Latest Penguins and Devils Speculation – June 4, 2018

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The latest on Phil Kessel and Cory Schneider in your NHL rumor mill.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Jonathan Bombulie recently examined what it would take for the Pittsburgh Penguins to trade Phil Kessel. The veteran winger has been the subject of growing trade speculation since the club was eliminated from the second round of the 2018 playoffs by the Washington Capitals.

What kind of offer would it take to entice the Pittsburgh Penguins to trade Phil Kessel? (Photo via NHL Images)

Bombulie wondered if there’s any way the Penguins can be a better team without Kessel’s offense. If they were to move him, “they likely wouldn’t swap him for an impact player with a salary similar to the relatively reasonable $6.8 million annual cap hit they’re charged for his services.” Instead, the idea would be to add a two-way, top-nine winger, preferably on the left side, a middle-pair defenseman and perhaps some prospect depth.

Bombulie suggested “it would probably take a perfect offer and a series of good breaks for the Penguins to deal Kessel without suffering a drop in offensive production.” If a trade isn’t in the works, he felt “a reconciliation of grievances” between Kessel and head coach Mike Sullivan would be worthwhile.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Josh Lile recently suggested if the Penguins were silly enough to trade Kessel he’d be an ideal trade target for the Dallas Stars. He pointed out Kessel is under contract for four more seasons, the Stars wouldn’t be picking up his full salary-cap hit (the Toronto Maple Leafs pay $1.2 million of his $8-million annual average value), and he would provide invaluable offensive depth at right wing.

“As long as the ask doesn’t involve Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, John Klingberg, Miro Heiskanen, Esa Lindell (maybe), or Radulov the price is unlikely to be prohibitive,” said Lile. “Adding Kessel to that group would be a coup.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford recently dismissed the Kessel speculation as being blown out of proportion. “So I don’t feel that we have to trade Phil Kessel,” Rutherford said.  He claimed the reason they failed to “three-peat” was his roster lacked the energy to win three championships in a row. “I’m not sure anybody has it”, he said. “To me, that’s ultimately what happened to us this year. I don’t think pointing the finger at any one guy as the reason we didn’t win the Cup is fair at all.”

 Still, it doesn’t mean there won’t be interest in Kessel’s services. Rutherford probably won’t discourage inquiries, but as Bombulie points out, it’ll take a significant offer to entice him. He won’t trade Kessel just to be rid of him. He’ll want something that helps them next season and over the long term.

Kessel’s offensive skills would certainly interest other clubs in need of scoring punch. But while interested parties won’t be taking on his full cap hit, $6.8 million annually for four seasons is still a lot of money. Even with the cap ceiling expected to jump to around $80 million next season, that doesn’t mean there’s lots of teams that can comfortably take on his cap hit. Many of those who do could have other significant needs at different positions to address. Some could be budget clubs that will only spend so much above the cap floors. 

Kessel also has a modified no-trade clause listing eight preferred trade destinations. Yes, he could broaden his list but he’s not going to do it for everyone. Maybe a team like Dallas makes the cut, maybe not. 


SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Lamoriello could make that call but I’m not sure Shero is keen to make that move. Keith Kinkaid has a limited body of work as a starter. Shero could prefer assessing his current goalie tandem intact for another season before opting for changes.

If Shero were to shop Schneider, I think he’ll want a good young player who can help his lineup right now. Schneider also has a full no-trade clause and would have to bless this move. 



  1. The perfect trade for the pens would be something like this with Carolina or Islanders.

    Elias Lindholm and Noah Hanifin (Carolina)
    Brock Nelson and Adam Pelech (Islanders)

    This would free up a Brassad trade to a team that needs a 2nd line center.

    It would also free up the money to make a run at van Riemsdyk to play left wing.

    • Hi SDY
      Logic holds— but can’t see PK listing ‘Lina as one of his 8— and as per my post of yesterday — don’t think ‘Lina should move Hanafin now anwyaway. The NYI might be on PKs list, but the value coming back not as attractive (IMHO) as your proposed ‘Lina move. Might have to be sweetened. Does free up more Cap space for Pens for other moves but GMJR (IMHO) would ask for more.

      • “but can’t see PK listing ‘Lina as one of his 8— and as per my post of yesterday ”

        I really laugh at comments like this. What are you, a mind reader? Kessel had Montreal in his accept list when he was being traded from Toronto. Who would have predicted that? You also don’t know how willing he would be to go outside that list. Players do that all the time.

        OK, I’ll give you that no one in his right mind would want go Winnepeg or Edmonton.

        Anyway, he is not being traded. His being traded is like the sun not coming up tomorrow. Is it possible that it won’t? Sure, it’s possible. But MacKenzie and the like would probably say “there is some chance that the sun won’t come up tomorrow”. And every astrological discussion board then starts discussing sun not coming up scenarios.

      • Noitall – tell us, what do you do with all that spare time you accumulate by using ‘Lina rather than Carolina?

      • @noitall Kessel had Montreal and Boston on his trade to list because at that time he knew Toronto wouldn’t trade with them. A lot of people knew that and Trouba and Stastny want to sign in Winnipeg Byfuglien signed. For a guy who calls himself noitall you don’t know much

      • Ok I’m not getting this poke. Using lina is bad? Creates time? I just used it and though never clocked previous post I think it is taking me about the same amount of time.

        Perhaps lina has a diffetent gravitational pull than Carolina or Car. Ummm wonders never cease.

      • George, you made my day. A good laugh on a Monday is always appreciated.

    • PK is going nowhere. Coaches get pissed at players for a variety of reasons all the time. You don’t throw the baby out with bath water.
      JVR will get paid, going to a “relative” contender that doesn’t have to unload players to make room for his salary.
      I think Kovy more likely to go Isles because if they (and I think they will) sign JT, they’re in a better position to be a contender than Rangers (who will be a question
      mark) Ray aint trading Schneids. He is a #1 goalie

      • Isle are a playoff contender if they sign the guy that was on the team last year when they missed playoffs?

      • I’m a Ranger fan, yet I don’t really know what this roster will look like come October. It’s difficult to say what their plans are going forward. New coach, new system.

        Do they continue the rebuild and trade Zuccarello? Shattenkirk? Etc. And do they leave a massive amount of money on the table and NOT pursue guys like Carlson, Tavares etc? Do they keep all 9 picks , or trade up in the draft, do they use those picks to land an NHLer? Do guys like Andersson, Chytl, Lindgren, Hajek and Howden crack the lineup or get traded packaged for someone else? What kind of impact do they have? Is Spooner and Namestikov part of the plan going forward? Or are they packaged and shipped elsewhere?

        Way too many variables to say where NYR’s are until after the draft. As a Ranger fan, I can’t tell. Why are so many writing them off before it’s even understood what direction their headed?

        I’m not saying they’re Stanley cup bound. But depending on Tavares and what both NY teams do. It’s not like the islanders are light years ahead of the Rangers.

      • They’re headed***

      • “@noitall Kessel had Montreal and Boston on his trade to list because at that time he knew Toronto wouldn’t trade with them.”

        Oh look. Another mind reader.

    • Rumours have Hanifin to Vancouver for the 7th overall + and you think Carolina are moving him and Lindholm, a legit 2nd line center with potential, for a 30 year old right wing?

      Kessel has a lot of talent; but if Taylor Hall nets Larsson, then this ask for Kessel reaches Maple Leafs armchair GM level.

      • NYR4LIFE- Full rebuild IMO. They don’t have the high-end pieces to compete yet and they know it. They would not have traded Brassard, Stepan, McD,and Miller (all of whom had term on their contracts or no leverage) to settle on B+ quality prospects and overpaid free agents. I believe that they want to rebuild and fill the cupboard with quality blue chip prospects. Zucc is gone IMO and they will listen very closely on calls for kreider and zibanejad. NYR will compete for the #1 selection in the 2019 draft. By 2019-20, however, the sun will begin to rise.

    • If the Canes offer up Hanafin and Lindholm, that deal gets done.

      If the Isles offer up Nelson and Pelech, the phone gets hung up.

      • ….and I sure hope they don’t. Maybe one of those with a pick, but i can’t see both. For a team already starved of C’s, trading your 2C (or, probably, one their 3 2C’s) doesn’t make sense. Would Kessel help this goal-starved team? Yes, absolutely, but not at this cost. Or I hope not.

  2. Seems like most players who hit the rumormill These days have some sort of NT or MNT in their deal thereby handcuffing the GM from getting decent returns. Also seems most folks don’t take that into account when speculation swirls….if a guy will only go to 6 or 10 teams….those teams only have so much to offer I return….and know the GM can hardly shop the player.not a position of strength

  3. I’m awake and once again ready to get lambasted but I agree with Bombulie re: “Instead, the idea would be to add a two-way, top-nine winger, preferably on the left side, a middle-pair defenseman and perhaps some prospect depth.” This of course does not replace the scoring of PK but is a valuable set up for one or two more moves solidying things. The trade must also move TWSNBN— freeing up $9 M+ towards the top 9 winger and middle depth D coming back. This secures/firms up the D. There should be a bit of Cap + left from that trade— then moving Sheary and/or Hags and/or Rust makes more cap room— for a UFA acquisition of a top 6 winger. Sprong also coming up. With this, Pens would have 3 productive lines. There might be a slight drop (slight) in GF but IMHO, a dramatic drop in GA— net effect is more balance, more depth— back in contention again for a push to get another SC— Have at me— I’m a big boy — and there are plenty of corners I can crawl in

    • I will (again at my own peril) throw another “dreamspun” trade that fits in with Bombulie framework— again not going to happen as it is my “dreamspun” trade — and I can’t see PK listing Buffalo— but here ’tis— PK+TWSNBN+Sheary for Skans+Sam R + Jordan Nolan…. ouch I feel your stinging comments already

    • I think a trade like you mentioned for Kessel is the only thing that makes sense. I don’t necessarily think it makes the Pens better, but given the Pens want to contend now, and the team acquiring Kessel will want to contend now, it would have to be a package of lesser pieces for Phil from a team that feels they have adequate depth. JR has shown willing to make this kind of move in the past, so it’s plausible.

      I assume the TWSNBN is Letang? If so, I really don’t get the hate or the implication that the Pens will be better without him. He could be on a downward slope, its very possible, but even in a bad year he was still far more effective than he gets credit for. He’s a zone exit machine, and an offensive beast. He would have value, and I think he can easily be moved on his own, if that is really what JR wants.

      I think you would need to be quite careful with the thought that these two players being gone would be replaceable. They were both instrumental in the pens back to back cup wins, so it will be hard to replace what they bring. Hockey is an odd sport, it’s not like football where depth alone is enough, and it isn’t like basketball where one or two stars is enough. But teams success is typically based on the depth of the top 6-7 guys skill level. Taking Letang and Kessel out of that will make it a lot easier for other teams top groups to overwhelm the Pens top group.

      • Hi Danny

        No — sorry for the confusion — TWSNBN (That Which Shall Not Be Named) — wears #22— and IMHO is the worst Pens acquisition $ 4 $ in years. I was in pain watching TWSNBN playing for Leafs; then hurt again watching him on the Pens. I’m off to sulk in the corner now.

      • Pacioretty for Kessel?

        Paciroetty is like a year younger and $2 million cheaper.

        penguins replace a sniper with a for both teams? Montreal needs goal scoring…

      • haha no worries. I’ve seen Letang be very referred to by different posters as varying levels of terrible, when the truth is he as at most declining due to injury history, but when healthy a very talented player.

        I know who you are referring to, and yes, it is pretty hard to watch him get ice time simply because “he’s a good pro”.

        Hockey is a fickle sport, I think JR really hit it home when he said he didn’t feel like the team has the energy to complete a 3 peat, and that chances are no team’s guys do in such a competitive league.

        Your best players carry you, and sometimes teams lose simply because a string of bad games, bad luck or whatever you want to call it just happens to be over a small sample that gets you eliminated.

        The big difference in the Caps this year, is they are finally getting a massive performance from their core stars. Normally Ovechkin is great, and so is Backstrom, but Kuznetsov, Holtby, Carlson have struggled in the past in the playoffs, but are playing extremely well this season. In the past they typically failed due to poor post seasons by Semin, Green, or some other star piece of their regular season team, but this year, they are getting huge contributions from all of their important players. It’s really been the difference.

      • “They were both instrumental in the pens back to back cup wins”

        Try again. Letang didn’t play at all in last years cup. He is hardly instrumental.

    • “Bombulie re: “Instead, the idea would be to add a two-way, top-nine winger, preferably on the left side, a middle-pair defenseman and perhaps some prospect depth.” ”

      Bombulie is a a man of genius. And if you look back, that is exactly what I’ve been saying since this silly trade rumor stuff started. Only I doubt that could fit in a middle pair defenseman who was being paid market. It would push $4 million Maata to bottom pair.

  4. Kessel and Letang to Ottowa for Karlsson and Ryan

    • No

    • No thanks from the Ottawa side as well. Keeping Karlsson long term is the top priority. As much as I’d like to get rid of Ryan’s terrible contract, not at the expense of Karlsson.

      • vAN..Here is your koolaid..just looked it up.

        2017-18 Season
        Letang 9 g 42 A 51 PTs -9
        Larlsson 9 g 53 A 62 Pts -25

        Career +/-
        Letang + 48
        Karlsson – 36

        and you wanna pay $11 million for a lifetime -36 player glad you not handling my finances..

        Doughty I would pay $11 million for he is the total defense man..

      • black N gold: You’re using plus minus as your argument? LMAO

        Pittsburgh has been a perennial cup contender for years because of Crosby, Malkin and recently very good goaltending by Murray. Letang didn’t even play in the one cup victory and they won in spite of him in the other.

        Karlsson won two Norris trophies and should have won two others. Doughty won his Norris because of the Toronto media and Burns won when he is “all offence” like Karlsson and Karlsson’s overall numbers (Corsi etc.) were better that year. I guess you missed the playoffs last year when he carried the team to within an OT goal of the Cup final on one good foot. You sound like a Leafs fan talking up there players with that comparison.

      • I’m of the opinion there may be some use for Ryan (Bobby), not to be confused with Ryan (Derek, Carolina UFA) in Carolina. Obviously there would need to be a sweetener from the Ottawa side as well as eating some $, but Carolina has cap space and could use some veterans on the wing. He would effectively be taking Stempniak’s spot. The downside is a used roster spot that could possibly be of more use for one of several promising wings in Charlotte.

    • Slick62…Are you drinking..LOL Karlsson not only is worse defensively than Letang he will cost $4 mllion or more and Kessel scored 92 -points. He was the Penguins best player Ryan is a toxic waste land of what he was…..

      • Karlsson is not worse defensively than Letang. You need to get off of the Penguins koolaid. Every team in the league would rather have Karlsson at $10-$11M than Letang at his inflated $7M contract.

      • Van I’m not disagreeing with you Karlsson is amazing, but not last year check his stats dude HE LOOKED FEEBLE AT TIMES…..both sucked in their own zone. PLUS AT $ 11 MILLION PER VERSUS $7..ILL KEEP LETANG BOTH ARE EXCELLENT OFFENSIVELY BUT SUCK IN THEIR OWN ZONE ILL SAVE THE $4 MILLION…FOR OTHER PLAYERS

      • Van two things… one… Karlson after the lower leg injury didn’t look the same. 2.. not all teams would rather have karlson at 11 than letang at 7.8. That would depend on their cap space.

        that being said I would happily swap letang for karlson if the pens could make the cap work.

      • black N gold: You do realize that Karlsson had foot surgery last offseason and wasn’t even close to 100% until around January. Added to that, Ottawa sucked last year and at the end of the season, he was dealing with the very tragic death of his son. Even with that, he still had nearly a point a game as a defenceman.

        I guess we’ll agree to disagree because I’d gladly take Karlsson at $3-$3.5M more per year than Letang. Karlsson is top 3D in the league on anyone’s list with Doughty and Hedman.

      • Karlsson has 1 year left on current contract and you’re all assuming he’ll get 11mil? He’s 3 years younger than Letang and probably doesn’t get that much. Kessel and Letang both have 4 years left at a combined 14 mil cap hit

      • Van..i’m not arguing that letang is better than Karlsson he isn’t your right.. but Ottawa over the last 10 years has had some really good teams as well and good goal tending. Anderson Hamburgular..They were just in the conference final a couple years ago against the penguins.. many years in Pittsburgh wasn’t a great defensive team because when Crosby and Malkin were early 20’s they didn’t play defense either..
        now Crosby plays the complete game..

        Your on the team your on period can’t say would off should of..
        hell if Ovechkin played with the penguins with Sid he might score 120 goals.

        All i’m saying is I’m not paying karlsson a -36 lifetime player with bad wheels AND now and a defensive liability $11 million a season.
        He is better overall than letang yes…YES YES
        He isnt even close to the total package that drew Doughty is..and like you said before how every team would take Karlsson at $11 million over Letang..true

        every team GM would also take Drew Doughty over Erik Karlsoon ITS NOT CLOSE…Doughty can score, skate, knock you head off cover in front and grind he is the best all around d-man in the NHL..

  5. 6.8 m for Phill is reasonable value. Rutherford made some excellent perifial moves last year and should do the same this off season. Brassard will be much better next season and Oleksiak is a large and solid 6-7. Trade Sheary who appears to have fallen out of favour with Sullivan and let Spring play is all that is required

    • SS— concur— Brassard will definitely be better — was playing through serious injury in playoffs. Yes GMJR did make some very good peripheral moves— but had a huge clunker in acquiring TWSNBN— he absolutely MUST go— you can’t have $2.25 Cap in the press box for the season — and you can’t have him on the ice. Need another depth D.

      Sprong has to play this year IMHO. A must. My contention all along (again all IMO) is to trade PK at his peak(Now). I truly believe that his production will fall next year and thereafter (at quite a rapid decline). The Brombulie suggestion of top 9 winger and Mid D for Kessel, plus freed up space and then trading Sheary and/or Hags and/or Rust to clear more cap room for acquisition of top 6 UFA winger— IMO— makes Pens once again, cup contenders.

      • So TWSNBN is Hunwick, I too thought you meant Letang who I’m not ready to give up on yet. Yes Sprong does have to play this year because he won’t make it through waivers. Haglen has trade value because of his expiring contact. He could go to a rebuilding team like the Red Wings or the Rags because they would flip him at the TDL Sheary could go to a team like Edmonton or Calgary that need middle 6 scoring help. Maybe Sheary an McDavid or Draisaitl make a connection. How about Haglen, Kuhnhackle and a 2020 second for Gus Nyquist and Sheary with a million retained to Calgary for Rasmus Anderson?
        Guentzel Crosby Sprong
        Nyquist Malkin Hornqvist
        ZAR Brassard Kessel
        Rust Sheahan Simon
        Dumoulin Letang
        Oleksiak Shultz
        Maatta Anderson
        This only works if Detroit actually is re-building, which they should be because they are not good and Zetterberg is old and frail now.

      • please stop (message for everyone) feeding into the TSNSFMSFL stuff. was old before it started.

    • Van…no Koolaid here they are both are terrible in the own zone why pay $4 million more for the same problem…..

      they both suck can’t cover, Leave the net uncoverd, letang more than Karlsson makes bad decision pinching wise.Too be fair both coming off severe injuries so…we will see going forward. Ryan sucks for Kessel thats a joke…who’s drinking the Koolaid

    • Van point noted……your right letang also came off a major neck injury that sidelined him the last 20 plus games and all of the playoffs so he wasn’t right either……

      stats offensively were similar edge to Karlsson..but -25 to -9 letang better defensively.
      when both healthy Karlsson is the better player..BUT NOT SURE EITHER WILL BE THE SAME AGAIN…

      • -36 for Karlsson says he was worse than Letang last year….who was -9 even if you give Karlsson 20 pluses he is still -16…

        so give him the 20 pluses to make up for Ottawa having a down year he still sucked..

        -36 you have to really be bad and saw a lot plus minuses on losing teams like the Sabres & Detroit etc none are as bad as Karlsson…

        you have to really suck to be -36

    • I’m skeptical than any roster can have both Sprong and Kessel at the same time. They are both poor defense-high power offensive players whose main value is on the pp. There is no spot on the pp for Sprong. If you think the defense was bad last year, wait until Sprong starts taking a regular shift.

  6. To Strikers Papa,

    Sparks is very talented and IMHO will be a starter down the road— not there yet— can’t see NYI and/or ‘Lina moving on him now for their starter position next year.

    Re: “with Samsonov coming, either Grubauer or even Holtby may be available— Wsh may explore moving Grubauer— will NOT move Holtby now— Wsh is where it is in this post season mostly on the back of BH. Ovi has been a powerhouse; but Wsh is not here without BH.

    Re: Hanafin— again IMHO— ‘Lina should not considered moving him now

  7. Pens had some injuries and really missed the edge game on D without Cole,Hainsey, Daley(imagine that).
    There is no reason to trade Kessel without trying another run next season with just adding to the backend and keeping the forwards as-is. Secondary score ala Phil Kessel is not easy to replace.

    • I essentially agree. I’m not moving Kessel at least not this season & perhaps not for a few years.

      Buy out Hunwick, try to find a home for Hagelin & or Sheary. Pit has 13 forwards if all RFA’s are retained & that doesn’t include Sprong or UFA Rowney. Sheary seems to be the odd man out & although Hagelin has been a fixture with Malkin his cap space may be needed but not necessarily.

      If Pit buys out Hunwick & moves Sheary, that would save about 4.5 in cap space, Capfriendly shows Pit with 17 players signed & 4.7825 in space at today’s 75 mil cap. If the cap hits 78 to 82 mil depending upon the NHLPA’s vote on the escalator, that would give Pit 12.2785 to 15.2785 to resign RFA’s Kuhnhackl, Simon, Sheahan, Rust & Oleksiak. You would have to think that’s 9 to 12 mil for those 5 but that gets Pit to 20 players signed, Sprong makes 21 & pit needs to add 2 Dman.

      Pretty tight unless the cap comes in closer to 82. With expansion 2 years out, Pit may want to consider moving 1 of the goalie prospects they won’t be able to protect as well. It really looks like Hagelin’s contract needs to go as well, there is a log jamb at forward.

      • Striker,
        yes financials line up— please don’t consider a buyout of TWSNBN— that would just add insult to injury– still paying him something . He’s already getting $2.25 for nothing for potentially 2 more years. Buying him out nets cap savings but his now still getting paid from Pens for 4 years —- ouch!!!!

        Option one is to rid him with a package deal — in your scenario(s)— with Sheary and/or Hags.

        Option 2—- someone— please—- someone , will take TWSNBN off of Pens hands for say — 7th rounder in 2025??? Look at a team that must get to Cap floor—- Arz????

        If Pens can move Sheary, Hags and TWSNBN— $9.25M is freed up for re-signings and/or free agent acquisitions.

        Would Buff bite on Sheary + TWSNBN for Skandella? Net would be $1.25M savings in Cap space.

        I realize that ups the over-all D cost and either way would have a $4M 5th D (Maata or Skands)…. but IMHO— better than paying $2.25M for a D in the press box all year; or $750K for 4 years while he golfs.

        Move also makes for a much much stronger D group


      • not sure a buy out has to happen… a team might want hunwick at 50% salary.

        interesting fact.

        the tearm salary comes from salt, which is how the roman armys paid their soldiers.

      • I wonder if someone would take Hunwick with Pittsburgh retaining half? That would leave him at just over $1M/year for two years. I’m sure Pittsburgh would rather have 2 years of dead space than four. I understand he was bad last year (didn’t see him play after Toronto), but he could still fill in as a 6-8D at that cost.

    • All this stuff about Hainsey, Cole Daley blah, blah, blah is rubbish. The Pens lost for two reasons. 1) no secondary scoring, maybe due to injury and 2) mediocre goaltending, which didn’t bail them out like last year.

  8. I cant see the Pens moving Kessel unless they are overwhelmed by an offer. I would think moving Letang for a pick and 2nd line dman is a better alternative to free up cap space if thats the plan. Very hard to replace Kessels 92 points like him or not.

    • Van..i agree we just disagree that’s ok…..
      karlsson isn’t the overall package that Doughty is, Hedman is, Roman Jossi is or a few others.

      you would pay him $11 million for how long? I wouldn’t

      i also think Letang is more like a $5 million per not $7.25 per.

      both are never going to be the same due to serious injuries…serviceable yes superstars maybe? letang is 30 not sure of Karlssson’s age any d-man over 30 your taking a risk long term like they did with Shea Weber he’s a mess..

  9. To Dee

    Like the thought process but would need more back from Cgy.

    D must get shored up. No matter anything else happening. TWSNBN out— anybody in. That’s a must.

    Reading through most comments w.r.t. PK and loss of points in the hear and now and future. Noted. I’m just basing on MY premise of MY belief (and I realize that this is not shared by many) that PKs production will fall next and subsequent years— thus trading him now (to me) makes most sense.

    again with my dreamin’ … and outlandish likelihood that PK lists Buff— major swap — PK+Sheary+Rust+TWSNBN for Rhein, Rodrig, Skan, Nolan; and then flip Hags somewhere for a prospect/depth 13th/14th type of fwd plus maybe a 4th rounder. Sprong up.

    That move absolutely shores up D.

    Now you have
    Crosby with Guentz& Rhein
    Malkin with Hrn
    Brass with ZAR & Sprong
    Sheahan plus 4 depth fwds (Rodrgi, Nolan, Simon and ??[from Hags trade]

    Going out is 79 GF; coming in is 41 GF (plus whatever (3 or 4??) that extra depth forward from Hags trade gets; and Sprong???— give him 10???

    The differential is about 25 GF and you have a shored up D; G set with Murray and Jarry

    Quick estimates after renewing above contracts then leaves prob $8-9M) with $80M cap and $10-$11M (with $82M cap ceiling) to have space at the end and to aquire a UFA winger to play with Malkin/Hrn

    $7M should get Pens at least a 25 G scorer

    Shoot for the moon and go $8M on JVR and look out

    Even throwing $6.5M * 2 for Kovy should easily get the 25 GF if he is on Malkin’s wing.

    All in theory— all not going to happen — ‘cuz it is in my dreams— just a thought for “ships and giggles” to chew on , and then rapidly spit out.

    Long and short— no matter what— there MUST be a change from current D— cannot win with that in place— the wasted $2.25M peeves me more than anything else

    Again… have at me— I deserve it

  10. To George O.

    Re: “Noitall – tell us, what do you do with all that spare time you accumulate by using ‘Lina rather than Carolina?”

    That was my bad — Noitall was quoting me and my use of ” ‘Lina ”

    Leaving off the “Caro” saves me a second each time I use it— at my age — I’m counting all I can get.


    • Try “Canes”

  11. Striker— congratulations on your expanding family tree….. today alone gaining a step dad??? and a long forgotten brother/cousin (Shoot me Down Striker)— nice!

  12. The Stars have a prospect named Denis Gurianov. Looked like a poor man’s Malkin at the WJC. If he’s in the offer, I’d definitely take Nill’s phone call were I GMJR.

    If the Wild offered Niederreiter and Jordan Greenway, I’d call Central Registry if I were GMJR.

    Both teams are in win now mode and are places Phil might be willing to play.

  13. MG,
    Greenway quite a strapping lad and has a future. Niederreiter had a down year and (as at now) IMHO was not worth (this past year) what he was paid.

    Even seeing a bounce-back— sending one forward to get 2 back when Pens have wing prospects already, might not be the way to go

    Me thinks a deal with Minn would have to include Dumba— this would not be a PK for Dumba 1 for 1 trade— other moving pieces— but PK and Dumba would be the main swaps

    Re Stars — Gurianov is a future piece but Pens in the win now mode— so Gurianov would have to be an auxiliary piece to a multi-player swap that included at least one key Dallas roster player coming back.

  14. Brendan SMith (NYR) to PITTS for Hunwick & Hags

    let the Smith trades commence…….

    • IHC

      Hmmm Good Sir— we’re close. Perhaps if both teams take back $’s on the bad D contracts… Pens take back $1.1 on TWSNBN ; NYR $1.35 on Smith… so for next two years — deal is $250 K off from your offer (NYR needing to pay $250K more in 18/19 & 19/20 than your offer)— but then NYR has to pay Smith $1.35M in 20/21 and Pens pay him $3.0M…. do we have a deal sir?

    • This is the first time I’ve seen a Smith trade that almost works. But I don’t think any $’s need to be retained. Smith has an extra year but Hagelin and Hunwick Are 6+ combine next year vs. smith at 4.35

      I say almost because NY and Pittsburgh are unlikely trading partners. Have these 2 teams competed a trade since the Jagr talks broke down and Pittsburgh shipped Jagr to Washington? And is NY really willing to try out Hunwick to be the 7th -8th guy yet again?

      • NY4L

        IHC and I almost have a signed deal here… please don’t give him the jitters on this …. he has pen in hand ready to sign …. Pens almost rid of TWSNBN…. I’m in a good mood …. please don’t take the day’s hi-light from me

        ….. pretty please

  15. For Black n Gold Karlsson on the Penguins the last 3 years would probably average 100 points a year and be +200. That’s the difference between him and Letang and I like Letang

    • yogi…..can’t say i disagree with you about if Karlsson was with the Penguins.

      We can’t deal with could ofs, should ofs, if this were true, hell if OvechKin played with Crosby steady he might score 125 goals in a season…you just can’t do that


  16. Geez, all these comments. I just want to know who the Canadiens are trading and what are they getting in return. Yeah, I’ve heard all the Pacioretty talk but who else are we going to move out.

  17. enough with all the kessel talk, who really cares, hes an overrated hot dog eatin round faced crybaby who cherrypicks and doesn’t back check. Did i miss anything.

    • Tony..cmon dude kessel whether you like em ot hate em he is an elite goal scorer and is underrated…like you never ate a hot dog…:)

  18. I love the newbies. Even if fly takes em out. (100 points to anyone that knows the reference). It’s good to see the forum grow. Ain’t that right George Caper I hate ds striker ny schticky bandg etc etc?