NHL Rumor Mill – June 7, 2018

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Reviewing TSN’s offseason trade-bait board in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson, Buffalo Sabres center Ryan O’Reilly, Senators winger Mike Hoffman, Carolina Hurricanes left wing Jeff Skinner and Montreal Canadiens left winger Max Pacioretty top Frank Seravalli’s listing of this summer’s top trade-bait board.

Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson tops TSN’s top-25 offseason trade-bait board (Photo via NHL Images).

Senators general manager Pierre Dorion has said he wants to re-sign Karlsson, who’s a year away from unrestricted free agent status, and doesn’t intend to trade him at the upcoming 2018 NHL draft. However, the fact the Senators were apparently close to shipping Karlsson to the Vegas Golden Knights at the trade deadline in February accounts for the blueline topping this list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators will certainly try to re-sign Karlsson, but if the two sides can’t reach an agreement, I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of the Sens shopping him in July. Seravalli’s colleague Darren Dreger considers Hoffman more likely to be dealt than Karlsson.

In his latest column for The Athletic, TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reports the Montreal Canadiens are among the teams to express interest in O’Reilly, who could fetch the Sabres a handsome return. However, his market value could depend upon what happens with New York Islanders’ pending free-agent center John Tavares. 

The recent changes in Hurricanes ownership, management and coaching staff has prompted anticipation of a roster shakeup this summer. Pierre LeBrun reports a dozen teams have reached out to the Hurricanes, who’ve set the asking price for Skinner at a first-round pick and a prospect. Skinner has a full no-movement clause, giving him control of this situation. 

Like Karlsson, Pacioretty is a year away from UFA eligibility. There’s speculation suggesting a possible “sign-and-trade” scenario for him. 

Washington Capitals backup goaltender Philipp Grubauer, the Vancouver Canucks first-round pick (seventh overall), Arizona Coyotes blueliner Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Pittsburgh Penguins right wing Phil Kessel and Nashville Predators rearguard P.K. Subban round out the top ten.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun believes the Hurricanes and Islanders have shown interest in Grubauer, who’s due to become a restricted free agent this summer. Seravalli said there’s a belief the Canucks offered up their first-round pick to the Hurricanes for defenseman Noah Hanifin, but it’s thought Carolina GM Don Waddell prefers moving veteran Justin Faulk over Hanifin. I still believe Faulk is the more likely trade option.

The Coyotes have reportedly offered Ekman-Larsson an eight-year, $66-million contract. Based on his previous remarks suggesting money alone won’t determine his future plans, it wouldn’t surprise me if he stays put. 

Penguins GM Jim Rutherford recently said he doesn’t feel that he has to trade Kessel but there’s a persistent belief the winger could be dealt for the right offer.  Such a move, however, would adversely affect the Penguins’ offensive production. As for Subban, Seravalli claims there’s “lots of chatter” he’ll be dealt again. However, I believe GM David Poile wants to keep his core intact for another run next season at the Stanley Cup. 

Positions 11-15 are filled by Hurricanes defensemen Justin Faulk and Noah Hanifin, Florida Panthers blueliner Alex Petrovic, Calgary Flames defender Dougie Hamilton and Winnipeg Jets rearguard Jacob Trouba.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I noted earlier, I believe Faulk is more likely to be moved than Hanifin, who still has plenty of upside and has yet to reach his playing prime. There hasn’t been much Panthers’ trade talk in the media. Petrovic’s been mentioned as a possible trade chip to bring in a forward. 

Seravalli said teams are calling about Hamilton but Flames GM Brad Treliving said he’s not interested in moving him. That might change for the right price but it’s probably much more than other clubs are willing to part with right now.

Trouba requested a trade two years ago but he’s since changed his tune. If his contract negotiations get contentious again the Jets could shop him but I think things will go smoothly this time. 

Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen, Penguins winger Conor Sheary, Edmonton Oilers left wing Milan Lucic, Coyotes left winger Max Domi and Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk hold spots 16 through 20.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun said teams are calling about Ristolainen but he believes the Sabres are reluctant to move him. I expect they’ll retain him. There’s been conjecture suggesting Sheary or Carl Hagelin could be dangled for a defenseman.

The decline in Lucic’s performance, as well as his hefty annual average value ($6-million) through 2022-23 and no-movement clause, should ensure he remains with the Oilers.

Domi’s name surfaced during regular-season trade chatter. Seravalli claims he’s on the block but teams might not be willing to pay the asking price. No word on what that might be.

Galchenyuk’s been a fixture in the rumor mill for some time. He could be moved if the Canadiens re-sign Pacioretty. 

Capitals winger Andre Buravosky, Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev, New York Rangers forward Vladislav Namestnikov, Sabres forward Sam Reinhart and Anaheim Ducks right wing Corey Perry complete the listing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Capitals have over $66 million invested in 19 players for 2018-19. Re-signing John Carlson could push that total to $74 million, leaving little room to re-sign RFAs like Burakovsky even if the cap ceiling jumps to $80 million. However, a buyout of Brooks Orpik could free up sufficient room to keep him.

Canucks GM Jim Benning insists he’s not interested in trading Tanev and I take him at his word. Namestnikov is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. Perhaps the Rangers might shop him if he seeks more than they’re willing to pay. Reinhart’s name has come up as a possible trade option but I think the Sabres will be patient with him for another season.

Seravalli said it’s believed the Ducks asked Perry, who has a full no-movement clause, for a list of preferred trade destination. He notes, however, the winger also has three years and $24 million left on his contract and that will be tough to move. If the Ducks are serious about shopping Perry, they might have to pick up part of his $8.625-million AAV.



  1. Lyle,
    Do you think there is any credence to the Subban rumors? TSN has him on their website in a picture with Karlsson, Kessel, and O’Reilly (I think) as top trade bait. Why is his name popping up again? Have I missed something?

    • I think it is speculation based purely on the fact that the Preds have other d-men to sign in the next 1-2 years and will need the additional cap room…something will have to give at some point but I don’t see them trading any of their top players this off-season.

    • Hi, Doug, no, I don’t put any stock into them. A lot of it is based on Subban’s outsized personality, leading to speculation that he’s a “problem” in the Predators dressing room. Predators head coach Peter Laviolette dismissed that notion. Quite frankly, I don’t believe GM David Poile has any intention of moving Subban. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nhl/predators/2018/05/15/nashville-predators-p-k-subban-trade-david-poile-rexrode/607777002/

      • Lyle & Doug
        I am also skeptical of the Subban dressing room issue diatribe. Is he an attention getter … perhaps …. disruptive …. I don’t think so.

        I as well believe a trade of Subban very unlikely … don’t truly believe Nashville wants to move him and very few teams with need at that contract size weighing in … IMO Subban stays a Pred

    • TSN’s offseason trade-bait board. This is a classic “there’s noting going between sc gameson but I have to write a column about something to earn my salary.” It rehashes all the nonsense about star players like Kessel, Subban and Hamilton being traded, which has virtually no chance” and parrots the speculation about teams trying to dump underachievers. Everyone has heard all of this drivel time and time again. There is a tiniest bit of new information.

      • & this surprises you why? This is the trade world in the NHL & why we follow such. Rhetoric, over 90% of the stuff reported & discussed never happens, pure BS. Then we come here to make up our own.

      • Ever heard of a Thesaurus? Maybe you should invest in one so you don’t have to use the word “drivel” every damn day? If you insist on always being a dbag maybe you be a little more clever about it.

      • Have to wonder at your nick. Does “Noitall” refer to the fact you must take a negative view on everything? Or is it because you think you “know it all” but simply can’t spell properly?

    • As I said back when there was chatter of Subban being traded from Montreal and most people dismissed it, “Subban’s flamboyant look at me I’m bigger than the team” attitude quickly ware’s thin amongst his teammates.
      I can totally see Nashville trying to trade him for a scoring forward, problem is can they find a “team” that is willing to take a showboat that will inevitably upset the rest of the dressing room

      • I didn’t think Subban would be moved for years in Montreal. That said I didn’t see Nashville moving Weber either considering they paid a huge chunk of that front end loaded offer sheet from Phi when they matched. I still like this trade better for Montreal. I did at the point of trade & still do today. Montreal took on less actual salary over the remaining terms for each player & got 4 years more in term.

        Trading Weber at any time will be a walk in the park. He’s a far more effective 2-way Dman than Subban, 1 of the elite 2 way Dman, Subban is far more 1 dimensional but I digress.

        I don’t see this trade happening today but it may in future years. Nashville doesn’t need forward help.

        Arvidsson, Johansen, Forsberg.
        Fiala, Turris, Smith.
        Scissons, Bonino, Watson.
        Salomaki, Jarnkrok, Hartman.

        Tolvanen is considered to be 1 of the best prospects not playing in the NHL & he may be blocked out from starting in Nashville till injuries or trades happen to make room for him at forward.

        The only forward in that group other than Tolvanen that doesn’t need to clear waivers is Fiala & he’s not going back to the AHL so moving Subban for help at forward doesn’t make sense to me.

        PK is PK, you take the good with the bad & the good far outweighs any bad. This is a Norris calibre Dman that leans more to offence than defense & he does gamble & deviate from the game plan as he did with 58 seconds to go in a tie game costing Nas huge but that’s part of the package. He has elite level offensive abilities & if Nashville wants to move him it would be easy & teams would line up to take him.

        No 1 manages the cap better than Poille, I assume we will continue to see players take discounts to stay in Nashville. Everything I have heard is it’s a great city & place to play.

      • I agree I’ve heard from 3 players that not a lot of players like pk, I could definitely see him being Moved again!

      • Congratulations. You are the proverbial stopped clock that is right twice a day. Keep saying that this player or that can be traded and eventually one will. Then you can again mistake being smart for being lucky.

    • there are no “Subban rumours”.

      This is clickbait.

      Seravalli is more of a lightweight, more shallow than Drager, as unlikely as that may seem

  2. I cant see anybody trading for Lucic unless its a team trying to reach the cap floor. Too slow for todays NHL and 4 more years at 6 million per is a ton of dough for the results you get.
    Id trade Tanev, if the offer is right. Pic(s) or a prospect. No way Benning should move the #7 pick unless he gets a cant say no offer.

    I think declining results for Perry and his high salary is going to make him hard to move. Although a lot easier than Lucic.

    • That’s the problem with these long contracts. GM’s just can’t seem to help themselves. I for one have zero sympathies for them.

      • Just the business model the NHL functions under in the current CBA. A players ability to potentially become a UFA at 26, after 7 years of service is incredibly inflationary & teams will overpay to acquire established UFA’s as they have no development cost which can run into the millions.

        If you don’t want to pay in most situations someone else happily will.

    • ONLY way the Oilers will be able to trade Lucic is if they offer the 10th overall pick along with him. Chiarelli may have made some head-scratching moves thus far, but I don’t think he is THAT stupid or desperate to do so

      • Mike P
        …. or if they take back large chunk … trade after 1/7 and retain 50% … receiving team then pays just over $11M to have him for 5 years … budget conscious teams you would figure … would offer up something for that …. not many in that boat but some team may bite

      • How would a Van/Oilers trade. Erickson for Lucic.

    • If Anaheim retains enough of Perry’s contract to bring the new team’s hit to $5-$5.5M, there will be lots of interest. The interest would be very limited at $8.6M given Perry’s recent decline in production. He is still a solid top 6 forward, just not a top 10 player in the league anymore.

      • I’d take Perry on my team any day of the week. Salary dump or would this be moving a player who is considered fading?

      • I don’t view it as a pure salary dump if Anaheim held $3-$3.5M. Perry is still decent value around $5-$5.5M per year. He just isn’t worth $8.6M anymore.

      • I don’t see Anaheim eating that much cash if any to facilitate a trade of Perry. I think with Kesler’s & Eaves NHL futures in doubt Anaheim moves Perry why? That’s over 10 mil in LTIR cap space eventually when claimed & insurance will cover 80% of the real dollars paid.

      • Striker: Good point on LTIR. Anaheim doesn’t have to move Perry. However, if they did, I think they would need to retain salary to get a good return.

      • As do I Van but I don’t see why they would want to move Perry at least now. They don’t have anyone to replace him with & with 2 or their top 6 forwards potential finished in the NHL they need all the help they can get even at 8+ per.

  3. Hoffman had really good chemistry with Duchesne, why would OTT trade him now ?

    • mikeP: I agree. Plus Colorado has Ottawa’s 1st round pick next year. It makes no sense for Ottawa to gut their roster of all their best players and trade for futures. If they suck again this year, you would get a similar offer for Hoffman at the trade deadline (if not more), so what’s the rush? I’d focus on moving guys like Smith/Burrows for whatever you could get, not Hoffman and Karlsson. Their could be a market for Burrows if Ottawa retains half his salary.

      • As always the rush is money. Melnyk not wanting to spend that much. It’s always about the money in Ottawa.

        Stone & Ceci are due huge raises this summer, Duchene & Karlsson both 1 year from UFA status & if reports are to be believed Ott wants to retain Karlsson that money is coming from another player salary being cut.

        What is Ott going to do with Duchene? Does he want to resign on what appears to now be a rebuilding internal cap team? If Ottawa loses Duchene after the price paid for such a short period of time will be bad.

        I’m on the Ott wins the lottery next summer & Colorado gets to pick 1st overall selecting Jack Hughes. Would make for good Karma for Dorion & Melnyk.

      • Striker: A few points

        1) Hoffman is one of the best value contracts on the Sens for two more years. How does that help save Melnyk money? He still needs to ice a team.

        2) Stone will get a huge raise ($2-$3M vs. his $4.5M salary last year), but Ceci shouldn’t in actual salary, which is all Melnyk cares about. Ceci made $3.35M last year and shouldn’t get more than $4M on a 3 or 4 year deal. Ceci is not someone I would give a 7 or 8 year contract to at this point.

        3) I get the karma with Melnyk, but what karma with Dorion? He’s done a decent job so far other than the Duchene trade, and that isn’t so bad if they sign him long term.

        4) Why do you hate Ottawa so much? It is obvious when reading your comments for the last few months.

        5) Everything is linked to what happens with Karlsson. If he is back next year, there is no way they will be even close to this bad again. Even if they trade him, it would be difficult to be as bad as they were. Anderson and Condon in particular couldn’t be worse.

      • I don’t hate Ottawa at all. I feel for Ott fans but no solution in sight until the new building is completed & the revenue streams can be increased.

        I love Hoffman, great value & the return should be great but it won’t be taking back equal salary. Younger cheaper players, picks & prospects.

        Ceci will be getting far more than 4 mil on a 3 or 4-year deal. He turned 24 in December & has 366 NHL regular season games under his belt. His breakthrough should come next season although he see’s such limited PP time it’s not really coming in points unless ever given that opportunity. He has played the 2nd most TOI/GP on Ottawa’s D the last 2 years in a row. No easy feat for a 22 & 23-year-old.

        Ceci has arbitration rights & is 2 years from UFA status. That leverage guarantees him far more money & term & if Ott doesn’t lock him up for at least 6 years min that would not be smart. People don’t appreciate what Ceci is & he still has years of getting better ahead of him. Most Dman don’t hit their prime until 27 or 28, that has been declining nominally.

        Karlsson will take at least 10.5 if not more to extend. If he does sign an extension Melnyk will cut salary elsewhere to offset as much of that raise as possible. That’s been his MO for years & his spots are pretty clear to me.

        Has nothing to do with hating Ottawa, I’m simply a realist. Why else would Ott want to move out Hoffman 1 of the best pure goal scorers in the NHL with a solid contract? Is trading him going to make Ottawa better? I think not.

        As for Dorion, the Duchene trade was a joke & he’s cow toying to his owner. That doesn’t work for me. Since April 10, 2016, the day Dorion was hired he has done what that you like? Well other than firing Cameron.

      • 1 of Dorion’s 1st orders of business after getting hired was signing Hoffman to an extension. Only locking him up for 4 years was a mistake.

        I question why players able to get out of Ott wouldn’t want to if I’m a pending UFA or soon to be so I’m not re-upping unless they offer me significantly more monies than elsewhere.

        I don’t want to have anything to do with Melnyk who’s now involved in the day to day hockey operations. I don’t want to play for Boucher & I don’t see Ottawa being a playoff competitor for several years now.

        Sorry if that offends you but that’s just my opinion.

  4. One thing people of normal teams forget is the Sabres owner front loads contracts like ROR and will retain any amount of pay that is needed, he doesn’t care about money like other teams owners. Believe it or not: many owners of sports teams don’t care about winning. Sabres has two owners before like that. So if ROR was shopped say to Carolina most of his salary is already paid for and they would not be paying him much actual cash with most retained, but of course you still have a high cap hit.

    • …which would be the perfect situation for CAR (and others…ARZ?), as they have plenty of cap room, but not a ton of actual cash.

      • following up on Matt’s point – ROR has a cap hit of $7.5M, but after next season at an actual salary of $8.5M, the next four have an actual salary of $6.0M (via nhlnumbers). So, for teams with cap space, they’re potentially getting a nice discount.

      • ..and just now seeing the Pengy already said the exact same thing….sigh.

    • Hi Mike

      Yes ROR contract is skewed to the front end but not minuscule going forward … he’s to get $8.5M this upcoming year ($1 in Sal $7.5 in SB)…, then $6 M * 4 (each of those years $5M SB, $1M Sal) … Pagula loaded so SB not an issue …. trade after 1/7/18 SB would very likely increase trade return value… receiving team (w/o Sal take back) owes ROR $25M if receive post 1/7/18 and $32.5 M if trade happens prior

    • ROR will be paid 8.5 this season then 6 for the final 4. His cap hit is 7.5 so not that front-end loaded.

      I don’t see Carolina taking on those monies nor does it make sense for them to do so. Although I’m in the minority on those who feel Carolina doesn’t need a C.

      If everything being reported is true, Carolina is going to penny pinch. ROR isn’t penny-pinching.

    • 8.5 and then 6 for 3 years I think. Not very front loaded

      • Thx captain obvious!

  5. As a Sabres fan I would love to trade Reinhart the guy is slower than a three toed sloth and our GM said he wants speed in wings. With Pominville, Okposo and Reinhart you have three of slowest guys. Ristolainen is also slow, I’m not a fan of slow players at all. ROR at least is always moving his feet and working hard, Rhino looks like he is in wloa motion.

    • Matt though I agree what you say about Reinhart being slow show me another Buffalo forward who has the guts to work in front of the net, take a pounding and get results…none is the correct answer. Was never a fan as I wanted Draisaitl when the Sabres turn came but I have to respect him for how he got most of those 25 goals.

    • 2 of the 3 are the gift of Murray. Pommer has a year left.

      • Slow or not Reinhart scores 25 to 30 goals & 65 to 70 points next season as long as he plays 75 games.

        Okposo was a great signing as well, unfortunately, his injury straddled 2 seasons but he started coming around in the 2nd 1/2 of last season. His contract was also very well structured. His contract leans to the front end as well & his modified NTC kicks in July 1st, a 15 team no-trade list. He was 28 when signed at market value for 7 years. You need to except this is the cost to dip into the UFA market.

  6. Hope Karlsson shaves that stupid looking mustache.

    • Are you enjoying yourself as the new GM of the Islanders so far? Who are you going to hire as your new coach?

  7. Re ROR
    The team I see as best “trade fit” with not only the need/want/desire but $’S and Cap space; is Mon

    Who/what pics involved in ask/offer ????? But gotta think that GMMB already has had some concrete gabs about this

    • For me, there are 8 possible fits today.

      Arz. Would push Dvorak to LW but dressing Strome & Dvorak in some formation of 2/3 behind Stepan is a ton of youth. I assume Kruger was brought in to be the #4. Arz certainly has the picks, prospects & cap space to make it happen & appears to be looking to step up finally. They could use ROR’s 2 way game.

      Buf should really keep him, as the youth movement needs to stop eventually & replacing ROR today with Mittlestadt a stud prospect means perpetuating the youth movement. Keep ROR for at least a year & readdress next summer.

      Car. Many feel they need a C, I don’t but let’s add them regardless.

      Dal. If they hadn’t wasted monies on Hanzal but if they can dump Spezza add them to the list.

      Mon. They don’t have any C’s so the obvious candidate, but little to give up to facilitate a trade with Buf.

      NJ? No slight to Zajac but is he really a #2 C? Is Zacha ready for more responsibility at C? NJ certainly has the cap space & contract structure to absorb ROR.

      NYI. If they lose Tavares.

      StL? Who replaces Stastny? Does Fiala move to C?

      • Striker might want to add SJ to that list. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but maybe after ROR made those comments on locker clean out day he might have asked to be traded during his season ending meeting with management. I think his value is pretty high right now and if he is to get traded might as well do it sooner then later. The Sabres will be a lottery team next year so get as many assets now while the getting is good.

      • Sounds reasonable

        Has Stasny absolutely ruled out StL

        I haven’t watched that many Dal games … how has Faksa’s development been going?

        What would Arz need to shoot back in trade?

      • Montreal has some good prospects coming up to give for O’Reilly but I don’t think it will take as much to get him as everyone thinks he has a big cap hit

      • Len.

        I specifically left SJ off the list as they can’t afford him & I hope they don’t bring Thornton back as well. I don’t want anyone blocking out Meier’s advancement even though a winger. Bringing back Thornton or trading for ROR would mean Pavelski moves back to RW & that pushes Meier down the depth chart.

        I also want to see Tierny stay in the #3 spot, he has untapped offensive potential as he showed this season is given the chance.

        This is what I hope to see in SJ next season at forward. It gets a little muddled as numerous players can play either wing, Donskoi, Meier, Boedker & Hertl or Pavelski can play LW or RW respectively & have had a ton over their time in SJ.

        Kane, Pavelski, Meier/Lebanc.
        Hertl, Couture, Donskoi.
        Boedker/Meier, Tierney, Boedker/Lebanc.
        Sorenson, Goodrow, Karlsson.

        If Thornton returns & I would put those odds at better than 50/50, Pavelski moves back to RW, Hedrtl moves to #3 C, Tierney to #4 & Meier gets bumped to LW in Hertl’s spot or some such thing.

        Regardless no room for ROR especially looking at salary structure. Hertl, Tierny & Demelo are all RFA’s now, all are seeing substantial raises, Thornton a UFA. After next season Couture, Pavelski & Donskoi are all UFA’s I see at least 2, Couture & Pavelski extended on or about July 1st & the cost will be substantial moving forward. Meier, Lebanc & Ryan will be RFA’s.

        SJ is going to have enough cap issues without adding ROR to the mix.

  8. Just heard on TSN 1260 that Lucic is open to a trade. They said the Oilers will need to take on a bad contract in return and Deon Phaneuf was used as a example. Any thoughts?
    I am not to sure about this. I have never been a Phaneuf fan and he is a LH shot. I am kinda torn on Lucic. At the end of last season he was saying that he is going to work hard on losing weight to get faster. Last season he came in around 230lbs with very little body fat. So if he could drop about 10lbs and keep the body fat down that just might help his game. Also Lucic just turned 30 today. Although if he does have another season like last season then his trade value is even lower than it is today.

    • I don’t see Edm moving Lucic this summer. I wouldn’t eat salary to facilitate such today & adding a Dman hasn’t made sense to me.

      I would allow Lucic to bounce back next season & I assume he will do just that returning to 20 to 25 goals & 50 top 55 points. The readdress next summer.

      Where does Phaneuf fit into Edm’s D?

      Klefbom, Larsson,
      Sekera, Russell.
      Nurse, Benning.

      Anything that could go wrong did go wrong in Edm last year not the least of which was their D being decimated by injuries putting far too much responsibility on what really is a very young D but those extra minutes especially for Nurse but also Benning, even Bear getting 18 games will benefit their development & advancement.

      Edm wasn’t as bad as they showed last season nor were they as good as they showed in 2016-17. Chiarelli was hired on April 24th 2015, just over 3 years ago & he has seriously altered the mix, completely restructuring Edm’s D. Edm is right where they should be 3 years after handing the reigns to a new GM, 2016-17 gave everyone false hope.

      • Lucic for Eriksson

      • Interesting proposition but neither fit Van’s needs. Eriksson’s signing never made sense in Van but at least he’s a better skater & can kill penalties. Thankfully only 4 years remaining not 5 like Lucic. Capfriendly is down for maintenance but Lucic also has a full NMC & I believe Eriksson is a modified NTC?

  9. 2 trades bc I am drinking Kool-Aid again…so yummy

    to NASH: Kessel/Hunwick
    to PITT: PK Subban


    to BUFF: Namestnikov & Spooner and draft pick
    to NYR: ROR

    • ROR slots #3 C and allows Hayes to not be have to always be the shutdown center. Gives him room to grow his o-game. Allows to sign Kovy to slot on wing with Buchy on right.

      Still say trade Smith for Hags and put Hags on the 4th line with Fast.


      • switch Vesey & Kovy…oops… ice freeze from all the kool-aid

      • Ha-ha!

        You need to let Smith go. No 1 is taking that cap hit & term. That was a serious mistake by Gorton. As always NYR should have just retained Girardi for 1 more season then looked to buy him out.

      • Trading young players and a 1st round pick for ROR makes no sense. They just traded Stepan last year for prospect and pick. I don’t see ROR as a huge upgrade. Besides, have a good feeling Tavares will be testing free agency. Ristolainen is an interesting name on the list. Him, Trouba, Hamilton… those are players I think Gorton would trade for if available. Word from Ranger land is Gorton will be just as busy leading up to draft as he was at deadline

      • I would assume he’s doing something with all those picks & Zuccarello could possibly be moved if not extendable.

        I didn’t like NYR pulling the plug but I guess really that happened when Kreider went down & no replacement was brought in.

        I really like what Gorton has done for NYR in such a short period of time. A very interesting & quick restocking of the prospect pipeline & roster depth.

      • Slick…Namestnikov and Spooner are not young…think just shy of ROR….. so it makes sense to stay ultra competitive. Remember Gorton said they plan on making the playoffs….

      • Kovy/Tavares/NemestkovKreider/Zib/Buch

      • Ihatecrosby; true, Namestikov and Spooner may not be young per se… both 26. Both making half of ROR. If Gorton didn’t want to be locked into paying Stepan, why would he trade assets for a guy that’s getting 7.5 for next 5 years with a no move clause? They are deep in center prospects. Going after Tavares makes sense but is a long shot. Would make sense to look to sign either Bozak,Stastny or Thornton on 1 or 2 year deals if they are looking to be competitive while younger guys develop. Otherwise you just go with Chytil, Anderson/Namestikov / Spooner as 3rd and 4th C’s . I think Gorton has 1 big deal coming, but I’m hoping it’s for a good, young right dman, in the Trouba/ Hamilton size range. Have enough of the small puck moving guys

    • Your koolaid was spiked:)
      Hunwick and Kessel for PK.

      • The Rangers are in a full blown rebuild. Listen to what management says and watch what they do. It’s only the media hacks who talk about retooling. At the press conference introducing the new coach, everyone use the word rebuild every 10 seconds! Over the last few years they’ve traded Derick brassard, Derek stepan, Ryan McDonagh and JT Miller. They sent a letter to their fans saying that they are rebuilding. This is not a retool! They are not in the market for Ryan O’Reilly! I expect them to try to move up in the draft. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a play for a guy like Bobby Ryan from Ottawa if I do I gives them the 4th overall pick as part of the deal. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they take on Milan Lucic’s contract in exchange for Edmonton’s 10th overall pick, if Edmonton retains some salary. I would be shocked if they trade assets for anyone over 23 years of age.

  10. Chiarelli needs help on defense and a speedy winger who can score to complement McDavid. The problem is he has no cap space, and won’t for quite some time. All he has to offer other teams are draft picks or young guys in their system. Here’s my prediction: He’ll offer Lucic and this year’s first round pick to the Habs for Paul Byron and Jordie Benn. Bergevin will say throw in your second round pick and we have a deal. Chiarelli will say yes.

  11. Quite the list, there are some nice pieces that could land teams a lot and some names that could only be traded if their current team packages them with another players, picks or retains most of their current salary.

    The crown jewel on the list has to be Karlsson and I think if Vegas loses the finals they will revisit obtaining him from Ottawa then make a serious offer to Tavares.

    I could see the Caps and Carolina making a trade Philipp Grubauer for Justin Faulk and a prospect or pick, especially if Carlson signs somewhere else.

    Can’t see Perry or Lucic (both way to slow for today’s NHL) going anywhere unless these clubs retain salary and add incentive to take these players of their current teams hands.

    I think Kessel rumors is just talk and he’s staying put. I think that Montreal’s GM is hamstrung by having to appear he has won any trade he makes for Pacioretty or Galchenyuk so the ask will be too high.

    Hamilton, the Flames should seriously look at moving, I would think a trade with Toronto could get both teams exactly what they’re looking for. Calgary desperately needs young top 6 speedy skilled forwards, Toronto needs a top pairing offensive defensemen. ( Hamilton (on an affordable AAV) for Kapanen, Johanson and Toronto’s 2018 first round pick)

    Players with high upside that you might be able to get for a small price would be Domi, Reinhart (both down years) and Burakovsky (best years are in front of him,his teams cap issues)

    I’m curious to see how any trade for O’Reilly turns out too.

    • No thanks to your Hamilton deal with Toronto.

  12. Will the PHWA expose themselves yet again by handing the Conn Smythe (assuming the Caps don’t choke) to Ovechkin based on name value instead of the more deserving Holtby or Kuznetsov?

    • Probably, I would assume sentimentality is alive & well as usual. Kuznetsov for me today but tonight’s game could factor in.

      I’m really hoping Vegas can win tonight & extend the series. They looked like the team I expected to see all season last game.

  13. Theodore has been a train wreck.

  14. Regarding the montreal canadiens. I think these trades make more then sense
    To MTL: Beauvillier + 1st rounder 2018 (one of 11th or 12th total)
    To NYI: Galchenyuk + 2nd 2018 (35th or 38th total) + 2nd 2018 (56th)
    To MTL : R O’Rielly
    To Buffalo: Paccioretti + Mcnivven (prospect goalie) + Jordie Benn + 2nd 2019 or 3rd 2018*
    *if you guys think that’s not enough I add De La Rose and propose both picks mentionned above
    You draft zadina cause you just traded 2 wingers and sign a free agent winger.

  15. Nashville can look at Stasny or Bozak as a free agent signing which moves Bonino to the fourth line. Stasny would give them two #2 centers with Turris or Bozak gives them a good #3.

    PK plays hard, is high risk high reward, and has a big personality but they would be stupid to trade him.

    Nashville needs to look at their goaltending.

    Hamilton to the Leafs for me would be a good trade but I think the Flames would want Nylander rather than what is posted here. It will be interesting to see who the Leafs get and what they cost. It would not surprise me if Gardner goes as a part for a good right defenseman. I would sooner see the Leafs try to get Pulock, Miller (VGK), or Carlo rather than go after Trouba, Dumba or Ristolenin.

    Maybe the Islanders and Carolina look at Sparks to pair with a veteran? He has shown some pretty good work in the AHL and looks like he is ready.