Hoffman Dealt the Sharks, Flipped to Panthers

by | Jun 19, 2018 | News, NHL, Rumors | 72 comments

The Ottawa Senators have traded forward Mike Hoffman, defenseman Cody Donaghey and a fifth-round draft pick in 2020 to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for forward Mikkel Boedker, defenceman Julius Bergman, and a sixth-round draft pick in 2020. The Sharks then dealt him and a seventh-round pick to the Florida Panthers for Florida’s 2019 second round pick, 2018 fourth round pick and 2018 5th round pick.

Ottawa Senators ship Mike Hoffman to the San Jose Sharks (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No one’s surprised that Hoffman got traded. He was a fixture for months in the trade-rumor mill. Allegations of cyberbullying leveled at his fiancee by Erik Karlsson’s wife perhaps hastened his departure and adversely affected his trade value. Donaghey, 22, spent last season with the ECHL’s Brampton Beast. It’s interesting that this became a three-way move.

My initial assessment was this was an interesting move by the Sharks, bolstering their scoring depth while showing a willingness to take on a player with personal baggage, as well as perhaps taking them out of a possible free-agent bidding for New York Islanders center John Tavares.

With Hoffman and his $5.18-million cap hit through 2019-20 now with the Panthers, looks the the Sharks intend to keep some cap space available for a run at Tavares if he hits the open market on July 1.

Hoffman, 28, has tallied over 20 goals and 48-or-more points in each of the last four seasons. Though he can be a streaky scorer he should bring an additional boost of offensive punch to the Panthers, who were in the market for a scoring winger. There was talk the Panthers had talked to the Montreal Canadiens earlier this year about left wing Max Pacioretty but the Hoffman acquisition could mean they’re no longer considering that option.  

It’s a bit pricey for the Panthers in terms of the draft picks they gave up but at least it didn’t cost them a first-rounder. Given their youthful roster, they’re obviously comfortable with it. If Hoffman delivers immediate results it could be worth it. 

There was speculation the Senators might get a first-round pick as part of a return but they got nothing close to that.

They do get a veteran winger in Boedker, a speedy two-way playmaker who has two 50-point seasons on his resume. While his defensive play could be better than Hoffman’s, his offensive production tends to be inconsistent.

Bergman, 22, is a mobile young blueliner who’s yet to reach the NHL level, having spent the past three seasons in the AHL. He could get his opportunity with the Senators.



  1. reviews on bergman so far show he was a 2nd rounder who’s stock has increased. I thought the sens would get better for hoffman than a cap dump, downgrading a pick, and a decent prospect. maybe they jumped the gun to get rid of him to really see what their chances of signing Karlson really were prior to the draft? I admit I slightly overvalued Hoffman in this market.

    • The last few deals have been very obscure ..with Chucky – Domi and now Hoffman- Boedker …would not have wanted to be the guy posting those trade scenarios …in any event.

      the Sharks have really done a masterful job quite quietly bolstering their wing positions and adding at least 40 to 50 plus more goals and not deleting anything…they have gotten heavier and more skilled and if chemistry works out longer term they have improved in comparison to some of the teams they will have come up against.

      Senators fans regardless of the behind the scenes shinannigans should be disappointed in this deal should they lost one of the best pair of hands in the league….hard to believe that was the best deal out there.
      The Karlson deal better be a home run !!!

      • I think if Hoffman didn’t go asap, the chances of resigning Karlsson dropped to zero. With Hoffman gone (and a young Swedish defenceman coming back) they at least have a shot.

        The whole idea of getting a first after the allegations came out was Maple Leafs fan trade scenario ridiculous. Maybe if the allegations were regarding harassing some 4th liners wife, but Karlsson’s? He had to go and he had to go pronto…if they got a bag of pucks and a pack of gum.

        Agreed that if they still cannot keep Karlsson that Dorion has to knock that trade out of the park…but this is a move trying to keep him around.

      • Maybe Hoffman ends up as part of a deal and flipped to the Habs for Patches …Bergevin knows Hoffman well in that division …

        The Habs will need to fill the scoring VOID left by Patches if he is dealt to Florida…crazy but could be!

      • Why would Florida flip Hoffman for Patches?

  2. The value perhaps isn’t there, but if this helps signal to Karlsson staying I think it will be a big win. Boedker from a two way stand point will be valuable and can slide down the line later. Now I just need my Karlsson extension and Noah Dobson at the draft… and a brand new owner and management team. But the last one wont happen.

    • I love watching EK play and I hope he stays in Ottawa but I seriously doubt he will. I think he’ll be wearing a different jersey in the fall. So much of this mess belongs to the owner and he is not the guy to fix it either. Like many Leaf fans, I can still remember the Harold Ballard days when a once-proud franchise was simply flushed down the toilet by a terrible human being. Here’s hoping the Sens have new ownership soon.

      • BCLeafan,

        Boy oh boy were the HB days in Leaf land ever a hard pill to swallow.

        Mean old Cuss whose moves and “hands on” management dampened Leaf spirits on so many occasions

      • I take the other end of things with EK and hope he is dealt. In the right deal, you can get the pieces back to make this team a contender for the longterm. Plus handcuffing yourself to him on 8 years at 10-11-12m may or may not be a smart move moving forward (depending on who else you can sign). They would be better off throwing an offer for JT and selling to him their winger depth than keeping EK.

        I agree on the Sens ownership. I don’t see it as Melnyk is intent on getting a new arena built downtown which raises the value so he can sell. From my understanding, recent inquiries about the cost of the franchise were met with a selling price that is so high it would be completely stupid for someone to buy it.

    • Mtl wants Borgstrom in any deal with FLA , then they will draft Zadina at #3 , don’t need Hoffman and his crazy gf

  3. Hoffman was a bargain . I am sure there were better offers before this cyber crap. Sharks have a strong room with the Joes and Burns and Couture.
    Boedker is fast but doesn’t do much . Third line and sometimes fourth on the Sharks. Hoffman should be a top 6. IF Bergman can play at all maybe a wash if he can’t the Sens lost this deal and another step backwards.

    • You do realize Hofman went to Panthers?

      • I’m sorry. Looking at comments must’ve been made before Sharks flipped him

  4. All else aside — Sharks do better in trade but Sens not hosed as much as I had expected they could be .

    Thanks Chrisms re: insight on Bergman. I didn’t know anything re the minor leaguers in the swap. If Bergman effectively a possibility to be in the line-up and maybe higher upside to Doneghey (Crisms Yes/No?)– then the net loss not as bad .

    Ottw survived (so far) what could have been a complete disaster.

    • All I dids was some google searchin pengy. No props needed

  5. This looks like a win for the Sharks unless Hoffmans gf brings her laptop with her.

    • She has two laps I suppose! I said I wouldn’t post anymore, but I had to respond Ron Jull…… because you hit the nail on the head! Hoffman may not be the problem, who he associates with is! But then again, he is the problem because he does not know who to associate with it seems. Ottawa had no choice!

      • They always come back. Always.

        That right schticky?

  6. Obviously, the Sens lost this trade from a skill perspective. However, this trade had to be made and I’m glad it wasn’t purely futures given 1st round picks/top prospects were off the table.

    Boedker is a decent 3rd line forward who could fill in on the second line. Bergman could turn out to be an NHL player and is a RD, which Ottawa was sorely lacking from a prospects perspective. Donaghey is an ECHL player that I assume was included to even out the contracts. The 5th/6th round swap doesn’t matter as those picks rarely turn into anything.

    As others said, if this helps them extend Karlsson, it is a great trade for Ottawa. Plus, it allows Dorion to focus on the draft this week.

    • Plus, Ottawa saved $5.3M dollars over the next two years in actual dollars. Hopefully, they use that towards extending Karlsson, Duchene and Stone.

    • I’m not sure we could be any further on opposite sides of this. It is a terrible deal for Ott but they play the hand they’re dealt.

      If this harassment has been going on all season surely there had to be discussions within the organization & Dorion should have moved Hoffman a long time ago.

      Ott just lost a player that can score 25+ goals & 55 points comfortably who playing with Trocheck will be even better. The return a player who most here felt couldn’t be dumped by SJ unless enticing someone to take his 2 remaining years at 4 mil per in cap hit, 3 mil per in actual salary.

      If your Duchene or Karlsson what is your motivation to stay in Ott?

      • This will take me back to my comments about Dorion being inept to either you or Noel.

      • You like the layout of your house in Kanata lol

  7. guess this takes the Sharks out of the running for both Tavares and Kovalchuk? even if they buy out Martin, they need to hold space to re-up Pavelski and Couture in the near future

    IF they sign Kovalchuk I guess Kane could always play RW, though he prefers LW

    • Since they flipped Hoffman to Florida for picks it doesn’t have any impact on their cap.

    • well that opens a spot for Kovalchuk or Tavares. I think more likely it’ll be Kovalchuk since he liked playing for Deboer with the Devils

    • Not in the slightest but I still have Tavares resigning in NYI the odds have just dropped over the course of the year but still favour such.

      Pavelski will be 34 in July his new contract won’t have his salary or cap hit rising significantly, Couture’s could increase by in or around 2 mil.

      Neither will be onerous or significantly higher than the 6 mil each is hitting the cap at today. Thornton’s contract will be a 1-year bonus-laden deal so bonuses deferrable if achieved as allowed for players over 35 on 1-year deals.

      Using Capfrindly & I’m removing Gambrell & Letunov’s cap hits from the NHL roster as neither is guaranteed to start in SJ next season that has SJ with 18 players signed for next season with that gives them approximately 13.5 at today’s cap hit too, 18.5 to 20.5 if the cap hits 80 to 82 mil as is being reported.

      They can sign Thornton, apparently both parties wish to, Hertl, Tierney & Demelo getting them to 22 players. They will still have a ton of cap space after signing those 4 with Thornton’s deferrable contract & that’s before freeing up another 3 mil when Martin is bought out.

      I hope they don’t bring in Kovy nor do I sign Tavares if he does decide to move. I assume SJ makes at least 1 more trade this summer. Heed has waiver rights & there is no room on SJ’s roster for him nor is he well served sitting as the #7. I assume he will be moved with another asset to secure a solid 4th line C to replace Goodrow or 1 will be signed as a UFA & heed flipped to someone for a pick. Someone has to go on D even with Martin bought out.

  8. Wow. Now Team 1200 in Ottawa is reporting that the Sharks have flipped Hoffman to the Panthers for 3 draft picks. Sportsnet is also breaking the news on their website.

    • This may be the quickest result of a trade ever. Ottawa knows within 2 hours that they lost the trade to the Sharks. Sharks made out like bandits here, got picks, prospect and cleared cap space to be active in the UFA market.

      Sorry, I don’t buy the ‘we don’t want to trade in division’ explanation.

      • Fully agree with you. They got hosed and SJ looks brilliant on this one.
        Frankly I don’t get the rush on Dorion. Sure you had to move him but not necessarily today or tomorrow. At this point I would have waited until the draft floor and/or after bodies start flying. Find someone desperate to keep up in their division or wants a complimentary piece after a big acquisition and get better value. Clearly he wasn’t working the phones too well on this one since he could have cut the middleman and gotten the better package (with no retained salary) from FLA.

      • Methot 2.0 – no idea how he didn’t get Vegas to select someone else and throw in a 2020 2nd rounder – which is what Methot eventually went for.

      • Taz: Dorion would have traded a 2nd rounder to keep Methot. Vegas supposedly wanted Ottawa’s 1st round pick and Dorion rightfully refused. Unfortunately, he gave away that pick anyway with Turris etc. in the Duchene trade.

      • Van; Vegas can set whatever price they want but that doesn’t mean that there is no room for negotiation. If dallas can get him for a 2020 second rounder then Dorion should have had the negotation skills to do this as well. Heck, even if it were a lesser player plus a 2nd then Dorion should have been slick enough to realize this.
        The Hoffman trade is the 2nd example in a year that Dorion isn’t making ideal deals. These two are blatantly obvious, not sure how many more there are.
        Sens fans should be absolutely furious.

  9. The Sharks got even less for Hoffman than the Sens did. The Sharks must just have wanted to clear cap space to take a run at Tavares. The Panthers just improved an already decent forward group.

    • What’s that now?
      Sharks got a prospect from the Sens, Florida’s 2nd, 4th, 7th.

      Florida gets Hoff, Sens 5th

      Ottawa gets a kick in the balls. And another Pyatt.

      • Actually the Sharks got Cody Donaghey, a 2nd, 4th, and 2 5ths. Donaghey is a 22 year old that can’t even crack the AHL let alone the NHL. A 2nd is ok but the rest of those picks they will be lucky to find 1 of them playing in 1 game at the NHL level.

      • Dark G: Boedker is better than Pyatt, but I’d take Pyatt over Boedker given their cap hits. I’d rather have Boedker and a B prospect than the draft picks SJ got. SJ did well to dump an unwanted contract and replenish picks they traded away before. Ottawa is the clear loser in the trades other than dumping the massive disruptive force on the team.

    • The Sharks got to dump Boedker’s contract 2 more years at 4 mil per something most said would be impossible & came away with a 2nd 2019, 4th & 5th 2018 all Florida’s & a 5th Ott’s in 2020 giving up a 6th 2020, & 7th 2019.

      Florida won the most, they get Hoffman a solid goal scorer with great speed. He will look great playing LW with Trochek & Bjugstad on Florida’s 2nd line this season. He’ll have a career year for both goals & points. 30+ goals & 70 points if he plays at least 75 games.

      The loser Ott. They get Boedker & a B grad D prospect that was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2014 draft 46th overall. That’s 4 years ago There is no guarantee he will even make the NHL & it is odd he hasn’t so much as gotten a cup of coffee yet but far too young to write off.

      Did this make Ott better? As I stated the other day moving Hoffman & Karlsson isn’t making Ott better in the short term, the next several years & Ott had seriously better consider moving up #4 this year as next seasons 1st will be higher than this years.

      • Striker: I was going to reply to the above comments, but saw this hear. I said the Sens lost the trade from a skill/asset perspective. Without this cyber mess, Hoffman would have gotten a 1st round pick, a good prospect and possibly a little more. From the Sens perspective, I prefer getting a good third line player and a B prospect that fills a team need (the only other RD prospect of consequence Ottawa has is Jaros) over draft picks when no 1st round pick is included. I think Wilson did a masterful job freeing up cap space and recouping some of the picks he lost in the Toronto and Buffalo trades the last few years. He has a real shot at getting Tavares now if he leaves NYI. From a player perspective, Florida won by getting Hoffman, but we’ll see if the same team chemistry issues hit Florida.

        Dorion made the best of a terrible situation. Tallon even said that he didn’t offer Ottawa the same package he gave SJ to try and squeeze the Sens even more. The team saved some money that they can put towards potential Karlsson, Duchene and Stone extensions too. Even if some/all of them are traded, there is no way it will all be prospects and futures. Some good young NHL level talent will be part of the package(s). There was zero chance Karlsson would extend in Ottawa with Hoffman around. At least now, it is conceivable that he could sign.

        Lastly, keeping this year’s pick over next year’s pick is a nobrainer. They know they have the 4th overall pick this year and even if they finish last overall next year, they have about a 60% chance of picking 4th overall (only 18% chance at 1st overall). They are way more likely to have a lower pick next year than this year. Look at the way Colorado turned it around after a historically awful season. Plus, it sends a terrible message to the team and fans by trading this years pick.

      • Good analysis Van. But don’t confuse him with logic. Ottawa is doomed according to him – no way they can ever turn it around. It;s in the book!

      • Sure they can turn it around George just not in the short term. I’ll take any wager either of you is offering that Ott’s pick next season will be worse than this years.

      • Sorry for the state of your Senators. It’s of Melnyk’s creation. I didn’t cause the problem, just a realist, stating the facts as I see them.

        Time will tell who’s right or wrong.

        Are more fans going to Senators games next season? Here are their paid attendance figures since the 2012-13 lockout season. According to ESPN.

        2012-13 19,408.
        2013-14 18,108.
        2014-15 18,246.
        2015-16 18,084.
        2016-17 16,744.
        2017-18 15,829.

        According to


        The average ticket price it Ottawa last season was $135.00. Ottawa has lost 3579 paid fans since the 2012-13 lockout. These lost fans don’t only just buy tickets, but parking, food, alcohol & maybe some merchandise. Melnyk reduces the budget with each passing year to account for these lost monies.

        These fans are doing what George has proposed fans should do often to force change. Stop attending. Statista 2018 shows Ottawa with 10 mil in operating revenue in 2016-17 the year they went to the conference final. How much money are they making in 2017-18 then?

      • @George I’m no Sens hater, I live in Ottawa as you know and would like to see the team do well. I’m also a huge Karlsson fan.
        However, this is a real mess. I don’t see how you keep fans excited when you have all the issues and IF they end up having a bad year then the fans can’t even look forward to getting a game changer in next year’s draft.

        There will be two schools of thought on this one, but my opinion is that Ottawa should give Colorado their 4th overall this year; so in case they are terrible this year, at least the fans have hope for next year.
        There is no slam dunk prospect at 4 this year, Ottawa is best served to do their homework, hit a home run with the 22nd pick or try to move up in the draft from 22. A package of Smith plus the 22nd or something similar may allow them to move up 4-5 spots. Gotta get creative

      • Just my feeling, but I truly believe Ottawa will be out of the NHL by 2020-21 – with new owners. The ONLY way they’ll survive is if Melnyk sells the team to owners committed to staying – and I just don’t see that happening.

        One great disadvantage for Ottawa is the fact that it’s primarily a government city, which means – unlike centers like Toronto, Montreal – there are no large private companies holding large blocks of ticks who then dole them out as gifts, etc. Government employees/MPs/Senators can’t accept such “gifts” by law. As for the civil servants, there are still thousands of them who have not been paid properly thanks to the idiotic Phoenix Pay System.

        As for next season, getting rid of the dressing room distraction (Hoffman – apparently not well like generally for a variety of reasons) will make for a better atmosphere, if they’re lucky enough to get Zadina 4th he will likely make the team, and with the addition of Brown, Batherson, White and maybe Formenton, and with Chabot having a year under his belt, they will have a bevy of young hungry players anxious to prove themselves. They will also need a bounce-back season by Anderson. Can he do it? He is a physical-exercise freak and although 37, if Smith can be seen as viable in Calgary why not Anderson in Ottawa? Time will tell.

        Certainly, if Karlsson goes on Friday – which is possible – they will also get a solid return in assets. Enough to make them at least mid-pack competitive? Again, only time will tell.

        Boucher will be on a short leash.

      • ava are prepared to take hughs at 4 if hes there…add that to markar and other young dmen and the future looks decent on the avs backend…esp if zads stays on the uptick

  10. I think I would’ve held onto Hoffman instead of trading him to Florida. Unless the Sharks plan to make a run at Kovalchuk or Tavares. Thank God they got rid of Boedker though. The dude has been worthless ever since he got there. He’ll probably be the same in Ottawa. Only way he can score is on the PP. Need to score even strength, too!

    • This was all about creating cap space in SJ, they did just that but came away upgrading their picks substantially. You usually pay teams to get rid of a contract. Doug Wilson somehow got paid to dump Boedker.

      Thornton will be back & it will cost 5 to 6.5 on a 1-year bonus-laden deal. Too much money for my blood but if at least 2 to 2.5 is in deferrable bonus monies it works for me, nor do I think SJ needs Kovy. Few teams do.

      Kane, Thornton, Pavelski.
      Meier, Couture, Donskoi.
      Hertl, Tierney, Lebanc.
      Sorenson, Goodrow, Karlsson.
      Spare. ?

      As always move wingers around as you wish except for Thornton with Pavelski. That pairing is joined at the hip.

      • Striker….agree

        I however believe that this was just a delayed 3 way deal … can’t see SJ taking Hoff on then looking to move him… FLA deal had been verbally committed to ahead of time

        FLA biggest winner …

        Panthers got Hoffman and 7th(2018) for 4th(2018)+5th(2018) + 2nd (2019)… good deal for Panthers

        Hoff as at right now also gains from temporarily jumping out of the Ottw hot seat and getting more take home pay (lower taxes in FLA)

        If his fiancé is guilty and he knew about it …. I’m peeved

        If she is guilty and he was completely unaware … good for him … ditch her

        If she is innocent …. good for both of them

        Whoever did the posts …. you turn my stomach

      • Striker….agree
        I however believe that this was just a delayed 3 way deal … can’t see SJ taking Hoff on then looking to move him… FLA deal had been verbally committed to ahead of time
        FLA biggest winner …
        Panthers got Hoffman and 7th(2018) for 4th(2018)+5th(2018) + 2nd (2019)… good deal for Panthers
        Hoff as at right now also gains from temporarily jumping out of the Ottw hot seat and getting more take home pay (lower taxes in FLA)
        If his fiancé is guilty and he knew about it …. I’m peeved
        If she is guilty and he was completely unaware … good for him … ditch her
        If she is innocent …. good for both of them
        Whoever did the posts …. you turn my stomach

      • forget Thornton try to sign Tavares! Joe is a no show in playoffs.

      • Matt.

        The #’s don’t agree with you. We had this very discussion several weeks ago.

        Thornton’s career playoff #’s.

        160 playoff games played 27 goals, 96 assists for 123 points. .769 points per game. Thornton has played in the NHL for 21 years which includes the 04-05 season. In those 20 years, he sits 8th in playoff points & ironically 8th in games played over the same period.

        1st ballot Hall of Famer, 1 of the greatest C’s to ever play the game.

        Have you been drinking early this morning?

  11. 4 million extra to play with is great for SJ

  12. How pissed the Ottawa organisation must be! I would think the purpose of trading Hoffman to San Jose is to have him as far away from Ottawa as possible and to see him only once a year in their home barn. Their no way Ottawa knew San Jose would flip Hoffman to a team in the same division.
    Wow nothing seem to go Ottawa way. There is 3 teams happy today; San Jose, Florida and Colorado and one less miserable team, Ottawa.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      I assume Wilson had this deal in place prior but unlikely Ott was aware. Apparently, Florida bid directly but didn’t offer the same compensation they agreed to pay SJ.

      Flo & SJ both benefitted, Ott, as is common, gets hosed. How could Dorion not have been aware of this issue all year & not gotten Hoffman out when his value was higher?

      • While I agree Dorian has made some deals that look less than smart over the last 12 months, but he was in a no win situation with Hoffman. Just had to deal with it.
        Few points to consider:
        – There is no way in hell he didn’t know about Hoffman. I would bet $100 that so did the rest of the league. Players talk, players wives talk. It just came out to the rest of us now, as these are allegations, not fact, people clammed up to the media. As they should. He got what he could and moved on.
        – Duchene could very well turn into a better player than Turris. He got crucified for that deal. The team struggled which hurt (we have a clue into a big driver of that now), and it impacted Duchene who still played really well down the stretch.
        – Melnyk owns this team. He is a major dick and has alienated the fans and hurt revenues where they won’t or can’t spend to the cap and nobody wants to play there. Hoffman debacle aside, Melnyk is the root cause for most of OTT’s problems and the #1 contributor to players wanting out, or not wanting in. The organizations culture.
        My prediction is Karlsson won’t sign, Duchene won’t either. Start the rebuild and hope.
        I sure as hell wouldn’t want Dorian’s job, but it will actually get easier if that happens and he keeps his job. And again he will have no choice but to make those moves, or do whatever Melnyk tells him to do.

    • I agree with both of you. Tallon even said he didn’t offer Ottawa as much as he gave Wilson. Should other GM’s be made at Wilson/Tallon for hiding this the way everyone is saying they should be mad at Dorion for hiding the Karlsson/Hoffman mess?

  13. Ilya to SJ
    Nash stay in BOS
    JT To Toronto Kadri 3rd line centre JT Named Captian

    • That’sWhatISay,

      Still have trouble with Leafs agreeing to carry $23M on 2 Centres. Not impossible but I see it as a tremendous longshot.

      No matter what– if done— one of Marner/Wee Willy would have to go.

      More importantly — Leafs MUST move on a top 4 (preferably a Top 2) D… they just don’t have the ability to get to SCF with the current D… now or in the long run

      • A big package would need to go for Drew or similar if JT comes to Toronto. Yes maybe that last Pens Cup D is an exception but I cant see the Leafs current top 4 D taking them all the way

      • If the Leafs are serious about winning , then the target is Karlsson , not Tavares ; give OTT Nylander , a dman prospect and a couple of high picks, they don’t need Tavares !

  14. i agree Pengy
    but honestly if you were Toronto and you lost out on Steven stamkos basically Toronto was used to get him more $$$$ if they didnt take a shot at Stamkos i would say yes D is #1 for them this year, but the brass still see rielly as a top 2 pairing, the offensive side to a defense man, if you put dumont or another hitting Dman in the top 2 – top 4 and with andersen playing lights out, a proper backup that can play 20-25 games a year that solves that problem, the problem is they cant compete past 2 lines, if you bump kadri to the third pairing, matthews at number 1 and Tavares at 2 Marner and Nylander can be wings and they can do it, it will be very close every year with the cap but if Chicago did it with Towes, Kane, Crawford, Keith, Sharp etc. and win a cup why shouldnt toronto make a real run, honestly they’re not that far off, and JT a former number 1 pick can mentor matthews

    • & what’s the master plan when Tor doesn’t sign Tavares?

      • Do the Leafs believe Andreas Johnsson can handle JVR’s production on the next stage? And their top faceoff center/3rd line pivot needs to be replaced on top of needing to solidify the top 4.

    • I don’t think Matthews needs any mentoring. Would having JT be awesome? Sure, but in this cap world you simply cannot do that.

      There is no way the Leafs can add a top 2 D, sign matthews, sign Marner add pieces to replace bozak and JvR and sign Tavares and still be cap compliant. Plus resign/replace gardiner next year.
      If you notice, I didn’t even count Nylander since he is an obvious casualty if any of this were to happen.

      I believe they also cannot put Horton on the LTIR until the season begins so thats more cap $$ that Leafs do not have at their disposal when making offseason changes to their roster.

      JT, nice to have but can’t afford

  15. if they dont get tavares (which Montreal might be a dark horse if lou hasnt alienated JT already cause he loved Snow and Weight, and moulson, but montreal has $$$ and that would save bergevins job)

    i think they would go for a John Carlson type if not him or trade for erik karlsson lol jk

    they could use what they have and trade for a D close to end of term and extend, like the after mentioned nylander, i love the kids guts for a guy his size he plays leaf hockey except for the finish so he could be a gamble trading him cause he does have another level or two before he tops out at a 70 point a season producer

    im wondering but if not tavares they go hard for a D or two that will stablize the back end and hope that the forwards keep maturing and dont get stunted

  16. Could the Sharks be going for Erik Karlsson?? they just dumped 8 million in hoffman and bodeker

    • Burns 7 more years with a cap hit of 8, Vlasic 8 more years with a cap hit of 7, not a chance. Well, you can never really say never as Subban was moved for Weber so I guess Burns could be swapped for Karlsson in some weird alternate universe like the 1 that transpired when those 2 were flipped for 1 & other.

      • lol burns for Karlsson is like trading in your F150 for an Auston Mini

        i can see something brewing for before the draft with SJ i know Wilson needs to make the team better after loosing marleau and maybe joe

      • Neither Austin Mini or F150 make sense to me?
        And which is which?
        How about Ferrari vs Corvette?

  17. If a new building can’t be found for Ottawa in the downtown core in the next 5 years to help solve their cash flow problems Melnyk’s pledge at the outdoor game in Ottawa last December may well come true & that may be the only hope Quebec city ever has in getting an NHL team.

    That said all will be solved in Ottawa eventually & I like everyone hope Melnyk sells the team eventually. The NHL will do everything it can to right this mess if & when it becomes necessary as it’s embarrassing for everyone including the NHL & they don’t like being embarrassed.

    Thankfully Melnyk just got to cash his big fat expansion check & has another 1 coming very soon. That buys time for every NHL market struggling to turn a profit & assures Melnyk won’t be even considering selling prior.

    • Unfortunately, I agree with you about Melnyk. I don’t see him selling the team until at least after getting the Seattle expansion fee payment. The only way he would is if someone paid a premium for the team to cover for the potential expansion fee.

      I’d be shocked (and very sad) if the Sens moved given the way Bettman has fought for every team in the league to stay where they are. New ownership in Ottawa would make a world of difference by itself and I’m sure attendance would instantly go up to older levels just on that news, even in the current location. A downtown arena would be even better. Atlanta was the only recent team to move and that was because no one wanted to own them in that location.

  18. I am surprised that SJ is willing to throw another year at Thorton. With the knee injuries, slowed speed, and age factors, Joe doesn’t quite fit the plan anymore there. The Sharks looked better without Joe, much faster, more cohesive lines. I think they’ll wait to pull the trigger at least until they see if they have a shot at Tavares. That said, I think another Dman might be on their radar, and I would guess Carlson rather than Karlsson, especially after the swap with Florida made Ottawa look bad.