NHL Rumor Mill – June 12, 2018

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Updates on Ryan O’Reilly and Milan Lucic plus the latest on the Bruins in your NHL rumor mill.


THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington noted the recent trade speculation surrounding Buffalo Sabres center Ryan O’Reilly but he thinks trading him would be a mistake. He notes they’re about to select highly touted defenseman Rasmus Dahlin and are almost certain to have promising center Casey Mittelstadt on the roster next season. He feels they shouldn’t weaken their depth at center by moving O’Reilly.

Harrington reports Sabres general manager Jason Botterill isn’t shopping O’Reilly but he could listen to offers. The Carolina Hurricanes, Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks could have interest. However, the asking price is likely to be steep. If the Sabres are to move anyone, Harrington suggests it should be defenseman Risto Ristalainen, as trading him won’t hurt the Sabres as much as moving O’Reilly. He also acknowledges that move would be risky and the Sabres should set a high price for him.

Asked on Twitter about a rumor out of Montreal suggesting the Canadiens should offer up a package of center Phillip Danault, prospect forward Ryan Poehling and a second-round pick, Harrington replied the asking price from the Sabres should start with the Canadiens first-round pick (third overall) in this year’s draft.

FRS HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cites Bob McKenzie discussing possible moves by the Vancouver Canucks with Edmonton’s TSN 1260. He noted the Canucks might have some interest in O’Reilly but he doubts they’re willing to part with their first-round pick (seventh overall) as part of the return. He added he wouldn’t say the Canucks are committed to trading that pick, but if they’re looking at O’Reilly or Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Noah Hanifin, those teams will want that first-round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That trade suggestion out of Montreal is laughable. If the Sabres intend to trade O’Reilly, they’ll want a first-round pick as part of the return. I realize critics of Sabres GM Botterill will point to the low return he got for Evander Kane, but that was a different situation. Kane was a pending UFA and Botterill was trying to deal him before the trade deadline. O’Reilly is under contract for five more years and the Sabres can afford to wait for the right return. I don’t doubt that Botterill is willing to entertain offers for O’Reilly but he can afford to be patient.

Could the Montreal Canadiens make a pitch for Edmonton Oilers winger Milan Lucic (Photo via NHL Images).


LA PRESSE: Mathias Brunet suggests the Montreal Canadiens should propose taking high-priced winger Milan Lucic off the Edmonton Oilers’ hands, provided they also include their first-round pick (10th overall) in this year’s draft in return for picks in the second and third rounds and perhaps a prospect.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples shoots down that notion, saying there’s “little or no chance” the Oilers would accept such a poison pill. He could see the Oilers agreeing to give up a second-round pick as a sweetener in a Lucic trade but not the 10th overall pick. If the Oilers were to consider taking on a toxic contract, Staples believes it’ll be one with shorter term. They could also ask for a draft pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Staples’ analysis was spot on. The Oilers could be trying to dump Lucic’s contract but they’re not so desperate that they’ll part with their first-round pick. 


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty lists defenseman Torey Krug, forward David Backes, center David Krejci, goaltender Tuukka Rask and defenseman Brandon Carlo as five potential trade chips for the Bruins.

He lists the pros and cons of shopping Krug, noting his offensive skills could be attractive to teams such as the Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes. Moving him, however, would rob the  Bruins of offense from the blueline.

Backes is an aging power forward with a no-movement clause he’s unlikely to waive. Trying to get out from under Krejci’s $7.25-million annual cap hit is easier said than done, given his declining production and the lack of someone in the Bruins system to take his place.

Rask has occasionally surfaced in trade speculation but Haggerty doesn’t believe they can move him without having a suitable candidate to take his place. If the right deal came along containing an impact player, the Bruins might consider moving Carlo. However, Haggerty notes they appear reluctant to part with their younger defensemen.

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy lists New York Islanders’ Calvin de Haan and Thomas Hickey, the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Ian Cole, the Arizona Coyotes’ Kevin Connauton, the Vegas Golden Knights’ Luca Sbisa, the Washington Capitals’ Michal Kempny and the New Jersey Devils’ John Moore as some low-cost free-agent options if the Bruins wish to add a defensive blueliner this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of those players listed  by Haggerty, the only one I believe could be dealt is Krug, and only if they can get a bigger-bodied, fast-skating defensive rearguard in return. If they can’t find that type of return via the trade market, perhaps they’ll consider one of those UFA options listed by Conroy. 



  1. If it cost the 10th overall then oil should wait and see how his season goes. Maybe next year they make playoffs and the playoffs come is in the late teens or something and revisit it then.

    Good on zona for resigning oel. Now they need a strong scoring leader. Kessel could be had for domi haljmerson. Maybe.

    • Yeah no thanks. Shipping out 92 points for 45 points and another left shot dman makes little sense. Who does Hammer bump from the Pens left side? Oleksiak? I want to see how much he improves next year with a camp in Pittsburgh, if he stays on the same track as this year he will be a very valuable player. He’s big, he’s tough, he’s a good skater, and he can move the puck, oh and he stays in the top 6.

  2. Montreal seems to be in the spotlight every summer and trade deadline as needing to do something! They are in constant panic mode. Bergevin, while being wildly entertaining as a GM, has operated without a plan for quite some time now. Montreal needs to start a rebuild and they need to do it with a new GM. They have some good young players, but they also have some great trade pieces. Pacioretty, like Kessel, needs a reboot and could fetch a nice return, trading Price would also make sense and they could also try to trade Weber. Montreal has a lot of picks that they need to use wisely. But again, like I said Bergevin is fut to watch in the off season!

    • It is fun to watch for a Bruins fan…

    • Maybe Montreal can use Price in a deal involving O’Reilly! Not a one for one swap.

      • Just curious & not meant to be derogatory nor disrespectful but why would Price with a full NMC on his new 8 year 10.5 mil contract that kicks in next season agree to being traded to Buf?

      • I won’t say he would go but Buffalo might be closer to be a playoff regular than Montreal for the foreseeable future. With Dahlin more than likely going to Buffalo, the defense could be better.

        Middlestat might be a good second line center or they could in theory try for Tavares.

      • So then Bergevin would be the idiot who traded both Subban AND Price?

        Don’t quite see management letting that happen, would be fairly unpopular, I would think.

        I mean the main idea for Molson in all this is to sell a lot of beer, no?

        imo, this is not a guy who would own a team if he were running a loss. Yeah, he would probably like to win, who doesn’t? But it’s secondary.

        All of which isn’t to say that Bergevin might not do it, if left to his own devices.

        Bergevin is only a lovable clown if he’s not your own lovable clown.

        He’s a f…ing disaster for any Montreal fan.

        Think Harold Ballard.
        Think JFJ
        Think Mike Milbury.

        Look up “schadenfreude”.

      • I’m up for that!

    • please take chia off our hands and that’s what you call entertaining I mean that’s what you call a step in the right direction…..for the oil

      • What about the following proposal:

        Mika Zibanejad plus the 28th pick plus a 3rd rounder to MTL for the #3 overall pick?


  3. fun not fut!

  4. “Sabres can afford to wait for the right return” on ROR…. but they save 6 mil if he’s dealt by July 1st
    Any team looking at ROR probably would be interested in Tavares too. My guess is during the week teams can talk to pending FAs, someone that has no shot at Tavares will look to get a better deal on ROR by agreeing to pay bonus

  5. Darren Dreger has reported that OEL has agreed to an 8yr $8m+ per season. He cant sign until July 1st.

    • Definitely a home town discount for OEL. Comfortable in his current situation and lifestyle.

      I assume it will come with a full NMC.

      • I would call it slightly better than fair market value. Recent D signings, Slavin 7 years 5.3 mil per, Fowler 8 years at 6.5, Vlasic 8 years at 7; ouch, Burns 8 at 8, Lindholm 6 at 5.2, Hedman 8 at 7.85.

        That would make OEL potentially the 2nd highest paid Dman by cap hit based on what we know today. Several will pass him this summer with Karlsson & Doughty also getting extensions or in the case of Karlsson traded then signed.

      • So what price do you put on Carlson, Karlsson and Doughty based on OEL? All 3 are a year or 2 older.

      • If Carlsson chooses to stay in Was he might offer a nominal discount, perhaps 7.5 but it could push OEL monies easily, more if he says “Show me the money” & goes to the highest bidder, that could push 9 possibly more.

        Doughty will get 10.5 to 11 which if I’m LA I’m happy to pay, the best 2-way elite Dman in the NHL today, 1 of the best ever but also a bit of a head case but that won’t affect his salary. Even at 28 he’s my 1st choice at D for at least the next 7 years, I’d gladly take him to 35.

        Karlsson who knows, more if rumours are to be believed. As crazy as it sounds I don’t want Karlsson due to term & cost you can get a similar, granted a lesser offensive Dman for far less. He’s not Doughty.

        The Karlsson situation is what makes this summer more interesting than most. If traded it will be significant I assume. If Ott ponies up & he decides to stay other assets go to balance out the Senators internal cap. Hoffman is being bandied about as a cap casualty as trading him makes no sense but Stone & Ceci are both due significant raises as well & Melnyk isn’t spending to the cap probably no where near the new cap.

      • A home town discount? I don’t see the discount here. I think he got the max he was going to get. Just how much do you think this guy is worth? He is a fine defenseman but to suggest he is worth more than he is going to get IMHO is ludicrous.

      • Drew which of the 4 dman are we talking about OEL, Carlsson, Karlsson or Doughty.

      • Striker you have to compute the rise in cap.

        Go back to all those players you listed. Work out what percentage of the cap they consumed when they signed. Compare it to the perfe rage of cap Ekman-Larson will currently consume and then you can claim it is lower, higher or the same as other.

        It’s all about cap percentages. Not dollar value these days.

      • Yes, inflation is certainly in play but the league is still based on comparables not to mention McDavid’s new deal that kicks next season pulls up almost everyone’s salary.

        OEL, if signed at 8.25, is a nice compromise considering what some teams may have been willing to pay as a UFA but who would you prefer to have OEL for 8 at 8.25 starting in 2019-20 season or Hedman for 7 more at 7.875, OEL isn’t even really in the same class for me far more 1 dimensional but that said I’m happy for Arz & with each passing year that deal gets better & better.

        I never saw OEL leaving nor if I were a GM am I negotiating off the % of the cap but comparables factoring in inflation & the cap increase but that increase can’t just be factored into a handful of players but an entire roster.

      • Doughty is not a head case so much as he’s just not a very bright guy. Every time I see him in interviews I wonder what he would be doing with his life if wasn’t blessed with super skills. He kind of reminds me of some of the guys from Jackass who also would have limited options career wise. Having said that he doesn’t need to be anything but the great player he is so the point is moot.

  6. Trading Ristalainen is absurd. Why because you have too many good defence . He is not moving and will be a nice one two with Dahlen

    I have a hard time visioning Lucic in blanc en rouge . I think the Oilers are stuck unless they do want to give something substantial in addition

    • I would love Ristolainen on Rangers! And they have the assets to get it done. But for the life of me, I don’t know why his name is even out there. Like you said. Absurd. I think ROR would be a nice add too, but after trading away Stepan, not sure it makes sense with what they’re doing. Maybe if a package deal with Ristolainen. And Buffalo agreed to take back Smith.
      To Buffalo: Smith, DeAngelo, Spooner, Huska the 28th pick + a 2nd rd pick
      To Rangers: ROR + Risto. Deal to be completed by 7/1

      • FYI. A little history between ROR and new Rangers Coach. Quinn was asst coach with the Avalanche when O’Reilly was there

      • I don’t think that offer would even get you ROR never mind Risto.

        Risto is being bandied about as his defensive game isn’t developing as hoped & without 1st line PP time his ability to generate offence is limited, Dahlin will be the only Dman on the 1st PP moving forward bumping Risto to a 2nd unit. Buf doesn’t have enough scoring depth to ice 2 balanced PP units & if Risto isn’t putting up points that limits his value.

        I doubt he’s traded but I get why they are listening. I wouldn’t trade either of these players if Buf but be looking to add players everywhere. It’s time for Buf to take a step forward & moving either of these players isn’t going to help accomplish that it just perpetuates the never-ending rebuild. Something people are again advocating for Edm, let’s finish the 1 we are on for both teams.

      • Agree with Striker. ROR and Ristoleinen are both on decent contracts, so no need to take the Smith albatross for either of them. I like what Gorton has done overall, but what was he thinking with that signing? Even taking Smith out, I don’t think that package is enough to get either player. Top 2C’s (ROR is more a low end 1C) and top 2D are hard to find at any price.

      • To say that offer wouldn’t get one of those players is insulting. Comparably, how much better is ROR than Stepan? ROR is under contract, but a pretty sizable cap hit that takes him into his thirties. One of the reasons Stepan was dealt! Arizona got Stepan AND Raanta for DeAngelo and 7th overall. But somehow you think ROR, with a bigger cap hit and 6 mil bonus due is worth more than DeAngelo, a top goalie prospect, an established player that can fill a 3c spot, a 1st and a 2nd? Adding Smith is mainly to offset cost of both ROR and Risto. I think you way over value the Buffalo players over the Rangers.

      • I perceive that as a bad thing as that was the 2012-13 season, the lockout season & the season ROR staged his holdout & received an offer sheet from Cal.

        Those negotiations didn’t go well as ROR seriously overvalued his worth at that time. You could easily argue he isn’t a 7.5 Mil C today. I’m not but some have here. With each passing year his deal looks better & better.

      • Again, I’m looking at this deal more to acquire Risto. No way I’m giving up those assets for just ROR, nor is he worth it. Especially if paying the bonus. As far as Quinn coaching ROR, I don’t think anything between his agent and management would have any bearing on their relationship. Good or bad, there is a history. Just putting it out there. A big right dman is more of a need for Rangers than another 2nd tier center. Especially with that cap hit. Would make us stronger down middle and give kids time to develop, but at what price?

      • Slick62: I put little value in Deangelo. I think you’re overvaluing Huska plus Buffalo already has Ullmark as a young, developing goalie. If Spooner signs long term, that could work, but he is one year from UFA and I don’t make that trade without an extension for Spooner.

        There is a big difference between 7th overall and a very late 1st round pick. Late 1sts and 2nd round picks have about a 30-50% chance of becoming established NHLers let alone top 6F/top 4D. I’d want more of a guarantee if given up a soft 1C with 5 years remaining at a decent cap hit. ROR will only be 32 when the contract expires. You’d be getting him for his full prime. If I’m Buffalo, I’d want fewer high quality pieces than a high quantity of maybe’s and Spooner.

        FYI – I’m not a Buffalo fan.

      • I’m not valuing ROR at all just saying your offer isn’t flying. Smith has negative value, to dump that contract would cost NYR at least a 2nd & they would have to take some form of contract a team wants to dump back, not as onerous as Smith’s but you need to stop trying to get this contract & cap hit off NYR. There are only a few ways that’s happening & in a trade for ROR isn’t 1 of them.

      • I’m a Ranger fan…. Deangelo is hot garbage…! MDZ part deux! Have you seen this guys defensive play? He doesn’t have that high end offensive talent to make up for his brutal defensive play. He may get somewhat better. But I don’t see him being Anthony more that a 4/pp specialist in his career.

      • Anything, not Anthony!

      • Striker, maybe you’re involved with too many convos here. I never said Smith for ROR. But if it’s ROR and Risto, a combined 13/14 mil cap hit? Yeah.
        Van. 7.5 isn’t really a decent cap hit. DeAngelo is 22 and as Striker always says, nowhere near full potential. I’m reqlly not that interested in ROR. If Risto is out there though, I’d be interested. Remember, this conversation all starts with rumors that these guys are on the market

      • Slick62: Someone being on the market doesn’t mean they’ll be given away. Look at Duchene for a recent example. He had years left on his deal and was in the rumour mill for about 2 years before getting traded.

        Ristoleinen would likely cost at least as much as ROR in a trade given he has a good cap hit for 4 more years. I think Buffalo would be crazy to trade him given their current defence, but it would likely be painful for the Rangers in other areas. Think 9th overall pick, Andersson or Chytil and another young developing player.

        To make things interesting, and I totally don’t see this trade happening, one way to get rid of Smith would be to take back Bogosian in the trade. Bogosian has a bigger cap hit and is one year shorter in term. Both are terrible contracts and both are RD. How about:

        To Buffalo:

        2018 9th overall pick
        Chytil or Andersson
        2018 2nd round pick (NJD)

        To Rangers:

        Girgensons or Larsson
        2018 4th round pick (MIN)

        Buffalo gets younger, high quality assets and take on the Smith albatross for 3 more years. They get a potential top pairing RD at 9th (Dobson, Bouchard or Boqvist?), another good young forward, a 6-7D PP specialist and a pick upgrade.

        Rangers get a top 2 RD, salary cap relief in year 3 (Bogosian vs. Smith), a good 4C that could move up depending on trades and backfill a pick to replace the 2nd rounder.

      • Van, I think I’ve said at least 4 times. Smith was only suggested when talking about dealing for both ROR and Risto, only because they’d have to rake back some salary. The albatross you speak of is only 3.75 cap hit with him buried in minors. Not ideal but Rangers are not up against the cap. If we’re only talking about Risto, a former 8th overall. … there’s no way Rangers are giving up this years 9th, last years 7th and a former 19th overall. Also, None of the Rangers mentioned in rumors. Just making hypothetical offers for guys that are. Just curious, do you believe ROR is better than Duchene?

      • Slick62: Sorry for not responding yesterday. Bogosian’s cap hit is not much more than Smith’s, but is one year less so that would be appealing to the Rangers. Both are massively overpaid RD and term is the biggest issue.

        You can’t rate people by where they are drafted. Reinhart was picked 2nd overall the same year Draisaitl was picked 3rd. Who would you rather have now? Would you trade Mark Stone (6th round pick) for Curtis Lazar (1st round pick)? Obviously not.

        I think, all things being equal, Duchene and ROR are very similar players value wise. However, ROR being locked up 5 more years at a decent cap hit for his skill set is a more valuable trade asset than Duchene was when Ottawa acquired him with less than 2 years left. The trade I suggested may not work for the Rangers or Buffalo depending on what their GM’s want to do. I’d be hesitant to give up Ristoleinen and the Rangers may want to keep their entry level assets for a run in a few years. I still think it is a fairly even trade proposal with minor tweaks if both clubs want to go in that direction.

  7. It is apparent that Buff long term is looking at 1-2 C in Eichel and Middlestat(sp?).

    ROR will need to be gone by trade deadline of next year (’19) and better return now than at that time next year. IMO— move him now.
    It may very well be worth it to MON to pony up the 3rd overall plus to get ROR.

    They need a centre of merit and they need one now. They cannot move forward as is. Not sure what else would have to be moved— but bite the bullet and use the 3rd over-all in the deal.

    • Bergevin just might be fool enough to do it.

      Should be instantly fired if he does.

    • Why not role 3 C’s for a few years, move ROR to LW a position he played a ton of in Col & a position Buf is currently lacking at. Let him take draws to his strong side.

      Pavelski moved to RW & has played with Thornton as such for years, they both take draws to their strong side & when Thaortion was injured Pavelski slid back to C.

      Nothing wrong with just keeping him as they are better with him than without. Buf hasn’t made the playoffs in 7 years & have been the worst team in the NHL for the last 5. Time to try to win & breaking ROR down isn’t going to help Buf win today.

      You need 3 lines scoring to have any hope of sustaining long-term winning in today’s NHL, Buf can’t ice 2 scoring lines today never mind 3.

      Please, can we stop this perpetual rebuild?

      • Striker, let’s say you’re Buffalo GM. I’m Gorton. Let’s deal. I want Risto, what do you want?

      • I’ll start with Anthony DeAngelo. A smaller right dman. A year younger with a lot of upside. Filled in nicely QBing power play when Shattenkirk went down last year. With a healthy Shatty and a developing Pionk, he’s expendable. Bigger dman more a need. What else will it take?

      • I don’t see the merits for either team, NYR has enough offensive Dman in the system & on the team now. They have a far greater need for a solid defensive Dman who can kill penalties.

        Signing de Haan as a UFA for 6 or 7 years in or around 4.5 is far more appealing to me. Cost nothing but cash.

        I like DeAngelo long term. He’s very 1 dimensional but improving slowly & he is starting to mature, slowly & painfully but almost all do eventually.

        DeAngelo has to clear waivers os he stays in NYR or he is traded, I assume he stays but not a given by any means to many balls in the air in NYR currently for any absolutes. Nor does life really have any. Gilmour is sent to the minors as he doesn’t have to clear waivers.

        This D works for me & not in order by 1st, 2nd or 3rd pairings as new pairings need to be found.

        Skjei, Shattenkirk.
        Staal, Poink.
        de Haan/Gilmour, DeAngelo.
        O’Gara/?, Kampher.

        The 7/8 slots, the black ace holes need to be players who’s development isn’t being hampered but not getting much more than practice time in the NHL & only dressing when almost confronted with no choice. I don’t think O’gara or Kampher have any NHL future but as such. O’Gara is young enough he might but it’s been 7 years since he was drafted I say that ship sailed but not necessarily.

      • Ok. Once again. You are the Buffalo GM!!!!! Lol no wonder. Buffalo suckI. FY. I want a bigger right D. I offer DeAngelo… I’m not deep in right side, but he’s what I’m offering based on him being somebody that Buffalo night want back. I have zero interest in DeHaan!!! More money on left d is not answer. Loaded with left handed d. I’d sign Pateryn for 1 or 2 years for cheaper. But back to Risto. What do you want

      • In 32 games Deangelo had 8 assists, no goals 6 pp assists. -18.

        I don’t see him as even making the Ranger team this year.

      • 2018 at 2:21 pm
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Ok. Once again. You are the Buffalo GM!!!!! Lol no wonder. Buffalo is where they are. FYI. I want a bigger right D. I offer DeAngelo… I’m not deep in right side, but he’s what I’m offering based on him being somebody that Buffalo night want back. I have zero interest in DeHaan!!! More money on left d is not answer. Loaded with left handed d. I’d sign Pateryn for 1 or 2 years for cheaper. But back to Risto. What do you want

      • Ny4. Stay out of this. I’m trying to dump him on Buffalo!!

      • Striker. I know what I have. You’re BufalGM. What will it take for Risto

      • I’m not trading Risto for at least 3 years unless you make me an offer I just can’t refuse not even entering into a discussion you can keep making me offers until I may say yes though.

      • DeAngelo has to clear waivers if he doesn’t stay with NYR or be traded. He will be 23 when the season starts.

        I’m not writing this player off as an offensive Dman yet at the NHL level. He has at least 9 lives at 22.

      • Ok. I know you like Spooner.
        To Buffalo. Spooner, Gilmour and the 26th pick

  8. Montreal is “willing” to take Lucic and the 10th overall pick in exchange for 2nd or 3rd round picks. Who wouldnt?

    Who writes this tripe?

    • That’s not what was reported. It was a suggestion by a Montreal sportswriter.

    • I’m sure that most of u don’t even read up on what NHL transactions take place..take a look at how Vegas got Reilly Smith.. much better player and contract than Lucic.. get some knowledge of how teams have to pay others to take their craps contracts and then comment.. the oilers are screwed and it will cost them dearly to unload Lucic..

      • It won’t cost them the 10th pick. They aren’t that desperate to move Lucic. You should take your own advice.

    • Sportswriters looking for hits.

    • Exactly, but keep in mind we are talking Chiarelli here. But I highly doubt even he would be this stupid.

  9. Re: “Mathias Brunet suggests the Montreal Canadiens should propose taking high-priced winger Milan Lucic off the Edmonton Oilers’ hands, provided they also include their first-round pick (10th overall) in this year’s draft in return for picks in the second and third rounds and perhaps a prospect.”

    Two words— unbelievably perplexing!!!!

  10. As much as I wouldn’t mind seeing Rask get dealt; Boston doesn’t have anything close to him. Also his 3yrs @$7m isn’t the easiest contract to move.
    I’ve said before I don’t believe Boston win a cup with him in the net. I’ll change that narrative a bit. If the Bruins could win the first round in 4, second in 5, third in 5 and the cup final in 6 then they can win the cup with Rask.
    My belief is he tires easily and he gets mentally tired after playing a bunch a games in a short period of time; therefore long series are not his thing.

    • Agree he’s a average goalie on a good team.
      Khudobin has played just as good last year.
      Maybe a hot Khudobin could have changed things.

  11. Since entering the league 5 years ago Krug sits 13th in scoring for Dman, 1 behind Keith, 2 behind Barrie, 3 behind Pietrangelo & Carlson, 6 behind Doughty.

    Boston isn’t trading Krug, that’s a pipe dream, 1 of the best transitional offensive Dman in the NHL. He’s a big part of what drives Boston’s offence & their 1st line.

    Boston has to many D man now, 7 under contract for next season at the NHL level & the only 2 that can be sent down now without having to clear waivers are Carlo & McAvoy. Neither will be sent down.

    Other than Krug & Grzelcyk Bos’s D is huge. Chara 6’9″ 250 lbs, Carlo 6’5″ 205 lbs, McQuad 6’4″ 215 lbs, Miller 6’2″ 210 lbs, McAvoy 6′ 205 lbs, then the 2 smurfs Krug 5’9″ 184 lbs & Grzelcyk 5’9″ 174 lbs. Carlo & McAvoy still have significant muscle mass to add to their frames as they mature.

    1 of McQuad or Miller needs to be traded I assume McQuad this summer or 1 of them is sitting as the #7 & that doesn’t make sense as both are NHL Dman. Grzelcyk needs to play to continue to develop not suited to being a black ace in the 7 or 8 spot.

    Bos was the best team in the NHL in the 2nd 1/2 of last season & 1 of the best in numerous categories over the entire year. They are well into the rebuild on the fly & more help is coming as their prospect kitty is solid. Injuries & a multitude of issues cost them their series with TB.

    All Bos needs to add is a #2/3 RW & a #3. If Donato is ready for full-time duty & can play RW then that spots filled & Bos just needs to find a #3 C & that’s just a short-term need as 1 of the kids should be able to play the #3C spot shortly & you don’t want to create a protection problem for expansion.

    • I would potentially like to see Bos sign UFA de Haan my favourite UFA Dman looking at all factors, salary expectations, term, state of development, skill set.

      It would mean that Grzelyck needs to be traded for sure but it would actually tie in well with expansion. I assume Chara will be retired by then, Krug, Miller & McQuaid will have all hit UFA status potentially & I’m not adverse to trading Krug next summer if he can’t be extended for fair market value & a reasonable term no more than 6 years, ideally 5.

      • hopefully the avs are in on de Haan

      • I think everyone is considering de Haan. There are even rumours here in Ottawa that he could be interested in coming here to play given he is a local boy from the west end. He’d be a great fit given Ottawa’s current defence core.

    • I have Zero issues with Boston moving Krug, in fact I hope they do. He isn’t a strong skater, doesn’t know how to avoid being hit and is one dimensional.
      Now i’m not saying trade him for nothing but if Hanafin is the return. Get it done.

      • I do & I would be shocked if they do this summer. Next summer sure, it’s simply a business issue for me then, if he can’t be locked up with all the D in hand I consider doing so at that time.

        I’m not riding any valuable UFA’s into their final season unless old even then I look to move them 1st. They sign extensions with 1 year remaining or I move them for the best offer available.

      • Caper, I would jump on Hanafin for Krug all day everyday.
        Just think you would need to sweeten that deal from Boston’s end.
        I get Strikers point that the B’s are heavy on D today as they have 7 NHL D men, but that is a good luxury to have unless one can be moved for the winger they need. They also have kids they can try/play on the wing. Safer position.
        Injuries will come during the season, they always do. If you get rid of one you will end up giving up assets for one at the deadline next year. Agree that Grezlyk needs regular ice, but a rotation can work. Resting Chara once every couple weeks wouldn’t hurt him either.
        B’s need another year before Zboril is ready, Grezlyk another year better, McAvoy another year better, perfect time to move Krug is next year.

    • I’m pretty much in agreement. I don’t know why Haggerty thinks we need to get bigger. I know Neely said it but I think smaller and more skill is the way the league is going. Cassidy also coaches this way. Agree move a bigger slower defenseman. If Krug is moved it better be for Hanifin straight up or Klefbom or Nurse plus the 10 pick. I don’t really see that happening.
      I would do Krug and Heinen for Lucic one of Klefbom or Nurse and the 10th pick if they retain salary maybe 2 million.

      • Puff puff pass Dave lol on that deal

      • Your offer hasn’t got any better since yesterday. And it’s not even in the ballpark . Ever .

  12. Slightly unrelated, but I just read on TSN that Detroit is pushing for kovalchuk. I have no idea why. They have so may s**t contracts already and should be giving the younger players a chance…

    • Not sure they’re pushing. They’re just up next on his list of meetings. He visited SJ and LA and is reported to meet with Wings and a few more teams before July 1 st
      There’s interest, but teams are talking to him now because they can..can’t talk with other FAs for another couple weeks. Shorter flight from Russia to LA. Starts there and will end up on east coast.

      • It was tweeted by Darrin Dreger, so it does have some truth.

    • Kovalchuk supposedly wants to win Detroit is in no position to win anytime soon. Ilya I think will sign a two year deal in Boston. Bruins should not move Carlo unless he is part of a huge deal bringing in a special D-man like Drew or Karlsson. Carlo is big strong fast young d man and their hard to find.

      • I sure hope Kovy doesn’t end up in Bos. Doughty isn’t moving nor needed in Bos even though my favourite Dman currently in the NHL, nor do I want Karlsson’s cap hit or pending term. 8 years at 10.5 mil+ no thank you.

        I like Bos’s D just as it is, in fact, I would like McQuad sent out in trade for whatever can be had & if they sign a Dman please make it de Haan a UFA that will cost nothing more than cash & then trade Grzelyck.

      • Sorry Obe
        Kovalchuk wants 6 million I read that’s a hard pass.
        I would take him for much less or a bonus type contract.
        Drew and Karlsson nice thought but salaries too high.
        Will never be able to sign the young guys in the future.

      • Drew and Eric were just examples of first class D man I would need back to include Carlo in a trade Trouba could also be an example. I realize Boston would have to move money out to add one of those types of players and no way Carlo alone brings such an asset. I’m not saying I want Ilya I just see Don making this signing personally I would keep playing their kids and adding speed.

  13. 8 million plus for OEL? I don’t care what anyone tells me- not worth it..I know it’s “market value” but making him the centrepiece of your team is a mistake. Would have let him walk. I hope Quebec goes easy on him in a couple years

    • Arz isn’t going anywhere. The NHL has fought hard to keep Arizona in Arizona as it ties into the footprint for the next US national cable package not far off & it will be significant for the 1st time ever. They didn’t do all of this to move them now.

      I don’t think Quebec is ever getting a team or another Canadian city for that matter. When a team moves it will be Carolina which is 6 or 7 years away min or Florida but this expansion revenue is buying time for the have not teams.

      1 of Portland, Kansas City or Houston will be the next team to get a relocation team. Depending upon which if it even happens may require a team in the west again moving to the east. If that occurs Nashville seems logical geographically.

      My bet is Houston the 10th largest metropolitan area in the US. Phoenix is 14th by the way. These demographics are important in growing the game in the US. Miami is 9th but like Atlanta 11th hockey isn’t yet working & it’s been a long time. Ownership is stable with deep pockets though. No 1 wanted Atlanta.

  14. I wish we all could get away from all the rebuild rhetoric. Full blown, partial, on the fly. It’s all bs. I don’t think any team goes into an offseason thinking, it’s ok to suck next year. Teams pop into and out of playoffs every year. Hell, team in finals didn’t even exist a year ago.

    • The days of the full-blown tank are over, the new lottery rules have helped kill that concept but they existed & numerous team did just that.

      Rebuilds, retoolings, rebuilds on the fly what have you do happen often related to GM changes. You may not like the rhetoric but it’s real, not BS. Hell your team the NYR’s even sent out a letter to all fans saying just that.

      That said doing any of those things doesn’t mean a team won’t try to win with what they have. I think your NYR’s are going to shock people next season. I see no reason they can’t compete for a playoff spot as currently constructed & Gorton has a ton of options available this summer with all those picks, players & cap space. By the start of the 2018-19 season NYR could have added some solid assets that help now.

      • Striker, you may be right about other teams.I still don’t like how there has to be a label on it….as far as Rangers go, it’s still NY… Letter pretty much stated season was lost and a good chance some fan faves might be gone, but at no point since does Gorton ever state they won’t be putting a competitive team on ice going forward. I take exception when others comment Rangers won’t attract FAs cause they’re rebuilding. They built up farm, added 2 roster players, accumulated picks and only lost 2 roster players that would’ve been under contract this year… I totally expect them to be in playoffs next year. With everyone healthy, this roster is better than one that lost to Ottowa in 2nd round 2 years ago! As you stated they’re also in a good position to add an impact player. I won’t be shocked. Last year was just one of those perfect storms where anything that could go wrong did. I like how it’s turned out.

      • I agree with most if not all of that. Were human we love to put labels on things, rank things, etc. Human nature but often subjective.

  15. I am not sure the 10th overall is enough to take on the Lucic contract prior to July 1. That is one of the worst contracts in the NHL.

  16. Montreal is not giving up the 3rd overall pick for a 27-year-old centre with a long-term contract at 7.5 million per season, who has a career high in points of 64.

    Come on now.

    • Montreal would be lucky to get someone as good as RoR with the third round pick. 64 points is very good for an elite two way forward who is better than anyone else in the league on face offs.
      He isn’t worth 7.5M, maybe, but with the rising cap that will be a good contract in a year or two.

      The third overall pick isn’t a guarantee – see Galchenyuk

      • Third overall* pick

  17. The Lucic deal is so bad and crippling to what the Oilers need to do to build a winner that the #10 pick seems like a good deal to me.

    Edmonton will not win with that contract on it’s books. No team in the cap era has won with an albatross contract on it’s books.


    One thing people need to understand about the Max Domi to the Pens rumors…they indicate that Max wants out or that (at the very least) Tie wants him out and is in Mario’s ear.

    There is no real hockey motivation for the Pens to pursue Max Domi. If not for the friendship between Mario and Tie, no one would in the organization would be pounding the table to acquire Max.

    Having said that, he would be a nice fit on a line with Malkin so if it happens, so be it.


    If Phil Kessel were a free agent right now, how many teams would be willing to sign him to a 4 year deal for $6.6 million a year?

    Probably 25 or so. Evander Kane got $7 million over 7 years. The Pens would not need to eat any of his deal.

  18. So, hell no to not only give the 3rd overall for ROR but give even more, if he was 24 maybe, but 27… If Buf is scared about center depth MTL could propose
    To Buff: Danault (trade and sign for 3 yrs 3 m) + Galchenyuk + Lindrgen + maybe 1st in 2019
    To MTL: ROR
    Also, for Lucic, you could do something like
    To MTL: Lucic + 10th overall
    To EDM: A.Shaw + 2nd 2018 (35th) + 2nd 2018 (38th) + 3rd 2018 (66th I beleive)
    This way they get a player in return (even though shaw is not that good) and EDM saves 3 m on cap

    • I really don’t understand the hate for a player that walks in and becomes your #1C. A position you have been desperate for.
      I think the real problem is you think Buffalo is eager to unload him and therefor you can offer less, but that is completely backwards. Buffalo is in the position of strength and Montreal is in need. Therefor you are forced to overpay.

  19. “The Oilers could be trying to dump Lucic’s contract but they’re not so desperate that they’ll part with their first-round pick.”
    Oh, yes, they are that desperate. They need to improve their team but have no cap space. Then there’s Puljujarvi’s contract coming up next year. A team offering cheap talent will pry that pick from Chiarelli.

  20. So the Karlsson thing in Ottawa had me thinking that teams had to wait till July 1rst to offer a contract and could not negotiate till then. You know, Dorion saying he plans to offer Karlsson a contract on July first and wont trade him at the draft untill he can offer it.

    Yet Tsn is reporting Ekman-larson and Arizona have come to a verbal.agreement. They obviously negotiated. Even if informal.

    So what gives?

    Why doesn’t Dorion start negotiating with Karlsson. See if a verbal agreement can be reached. If not make karlsson available at the draft. He can still trade him July 1rst.


    • Precisely. Players can’t sign till July 1st but nothing to stop them from talking & coming to a verbal agreement. What does that tell you?

      • It tells me either Dorion is talking out of his ass or Karlsson has no intentions of resigning. There is also this weird stuff about Hoffman’s girlfriend harassing the Karlsson’s.

        Which would explain why Ottawa may be looking to trade Hoffman.

        Weird stuff going on in Ottawa. assistant GM Lee will miss part of the draft to go to court for harassing an uber driver or some such thing!

        What’s in the water in Ottawa.

        I can’t wait to see what plays out in Ottawa with Hoffman, Karlsson & Duchene.

      • Definately weird stuff out of Ottowa. Court orders? I think Hoffman gets moved before draft. If Karllson doesn’t extend, I doubt Duchene stays. Feel bad for their fans. What a mess.

      • its telling me the avs have a good shot at the first pick in the draft next year!

    • Yeah man feel bad for me.

      That Caryk/Melinda thing is weird.

      The new guy they hired tonhamdle OR is gonna be working hard once he starts.

  21. Bruins moving Krug would have to be for a big body winger who can score, signing a top 1-2 Dman probably won’t work in the cap because they also have other needs to address but bringing a 2nd tier Dman who can actually play in the D zone would be a good idea

  22. All of these new hotshot offensive defensemen need to look no further than what Methot meant to Karlson. If you’ve got a risto, or a krug, or some other offensive guy, you need a responsible reliable guy paired with him. A Ryan Ellis…for example.

  23. It’s people like Gary Bettman and Jeremy Jacobs that started all my hatred towards hockey and I know that I am not the only one. Luckily, there is still MLB and the NFL. I apologize for my poor english. I can speak it but I have a tough time writting in english.

    • Yeah the fastest growing sport in the world both at the professional level but more importantly the grassroots level. Minor hockey especially in the US.

      Has increased the revenue of the NHL from a bil to 5 & is making the majority of the owner’s buckets of money. Has expansion teams lining up to pay over 1/2 a billion to participate.

      Terrible work by Bettman & company.

      Wait until after the next lockout & Bettman levels the field even further, nor are the players suffering, more jobs, significantly better wages, benefits, etc.

  24. Wow, now it makes sense why Ottawa is trying to move Hoffman.

    • Yep.

    • We have had similar but different scenario’s playout with issues between families. Pronger in Edm, Kesler in Van, J. Brown in Van, etc. Most we never really even catch wind of.

      • Phaneuf and Avery

  25. there’s a gong show going on in Ottawa. AGM Lee arrested 10 days ago and now Mike Hoffman’s fiancee allegedly behind a campaign of harassment against Melinda and Erik Karlsson.

    Hoffman is as good as gone. Dorion has a tough couple of months ahead.

  26. With the seriousness of the allegations; what value does Hoffman now have on the trade market?
    Maybe a west coast destination, two meetings a year.

  27. Over 100 💯 hits!!! 🤹‍♀️🎰 🎉

    Love your work Lyle!