2018 NHL Draft Trade Tracker – June 22 and 23, 2018

by | Jun 22, 2018 | News, NHL, Rumors | 16 comments

Notable trades involving established players during the 2018 NHL Draft weekend will be listed here. Analysis of the noteworthy deals will follow in the Soapbox section.

The Carolina Hurricanes trade center Elias Lindholm and defenseman Noah Hanifin to the Calgary Flames for defenseman Dougie Hamilton, forward Micheal Ferland and prospect defenseman Adam Fox. 

Washington Capitals trade goaltender Philipp Grubauer and defenseman Brooks Orpik to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for the 47th overall pick in the 2018 NHL Draft. 



  1. thats it for a potential #1?

    • Pure salary dump to make room for re-signing Carlson.

  2. yup its a dump but avs solve net issues with varley being hurt 50% of the time

    • Yes, indeed. If Grubauer proves himself a capable starter, Varly will be cut loose next summer.

  3. Idt they flip grubauer. There trying to flip orpik. Varlarmov only has this yr left on his deal. Maybe they try and move him. Ur a pens guy arent u ds.

    • JAG-Rangers

  4. Nice move by warshington

  5. Rangers are nuts not drafting Wahlstrom with that pick, the guy they picked OMG

    • They picked a guy named OMG? I think they had no choice, what a name

  6. Salary dump or not, Washington screwed up. Carolina certainly would have handed over more than the #47 pick. Scott Darling is not the answer.

    • Reports here are that Carolina did indeed offer more than that but that WAS didn’t want to trade Grubauer within the division.

    • Paul B

      I know Carolina would have offered more for Grubaur for sure … but would they have taken Orpik?

      I believe trade was win win for both teams

      Wash cleared Cap and cost was Grub (who they weren’t going to afford to re-sign) and mid 2nd

      Col got Grub for mid 2nd and at worst 1/2 Orpik Sal (buyout)

      • I seriously doubt Colorado is going to keep Orpik, since they’re going with youth and skill. As for the Caps not wanting to trade within the division, I can see that, but this deal is, eventually, going to come back to bit them in the butt. To me, this is their second mistake, this off season, the first being not coming to terms with Trotz.

  7. Finding someone willing to trade for Grubauer wasnt a problem. Adding Orpik to the equation likely narrowed the field dramatically. Like Ottawa trying to dump Ryans salary in a Karlsson deal.

  8. What is WRONG with both Hamilton and Hanifin that they are trade bait and sent packing so young in both their careers.

    I know Hanifin is terrible on the D side of the puck and not grate Hockey IQ but a 3rd overall usually has time on his side to grow into the NHL ..something else has to be going on!

    Flames got better overall IMO and shed a lot of money !

    • I agree Kal…..wtf is going on with Hamilton? 3rd team in what , 6-7 years ? Is there an attitude problem ? Are we talking about a younger version of Jack Johnson? Yes….i feel Calgary did very well in this deal