NHL Rumor Mill – May 30, 2018

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Check out recent speculation about Phil Kessel, Max Domi, Noah Hanifin and more in your NHL rumor mill.

Trade speculation continues to dog Pittsburgh Penguins winger Phil Kessel (Photo via NHL Images)


THE ATHLETIC: Josh Yohe reports all isn’t well in the relationship between Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan and winger Phil Kessel. While Kessel isn’t a problem in the dressing room, Yohe believes the winger and the coach don’t like each other very much. He also observed the Penguins traded defenseman Ian Cole because he didn’t see eye-to-eye with Sullivan.

Yohe feels if their relationship is beyond repair, the Penguins should explore a trade, though it’s unlikely whatever return they get will improve their overall production.  “From what I’ve been told, the Penguins aren’t actively seeking a trade involving Kessel,” said Yohe,”but they’re willing to listen if anyone makes an offer.”

FRS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman speculating over the Penguins possible interest in Arizona Coyotes winger Max Domi during his latest “31 Thoughts” podcast. He believes the Penguins are going to make some changes and he’s hearing they have “some real interest” in Domi. Friedman doesn’t think Coyotes general manager John Chayka is going to deal Domi for less simply because the young forward had a rough season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cue the “Kessel-for-Domi” fantasy trade proposals.

I don’t doubt the Penguins could entertain offers for Kessel. His reputation for clashing with coaches aside, he’s coming off a career-best 92-point season and will attract interest from teams seeking scoring punch. However, Cap Friendly indicates he’s carrying a $6.8-million annual cap hit (his actual cap hit is $8 million, but Toronto is picking up $1.2 million) through 2021-22 with an eight-team trade list.

Despite Kessel’s tensions with Sullivan, the Penguins won’t just give away. They’ll want a decent return, likely with a good young player as the centerpiece.

As for Domi, I think Chayka’s willing to listen to offer but I agree with Friedman that it’ll take a significant pitch to convince the Coyotes GM to part with him. 


FRS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited Elliotte Friedman’s appearance on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650 discussing his recent speculation claiming the Canucks could be a “stealth team” for Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Noah Hanifin. He wasn’t sure what the trade price might be, but “I do know that Vancouver is interested.”

Friedman guesses the Hurricanes could want the Canucks first-round pick (seventh overall) in this year’s draft as part of the return. Hanifin is a restricted free agent and Friedman said if he were the Canucks he’d want an opportunity to speak with the blueliner about re-signing him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A lot of teams will be interested in Hanifin. If the Hurricanes are listening to offers, having that seventh overall pick could give the Canucks an edge if they’re willing to add a young player or top prospect in the deal. The Hurricanes, however, need more offensive punch. Any club willing to part with a good young scorer (preferably a center) will likely attract their attention. Unless the Canucks are willing to part with promising prospect Elias Pettersson (and I don’t believe they are), I don’t think they have what the Hurricanes need right now. 


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites Oilers insider Bob Stauffer saying he’d be very surprised if the club moved their first-round pick (10th overall) for immediate help. Staples notes Stauffer has been telling Oilers followers not to expect big moves this summer, in part because of their salary-cap situation. While GM Peter Chiarelli has indicated he’d be willing to consider shopping that pick, he also said such a move would have to make sense. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While it’s possible the Oilers could package that pick with a salaried player to bring in someone who can help them right now, I think they’ll have a tough time making it happen. Chiarelli will have to get creative to pull it off.

Maybe the Oilers are trying to throw rumormongers off the scent by lowering trade expectations, but the simple truth could be there’s no foreseeable solution that works for them. We’ll find out when the opening round of the draft commences on June 22. 



  1. Again I will preface my post with a statement so that I’m not viewed as a PK hater. I’m not.

    I believe Phil Kessel is a very good hockey player he’s got great talent. No questions from me as to what he has done up until now. His skill set is unbelievable and he is a gifted player.

    However, I do believe his production is absolutely at its peak now and it is the very best time to trade him.

    The numbers that he put up this year proves how good and talented he is . However, outside of the fact that he was injured; he is getting progressively winded each month.

    (note: I have watched him for between 500 and 600 games and at each and every game over the last 3 years he progressively becomes more and more winded; and each and every year he is more and more out of shape and heavier. )

    His raw and excelled talent has been making up for the reduction in fitness and progressive weight gain. The actual skating he does on each shift gets less and less…. lots of gliding so that he can put on that fantastic 7-10 second bursts of speed.

    Now adding to that, if we buy into the rumours that he deliberately played through some lagging injuries (while being told “several times” in Feb and March, to take a few days off to recoup and get ready for playoffs where his more healed body is needed; and if we believe the rumours that he declined to do this all to keep his iron man streak going … then this adds to impetus for a move. Add again, the report of “tension” and “not liking ” re: Sullivan/Kessel…. added altogether … time for the move.

    As I said before…9 teams value him very high right now; 30 teams are willing to pay him at his peak. 30; teams are willing to trade ….however only eight teams can. I don’t believe Arz will be in that list.

    Trade PK for a 26/27 year old 3rd/4thD at cheaper (free up cap) and that shifts down current D making Oleksiak your bottom D…. not bad.

    Move possibly a Shear and/Or Hags…. with total extra Cap space now have room for acquisition of top 6 winger . Also bring up Sprong.

    With above moves … team is younger; stronger in D; and the production offensively gained by Spring and top 6 winger acquisition equals at worst; loss of Kessel production ( which as per my arguments above) will decline next and subsequent years anyway.

    All, again , IMHO

    • Sorry not “9” teams value him well … should have said “30”

    • If all this is true about his conditioning, weight, and progressive free fall , why would 30 teams come calling? Especially at his age and cap hit for 4 more years.

      I honestly don’t watch him close enough to say he’s in that bad of shape. But if it’s true, and a casual fan can see it, I think 30 teams GMs , coaches and scouting staff would be throwing up a red flag on him.

      • Hi NY$L, From what I’ve read in other markets— other teams highly value him. They see — as others in this post– he’s still worth 6.8 and possibly more— I am no expert– but I have watched him play more than the average viewer— prime time to trade– the moves I suggest still works in the here/now for another cup— AND works in future (younger, and upgrade on D)— again, all IMHO– change of scenery (due to the coach/player rift) may very well lead to benefit both sending/receiving team in trade— the trade to Penns from T.O. worked in favour for both teams — I still believe a trade is best move for now and in future

    • HI Pengy, I’ve made comments like this in the past about Kessel. Kessel had or still has testicular cancer, diagnosed early in his career. My understanding is he is still on the meds and those meds drain him and could be a cause for water retention (I’m not in the medical profession) making him look bloated. He is known to workout in the offseason at Gary Roberts facility and according to some things I have read, is amoung the most prolific hockey players at this workout facility.

      I get that at then end of the day, he is still drained regardless of why, but it isn’t due to a lack of effort and hard work on his conditioning.

      • I am in the medical profession.

        I have no particular point of view on Kessel.

        Allow me to say only that your hypothesis that his long-ago testicular cancer has anything to do with his present physical appearance and/or performance is highly unlikely, not supported by the usual course of the vast majority of men with this illness.

        Of course, anything is possible.

        But likely?

        Anytime Phil Kessel blows a fuse, are we then going to say: “but wait, he once had testicular cancer, and all that entails.”?

        what if he back-ends some old lady’s car in a moment of inattention?

        He is who he is.
        He does what he does.
        And the obvious, well, it’s usually the obvious.

    • There is only one PK in the NHL and it’s not Phil (the thrill) Kessel.

      • Caper, Petr Klima?

      • Pavel Kubina?

      • Paul Kariya?

      • I agree with NY4L — Paul Kariya— loved to watch him play

      • Were any of them referred to as PK?

      • They are now!

      • 😂

      • Hahahaha!

      • Patrick Kane?

    • Your argument that he is at his peak is why the pens should keep him. It’s a win now and f the future kinda team. If it’s a lateral deal that gets rid of some kind locker room junk but doesn’t hurt the pens too much… domi + for kessel for example then maybe. Domi haljmerson? Something like that. Pens are a better tram with kessel now and now is what matters

    • I don’t agree. There are many teams who are not in the position to add a Kessel, or just don’t want him.

      You say 30 teams are interested. I am sure Boston, Toronto and the Flyers are all not interested.

      He wore out his welcome in Boston and Toronto, and the Flyers are not interested in adding a $6.8/ year contract, and helping the salary cap crunch the Pens are falling into. Kessel would not fit on the Flyers, and giving up assets to acquire him is not Hextall’s way.

      Can’t see Vancouver being interested, as they are in full rebuild, and Edmonton could not fit his salary with almost $20 million to McDavid and Leon.

      No room salary wise in Chicago, can’t see Tampa having room either. Montreal gains nothing from adding Kessel, as they need centers.

      Carolina has cap room, and assets, but doubt they are on Kessels list. LA can’t fit the salary, and doubt San Jose would be interested after signing Kane.

      In reality, there are probably only 2-3 teams that have the cap space, positioned to go for it all, and would look at adding Kessel. Don’t think this will be a great return for the Pens, as his salary, conditioning(as you mentioned), and attitude…repeated issues with all 3 teams he has played for.

      I get the point total is nice, but playing with Sydney and Malkin will do that too.

      Don’t think he is worth as much as you might think.

      • Cept one of kessels biggest gripes is he didn’t play top 6 enough

    • Yeah, he was more winded than ever this year. Must be why had a career year. I assume he’ll be more winded next year. I guess I expect him to break 100 pts.

    • That should read 29 teams interested in him. I doubt that the Leafs would be willing to bring him back.

  2. Wonder if a straight up trade between Kessel and Sekera with a pick also going to Pittsburgh would work.

    Sekera will rebound from his injury plagued season .

    Kessel would look good on the McDavid or Draisaitl wing.

    I’m probably going to get roasted for this post…but Sekera could be the dark horse at the NHL draft LMFAO

    • Sekara and a draft pick is exactly the kind of trade that the Pens would never make.

      Most people who post trades, Pens fans included, just make up crazy stuff. Let’s get this straight. The Pens aren’t going to trade him in a deal where a top four defenseman or a draft pick or prospect is a major part of the major return.

      First, they already have four top 4 defensemen, each making $4 million+. They aren’t trading for another $4 million+ defenseman, so he can play on the bottom pair. Sekara at $5.5 is exactly what the Penguins would never ever want. They would be interested in an upgrade to the third pair on a bargain contract, but only as a second or third piece.

      Second, how exactly are the Pens going to replace the lost 34 goals and 92 points? It isn’t going with some bottom/middle sixer, like a lot of trade proposals have suggested. The focal point of any trade will be a youngish winger who can be counted on for at least 20-25 goals. Further, he would have to be a left wing, since the Pens next year already have Guentzel, Hornqvist and Sprong playing the right side. The ideal player would look exactly like the younger version of Chris Kunitz. A 20-25 goal left wing who can get in there and bang and provide support for Crosby when he goes into the corners. This why Crosby like playing with him.

      Third, the Pens want to win now, so they aren’t interested in Futures. Prospects and draft picks would be marginal factors. There is no chance that a high drat choice would be involved.

      So stop the ridiculous trades involving draft picks prospects, top four defensemen, etc. Most trade proposals are made by people who just want to trade away their teams’ overpaid junk that they don’t want anymore without giving the slightest thought to want the Penguins would want and need. Just stop it.

      • Hi Noitall,
        IMHO, an acquisition of a top 6 winger + Sprong finally up , I believe, will equal, and likely be more than what PK will produce this upcoming year. I know I’m leaning heavy on his expected decline and of course this is just an opinion— but I am firm that PK will not get 92 points again this year. Add to that and the iron-man issue, and coach spat— trade now– both team benefit—

      • And where is this magical top 6 forward going to come from if they don’t get him in a Kessel trade? For Haglin? For Sheary (oops there’s another 18 even strength goals lost). For both? By paying JvR $7 million? Yeah, right.

        But who cares! We can count on Sprong, right, even though he has never proven a thing. Prospects always succeed, right.

        And lets add that 3-4 defenseman so Maata can play on the bottom pair and make his $4 million for 12 minutes a game. Excellent use of cap space.

    • More like dark donkey

      • That’s enough from the peanut gallery there Junior!

      • It’s what I’m best at!

    • I agree that Sekera could be a dark horse bounce back bet, however the point of identifying an undervalued player is getting him for an undervalued price. Paying with Kessel to get Sekera, is banking very hard on his bounce back as well as Kessel’s fall off. Not a great bet.

      I like the idea of someone targeting Sekera, but I think it would have to be on the premise that Edmonton is basically dumping him for some reason.

      It would have to be similar to the Demers trade last year, where the team trading him somehow things they are better off just having gotten rid of the salary.

      I do think PC is ripe for this type of exploit, he has been shown to make really bad cap related decisions, but I think the price would need to be low to make it a good trade

    • Everybody’s opinion has merit.

      I see your points but don’t believe as much as you do, in the fit and possibility— and I don’t believe PK will agree to Ed IMHO

  3. Who was the Boston GM that traded Phill ?
    Players should be gasping for breath after each shift-that means they were skating . I do believe Phil is a little heavier and he admitted not to working out. Maybe it is time to hit the gym. Keep P.K. unless the offer can’t be turned down. Sekera not enough . Maybe with the 10th overall
    Coach’s are hired to be fired and I take the player.s side almost always .

    • Peter Chiarelli traded Phil Kessell from Boston to Toronto.
      If Sekera does bounce back, I agree that he will have significant value, but also to the Oilers. They need that bounce back badly.
      He is an under rated all around quality D Man.

      • & an excellent trade by Chiarelli. The return was Seguin, Knight & Hamilton from the picks acquired. The return from such still yet to be fully determined, as Hamilton was later moved for Senyshyn, Forsbacka-Karlsson & Lauzon.

        I know most don’t like the Seguin trade but a business, cap world issue. Boston had a cap issues Seguin was the causality, but Bos dumped Peverly’s 2 remaining years at 3.5 & got the use of Eriksson, Smith & Morrow for many years & Smith has turned into a very solid 2-way player. Unfortunately a cap casualty & the cost to get Savard’s contract off the books to Florida.

        The cap has forever changed how we should few most trades. You can’t just look at the player’s traded for 1 & other, salary, term, waiver rights & pending UFA status under the current CBA are almost more importnat.

      • “Boston had a cap issues Seguin was the causality”

        This is complete rubbish. Seguin was traded because the Bruins couldn’t put up with immaturity and partying. It was all over the news at the time.

    • SS,

      yes — all players should be gasping (relatively) for breath— when I say he is gasping– often it appears as if he is gasping for life!!! and not just breath— my eagerness for a trade now was increased with the news (that I am buying in to) of rift and his negligence in playing through injuries instead of resting for playoffs; just for his own goals of iron man streak– I believe there is interest— there will be offers– and negotiations— and I believe a better than 50% chance of a move— all depends on 8 teams he provides

  4. I would think the canes would need a goalie maybe the 7th and Demko would be enough

    • Not happening. The last top 10 pick moved for a goalie was the 9th for Schneider. Schneider had already played 98 NHL reg season games, 10 playoff games & spent 2 seasons as a 1B option to Luongo posting solid #’s.

      Nor is Vancouver moving Demko although if offered the 7th I would think they would take it happily. This isn’t meant to slight Demko but not a realistic scenario, especially with expansion, looming. It doesn’t really make sense for either team.

      The chances Demko could just step in & be a #1 without at least a year as a back up are slim to non-existent, ideally, he would back up a starter for 2 seasons. See Saros & almost any other current NHL #1’s adjustment entering the NHL.

      Carolina needs a goalie, perhaps darling has a better season. There are a few UFA options, Car could bring back Ward for a year or 2, sign a Halak, etc. or trade 2 2 that may be available. Grubauer in Was or possibly Lehner in Buf who rumours say they aren’t happy with. Neither would cost that high a 1st & if rumours are to be believed Lehner might be had cheaper. If Lehner could be had for cheaper I would be all over that as the only thing ailing Lehner is Buf.

      • Striker, i think you misunderstood Manontv. The way i see it, he/she meant Vancouver trading the 7th overall and Demko for Hanifin. Seems fairly even to me.

        If Wahlstrom is still on the board at 7 for Carolina that would make it a pretty damn good trade for them. They would address the goalie of the future hole they have along with some scoring forward hole to go along with either Svechnikov or Zadina.

        Question is would Vancouver be willing to give Demko and the 7th for Hanifin though.

  5. Phil Kessel has 4yrs left on his contract while his cap hit is $8m per season his salary (capfriendly) for the next 2 season are $7m -$1.2(Tor)= $5.8 and the final 2yrs $6m – $1.2 (Tor) = $4.8 the dollar are relatively cheap.
    Always been a fan and at 30 turning 31 Oct 02 he is what he is and he has been successful; give him a hotdog and let him burn it off.

    • Caper— thanks , didn’t know he had a dramatic front end loaded contract — at 5.8 and then 4.8— this adds to his value (to non cap ceiling spending teams)— there aren’t that many non cap ceiling teams that would want PK and then you reduce by number of those who he actually has on his trade list— I really can’t see PK listing Arz, Buff or Ed — but who knows

      • Sabres don’t have as much cap space as they should for a 31st place team.

  6. People talk up these players like crazy before they even do anything in the league, Hanifin had 32 points and they act like he’s Bobby Orr. Keep talking him up his agent will ask for 8 million a year.

    • Like Eichel averaging 58-59 points a year getting 10 per?

    • Ask but ye shall not receive

    • Anybody who ranks any player with Bobby Orr should have their mouth washed out with spittoon juice- Orr was one of a kind

    • Sabres….ahahahah

  7. Phil Kessel will likely slow down from his current production over the next four years, however he is still likely going to be worth his AAV of $6.8M for the last four years. That is not to say in year 4 he will be worth it, but he played so much above that value this year, that he should be expected to outperform the contract by enough in the next couple of years to make the last year or two justifiable even if he has declined considerably.

    If you were to sign a winger that would put up an average of say 65-70 points for the next 4 years, it would cost you well over $7M. So Kessel’s contract shouldn’t be too much of a concern. He will probably slow down, but he has room to slow down compared to his contract value.

    That said Pittsburgh never seems too attached to any player, and have made it a habit to move on from guys who aren’t Crosby and Malkin to maintain flexibility in a cap world. They have been able to restructure on the fly, numerous times, because of this approach so it would never shock me to see the Pens move on from someone like Kessel or Letang. It’s been part of their team strategy to keep things flexible. They have seemed more and more intent to keep commitments smaller to anyone who isn’t one of the Big two on this team.

  8. I think Boston will take a run at Hanifin. Not sure what it would take.
    I know their has been talk of moving Krug but I don’t think it’s a good idea.
    League is getting faster. Should have kept Colin Miller over Kevin Miller.
    Also hated the Nash trade from the beginning. Thought Spooner was better alone.

    • Dave I agree Boston will take a run at Hanifin, however they don’t have a 1st round pick.
      If they could get Edmonton 10th pick for Krug +, then they might be able to flip that plus to Carolina for Hanifin who Sweeney was trying unsuccessfully move up to get back in 2015.
      Also didn’t like the Nash deal or leaving Colin Miller exposed, I know some liked K.Miller toughness however he didn’t use it against Tampa and made a ton of turnovers because he couldn’t handle Tampa fore-check.
      The Rick Nash deal wasn’t that it was bad, never mind yes it was. If it was just the 1st round pick I would’ve of been ok with it, grossly over paid.

      • It was bad anyway you slice it. Bos didn’t need ash, they should have kept all those assets & if they really wanted Spooner gone looked to move him this summer.

        Bos will regret this trade for at least the next decade probably longer. It may have well have cost them a cup & it certainly blemishes Sweeney’s record. I had the same feelings when Bos traded for Jagr. The cost was less, a conditional 2nd that became a 1st as Bos made the conf finals & 2 fodder prospects. Jagr bumped Seguin to the 3rd line & I’m with Ron McLean in this cost Bos a cup as well potentially.

      • Hannifan-Skinner to Pittsburgh
        Kessel-Sheary- and a pick to Carolina.

        penguins need a solid d-man Carolina needs a scorer.

        smaller deal straight Noah Hannifan for Phil Kessel

  9. Thoughts on PK’s choice of 8 teams— He’ll likely stick to his annual fav’s of Chi and Minn– and I really can’t see him listing any Canadian team or Arz— that leaves 20 teams to pick his final 6— thoughts?

    • I think you can eliminate Boston, Detroit, Tampa, NYRs, Nyi’s, Nashville, Dallas, St.Louis, LA. I don’t see a fit on any of those teams.

      • I actually could see a fit on the top line in Dallas. Benn/Seguin/Kessel would be lethal. Moving Radulov to Spezza’s line would help the second as well. This is Spezza’s last season so his salary will come off the books the following season. They’ll get Seguin signed this Summer after JT gets his deal. Dallas and Pittsburgh made the Oleksiak trade last season so maybe a Honka, Dallas’s first (13th), and a prospect could get it done. It would be crazy to see Kessel with Seguin since they have that trade relationship.

      • The reason I put Dallas up there is because they’re not close to really competing next year. Having to deal with Seguin next year and either replacing or re-signing Spezza, and replacing a bunch of other guys , I don’t see a fit.

        If Kessel is going anywhere, I only see him going to a team ready to compete now.

        I like Pittsburgh as a good fit!

      • ” so maybe a Honka, Dallas’s first (13th), and a prospect could get it done.”

        What part of the Penguins are trying to win now don’t you get? Penguins? Win? Now?

        Dallas doesn’t have the top six wing that the Penguins would want.

      • Wait! Didn’t you hear Jesus… I mean Lou Lamiorelo is now gm on the isles? Pencil Kessel in on Tavares line with Kovulchuk

      • Look noitball! Pens wouldn’t need a top 6 wing in return. A nice depth wing and a d upgrade.

  10. Guess I am old school – players play and coaches coach which makes Sullivan the boss. Team captain needs to remind him of this.

    • Eichel is a point a game player, bad luck with injuries the last two years.

    • In the old NHL pre-Gretzky trade, not in the new world. A coach has to adapt to each individuals personality to get the best out of them. Exists at every level of sports today.

      I don’t know if you coach any kids sports but virtually all at least in Canada require such now. Not necessarily for house play in some but to be a competitive coach all do, either NCCPA, Hockey Canada, etc. I certified under the old Baseball Canada system level 1, 2 & 3 & even though grandfathered into the NCCPA when they adopted the program I recertified again regardless.

      It’s a touchy-feely world now, even to some extent at the highest levels of sports as coaches are easier removed than 23 millionaires, or players making 10’s of millions per season.

      Growing up playing competitive sports, swimming, baseball, hockey in a world with no accountability or formal training coaches pushed me very hard. Some were truly bullies but interestingly enough I remember none of the touchy-feely 1’s but a few of the hardasses who I hated I now look back on & think they forced me to be the best I could be & admire them for forcing me to give more.

      • Sorry dropped the word certification. Should read.

        “I don’t know if you coach any kids sports but virtually all at least in Canada require such certification now.

      • Hi Striker

        I believe they still do require it in all sports in the Great White North, but not 100% sure. I have not coached in almost 10 years. Completed through level 3 with Hockey but used that to also coach football and baseball. I can’t see them removing the requirement. As a much younger man when we were first told that certification was becoming mandatory; we young coaches were frustrated……because in our mind we knew it all — OK….ya right. Looking back– it was the right thing to be required. For each of the things that I already thought I “knew” going in… I learned 2 more …at least. Good program.

  11. 92 point scorers w/ proven playoff records grow on trees.

    Sullivan needs to get a grip.

  12. NY4L,

    re: “I think you can eliminate Boston, Detroit, Tampa, NYRs, Nyi’s, Nashville, Dallas, St.Louis, LA. I don’t see a fit on any of those teams.”

    Don’t see FLA on there– FLA has a a big tax ben over Pitts– not sure if FLA on his list but— at my expected peril— I will throw this out there— PK and that which shall not be named for Psyk and McGinn…sundry late round picks swap to balance things out. FLA gains scoring at sal less than cap (good for a budget team)— and yes it is at the expense of taking on that which shall not be named. Penn solidify D; at the expense of lower production….. But Sprong coming up and now more cap room to get another winger— this was not an inspired dream— more like a pitch that is “way high and way outside” just like Charlie Sheen as “The Wild Thing”

  13. I actually Arizona would be at the top of Kessel’s wish list if he was going to be traded.

    Nice weather, no pressure, Tocchet and Vegas is close.

    But I’m not sure that Arizona has the pieces to make it work.

    I still see a Phil for Ryan O’Reilly framework as the most likely if he’s going to be traded…with Brassard being moved for another piece, probably a defenseman.

    • MG

      I don’t think he will have Buff on his list; but I did post the other day — if it were— my dream would have something like PK+Brass+That which shall not be named for ROR and Skands— then flip ROR, Sheary, and Rust for Staal (per Elwood Blues–“getting the band back together” and Skinner …. trade works financially, and logically (a fit) all around; Pens solidfy D, and still have $’s for winger aquistions— but since it was a dream of mine— will never ever happen

  14. I am reposting this from above.

    Attention Trekkie:

    I am in the medical profession.

    I have no particular point of view on Kessel.

    Allow me to say only that your hypothesis that his long-ago testicular cancer has anything to do with his present physical appearance and/or performance is highly unlikely, not supported by the usual course of the vast majority of men with this illness.

    Of course, anything is possible.

    But likely?

    Anytime Phil Kessel blows a fuse, are we then going to say: “but wait, he once had testicular cancer, and all that entails.”?

    what if he back-ends some old lady’s car in a moment of inattention?

    He is who he is.
    He does what he does.
    And the obvious, well, it’s usually the obvious

  15. Letang and Hagelin to EDM for Sekera and the 10th?

    Pits holds 50% of Hags cap this season

    cap flexibility to make more moves for Pitts….
    more speed for EDM

    few days go I said Kessel plus for Domi & a 1st
    sorry Lyle…..i cued it a few days ago…

  16. Black n Gold, I read your trade idea: Hanifin and Skinner to Pit for Kessel, Sheary and a pick.

    First of all, Skinner-Crosby-Guentzel would be huge. Carolina, however, is fine on the wing. Even if they trade Skinner in your deal, Elias Lindholm can play the wing, Warren Foegele is on the cusp of being a full time NHLer, and on the right side they already have Sebastian Aho and will have Svechnikov/Zadina and Julien Gauthier right behind. Sheary isn’t a first line winger unless Crosby is setting him up, so the deal would require Kessel plus a better left winger, of which Pittsburgh has none they are willing to deal, or a center, and I don’t think the Hurricanes will consider Brassard the solution at that position.

    GM’s can get creative though! Maybe a 3 way trade with the Islanders?

    Car sends D Hanifin, LW Skinner, D Roland McKeown, a 2nd and a 4th to Pit.

    Pit sends RW Kessel, C/W Zach Aston-Reese, D Chad Ruhwedel, and a 3rd to Car.

    Pit sends D Hanifin and LW/RW Sheary to Nyi.

    Nyi sends RW Joshua Ho-Sang and rights to RFA D Calvin de Haan to Pit.

    • DeHaan is ufa

  17. PK is tired at the end of his shift. He has won two cups and his point total is his best ever. Leafs sent him for assets to rebuild. Now he is exactly what they need, an Stanley Cup experienced veteran that still produces. He is said to be a natural that dead lifted something over 400 lbs last summer at Robert’s workout facility. I am a Leafs fan that wants to keep JVR but if not would take PK for Kapenin if Penguins keep some money. I have appreciated what he brings even if he is difficult. Only a few guys can score 92 points. Anyone can be a banger. Although I did see him throw a couple hits this year. Skating takes less of a physical toll than banging so I see him more like a Marleau than a Hartnell as he gets older.

    Rutherford knows what he is doing so if PK is still there then he is still an asset.