NHL Rumor Mill – June 20, 2018

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Latest on Erik Karlsson, Artemi Panarin, Phil Kessel and Wayne Simmonds in your NHL rumor mill. 


FRS HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cites Bob McKenzie yesterday telling Vancouver’s TSN 1040 he thinks the Ottawa Senators are going to trade defenseman Erik Karlsson. He believes they’ve got to get the right offer and while they don’t have to get it done by the upcoming NHL Draft, it would make sense if Karlsson could be moved by then.

McKenzie thinks they’re listening to offers because it could be difficult to get the superstar defenseman re-signed to a contract extension. Karlsson has a year remaining on his contract. Noting the Mike Hoffman trade, McKenzie thinks the Senators will continue to rebuild.

TSN: McKenzie’s colleague Frank Seravalli also believes the Senators are getting plenty of calls about Karlsson. He feels the Vegas Golden Knights “remains at the centre of the Karlsson Watch, as they attempted to acquire the blueliner leading up to last February’s trade deadline.

The Golden Knights have the salary-cap room and sufficient bargaining chips to make this happen, especially if the Senators insist on adding winger Bobby Ryan into the deal. It’s believed the Senators sought defenseman Shea Theodore when Vegas made their inquiries at the trade deadline, but the sticking point was the Sens asking for the Golden Knights to include top prospect Cody Glass in the deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I really can’t envision a scenario where Karlsson agrees to a long-term deal with the Senators, as there’s growing speculation they intend to blow things up and shed salary to get closer to the salary-cap floor, which could be as high as $60 million for 2018-19. I don’t think Karlsson wants to be part of a lengthy rebuild at this stage in his career.

Whether it’s Vegas or somewhere else, I think he prefers joining a contender. The Sens will set a high asking price for him, which will limit the number of clubs that could land him. 

Could Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin hit the trade block for the second straight summer? (Photo via NHL Images)


THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: George Richards cites a report by Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman claiming Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin has declined to engage in contract extension talks with the team “at this time,” prompting GM Jarmo Kekalainen to perhaps test the trade market heading as the NHL Draft weekend approaches. The winger tallied a career-high 82 points last season, his first with the Jackets following a trade from Chicago last year.

Richards said Kekalainen isn’t shopping Panarin, perhaps because he’s waiting to see what the market will bear for this summer’s top unrestricted free agents. Panarin is entering the second year of a two-year deal worth $6 million annually. His agent said this was not a proper time to discuss this situation.

THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline reports Panarin has told Blue Jackets management he prefers to wait until the fall to talk contract, though his reasons are unclear. Portzline speculations perhaps the winger wants to see what moves Kekalainen makes this summer to improve the roster, or maybe he’s waiting to see if they’ll re-sign goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky to a contract extension, but his agent denies those are factors behind his client’s decision.

Portzline doubts the Jackets will get fair value for a player that other clubs aren’t sure they can keep unless they can get assurances he’ll re-sign with them. The longer he’s with the Jackets the more the list of trade destinations will shrink.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is a very interesting situation for Kekalainen. If he’s got no assurances he can re-sign Panarin, and if he get a fair offer for the winger, he might not have to pull the trigger on a trade. The key here is if the Panarin camp are willing to listen to contract offers from interested clubs. If they’re not, it will certainly affect the return for the Jackets. 


THE ATHLETIC: Josh Yohe reports multiple sources claim Pittsburgh Penguins winger Phil Kessel, while perfectly willing to stay with the club, wouldn’t be opposed to a trade. His preferred destination is the Arizona Coyotes, where he’d be reunited with Coyotes head coach (and former Penguins assistant coach) Rick Tocchet. However, the Coyotes have informed the Penguins they cannot afford to take on his contract. Kessel has four years remaining on his deal, which sees the Penguins pay an annual average value of $6.8 million, with his former club, the Toronto Maple Leafs, picking up the remaining $1.2 million annually.

Yohe also reports the Penguins had interest in winger Max Domi before the Coyotes dealt him last Friday to the Montreal Canadiens. It’s believed they offered up Bryan Rust, Conor Sheary or Dominik Simon.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey believes the signs are there for Penguins GM Jim Rutherford to swing a trade, noting it’s around this time of year when he’s made some of his most notable moves. He feels Matt Hunwick, Conor Sheary and Carl Hagelin are the most likely to be dealt. Kessel and Derick Brassard remains options but not the likely ones.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I often doubted Kessel accepting a trade to a non-contender like the Coyotes, but it’s interesting to note that he would’ve accepted going to Arizona to be reunited with Tocchet. He had a very good relationship with the former Penguins assistant coach.

I’m not fully dismissing the possibility of a Kessel trade, but his cap hit and modified no-trade list makes it difficult to find a suitable trade partner. Given Rutherford’s interest in Domi, it’s apparent he’s looking to swing a deal to bring some balance to his roster. Sheary, Rust or Hagelin could be the likely trade chips. 


THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo reports multiple sources tell him the Philadelphia Flyers are gearing up to potentially trade winger Wayne Simmonds. He’s a year away from UFA status and Russo included him among a list of possible trade options for the Minnesota Wild. 

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: John Boruk reports Flyers GM Ron Hextall recently said he intended to open preliminary contract talks with Simmonds at some point. Hextall added he’s confident the rugged winger will bounce back from recent surgery to repair a tear in his pelvis area. Simmonds also has a 12-team no-trade list. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmonds turns 30 in August and earns an annual salary-cap hit of $3.975 million, though in actual salary he’ll earn $5 million for 2018-19. The Flyers could be reluctant to pay him an expensive long-term extension, but he is a heart-and-soul player who’s very popular with his teammates and Flyers fans. This situation could be worth keeping an eye on this summer. 



  1. So with two Hoffman trades yesterday, I think we can conclude:
    1) Ottawa is in a lot of trouble
    2) Hoffman’s value plummeted a GM gets can be largely affected by the way they approach negotiations.
    3) The idea of not trading within the division isn’t worth taking far less assets to facilitate.

    Ottawa essentially traded Hoffman for a negative value just to watch him turn around and traded for a pretty reasonable package of picks. Just to add insult to injury, Wilson got Dorion to include a swap of picks in San Jose’s favour in 3 drafts time. It makes no difference, but it’s almost as if Wilson just wanted to include it to make sure everyone knew he won this trade straight out, and held all the negotiating power.

    • This absurd.

      1. Boedker is not negative value. The trade was 2nd line player for a border line 2nd/3rd line player getting paid about 2 million less, as he should. Another point that everyone seems to forget. Ottawa has to ice a team next year. They can’t just trade everyone away for picks. They also certainly don’t want to finish last next year and have to give away the #1 pick to Colorado.

      2. All Wilson got was 2nd and some late picks, which almost never turn into NHL players. They have almost no value.

      3. Ottawa got a decent prospect in Begman, who was 2nd round pick. There is no certainty that the 2nd round pick that they San Jose got will turn into a better player than Bergman.

      The internet hive mind has decided that Ottawa is a mess, so naturally everything they do must be a mess, so every thing is cast in the worst possible light. It’s a form of confirmation bias.

      • Some recent disagreements aside, this is probably the best analysis of a difficult situation I have seen. The history of draft picks from the 2nd round on shows damned few ever amounting to anything at the NHL level – the 2012, 2013 and 2014 drafts for example show that not ONE of the 90 2nd round picks has made ANY impact in the NHL. And finding a “star” in late rounds amounts to no more than dumb s*^t luck. Hoffman was one of those – although I hesitate to label him a “star” because his game is far from complete. And anyone could have had him on waivers just a couple of years back when Ottawa sent him to the minors for a spell.

        But some prefer to look at the rants of a mercurial owner and unfortunate Lee incident and instantly condemn the team to the ranks of the perennial bottom-feeders without taking into account upcoming players like Logan Brown, Colin White, Drake Batherson, Alex Formenton, Thomas Chabot.

      • Ott got a player San Jose would have trouble giving away, a decent prospect, and downgraded a pick. San Jose got a 2nd and two later picks. Anyone who thinks later picks pack value really doesn’t get how championship teams are built. the drafts are deeper and deeper every year. later picks can be used for the less safe picks with the highest upside. no team is built with only round 1 and 2 picks. San Jose came out on top but with each teams needs Ott return was comparable. But was still a subpar return.

      • I essentially agree with you on the value of a 2nd round pick, the #’s don’t lie, few become NHL players about a 3rd but those that do more often than not need 3 to 5 years to even start their NHL careers & then need 200 to 400 NHL games to fully develop depending upon if they are forwards, Dman or huge physical men 6’3″+ or 225 lbs+. Goalies can take even longer to get starting jobs many in their mid to late 20’s.

        I think we need to go back further in the 2nd round to see what those rounds bare. Let’s go back 10 years. You covered off 2014, 13 & 12.

        2011. Mayfield; just now becoming an NHL regular, Jenner, Gibson, Rask, Saad, Granlund, Edmundson, Nieto, W. Karlsson & Kucherov.

        2010. Faulk, Spooner, Tiffoli, Pickard, Jarnkrok, Zucker, Johns.

        2009. ROR, Silfverberg, Lehner, Dumoulin, Panik, Orlov & Tatar.

        2008. Markstrom, Voyonov, Allen, Josi, Schultz, Stepan, Hamonic & Scandella.

        That’s just players who are now essentially NHL regulars, Voyonov being the exception as he was sent away but will soon be back. There are dozens of others that are having less distinguished careers.

        2015 class already in the NHL. Fischer, Dermott, Aho & Carlo.

      • Boedker is a negative value. He has skill, but Wilson would gladly have given him away for nothing, and he wasn’t having an easy time trying. A 2nd is a reduced value for Hoffman, but it is way more value to a team that should be rebuilding than Boedker is. Picks after the 4th round are all virtually the same value, which is about a 1 in 15 – 1 in 20 chance of becoming an NHLer depending on the draft. They have pretty miniscule value in reality, but GMs overvalue them so they act a little bit as ammo. Either way Ottawa took on a bad contract simply because it cost less dollars. They saved cash. Want to know what would have saved more cash? Just trading him for picks.

        What is absurd is the notion that Ottawa needs to consider what they might give Colorado in their decision making process. That trade is done, and Ottawa is losing a pick in this years draft or next. Icing a slightly better team so Colorado’s chances of 1st overall going down, should not be complicating any decisions for a team that has an important and difficult summer ahead of them. This is a massive mistake to think this way. Finishing 10th last in the league next year instead of last won’t improve Ottawa, so they shouldn’t care if it improves someone else. In fact, at the very least, by Colorado getting one of the picks, they can at least keep one lottery pick away from the Eastern Conference. Once the trade is made, and Ottawa decides which years pick to give them, that’s the last decision they should be making with that pick in mind.

      • George.

        Ottawa’s prospect pipeline is solid but it will take years for those players to make a solid contribution & take over as the leaders in Ott.

        Ott appears to have just come to the realization they need to rebuild. Odd they went out & traded for Duchene considering the direction the club is now taking not even a year later.

        Let’s look at other teams that have undertaken what Ott appears to be doing, Arz, Buf, Car, Col, Edm, NJ, Tor, Van & Win. All have been in rebuilds from 2 to 10 years. If Ott’s is just starting how long before they are back to being a playoff team or even a playoff contender?

        What do you place the odds at that they finish dead last next season? The only team I can see that may be as bad as Ott is Buf.

      • You should apply to the Sens PR department.

        1. Comparing Hoffman to Boedker as if they are almost equal is nonsensical. One is a 30 goal scorer on a great contract. The other is an overpaid role player that SJ tried to trade for more than a year. No one would give up anything of value for Boedker if Ottawa shopped him today.

        2. Wilson got cap space and dumped an albatross contract and got a few extra picks as icing on the cake. Most have to pay to dump their bad contracts, he got paid. Huge win.

        3. Pre-Caryk, Hoffman would have fetched a first, a top prospect and a third piece. Instead the third piece headlines their return.

        There is no way to spin this as anything but a loss for the Sens, however necessary it may have become.

      • Also, when stating it was a reasonable package of picks, it’s relative to what I would have expected a players value to be with the controversy surrounding them. He went from a guy that should be netting a 1st and a decent prospect to a guy essentially worth a 2nd.

        In the end San Jose managed to dump a contract they would have dumped free and netted a few picks which all totaled have about 35-40% odds to yield 1 solid NHLer.

        The additional picks in the deal are virtually meaningless as the difference between a 5th and 6th rounder is virtually 0. Just seemed like it was Wilson exerting leverage because he could to get some small paper victory.

      • Striker. You could argue that Detroit could be in the conversation for worst next year. The departure of Green makes a bad defense even worse. Another year on Hank and his bad back. This year will be a tell tale for Mantha, Athanasiou, Nyquist and Larkin. I believe Larkin succeeds Hank as Captain upon his departure. As the deadline approaches I would try and move Nyquist. Just so many bad contracts handed out by Holland which will make it tough. Any picks that they could stockpile will help. I’m overjoyed that they could move Tatar for what they received. Holland will try and resign Green which in my opinion would be a mistake. I believe Jimmy Howard is a UFA next year as well meaning cap room will improve in the next couple of years if Holland stays away from high priced free agents this summer.

      • My understanding is that there are teams ready to part with players and include a pick for the contract to be taken.
        In an ideal world Ottawa could have got what San Jose got from Florida and then made a trade to acquire a player and pick. Or sign someone like Grabner in the offseason and flip for picks at the deadline. Boedkar has a higher cap hit and a year left on the deal giving Ottawa less flexibility.
        How you call Boedkar a 2nd line guy is beyond me, the guy has been given every opportunity in Arizona and San Jose but has never taken advantage of it.

      • To say that late round pick almost no value, isn’t necessarily true, each round of the draft has produced NHL Players to varying degree of success. Here is Ottawa from 2008- 2012 later years I don’t look at because it takes a while for them to develop.
        2008 Zack Smith 3rd
        Derek Grant 4th
        Mark Borowiecki 5th
        2009 Chris Wideman 4th
        Mike Hoffman 5th
        2010 Mark Stone 6th
        2011 Jean Gabriel Pageau 4th
        Fredrik Cleasson 5th
        Ryan Dzingel 7th
        2012 – No late players

        Agree each round the success level goes down, however if you can draft players in the later round that make the NHL it’s a bonus and Ottawa has had some success with later round picks.

      • Bcola they would potentially be next on the list but Holland just won’t let go of trying to win games. I certainly considered it but I think the difference in points between Det & Ott & Buf depending upon what Buf does this summer will be significant, 10+ points in the standings.

      • Never said anywhere that late round picks have “no” value – merely pointed out that a high % of the 30 picks (now 31) never make it, so it’s a crapshoot at best.

        As for Matt Duchene, if this is indeed a complete rebuild – and it probably is – people should quit looking at the trade as if it lacks any value at all. When they made the deal they clearly thought they might be in contention for awhile after coming one double-OT goal away from the finals. They were wrong. So move on and if they intend to “start from scratch” so to speak, Duchene will still have some considerable value in the trade market.

        And I don’t see where ANYONE equated Boedker to Hoffman talent-wise.

      • if you take average 2nd round draft pick turning NHL pro percentage I would agree a 2nd doesnt amount to a phenomenal return in any other year. But this isnt an average draft year and many state their are plenty of “NHL calibre” players in the top 50. So a non playoff team will have 2 plausible NHL players in this draft. But with that said the Sharks were a playoff team making a low 2nd round pick into a much lesser chance at NHL success in the 2nd round.

    • if you go by Dorion’s comments, I think the Hoffman trade is the last olive branch to Karlsson to get him to resign long-term.

      But I think the real reason by EK won’t resign is the cancer that owns the team. Between alienating his own fans, and driving away team legend Daniel Alfredsson, he just might be the worst owner in the league

      • ” Anyone who thinks later picks pack value really doesn’t get how championship teams are built”

        Anyone who thinks that late picks are worth much hasn’t read the statistics on that these players will even see the NHL, let alone be meaningful players

      • Guess warshington was manned by 23 1st round picks.
        You might want to do some of that research you are talking about.

      • Noitall. I agree 100%, however there are some diamonds found late in the draft. By what you’re saying though is why even bother drafting past the second round. Should the draft just be two rounds and then everyone undrafted is a free agent?
        The Red Wings were very sucessfull with late picks albeit not lately but built championship teams for picks 5th and later.

      • Dustin Byfuglien drafted 8th round 245rd overall in 2003.
        I don’t think he’s that bad?

        Second last pick that draft Brian Elliott. He is still a starting goalie.

        Percentage of finding these guys late is low and luck related but still findable.

      • There are many serviceable players in later rounds and at times superstars – countless.
        Its a volume game, the more picks you have the better your chance of landing an impact player. The notion that later round picks don’t matter is very, very, VERY wrong.

      • “What is absurd is the notion that Ottawa needs to consider what they might give Colorado in their decision making process.”

        If you don’t think that Ottawa is scared to death of looking like fools by giving away the #1 next year, you don’t know people at all. Can you image the fan reaction if that were to occur? Whoa!

      • Noitall, I am not saying Ottawa won’t make sacrifices because they are afraid of looking foolish, Obviously that is part of Dorian’s thought process. That doesn’t make it any better. It’s a terrible way to run a team.

        If Ottawa wants to sacrifice something for perception alone, they should be sending this year’s fourth and be done with it. Then from there make decisions with nothing hanging over their head. If they keep sacrificing value like they did in this trade, they are going to be in rough shape for a long time.

        picks after the first round have less value individually, but two 2nds, 5 3rds, or 10 picks 4th or later are worth more than a pick in the bottom 20 of the first round. Those small values can add up very quickly when you start sacrificing constantly, especially when you gain nothing for doing so.

      • Danny: I think Ottawa made the right move by taking Boedker and a B prospect vs. getting 2nd, 4th and 5th round picks, which Tallon admitted wasn’t available to Ottawa in a trade. Ottawa has to ice a team and Boedker is a solid 3rd line player, though overpaid. Clearly, Ottawa did not get the value a 25G/50-60 point forward with 2 years left on his deal should get (Hoffman has never hit 30G), but getting rid of the distraction is worth something by itself.

        Wilson did a masterful job clearing cap space and recouping picks. However, I don’t think Ottawa wanted just picks in the trade. Bergman was a 2nd round pick a few years ago and is a RD, which Ottawa was sorely lacking in their prospect pool. The only other NHL potential RD they had in their system was Jaros. Ottawa lost the trade from a skill standpoint, but it could work out in the end. If you look at the Heatley trade now, Ottawa didn’t do so bad and that was completely panned at the time.

      • Van, I agree that Ottawa had to move Hoffman, however I think they should have been more open to taking picks and trading within the division to get the largest possible value rather than a specific return.

        We don’t know the specifics of what was available, only what was said, so we could be way off, but it wasn’t stated that Tallon wouldn’t offer that type of deal to Ottawa, just that they didn’t because Dorion insisted on receiving a roster player. To me that is a misstep.

        Some of my criticism of this trade is that I perceive Boedker as a negative value roster player. I think he is a below average 3rd line player who can score a little more than the average 3rd line, but not enough to justify his defensive issues and what little else he brings to the table.

    • SJ wins by gaining ~4M in cap space. Boedker wins by slotting himself in top6 and probably getting PP time he did not see while playing for Sharks. FL wins by getting a decent winger in Hoffman. Not gonna speculate what Ottawa does next, but it doesn’t look pretty.

      • Look, I’ll explain it slowly carefully so even those totally ignorant of basic statistics can get it. Sure, if you have 20 low draft picks, you may get a usable player. But the value of any one draft pick is very low because the probability is low that he will be a hit.

        The smart aleck response about Washington having 23 first round picks shows that not only did he not read what I said but that he can’t think. Hows does getting a 4th and 5th round pick equate to saying that only first round picks matter. It doesn’t. According to TSN, the probability of a mid 4th round pick will be a top 6 forward, top 4 defenseman or #1 goal is 4.6 and probability that he will be 4th line grinder or worse is 90%. For a low 5th round pick the numbers are 3% and 94%. Obviously, the probability of those picks hitting anything of value is very, very low.

        But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of good rant.

      • I don’t understand your argument? I agreed that it was low of the later rounds. I did provide examples of the ones that did work out and you have to pick in those rounds anyway. So the more later picks you have I guess the odds would increase you find that player.

        Take the lottery for instance, lots of people play, very miniscule chance you win, but still play and spending lots of money to hit that big jackpot.

        San Jose was rewarded with extra picks/exchange of picks and a contract dump for being a go between Ottawa and Florida. In the business world some would call that a Consulting fee.

      • I’m pretty sure I could come up with plenty of other smart aleck responses in response to that epic fail of a rebuttal… but most other posters have helped prove my point for me. In a cap league a solid development and scouting system and prospects to work with are a basic necessity. Mid to late round picks have value. They are currency in the nhl for a reason. When and if you get a basic understanding of the league and it’s workings we can try again champ.

      • I totally disagree Chrisms. They have 7 more rounds for the very purpose of hoping to find a diamond in the rough. The facts prove that the vast majority simply do not amount to much. Yeah, sure, there’s a Byfuglien or a Zetterberg to point to and then pound your chest saying “see how clever we were?” That is pure unadulterated bulls*^t. Had ANYONE thought for a split second that either would become the players they are they would have been 1st round picks. No one will ever convince me that mid to low rounds are anything but an exercise in numbers and hoping for hidden gems. 90% won’t be.

      • the stats are interesting george. did you know that late first round picks have less of a chance to play 100+ games than 3rd round picks? that’s a statistical fact. there is tons of talent out there in the later rounds, especially because of Bettmans phenomenal growth of the game in the past decade or so. the more picks one has the better a chance to find good players.

      • I said this yesterday that Ottawa did better than the Sharks because at least they got an NHL player out of it. Boedker may just have been a bad fit on the Sharks the same way Haglen was on the Ducks. Boedker is a great skater and has some skill, he did in Arizona anyways. He’s no star and he’s no Hoffman but at least he’s a legitimate NHL player. All the Sharks got were a bunch of maybes. There are not a lot of great players that come out of rounds 3-7 but there are enough and the AHL franchises need to have players anyways. If a team has a good scouting department and can draft and develop players like the Red Wings or the Penguins then those later picks could turn into a Patrick Hornqvist or a Pekka Rinne you never know. If I was the Sharks I would have just kept Hoffman their team would have actually improved if they did.

    • Im looking forward to the Sharks video tribute to the Mike Hoffman era the first time the Panthers play in San Jose. Should be a very moving and emotional moment.

  2. Flyers want a Dman ….a Bruins package with Krug in it for a healthy Simmons

    • Simmons would be an excellent Bruin – but do you think Philly would want him in the east?

    • Richard Simmons? Russel Simmons? What Simmons are you referring to?

  3. I may be in the minority, but I don’t see Karlsson going anywhere, unless it’s going to help them next season. Doesn’t make sense to acquire Duchene for future assets and then go into a rebuild? You don’t acquire Duchene unless you’re planning on giving him an extension, which leads me to believe they’ll pay EK. The Hofman saga is over. Boedker is not an awful player. 4th pick could produce an nhl ready player..This is still a team that went to ecf season before last. If I’m Ottowa, I’m at least waiting till deadline before I blow it up… See how season goes.

    • Hi Slick

      I was posting at the same time as you I guess.

      I think it will be difficult for Ottw to keep EK— I think he likely wants out regardless of the Hoffman issues and he will want top $’s— Ottw obviously in re-build mode and starting a rebuild with $11M invested for 8 years — with no likliehood of anywhere near SCF in next 4-5 years, all with a penny-pinching owner— a tough sell — great value in returned assets— more likely a trade now IMO

    • Will Duchene sign an extension in Ott?

      Will Karlsson for that matter?

      I’m going with no on both counts.

      • Striker…That’s why I had follow up comment. If you’re blowing it up then trade Duchene too!!

      • Yep

      • I have asked repeatedly & only the odd person has answered. Why would Duchene resign in Ott? Does he want to be part of the rebuild?

        Ott should have just signed Turris, he wanted to stay, instead, they paid a fortune to acquire a player who is fast approaching UFA status who value declines with each passing day in the regular season if unsigned to an extension. Why did Ott put themselves in this position?

        I assume we will know what’s happening with Duchene soon enough. We have heard no discussions of an extension coming or discussions of such but surely Ott has to have approached him to gauge his interest & if he has none like Panarin in Clb you have to see what is available in trade as losing him for nothing after paying so much is odd.

        Interesting times in Ott.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Either commit to making the moves (spending money) to improve right away or make the trades. Ottawa management needs to take control – that is the biggest issue here, the management is a group of headless chickens.

      • Striker, agree they should have just signed Turris, even though I think Duchene is the better player. Just not worth the 1st rounder thrown in. I just think Dorian is always dealing from a position of weakness because of his boss. There were reports that Melnyk wanted Turris out due to the negotiations, or perhaps Turris just really didn’t want to play on a team with a dick wad for an owner so forced his hand with his demands.
        Whatever the exact reason, my point is that whoever Dorian is dealing with already has a good what his motivation is and that his options may be limited, and he is often dealing with a deadline which impacts his ability to be patient. Hence they offer up anvils. Just like Tallon did when he was willing to give SJ more than OTT.
        Signing Turris was an option for Melnyk, but it wasn’t for Dorian. Again, I wouldn’t want his job.
        IMO EK and Duchene are gone, OTT will struggle to stay out of the basement for a few years. If the fans stayed away before, more will now. If OTT fans are lucky he sells the team as it starts bleeding $$ after the next expansion cheque. New owner comes in that is a reasonable person and can negotiate a deal for a new rink.
        Or the new ownership just moves, as much as the NHL likely won’t want that.

      • Striker/Ray Bark: Agree on the Turris mismanagement. Turris wanted to stay and even said management (i.e. Dorion) wanted to keep him, but Melnyk didn’t want to pay. The thing that drives me nuts with the Duchene trade is that they either got next to nothing for Turris or they got next to nothing for Bowers, the 1st pick or the 3rd pick. I think Duchene is a better player than Turris and Turris only had one year left on his deal, but there is no way you should trade Turris, Bowers (1st round pick), a 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick for Duchene.

      • Duchene to the Penguins for Haglen, Sheary, Simon and a 2020 second. They can flip Haglen at the TDL to a contender for a first.
        Guentzel Crosby Sprong
        Brassard Malkin Hornqvist
        ZAR Duchene Kessel
        Rust Sheahan Blueger
        Unlikely sure but it’s not that bad of a return for a guy that is going to be FA soon.

    • On the flip side, if you’re trading EK, wouldn’t it make sense to also move Duchene now? Would Montreal give up the 3rd pick for a top center?

      • Before you toss everyone in OTT overboard, remember that they at least have to hit the Cap floor.

      • Whalerkane, I don’t see anyone taking Ryan with EK. And I’ll assume anytrades will have Ottowa taking back some salary

      • Whalerkane. Ceci and Stone need new contracts. Possible trades. Maybe something involving Duchene and Panarin? Can always deal with Chicago for Hossa contract

      • @Slick62
        to CHI: Duchene & Gaborik
        to OTT: Anisimov & Hossa

        does that work?

      • If Dorion does that trade, he should be fired retroactively as someone else put it yesterday.

    • I do not see him going to Vegas – Knights need a shut down guy on the back end

  4. Re EK and possibility of going to Vegas:

    If Ryan a must to be included then obviously a way smaller return… and I just can’t see a deal that would then include both Theo and Glass.

    If VKG taking both (and if no take back on BR sal) and Theo to be included— then the others going East can’t be much more than Suzuki and maybe a 2nd

    If it is JUST EK— prob in the range of a package similar in value to Theo, Glass, Tuch, 2nd (2019)

    If BR in deal and they can’t flip him (not likely on that one) — then a return of both Perron and Neil is out the door

    BR’s cap hit of 7.25 for 4 more years is so hard to handle

    • This is why I don’t understand how Vegas is a contender? On paper, all the key players from crazy cup run need new contracts in the next year. Teams that are labeled “in a rebuild” are immediately discounted in rumors. ( I’m a Ranger fan but no interest in Karlsson) shouldn’t we at least label Vegas as being in a build? Saying they have the cap space is deceiving. Leading scorer is rfa. He’s going to want to get paid. Agree with Pengy, if Ryan comes with EK, then forget Perron and Neal. Even EK on his own will force hard decisions. Fleury and Schmidt both UFA next year. Is McPhee really going to trade away assets ( already only 1 pick in 1st 3 rounds thanks to Tatar).

      • McPhee has had no issues signing who he wants.

        Karlsson will get Marchesseault type monies this summer. Schmidt will be extended on July 1st & MAF has said he wants to end his career in Vegas.

        I don’t think Perron or Neal will be back. Tatar was brought in to replace Perron next season & Tuch is ready for a regular top 6 role. I assume Glass will start his NHL career as Vegas’s #3 RW next season, taking over Tuch’s spot.

      • Striker, he became a buyer at deadline. By comparison, Rangers went the other route. Again, my question is are they contenders? Bringing in Karlsson and letting Neal and Perron walk? What is cap after extending everyone you mention? What are you giving up for EK? Who has he signed other than draft picks?

      • McNabb, Marchesseault, Haula & Engelland all pending UFA’s or UFA’s at seasons end when acquired.

        Players signed after the expansion draft. Leipsic, Reinhart, Lindberg, Dansk, Pulkkinen & Schmidt.

        I don’t bid for Karlsson if Vegas. Stay the course keep the cap space, promote from within.

        RFA’s Karlsson, Nosek, Carrier, Miller & Theodore will cost 17 to 20 mil to lock up long-term, nominally less if Theodore is bridged which is likely. That still leaves Vegas with tons of cap space & that’s before Clarkson is placed on LTIR or the cap rises.

        I think Vegas will come back to earth somewhat but I have been so wrong on them I don’t put much faith in that assumption. Will they make the playoffs next season? I would assume so but interested to see what McPhee has up his sleeve next.

      • Striker. That was the conversation ….I don’t see Vegas signing him and I don’t see them being a contender if they do

      • Slick62 I’m in a 100% agreement with you. I don’t see Vegas as a cup contender today. They rode a hot goalie to the Finals. However got to wait until the offseason settles.
        I believe bringing in EK will be a mistake, the assets will be to much; the starting point is Shea Theodore no thanks.

      • Who would not want to play in Vegas? The arena is right behind the casinos. Players love being there. Very little to sell, especially after this past season.

        Advantage – McPhee

      • Marchessault is already signed he is absolutely not going to be UFA any time soon.

  5. The Panarin situation is going to be interesting. I wonder if his statement is simply a negotiating tactic, as others have done.

    • it sounds like he wants to play in another city. Maybe not enough Russian restaurants in downtown Columbus 🙂

    • Chicago knew this was going to happen, which is exactly why they traded Panarin. Even though Saad was very poor last year, it shows that they have smart, forward looking management.

    • noitall, All of Chicago’s dealings over the past years have been salary cap related. It’s tough to believe it as insightful.

    • His situation is interesting, especially if he makes it know he wants to get to the FA window no matter what. He isn’t worth as much in a trade if the team trading for him can’t extend him either.

      Not saying he won’t be worth quite a bit, but if his decision to not talk extension isn’t specific to Columbus, then retaining him for the year and keeping the option to retain him long term might be worth more than the return. If he is willing to talk extension with other teams, then you know he is likely leaving and you can maximize return by dealing to those teams.

      What happens next will likely give us an indication of the nature of those conversations.

  6. Re: potential Kessel to Arz— what package of assets does Arz have left that may work. Pens wanted Domi— what else would work with what GMJR would be needing/looking for?

    Re Mackey stating : Sheary and Haglin most likely to be dealt— concur

    Re: TWSNBN also likely to be dealt — Hello Captain Obvious—– This trade is a MUST!!

    I am still sticking with my firm belief that now is the time to trade PK— his return will never be higher than now. Waiting until this time next year and including whatever he produces this upcoming year + what he will get in return in June of ’19 will be less than future returns on the assets coming back in any trade.

    Trade him now for D and cap space. Trade also Sheary and TWSNBN— going out is almost $12M in Cap space — that’s alot of maneuverability for balancing the team.

    • Just curious, what are you looking for in return? What will be done with cap space? I see Penguins as a win now at all costs. Crosby and Malkin are both older than Kessel. Not sure you trade Kessel unless it makes you a better team and I don’t see that happening.

      • Hi Slick

        I do see your point in the win now. I am fully on board with you on that. What I am saying is that I believe PK’s production will decline this year and at a fairly rapid rate— that is IMO

        I do fully believe that a trade of PK will return assets and space (to get Free Agent assets) that will make the team better in the here and now

        Crosby and PK are the same age— only 3 months between them… both 30 now.

        I firmly believe that they must fix D– they cannot compete with what is now their #6 and #7 D

        with a move out of Kessel, Sheary, and TWSNBN— almost $12M out

        … in ….Top 4 D at say $5M’ish… moves Olesiak to 6D… that ain’t too shabby

        IMO Sprong coming up will produce what Sheary did last year

        Left is still a bucket of dough for a Free Agent winger— whose production won’t be the 92 points that Kessel had but 70+ ish. Note– in my stated opinion of PK drop off — the loss of PK is not 92 next year but what (under my assumption) is what he will attain this year— I believe he will be just shy of PPG… call it 80

        … so above scenario loses 10 points (goals/assists) from 17/18 team but the D is way way better … and that has to equate to at least 15 less goals against

        In all — with above scenario— team is still in the now win situation and better off than the 17/18 team

        This will not happen as above because it is my dream

        all joking aside — I will say it one more time — Pens have absolutely no chance of SC next year if they waste another year at $2.25 for their current 6th D— and you know who that is

      • hunwick and his 2.5 % of the cap isnt holding the pens off from contention.

      • Pengy, My team had Hunwick briefly. I see your point on the fringe moves, I think that what Rutherford planning, but I still don’t see Kessel getting traded. I know Crosby is same age, but technically older. LOL.

    • Pengy…I like where you are going…just not sure we should trade Kessel..he is a goal scoring machine… I like your ideas and the cap space and agree 100%..they would need a top 4 d-man for Kessel! I’m not giving up 92 points FOR ANYTHING LESS.

      • I don’t know that Kessel is a 92 point player regularly, or going forward anyway, but the fact is if he puts up 60-70 pts, which he does like clockwork, and is proven to keep up his play in the playoffs, he is easily worth his current cap hit.

        Kessel’s game can fall off quite a bit from last year, and he would still hold more value relative to his cap hit than some of the forwards available in FA this offseason.

        If Kane got 7M, I would imagine JVR gets $6+, and I would have a hard time seeing either of those guys putting up more points over the next 4 years than Kessel does.

  7. Simmonds to the Wild? I would think this is plausible if Dumba is coming back as part of the package.
    Could also include draft picks or a bigger deal. Flyers could also include a Robert Hagg. Young d man with limited offensive upside.

    • Min needs Dumba more than they need Simmonds.

      • Yeah moving Dumba does not seem to make any sense. If the Wild want a shake up they need to concentrate on other roster players

    • I doubt that they’d want to trade within the division, but CAR could definitely use Simmonds. Or, ideally, about three of him. I assume a D would go the other way. The usual suspects Faulk/Hanifin, likely.

      • Carolina is about to draft Svechnikov a RW that should step straight into the NHL. They already have numerous players that can play RW Aho, Williams, Stempniak & Linholm. Williams & Stempniak combined are kind of Simmonds, together they bring a similar package if that makes any sense. Ha-ha1

        With Rask, Staal & Necas NHL ready at C Lindholm looks destined to move to RW. If Skinner moves I think that means Aho will move to LW but he & Teravainen have been fixtures together at least under Peters.

        Who knows what’s going to happen in Car. All signs are they are going to penny pinch & bringing in Simmonds who’s 1 year from UFA status considering roster makeup & this rumour of tight purse strings I don’t see the fit.

        Carolina has numerous players ready for NHL advancement in scoring & checking roles. Zykov, McGinn, Fleury & Di Giuseppe have all had a cup of coffee in the NHL so far & only Fleury is waiver exempt. I would be shocked based on what the scouts say that Svechnikov doesn’t step straight into the NHL.

    • Scott,

      Whatever team gets Simmonds will be thankful. I love this kid. Not because he grew up not far from us and went to school where my kids went… he’s a very good player.

      However I agree with Striker… Minn make up would value Dumba more valuable to team

      If Minn truly willing to trade Dumba for more scoring… then Kessel a more valuable return. Even with my decline scenario (that I guess no one else but me sees)– he has always outperformed Simmonds and they are less than a year apart in age. As per my previous post— Minn would gain 80 points

      PK might likely have Minn on his trade list

      As straight up trade PK for Dumba… not so outlandish to consider for both teams.

      Minn I believe is keen on moving Niederreitter (sp?) tho

    • “hunwick and his 2.5 % of the cap isnt holding the pens off from contention.”

      +1. This absurd fixation on Hunwick by TPWSNBN (the poster who shall not be named) is bizarre. Huneick’s a whopping 3% of the payroll. You’be be hard pressed to find another team in the league who wouldn’t be thrilled if Hunwick’s contract was their worst.

      • You’ll get the hang of posting in here eventually

      • No Hunwich’S cap space is not holding the penguins back from contention ..your right but his play sure is he sucks…

    • Simmonds to the Wild? No way the Wild give up Dumba… they need him.

      If the Flyers expect to get younger and better, while the Wild are looking to win very soon before Staal or Parise burn out, you’d better throw in Hagg to ensure you can get Greenway or Coyle in return.

  8. There may be more than money involved. EK has been playing for an awful organization…where does he want to go, and who does he want to play with? An agent may be biased towards top dollars, but players are people too. Especially in a hard cap league, it is beginning to sink in that taking top dollar can impact the prospects of your team and/or the quality of your life. Vegas projects a great lifestyle for players and a good personal environment…so do Nashville, Tampa and some others. IF you’re a max challenge guy guy, perahaps NY or Toronto is more appealing. Some guys like the idea of playing in their hometown. I think no-trade is morphing partly into “where trade”….Martin St Louis wanted NY, got it, thrived there as did the team…it wasn’t the money. Tavares, Kessel, Karlson, what do they want for their daily lives for the next few years?

    • Richard,

      You are absolutely right re decision on where to go way more than just $’s. Family (girlfriend/wife and/or children) has to weigh in on decision. No one really wants to go to a team that for sure will not win in the near future (or likely ever).

      To add one little piece — the raw/gross income is one thing ; but the take-home is what really counts for the portion of their decision that relates to $’s

      The best tax advantages from what I understand are in Florida (Lightning/Panthers), Nashville, and LV…and I think one more.

      I believe I heard a reporter state one time that at $11M annual gross salary (I think he was discussing JT) that the take-home difference of Toronto/Montreal to Vegas/Florida teams … was close to $1M annually in take home pay

      Not sure if that is an overstatement…. but I have read several places that state it is over $700K difference… so on an 8 year contract that is an extra $536M – $8M in his pocket— this has to have some impact on any players decision

      • that’s $5.6M not $536M

        ugggghhhh single finger typing

      • Don’t sleep on TB for Karlsson. He and Hedman are buds and an extension shouldn’t difficult, the quality of the team, taxes, it is a great city with a great winter climate, TB has 4D becoming UFA’s after the upcoming season so they can make the cap work, they have plenty of young assets to give back.
        Weren’t they rumored to be in inquiring about EK at the deadline?

      • I think taxes play a role, but more so when choosing between less obvious hockey locations with similar lifestyles. I think we end up talking about them a lot because it’s easy for people to report on the difference they make. Players don’t offer enough insight to their personal lives to speculate much on that in most cases, so tax speculation ends up getting talked about by analysts, and reporters way more.

        In Reality, I don’t think Stamkos stayed in Tampa because of the money. He preferred the team, location, lifestyle, and the taxes likely helped Tampa keep the AAV down a little, but I don’t doubt for a second had he just wanted more money, he could have gotten it in Toronto, as I think they would have easily paid enough extra to cover the taxes, and with the additional endoresments and exposure, he would likely make more in the long run.

      • I’ve taken a paycut to move from a toxic environment before. I don’t make nearly as much so a 20K dip was significant but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

      • Something else to consider. Although places like NY and Toronto might have higher taxes, you can generally make more on endorsement deals in major markets.

  9. Keep seeing the Hamilton talk to the Rangers which has never made sense. Because Johnny is buddies with Hayes? Because Hamilton plays a similar game to Shattenkirk (just taller).
    If there was not Shattenkirk getting paid loads I would be all for Erik K or even Hamilton.

    A few days tells us if the Rangers rebuild last 4 months or…

    • I’m assuming you’re commenting on a Hamilton for Hayes trade? Hamilton younger, under a decent contract for next 3 years and more a need. Don’t see how that would signal end of “rebuild”

      • Apologies- the ‘rebuild’ comment was generalized… Hamilton for Hayes just not a logical move.

        I believe the Rangers make a big move in the next 48

  10. So…Kovalchuk, Simmonds, Panarin and Kessel are all available at the same time?

    Bad time to be selling.

    That’s a lot of dominoes to fall without a lot of obvious buyers.

    • Panarin showed he was a special player in the playoffs. Many teams could use a true game breaker.

    • Yes, we are fully in silly season now.

    • Kessel is not going anywhere…. You can have a 35 year old Kovalchuk at $6 million per…plus they NHL is way faster than 6 years ago when he left..Panarin is a stud and a healthy Simmons is a bull and dangerous.

  11. Simmonds would look good in Boston but I think Boston has enough slow big forwards. Maybe if Backes Could be moved.
    I really don’t want to see Krug or Krejci moved. Don’t think the return will help immediately.
    Pray they don’t move DeBrusk.

    • Bos could use a #2 RW to play with Krejci.

      Simmonds would work for me. Perhaps we could trade Philly a 1st; 26th overall in 2018, Spooner, Lindgren & Belesky eating 1.9 of his cap hit for 2 years.

      Sorry, I just woke up from a terrible dream, a nightmare really. Boston messed with team chemistry & doomed their playoff aspirations for 2018 acquiring Rick Nash for just that.

      That’s Sweeney’s 1 & only free pass. All goodwill has been lost.

      • Striker… lmao. This could be one of Gortons best deals. Looking forward to seeing Lindgren in camp. I’m totally against Rangers resigning Nash, but maybe if we can trade him to Boston again next deadline?

      • Thanks for bring that up Striker

      • Sorry still pisses me off. I can hold a grudge with the best of them. Part of my narcissistic tendencies. Ha-ha!

      • Ya, saw my son on the weekend, he still brings it up to.

      • Not so sure Slick62, look at Gorton’s few months as the Bruins interim GM, before they hired PC.
        March 25 – 2006 to July 15, 2006.
        June 2006 Draft:
        Phil Kessel
        Milan Lucic
        Brad Marchand
        Traded Andrew Raycroft for Tuuka Rask
        July 1, 2006 – Signed Zdeno Chara (Best UFA signing in history of NHL) and Marc Savard
        PC dismissed Gorton a year later.

      • Thanks, Striker, for showing other teams make bad trades. It isn’t only Ottawa. At least the Brassard trade looks pretty good at the moment.

  12. If Dorion called Sakic today and said he’d offer up this year’s #22 pick in order both keep this year’s #4 and add a top 3 protection to next year’s pick, what does Joe do?

    He’d still get a top pick and add a mid to late first in addition.

    I see no way Ottawa can rationally risk giving up next year’s pick. I think they will send this year’s pick to the Avs failing some sort of deal.

    • I don’t see anyway that Sakic takes that. He will have his own first next year already and all signs point towards Ottawa bottoming out. (Not necessarily a certainty, with talent like Karlsson, stone, chabot, duchene and a good season from Andy plus Ryan contributing they have enough pieces to be somewhat competitive.)

      I floated the idea a couple of days ago that the Sens could approach Colorado with:

      Col get: Karlsson as the centerpiece
      Ottawa gets: Barrie (or makar/Girard), Ottawa’s own first back and other pieces

      But it didn’t get much traction here.

      • You can make a fair trade in that type of deal, but Dorion has shown that perception does matter, so I feel like he will steer clear of a deal to get an asset back he overpaid for, just because it’s too easy to connect the dots.

        I think Ottawa should commit to a full on rebuild, and sacrifice this year’s first. Avoid subjecting the fans to a brutal season with no hope at the end.

        They could picks in the first round for Karlsson packages, or even in next years draft if they revisit the VGK deal. I think Vegas first could be intriguing simply because Vegas could regress and miss the playoffs. I think they need to keep Ryan out of that deal, as they need to hit a home run and get as many assets as they can.

      • i just see sakic staying the course….he said in the denver media that he wants to get even younger and faster a million times…on paper they have a bunch of young dman that are close and the real key to me is if big zads keeps improving…. the ror trade now doesnt look bad at all, joe took so much crap for that at the time

      • As have I. It will still be 4 more years before you can judge what Sakic & Col got when they traded ROR.

    • Come on seeing Sakic walk to the podium & draft Jack Hughes 1st overall is on my wishlist at next seasons draft.

      Just to truly show how inept Dorion is. Numerous potential GM’s rejected Carolina as they wouldn’t work for the new owner with him involved in the day to day operations. Dorion accepted the role willingly & that’s on him also. No 1 forced him to, now he plays the hand he dealt himself. I really ugly hand.

      • Not on my wish list unless it is Colorado’s own pick. I don’t expect Colorado to be near the bottom of the league next year, but Carolina showed this year that you never know. Didn’t they jump from 12th to 2nd overall?

        Melnyk definitely deserves to have the Hughes thing to happen, but Dorion and the fans don’t. Dorion did make some good trades to get them within a goal of the Stanley Cup final last year. And no, Burrows wasn’t one of them. I hated that trade at the time and hate it more now.

      • I believe the only other trade he made was Stalberg?

      • Brassard was a key trade the previous offseason. I didn’t like it that much at the time, but they wouldn’t have done that well with Zibanejad. Zibanejad and Ryan had no chemistry, but Ryan and Brassard really did in the playoffs.

  13. I could see Karlsson staying in Ottawa. His wife is from there and players tend to be very loyal overall to the teams who drafted them. Same reason why Tavares will likely stay in NY. Plus Karlssons wife is from Ottawa. I believe moving Hoffman out will contribute greatly to him resigning. Players are more loyal than people give them credit.

    • I agree. Money will be mostly same anywhere he goes. As mentioned above, trading Hofman was a sign of appeasement. If wife is happy there, and it seems she has support of teammates and their spouse/ girlfriends… then he stays. Then maybe Duchene extends. This is not a lottery team.

    • Miller, all of that makes sense.
      If Melnyk didn’t own the team and wasn’t hell bent on cutting cost.

    • If Karlsson gets an 8-year extension at 10.5 mil+ Melnyk is shipping out more salary to offset it when it kicks in if not before.

      If that happens with or without Karlsson Ott is going nowhere fast. They had Karlsson last season & finished 2nd to last in the league. They also had Phaneuf, Hoffman & Turris who has since been replaced by Duchene & Boedker.

      We currently are at a loss as to what Ottawa plans to do with Karlsson & or Duchene but more importantly what do they want as with 1 year to UFA status they can have whatever they want. We also have rumours Smith is being shopped.

      Does any of this make the 2nd worst team in the NHL last season better next year? This isn’t an aberration for me. 2016-17 was an aberration for Ottawa, everything that could go right, for the most part, did & as I said when Ott acquired Phaneuf solidifying there top 4 made them a playoff team & when the season started in 2017-18 & they lost Methot again returning them to 3 top 4 Dman I said they would miss but not as badly as they did.

      Parity is so strong it’s a fine line & all it takes to go from being a winning team to a consistently losing 1 is that little a loss of an important asset.

    • No one talks about this, but Ottawa’s biggest problem is not being a budget team. It’s overpaying 3rd/4th liners and other secondary players too much money. Add the unfortunate career ending concussions with MacArthur, and that’s deadly. MacArthur was an excellent second line forward when healthy.

      In summary, bad to very bad contracts:

      Burrows – $2.5M (thank God one more year)
      Boedker – $4.0M (2 years)
      Gaborik (courtesy of Phaneuf) – $4.875M (3 years)
      Ryan – $7.25M (4 years and back loaded)
      Anderson – $4.75M (2 years – he may bounce back though given his track record)
      Condon – $2.4M (2 years and back loaded)

      I know there isn’t a cap benefit, but Ottawa should either buy out Burrows or, ideally, eat half his contract and trade him for a bag of pucks. Ottawa is better served with a young player taking his spot. I’d wait at least a year before buying out Gaborik. If they’re lucky, he may need to go on LTIR if he doesn’t fully recover from surgery.

      Smith isn’t a great contract at $3.25M, but I think he is tradeable if they want to dump that contract.

      • All but Ryan are on Dorion!

      • Agreed, other than Gaborik is essentially because of Phaneuf.

  14. I cheated and used the Cap Friendly Calculator— on $10M annual salary— take home in TB, FLA, Veg, Dal, and Nsh is $6.1M; with 20 teams less than $5.4M; 8 teams less than $5M; and Tor/Mon/Ott less than $4.7M

    So on an 8 year contract at $11M per, there are 20 teams that the take home would be at least a total (8 years) of $6M less

    and if comparing TB/FLA/Dal/Nsh/VKG to Tor/Mon/Ottw on a $11M * 8 the over-all net difference is more than $12M

    I didn’t realize the disparity until I looked at Cap Friendly

    This has to play somewhat in to their decision

    • I think it hurts some teams for sure, for instance I think it hurts Ottawa more than Montreal and Toronto because of the potential for endorsements to make up the difference. It also makes more of a difference if the gap between the teams a player has narrowed it down to is quite large. But in most cases players make their choices primarily on other factors. Taxes I think is often the icing.

      • Danny

        Fully agree— there will be players (few) that make that a more important part of the decision, but they are in the minority

        I was just baffled at the magnitude of the difference.

        I’ll accept league minimum until I can retire tho… 🙂

      • Fully agree Pengy, league minimum looks good to me haha.

        I think taxes are a factor, but I feel like they get talked about because sometimes it’s a known quantity, gives people something to report on. Hockey players are traditionally quite guarded with their personal lives, so we get tons of speculation on taxes, where a girlfriend grew up, or whatever small bits of information people can dig up. Taxes is easy so it comes up more than most other things, because anyone can find that info easily.

        Truth is there are probably 8-10 things on players priority lists ahead of most of what gets talked about and we will never get to know what they were.

      • Just read Canada legalizing weed. Maybe taxes come down. Maybe more players want to go there

      • They won’t reduce taxes just not raise them as much Slick!
        Not sure they will sell as much as they think as you are allowed to grow and posses 4 plants for personal use.
        That ought to do ya?
        Regardless it’s about time it happened.

  15. Karlsson & Ryan to NJ for Severson, Zacha and the #17 this year….

    logical? Pushes NJ to the next level and they have cap space. Also sets OTT with cap space to acquire Hossa for Gaborik ? chi getsa body that canp play ott gets low salary bc they are in rebuild

    evaluate ahead =)

  16. Right now Krug and a piece for that Flyers rugged winger it’s just what the B’s need

    • I don’t think the Flyers would have interest in Krug as they already have Gostisbehere (yeah I had to look that spelling up). If they could swing a three way deal with Simmonds landing in Boston I would be ok with that, though I don’t think Boston needs to add anything there.

  17. Striker- love your comments
    About second round picks. I do think they have high value though in today’s market and in the past as well. Many may not make it, or on the cusp of, or the fizzle away but as a major Flames fan, check this out on Flames players who have been through the organization, are currently on it, that have made an impact or have had a decent NHL career or service that were a second round pick or worse.

    Undrafted : Martin St. Louis (many trophies, Cup, and HOF) , Joe Mullen, Mark Giordano, Joel Otto, Jamie Macoun.

    2nd round : Joe Niewendyk (Calder winner), Travis Hamonic, Matt Stajan.

    3rd round: Mike Vernon ( 2 cups, Playoff MVP)

    4th round: Johnny Gaudreau, Marc Savard, Robert Reichel, T.J Brodie, Kent Nilsson ( Magic man)

    5th round: Miikka Kiprusoff, Mike Smith

    8th round- Theoren Fleury ( Cup champ and should be HOF)

    9th round- Gary Suter ( Calder Cup champ). Hakan Loob ( only Swedish player to score 50 and Cup champ)

    Another Notable, but not on the Flames was maybe one of the greatest players in his time, drafted in the 10 round – Dominic Hasek.

    Fun facts. But lots of players who were not 1st rounders and part of Flames history and success.

    Cheers all !