NHL Rumor Mill – May 4, 2018

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A look at this summer’s trade market, possible defense partners for Shea Weber and the latest on the Coyotes in your NHL rumor mill.


FRS NETWORK HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cited Sportnet’s Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek discussing possible offseason moves on his latest “31 Thoughts” podcast. Friedman doesn’t see the Buffalo Sabres and Carolina Hurricanes trading their first-round picks (first and second overall) but thinks the Montreal Canadiens (third overall), Ottawa Senators (fourth) and Arizona Coyotes (fifth) could be tempted.

With the New York Islanders holding the 11th and 12th selections, Friedman suggests they could have some trade leverage if center John Tavares decides to re-sign with them. If Tavares moves on, they’ll likely retain those picks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll take a lot to tempt the Canadiens, Senators and Coyotes in parting with those respective draft picks. Those three clubs all need scoring punch, especially at center. 

Could the Calgary Flames consider trading defenseman Dougie Hamilton this summer? (Photo via NHL Images)

Friedman and Jeff Marek were asked about what might be this summer’s biggest trade. They bandied about several names, including Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson and Mike Hoffman, Montreal’s Max Pacioretty, Dallas’ Jason Spezza, Anaheim’s Corey Perry,  Carolina’s Jeff Skinner and Calgary’s Dougie Hamilton.

Marek suggested a new coach in Dallas could changes Spezza’s status, while Friedman noted the Los Angeles Kings are believed to have interest in Skinner. He also thinks Perry gets one more year with the Anaheim Ducks. Marek doesn’t think it’s a good idea for the Flames to move Hamilton. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some of those names (Karlsson, Hoffman, Pacioretty) were mentioned as trade candidates leading up to the Feb. 26 trade deadline. No certainty any of them will move but you can’t rule out the possibility.

Now that Jim Montgomery has taken over as Dallas’ new head coach, the Stars might retain Spezza for the final season of his contract. Perry has three years left on his contract with an annual cap hit over $8 million and a full no-movement clause. He could be dealt but I think it’s unlikely.

The Flames could get a solid return for Hamilton but I don’t believe they want to move him. The Kings might be interested in Skinner but I don’t think they can address the Hurricanes’ need for a scoring center. 


JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: suggested Columbus’ Jack Johnson or Nashville’s Alexei Emelin as possible defense partners for Montreal Canadiens blueliner Shea Weber. Johnson and Emelin are unrestricted free agents this summer. Other options could be sticking with promising Victor Mete, selecting prospect Quinn Hughes with the third overall pick in this year’s draft or attempting to acquire defense prospect Miro Heiskanen from the Dallas Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin does to bolster his porous blueline this summer. Sticking with Mete is one option, while Johnson or Emelin could be affordable free-agent options.

I doubt Bergervin will use the third overall pick for a defenseman, especially since Rasmus Dahlin, the top prospect in this year’s draft, will be gone by the time he gets up to the podium to make his selection. I also don’t believe the Stars will move Heiskanen, the third-overall pick in the 2017 draft. 


ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan reports the Arizona Coyotes’ acquisition yesterday of center Marcus Kruger from the Carolina Hurricanes could signal a makeover for their shutdown line. Center Brad Richardson is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1 and might not return. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Coyotes GM John Chayka didn’t rule out bringing back Richardson but I think Kruger will be his replacement. 



  1. The Habs should offer the 3rd overall and a 2nd round pick to Carolina to move up to 2nd overall. Carolina may be looking at taking Zadina anyways because they’re first-rounder last year is also Czech and has chemistry with Zadina. Make the offer take it or leave it. If they take it, Montreal can draft RW Svechnikov which is more of a need than a LW at the moment. If Carolina doesn’t go for it, you have to draft Zadina

    • I have it just the opposite. Mon has a bigger need at LW although where don’t they have a need. Gallagher, Scherbak, Shaw are all RW’s although Shaw can play any forward position. Drouin should be a RW, the position he played in TB, his deployment at C was a disaster. Lehkonen & Byron can play either side but isn’t Patches set to be traded?

      This early in the draft you simply take who you feel is the best player & really Mon needs everything, skilled forwards better dman & a backup goalie.

      Why give up a 2nd to upgrade to what is essentially the same asset. The difference between Svechnikov & Zadina doesn’t justify Mon giving up any of the 4 2nd round picks they have accumulated. They’re better served to use them to help restock what may be the worst prospect pool in the NHL.

      • I agree with all of this except for the obvious error that Habs need a backup Goalie.

        Yes, Svechnikov would be nice. Maybe a flip of oucks could be part of a deal where Pacc goes to Carolina.

        In any case, I very much doubt the Habs deaft a small, concussion-prone D such as Hughes.

        Yes, they need LD, but they need scoring more.


      • Carey Price to CAR for their 2nd overall and Darling


      • Ok, perhaps send Pacioretty to Carolina for C Necas, the Czech player drafted by Carolina last year who plays well with Zadina. Other pieces in this for sure, but that’s an option that gets you a high end prospect C

  2. It’s puzzling how the Canadiens act like Jeff Petry just doesnt exist, yet was a huge source of offense with Weber out.

    • I don’t understand or get this comment. They played him more than any Dman on their team with Weber out in almost every situation including the #1 PP unit! Petry was a fabulous example of what a player can do if deployed in such situations, well with the exception of his -30.

    • Not to sure of the last couple of years, but before, and especially when he was with the Oilers, Petry was very weak in the corners in the defensive zones. He is a good 2nd pairing d-man who needs to be paired with a stay-at-home d-man. IMO.

      • What’s interesting is they tried that with Alzner who I felt when the season started would make a great 2nd pairing with Petry but like the Drouin experiment at centre was a disaster.

      • I agree. I see Petry and Juulsen as a potential 3/4 pairing next year, if the Habs decide to go young. Juulsen is stay-at-home and Petry is a good veteran to play with him

    • I feel MTL should offer Weber to BUF for Ryan O’Rielly. BUF could use a mentor for Dahilin and other young D. Weber or Patches for ROR. Ideally, this is what I’d like to see the Habs do:

      To BUF: Max Pacioretty

      To MTL: Ryan O’Reilly

      To TOR: Shea Weber
      To MTL: Jake Gardiner

      • You have to be kidding. Both are bad for the Habs. Add Buffalo’s first and Toronto’s first and we can talk.

      • RoR for Patches, no thanks, but RoR for your first round pick this year and I’m listening.

        raging roumanian: You must be joking. No one can be that foolish.

      • How is getting a 50 point producing left handed shot and a 60 point producing centre; who won more face-offs than second place Sidney Crosby, bad for the Habs?

  3. Rangers need to make a serious attempt to get Hamilton!!

    • The Flames are not moving Hamilton, if any of the top 3 dman in Calgary move it will be Brodie.

      • Hamilton makes no sense for the Rangers especially with Shattenkirk(who’s boyhood dream turned into a rebuilding team during the end of his prime…)

        Rangers are stuck with TDA too…

      • DeAngelo was playing well before he got hurt. He’s only 21/22 years old. Hamilton would be a great fit with Rangers. First pair with Skjei. Shatty more suited to 2nd pair and PowerPlay QB… Rangers have a lot of cap, plus subtract whoever goes the other way. Hayes and Zucharello???

    • Do the Rangers really want to add another expensive d-man? They already have Shattenkirk (6.65mil for 3 more seasons) and Staal (5.7mil for 3 more season) then adding Hamilton would add 5.75mil for 3 more seasons.
      Not sure what the Rangers situation is defensively, but Hamilton struggled on the Flames blue line the first season with them until he was paired with Giordano. He was also paired with Chara in Boston. So do the Rangers have that type of d-man who they can pair with Hamilton?

      • Simply an age development issue. Hamilton will be 25 in June. was just a kid when he got to Cal. He just passed the stage of full development for Dman. It takes a long time to learn to play the NHL game at D.

        I agree with you on Brodie, If & again a big if Cal feels it necessary to move a Dman it will be Brodie not Hamilton who goes.

      • I agree, if Calgary is going to trade any d-man it will be Brodie. I just don’t know if he will get what the Flames are needing by himself. Although I can’t see Calgary moving a d-man until after training camp. They have a prospects in Välimäki (Fox is going back to college in the fall so he wont be at training camp) who is supposedly ready for the NHL. So if Välimäki has a strong training camp and makes the team that would make Brodie available.
        Now this might be my Oiler bias coming out, but Brodie has struggled the last couple of seasons and does carry a 4.65mil cap hit for 2 more seasons. So it maybe a little difficult to more.

      • I don’t really know what went wrong in Cal last season. Losing Verbeek early hurt as he played 1st unit PP mins & contributed 3rd line scoring 5 on 5. The Jagr experiment failed for some reason, I don’t know if he was truly injured or Gulitzen just couldn’t tolerate him.

        This was a playoff roster both at forward, D & in net. They couldn’t score & weren’t very effective at stopping the other teams from doing so although shot suppression was solid, Smith played 55 games & posted solid #’s. These things just don’t add up.

        Gulitzen bore the brunt for his personal choices as he should have. I never liked this coaching choice but even with him, Calgary should have been a playoff team. They didn’t just miss they missed by a mile. Happy to see Burke moved out as well, have never liked Burke going back to his time as Quinn’s assistant GM in Van.

        Still scratching my head when I look at this roster as to how they could be that bad.

    • No, they don’t, they just need to stay the course, ton’s of young Dman in the system. The only Dman I’m waiting to target if he becomes available in a trade is Trouba. Via UFA market de Haan. If neither of these to is available I role with what I have.

      I’m not sure NYR is willing to role out all 3 of DeAngelo, Poink & Gilmour as regulars next season & all are still waiver eligible but until clarity is offered in a trade or a UFA signing I see this on NYR’s D.

      Shjei, Shattenkirk.
      Stall, Pionk.
      Gilmour, DeAngelo.
      Smith, Kampher.

      Gilmour or DeAngelo could easily be waived making room for another NHL calibre Dman. As always de Haan is my 1st choice & would make a solid safety net for any young Dman & is a far better Dman than Staal.

      Smith may get another chance as what else is NYR going to do with him & Hajek is very close to NHL ready. If Smith can’t garner the new coaches trust he will get buried in the minors yet again.

      If Cal moves a Dman & that’s a big if for me, I’m moving Brodie not Hamilton.

      • If Winnipeg was considering to move Trouba, what would the return look like? Winnipeg still has one of the deepest prospect pools, so they won’t be looking at prospects and would want a dman with term back. Who has that? Maybe a three way trade?

      • The return would be huge. I agree Winnipeg has few needs but if Trouba has aspirations to leave which should become apparent 1 way or the other this summer, he controls such. His contentious 2-year bridge deal is up, he has arbitration rights & could elect a 2-year settlement making himself a UFA 2 more seasons out.

        A 2-year arbitration settlement would impact Trouba’s return in trade. Win would have to bite the bullet & maximise his trade value prior to an arbitration settlement sending to him a team willing to meet his demands that he wants to play for.

        Trouba’s value in trade even on a 2-year arbitration settlement would still be incredible but nothing like if the team acquiring him can lock him up for 8 years.

        Obviously if moving in trade the 1st asset coming back is a young stud D prospect, I would assume at least 2 1st’s, 1 being a top 10 selection at a bare minimum, +.

        I’ve been waiting 2 years to see how this may play out & may have to wait up to 2 more but hoping it gets addressed 1 way or the other this summer. I wish he would stay in Winnipeg & sign a long-term deal in or around 8.5 possible going as high as 9.5. Not sure Win is willing to pay him that much money, that’s significantly more than Scheifele or Buffy today & it would completely alter Win’s salary structure moving forward, faster than I think they would like to be forced into that salary range.

        Win also needs to extend Wheeler this summer & I assume like Little he will be locked up a year before UFA status. I get that Win may not be an ideal location for some players but this team is set to battle for the cup for years, why wouldn’t anyone want to be part of that.

      • Trouba will not want to leave the Jets and could sign a short term deal. I’d trade a top 10 pick for Trouba all day

      • Why would you waive DeAngelo? You go on and on about how long it takes for d men to develop and you’d give him away? He took over running PP when Shatty shut down for season. Kid hasn’t had a full season and you’d give up on him?

      • Striker. Gilmour is only 24. Signed out of college Rookie. DeAngelo is 22. Neither is getting waived. Ridiculous stayement

      • Why would they waive DeAngelo after giving up so much to get him? Why would they waive either of them if they are rebuilding? I hope they do waive DeAngelo because the Penguins need a 6D and with their track room and character locker room he would be a welcome addition just like Shultz and Oleksiak. Waiving young talent to sign some has been is short sited and is the type of move that should get a gm fires when compounded with other bad moves.

      • Agree, hoping he stays in the peg, this summer the issue will be address, either a long term deal or dealt.

      • Sorry Slick62 wrong choice of words, waived should read, sent down, he doesn’t need to clear waivers. Me bad not what I meant.

        I like DeAngelo & he will be running an NHL power play 1 day providing some semblance of a defensive game.

        I have this weird lag problem on this chat board & it’s a serious pain. Not to mention you have a finite time to get your post up or it simply is lost with the window timing out & you have to reload.

      • Striker. Got ya. Didn’t make much sense coming from you. Rangers are in a great position in that they’ve had a good core group in the 23-26 age group… plus all the assets they’ve accumulated. I think one big trade for a top pair right D (Trouba or Hamilton). And a FA ( Tavares🤞🏻). And they’re a contender. Meanwhile, kid Dobson could be had with 9th pick and looks like he can eventually be that type of dman

      • Caper
        Trouba and 1st to OTT for Karlsson?

    • Alzner and Juulsen are both RD.

      As are Weber and Lernout.

      Alzner, a LD, moves with all the alacrity of a cattle barge.

      That leaves Reilly, schlemko, Benn (also mostly RD), and the Russ they picked up from Toronto in the Plekanec deal.

      Suchin lies the Montreal problem.

  4. Really hope the Jets extend Trouba this off-season. He looks great with Morrissey. They could be a pairing for years. Only way they move him is if he wants to leave. Can’t think of a Dman they could trade him for where it would work for both teams. ? Have him as a piece in a bigger deal for Erik Karlsson? Or try to get Marner. Doubtful they would trade him though. something like Trouba/Roslovic for Slavin/Teurovainen?

    • As do I. My concern, does he want to be there? Is Win willing to pay what it will cost to keep him if he does?

    • If Karlsson would have ok demands then Trouba and 1st for him, or maybe with Doughty?

  5. I wrote a letter to brock boeser i saw him read my letter he said he will give me something,

    Go canucks

    • You have cameras in his house? The Canucks haven’t gone anywhere in almost a decade.

      • They went to the cup 7 years ago. Made the playoffs 6 of those 10 years. In those 6 years making the playoffs the won 2 Presidents trophy’s, finished 5th, 7th, & 8th twice in the entire league.

        Perhaps you mean last 5 years? 10’s not flying or at least I’m not buying it.

      • And Vigneault still unemployed? Doesn’t make sense. Carolina? Montreal maybe?

  6. CGY and ANA trade partners?

    to ANA: Brouwer & Bennett

    to CGY: Perry


  7. i vote for AV to CGY…would love the stretch passing to Johnny G….

    and while I am in a good mood i want to dismantle the roster in MTL

    To WSH: Alzner
    To MTL: Orpik & pick

    To CAR: Price
    To MTL: 2nd overall & Darling

    To DAL: A. Shaw/Petry
    To MTL: Spezza and their 2018 1st rd and a 2019 2nd rd.

    To whomever: Schlemko
    To MTL: mid rd pick.

    To (maybe) NYI: Patches
    To MTL: Beauvillier & HoSang


    To (maybe) DET: Patches
    To MTL: Athanasiou & 2019 1st rd pick.

    • hmmm

      are you mike milbury, by any chance?


    • Calgary already hired Peters as coach.

  8. Trade Weber and a late pick to TO for the 2018 first, Gauthier, and Holl. Habs get a third pair defenseman that can skate, a fourth line center, and a good prospect in the draft. TO gets the right-handed veteran Dman they need. Personally I would sooner see the Leafs go after Hamilton but Babcock would want Weber more.

    The Habs should then package the #3 pick and Patches to the Islanders for #11 and 12, and a good prospect or the rights to DeHaan. Habs get two good draft chances to select a center. Islanders get a good winger and a good wing prospect to try to convince Taveres to stay.

    This leaves the Habs to decide what to do with Galchenyuk (??spelling), and others.

    • Patches would garner the 12th alone…why trade the 3rd for the 11th and a not get more?

      • because a lot of this is silly.

        surely you must have realized that by now?