NHL Rumor Mill – June 16, 2018

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Latest on Mike Hoffman and Jacob Trouba plus updates on the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: In his latest update of his Trade Bait Board, Frank Seravalli reports the cyberbullying allegations levied by Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson’s wife against the fiancee of teammate Mike Hoffman has sent the latter’s trade value tumbling from No. 3 on his listing down to No. 9. He said the only reason Hoffman’s value remains that high is “because it’s a near certainty that he will be traded now. It’s just a matter of when, where, and for what.”

Seravalli cited one NHL general manager saying Hoffman would be “persona non grata” with his club until this matter was resolved one way or the other. Another said he would “never invite that kind of circus” into his dressing room.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the 2018 NHL Draft in Dallas fast approaching, Hoffman could be dealt within a matter of days. During the season, Hoffman was linked to the Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues and San Jose Sharks, though the latter’s recent signing of Evander Kane probably takes them out of the equation.

While some still think the Senators can get a good return for him, most observers believe the opposite.  The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch recently suggested Hoffman could still fetch a 2019 first-round pick and a good young player or prospect. It’ll be a significant test of GM Pierre Dorion’s skills to land that kind of return now. 


TVA SPORTS: Lists the Minnesota Wild’s Charlie Coyle, Edmonton Oilers’ Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Columbus Blue Jackets’ Boone Jenner, St. Louis Blues’ Robby Fabbri and the Florida Panthers’ Nick Bjugstad as five centers the Montreal Canadiens could target in the trade market. The Canadiens carry four picks in the second round of this year’s draft and perhaps at least one of those picks could be used to land one of those centers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens had interest in Coyle leading up to this year’s trade deadline and could circle back this summer. Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli insists he’s not shopping Nugent-Hopkins. Jenner can play center or wing and is a restricted free agent this year, though his offensive stats have tumbled from his 30-goal campaign two years ago.

Fabbri has considerable talent but has also undergone two knee surgeries in as many years. Bjugstad was also linked to the Canadiens as part of a rumored deal for Max Pacioretty.

If GM Marc Bergevin goes shopping for a center, he could target Coyle and Bjugstad. It’ll probably take more than a couple of second-round picks to land either guy. 

The Boston Bruins are reportedly getting calls about center David Krejci (Photo via NHL Images).


WGR 550: TSN’s Darren Dreger said there are teams calling the Boston Bruins to express interest in center David Krejci. Dreger believes the Bruins are reluctant to make that move, “but every player has a price tag.” He thinks the Bruins would instead prefer trading David Backes. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: On the one hand, trading Krejci would remove his $7.25-million annual cap hit from the Bruins books. On the other hand, that move would leave them scrambling to find a suitable second-line center. Krejci also has a full no-movement clause. He could waive it for the right club but it certainly limits where the Bruins could send him.

As for Backes, his age (34), declining production and $6 million cap hit could be a tough sell unless the Bruins take back a toxic contract, absorb part of Backes’ cap hit or include a good young player or prospect in the deal. 


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Paul Wiecek asks, “what is pending restricted free agent Jacob Trouba worth? And can the Jets afford to re-sign him?” While Trouba said in his season-ending press conference that he’d like to re-sign a long-term extension with the Jets, Wiecek reminds us how contentious the defenseman’s previous contract negotiations became, leading at one point to his agent requesting a trade.

Wiecek believes the Trouba camp will seek around $7 million annually. He wonders if the Jets can afford to pay that much for a blueliner who, “while talented defensively, has yet to demonstrate much upside offensively — he scored three goals this past season and finished with 24 points — and who has had injury troubles, playing more than 65 games in a season just once in his five-year career.”

The Jets have several notable players (Connor Hellebuyck, Patrik Laine, Blake Wheeler, Kyle Connor) due for new contracts between now and next summer. If something’s got to give to get those players under contract, Wiecek suggests it could be Trouba, who would fetch the Jets a big return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wiecek isn’t saying Trouba will be traded, just suggesting it as an option if the blueliner’s asking price might prevent the Jets from re-signing another key player. So far, there’s no indication the Jets are considering that option. Still, if the Trouba camp sets a ridiculously high asking price, GM Kevin Cheveldayoff could consider that option. It’ll be interesting to see how those contract negotiations unfold. 



  1. Re : Hoffmann

    Correct move … not judging guilty or not

    If innocent … deny, reach out, get a lawyer… duh!

    If guilty …. does same to buy time

    Result …. might mitigate some things in short time … if miraculously a third party is proved guilty in next short while … I believe both could play on same team .,,. That would be the only shot ….. and odds are extremely against it

    More likely … one or both traded …. I don’t believe EK value has changed; Hoffman’s has for sure

    Regardless …. whoever is found guilty of these brutal posts …. needs to be absolutely and brutally castigated…. Psycho posts!!!

    Re coach suspension …. shouldn’t have waited to do this

    • Lee wasn’t a coach, Pengy, he was the assistant GM to Dorion. But I agree – this should have been instantaneous at least until the judicial outcome of the charges, and permanent if he pleads or is found guilty.

      • George … thanks ….knew that but haven’t gone to Tim’s yet ….not fully awake…. ahhhhh

      • George.

        Nice to have you weighing in again regularly.

      • So you think that people should be subject to suspension and public ridicule every time anyone, anywhere makes an accusation. That’s outrageous. But that’s where we are. The mere accusation is enough to ruin people.

      • Depends on the position & circumstance. People that work in politics, professional sports etc. aren’t everyday people. In the NHL players, coaches & front office personnel sign code of conduct clauses in their contracts.

        If charged with a criminal offence they should be suspended without pay until resolved. Unfortunate but it paints the organization poorly as well as the NHL & is clearly covered off in the contracts they sign.

      • agree striker but disagree it should be without pay. if its an accusation and not proven they should still be paid on suspension.

    • If Ottawa knew prior Hoffman should’ve been moved before it broke publicly. If the Karlsson informed the Senators and they (Ottawa) chose to do nothing, then Karlsson is also as good as gone.
      If she is found not to be responsible still no way these two players can be on the same team just to toxic.
      If not her then who? another player wife or girlfriend…oh lets not go there.
      Summary Hoffman done playing in Ottawa and the Senators didn’t handle this well at all.

      • No they have not. Brian Murray must be rolling over in his grave up in Shawville, P.Q. And given his past history, you have to wonder if Melnyk had a say in any non-decisions. Wouldn’t surprise me.

    • He shouldn’t have been suspended even if he is guilty of the accused behavior. It was nothing more than slightly crude behavior. There was no real harm done. At most, it may have rated a talking to. Things have gotten far far far out of hand on this political correctness thing.

      • it became a public issue and tarnishes the brand. If Lee or Hoffman or whomever didn’t like those rules they could have chosen to not join a business where image is so important…. aint freedom grand.

  2. TVA sports lists 5 centres … does not include ROR …. why wouldn’t MB consider ROR?

    • OReilly is too big to fit into Bergevins all smurf roster goal.

    • Mtl does to have the assets to land him, and Ron is right LOL

      • Also ROR is not worth his asking price, and his salary cap. He’s the player to stay away right now

  3. Re: Trouba … if his side is sticking firm at $7M …. Winn should trade … not saying ask is outlandish; just can’t maneuver with upcoming contracts ….so if $7M and firm …. trade and get an excellent return in trade

    • $7mill will be a bargain in 2 years, IMO the jets should jump all over that.

      • Agreed.

      • Why pay big money to a d man who can’t score? Makes zero sense.

    • $7m is a good deal for both player and team at this point, depending on length of contract would be a bargin for Winnipeg in a couple of years.

      For me it makes no sense to move this player unless you know he won’t sign.

      • I fully agree. Inflation is alive & well in the NHL. McDavid’s contract has excelled that rapidly just like increasing the min wage in BC from 10.50 to 12.65. All the business effected just increased their costs by 15% even before implemented to offset.

      • It’s been talked about but I think Trouba to the isles is almost a certainty at this point. It just depends on the cost to acquire him.

      • Boychuk, Pulock & Mayfield are all RHD’s.

        If Trouba moves Detroit may be the best landing spot.

        That said I don’t place the odds of Trouba being moved as high now as I did prior to their playoff run this season. Winning has a way of making you like where you are & Win has a very bright future.

      • In fact, I place them as almost non-existent now. Soley up to Trouba & his salary & term expectations. if it takes 7 mil for 8 years I think Win would happily pay it, anything more & term may decline or they may at least test his value in trade.

      • I can’t see Winnipeg paying that much but the isles will in order to retain Tavares. They have the assets and the bodies to make it happen. Besides they can’t remain status quo

      • Minimum wage in BC is only 12.65? Must be nice. Here in Ontario the sinking ship it’s $15 gd dollars. It costs $17 for a big Mac because of it.

    • Agree with Pengy. With others coming out of ELC’s, might make sense to move him. He’d be more valuable to another team. Aside from Strikers mythical 400 game rule, I really don’t see him as a big points guy. As he said, Buff in front of him for next 3 years. Poolman developing nicely and Myers still has a year left. Financially, it might make more sense to extend Myers a couple years for less money. Winn has no 1st rd pick and left D needs upgrade. Don’t underestimate residual animosity from previous hold out either

  4. Ive read reports that Lucic doesn’t want to play in Canada, who knows.

    But what about Hoffman for Loch? Thered be other moving parts involved but I did read the oilers had interest last season in Hoffman.

    Sounds like he’s burned his bridge in Ottawa. He’d fit in nice with McDavid too. Ottawa has a better chance on resigning their captain if this trade happens fast….

    • That’s a terrible trade for Ottawa. A buyout for Hoffman is a better option than that.

      • Hoffman’s not being bought out.

      • Striker: I completely agree. Was just saying buying out Hoffman is a better option than trading him for Lucic. I still think they’ll get a late first and a prospect or something equivalent for Hoffman.

      • There is only 1 viable scenario where Ott is taking Lucic & it’s a pipe dream. Edm pays 1/2 his salary & takes MacArthur’s LTIR contract saving Ott 20% of the salary not covered by insurance.

        It’s all about the money in Ott, Melnyk wants to spend as little as necessary.

        Edm isn’t doing such so really there is no viable scenario.

    • Twin, Hmmm, from what I saw last season Lucic had already stopped playing in Canada 🙂 After Pheneuf got traded twice I’ll never say never again but it will take some fancy stepping to move Lucic. Perhaps Edm keeps some of his salary and they take back someone underperforming. Andrew Ladd would not look out of place in Edm 🙂

  5. Trouba to the leafs, if they pre work out a contract for him.

    Thered be moving pieces on both sides, and marner would be the starting point but trouba would be a stud in Toronto, and a lot of teams for that matter.

    In addition, he played meaningful hockey and knows how to win, unlike the current and former leafs of the past 15 years

    • No one is trading Marner and the return would have to be a hell of a lot higher than just Trouba. That’s just ridiculous!

      You say these things to get a rise out of people. Total joke!

      • Sorry MST your comment is way off base.

      • If I have to choose between Marner & Trouba I’m taking Trouba no slight to Marner a stud winger. If I have to choose between a stud winger & a stud Dman I’m taking the stud Dman every time & Trouba is a stud who’s still at least 1 full season from even showing us what he will be when fully developed.

        You need not worry as I don’t see this trade happening. The latest we have heard is Trouba wants to stay the issue is will he accept less than Buffy’s contract? 7 is below that & I’m locking this player up for 8 years now. As many have stated here that 7 mil will seem like a great value in no time.

    • Marner for trouba is just about right. Damn close value

      • I don’t see Winnipeg trading Trouba. He played really well down the stretch and throughout the playoffs. At his age, he should continue to improve and be part of the Jets’ core for many, many years. Winnipeg might want to look at trading older members of their defence corps.

      • Marner for Hamilton straight up. Both teams get what they need.

      • My post wasn’t to imply it’s a deal the teams should do… just that the equivalent trade value is about right. Sorry leafs fans but wingers have the second least value on the market. It goes top franchise centers the top pairing d then second tier centers then top 4 d then top wingers then goalies. In almost all circumstances

      • I take generational players 1st, top D 2nd, top C’s 3rd.

      • I thought so. As mentioned moving part or two here or there. Theres no known baggage with Marner like there was Hall.

        Typical leafs fan attacking people for pitching reasonable market value.

        Hes a great young player, loads of potential that the leafs probably wont be able to retain ( without gaping holes in other places in the line up)

        Trouba, is what they need… no one is going to give shannaplan any deals espically for a top pairing defenceman for a winger.

        And nylander would require alot of plusses for a trouba like d man, lets be realistic

      • hall didn’t have any baggage. it became readily apparent he wasnt the problem in edm when he went to an organization that wasnt a wreck from top down.

      • i’m not sure what you mean by generational players. so much could go into that subjectively. Are fan favorite players, maybe an alfredson for example, generational players? Hall is among the top lw of this era of hockey… would he be generational?

    • Marner or Nylander plus a pick is about right for Trouba, but Winnipeg doesn’t need wingers. They’d want a defenseman back for Trouba and Toronto doesn’t gain anything by trading Reilly instead of Marner/Nylander. Defenseman are more valuable than wingers, so I doubt Toronto is a fit given what the Jets would want.

    • Marner is NOT Going Anywhere !! Complete joke that is

    • & with all the forwards already in Win how does another forward fit. Win has Roslovic waiting in the wings, another solid stud forward in the making. Poor Petan can’t even get a chance. The Smurf will have to be traded this summer or will be lost on waivers at the start of the season as he can’t be sent down without clearing.

      Win already has 13 forwards; 12 NHL forwards, losing Dano wouldn’t be the end of the world, & only Roslovic & Connor are waiver exempt not counting Petan.

      • They will need another center when Stastny goes elsewhere.
        Spooner, Gilmour, 26th and 28th picks for Trouba

      • Schiefele, Little, Lowry & Copp are all C’s & Copp had to play out of position as a winger this season & that’s a solid top 4. They like the 3rd line of Copp, Lowry & Armia. Copp’s the smurf on that line a 6’1. Perreault, Roslovic will be the #2 C in Win by the middle of the 2019-20 season if not sooner.

        This is an extremely good young hockey player that is a great skater & puck hound with exceptional skills just waiting to be developed. There is a reason Win choose this C late in the 1st round of 2015. He has been developed perfectly to date. Nice & slow.

  6. Galchenyuk for domi

    • Meh. Domi has less skill but more compete.
      Let’s check back in 3 years.

      • I agree. We don’t even have to wait for 3. The 2-year bridge puts Mon in a great position in 2 years to make a call on Domi’s future.

        I prefer this trade for Montreal. Galchenyuk is a UFA in 2 years, Domi 4. Mon bridged Domi for 2 years & he will still be 2 years from UFA status when that deal expires and if he continues to develop Mon can decide what their long-term contract plans are for him then.

        Having only played 222 NHL regular season games Domi hasn’t yet shown us what he will truly be at the NHL level. Gelchenyuk has played 418, he is essentially fully developed what you see is what you get, both are young but Domi; 13 months younger, has far more growth potential than Galchenyuk at the NHL level as he’s played 2 fewer seasons.

        Can Galchenyuk be better than he has shown to date? Sure, a move to a new team with more minutes & quality ice time if received could mean more production but he was already seeing 1st line PP time.

        This trade surprised me. Not sure what Chyka is doing but I like this trade better for Mon. Domi has played LW most of his career but was forced to play about 25 games at C in Arz last season. By PPG these players are identical, Gelchenyuk a better goal scorer Domi a better set up guy, from a business perspective Domi is a better bet being 4 years from UFA status, from a development 1 Domi has 2 years less experience. Those 25+ games Domi played at C last season he played a fairly responsible game but his offence suffered as he was learning that role.

  7. Hextall stated that he is willing to spend the money or the assets for a top-tier defenceman to play with Provorov.The key being right-handed. If Truba is on the block I can see the flyers making a pitch. Combination of draft pick, prospect and roster player.
    If the Jets want cost certainty maybe ghost would be in play.

    • “I prefer this trade for Montreal. Galchenyuk is a UFA in 2 years, Domi 4.”

      This is the kind of thinking that caused Chicago to trade Panarin for Saad. The worse player is the worse player. It’s a bad trade

      • I agree I wouldn’t say it’s bad specifically but I’m with you Mon wins this trade just on the business side alone.

        That said I’m happy to see Gelchenyuk get a fresh start. I have never understood why he has been beaten down by almost everyone.

  8. Galchenyuk a centerman now? Habs will save some cabbage if Domi bridges (or not)

    • Domi did bridge & they did save some cabbage. 1.75 cabbages.

  9. Zucharello, Gilmour, picks 26+28 for Trouba

  10. I agree with Chrisms in that Trouba and Marner are pretty close in value …. I wouldn’t (and don’t think Leafs would) trade Marner…. Wee Willy yes … but keep MM

    However Van has a good point re Winn looking likely more towards a D in return….

    With that Logic … for Trouba realistically to end up in Toronto … a third team would most likely need to be involved… not definitely but more likely to be needed…and everyone knows the rarity of 3 way deals…

    So what other team could offer up a D (and need Trouba) to make a deal work?

  11. Lyle.

    I think if Bos moves Backes they do so next summer after they pay his 3 mil signing bonus. The acquiring team would get him for a mil in actual salary then 4 mil the year following but have to take the full 6 mil cap hit for 2 years. I believe that was why this contract was structured as such. He got 5 years at 6 mil per in cap hit but Boston just needed him till all the youth was ready to play.

  12. Bergevin is trying to win the lottery in June!!!

    If the Canucks want to pick first in the draft held in Vancouver then Benning is going to have to match Bergevins move!!!

    Boeser and Horvat for Lucic and Strome!!!

    Nucks have the cap space to take on Lucic contract and deal certainly makes them worse, but worse than Montreal? The battle for first pick is on. Only Ottawa stands in their way. Sadly, the Coyotes might have taken themselves out of the running for first overall.

    Bergevin is doing a great job of turning the Canadiens into a 2nd tier AHL franchise.

    Not only did the Habs get worse, but incredibly he found away to make his roster of smurfs even smaller.

    Bergevin has to be the worst GM in the NHL. How does he still have a job!?!?

    • You need not worry, the only team able to challenge Ott for the best odds in next seasons lottery is Buf & surely Buf has to start getting better eventually. How long can a team be this bad?

      • If Ott was smart they would give Col their 1st round pick 4th overall this season as next seasons will be better & if it becomes the 1st overall & Colorado gets to draft Jack Hughes Ott fans are going to lose their minds.

        What may be funnier still is Duchene may choose to walk as well when his contract expires. His value declines with each passing day once the season starts as he’s 1-day closer to UFA status. This trade never made sense to me & the cost was extreme.

        Who would willing want to stay & play in Ott currently? If I have the chance to get out I’m gone as fast as possible.

      • Hahaha. Good question.

      • Striker, that’s quite a gamble. If I’m Ottowa, I grab the older Hughes at 4. Kid looked great skating with nhlers in olympics. No guarentee they get 1 overall next year. And right now, all controversy aside, they’re still better than Buffalo. Only a year removed from ecf. They should get a decent return on Hofmann and hopefully keep EK

      • If they trade Hoffman & Karlsson does what they get back make them better today or down the road? I say down the road as they will be getting lesser players & please don’t misconstrue that, they will be good players just not as good as Hoffman or Karlsson as they will be taking picks & or prospects back in both those trades if made.

        It gets pretty murky after the 2nd pick. We have Zadina, 2 C’s & 5 Dman that could all go in any order from 3 through 10. This may be the 1st time in years teams have drafted for need as the difference in the value of these players is incredibly subjective & they have different skillsets. At least 1 of those Dman is all offence today another leans very heavily to a shutdown Dman, then you have 3 solid 2 way guys, 2 C’s & a LW.

      • giving the 4th overall pick this year is beyond foolish. lots of things can happen in a season… ott may make the playoffs… they may barely miss the playoffs… they could end up with a top 5 pick and drop out of that due to lottery. A bird in the hand…

      • Don’t sleep on Buffalo. They will be better but I’m not sure you can say that about Ottawa or Montreal. How do the Islanders look if they can’t re-sign John Tavares? Do the Changes in Carolina make them better? I don’t think so.

    • It’s funny hearing idiots like Ron dull comment lol he has no clue that galchenyuk and domi have the exact same ppg and domi makes 1.75 less! Domi plays the game hard while galchenyuk……..not so much.

      • Galchenyuk, has one 30 goal season and two more over 20.

        Domi? 36 career goals.

        Dont be a Hoffman, cease your cyberbullying, lol.

      • Have you even watched galchenyuk play? Lol seriously before making your dumb comments just think a little. You bash benning and Bergevin yet you look over the worst gm in the league hextall the team is going no where and the only thing he has done is totally lost the Schenn to St. Louis trade, philly is in full disaster mode

  13. Trouba has only played 326 NHL regular season games which for me means we won’t know what Trouba’s upside is until he breaks the 400 games threshold. Let’s also factor in Trouba has seen no quality offensive deployment especially on the PP.

    Trouba missed 22 games to start the 2016-17 season due to his holdout but still managed 8 goals & 33 points in 60 games. Not a single game missed to injury. Trouba & Morrisey play as Win’s #1 shut down pairing, pretty hard to generate offence when you are being constantly deployed in a defensive role.

    Unfortunately with Buffy in Win Trouba will only see 1st unit PP time if Buf is injured and that’s in play for many years.

    • I don’t think Trouba has to put up points. Would love to see him in NY with Skjei as a top pair for years. Can afford to lock them both up long term. To me, Trouba’s value would be more as a shutdown guy that kills penalties. He contributes offensively just by transitioning quickly out of his own end. He’s exactly the only type of player I’d want Gorton to trade for. And they have assets to get it done. Zuc was rumored to be heading there at deadline. They got Stastny, but now may lose him.
      Next years pairings; Trouba/Skjei—Shatty/Lindgren— Pionk/DeAngelo/Staal

      • Win doesn’t need Stastny or Zuccarello next season. They have to many forwards already & surely don’t need wingers. There have been discussions Perreault may be moved out so Roslovic can become a full-time top 9 forward.

        NYR does have the assets to bid for Trouba if made available but Zuccarello solves nothing for Win so other assets need to move 1 being a solid younger Dman I’m not sure Gilmour would qualify.

      • There was rumors at deadline. Most where coming from Win
        As mentioned to me yesterday, this is a rumors website! No fun if we just decide Win not doing anything. I enjoy being Rangers armchair GM

      • Agreed but that ship sailed.

        Nor am I saying Win will do nothing. Something is giving at forward & we still need to see Trouba signed, rumours are Win would like to see Trouba come in between Scheifele & Buffy. The only way that happens is if Trouba is willing to allow it to happen as if he forced the issue he will see more down the road if he leverages his position with arbitration rights & UFA status 2 years away.

        If Win wants it between those 2 I doubt they get 8 years but 5 or 6.

      • Striker, I’m not arguing with you as far as what Win might want. Just not sure realistically they can make it all work. What are they doing with Helybuk? As I said, I think at Trouba’s age he’s definately worth a long term deal for 7. Just not sure it’s with Jets. Also, I’m not convinced he wants to commit rest of his career to playing there.

      • Win has over 20 mil at today’s cap hit. If Trouba & Hellebuyck eat up 12 to 13 mil of that Morrisey gets bridged to save short-term cap space there is still lots of monies to flush out 23 players in under the new cap.

        Perreault may very well be moved this summer to make room for Rolsovic. That sheds a little over 3 mil, & with expansion 2 summers away another contract of some nature will fall off the roster.

        You address the future cap issues as you get closer. If the cap rises to 80 to 82 mil this season it probably hits 85 to 88 in 2019-20. Myers is probably a cap casualty soon. Trouba, Morrisey & the developing Poulman can solidify the top 4 & Win isn’t structured to protect 4 Dman under the 8 skaters but 7 forwards & 3 Dman for expansion & that needs to factor into decisions made today.

        With being this close to a cup contender Win may need to gamble & ride a few UFA’s into next summer in their quest for the cup. Always a difficult decission to make.

      • I think you’re about right on Helybuk and Trouba, but they only have 9 forwards under contract from final roster. 3 of those 9 are in top 5 on team in scoring, and are in last year of their contracts. Trading for Stastny helped their playoff push. Saying they don’t need him might be true, but I don’t see how they’re better by subtraction going into next year. Not saying they should keep Stastny ,but Trouba at 7 mil might hinder them adding to team.

  14. The bruins are my team but Sweeny is the one who gave backed that contract, such was a bad deal from the get go.if Boston can deal krecji maybe try for stasny out of Winnipeg.

    • Uggh sorry for spelling errors

  15. Surprising from comments I heard in the pass about David Krejci that his contract at 3yrs and $7.25 and 32yrs old wasn’t moveable; yet several GM have inquired about him. The sad part is Boston doesn’t have a player to step up to take his spot.

    • Missing some details there though. Gms could be inquiring about what Boston would pay them to take that contract off their hands. Devils in the details.

      • Chrisms that’s a valid point but I think the more teams that inquire make the less likely hood and if any retaining salary it would go down by each competing team.

      • I don’t minimize the value centers have in the current market but even if cap goes up 7.5 is big chunk for a 2 center who struggles at times to stay healthy. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Krejci traded for value because of his position but also wouldn’t surprise me to learn teams were trying to get him on the cheap

    • There aren’t enough C’s & D to go around. Having Krejci as a #2 C in Bos is a great luxury. I have no issues with his contract nor Backes. Bos doesn’t have cap issues today nor moving forward currently. They have structured their contracts & roster very well to make space moving forward if needed.

      Backes is a great example. See comment to Lyle above.

      • Theres rumors going around that Carolina has inquired about Talbot.

        Doesnt make sence for the oil to trade their goalie but what about a blockbuster

        To carolina:RNH, Jesse puljujarvi, lucic, benning or klefbomb

        To edmonton: 2nd overall, justin Faulk, noah hanifan and victor rask

        Be quite the trade and would do wonders for both teams

      • Have we ever seen that big of a blockbuster?

        Never & never isn’t becoming the 1st time today.

      • lindros?

  16. Blockbusters are very very rare … and most times include a top 3 NHL player… generational player so to speak….. Lindros trade as you’ve pointed out ….

    Gretzky, McSorley, Kruzer for $15 M , Carson, Gelinas, and 3 first rounders

    I dream about and fascinate about them …. but very rare

  17. Can’t remember all the details of Lindros deal …, but I think it was something like $15M plus 8 assets …. I think there was 2 picks and 6 players … I remember Forsberg, Ricci , Hextall and Duschene … I think 2 more

    With those in mind …. just for ships and giggles …. what kind of return would McD get?

    What would Austen Mathews get? Less than McD for sure … but I just throw it out there

  18. Can’t remember all the details of Lindros deal …, but I think it was something like $15M plus 8 assets …. I think there was 2 picks and 6 players … I remember Forsberg, Ricci , Hextall and Duschene … I think 2 more

    With those in mind …. just for ships and giggles …. what kind of return would McD get?

    What would Austen Mathews get? Less than McD for sure … but I just throw it out there

  19. if im the leafs:
    -I let all UFA go
    -I try to sign tavarres and joe thorton (1yr/healthy)
    -I sign matthews / marner / nylander
    -I trade zaitsev / others to regain extra cap space
    – I try to trade or let gardiner walk & sign doughty or other #1 dman

    Although it would be tight on cap space, its doable even paying 3 players 10+mil each.