Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 13, 2018

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Latest on P.K. Subban, Dougie Hamilton, Phil Kessel, Ilya Kovalchuk, Ryan O’Reilly and Colin Miller in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

Should the Nashville Predators consider trading P.K. Subban? (Photo via NHL Images)


FRS NETWORK HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Elliotte Friedman’s appearance Friday on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 where he was asked by co-host Rhett Warrener if the Nashville Predators might contemplate moving P.K. Subban. Warrener believes Subban wears out his welcome and gets under people’s skins in the dressing room but feels his value is huge in the trade market because of his talent. While Friedman said he didn’t know if the Predators would go that route, he felt there would have to be a good reason to make that move.

Friedman was also asked about the possibility of the Calgary Flames trading defenseman Dougie Hamilton for a winger such as Toronto’s Mitch Marner. He doesn’t believe the Leafs will make that move. He doubts the Flames would trade Hamilton. As with Subban, if they were to go that route, it would have to be for a very good reason.

Citing the apparent tension between Pittsburgh Penguins coach Mike Sullivan and winger Phil Kessel, Friedman didn’t rule out the possibility of Penguins GM Jim Rutherford “swinging for the fences” by shopping Kessel.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t believe Subban, Hamilton or Kessel are being traded this summer. Then again, I dismissed the notion of those three being dealt before, so it’s always possible. Still, I don’t think there’s any problem between Subban and his Predators teammates. The Flames appear reluctant to part with Hamilton and the Penguins are likely to retain Kessel for another run at the Cup next season. 


SPORTSNET: In his latest “31 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman guesses Penguins GM Jim Rutherford “is the kind of guy I could see staying up at night figuring out” how to land New York Islanders center John Tavares.

“Sounds like Edmonton checked in on Ilya Kovalchuk. Not a bad idea, actually. But it won’t happen.”

Friedman also said it appears the number of teams contacting the Carolina Hurricanes about winger Jeff Skinner is growing.

Los Angeles Kings GM Rob Blake said he met with defenseman Drew Doughty following the season to outline the team’s plan for the next four or five years. “We want him here, and he knows how much,” said Blake. The “heavy lifting” could begin in June.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see how the Penguins can land Tavares via trade or free agency. They’ve already got Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin as their top-two centers and have over $70 million invested in 17 players for next season.

Edmonton’s 630 CHED’s Bob Stauffer said the Oilers never pursued Kovalchuk.

Sounds like Skinner could be the first significant move by new Hurricanes GM Don Waddell, provided the winger is willing to waive his no-movement clause. Cap Friendly indicates Skinner has a year remaining on his contract with an annual cap hit of $5.275 million.

Doughty’s eligible for UFA status next summer but the Kings can officially re-sign him this July. 


FRS NETWORK HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cited TSN’s Darren Dreger recently interviewing Buffalo Sabres center Ryan O’Reilly, in which at one point they addressed the recent speculation about a possible trade out of Buffalo. O’Reilly believes he has “a pretty good relationship” with Sabres GM Jason Botterill. If a trade happen, it happens, but O’Reilly said he plans on being back with the Sabres next season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In an earlier interview with Buffalo’s WGR 550, Dreger also reported he felt if Botterill got a good offer for O’Reilly at the draft that the Sabres GM would consider it. There will be interest in O’Reilly and I don’t doubt some teams have probably already made initial inquiries about his availability. Still, Botterill will want a significant offer after getting a low return for Evander Kane at the trade deadline. If there’s no decent offers, O’Reilly will return with the Sabres for 2018-19. 


THE ATHLETIC: Mike Halford recently suggested the Vancouver Canucks should try to pry defenseman Colin Miller away from the Vegas Golden Knights via trade or free agency. He pointed out Miller, 25, had 10 goals and 41 points this season with Vegas, averaging over 19 minutes of ice time per game. He also led all Golden Knights blueliners with five power-play goals and finished second on the team with 12 PP assists. Miller’s a restricted free agent in line for a significant raise over his current $1 million. A potential logjam on defense could perhaps force the Golden Knights to consider moving him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Halford admits this is “pure speculation” but feels it’s something the Canucks should consider to bolster their defense corps. Given Miller’s improvement this season in Vegas, however, I doubt the Golden Knights will seriously consider moving him.

Those offensive numbers cited by Halford are reason enough for the Golden Knights to keep Miller. With over $50 million invested in 19 players, they’ve got enough to re-sign such notables as Miller, fellow RFAs William Karlsson and Shea Theodore and perhaps UFA forwards James Neal and David Perron. 



  1. It will be fascinating to see how Vegas sorts things out after the season. No team has ever really been in this position before. Some of their folks have overachieved due to circumstances, some due to opportunity. While GM’s often have to deal with one or two such, Vegas has a roster full. They could well come out of the trade/draft season set to be competitive for the better part of a decade, building organizational depth. Don’t see them standing pat and trying to repeat this year with the same roster. The time to trade players overvalued by the rest of the league is at peak over-value. Florida in the ‘rat’ season failed to capitalize, and fell back to near perpetual mediocrity.

    • Richard, it’s funny how Vegas players have become overvalued – a year ago, they were exposed in the expansion draft by thirty NHL GM’s – there are many, many overvalued General Managers out there.

      • @BCLeafFan
        Existing GM’s hands were forced due to the expansion rules. I don’t for one minute think that any of the players lost to Vegas were deemed expendable by their former clubs.

      • Columbus trading a 1rst and 2nd would lead me to beleive they felt karlsson was expendable.

        Florida trading smith for a 4th rounder and the condition Vegas selects Marchessault would indicate one of the as being expendable though in this case I suspect it had to do more with cap dollars.

        It’s interesting how everyone complains about vegas’s unfair advantage at the expansion draft when two teams simply traded them a top line. Who knew that these guys would make such a good line at this point or ever?

        Would vegas be this good if teams forced them to take juat one player and refused to make a deal who knows? But I suspect teams will be more reluctant to deal with Seattle.

    • They already have a ton of upcoming picks and three former 1st rounders marinating already. Most of their better players are young. They already are set for the future decade.

  2. I think caper said it yesterday, I have a few buddies in the nhl and they say the same thing pk is not well liked on the teams he plays with. The bigger the game the more pk thinks it should be all him

    • PK is just wired that way. You look at every photo of any team he has ever played for that has won a championship, HE makes sure he is front and center in the photo. Not in the background or slightly off to the side. That being said, im sure Poile could still get a good price for him but hars to argue that Nashville’s run the past 2 years didnt feel the push that PK has given them

      • PK definitely has less friends than detractors in the NHL. I know some hockey peeps as well and they told me plenty of stories at this years all star game but there are other players who are not well liked as well. Crosby and others won’t even share a bus ride with James “real deal”Neal….if you follow PK on social media, his teammates wear is “PK approved” T-shirts, are always in tons of pics…I think they get used to his need for the spotlight pretty fast and you cannot argue what he brings on the ice…I would take him back in MTL and return shea webber in a heartbeat.

  3. Benning and Canucks have been in love with Miller dating back to when Manchester and Utica met in the AHL finals.
    He could definately fit right into the age group tho the asking price or free agent price could be signifigant

  4. I agree that Vegas is set up well for the future as well as in the nearby.

    I would be interested to hear a comment from self anointed all knowing-Striker. He railed on George McPhee on what an awful job he did during the expansion draft?

    • He only made 9 different selections than I made & 7 were essentially trades that couldn’t be accounted for accurately. We assumed he had deals with Pit, Anh, Clb & NYI but no idea what they would be, didn’t see the TB & Flo deals. Nor do I understand why he took a bag of pucks to pass in Ullmark in Buf.

      I had Vegas to be the best expansion team ever but still bad.

      I don’t remember railing against McPhee. Coming out of the expansion draft with Theodore, Tuch, C. Miller, Schmidt, Smith & Marchessault is a solid haul as were all those picks. If I did then I was also slagging myself as our selections were almost identical. The only differences were LA McNabb I had Clifford, Cal Engelland I had Brouwer, SJ Dillon not Schlemko, Arz McGinn not Pulkinen & Win Dano, not Thorburn.

      Wasn’t it you that said your brothers, sisters girlfriends uncle had McPhee taking Neuvirth?

      Swing & a miss.

      • Thank you for your revisionist view of history

      • Striker you bashed McPhee bad, so don’t give everyone that crap about only 9 different selections! You also said they would finish bottom when everyone that knew the players knew they would atleast battle for a playoff spot, and they’re gonna finish top 4! ……….just saying

      • Bottom 4*

      • Only one person on this board came even close. None of you had a clue so this thread is reading like a blind man picking on a deaf man for being disabled.

      • Says Chrisms that doesn’t even know what an offside is! Lol

      • when a defensive player goes across the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped… duh.

  5. PK for Marner straight up. Nashville needs more scoring and can handle the loss of PK and Toronto gets their number 1 dman.

    • Not a snowballs chance! That’s just plain stupid.

    • That would be a hilarious mess of tweets and snap chats from subban that the media would be all over! Lol

      • Agreed and as a Leaf fan I am aware you have to give to get but no way I’m trading Marner at this point.


    • its fair value for both teams. nash taking a risk moving a top pair for a winger but marner looks like a legit top line winger. one of the rare fair trade proposals on this site.

  6. I feel Mitch Marner is a solid keeper, something that the Leafs need to hold on to and could supply other players in order to attain a number 1 D.

    I would be looking into trading Ny and Gardiner for a PK deal..if that is not enough to appease Poile who “maybe” trying to trade a player that (may upset rooms) then walk away from the offer, but again Mitch I am sure Mitch is on the Do Not Trade list.

    • Those 2 aren’t getting pk! Gardener would barely crack the preds top 6! And nylander well you saw the playoffs he just isn’t built for them

      • Bigbadbruins,
        Nylander was quite underwhelming in this year’s playoffs, however, so was Matthews. Suggesting he is not built for playoffs this early in his career is a bit of a stretch. Look at Laine so far this year. He scored last night but isn’t hitting his stride yet either. He is on a deeper team, and overall is playing better than Nylander did. It is difficult for an organization to decide when to assess the long term impact they think a player will have when thinking about trading. I do think that at this point Nylander will be the big name that gets traded for a D man if Toronto chooses that route. Babcock and Shanahan will let Dubas know so no need for us Leafs fans to worry.

      • Nothing about stats Steven more about his effort when it got physical he looked like a scared puppy! His dad was no different, he did well regular season but he was useless like wee willie was this yr

  7. Nobody, absolutely nobody, ever suggested Vegas would be this good. I do recall Striker saying MacPhee could have done much better. But the general consensus was, with Striker included, that the Knights would be a competitive team. Their season illustrates the narrow gap that exists talent wise between the lower and upper echelons of athletic ability within the players that makeup the NHL. I think many teams will look to implement the systems employed by the Vegas coaching staff to garner success. William Karlsson is a great example of the opportunity that the Golden Knights presented to top flight talent that didn’t get the breaks needed to excel on former teams. Coaches don’t play but this definitely an example of how coaching can affect the outcome of sport. Getting an extraordinary goalie helps too, but even he was a bit of a reclamation project himself. Remember those Penguins Flyers series?

    • Well you obviously didn’t read strikers comments those days? I for one as well as others said they would be in the playoffs or battling! Stricker said before the season and even a couple months in they would finish bottom 4!

      • I don’t recall Striker saying they would be bottom four. He very well could have. I do agree with you though Bigbadbruin that Nylander looked invisible, even frightened perhaps, in the playoffs this year. But it may have been the playoff stage moreso than the physicality. I also agree that Nashville would not trade Subban for Gardiner and Nylander. I wouldn’t and I am a Leafs fan. Just bring honest. Marner played very well against the Bruins and was not intimidated in the least. Agreed?

      • Oh ya marner was their best forward

  8. Just wondering out loud if the Sabres would consider moving O’Reilly to wing. They already have two young centers; hard to consider O’Reilly a third line center. Move him to wing, trade him and use the $7.5M salary savings to go after JVR or maybe Kane.

  9. I am not a PK Subban fan, and I am always hoping that the balance shifts in the MTL/PK narrative. But that said, where is this coming from? Last I was reading PK was defending Rinne and voicing support for the team. Now suddenly he has worn out his welcome and is being traded? Seems like silly half-asleep Calgary radio speculation…. though i’d not be sad if it were true.

  10. Mitch Marner was the only forward who had a great playoffs for Leafs, Matthews was a dud and his sidekick Nylander was softer than a mink coat. I would trade Nylander for a great D man way before trading Marner but of course the Leafs coach doesn’t seem to trust Marner. Just let the kid play.

    • I agree with you Matt, and I, for one anyway, don’t trust the Leafs coach. I think he makes very questionable decisions. Like Andersen playing as much as he did and Matthews and Marner playing so little with one another. There is enough forward depth in Toronto to let them play together.

  11. Dougie Hamilton for Mitch Marner?

    Er, has marijuana been legalized yet?


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