Latest Hurricanes and Wild Speculation – May 23, 2018

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Could the Carolina Hurricanes trade Jeff Skinner? Are big moves in store for the Minnesota Wild under new general manager Paul Fenton? Check out the latest in your NHL rumor mill.

If the Carolina Hurricanes trade Jeff Skinner, they could end up regretting it. (Photo via NHL Images)


THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Chip Alexander reports of growing media speculation suggesting the Carolina Hurricanes could trade winger Jeff Skinner. He also notes Skinner recently changed agents, hiring Don Meehan of Newport Sports Management. The 26-year-old has a year remaining on his contract and will earn $6 million in actual salary next season. He also carries a no-movement clause and is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent next July.

Meehan said he’s had no discussions with Hurricanes GM Don Waddell about Skinner and hasn’t been asked by the club if his client would waive his no-movement clause. The two are expected to meet at next week’s NHL Draft combine in Buffalo.

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien believes the Hurricanes could regret moving Skinner this summer. For a club that desperately needs scoring, trading away their top sniper makes no sense.

Skinner’s shooting percentage was low last season (8.7), which could affect his trade value. O’Brien cites the low value of winger Jordan Eberle and Reilly Smith when their percentages were also low at the time they were traded. He feels the Hurricanes should wait on trading Skinner. “It’s tough to imagine Carolina enjoying the better end of a Skinner trade, especially in the immediate future,” writes O’Brien.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: During his end-of-season interview, Skinner insisted he wants to stay with the Hurricanes. Unless they intend on staging a roster rebuild, it doesn’t make much sense to move their best scorer, especially as they’re unlikely to get a return of equal or greater value that will provide immediate improvement. As O’Brien pointed out, if they want to boost their offense, dealing from their position of strength (defense) would be the better way to go. 


TWINCITIES.COM: With new Minnesota Wild GM Paul Fenton saying he intends to “tweak” the under-achieving Minnesota Wild roster, Brian Murphy wonders what that might involve. He feels Fenton “should have no emotional attachment to Wild players ripe for the trade market such as Nino Niederreiter, Charlie Coyle, Jason Zucker or even Jared Spurgeon.” 

THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo also noted Fenton’s come in with a mandate to “tweak” the Wild’s roster. The new GM intends to think “outside the box”, looking at small trades and big trades if they make sense for the club. “I want to make hockey trades. I don’t want to make cap trades. I want to make trades that we see a guy fitting with us and maybe be able to do it quickly. But you never know. You just have to let the process play out.”

Possible trade bait could include restricted free agents such as winger Jason Zucker and defenseman Matt Dumba, though Fenton’s comments about building from the blueline suggests he could retain Dumba unless he proves too expensive to retain. Russo also speculates core players such as Nino Niederreiter, Jonas Brodin or Charlie Coyle could become trade candidates, and he expects winger Tyler Ennis could be shopped or bought out. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It sounds like the talk of “tweaks” is aimed at lowering expectation of major moves. It doesn’t mean, however, Fenton won’t shake things up if he finds a suitable deal. One or two of those aforementioned players could be dealt, or they could all return as Fenton considers other options. I agree with Russo that Ennis is likely to be dealt or bought out. 



  1. Yesterday it was encouraging listening to Jacob Trouba, as he said all the right things, enjoys playing with Josh Morrissey, enjoy playing against the other teams best player, had a great playoff run, wants to sign long term and stay in Winnipeg.
    Tough question is how much and how long do you sign Trouba?
    I’ve watched him play a lot and from what I watched he wasn’t the same player after returning from concussion, his last couple of games against Vegas were more of what he brought to the ice on a regular bases. Hopefully he has turned the page.
    In 5 season he scored 10g once and never had more then 33pts in any given season, with that said he played 81 games once the other 4 season 65,65,60 and 55 injuries an a holdout counting for missed games. 7 @ $7? If so what do you pay his partner Morrissey 7 @ $6.5? who is an RFA with two season less played and no arbitration rights. Maybe a bridge deal.

    • don’t forget Wheeler is a season away from free agency. I think Wheeler gets extended around 7/1; Trouba re-signs long term, and Morrisey gets a 3-4 year bridge contract

      there won’t be $$$ left for Stastny so he’ll be gone

      • MikeP what do you think Wheeler numbers look like 5yrs @ $6?

      • Even with Wheeler being 32 when the new contract kicks in, I think he gets $7.5M-$8M per year on a 5-year extension. He has been an amazing bargain for Winnipeg during his current contract and was a top 15-20 player the last few years. He may give a bit of a discount, but I highly doubt he’ll accept $6M/year on a 5-year term.

  2. never understood why teams try to trade goal scorers when everyone’s looking for finishers out there. (Skinner/Hoffman) are 2 examples. Give scoring up to shore up another position? Understand giving up something to get something. Unless you have someone there to pick up slack.

    • Particularly on a team that finished 23rd in goal-scoring.

    • I don’t get it. With Necas coming and possibility Svechnikov with 2nd pick, why not see what you have next season before blowing things up? Let see what effect new coach has. If you’re not happy at deadline, then make deal for Skinner.

  3. Just st a thought …. looking at big picture….,massive value right now (by all) on Troubs …. for a second ; just forget about Leftie/rightie …. trade Troubs for massive return; sign De Hassan at prob $1.5 cheaper … yes older; but the quality lost between Troubs and DeH is not that great ….. and Winn gains huge in return trade … again just a thought… and yes I’m the same guy who insists (pleads) that now is the time to trade Phil Kessel

  4. Can/Caper … opening day of Wherler’s next contract … he’ll be 33 not 32… 5 years sounds right … I think $8M too high …, 5 @ close to $7M AAV; more $ skewed to front end loading ; he’ll likely work in SBs; final year might be SB:$3M with actual Sal of $1.5-$2.0M; ; but prob not a full NT clause

    • Sorry should have been “Van”/Caper…. single finger typing on iPhone …. Doh!

      • I can’t see Wheeler accepting a 5 year contract, he’s been on a bargain deal in Winnipeg for years and as others have stated has been a solid player in the league.

        If we tested the FA market I imagine he could find a $7M by 7 year deal somewhere else pretty easily. Yes that would take him to 40 but that’s the price teams have to pay for upper echelon scoring.

  5. wheeler will be a prime example of overpaying for past performance not future performance.

    • And that’s where Crosby’s and Patrick Kane’s contracts look like smart moves, Chrisms – will McDavid’s contract look as good as those down the road?

      • Crosby’s and Kane’s? It’ll look better. Sorta. Crosby signed pre cap era. Both Crosby and McDavid left a similar amount of money on the table to help their teams spend more on support

      • Pre cap? Crosby signed his deal before he was drafted? I think you mean, before the cba changed.
        Mcdavid left enough for a team brunch. Not support.

  6. Aho is the Canes top scorer and I would expect more from Lindholm
    Moving Coyle would be a mistake Double wrist surgery and a broken leg (answers to the name of lucky) next year will be much much better. Also a big body so Striker what is your prognosis

    • 419 regular season games played. His break out would have started this year if not for missing all summer, camp & the start of the season.

      Much will depend on if he see’s regular PP time. The best is yet to come. 25+ goals & 70 points seasons are in his future but may have to wait a year to get sufficient quantity & quality icetime on Minny’s roster.

      • Boooooooo

  7. Skinner is the one player that their 256 fans care about…why wouldn’t the Canes resign him? He’s still young.

    Then again, after all of his big talk, Dundon has shown himself to be cheap on top of being impatient and ill-informed.

  8. Just curious here if Detroit were to offer Vegas 1st, one of the 3 3rd’s and Double A to the Canes, any chance they might get one of their D back in return?

    • I would think it would cost more than that. A late 1st a 3rd & AA won’t get it done.

    • Possibly Faulk. It could also be a starter ina way for Hanifin.

      • You can have Brendan Smith back for free!!

      • Not at that salary.