Latest Devils and Flyers Speculation – May 3, 2018

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Check out the latest on the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Flyers in your NHL rumor mill.


NJ.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Chris Ryan noted New Jersey Devils general manager Ray Shero has the green light to invest in a contract that makes long- and short-term sense via free agency. He believes Shero will stay away from New York Islanders center John Tavares but Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson or Toronto Maple Leafs winger James van Riemsdyk might make sense on reasonable contracts. More affordable defense options could include Detroit’s Mike Green or Tavares’ teammate Calvin de Haan.

Could the New Jersey Devils target Toronto’s James van Riemsdyk via free agency this summer? (Photo via NHL Images)

Ryan doubts the Devils will pursue free-agent winger Ilya Kovalchuk. He also believes Shero is wiling to make a trade for his club’s long-term benefit, pointing to the Taylor Hall-for- Adam Larsson and Sami Vatanen-for-Adam Henrique deals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, the Devils have just over $55 million invested in 17 players. Patrick Maroon, Drew Stafford and Michael Grabner are their notable unrestricted free agents and might not be back, while restricted free agents Mile Woods, Stefan Noesen and Blake Coleman should be affordable re-signings.

I can see Shero making one notable addition via free agency and perhaps another via trade to bolster his lineup. Despite his cap room I don’t believe he’ll get into the bidding for Tavares if he hits the open market. 


NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: John Boruk speculates Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall could attempt to move up in the first round of the 2018 NHL Draft order. For the first time in 40 years, the Flyers have two picks (14th and 19th overall) in the to-20 of the opening round.

Boruk noted how, at last year’s draft, Hextall “engineered the Brayden Schenn deal with St. Louis, which netted the Flyers a pair of first-round picks — the 27th overall selection in 2017 that was used to select Morgan Frost, who finished second in the OHL with 112 points in 67 games.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hextall could also use one of those first-round selections to perhaps acquire an established player from another club, perhaps one with limited salary-cap space (Chicago Blackhawks? Los Angeles Kings? Minnesota Wild?) looking to get younger and shed a contract. 



  1. There is lots of teams for Philly to target, that need to shed salery.

    Not sure about their salery cap by JVR is a stone throw away from philly.

    The only reason philly should trade one of their picks is for a legit starting goalie!

    • Easy for fans and analysts to say Hextall should trade for a goalie. My question is who’s available and are they any better than Elliot. The answer is probably none.

      He is going to focus on areas he can improve,as in depth scoring and a solid defenceman

      • 2 possibilities that could open up but are in division… gruebuer/Holtby and schneider/Kinkaid. Might be some decent goalies up for trade

      • Anderson might be available out of Ottawa. He’s had a terrible year but was rebounding towards the end. Could possibly had for cheap too.

        He’s much better than Elliot

    • Flyers have 2 of the best goaltender prospects in all of Hockey
      Carter Hart is considered to be the NO.1 Goalie prospect in hockey
      Felix Sandstrom is not far behind
      Problem here, is Hextall’s very slow method of bringing rookies up
      So, they still need stopgap help

      • I do not envy either Hart or Sandstrom-there may not be a harder spot to be in the NHL than as the Flyers goalie.

      • Patience with young players is imperative. You can’t rush teenagers in a mam’s game. Flyers are oing to be fine

    • There are a ton of stop-gap UFA options available. There are numerous I would gladly sign for 2 to 4 years in or around 2.5 to 4.5 to buy time for Hart.

      Trying to gauge Sandstrom is very difficult, he’s barely played his entire career. Injuries have been a problem.

      I target Hutton & Halak. Hutton would come cheaper but Halak has a far better track record. Halak for 4 years at 3.5 to 4.25, he would be a nice stop gap, till 1 of Philly’s kids might be ready to assume a backup role.

      Realistically Hart is 5 years away from being a starter, 4 at a bare minimum. Sandstrom? I have no idea. What I do know is neither Elliott nor Neuvirth are the answer but both are signed through next season. I would bring in another option & wave 1 of the other 2 very early when most teams can’t accommodate the extra player, ideally 2 days before the start of the season. Or trade 1 if able.

      • I should add that if Lehner is available I would look to make that trade especially if Buffalo would take 1 of Elliott or Neuvirth back as part of that deal.

        Elliott & a 2nd for Lehner?

      • You are misinformed about Hart. He is one year away and Hexy actually did not dismiss the possibly that he plays next year.

      • That doesn’t fit his carefully crafted equations that contain absolutely zero bologna

      • Lee

        Name me 1/2 a dozen goalies who started their NHL careers as goalies at 21? Go back as many decades as required you may need 4, 40 years to find 6.

        Could it be Hart?

      • Lehner fits the mold of the goalies the Flyers keep acquiring…

      • You can hope that Hart is ready, but you don’t plan on it…

      • Hart is twenty. So if you project 5 years from now it’s 25. How many goalies were starters before 25? Don’t need 4 40 decades to find those.

      • 5 years?? What are you smoking? Two years tops. 5 years ..hahaha

  2. Why would Devils have interest in Kovulchuk? They had his rights and could’ve signed him last year if they wanted. That’s not news.

    • There will be a lot of interest in Kovalchuk but I cannot imagine it will come from New Jersey.

      • Agreed. A 25 to 30 goal scorer even at 35 who costs nothing more than cash with the cap rising to 80 to 82 mil. There will be at least a dozen teams bidding. My concern is term.

        Ideally I would like to give Kovalchuk the 1 year over 35 bonus-laden deal but unfortunately, there will be teams happy to give him at least 3 years.

      • Might be a few teams interested in Kovy, but will interest be mutual?

    • Well, just off the top of my head, Roy, Price, Fleury and Brodeur are 4 G’s who started at or before 21.

      I’m sure that if I took the time to research it I could find two more.

      Sure, that’s an elite group, but why be so dismissive?


      • Matt Murray was 21 and started 50 games at 22

  3. Lyle- you should know that anyone that follows the Flyers closely knows that John Boruk is not a legitimate source of information for the team. His opinions are NEVER right and even though he works for NBCSP, which has the same parent company as the Flyers, he is hilariously not tapped into the team in any way. It’s almost like they go out of their way to not give him info. He’s really a complete joke to be quite honest.

    • Yeah, but his jackets, shirts+ ties really light up my TV screen😂

    • I disagree and think he is right that hextall has shown a propensity to be aggressive at the draft.

  4. I don’t have any teams with cap issues. With the cap rising to 80 to 82 million none of Chic, LA or Min have any cap issues.

    According to Capfriendly Chi has 16 players signed for next season at $7,458,205 at today’s cap hit. Add another 5 to 7 mil if the cap rises to 80 to 82. The only RFA’s are Duclair, Jurco & Hinostroza. & once Hossa is placed on LTIR that free’s up another $5,275,000.

    LA is the tightest of the 3 but has 18 players signed with $6,102,273 at today’s cap hit of 75 mil & the only RFA is Rieder. Rieder is seeing a fairly solid raise, I assume into the 2.75 to 3.5 range, possibly nominally more depending upon theterm. That leaves LA 8 to 10 mil to sign or promote 4 players a 12th & 13th forward & 6 through 8 Dman. Easily doable with mils to spare.

    Min is actually in the best situation of the 3 & better than several other teams in the league not mentioned here. Min has 18 players signed with $10,799,743 at today’s cap hit. RFA’s are Zucker, Dumba, Seller & Murphy. Zucker & Dumba are getting significant raises. Probably eating up at least 10 mil & depending upon term could push 12. The cap rises 5 to 7 they but out Ennis freeing up another 3, that leaves them 6 to 8 mil to sign or promote 3 depth players. They would even have space to buy a UFA Dman if inclined at in or around 4 mil & still have some cash to spare. This roster is set everywhere but at the 4/5D spot & Seeler looked great in his late-season audition & soon to be 23 with 4 years in College, 2 in the AHL is NHL ready in a 3rd pairing role.

    No teams have any serious cap issues that require them to move a player out to stay cap compliant.

    Nothing to see here, move along. Just the usual rhetoric. Now if the cap wasn’t rising by 5 to 7 mil a whole nother story but it is. Vegas has really helped HRR they are going to be 1 of the 7 most profitable teams in their 1st season. Just another amazing accomplishment.

    • Sorry, should read for Chi with $7,458,205 available at today’s cap hit.

      This weird lag issue makes posting virtually impossible.

    • No one wants to be but up against the cap tho ..not to mention teams like Chicago and LA are probably going to look to get younger. I think the point was a good one and I really don’t feel like moving along, I’m gonna stay right where I am, thanks

  5. Can anyone explain to me why Edm would go out & sign a soon to be 30-year-old goalie for 2.5 mil for 1 year yet Col can sign essentially the same asset who’s KHL #’s are better & he’s 2 years younger in Francouz for 690K? That seems to like a ton of money to buy 7 inches. Ha-ha!

    • How much do you usually pay for your 7 inches striker?

      • Ha-ha! Well at the massage parlour in Pasadena it was only $29.95 US, which is about $400.00 Cdn. That’s awesome.

    • Koskinen – KHL 24-4-1, .932sv%, 1.69gaa
      Olympics .932sv%, 1.62gaa

      Francouz – KHL 15-11-5, .946sv%, 1.80gaa
      Olympics .905,sv%, 2.27gaa

      Don’t know how Francouz had better KHL numbers. Other than the saver percentage Koskinen has better numbers across the board. Olympic numbers are a no contest.
      Although I do agree that the 2.5mill is a head scratcher, maybe draft position is considered?

      • Oil weren’t the only suitors. 2.5 was the rate it took to sign with a team who last year performed poorly. Also I think that might be the going rate to live in Edmonton.

  6. Jersey fans pray that shero trades and not signs. Trade record is phenomenal.. fa record less so.

  7. The time is now for the flyers to bring up Hart and see what he’s got. I’m tired of waiting and waiting while everyone else brings there guys up. I’m not up for paying has been’s anymore or bridge players. Let the kid play and get acclimated to the NHL game. Flyers are really only a few guys and more importantly health away from competing. LET’S GO FLYERS.

  8. Jersey and philly doing a great job both building solid teams gone r the days of over paying for players in philly and Shero is doing a great job starting with the hosing of my oilers in the Hall trade

  9. I figure the devils like many others will make a pitch for Carlson. Hopefully Maroon will resign. He really seemed to fill a need. There is the possibility of Gibbons who is a UFA, but they already have Noesen and Coleman which are RFAs, and will be had much cheaper. I’m hoping Boqvist can crack the lineup next season, but more then anything NJ needs the kids they have to mature and get bigger. They had a good season, but are a long way from being contenders yet. They need to just stay the course and not do anything silly like trade for Grabner 🙁

  10. Philly should go for Sparks or Pickert from TO till Hart is ready. Won’t cost them a first or second and when Hart is ready to transition to starter they have a young backup. Neither guy is going to be worse then what they got. Could get one of them for a decent prospect or a third round pick and TO might have to throw something else in? If they offered TO that FA defenseman (Myers??) they signed last year TO would probably take him. Philly has lots of defense prospects so they wont miss him and they got him for nothing anyway.

  11. NN could trade Schneider & try to sign Carlson & another decent UFA. Who to trade with for what?