Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 27, 2018

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Reviewing Sportsnet’s list of this summer’s potential trade candidates in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Rory Boylen previews this summer’s potential trade candidates.

Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban’s name recently surfaced in the trade-rumor mill but the speculation was shot down by management. Boylen considers trading Subban a long-shot, though with the Predators’ depth on defense, he wonders if moving him could someday become a possibility.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Subban’s not going anywhere this summer or in the foreseeable future. He’s a Norris Trophy finalist this season and a key part of their roster.

Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson is considered among this summer’s potential trade candidates (Photo via NHL Images).

 Despite the Ottawa Senators’ intention to re-sign defenseman Erik Karlsson and the blueliner’s desire to stay, it’s believed he could be traded this summer if the two sides fail to agree on a contract extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boylen noted Karlsson was linked to the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights before the Feb. 26 trade deadline. Maybe those clubs revisit their interest in him. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a Karlsson trade, but the high cost of acquiring him this summer could scare off potential suitors. 

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty raised eyebrows last autumn suggesting he won’t take a hometown discount on his next contract and his wish to play for a Stanley Cup contender. In April, however, Doughty insisted he wants to remain a King.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like Karlsson, Doughty’s a year away from UFA eligibility. I expect the Kings will do what they can to re-sign him this summer. Right now, I’d say there’s a low possibility of Doughty getting dealt this summer. 

Edmonton Oilers defenseman Oscar Klefbom’s struggles this season has sparked trade speculation. However, Boylen suggests he could be poised for a bounce-back season. “If anything, the Oilers could be selling low on a young, controllable asset, depending on the return.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree. If the Oilers trade Klefbom this summer they could end up regretting it, especially if they don’t get a solid return for him. 

Carolina Hurricanes forward Jeff Skinner and defenseman Justin Faulk have frequently surfaced of late in the rumor mill. With the Hurricanes under new management, there’s an expectation changes are coming to their roster. Boylen warns they should be wary of selling low on those two.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes must bolster their offense, so trading Skinner wouldn’t make sense right now. If they’re looking for more scoring punch they could draw upon their blueline depth. I think Faulk appears the most likely to move. 

Center Ryan O’Reilly’s season-ending comments about the Buffalo Sabres’ losing culture gave rise to suggestions he could be dealt this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres are a mess right now. Their rebuild has stalled and the fans are restless. There’s a big market for skilled centers and I expect the Sabres will at least listen to offers for O’Reilly this summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s traded next month.

Boylen noted Montreal Canadiens winger Alex Galchenyuk’s been the target of trade rumors for the past two years. The Canadiens need more offense, but Boylen feels there’s a risk trading Galchenyuk would be shipping out a player they actually need. Team captain Max Pacioretty also popped up in the rumor mill this season. He’s a year away from UFA status but indicated he doesn’t want to leave Montreal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After this season’s disastrous performance the Canadiens are likely to shake things up a bit this summer. I think they will trade one of those guys but not both. There seems to be a growing consensus that Pacioretty, who lacks no-trade protection, could be on the move. 

Boylen wonders if the Toronto Maple Leafs might consider trading puck-moving defenseman Jake Gardiner for a more defensively responsible blueliner. Moving him, however, could create another depth need. Gardiner will also be a UFA next summer at a time when expensive new contracts for Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner will kick in.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After his struggles against the Boston Bruins in this year’s playoffs, a lot of Leafs fans probably wouldn’t shed tears if Gardiner was traded. The Leafs, however, could prefer finding a way to bolster their defense depth without parting with him. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins could move a winger, such as Conor Sheary or Carl Hagelin, to bolster their blueline depth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sheary or Hagelin could be dealt for a defenseman, or maybe one of them is moved for a pick or prospect to free up cap space to add a blueliner via a separate trade or free agency. 

If John Tavares decides to test the free-agent market, perhaps the New York Islanders will shop his rights before July 1 to recoup a draft pick or prospect.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Isles realize they can’t re-sign Tavares I believe they will shop his rights to the highest bidder. 

Boylen wonders if the Washington Capitals might consider moving winger Andre Burakovsky to upgrade the roster. He’ll be a restricted free agent next summer and has been hampered by injuries and mental frustration this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t rule out that possibility, but I think they’ll stick with Burakovsky in hopes he’ll have his much-anticipated breakthrough next season. 

With the Minnesota Wild’s recent management changes, forwards Nino Niederreiter and Charlie Coyle and defensemen Jonas Brodin and Matt Dumba have been suggested as possible trade candidates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Niederreiter and Coyle were hampered by injuries this season, but some observers feel they should’ve been better. Brodin and Dumba have frequently appeared in trade conjecture over the last two years. New GM Paul Fenton could shake things up a bit. I believe he’ll retain Dumba but one of the other three could be on the move this summer. 

The Calgary Flames need another scoring forward. Boylen wonders if they might consider moving a defenseman such as Dougie Hamilton.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Hamilton hits the trade block I don’t doubt he’ll generate lots of interest. However, every time his name pops up as a trade candidate the notion is almost immediately dismissed by most observers. Hamilton would likely be their best trade bait to land a scoring forward, but I think they’re reluctant to part with him. 

In the wake of the Anaheim Ducks first-round playoff elimination and management’s desire to build a faster team, there was speculation suggesting veteran winger Corey Perry could be shopped. Boylen, however, believes Jakob Silfverberg could be a more realistic trade option. He’s still in his prime (27) and carries a reasonable salary-cap hit of $3.75 million, though he’s also a UFA at the end of next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been proposed that Perry, who’s been declining in recent years, might benefit from a change of scenery playing alongside faster wingers. Unless he waives his no-movement clause and the Ducks absorb half of his $8.6-million cap hit, he’s not going anywhere. Silfverberg, on the other hand, could be a more attractive trade commodity for clubs seeking an experienced two-way winger. 

Arizona Coyotes forward Max Domi also popped up in trade speculation this season. Boylen suggests he could be a good “buy-low” option if the Coyotes are motivated sellers, but he also noted how well Domi finished the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I don’t rule anything out, I think the Coyotes will stick with Domi. Sure, they could listen to offers, but I think they still envision him as a key part of their future. 

As long as the Vancouver Canucks are rebuilding, veterans such as Chris Tanev and Alexander Edler will surface in the rumor mill. Edler, however, has a full no-movement clause while Tanev has a modified no-trade. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canucks management repeatedly deny any intention of shopping Tanev this summer. If Edler doesn’t want to leave, there’s not much the Canucks can do about it. 



  1. Could Phil Kessel be the solution to the Islanders re-signing John Tavares? It’s been said here that Tavares wants to see indications that the team is moving toward Cup contention as a condition of his re-signing. A 92-point wing might offer some assurance to him. And the Isles have what the Penguins don’t—draft selections. With another expansion draft looming, assets that won’t require draft protection might be a good thing for the Penguins.

    • My guess is that Tavares would rather see Eberle and Lee extended and that the significant roster changes be on the back end.

      • cannot see JT waiting all summer to see Islanders make those moves….

        when they extended Bailey..I jumped to JT staying with NYOI @ 100%

        but after they missed the playoffs and the Islanders did nada at the deadline….I am now at

        30% JT stays
        70% JT leaves

        He should look at SJ & STL…… both have $ and solid depth

    • Kessel on another team where he is the #3 guy could be SJ or LA or Anaheim or… Nashville seems a tight group-Kessel might not gel….

      • I was looking at Kessel to SJ earlier. I would think it would involve boedker coming back. I think he’d be a good dit with the pens style. He plays both wings. So if u put guentzel crosby sprong. hags geno and horny. boedker brass and rust thats a good top 9. And if sprong would falter just move boedker up with sid.and it frees up 2m in cap space for the pens.

    • Would be a big mistake to give up futures for a guy that has a couple productive years left. Figuring JT would want an 8 year deal from Ikea, makes zero sense… they’re not that close to cup contention and as mentioned needs are greater on D and In goal

      • Ikea should’ve read Isles!

      • I enjoyed the thought of jt getting his deal and sitting on the floor of his living room looking at picture instructions of how to build it. And missing a screw

    • Interesting suggestion. Kessel certainly played well with Crosby and Malkin (when given the chance). Like his situation in Pittsburgh he wouldn’t necessarily be the top dog. A lot of people seem to think he doesn’t want that.

      • He wants to play with Malkin or Sid and for some reason coach Sullivan had him consistently with sheahan or brassard.

    • I still don’t believe the Kessel trade rumours. It makes no sense to move him now. They gave up good assets to get him. Kappanan would be a full time NHL player on most rosters and the Leafs traded the pick that got them Anderson. You can blame Hunter for choosing Harrington over Dumoulin, that could have made the trade a run away success for the Leafs. They had their choice between Kapanan and Sprong and Harrington and Dumoulin. Hunter insisted on Harrington because he played for him on the London Knights, he was the captain actually of a championship team. Rutherford needs to be proactive at this point and state publicly that Kessel is a valued team member. They can’t go into camp with this sideshow. If I had to bet I would say Haglen will be the one traded. He is on an expiring contract and a club rebuilding would be wise to take him on and then flip him at the TDL. I read a rumour page that said Jarry is on the block too, that would be a mistake and the return would be less than satisfactory. Next season will be Murray vs Jarry and that is healthy for both of them. Calgary has capable dmen at the AHL level that cant get a full time gig because the Flames D is so deep. They also need a winger or 2 that can contribute and put some pucks in the net. That is a good place to starry for a trade/

      • None of that kessel pens trade history is true. Nice try though I mean wow.

  2. “Boylen noted Karlsson was linked to the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights”

    I love the word “linked.” Translation: some no name sports writer speculated based on no evidence and all the others picked it up in a desperate attention to have something to write about.

  3. Carolina trading Justin Faulk does not make sense, it would leave a hole on the right side and the power play. Im not concerned about Carolina’s offense, they have the players they need within the organization. I’m more concerned about the back end than I am the offense. I think Brind’Amour can fix the defense but he will need a goalie. Carolina needs to start the season with Ward and a new starter or two new goalies.

  4. is the Canadian media, especially out of Toronto, that racist, that they constantly have PK Subban being traded, as they claim he is a distraction?

    I’ll take PK and his “distraction” any and every day of the year on my team

    • It has nothing to do with racism. It creates buzz and conversation, which is why it is on here. Why do you think it has to do with racism… because he’s black? Dont hear you ranting about EK, what’s the deal he has no blemishes?

    • MikeP, that comment has 0 merit. PK is a fine gentleman, good man off the ice, donates his time and money and is very well spoken. However that doesn’t mean he’s a good teammate.
      Brendan Gallagher when asked a question about PK said go talk to PK because PK loves to talk about PK.
      That’s the issue PK comes off that it’s all about PK 100% of the time. Loves the camera and loves the reporter, never seen a microphone he doesn’t like. This is part of the reason he is a media darling, because he’s a great quote and loves to talk about himself.
      If anything the media drools too much over PK, hence he’s a finalist for the Norris.
      Personally I like PK the person but not a fan of PK the player and that’s not saying he isn’t a talented player because he is but he is not deserving of the Norris trophy or being a finalist this year.

      • That’s the problem it mostly based on race.alot of young black players are like that.

        It okay to be all about himself. Too many times we see players in the NHL are too of a team players.

        A lot of players in Nashville seem to like him just fine.teams in Canada(including the media)are bunch of old dinasours that why they have not one any Stanley cups in resant years

      • Kaz, I doubt a bunch of old dinosaur’s is why we haven’t had a cup in Canada since 93. Because we don’t have a bunch of old dinosaur’s running teams or in the media. Other the Don Cherry. On behalf of old dinosaur’s, cheers to David Poille. In Nashville.

      • Roy bark ,old dinosaurs still runned the league and some of these media are still old dinosaurs.

        It still talk and do what your told.Pk gets runned out of Montreal because he hurt poor therrien feelings.

        Yes it is runned by old dinosaurs still.also I do not mean age but the attitude never changed.

      • Like who?

  5. Perry to Carolina for Skinner ??

    or perhaps Perry & Manson to OTT for Karlsson ??

    • Why would anyone want Karlsson at what $11 – $12 million a year with bad feet not tomention he is horrible in his own zone.

  6. The fact that PK Subban is a finalist for the Norris is another reason why the PHWA shouldn’t have a vote.
    PK is a fine player but he isn’t in the top 3 for best defenseman. The media like him so they vote for him. I don’t have PK as the best defenseman in Nashville.
    PK ranks 58th amongst defenseman toi 5vs5 and 4th on Nashville. He ranks 37th amongst defenseman toi shorthanded and 4th on Nashville.
    Lyle I also believe you said he wouldn’t get traded from Montreal, so never say never.

    • Uhm what pl does deserve Norris. Stop believing the crap Mark begins says.

      • Auto correct is not my friend.

    • While Brad Marchant might be the most hated player in the NHL by other players not on his team, Subban is the most despised player in the NHL by other players on his own team.

  7. Finally, a comment suggesting the Leafs should trade Gardiner! I’ve been suggesting this the past year.
    With big contracts coming up for Matthews & Marner. Gardiner will no longer fit into the long term plans.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets included in a package during this June draft.

    • D improvement is absolutely imperative for TML…serious trade will cost MM or Wee Willy…. looking at long term goal of Cup win …TML might just need to make this move IMHO…. this post not inspired by music or a dream … just a reality check IMHO

  8. Re-Posting (as it relates to comments above re: Phil Kessel; and to RIR; and ‘Lina) my ” I had a dream” post of yesterday aft re : Kessel and my Rolling Stones induced dream while riding to work on the GO train.

    “Dang, I was out of town and didn’t tap the net for 3 days and it’s only now I’m finding out about the possible move of Kessel . I know I mentioned this several times but wanted to bring it up again before I go on. I believe Phil Kessel is a very good hockey player he’s got great talent. No questions from me as to what he has done up until now. Skill set is pritine and gifted. but I do believe the talent is absolutely at its peak now and it is the very best time to trade him. The numbers that he put up this year proves how good and talented he is . However, outside of the fact that he was injured I have watched him for between 500 and 600 games and at each and every game over the last 3 years he progressively becomes more and more wind; and each and every year he is more and more out of shape and heavier. His raw and excelled talent has been making up for the reduction in fitness and progressive weight gain. The actual skating he does on each shift gets less and less…. lots of gliding so that he can put on that fantastic 7-10 second bursts of speed. 30 teams value him very high right now; 30 teams are willing to pay him at his peak 30; teams are willing to trade ….however only eight teams will be able to trade with the Penguins. I believe there will be eight GMs very willing to tak to GMJR, and he should seriously listen to any trade offered for PK. Trading PK right now will free up cap space and/or bring in a valuable 26 or 27-year-old D that would shore up the Penguins D and push Oleksiak to 6D ……and having Oleksiak as the 6thD means Pitts is firm on D. Very impressive . PK this very moment is worth more than 6.8 M hit …. next year this time…. that value IMHO is way lower . Trade at peak GMJR. I was actually daydreaming the other day of a 3 team deal …. Buff will very very unlikely be on PKs list but my pie in the sky (read delusional) trade had PK, the D that shall not be named; and Brass going to Buff for ROR and Skands. Then GMJR flips ROR, Sheary,Rust to ‘Lina for Staal, Skinner and Haydn Fleury…. yes I’m a big dreamer and it will never happen …. except with my headphones blasting the Stones, my eyes closed, on the GO train on the way home …. those moves have very solid D (Fleury 7D) . top line Crosby, Skin, Guentz; 2nd line Malkin & the Swedes; Staal would have Sprong and a free agent winger (more cap space from above moves)…4th… Sheahan; ZAR; Simon …. a guy can dream can’t he

    • seriously…why did you repost that?

    • Oh so you are thinking PK for Kessel also? That would be a big trade!


  9. I just dont know who would take Gardiner knowing he will want $5-6m/per year. Although he does bring some decent offence, his defensive liabilities can be costly as we saw against the B’s this playoffs.

  10. Minn was also on a previous PK list … a new daydream just came to me …. PK+that which shall not be named+Brass+Sheary going west; Eldest Staal + Dumba+ prospect/pick coming East … this dream inspired while listening to AC/DC in line at Costco Gas bar … not sure which of my dreams is more delusional

    • Peggy, I dont think that’s the music doing it to you but the ganja? But, I think the Penguins do that.

  11. Which winger are the oilers targeting to be drai’s new BF?


    Kessel would be great, depending who ends up on the other wing (lucic wouldn’t fit) Silfverberg or Skinner would work with lucic on 2nd line.

    I’d still like to see Faulk, Slavin, or Barrie added on the back end as well as a winger listed.

    Top Trade bait could include: #10 pick, Talbot, Klefbom, Benning, Puul(no), Strome

    • Zucharello is available. Or possibly Spooner and Namestikov

    • Domi,

      Still cheap, young, and fast.

  12. Re:Karllson + JT… I will not be surprised if VGK go super aggressive in pursuit of either…

  13. *Pengy

  14. I doubt hags or sheary brings back much of a return. they dont have negative value that it would required salary holding a an incentive for a team to take them but they also wont solve any of the pens depth issues alone… their cap space might help with that though

    • I personally would love to see Letang, Sheary, and a pick (preferably a 2nd) for a trade and sign of Doughty (yes I can dream lol). Even if Doughty requires a max value contract it would be well worth it! Both teams would still have a #1d right handed, LA would pick up a speedy winger with potential and experience, plus a pick (I wouldn’t cry if it took a 1st!!!). Not to mention Doughty was quoted as saying he wants to play for a winner. Doughty alone would solidify thee Pens D!
      Again I can dream even if it is out of the realm of possible.

  15. Pengy youre not supposed to drink the bong water bud

    • Nice thought ! No, dream was not artificially induced through herbaceous intake … I actually have not partaken in the munchies stimulant in over 30 years … I stick now to the occasional steamWhistle; but when I want to reminisce with friends about dalliances of Yore … we seek out a case or two of Bradaur (sp?) or Extra Stock …. to my American friends…. these are Canadian beers with a much higher alcohol content than normal Canadian beers… that bong water I’ll drink!! 🙂

  16. Here’s a thought! How about Subban for Kessel? Both seem to elicit much trade talk. Both have large contracts to move. Pittsburgh could use some defence and Nashville could use some offence. Nashville needs a goalie too of course.

    • I am not a sports writer so this isn’t “linked” to anything.

  17. McDavid, Lucic and Klefblom for Crosby,Kessel, Letang, Murray, 2019 first rd pick, 2020 first round pick.

    Oilers then move Letang, Talbot and the Pens first round picks to the Predators for Rinne and Subban.

    Ganja is a wonderful thing, lol

  18. If I were Ken Holland I would look at Kelfbom and/r Brodin and try to get rid of Daley, Dekeyser and Ouellet

  19. Jake Gardiner will be dealt by July 15th and has big value for teams who lack a puck moving dman who can both pass the puck as well as skate it out of the zone. He has a big body and can log 20 plus minutes,Jake’s value is higher to other teams then to his own where the leafs already have players like that.yhr leafs D is to much of one thing not enough of the other.

    I have a feeling that Willy Nylander night get dealt there is a big gap in play between him and marner,Conor Brown may also be dealt as his value to other teams ns6 be higher then tto TML.

    Leafs have more then enough offense with more coming both from young players getting better and getting more of a chance,they need to improve there d and get one or two better defensive forwards.

  20. To Oilers… Letang

    To PEN’S.. Kelfbaum and #10 pick