NHL Rumor Mill – June 1, 2018

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Latest on Phil Kessel, Tyler Johnson and John Tavares in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET:  Sonny Sachdeva is the latest to weigh in with trade destinations for Pittsburgh Penguins winger Phil Kessel, suggesting the Calgary Flames, Columbus Blue Jackets, Vegas Golden Knights, New Jersey Devils and Minnesota Wild as potential targets.

He notes the Flames have $12.5 million in cap space and proposes packaging defenseman T.J. Brodie with “a couple of enticing prospects”, making Kessel the legitimate top-line winger they need play alongside Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau. The Blue Jackets have $13.4 million in cap space and Sachdeva suggests packaging winger Cam Atkinson or center Brandon Dubinsky with prospects.

If the Golden Knights opt not to bring back William Karlsson, James Neal and David Perron, they would have enough cap space to take on Kessel. Sacheva suggests using Erik Haula as the centerpiece of a package offer. He also proposes the Devils package Marcus Johansson. He feels the Wild have plenty of possible trade candidates, such as Jonas Brodin, Charlie Coyle and  Nino Niederreiter.

THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Josh Yohe addressed questions about a possible Kessel trade. While he considers such a move possible, he also feels it’s unlikely to happen this summer. He believes general manager Jim Rutherford could make a significant move or two but doesn’t expect him to mess very much with the roster core.

Yohe also noted recent speculation linking the Penguins to Arizona Coyotes winger Max Domi. If Kessel is going to be traded, Yohe feels Arizona could be a destination because of the winger’s relationship with former Penguins coach Rick Tocchet. He pointed out that Domi is a talented young player who could be a good fit with the Penguins, plus his father (former NHL enforcer Tie Domi) is a good friend of Penguins owner Mario Lemieux. Still, he admits he doesn’t know if that’s enough to trade for him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been a week since a report emerged claiming the Penguins were going to try and trade Kessel and he was willing to accept it. So far, neither side has commented on the speculation. As one Pittsburgh pundit noted, when the Kessel trade rumors popped up last summer, Penguins GM Jim Rutherford quickly smacked them down. Make what you will of his current silence.

Could Kessel be traded? Sure. Will he? That remains to be seen. He’s carrying a $6.8-million cap hit through 2021-22 and a modified no-trade clause in which he approves eight potential trade destinations. Those factors alone make him difficult, though not impossible, to move.

As for Sachdeva’s suggested trade destinations, I think the Penguins would want Dougie Hamilton, not Brodie, as part of the return for Kessel. That’s likely a deal breaker for the Flames, assuming Kessel will accept a trade to the Stampede City. The Blue Jackets need scoring punch at center, not on right wing, so I don’t see Kessel as a fit in Columbus.

I don’t consider Johansson as enough to entice the Penguins into sending Kessel to the Devils. The Golden Knights could part ways with Neal and Perron, but they’re definitely re-signing Karlsson. Besides, if GM George McPhee revisits his interest in Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson, he won’t have sufficient assets to pursue Kessel.

The Wild, however, could be an intriguing possibility. They’re under new management and could shake things up. Kessel might interest them, though his hefty cap hit means they’ll have to free up considerable cap space to take him on. 

Speaking of Domi for Kessel, Yohe makes a good point about the winger’s relationship with Tocchet, but would Kessel want to join a perpetually rebuilding team? He’s got two Cup rings and could prefer joining another championship contender. 

Tampa Bay Lightning center Tyler Johnson’s no-trade clause begins on July 1 (Photo via NHL Images).


THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Joe Smith addressed recent trade speculation regarding Tampa Bay Lightning center Tyler Johnson. While Johnson surfaced in trade rumors over the past two years, he was considered among the Lightning’s core players. Noting the center’s no-trade clause kicks in on July 1, Smith feels the Lightning have a narrow window to operate if they have any interest in moving him.

While Johnson’s completing the first season of a six-year deal, moving him would free up $5 million of annual cap space that could be invested in re-signing players such as Nikita Kucherov, Brayden Point and Andrej Vasilevskiy. Given the Lightning’s depth at center, they could afford to use Johnson as a trade chip to bolster their depth elsewhere. Smith suggests offering him to the Carolina Hurricanes for defenseman Justin Faulk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what the Lightning do this summer. Yzerman could opt to make one or two minor tweaks in hopes of another run for the Stanley Cup with largely the same roster next season. Still, the Bolts could stand to get younger and faster on the blueline. Johnson could perhaps fetch that type of player in return. 



SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Blackhawks have over $68 million tied up in 17 players for next season. Unless they can shed over $11 million in cap space, as that’s what Tavares is likely to command on the open market, I don’t see how the Blackhawks can afford him. 



  1. I don’t know whether or not the Jackets have any interest in Kessel. But I had to laugh when I read the suggested trade chips. Why would the Jackets trade Atkinson, their most consistent points scorer for the last few seasons? Why would Pittsburgh accept Dubi, whose physical style has caused his numbers to decline in the last couple of years, a decline destined to continue? Moreso, since the Jackets have been emphasizing improvement via draft and development since JD and Jarmo came in, why would they trade any of their “almost a guaranteed NHLer” prospects for Kessel? It just doesn’t make sense.

    • The bigger question is why would the Penguins want Atkinson, another mighty midget. They already have that player in Guentzel, and to a lesser degree in Sheary. You can only have so many tiny guys on a team at one time.

    • Your analysis of Kessel continues to be dreadful.

      “Could Kessel be traded? Sure. Will he? That remains to be seen. He’s carrying a $6.8-million cap hit through 2021-22 and a modified no-trade clause in which he approves eight potential trade destinations. Those factors alone make him difficult, though not impossible, to move. ”

      His $6.8M contract is an asset, not a liability. He’s a bargain, especially with the big cap increase. The fact that’s it only for four more years is also a big asset. Kane’s contract made these points even blatant, even if you can’t see the obvious.

      As far as his 8 team trade is concerned, players accept going outside their list all the time. It’s not near the limitation that you and many people make it out to be.

      “Speaking of Domi for Kessel, Yohe makes a good point about the winger’s relationship with Tocchet, but would Kessel want to join a perpetually rebuilding team? He’s got two Cup rings and could prefer joining another championship contender.”

      It’s exactly the opposite. He’s got his cups, so why does he need more? You also ignore the fact that he was fine with Toronto when they couldn’t even make the playoffs.

      Also the notion that a trade would happen just because a former player and former goon are friends is beyond absurd.

      • Wow, you do Noitall

      • Ha-ha! Good 1 Ray Bark.

        Very solid points Noitall. Well reasoned.

      • My analysis of Kessel continues to be “dreadful”? I don’t mind you disagreeing with me but that assessment’s a tad extreme, don’t you think?

        First, I’ve acknowledged that he could get traded. I also pointed out his salary-cap hit and modified no-trade makes him difficult, but not impossible, to move. Yes, it’s $6.8 million per season for four more years and yes, the salary cap will jump considerably this summer, but $6.8 million annually is still a big chunk of change to absorb. For some teams carrying additional cap space, that might not be so easy to do if they’ve got other players in need of big raises in the short- and long-term.

        Sure, players expand their list of trade destinations all the time, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Kessel did, but he’s not going to agree to go just anywhere, now is he?

        Having won two championships, perhaps he’d be willing to go to a perpetually rebuilding team in a southern market whose future still remains questionable if they don’t soon sort out their long-standing need for a downtown arena. Then again, maybe he’d prefer a club with more stability. As for his situation in Toronto, having now played for a winner, perhaps Kessel isn’t inclined for history to repeat itself by joining a club mired in mediocrity.

        Anyway, we’ll find out soon enough. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

      • This is absolutely dreadful. 6.8 not an asset due to term. so you are 100% wrong there. 8 teams certainly limits pens options if kessel wants it to. kessel wasn’t fine with Toronto losing at all… seriously… I couldn’t tell if you were sarcastic or not that post was so bad.

      • His cap hit is $8m not 6.8 which is his retained salary.

      • Duh. His cap hit is 6.8 to the tram he traded to.

        I forgot to mention one other big asset in Kessel’s contract. His actual salary is way below cap hit in the final two years. This makes him extremely attractive to budget teams that don’t spend to the cap.

      • Provided those budget teams are on his list of acceptable trade destinations.

  2. Tampa should consider moving Johnson . They could definitely use some size, and without question need to upgrade that right d position.

    • Hi NY4L— Tampa has size coming in the system. Looking at their 4 picks of the first two rounds in 2016– and I’m impressed. I believe all 4 will eventually be regular NHLrs. All 20 this year and when they fill out fully (at 23-24) three will be 6′ 2″ and at least 210 and Boris the “pip squeak” will round out at 6’1″ and prob 205. All good prospects. Would not be surprised if as many as 2 of them push for a spot this upcoming season

      • Well 2 of those 4 picks, Howden their 1st rounder in 2016 & Hajek a dman & their 1st of 3 2nd rounders were both traded to NYR in the McDonagh trade.

        That leaves Boris Katchouk 6’1″ 179 lbs & Taylor Raddysh 6’2″ 198 lbs, both solid prospects but barring trades TB’s roster is pretty full at the NHL level so injuries would potentially have to open a spot.

        Callahan’s may well have as he’s gone 5 months. That would put his return right around the start of the season.

        Miller, Stamkos, Kucherov.
        Palat, Point, Gourde.
        Killorn, Cirelli, Johnson.
        Erne, Paquette, Callahan; inj.

        Moving Johnson before his no-trade clause kicks in makes sense as his skills are no longer needed at C & he’s been pushed to RW, the cap space would also come in handy moving forward. I assume the return would be a RW & or Dman a lesser developed 1 & prospects or futures, low salaried players which could potentially open up a roster spot for Raddysh if NHL ready.

    • I think Girardi’s short term 2 year deal was to buy time for Cal Foote, who may step straight into the NHL on the 3rd pairing in a sheltered role & could advance into the top 4 very quickly possibly as soon as the 2019-20 season.

      I’m not sure Johnson would return a solid top 4 RD regardless. Not directed at you but on topic. If bidding for a player like Faulk who appears to be in the rumour mill the cost would be significant, Johnson++.

      With expansion looming TB may just be better served to move Johnson for futures, picks & prospects with no NHL nor AHL experience till coming out of Junior after last season.

      • I don’t think Johnson would bring back a top 4 d either. I was really thinking package deal.
        Either way, they really need help on that right side.

        Mcdonagh can play the right side, so maybe they even consider a lh dman.

      • Agreed as I tried to express not directed at your comment just on subject.

    • Size? This is modern day hockey, speed and talent win.

    • Tyler Johnson To Montreal for 2018 2nd round pick 2019 3rd round pick

  3. Mr. Spector Sir— I on a whole agree with most of what you say. At times I don’t see eye to eye with your views. Today — I am in full and complete agreement w.r.t. PK

    The inferred silence of GMJR on trade compared to flat denial last year— hmmm? Yes makes you wonder.

    Re Cgy— no chance GMJR takes Brodie.

    Concur on Clb needed centre scoring. Also might add — divisional and geographical strong rival — less likely a trade there

    Re: NJ— definitely Johannsson not enough.

    Re: Vegas— Karlsson will be re-signed — movin’ on… and I do believe GMGM will revisit another stab/ “kick-at-the-can” at the other Karlsson.

    Wild— yes likely on PKs list— and would be good fit— they must do a shake-up for cap availability. Me thinks GMJR would want Dumba and more.

    Re Arz: I had originally doubted any possibility that PK would have them as one of his 8— the more that I think about it— it might be a possibility — he has his 2 cup rings and may relish being back with Tocchet, being top line winger, and being mentor to youth? Perhaps— Domi and more would have to be the return; unless GMJR pulls a Kangaroo out of a Baret and somehow gets OEL —- ooooops I just woke up —- was dreaming again.

    • brodie plus a prospect or 2… or a decent winger would be a solid deal for kessel. with ZAR and Sprong up full time the pens don’t really need as much wing depth.. they have phenominal center depth.. they have little d depth. brodie gives them a real solid top 6.

      and I think domi + haljmerson would be a good discussion for kessel.

  4. All of this Kessel bologna stems from one single click-bait article.

    • Hi Jim—- many many many articles and many prominent writers have been on this. As in all “breaking” news — someone gets it first and then it takes off… so I see how it can be percieved that everything stems from one article. The story is valid and newsworthy and does garner a lot of attention due to the stature of the player and his current club. This “bologna” will continue up/to at least draft day and possibly Jul 1st and onward.

  5. Max Domi: The Mikkel Boedker of 2018?

    • Hi Jim: Re Domi comparable to Boedker— yes could rightfully so become a bust…. however, I believe that a change in scenery will definitely do him well and that his production will be much higher than the last year, playing in a different city, with different line mates etc. I’m fully prepared to take the heat if I am wrong in that prediction. It won’t be my last failed prediction either.

    • Max Domi will be fine. New coach, new system, new linemates. Player development isn’t linear. Players have peaks & valleys.

      Arz isn’t moving Domi nor any of their stud prospects or young players. It doesn’t make sense considering where they are in their development.

      Domi has played 222 NHL regular season games. The best is yet to come as he approaches 25 & his slump for the 1st 1/2 of the 2017-18 season will benefit Arz as now they can sign him to a 2-year bridge deal before locking him up long term. 20 to 25 goals next season & 60 to 65 points. He is Arz’s #1 LW today. He was forced to play 20+ games at C last season & did quite well but out of necessity not planned.

      Domi, Stepan, Keller.
      Perlini, Strome/Dvorak, Fisher.
      Panik, Dvorak/Strome, Merkley.
      Cousins, Kruger, Archibald.

      Crouse is also waiting in the wings.

      I see Arz bringing in a veteran winger this summer with 2 or 3 years on his contract or via the UFA market. It doesn’t need to be a top 6 player but a solid 3rd line penalty killer who can generate reason ES points. This would push Merkley to the AHL until injuries hit. Panik can play either side so could be a LW or a RW, it doesn’t matter.

      Arz isn’t trading for Kessel it makes no sense, they aren’t a cup contender nor really even a playoff contender next season although they could surprise like a Col or NJ if everything went right & they made some shrewd moves.

      • Striker you continue to over value all of Arizona team. You had them as a playoff contender last year.
        Until Arizona proves anything, continue to believe they belong on the bottom of the heap.
        In your own words who do you see them passing in the standings next season.

      • Not a chance I did Caper, I said they would compete. There start was dreadful but from Jan on they played very well. I called for Tocchets head for a good portion of that brutal run as he changed little.

        Apparently they needed time to adjust to his system. This is 1 of the strongest young prospect loaded rosters in the NHL.

        I love it when people try to tell me what I said. I said no such thing & you can go back & dig up where I did. Good luck with that. You’ll be looking for ever as you can’t find something that wasn’t said.

  6. Hi Jim: Regarding Domi comparable to Boedker— yes could rightfully so become a bust…. however, I believe that a change in scenery will definitely do him well and that his production will be much higher than the last year, playing in a different city, with different line mates etc. I’m fully prepared to take the heat if I am wrong in that prediction. Yes and it won’t be my last failed prediction either.

  7. A deal built on a Kessel for Niederreiter framework would be interesting.

    Haula would be interesting as well.

    The rest make no sense.

    I wonder if the Pens might try to package Hunwick with Kessel and accept a lesser return in order to clear a lot of cap space.

    • I don’t see pens trading for a center… they have the best center depth in the league once sheahan is signed. can haula play wing?

    • MG,
      Pens need to do whatever packaging they have to — to get rid of That Which Shall Not Be Named— shame on you for using his name— “no soup for you”!!

      One dream I mentioned before had PK + TWSNBN to St L for Kyrou and Boumeester… StL trying to unload Boum— would be a massive upgrade for Pens on the D switch (but costlier re: Cap). St L gets proven scorer with recent career year and gives up future scorer (who is NHL ready now at 20) that could play on Crosby’s wing (with Guentz). Overall Pens gain north of $2.5 M in cap. D roster would be set. Trading Sheary and/or Haglin frees up more Cap space and allows a possible UFA acquisition of winger; or whatever winger acquisition could be garnered from a Sheary and/or Hags trade. Not sure what else GMJR would have to give Arz on top of Sheary to get Domi??? That’s if and only if Arz actually willing to trade Domi (skeptical on that)— but if it doesn’t burn the prospect cupboard— then it would need to be considered. Above gets — Crsb, Kyrou, Geunz; Malk with Hrn and UFA winger; Brass centering Domi and Sprong… this of course leaves out Rust (another trade)— or Rust goes with Malk/Hrn and extra cap used for winger depth and if there is a Depth D that is better/more seasoned that Rhuewedl (at just a little more or the same)

    • Yuck, no to Haula and Nino, the only one I like is the Calgary one and that’s only if it’s Brodie, Anderson and a 2020 first. This would be a solid defense.
      Dumoulin Letang
      Brodie Shultz
      Maatta Oleksiak
      Hunwick can be thrown in for a peanut.

      • Excellent.

        1. Let’s put Maata on the third pair so he can soak up that $4 million salary for his 10-12 minutes a night. Five defenseman getting payed over $25 million is the key to success. And the fact that Brodie has been a dog the last two years is irrelevant, right.

        2. Let’s trade away 34 goals and 92 points and replace it with nothing.

        3. And that first will really make the Pens better team next year.

        The lack of thought that goes into most trade proposals is astounding.

      • 1. Yeah let’s keep throwing Hunwick and Ruhwedal out there every night and expecting to not get lit up in the shots department. A lot of teams spend a third of the cap on defense. The Penguins play the bottom 2 pairings equally anyways so minutes is not an issue.

        2. I said it was the only option I liked out of all 5 not that I wanted to do it.

        3. The team is not going to fold after next year. They are hopefully going to remain long after Crosby, Malkin and Letang. Getting 2 good dmen and a shot at Lafreniere is a good return for Kessel. It’s better than any of the other suggestions the author made.
        The lack of thought that goes into spelling know it all wrong while actually knowing nothing is not just astounding but it outshines the sun. Where did you even come from? You should just crawl back under that rock. I didn’t just pull a trade proposal out of the sky like whoever suggested trading Kessel for Andrew Shaw and a second.

      • Noitall. You are to P.K. like deee is to Murray. Too much fan boy and not enough reality.

  8. Yesterday much to be made about Montreal 3rd overall pick. For fun here is the third overall pick since 2005:
    2005 Jack Johnson, 2006 Jonathan Toews, 2007 Kyle Turris, 2008 Zach Bogosian, 2009 Matt Duchene, 2010 Erik Gudbranson, 2011 Johnathan Huderdeau, 2012 Alex Galchanyuk, 2013 Jonathan Drouin, 2014 Leon Draisaitl, 2015 Dylan Strome, 2016 Pierre-Luc Dubois, 2017 Miro Heiskanen
    Only Miro of last year has not played in the NHL but he will soon. The third overall appears to be a safe bet to succeed to varying levels at the NHL
    Considereing it’s MTL 3rd overall pick that was being discuss, they had one player drafted third overall on that list; 2012 they drafted Alex Galchenyuk.
    How has Galchenyuk done compared to his 2012 draft year as of date, he is second in goals scored with 108, only Filip Forsberg with 117 has scored more goals from the 2012 draft class and with 255 pts no player has accumulated more points then Galchenyuk who is tied with Forsberg with 255 pts.
    It’s safe to say the third overall pick will be an NHL player but will his impact be Jonathan Toews or Zach Bogosian

    • Great post.

    • Solid post Caper & the quality of players to draw from is improving significantly in recent years.

    • Really enjoyed this Caper.

  9. If the word on Kessel is true (tough to coach and so on) is true why would a team like Vegas even consider him? Vegas is a TEAM. I think may very well have demonstrated to the rest of the League the possible value of staying away from big-name talent. This may not have been their choice; however, staying the course with players willing to play within the team concept seems to make sense if you look at their model. I don’t necessarily agree, by the way, with the general opinion regarding Kessel. I am sure Sullivan was completely enamoured with him when watching him hoist two Stanley Cups!

    • Phil’s teammates love him.

      But, too much is being made of the Sullivan thing. There are multiple very good reasons to shop Kessel.

      1) Selling high.
      2) Daniel Sprong.
      3) Seattle.

      The Pens lacked wiggle room in the last expansion draft. One less NTC when Seattle joins would be big for them.

      • Yes MG,

        If Kessel is traded I think the reasons for it are logical ones like you suggest.

      • Your ideas don’t hold water.

        They are going to trade Kessel because of Sprong who has proven zip.

        Seattle is irrelevant because, as the Fleury situation showed, Rutherford only cares about winning now and lets things like expansion drafts take care of themselves. No one even knows when the draft will be, anyway.

        Selling high on Kessel? See above. Winning now is what matters. Unless the trade is a real good deal, why do it. The realuity is that most teams ill want to trade quantity for quality and futures. That is not what the Pens need or want. I’ll say it again, the only deal that makes sense is for

        1. A youngish left wing who can score a reliable 20-25 goals. This is that starting point and an absolute must.


        2. A good, but bargain, 3rd pair defenseman (max 2.5-3 million)


        3. A fourth liner who can score or perhaps a 2nd/3rd round pick they could use a chip at the trade deadline. A respectable defense prospect is also an option.

    • nothing at all says kessel is a bad presence in the room or hard to coach… kessel has never been a distraction on or off the ice. he takes his concerns to the coach privately. now who leaked his concerns is an interesting question.

      • I’m torn on my guess of the actual identity of the culprit but I’m strong on the likelihood of either Steve Bannon or Sarah Sanders.

      • I’m going with Conway Pengy.

  10. If Kessel is to pricey for the Wild, i wonder if they would look at Max Pacioretty. Yes Kessel is coming off a career year and Patches off a bad one but that is part of the point; Patches is due for a bounce back especially when you thin of his record. Coyle and Brodin would be of interest, Patches salary is similar to Brodin’s. If one or two 2nds were included would the Wild bit?Really not sure but Patches should land one of those two players at least.

  11. Striker,

    Thanks re: update on the 2016 picks… I guess I didn’t follow the McDon trade that closely—
    NYR scored big on getting those two.

    I am a big Raddysh fan though. Have been following him for last couple of years. He’s listed at 207 now (Elite Prospects); you had 198— either way by the time he is 23ish he will be North of 210. Katchouk on Elite is listed at 192. Watching him in interviews he looked fair sized. He is also an excellent player. If there is a site listing him as 179 I would be skeptical. When I was thinking that “2” might vie for roster spot in the fall I was including Howden. Lub a couple of years off. If Stevie Y does think there is a chance of either of them making team— provides him flex in moves in next few weeks. More than likely roster is set— but options available potentially

    • No question a ton of weight especially muscle for these kids to add. I didn’t reach my adult weight until I was 25 but I had my last growth spurt for height at 21.

      Unfortunately I’m way over that weight now. Getting shorter, fatter & greyer by the day. Ha-ha!

  12. MG— good point (your #3)— had totally forgotten about the fact that PK would have to be protected (as is) in upcoming Exp draft— but to that— whatever player coming back, would also need to be protected. Just another consideration added to the matrix of influences on trade/keep decision

    • Sorry not really “need” to be protected ((i.e. “must” be protected— unless NMC) what I meant was the proverbially “need” as in why would they trade for someone they didn’t want to keep beyond 2 seasons?

  13. The Flames would be idiots to trade for Kessel, the Flames GM talked at the end of a lousy season all about getting players with “hate to lose attitudes” and wanting players who also were also the right kind of character. Kessel has neither. He is a square peg and would not fit into the room, and the culture the Flames claim they want to have.

    Kessel is upset with the coach because like a child he didn’t get his way in Pittsburgh. The Flames have just hired a structured, tell it like it is, no hold barred new head coach how would a player like Kessel thrive under that tutelage – he wouldn’t.

    The Flames want so badly to win they are willing to overpay for a problem player that Pittsburg wants to get rid of. If this happens Rutherford has schooled Treliving and this will be the inevitable downfall of Treliving.

    If this trade goes through Pittsburgh will continue to pursue Stanley Cups and Calgary will miss the playoffs again, fire another head coach and this time fire a GM too.

    The Flames simply have to look at what Kessel DIDN’T DO in the playoffs to see exactly why the Flames wouldn’t want a player like Kessel on their team.

    I think this is also a lazy way out, they want a specific quality in a player and common sense goes out the window, just like it did with the Brouwer acquisition. Flames wanted a specific element, overpaid to get it and didn’t get what they coveted because the he wasn’t capable of delivering and it’s now a deal they wish they never made

    If the Flames want to get better upfront trade Hamilton to Toronto for Kapanen and Johnson plus TO 2018 first round pick. Use the first pick and prospect Adam Fox, who will never sign in Calgary by the way and trade them to Buffalo for O’Reilly

    2018/19 Flames
    Gaudreau, Monahan, Kapanen
    Tkachuk, O’Reilly, Ferland
    Bennett, Backlund,Johnson
    Mangapagnie, Jankowski, Frolic

    Youth, Speed, skill, offense, defense and attitude up and down the line up. One number one line, a one A line and 2 number 2 lines.

    Brodie, Geo
    Kulak, Hamonic
    Stone and Anderson
    7th Kylington
    would be a solid defense

    Maybe I should dust off my resume just in case the Flames need a GM next year!

    • No need to dust anything off, just put the playstation controller down.

    • Agree on most of that Mike. The main point being that Phil is not what the Flame lack and not what kept them from contending. He is more of it. Phil is a great offensive player and IMO PIT is the perfect team for him. Phil can be Phil, and fill the net. Let the rest of the boys do the grunt work, including Sid and Gino.
      Calgary lack the structure and accountability required to win consistently, which is why they hired who they did.
      You left out goaltending. Mike Smith is not the long term answer.

  14. No way Phil goes to Arizona and or any team that isn’t close to winning. His contract both cap hit and actual dollars are a major bonus for the pens who are in win now mode,what team is willing to put together a package for a player Phil’s age that helps the pens get better now.

    Also with an 8 team trade list Phil can force the pens hand by picking s bunch of teams he knows won’t want him and or don’t have assets pens want.


    And just like that Phil has created s no trade clause for himself as none of those teams are trade partners.