s Rick Bennett, the AHL’s Toronto Marlies’ Sheldon Keefe and former NHL coaches Dan Bylsma, Darryl Sutter, Dave Tippett and Patrick Roy.

Another option could be Bill Peters of the Carolina Hurricanes, who has an out-clause in his contract and could seek other positions. Brooks also includes Columbus Blue Jackets bench boss John Tortorella. “Unlikely to become available, but if somehow he does if Columbus goes down early, Rangers could become interested in reunion.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Rangers insist on a full rebuild putting most of the focus on youth, they could target a coach who works well with developing young players. If not, perhaps bringing in a veteran coach with some championship experience will be an option. 


ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski suggests the Florida Panthers should look into adding a top-six winger this summer. One option via free agency this summer could be New Jersey Devils winger Michael Grabner. He also thinks they must make a decision about physical third-pairing defenseman Alex Petrovic, who’s a restricted free agent this summer. While the Panthers like the intangibles he brings, Wyshynski feels they should look into trading him if their interest is in improving the overall team. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Panthers don’t like what they see in this summer’s crop of free-agent wingers, perhaps they might consider bundling Petrovic with a draft pick or prospect to a team with limited salary-cap space in hopes of landing a winger? Just musing out loud. 



  1. I understand Rangers letting Vigneault go, but I really enjoyed the style of play he brought to NYR. Especially after years of watching Torts ruin skill guys by having them deep in their own end blocking shots. (Gaborik). I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding a job next year… and I’m sure Rangers list of available candidates grows as more teams part ways with coaches. How about Boucher in NY and AV in Ottowa?

    • Also, only way I see Rangers dealing for Karlsson.. they would need to move Shattenkirk in a separate deal. Would be surprising after only one disappointing season, but he does have a limited ntc and a pretty decent contract considering what Karlsson will want. My guess is Rangers stick with the cheaper less talented version of Karlsson who only has 3 years left on his contract.

    • The Rags are best off hiring a successful AHL coach with a track record of developing young players and they should focus all their efforts in that direction. I also think the Islanders would be very interested in Kevin Shattenkirk and have lots of assets to get the job done. The Islanders are going to have to improve on paper in order to convince Tavares they are on the right track. Shattenkirk and a decent goalie would go a little BH way towards that end.

      • When hell freezes over maybe…

    • No thank you.

    • AV had leashes on too many young players-I could see him in Calgary or Washington if they decide to change coaches.

  2. I can see Peters leaving Carolina for the Rangers

    • I’d put money on it.

  3. Torts isn’t going anywhere, this off season. Despite his reputation, he is a successful head coach, is (now) the Jackets’ winningest head coach and has done what no other CBJ head coach could do, get the Jackets to the playoffs in consecutive years. So, he’ll be back, next year, regardless of what happens in the playoffs. (Oh, and I would suggest that his supposed misuse of veterans is actually veterans not buying into his system and Torts asserting his authority as coach. We saw that, this season, in Columbus.)

  4. Perhaps Boudreau gets fires in MINN if they do not go far and AV goes there while Boudreau goes to NYR

    ya never know

    Sutter will not come to NYR bc he likes vets he can rely on.
    Does not fit the NYR personnel, and trading for Karlsson will strip them of their rebuild….. NYR have a plan to retool in the next 2 years and go on another run of contention.

    all IMO

    I’m Ihatecrosby and I approve this message!

    • Good stuff.
      Hey, why exactly do you hate Crosby?
      Just asking for a friend.

      • Because he’s a Rags fan and Crosby has broken every Rags fans heart over and over and over again. I’m Deee and I will accept no other answer to that question.

    • Sutter the former Kings 2 time Stanley Cup winning coach wouldn’t last a day in NY. HE is done as a coach for the most part. Maybe some crappy team from Canada would hire him like Calgary Flames, Oilers, MOntreal, Vancouver, heh basically any team except for Toronto and Jets ;). His style of coaching just don’t work, look how good Dustin Brown did under him :). Drew Doughty couldn’t wait to get rid of them either they clashed hardcore among others ;).

  5. Vegas has a 2nd rounder this summer, gave up their 1st & 3rd, next year they have Clb 2nd; late pick & Nas & Win’s 3rd’s; extremely late picks then in 2020 they have Dal’s & Pit’s 2nd’s.

    Not sure how much value those picks are going to have.

    • Fishsticks anyone? 😊

    • Striker Gusev is probably the only asset they have to bang out a big or decent trade currently. They will lost a lot of players as UFAs without any compensation… The house of cards is doing to fall faster than Spacey’s career at this rate ;). I give them a few years until Fleury is totally washed up to maybe be competitive… Then they will need a new goalie maybe Dansk can put up those numbers for an entire season or its looking bad for them in net :).

  6. If the cap is rising to 80 to 82 million next year is any team facing a cap crunch this summer?

    Sutter, Bylsma & Tippet would be same old, same old in NYR so hopefully, they bring in some fresh blood. Sure happy to see Vigneault sent packing. Great coaching record but never been a fan.

    • The Rangers being in NY its expected they get a name coach… Though I think they might look at the Flyers who hired their head coach from college… Maybe they will hire a college coach since the players are all young who might be signed or lured from college programs to rebuild faster anyways.

  7. Please Rangers, don’t pluck Keefe away from the Marlies. I like him just where he is 🙂

  8. Kreider, Zibanejad, Buchnevich.
    Vesey, Hayes, Spooner; C.
    Namestnikov; C, Chytil, Zuccarello.
    Belesky, Andersson, Fast?
    Spare. ?

    Skjei, Poink.
    Staal, Shattenkirk.
    Gilmour, DeAngelo.
    ?, Kampher.

    Lundqvist, ?.

    This isn’t that bad a team, for me, Vigneault’s personal decisions for the 1st 1/2 of the season, coupled with Gorton not finding a replacement for the loss of Kreider & never addressing the C depth issue cost NYR a playoff spot. Desharnais seeing PP time over Hayes made no sense to me & Vigneault’s refusal to give Skjei PP time was incredibly odd.

    NYR will have 30 mil in cap space if the cap hits 80 mil this summer. Bringing back Grabner makes sense to me he bumps Belesky to the 13th forward slot or back to the AHL. I assume a Dman will be brought in that’s way too much youth to be playing all at 1 time.

    NYR is very well positioned to bid for numerous players. Like always the player decision I’m waiting on is Trouba. Is he willing to sign long-term in Win & are they willing to pay him what it will cost to sign him long term? If Win wants to retain Trouba it’s going to cost 8 mil min for 8 years making him the highest paid player in Win but will that keep him there?

    Once I wrapped my head around NYR pulling the plug on the season I really like what Gorton has done. Going to be interested to see what Gorton does with all that money & picks this summer. This may be 1 of the fastest rebuilds/retoolings we have ever seen.

  9. They then have the task of signing that handsome goal scorer next year! How much will he get?

  10. I wonder if AV will end up as the Seattle coach or some other team prior to that. While I think he should have stayed, that game vs. Flyers was a clear indication he needed to be gone. Islanders blew it when they could have had 7th worst record w/ 74 points winning meaningless games… Though the Flyers were still competing for a playoff spot w/ Florida so it was wrong for Rangers to tank that game 100% disgraceful.

    I saw a cool trivia question for who was active player w/ most goals without a short handed goal :). The answer surprised me since I thought he was on the PK at times.

    Funny how guy whose names sounds like King Karl’s might win Norris in Carlson some kid born in NJ or so :). I think they said he had the most points unless that changed from Saturday or today’s game. There is not a chance in hell Lehtonen is brought back by STars ;). Least if they sign Hutchinson or some others they have an upside… They might as well sign Halak if were thinking of bringing back Lehtonen hehe. Maybe make a move to get Grubaur if not sure of Bishop’s health ;).

    I think McKinnen or so should win the MVP. Hall didn’t play last game for NJ which could have improved their seeding. I think they wanted to lose so they play Tampa or Boston in 1st round though ?). WEight along w/ Snow will be fired next if not soon after this season unless they turn it around :).

  11. My gut says EK is desert bound to the Casino strip…. What puck Ottw gets in lottery could affect an EK trade … get first overall…. keep pick ….. trade away the 28 year old EK for picks & prospects and get the “next EK” who is s 10 years younger

    • That’s pick not puck …. Mr. Freud

    • I’m dyslexic so know all about typing the wrong word etc ;). Most people just look at the first letter/last letter when reading anyways :). I remember when I mentioned King Karl going to Rangers lots of people mocked me or thought it was absurd if they rebuilding etc :). So its funny that people are writing about it. IT would be much easier to trade him if Senators win the lottery for a new “franchise d-man” to replace him somewhat :). I just wish they already had the lottery seeding. Why I want them to pick who will pick where based on finish at the draft or prior for next year instead of the current. That way everybody would know team w/ worst record or who finished 3rd worse or whatever spot gets the 1st overall… That way if two teams have worst record knowing the 2nd worst gets pick they would have motivation to win not tank then lose pick anyways ;).

      Yeah Vegas seems the most logical landing spot for King Karl even to just make the minimal cap w/ players who will go off books :). Fitting Knights will play Kings in 1st round w/ frozen fury or whatever… Kings did a lot to help land a team in Vegas even that outdoor game vs. Rangers decades ago. Once King Karl went home for season it seemed a lock he was getting traded to me. It will probably take SEnators 3-5 years to retool in NEt even under the best circumstances… So don’t see them having a real shot to win anything for least that long to justify bringing back EK at that price tag.

  12. Lots of local chatter. My sense is that E-Mel sells a large stake in the team. The investors want Karl/Duch/Stone resigned and committed to.

    It gets done.
    The fans are appeased.
    Season ticket holders return