NHL Rumor Mill – May 17, 2018

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Latest on Oliver Ekman-Larsson, John Tavares, Max Pacioretty and Robby Fabbri plus updates on the Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes in your NHL rumor mill.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson is reportedly talking contract extension with the Arizona Coyotes (Photo via NHL Images).


ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan reports sources claim the Arizona Coyotes are discussing an eight-year contract extension with Oliver Ekman-Larsson. The 26-year-old defenseman is eligible in July 2019 to become an unrestricted free agent, but he can sign an extension on July 1 of this year. “While other teams, particularly those in Canadian or large U.S. markets, may be able to offer him a higher AAV if he were to reach unrestricted free agency, the lower cost of living in Arizona could mitigate those differences,” writes Morgan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This doesn’t surprise me. During the season, Ekman-Larsson expressed his willingness to re-sign with the Coyotes, who are keen to retain him.  As per Cap Friendly, the annual average value of his current contract is $5.5 million, though in actual salary he’s making $6.5 million this season and $7 million for 2018-19. 

Wouldn’t surprise me if he get something between $8-$9 million per season with the Coyotes. Looks like teams seeking a skilled top-two defenseman (Hello there, Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs) will have to look elsewhere this summer. 


FRS NETWORK HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman discussing some offseason speculation in his latest “31 Thoughts” podcast with Jeff Marek. The pair discussed the possibility of New York Islanders center John Tavares perhaps accepting a short-term contract with a contending club if he decides to test this summer’s free-agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Neither guy knows what Tavares’ intentions are regarding free agency this summer. They were simply kicking around the notion of a short-term deal. Anything’s possible, especially if Tavares is determined to join a potential Cup contender. 

Regarding the St. Louis Blues, Friedman believes their depth in good young players gives general manager Doug Armstrong the flexibility to do some things this summer. He noted the Ottawa Senators had some interest this season in sidelined forward Robby Fabbri, though nothing came of it. Fabbri’s trade value would depend upon his health, but Friedman thinks some teams will be interested when he comes back.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much of the Blues’ recent trade chatter usually brings up prospects such as Robert Thomas or Jordan Kyrou. But if Armstrong is confident in one or both of those kids cracking the roster full time next season, perhaps a young roster player such as Fabbri becomes a trade candidate. 

Asked about Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty, Friedman believes there will be attempts to trade him and there will be teams interested in the left winger. Pacioretty has a year left on his contract and the Canadiens aren’t expected to re-sign him. Friedman noted the Florida Panthers had interest, though the Canadiens sought center Vincent Trocheck “among other things”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman points out the Panthers weren’t willing to part with Trocheck. The fact the Canadiens apparently asked about the center indicates they want an established scoring center in return for Pacioretty. 


FRS NETWORK HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cites Carolina Hurricanes GM Don Waddell’s appearance yesterday on Toronto’s SiriusXM NHL Network Radio discussing his club’s offseason plans. Regarding speculation concerning the futures of winger Jeff Skinner and defenseman Justin Faulk, Waddell admitted teams have made calls about those two and other players on his roster. He said his staff intends to look at every position on his team. While they want to make changes, Waddell said they want to make sensible moves.

Waddell said it looks like he’ll be keeping the second-overall selection in this year’s NHL Draft. He also admitted they have to make changes regarding their goaltending. They intend to continue working with Scott Darling to improve his conditioning and performance for next season. “We know we can’t bring the same two guys back,” adding if there’s a goalie out there that makes sense they’ll look at making that move.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman also discussed the Hurricanes during his “31 Thoughts” podcast. He noted the belief that everyone except forward Sebastian Aho could be available, though he also feels promising Martin Necas won’t be moved. When asked if the Boston Bruins or Toronto Maple Leafs might pursue defenseman Noah Hanifin if he became available, Friedman wondered, “Who wouldn’t be interested?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just because the Hurricanes could be willing to listen to offers on everyone but Aho and Necas doesn’t mean they’re going to move Hanifin. The Canes need scoring punch, especially if they move Skinner this summer.  It’ll likely cost the Bruins or Leafs a good young scorer to land one of their defensemen. Of Carolina’s blueliners, I believe Faulk is more likely to be dealt than the 21-year-old Hanifin, who still has plenty of upside.

Sounds to me like Cam Ward won’t be coming back. I think they’ll look at finding an experienced, affordable backup (Jonathan Bernier? Carter Hutton? Anton Khudobin?) who can push Darling next season. 


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cited TSN’s Ryan Rishaug speculating the Edmonton Oilers could be “big-game hunting” for a defenseman this summer. He noted the Oilers first-round pick (10th overall) in this year’s draft could be in play. Rishaug engaged in “some spitballing”, suggesting Arizona’s Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Minnesota’s Matt Dumba and Buffalo’s Risto Ristolainen as trade options. He also mentioned Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson but doubts the Oilers will go in that direction.

Rishaug also brought up perhaps packaging that pick with defenseman Oscar Klefbom to pursue someone like Ristolainen. Staples feels that could be a high price to pay in any potential trade and the Oilers would have to be sure they’re getting a true No.1 defenseman in return. Staples wondered about perhaps pursuing Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba, given the Jets’ coming salary-cap issues, or paying a lesser price to land Carolina’s Justin Faulk. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Everyone knows the Oilers desperately need a proven top-pairing defenseman. The problem, however, is finding one without overpaying. I doubt the Oilers can get in on Karlsson, as the cost of his new contract alone is far more than they could comfortably afford. Sounds like Ekman-Larsson’s re-signing with the Coyotes.

Ristolainen and Dumba have considerable potential but they haven’t established themselves yet as true No.1 d-men. Trouba apparently now wants to re-sign with the Jets, though if his asking price proves too expensive, perhaps he could become a trade option. Faulk seems a more reasonable trade target, but the recent decline in his performance is cause for concern. 



  1. This relates to the coffee headline by Spector. I’ve said this before but Jeremy Jacobs comments about Quebec city Cemented my opinion that they will not get an NHL team. They don’t have the corporate sponsorship or the income levels to support a team relative to other larger markets.

    • and they should not. much better options for the long term growth of the game in the US.

      • Quebec deserves a team! They like hockey!

      • I deserve having my salary doubled! But they ain’t hearing it!

      • quebec doesn’t deserve a team. no place deserves a team… the league has to determine whats best for the short term and long term health of the league. every Canadian kid plays hockey… there is no room for growth there. the chl wont stop pounding out nhl fodder if quebec doesn’t get a team. a team in the US will create a new generation of kids playing hockey and ultimately add to the overall depth pool of the league.

      • Isn’t it ironic that this comment is made at the very moment the Jets are demonstrating that a small canadian market can indeed be successful? Quebec city market not superior to Raleigh or Phoenix? Hello?

        My hunch is that the real obstacle to Qc to get a team back is the quiet opposition of the CH, akin to the Hamilton situation…

      • you’re thinking too small Pete. It’s part of the total equation if the team can be immediately successful. A bigger part of the equation is what is better for the league in the long run.

      • Pete what’s your perception of successful? Yes Winnipeg is selling out every game that was assured due to building size, at 100% capacity they sit 26th in attendance. Yes they have built a fabulous on ice product on a shoestring budget but that’s about to change.

        By operating revenue in 2016-17 Winnipeg sits tied for 20th with Ott. These #’s can swing wildly in any given year for any # of accounting reasons & if a team makes the playoffs.


        Your not looking at the big picture, & Chrisms nailed it perfectly. Locating a team in Quebec does nothing to grow the sport. Win may well have gotten revenue sharing in 2016-17 to achieve that operating revenue. The NHL has said Calgary when discussing their new building qualifies for revenue sharing now? I don’t know how that’s possible or how forthright the NHL is being as Cal sits 6th on that list tied with Det at 54 mil, over 5 times what Win is being reported at.

      • Quebec doesn’t deserve a team they had one and lost it..the same as Atlanta keeps doing…Arizona really doesn’t deserve a team…nor does Florida their attendance figures are weak and embarrassing…

      • Walk-in a thin line blackygold. Pens were tentatively close to losing their team for a variety of reasons. Careful with those stones in your black n gold stained glass house

      • Pete’s comments are bang on. Why would the Habs support a team in Quebec City? This is a business after all. And, small market Canadian teams can be successful.

      • — Chrisms, I agree about the growth in the US, while growth in the US is happening, teams are financially supported through Canadian dollars of fans and television contracts. A few years ago Montreal was giving 25M and Toronto double that for non profitable US markets. Quebec does not have the right but should be Considered. It’s like saying Bills should be moved to Toronto because half the fan base is from there. Buffalo can’t generate more than it is now. In Toronto, team would have more success financially and would grow.

      • Marc is right on the money. The league has been subsidize by canadian franchises and television contracts. How many US teams would fold without revenue sharing?

    • The same thing was said about Winnipeg. Look how they are doing.
      The NHL is a gate driven league. The arena in QC is bigger than the one in Houston for hockey seating. Considering that a team in QC will not have to compete with High School Football, NCAA football, NFL, MLB, and NBA, the demand for tickets in QC would be greater so there for they would cost more, even with the Canadian dollar conversions.

    • You can’t compare Quebec city with Winnipeg. Winnipeg has substantially more corporate sponsorship opportunities. And the disposable income of Winnipeg residents are higher. That can be confirmed in the statistics that are a publicly available.

  2. I wonder if EDM would do 10th ova for Weber?

    • considering Weber has been get hurt more frequently, is over 30 and still has a lot of term on his contract, that is a very BAD move

      OEL looks to be re-upping with the Yotes, and I do not consider Dumba nor Ristolainen #1 d-men, so I wouldn’t trade their 1st rounder for either of them

      even if Ottawa trades Karlsson to the Oilers, there is no guarentee he’ll want to resign there, so that’s a risky move the Oilers should ignore.

      they should probably throw the kitchen sink at John Carlsson, even though advanced stats show he isn’t as good as what is perceived. But he can run their PP, and the Oil can use Klefbom/Larsson as their shutdown pair against teams’ top line. A Nurse/Carlsson top pairing would be very interesting for the Oil

      • It would take a lot more than the 10th to get Weber, like chara doesn’t need speed to play solid d and the pp

      • Ristolainen is an absolute stud. I believe the 10th overall pick and Klefbom is about the right price for him, no chance you land him for less.

        If Ristolainen is available I’d love for the Leafs to put in an offer on him

      • ?? Weber is hardly ever injured. Last year he played 26 games on a broken foot before throwing in the towel and he was still dominant. A real anchor to any team’s defence. Would not trade him for a measly 10th pick. In fact would not trade him at all.

      • Habs would do that. They need picks as the cupboard is bare, let’s face it…Montreal is a mess.

    • Nyr4life,

      Love your comeback to my rant about Quebec deserving hockey! Good one.

    • No, I don’t think Yannick Weber is anywhere near that valuable. Ha-ha! Sorry tongue in cheek.

      Mon isn’t moving Shea Weber for a single 1st round pick. The cost would be significantly greater. Weber is 1 of the elite 2 way Dman in the NHL with a contract that starts to play very well in favor of whatever team holds his rights, currently Mon.

      His salary drops to 6 mil for the next 4 years, then 3, then 1 for the final 3 years. He has no NTC or NMC due to the fact his contract was a match from an offer sheet by Phi by Nashville.

      Mon’s D is terrible with Weber without it, it’s far worse.

    • Does he have a NMC? If so I doubt he goes…

  3. I’ve said it before about Montreal this summer. Berg is not dealing from a position of strength. Patches is a great player, but it looks like Montreal wants to move him MORE than the teams that might be willing to acquire him NEED him. Crazy prices for this guy are going leave him in Montreal again this year. He’ll be a trade deadline deal next season.

    • I bet Patchioretty goes to Florida for Bjugstad and a pick. Not what Habs’ fans will expect but the team and the player needs a clear break

      but Bergevin should not be running the transition of that franchise. He has done nothing there to deserve his position, and has made some very questionable moves. He gets a pass by Moulson because he is French Canadian

      • I doubt Florida trades Bjugstad straight up for Patchioretty..,, never mind adding anything to that deal.

      • I dunno… with trocheck and barkov bjustad is a bit superfluous… could be a deal worked there

      • max for bjugstad????I don’t doubt that it could happen, habs would get a forward who is a beast on night one, and invisible on night 2.wonder how he would fare in montreal. in florida you wouldn’t recognize him at the sawgrass mall.

      • I never say never…. but… Bjugstad is 25 with 3 more years remaking coming off a career year. Pacioretty is 29, 1 year remaining coming off a career low year.

        Not only do I not see a fit…. but no way in hell Florida adds to the deal. If anything Montreal would have to add.

      • Remaining, not remaking!

      • Why all the hate for Patches.
        dude is one of the top goal scorers in the NHL for the past 5-6 years. Had a down year but hey ovi had a down year a few years back eveyone said he’s done and see what happened after that. not saying he’s Ovi but I would hang on to him before trading him for Bjugstad stright up. He didnt have a center to play with all year so Id give him a pass just on that fact.

      • Absolutely no hate for the guy, and believe he bounces back. I’m just pointing out the obvious. And haven’t even touched on the fact he’ll be getting more money in one year, while Bjugstad is signed until he’s 28 at 4.1 per.

        Patches will be 30 heading into a more expensive contract with term. Bjugstad is a monster, 6’6″ plays center or wing…. how is Pacioretty an upgrade?

        Why does Florida make this deal, and why would they add anything is my point. The answer is they don’t.

      • I just dont think Bjugstad is that great.
        49 points last year 14 the year before. patches had 37 and was hurt for a good portion of the year. bjugstad in 6 years he was a + in 1. what makes you think he’s a monster outside of size?
        the leauge is trending away form that type of player now.

      • The year before, Bjugstad was hurt playing 54 games. Along with a bunch of other injuries in Florida. Point still being, Bjugstad is younger, cheaper, has certainty for 3 more years. Chances are he trends up or flattens out… Patches??? Who knows. And I don’t buy that these big players are going away. Who’s going away are mid 30s players. Which is exactly what Paciorettys next deal will take him into…

      • Good timing for the rangers for that viewpoint

      • Agreed! I was screaming for a complete tear down when they traded Stepan. Including liking the idea of Trading Mcdonagh. Which some saw as blasphemy. But I was thinking more along th lines of where his next contract put them / him.! I don’t think he fit a rebuild screaming towards 30

  4. Wonder if Carolina would be a team that Tavares would be interested in? Nice place to live. They have the cap space. I don’t understand the “firesale” speculation. With Necas and possibly Svechnikov joining team next season, and a great group of D men, solving the goalie issue seems to be their only need. Tavares would make them instant contenders.

    • You are right, there is not a fire sale in Carolina, they are just exploring every option to get better. Dundon will not spend the money it would take to sign Tavares. I also doubt Tavares will sign with any team that does not have a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup than the Islanders do.

  5. Just read article about Tavares if signed by Buffalo…. another team without a goalie

    • I don’t get Buffalo though. If they trade ROR, How much better does Tavares make them? Dahlen is good but they talk like they’re automatically cup contenders with JT

      • and you get the feeling it need to be Eichel’s team to get the most out of Jack.

  6. what happened with Dell… did he resign in San Jose? I thought he might be a solid backup 1b guy teams could look at.

  7. Bergevin asking for Trochek in a deal for Patches also shows he’s out to lunch. Never happening Trochek is 1 of the best 2-way centres in the game today & just scratching the surface of his potential. He played the entire year as Flo’s 2nd line C with no help on his wings & scored 75 points playing 21:22 a night in all situations. At 4.75 for 4 more years & good luck.

    Given a choice of Tavares or Trocjek today I take Trochek. Already as good as Tavares but won’t be getting a huge contract for at least 4 more years & will be 25 in July.

    • Agreed 100%. Trochek is an unbelievable value, the coaching staff absolutely love him. That is not the sort of guy you move out. With Barkov and Trochek Florida has possibly the best 1 2 punch for 2-way centers in the league.

    • Trochek’s value is massive, Montreal barely has the pieces to make a reasonable trade for him at all, let alone with Patches as the centerpiece. Trochek is such a massive upgrade over patches in every conceivable way that it would cost Patches, the 1st, and probably a prospect just to get a conversation started.

      Teams absolutely need to have contracts like Trochek’s in a cap league. He makes so much less than market value that it creates flexibility elsewhere, and he does so at a position that is so essential. When you have a 1A type center signed for #3C money, you hold on unless someone offers something that would cripple their franchise.

    • I wouldn’t trade Trochek now for Patches at his best, and Patches is not at his best. After averaging around .80 points per game for the previous several years, Patches had .58 points per game last year to go along with a -16 +/-. And it sounds like the Habs wanted Trochek + for him…crazy.

      If I am a GM, I am not trading “an established scoring center”, especially not one of Trochek’s caliber, for one season of a guy who at best had an off year last season and at worse is badly regressing. The only way this happens is if someone is looking to unload a toxic long-term contract to take back one season of Patches.

  8. Edm doesn’t need a Dman they just need their own Dman healthy & being Klefbom, Larsson, Nurse & Benning are all just kids more time to develop.

    Sekera barely played, Kelfbom played injured until finally shut down, even Larsson only got into 63 games. You can’t lose your top 3 Dman for that long & having them play injured & compete.

    Klefbom 24, Larsson 25.
    Sekera 31, Russell 31.
    Nurse 23, Benning 23.

    That is a very young undeveloped D. They will be significantly better next season. Trading 1 of them makes no sense to me & if you bring a Dman in who sits?
    That is a solid but very young D.

    • Watched alot of Oilers games last year. injuries didnt help much but Benning is not all that, and Russell is not worth 4 mil a year, he’s a 5-6 guy in my eyes. Agree Klefbom is good and Larson too, but not true #1, hopefully Nurse can be, but has to get a little more confident carrying tye puck in the off zone, has too many give aways at the blue line. they could use a good PP QB but not sure at what cost. I think they need a RW more then a D.

  9. These Dman being bandied about aren’t moving or at least the odds of such are slim to non-existent. Given a choice of Ristolaninen or Klefbom I take Klefbom. A more complete Dman. Min isn’t moving Dumba.

    Klefbom score 12 goals & 38 points in 2016-17 & has only played 255 NHL regular season games. Klefbom is a 1st pairing Dman now, he & Larsson make a solid pairing. Nurse is a #1 Dman in the making he just needs 2 more, ideally 3 more years to become that player, he’s really developing rapidly now. In the meantime, Sekera & Russell provide solid 2nd pairing options & Benning is also a solid young developing Dman that can handle a 4/5 role.

    I know I said Mon wasn’t trading Subban & Nas trading Weber but I meant for the fodder being discussed or scoring forwards, I never ever imagined them being moved for 1 & other, I still don’t get it.

    Jones for Johansen was a very interesting trade. I think Clb won that deal looking at the trade player for player but Nas also got something they absolutely needed in Johansen a big #1 2 way C. Nas also could afford to lose Jones with Weber, Josi, Ellis & Ekholm coming. I win win for both teams. Hall for Larsson was similar, Edm lost that trade 1 for 1 but got something the seriously needed. Again I said Edm lost that deal 1 for 1 but they paid what they had to fill a serious need getting a solid #1 pairing shutdown Dman with a solid contract.

    Silly season is crazy. We discuss all this crap that virtually never happens & then some complain it was a boring summer. Welcome to the NHL business model.

    The only quick fixes to be found really are in the draft & to be assured of such you need to piuck in the top 3 other wise its a crap shoot.

    • Always look back at that trade and have to add, Edm also gained a couple million in cap space that they used toward signing Lucic.. Sometimes you have to look at overall picture. Not always a clear 1 for 1 deal

      • I don’t know if saving money to add Lucic’s contract should be viewed as a positive. That aspect doesn’t make the trade look any better.

        The Hall for Larsson trade has been beat to death, but in the end what makes it look bad for Edmonton is they did not trade from a position of strength. Johansen for Jones can be a loss in a 1-1 deal in terms of talent, but Nashville traded a guy that would still arguably be outside their top 4 if he were there, so they traded from a strength. Edmonton just swapped which part of their line up they had big holes in, which makes it hard to recover from losing the deal in terms of talent as well, no disrespect to Larsson.

      • Before that trade one big issue with the Oilers was that they were to easy to play against. By trading Hall for Larsson and then adding Lucic it instantly made them harder to play against.

      • Definitely harder to play against them now that they are all golfing

    • Let’s be honest striker you really have no idea what you are talking about, as anyone on here

      • Ok bbb!

  10. I don’t see anybody giving up a first orvsecond round pick plus a top end roster player for Patches. The return just isnt good enough and as previously mentioned Montreal isnt dealing from a position of strength.

    • I believe Philly needs an anchor, stud D like Pronger leading them to the next level when the kids arrive.

      Philly trades Simmmonds, MacDonald, Gudas and the #24 pick to Montreal for Weber, Patches and the #10 pick.

      Who says no?

      • As a Philly fan I hope this doesnt happen.
        If Morin is healthy (just had knee surgery) he gives the Flyers a young inexpensive hard hitting defenceman. At 6’7″ his skill set isnt as good as Pronger or Weber but he has a huge upside. Flyers have no need for Patches, especially of the cost is Simmonds. Exchanging players withnsimilar production does nothing but remove some grit and nastiness from the lineup. MacDonald and Gudas are at the bottom of the Flyers denfence structure although Gudas does add a physical presence.

        I also doubt Montreal would be willing to move Weber, Patches and a number 10 pick for three players that will be UFA at the end of the season.

        Trade cant happen, other than the draft pick swap the Flyers have no need for either Weber and his contract nor Patches and his annual playoff disappearing act.

        Cue Striker the ultimate expert of everything for his professional destruction of everyone elses thoughts on this. Lol.

      • I have no idea why the Flyers wouldn’t do this. They are giving up the two best players and the better pick?
        Simmonds is quite good but I do believe Patches is the better player. Weber is easily the best player here. Philly has one of the best pipeline of players in the NHL they can adsorb Weber’s contract. I know it has 8 years left on it but with the cap rising its not that bad a deal

      • Well after all wasn’t it Philly who made the offer sheet for Weber while with Nashville making his contract exactly what it is today?

      • mont says no real quick

      • Montreal says no, or at least I would pray they do.

        This is a very lopsided trade in Philly’s favour.

        Pathes for Simmonds is a virtual wash given they both are UFA in 1 year. Patches has been historically a better player, Simmonds had a better year and is a little younger. Both wingers, both can score, both have some size, no real way to argue one is worth any huge amount more than another.

        #10 for #24 is obviously a win for Philly.

        Gudas is a little underrated and has decent value in the right spot, but his reputation for dangerous hits and his unorthodox style of play probably has his value suppressed a little. But even if you find a GM that doesn’t care about that, he is barely worth enough to make it taking MacDonald’s contract a wash.

        So that means even without Weber, this deal looks decent for Philly, essentially meaning Weber is virtually a free asset if this were the deal. Weber’s value may one day be less than his cap hit if he plays too far past his prime, but he will never be worthless, and as of today he is a top pairing D that can also provide a great presence in the Locker room as well as on ice leadership.

  11. The following is what Tom Dundon said at his end of the season press conference:

    “There’s none of them I’m not trying to replace. I want a better player than every one of them. That’s our job. … We’re not finding better players than Sebastian Aho. We’re just not. We’re not finding harder workers or more committed hockey players.”

    Based on his comments I thought Carolina would keep the better goalie as a back up and look for a new starter or even possibly replace both goaltenders.

    When Dundon bought the team he said money would not be an obstacle to Carolina becoming a winning team. He even recently said he values winning more than money.

    As a fan I don’t expect, nor want, my team spending a lot of money in the free agent market to build a winning team. But I also don’t expect the owner to let the value of a contract dictate who the goalie is.

    • I was just curious how long this blather would go on before someone pointed out that Montreal has the #3 pick overall, not the #10.

      Apparently, forever.

      You know – who can take you guys seriously?

  12. Bye everybody it’s been fun commenting here. But in my opinion the NHL just isn’t fun anymore and not worth commenting on. In fact I completely understand the direction the NHL is taking with respect to growing the game. I just no longer enjoy watching the League continue to expand to the point where franchises have to wait forever to get a shot at the title; Vegas excluded. Have fun watching the rest of the American NHL playoffs.

    • Steven this grand exit is similar to my good friend George O, who has since made the odd cameo here and there since.

      Don’t go!

      I agree with you 100%. Why expansion teams are guaranteed to be successful now is simply to the fact that they will pony up the dough(eg. Vegas and soon Seattle) Seattle will pay more for an expansion team than the folks who bought the Coyotes or the Hurricanes. Makes no sense. Plus they get these advantages at the expense of the other teams. It is however all approved by the owners in the name of money. Cash is King baby!

    • Toodles!

  13. Realized what I posted is confusing. I meant Darling’s existing contract should not guarantee he is the goalie next year.

    • I agree, Darling is going to have to be much better is he wants to be the starter.

  14. What would Edmonton give up for Trouba?

    p.s. Vive Les Nordiques

    • I’d say anyone except McD.

  15. With regards to the Oilers “needing” a #1D man, look at what the VGK have done without one. Colorado comes to mind as well. Obviously their D might be better with one, but it’s good as it stands now. I look at it as a Nice-to-have, not a need-to-have.