NHL Rumor Mill – June 6, 2018

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Latest on Ryan O’Reilly, John Tavares and Ilya Kovalchuk in your NHL rumor mill.

Recent trade speculation has linked Buffalo Sabres center Ryan O’Reilly to the Vancouver Canucks (Photo via NHL Images).


FRS HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cites Elliotte Friedman telling Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650 he doesn’t know if it’s a “fait accompli” that the Buffalo Sabres trade Ryan O’Reilly this summer. If general manager Jason Botterill decides to put the center on the block, he’ll set a high asking price.

O’Reilly has five years left on his contract with a $7.5-million annual salary-cap hit. He also lacks no-trade protection. Friedman said he hasn’t heard any names specifically linked to the Vancouver Canucks, though he knows “the O’Reilly stuff is really starting to get out there too.”

Nichols also cites Darren Dreger telling Vancouver’s TSN 1040 Botterill could seek “likely a young NHL player or a prospect, a high draft pick, and maybe something else on top of that,” if he were to shop O’Reilly before the draft.

THE PROVINCE: Patrick Johnson wonders if trading for O’Reilly is something the rebuilding Canucks need to be doing right now. While acknowledging O’Reilly’s obvious talent and how well suited he’d be to the Canucks lineup, such a move would mean parting with their first-round pick (seventh overall) in this year’s draft as part of the return, which Johnson considers “a firm no.”

Johnson also points out the Canucks currently lack a lot of movable players. He notes there’s long been an argument they should trade defenseman Chris Tanev but he doesn’t see the Sabres moving O’Reilly and his big contract for a defensive blueliner. He also believes adding young players “is too important to the Canucks” right now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Botterill’s critics will point to his failed efforts to get a high return before the trade deadline for Evander Kane, but this situation is different. Kane was a pending unrestricted free agent whereas O’Reilly is under contract for five more years. If Botterill decides to trade O’Reilly, he can afford to wait for the right offer.

Maybe Canucks management looked into O’Reilly availability but I don’t see them dealing away their first rounder and one of their good young roster players as part of the deal. I concur with Johnson that the Canucks must focus on rebuilding with youth. Acquiring O’Reilly would be fine if they were still a playoff contender but they’re not in that position right now. 


NEWSDAY: Mark Herrmann weighed in on the New York Islanders firing general manager Garth Snow and head coach Doug Weight and the potential effect upon the club’s efforts to re-sign pending UFA John Tavares.

While the Islanders captain was close to Snow and Weight, Herrmann believes their firings show Tavares the club finally has a sense of direction. With Lou Lamoriello taking over the management duties, the Islanders finally have “the leadership of a proven championship executive who exudes confidence that he will make things happen, with or without Tavares.” Lamoriello also said his recent moves didn’t factor into Tavares’ status.

Herrmann noted Tavares played just as hard for former Isles head coach Jack Capuano as he did for Weight. If he were really so committed to Snow and Weight, Herrmann believes he would’ve re-signed with the Isles long ago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In the wake of yesterday’s moves some folks assumed Tavares would walk, but I think Herrmann makes some good points here. I believe Lamoriello intends on making some significant moves over the next three weeks aimed at not just improving the Islanders but also convincing Tavares to stay.

Tavares has been very loyal to the Islanders and their fans. The ownership is very keen to re-sign him. These recent moves will certainly factor into his decision. We’ll find out by the end of this month if he stays or goes. 


NHL.COM: New Jersey Devils GM Ray Shero recently said there’s been no communication between his organization and the representatives for former Devils winger Ilya Kovalchuk. After spending the past five seasons in the KHL, Kovalchuk intends to return to the NHL as a free agent. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shero has no intention of bringing back Kovalchuk. That was obvious a year ago. He played no role in bringing Kovalchuk to New Jersey so he obviously doesn’t have any real attachment to the winger. Shero will follow his own plan and it doesn’t include Kovalchuk. 



  1. I’ll state the obvious that Botterill doesn’t have to trade O’Reilly unless he gets his asking price. Do I think O’Reilly gets traded yes because his value is probably at it’s highest right now but it’s not going to be for someone like Skinner or Pacioretty who have one year left on their contracts unless it’s a sign and trade and even then I doubt those are the type of players Botterill is looking for in return. I would think he seeks younger players that he can control contract wise for a few years so once Moulson, Pomiville and Bogosian come off the books it will be easy to fit them in the teams cap structure.

    I have to agree with Johnson that a rebuilding team like Vancouver doesn’t need a O’Reilly at this point but I say a team like St Louis or say San Jose would be more beneficial to both player and team. I think O’Reilly has had enough of losing here in Buffalo and would benefit going to a winning atmosphere.

    • Sabres need wingers – whoever puts together the package with a good, young left winder will get a shot at O’Reilly.

  2. Look for the Islanders to name Mark Hunter G.M. and Dale Hunter as coach.
    Both are excellent hockey people and both have a past with Tavares. Bringing them in would also go a long way to entice someone like John Carlson to sign in the island

    • Lou may just keep the title of GM and hire a few assistant GM’s. He is a total control freak. He loves defensive 1st hockey so Vigneault may fit the bill as coach. Names like Tippett or perhaps even Lindy Ruff becomes available with the coaching change in NYR.

      If I’m Tavares hiring Lou doesn’t inspire me to resign in NYI. I’m not saying he won’t as apparently he’s very loyal but loyal to who now?

      • AV a defensive coach? That’s news to Ranger fans. My guess is Lou’s son becomes GM under him.

      • All the talk after Lou’s hiring was that he was in contact with JT. Seems odd that he axes these guys now. I’m guessing JT hits FA. Lou is moving on. Going to a new team now makes sense. Returning to Isles is basically same thing. New coach. New Gm. No permanent home.

  3. I dont see the Canucks moving for O’Reilly. Trading a good prospect and a 1st round pick wouldnt serve the stated rebuilding plan.

    As for Snow and Weight but especially Snow, one playoff series win in 12 years pretty much sums up the quality of his work. Not surprising either one was “reassigned”.

    • Jim Benning is a bottom 5 GM. He is apt to continue to do the stupid things he has done the vast majority of his time in Vancouver. They never intended to start a proper rebuild, never mind have the fortitude and patience to see one through. Super scout Benning has been a net seller of draft picks while managing a cap team to the worst record in hockey over a statistically significant 246 regular season games.

  4. Good call on Mark Hunter. Not so sure about Dale .
    Vancouver needs to do something up front Horvat is now their number one C and Boeser will score some goals . Although some highly touted youth is on the way they need some veteran depth. Suter will go down and Gagne will fade. Second and third for points last year are retired . Erickson is a question mark. O’Reilly could solidify things or it is last in the Pacific

    • The Canucks should finish last even if they do make a move for O’Reilly which isnt a bad thing in the long term as it would give them another lottery pick. After years of band aids being applied (Eriksson, Sutter, Vrbata) in a doomed attempt to make the playoffs hopefully Benning stays the course and resists the temptation of a quick fix. The Canucks finally have some decent young players and prospects (Horvat, Boeser, Demko among others) trading them would only set back the rebuild which is something Benning cant afford if he wants to stay employed.

      • It’s ownership that has forced Benning to try & stay competitive if rumours are to be believed. Thankfully the rebuild is underway. 2 years late but better late than never. The trades of Burrows & Hansen were the real start for me. Solid futures acquired in both those veteran dumps.

  5. I can see Sweeney signing Ilya Kovalchuk Bruins could use a big scoring winger but most Boston fans would prefer a solid defenseman. If Boston signs Ilya then they have to believe their young D-man are good to go. Carlo was hurt but young Charlie and Matt had their hands full during the playoffs. I guess start the year with your seven D and at deadline add if need be.

    • I’d rather have Kovalchuk than Rick Nash if Im the Bruins.

      • Neither please.

      • Rumors are they are talking new contract

    • I don’t really want Bos to do anything. Let the youth coming play at both forward & D. You have to play to develop & sooner or later at the NHL level to get better.

      I assume the 2 Nash’s are gone, Rick was a rental but Spooner was lost in that deal so 2 roster spots are available at forward on the top 3 lines. 1 goes to Donato the other to Bjork, Forsbacka-Karlsson, Fredric, Senyshyn or Cehlarik. All can be sent down without having to clear waivers so a #2 RW or #3 C might be the best addition depending upon which position Backes plays next season.

      1 of Miller or McQuad needs to be moved this summer, Boston has too many NHL capable Dman 7 & 1 of these 2 is the odd man out. Yes Carlo, McAvoy & Grzelcyk are just kids but all are NHL ready & will keep getting better for years as they develop.

      • Enjoy your comments Striker.

        AS a die hard fan as well I agree with a youth movement. I also hope both Nash players are gone.

        I am curious how you feel about a couple of players since you don’t want a big move.

        1. It would be hard to do, but would you get rid of Krejci? I would totally bail on him if I could.

        2. Hanifin – would you make the deal to take him on, based on all the rumors out there and knowing it would cost prospects and $$$.

    • I read he wants 6 million. Not for that kinda money.

  6. I like kovy on the pens. malkin give him a ring! move kessel for a top 4 d… nothing wrong with having 5 of those. strong ass team!

    • Especially if Kovalchuk comes with less $$$$ than Kessel. Not sure why people have Kessel on the first bus out of town. 92 points is hard to replace. At least with your idea the Pens replace a good chunk of them with an upgrade on defence.

      • it opens up a rw spot for sprong… you got horny and rust and zar. your left side is jake, sheary, and hags… lots of depth. maybe kessel brings back a top 4 d and a decent forward prospect? Pens shouldn’t move him unless there is a plan, such as kov, to replace the o.

      • Ron…i don’t either Kessel was the most consistent and best penguin during the regular season 92 points. All this trade talk the Penguins defense and defensive structure wasn’t good enough… the two cup runs they could lock it down defensively they weren’t able to do that this year…

    • I agree, you cant move 92 points out without a plan to replace them. Signing Kovalchuk and trading Kessel for a top 3 or 4 defenceman makes sense. Especially of Kovalchuk is more interested in winning than dollars. Makes far more sense for him to sign with the Pens than the NYR orr Devils as the chance to win is far greater. I dont know if Kessel will draw a top defenceman and a high draft pick though.

      • RJ
        IMHO moving PK is not necessarily needing to replace 92 points— IMHO PK has reached his peak and will not be at 92 points next year.

        His talent is undeniable but I truly believe that his raw talents have been carrying him and have compensated for declining cardio and increasing weight. Trading now (again IMO) will max the return. If the move out is PK+TWSNBN+ plus Sheary and/or Hags and/or Rust with the net result of getting a top 4 D back (team GA will come down) and getting a top 9 winger, with the ability to sign a Kov (or the UFA likeness)— the net loss in GF (Kov + Top 9Wing + Top 4 D less PK less [Sheary and/or Hags and/or Rust]) will be no more than 10 GF from last year’s numbers and if my contention that PK will have less productivity in 18/19 than 17/18 (again I know this is not a widely held viewpoint, but it is my rationale for the move) then the GF difference may be Nil with a resulting GA decrease— cup contender in 18/19 a stronger possibility than Status Quo.

        Again, all above is IMO (and I know few hold my contention of PK reduction in points & Goals) but it is my dream

        Have at me— I deserve it

      • you spanking pengy? You keep asking people to have at you… its a little odd. the 3 player + deals are generally reserved for xbox so I doubt too many posters are taking it seriously. now trying to dump hunwick with kessel would be nice… but now your talking almost 10 mil. hard sell. I think Hunwick might be tradable if pens hold 50%.. 1.25 mil a year for a team who thinks he just didn’t fit on pens as a 6-7 d man isn’t terrible. teams might wait for a buy out but if more than one team was interested in him then he might be more than 1.25 mil… so it’s a gamble

      • We don’t need Kovalchuk he is 35 and not worth investing a long term deal..Kessel is 30 and better!

      • who said anything about long term… I’d take kovy at 2 years over phil at 4 years…. if there was a plan to use phil to improve the team elsewhere

    • Chrisms,
      Can I have an amen and a hallelujah
      Yes yes yes and more yes
      As I posted before— if Pens can move PK + TWSNBN + Sheary and/or Hags and/or Rust— best/favoured return would be top 4 D (25-28 yrs old with some term) and 3rd line winger— all with freeing up big cap room….. acquiring Kov great move . Sprong to come up. Net result is solid D (Oleksiak at 6D not too shabby). I realize Maata at 5D for $4.1M is a little high but not cataclysmic.

      Fwd lines could be:
      Crosby, Geuntz, Sprong
      Malkin, Kov, Hrn
      Brass, oneof Hags/Sheary/Rust (not traded above); 3rd line winger acquired
      Sheahan plus in-house depth (Simon? Etc)

      I am gleeful but again , as it is a dream of mine— not goin’ happ’n

      • sorry also forgot all about ZAR–

      • What is a TWSNBN ?

      • Chrisms..Kovalchuk isn’t seeking only a 2 year deal and he wont be cheap..bank on that! Plus at 35 to kessel being 30-or 31 in October i’ll take kessel over Kovalchuk who wont sniff 92 points.. i also here he wants big money..

      • it depends on what kovy wants. I havent heard anything but speculation about his term desires or money… I assume anywhere between 5-6.5 mil… if he wanted more than 2 years I would pass. but if he was brought in and it allowed sprong more top minutes and kovy getting top 6 and it brought an upgrade on d it would be worth it. lots of ands

    • Chrisms…Kovalchuk is 35 and not worth investing long term sorry..Kessel is 30 and way better. Penguins can move Sheary maybe rust for a d-man…

      • sheary nor rust is bringing back a d man that would significantly improve the pens d.

    • If the Penguins are going to make any trades, they will shop Letand and will shop for better defensemen.

      The idea of trading Kessel is worth people looking at themselves in the mirror. Kessel scores goals.

  7. Sorry, Ryan O’Reilly is NOT a #1 center, at best a #2. He is not better than Bo Horvat, and is he really that big of an upgrade over Brandon Sutter, at the cap hit ROR has? Don’t think he’s worth the assets the Canucks would have to give up. If anything the Canucks need a true #1 center

    • ROR is in the 2nd group of solid 2-way C’s in the NHL. His 61 points playing on the worst team in the league both in wins & goals doesn’t help & he has for 3 years running. He ranked 25th in points for C’s last season, those #’s say he’s a soft #1.

      That said I don’t want Vancouver to trade for him either. Doesn’t make sense with their current roster. Vancouver has some waiver issues this Oct if both Pettersson & Dahlen make the team out of camp without adding another forward.

      Even with Out Dahlen, Gaunce is the 13th forward currently unless Gaudette is being sent to the AHL for development with Dhalen.

      Baertschi, Horvat, Boeser.
      Pettersson, Sutter, Gagner.
      Goldobin, Gaudette, Eriksson.
      Leipsic, Granlund, Vitatnern.
      Spare. Gaunce.

      That’s 13 forwards now. Move wingers around any way you want, Gagner could play C or RW, Granlund can play any forward position & has, he & Sutter together make a great shut down forward pairing when healthy on a 3rd line so perhaps Gagner moves to the middle on the 2nd line until Gaudette or Petersson are ready to play C.

      • Striker,

        Concur in full. I am a huge ROR fan. I believe he is more productive as a 2C on any other team; and there could be an argument that one or two teams might have him as a 1B.

        He’s a fantastic 2 way player; a guru on the face-offs; and taking bonehead penalties —- pretty well unheard of with ROR. He’s strong and plays with a level head.

        Van as you have pointed out— is not in need (in the situation they are in and moving forwards) of ROR. Any trade between V & Buff should not include ROR unless it is a 3 way with ROR going to a 3rd team.

        Buff, it appears, is looking at (in the very near future) a 1-2 C of Eichel and Middlestat… obviously if that is the plan — ROR not only not suited to 3C— but way too much to pay for a 3C.

        My gut senses ROR moved but I really can’t see him Van bound.

      • ROR plays 200 feet as well

      • Watching the Jets, Knights, Predators and Caps with the speed they play at shows the Canucks have a long way to go to matchup speed and skillwise with the top teams. They have a few pieces in place and some decent prospects. Benning needs to stay the course. Stick to the masterplan like Toronto and Philly have. Adding O’Reilly is a bandaid and to costly. Id much rather see the Canucks move out players for picks or prospects. Another year or two in the lottery will do them no harm but mortgaging the future certainly will.

      • Philly is a lost cause hextall has put them in a major hole he might be the worst gm in the league!

    • Many teams would love ROR as top center look at rangers they don’t even have a number 2 center. Montreal needs a center

      • Yet they still finished above Buffalo! This guy….

      • Yesterday gaborik was still a King in his brain!

      • Neither Zibanejad nor Hayes has shown what they will truly be when fully healthy & developed at the NHL level. Zibanejad’s breakthrough has been delayed due to injuries nominally the last 2 seasons, Hayes as he still won’t be fully developed at the NHL level for another 90 NHL regular season games approximately.

        These massive forwards, players 6’3″ & or over 225 LBS take in or around 400 NHL regular season games to show what they will be. Zibanejad has played 409, Hayes 310. Even Kreider is in the same spot development wise for this size player having played 381 NHL regular season games.

        If these 3 players can all play at least 75 games next season all will have career years to date, all are locks in the top 6 & 2 will see 1st unit PP time, Hayes 2nd. Hayes has done all the heavy lifting since Stepan moved last summer. Toughest assignments & PK minutes.

      • Ranger will suck next year. Unless they sign Kovalchuk lol

      • BigBadBruins,

        Hextalls the worst gm? Roster loaded with top end prospects, made the playoffs tthis season and over 20 million in cap space?

        Might not be the best, but certainly isnt the worst.

    • Chrisms…..I live in los Angeles now and i have a buddy that works for the kings there has been discussing Sheary for Alec Martinez…who is a top 4 defenseman..

      • That’s not true. You’ve been fed some bs.

      • What other assets have been mentioned with Sheary? As that’s not even the grounds to start a conversation. Martinez was 2nd in TOI/GP at D for LA last season, 3rd the season prior less than a min behind Muzzin at 2, 15-16, 3rd same as season prior. Martinez also has a great contract with 4 years remaining at 4 mil per in cap hit.

        I know Dana Bryson well, the assistant equipment manager in LA but we discuss very little scuttle-but about trades, waste of time. Get some interesting stories on the QT though & always good for tickets.

        Where does Sheary fit?

        Iafallo, Kopitar, Brown.
        Pearson, Carter, Tiffoli.
        Reider, Kempe, Lewis.
        Clifford, Andreoff, Rempal/Amadio/Brodzinski.
        Spare. Thompson.

        Perhaps Lewis could be moved to the 4th line to make room for Sheary on the 3rd & the kids left in the minors to develop further. That said Lewis was 6th at forward in TOI/GP last season in LA.

        Reider was a cash casualty in Arizona, has arbitration rights & 2 years from UFA status. It will probably take 2.75 on a 1-year deal or in around 3.5 on 3 to sign him. Solid 2-way player who’s never really been deployed in any offensive roles except when he played in the WC.

        LA’s cap situation is tight they have 17 players signed with 4 mil in cap space before the cap increase. Reider eats up a good chunk of that & LA needs to add Dman 6 thru 8, depen ding upon whether Brickley stays up who Capfriendly currently has on the 23 man roster in that cap formula.

        Moving out Martinez or Muzzin to add scoring has never made sense to me. Carter is healthy, Pearson, Tiffoli & the kids all have far more to give. I think improvement comes from within & Sheary ends up elsewhere.

      • I’d take that deal in a second if it’s real.

      • LA has zero interest in that trade.

        Striker…..Add Vilardi to that list as well. All indications are he will be given every opportunity to crack the Kings roster and has the skills to easily stick. Rumblings are they see him has as a potential Winger on the top line with Kopitar and Brown.

  8. Chrisms

    yes I know the multi-player swaps are extremely rare—extremely….and yes all a dream for me— Love the XBOX analogy BTW.
    Yes huge dream of getting rid of TWSNBN— and I fear that 30 other team do see his brutal play. Getting rid of him will likely only be through packaging deals or as you have put (and I did mention once before)– trading at a take-back sal.

    Buying him out is way more painful — being on payroll for 4 more years!!! Yes would save $1.5M in Cap space in next two years; but will be a hit of $0.75M in years 3 and 4— and nothing coming back.

    There will be a team out there that will take him at 50% and Pens will get something for him… anything!!.

    I had joked about a 7th rounder in 2025— but in reality, a non cap ceiling team may part with a 2018 (this year’s) draft pick of 5th or maybe even a 4th rounder. Depth D for that team, costing $1.13 not so outlandish. Could help towards some teams reaching cap floor (Arz????).

    Again — just a wish of mine.

    All joking aside— no matter what— Pens will not be a contender next year with current D make-up. Right now $2.25M is completely wasted and the current 7 (including Rhuew) are not good enough for SC in June of ’19

    • I believe pens will try to trade him but I don’t believe pens will buy him out this year… buying out isn’t the pens MO. I think they give him another chance this year and revisit next off-season if he tanks again.

      • You are probably right — but I really really hope you are wrong— I don’t see TWSNBN improving at all.

        If he stays—- TWSNBN — please prove me wrong and I will gladly start naming you again

    • Striker…FIRST OF ALL Sheary is better than Lewis or Reider and a few others. At 25 he is young, fast and can score. On a team that is big and slow and can’t score seems to be a match. The Kings can afford to give up Martinez or Muzzin…(THEY ARE SHOPPING THEM) preferably the Kings would rather deal Martinez.. Salaries are almost identical Martinez $4 million and Sheary $3 million and the kings gain 5 years Alec is 30 and Conner is 25..I heard the other assest is Goalie Tristian Jarry is is solid (AND TERRIFIC AT TIMES THIS YEAR) and we be a good back up to Quick..PENGUINS are said to be happy with Casey De Smith as Murray’s back-up telling you what i heard from a friend in the kings organization.. take it or don’t not spewing gossip here there is enough of that on this forum…

      • sheary and jarry is maybe closer to the mark but you highlighted all the good in sheary and forgot about the streakiness, his disappearing acts in the playoffs, his inability to play like a top 6 without crosby… etc. other teams wont conveniently forget those things.

      • There seems to be a lot of friends in organizations that are handing out a lot of valuable information today on this page!

        If you can’t put a name to it , don’t claim it to be valid information! Anybody can say they know somebody or know of somebody’s that knows somebody!

        I have a friend who cuts Jeff Gorton brothers sisters aunts twice removed cousins hair that says Tavares and Carlson are signing with the Rangers!

        Mark it down! You heard it here first!

      • Duelly noted ny. Calling my bookie now

      • Chrisms..agreed Sheary is streaky but the age, upside, salary, and speed is worth a shot. EVEN if he plays third line wing he can and has scored 20 before and has been able to produce in the playoffs.. Tristan Jarry would be a solid young inexpensive back up for Quickee

        for Alec martinez this is more than enough..Alec can be weak physically with teams that cycle and grind. this package isn’t enough for Jake Muzzin though

  9. If the Pens deal Kessel they won’t get a top 4 d back for him, they will get cap space.

    And Kovalchuk is not an improvement over Kessel at age 35. Not even close.

    • thanks RJ i have been saying the same thing Kovalchuk is not an improvement over Kessel…

    • no one said kovy is an improvement… but a free asset that allows you to move kessel, who yes absolutely would bring back a top 4 d. thats not even debatable.

  10. B’NG,

    Re: “We don’t need Kovalchuk he is 35 and not worth investing a long term deal..Kessel is 30 and better!”
    No argument on age and PK productivity this year greater than what Kov could have put up in NHL this year. This year PK put up 34 G– best as a Pen for him

    My argument (again I know not shared by many) is that PK’s production will start to decline this upcoming year.

    Taking all out of the argument— I can’t see many disagreeing with me at seeing Kov on Malkin’s wing , getting 25G or more.

    Again, going on my contention that PK has maxed his production; the loss of 9 GF max not a great deal. Will come slightly cheaper and … physically Kov will be a much more dominant player than PK. That is a fact. Kov is a much bigger human and never had fear of going in the corners.

    Not dumping on Kessel… I am a fan…. just stating the facts.

    Again, all premised on my (rarely shared) opinion of PK with less production next year— then aquisition of Kov in a psuedo replacement– not bad.

    Kov comes without giving up any players; and PK out will mean a return in quality.

    If the limits of the move are just PK out for 4D and signing Kov to be Malkin winger– team just got better

    Yes to make it work— another current winger’s sal (Sheary, Hags, Rust) must move as well.

    To all— has Malkin every had Kov’s on wing playing for Mother Russia in any capacity?

    • that was supposed to read — return in a quality D — not return in quality

    • Sorry, that was supposed to read — “return in a quality D” — not just “return in quality”

    • Pengy…our Smith for hags/hunwick….

      if you leave out holding salary on either side you have a deal if not then i’ll just let smith rot….

      • IHC,
        Sorry to be a stringent and bullet-headed negotiator— but I must in good conscience stick with my proposal on the sal take backs both sides — I guess there will be two rotting D’s

        …. hold on— line two is flashing and it’s Arz….

  11. IF I Were Mr. Magoo….I do 3 things.
    Hire Hunter as GM
    Hire DJ SMith as Coach (AV as 2nd choice)
    Trade offer Ladd, HoSang, & #12 overall to BUFF for O’Reilly and see if it gets done.

    ROR is backup insurance if JT walks, and if he does not then allows Brock Nelson to slot wing for ROR.

    • I think NYI is stuck with Ladd. A terrible, buyout proof contract. Hosang and the 12th pick are good starting points for ROR, but they would need to add to that, not throw in a very undesirable contract, unless Botteril has lost his mind.

    • Why would the Sabres take on another bad contract (Ladd) and a problem child (Hosang) the only good part of that trade is the 12th pick in the draft

  12. I have a hypothetical question. I’m not sure anyone here has the answer but….. let’s say Kessel is traded to Tampa (not happening but play along here) . Let’s say Pittsburgh holds 1 million (hypothetical…. stay with me) , Toronto is already holding a million +, how does that work on taxes? He still pays Pennsylvania, Toronto taxes on the 2 million?

    I deal a lot with per diem. I know once someone is in a city for 366 days, the per diem becomes taxed. Anything under 365 is tax free. But this is completely different…..?

    • this question is taxing on the brain

      i’m sorry.

  13. PK for PK


    Nash & Pitts swap

  14. Any chance the Canucks can get Reinhardt out of Buffalo?