NHL Rumor Mill – June 5, 2018

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Latest on Jeff Skinner, Phil Kessel, Ryan O’Reilly, Max Pacioretty, Noah Hanifin and Justin Faulk in your NHL rumor mill.


FRS HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cites TSN’s Bob McKenzie reporting the Los Angeles Kings are looking for scoring wingers. Citing the recent trade rumors coming out of Pittsburgh regarding Penguins forward Phil Kessel, McKenzie said the Kings are believed among several clubs with interest in the right winger. He thinks Kessel could be moved for the right price but he isn’t sure if that’ll happen.

Carolina Hurricanes winger Jeff Skinner could draw interest in this summer’s trade market (Photo via NHL Images).

McKenzie also said Carolina Hurricanes left wing Jeff Skinner is someone the Kings have interest in, along with Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty.

Nichols also cites Elliotte Friedman telling the NHL Network yesterday that he also thinks the Kings could be interested in Skinner. He also feels the Florida Panthers could be interested in the Hurricanes forward, who has a full no-movement clause but recently changed agents. He’s also curious to see what happens with Pacioretty, believing teams are interested in what he could want in a new contract. There’s reports he’s had contract extension talks with the Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt the Kings are exploring the trade market for scoring help. However, it could cost them a good young forward such as Tyler Toffoli or Tanner Pearson, a promising one like Adrian Kempe or a defenseman such as Jake Muzzin or Alec Martinez.

As for Kessel, Penguins GM Jim Rutherford recently said he doesn’t feel he has to trade the winger, though it hasn’t fully quelled the conjecture suggesting he could be moved for the right price.

Regarding Pacioretty and reports he and the Canadiens have had preliminary contract discussions, TVA Sports’ Renaud Lavoie said Monday those talks haven’t happened yet. I don’t doubt teams have interest in the Montreal captain, but they could be leery of acquiring him if there’s no assurances he’ll be under contract beyond next July. 


McKenzie also touched on speculation about the Buffalo Sabres potentially trading Ryan O’Reilly. He said the Hurricanes are interested in the center and he could see the Sabres having interest in Jeff Skinner.

Skinner only a year remaining on his contract. If Hurricanes management believe he’s not sticking around beyond next season, they could approach him about waiving his no-movement clause this summer. For a team lacking scoring punch, it doesn’t make sense to move one of their best scorers unless they can get an offensive forward, preferably a center, in return. A swap of Skinner for O’Reilly would make sense, though the latter’s $7.5 million annual cap hit could be a sticking point, as could Skinner’s UFA status next summer. 

FRS HOCKEY: Nichols cites McKenzie’s appearance yesterday on Vancouver’s TSN 1040 discussing the possible availability of Hurricanes defensemen Noah Hanifin and Justin Faulk. While there’s currently no urgency on trades, he said he knows the Canucks expressed interest in Hanifin. McKenzie believes the Hurricanes will trade Hanifin or Faulk but not both. He also wouldn’t be surprised if Vancouver also has interest in Buffalo’s Ryan O’Reilly.

THE ATHLETIC: JD Burke examined the pros, cons and questions regarding the Canucks reported pursuit of Noah Hanifin. He points out it won’t be cheap, citing the Vancouver Sun’s Ben Kuzma’s recent assessment that it could cost the Canucks their first-round pick (seventh overall) in this year’s draft plus one of their prime young roster players to make it happen.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont wonders if the Boston Bruins will make a pitch for Hanifin. Citing the Hurricanes new ownership’s desire to make changes while holding down their budget, Dupont notes the Bruins have depth in prospects (Danton Heinen, Anders Bjork, Trent Frederic and Jack Studnicka) to tempt Carolina general manager Don Waddell.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I don’t rule out the possibility of the Hurricanes trading Skinner, I believe they’re more likely to draw upon their blueline depth for trade bait to acquire a scoring forward.

I think Faulk is more likely to be moved than the 21-year-old Hanifin, who still has lots of upside and should blossom into a solid top-two defenseman. I also look at Waddell’s recent comments about some players “that maybe a fresh change and a fresh team might be good for them, and bring us some assets that we could use.” Faulk could fall into that category. 



  1. Falk had an off year last season. Good salary and a good player. If available I am sure lots of interest. Makes more sense than Hanifin who is two contracts behind and only 21. A Skinner Falk package would garner a nice return.

    • Falk off Last Season…. makes a great headline!

      • Love it!

      • lol

    • Kessel for Faulk?

      • It’s a decent deal for both teams but Kessel could block that with his NTC. How about Kessel/prospects to LA for Muzzin/Kempe

      • HAhaha, no way Kessel lands Muzzin and Kempe. That’s an awful trade for LA.

        Blake has said numerous times that he wants the Kings to get younger and faster. Kessel is older than both Muzzin and Kempe.

        Skinner makes sense for LA. Kessel does not.

    • He has digressed each of the last 3 yrs his value is not as high that CAR fans think

      • How has he digressed? Using what criteria or stats?

      • Good comment rocking you’re very right his play has dropped off a fair bit, watching him play you can just see his head is not in it missing checks and not picking up his man

      • Faulk has indeed regressed, having watched ~75 of their 82 games last, he was arguably their worst D for well over half of those games. I don’t know what to attribute it to. Problems with HC Peters? Undisclosed injury? It looked to me like disinterest, which may be the worst malady of the bunch. If CAR can get ‘top 2D’ return for him, they need to make that happen. When he’s on his game, he is easily top 2D, but buyer beware.

      • Trading Faulk doesn’t make any sense unless a top 4 right handed defenseman is coming back as part of the trade. Carolina doesn’t have a top 4 right handed defenseman in their system to replace him and they certainly don’t have anyone ready to replace him on the power play. Im more concerned about Carolina’s defense than their offense so all this talk of trading Hanifin and Faulk for forwards, as if they are all set on D, is baffling to me.

      • Whalercane, I agree Faulk is not playing as well as he had when he was younger and has taken a step back the last two seasons. I totally disagree with your comments that he was their worst defenseman in over half the games.

    • career -109 in 6.5 seasons…closer to normal than off. Near $5mil cap hit, yikes. Might have to clear waivers to make him valuable enough to trade. PASS.

      • Playing for 1 of the worst teams in the NHL. That -109 will have ZERO impact on his trade value if actually moved.

        It certainly makes sense with 2 years to UFA status to trade Faulk soon, if not this summer certainly next as Carolina won’t have room to protect all those D & kids at forward when Seattle enters the league, may as well got well out in front of that.

        The # of bidders if Faulk is moved will be substantial, I would assume at least a dozen teams & the return significant. Think at least what Hamilton was moved for if not more. As contractual a different situation. May play in a positive way but 2 years is a pretty long time for a Dman of this quality with under a 5 mil cap hit.

      • You’re right Annie even playing on a bad team by watching his game he is pretty bad in his own end, a lot of those minuses are misplays on him

    • “He thinks Kessel could be moved for the right price but he isn’t sure if that’ll happen”

      Once again, this is saying absolutely nothing. This statement is true of every player in the league. The fact is that he doesn’t know anything.

      It’s hard to believe that 1) anyone gets paid for writing such drivel and 2) anyone bothers to listen to such drivel.

      • I once heard a football commentator predict that “the team that plays better on offense and defense will likely win.” That was some earth-shattering truth right there!

      • Stop reading it then. Then we wouldn’t have to put up with your hot garbage

      • That’s the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it Chrisms?

      • And yet not only do you read it but you make the same dumb comment every day.

      • Although I stopped general commenting in here some months back, I do pop in now and then as old habits do indeed die hard.

        You weren’t around (at least under “noitall”) when I was a regular opinionated contributor and when I first saw some your comments I thought you were something of a wit. Now, alas, I realize I was only half right.

      • Why am I not surprised you are BFfs with noitall big bad. Trolls of a feather and all that

      • Let’s face it Chrisms you never ever bring anything hockey related so why don’t to you take your troll feathers and fly away

      • You know big bad. I appreciate that you took my advice and realized your consistent trolling was very sad. I’ve actually seen you post things that could at least be in the ball park of hockey debate recently. It’s nice to know I’ve had a positive impact on you. You don’t have to thank me.

      • When are you gonna start talking hockey? Maybe go back and read your posts, and you might see a trend! You are nothing but a troll

      • Read through and see how many posters enjoyed George’s “ half wit “ comment towards you!

      • Sigh. You do realize his comment was towards your bff noitall right? You arnt the brightest bulb in the bunch as evident by the past but seriously…

      • Lol you really believe that wasn’t toward you? Lol you are duh!

  2. Kong’s better get rid of some dead weight first, Gaborik age 36 signed for 3 years 4.8 cap hit

    • He was traded to the Senators last year .

      • Oh yeah lol, that’s right they have an even worse contract in Dion

    • Who are the Kong’s? Gaborik in Ottowa

      • Where is Ottowa?

      • In the providence of Kong… Duh. Keep up Georgie.

      • Heh. It did seem ironic that he would challenge someome’s typo by making one of his own. Either that or he doesn’t know how to spell “Ottawa”:)

      • And wouldn’t you know it … I make one myself

      • That’s dion contract is a good value

      • Matt swing and a miss… so he finds another player to complain about? Lmao! He may want to start looking at his Sabres….

  3. Pretty sure the Sens own Gaborik. Who had back surgery and may not even qualify for a buy-out now because of it.

  4. Man. Seeing warshington win the cup would be like seeing the browns win the Super Bowl. Annoying because we can’t hold it over their head anymore.

    • I would think that the Blues would be more like the Browns of the NHL. The oldest team in the NHL that hasn’t won the Stanley Cup. Then there is still the Canucks and the Sabres who are the next 2 oldest teams to now win the Stanley Cup.

      • sorry, not* win the Stanley Cup.

    • Hahahaha. I literally told my son I hope Washington wins it to stop hearing Pens fans hold it over their heads , last night!

      • 😒

  5. Geez, I figured my Faulk off last season would get a lot of laughs!

    • 😂

      • Thanks, Chrisms!

  6. I don’t get the Hanafin rumours to Vancouver. At 7 Vancouver is perfectly placed to draft 1 of the 4 solid Dman, not Dahlin available.

    In no particular order, Hughes, Bouchard, Boqvist, & Dobson. You have a stud offensive option in Huges, these are all great D prospects, anyone of these players could be as good or better than Hanafin & considering the state of Vancouver’s whatever it is, rebuild, retooling, what have you, what’s the rush.

    • Eriksson and next yr 1st for Hanafin work?

      • I hope you’re joking because that is a terrible trade for Carolina. No one wants Eriksson’s contract without a huge sweetener. Hanafin would get a 1st+ by himself.

  7. All these teams always wanting another teams good, young players. If they keep their own picks instead of trading them for vets for playoff attempts/runs, which almost never work out, they could draft and developed their own good, young players and establish a consistently competitive franchise.

    • Maybe the bad teams should stop being so bad so they don’t always have the more desirable picks and players?

  8. Here’s a shocker for you Lou fires Weight and Snow

    • Would be funny if he hires Vigneult

      • I’ll never understand why any team would hand the wheel over to the 75 year old Mr. Magoo!

      • John Tavares GM/Head Scout/Coach/Assistant Coach/ Player

        The Jackie Moon of hockey…..

        That’s what it might take to stay.

    • GM will almost for sure end up being Hunter, IMO

    • With a new coach and gm coming in, on top of building a new arena, JT going to another team seems just as likely as staying on his old/ new team

  9. Should be interesting tomorrow !!!! Nyi fires everybody

  10. JT staying with the islanders is assured now.razorblade sales are up in the area as well.
    “George O’loved your half witted comment .made my day thanx

    • Moegillknee,

      Completely forgot about Lou’s beard/stash issues. Who currently on NYI will have to rid facial hair?

      • Gillies and Nystrom

  11. @Shoot Your comment directed at me? It’s just an opinion, I’m not a Red Wings fan but they are/were a great example of keeping their picks, development and prolonged success. The Send are perfect counterpoint, they went all in…ish last season and this year was a disaster. Trades come at a heavy price, they seem like a quick fix but when a team doesn’t have reserves on the way…you end up with long stretches of subpar play and no playoffs anywhere in sight (insert Buffalo here)

  12. I’m going to be a washy-washy fence sitter on whether thy NYI fires today will be another incentive to JT for staying or an inspiration to go.

    Yes I know that’s not adding value to the site but I am definitely confused.

    More uncertainty now with NYI… but maybe JT relishes the change??? Or was hoping for it???

    I will say IMO that unless GM and/or coach shoes are filled very soon, that JT will definitely hear out other offers and not re-up yet. I previously thought there might be a chance (slim but maybe) that he re-upped pre “offer week”… now I believe it’s doubtful.

    George ….Moi (already at 1/2 wit status) absolutely loved the 1/2 wit barb 🙂

  13. Islanders canned Snow and Weight. No real surprise there. Lou has to do something to convince Tavares things will improve and to resign with them.

  14. Wayne Simmonds to Calgary for Hamilton