NHL Rumor Mill – June 8, 2018

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Some early Washington Capitals and Golden Knights speculation plus the latest on Milan Lucic in your NHL rumor mill.


ESPN: Emily Kaplan and Greg Wyshynski look ahead at possible offseason moves by the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights.

Kaplan believes the Capitals priorities are resolving their coaching situation, re-signing defenseman John Carlson and clearing some cap space to accommodate re-signing Carlson, winger Tom Wilson and perhaps Devante Smith-Pelly and Michal Kempny. She suggests perhaps buying out defenseman Brooks Orpik and consider trading Andre Burakovsky. She also proposes selling high on backup Philipp Grubauer for future assets.

Wyshynski feels the Golden Knights should use their $26 million in salary-cap space to perhaps pursue Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson via trade or Washington’s John Carlson or the New York Islanders’ John Tavares via free agency. They’ll also have to make tough decisions on pending UFAs James Neal, David Perron and fan favorite Ryan Reaves. He also wonders if they’ll draw upon their deep pool of draft picks for trade bait this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The coaching situation could be resolved quickly, as it appears Capitals management is keen to bring back head coach Barry Trotz. The other issues could be tougher to address. Cap Friendly indicates the Capitals have over $63 million invested in 16 players. Re-signing Carlson, Wilson, Kempny and Smith-Pelly could push that total to around $78 million, which might not leave much wiggle room for other moves if the cap ceiling reaches $80 million.

GM Brian MacLellan could wait to find out what the cap ceiling will be for next season before signing those free agents. There’s talk of rival clubs with interest in Grubauer, who’ll have to move on if he hopes to become an NHL starter. Burakovsky’s struggled with injuries and inconsistency, which could make him expendable if they need to free up cap space.

As for the Golden Knights, GM George McPhee isn’t afraid to make bold moves. If owner Bill Foley is willing to spend to the cap ceiling, McPhee would have the green light to pursue a true franchise player. If so, he could use some of those draft picks as trade bait.

Given Neal’s strong performance in the playoffs, I wouldn’t be surprised if they attempt to re-sign him as long as his asking price is reasonable. They could balk if he seeks over $6 million annually. Perron would be more affordable but they might part ways with him now. If they want to keep Reaves, he’d be an affordable re-signing.   

There’s speculation claiming the Edmonton Oilers are trying to trade Milan Lucic (Photo via NHL Images).


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cited TSN’s Frank Seravalli telling “Lowdown with Lowetide’s” Allan Mitchell the Edmonton Oilers could be trying to trade left wing Milan Lucic. It’s Seravalli’s understanding the Oilers are talking to teams about Lucic and potentially taking back another salary, even if it means sweetening the pot by packaging the winger with a draft pick or another player. He acknowledged such a move will be difficult to move, in part because of Lucic’s no-movement clause.

Staples notes TSN’s Jason Gregor recently said Lucic might be willing to waive his NMC. “What would the Oilers have to give up to move Lucic? A second round pick? A top prospect? Eat a big chunk of his salary going forward?”, asks Staples.

THE ATHLETIC:  Allan Mitchell suggests the Oilers have three choices with Lucic: “Push the big winger onto a feature (Draisaitl) line and hope for a turnaround, run Lucic on a third line that could have more success against softer competition, or trade the big man.” If the Oilers are willing to take on another team’s “regret” (bad contract), Mitchell wondered who that might be. “Is that player Bobby Ryan? Dion Phaneuf?” Ultimately, he feels the Oilers would be better off sticking with Lucic for another season in hopes he recovers some of his value.

FRS HOCKEY: Chris Nichols cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman telling Edmonton’s 630 CHED he’s looked into rumors of Lucic requesting a trade but was told that wasn’t the case. Friedman also said the frustration isn’t with Lucic the player but his contract. ” It’s a difficult contract to move, it’s buyout-proof, he hasn’t played well. I think all of that, it’s a huge obstacle in the way of any potential deal getting done.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A Lucic trade isn’t impossible but, as Staples, Mitchell and Friedman point out, it won’t be an easy deal to make. Lucic won’t just go anywhere, his $6 million annual cap hit becomes more burdensome if there’s a perception his best days are behind him, and rival clubs could seek a promising young player (Jesse Puljujarvi?) as part of the return. A contract buyout is also unpalatable for the Oilers right now. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Oilers have options if they decide to trade defenseman Oscar Klefbom. He wonders if GM Peter Chiarelli would look at another left-shot defenseman such as Boston’s Torey Krug or Buffalo’s right-shot blueliner Rasmus Ristolainen to balance their left-right shot defense. Matheson said neither player is being shopped but the general managers of their respective teams are listening to lots of calls. He also lists winger Zack Kassian as another trade possibility. 

NBC SPORTS: Joe Haggerty noted a recent report out of Edmonton claiming the Oilers could move out ” a contract with term and getting a player who provides a different “ingredient” to the lineup.” He wondered if there’s a plausible scenario whereby there’s a swap of Klefbom for Krug. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Klefbom would be easier to move than Lucic, though if the Oilers can pull off moving the big winger they could retain the blueliner. Klefbom popped up several times this season in the rumor mill, but I don’t see the Oilers moving him unless they get a suitable replacement, either as part of the return in a Lucic deal or in another trade.

The Sabres might not be as enamored of Ristolainen as they were a year or two ago but, as Matheson points out, he’s also their best right-shot defenseman by a mile. With promising Rasmus Dahlin expected to be selected by the Sabres with the first overall selection in this year’s draft, perhaps the Sabres retain Ristolainen with visions of he and Dahlin forming a top defense pairing down the road. 



  1. Trying to trade Lucic is going to mean giving up a decent prospect or draft pick or taking back another teams bad contract. I dont see there being a big market for Lucic, too slow for todays NHL. Chiarelli has to find a way to free up some dollars to resign a ton of players. Moving someone other than Lucic might be easier and more profitable as well.

    Chiarelli made the mess, nowvhes got to clean it up.

    • If I’m an owner and the GM says we are thinking about Lucic I would say you’re fired!

      • 100% agree.

      • Oilers keep 50% of Lucic’s salary and gives us a 1st round pick this year in exchange for our 35 year has been with $7 million left for the next three years.

        I will take that.

      • every oiler fans dream is for this moron to hit the road completely tied up the team now and for the future with his stupid trades and ridiculous signings unfortunately the stands are full every night regardless and the owner couldn’t care less should have been let go when snow hosed him in the reinhart deal at the draft would have fired him at the table

    • Chiarelli has been in place for 3 years in Edm, the mess has been ongoing for over a decade. Kevin Lowe & Daryl Katz are responsible for the mess in Edm. Chiarelli has made some mistakes but also done some good things, show me a GM that hasn’t.

      As always the worst thing to happen to EDM was everything going right in 2016-17. It gave everyone false hope & expectations.

      The model to rebuild or restructure a team as a new GM is 5 years so let’s wait 2 more full seasons to grade Chiarelli.

    • NYR trade Brendan Smith to EDM for Lucic and the 10th overall ??


      • Ha-ha!

        Your determination is awesome.

  2. Nice win for Ovi last night!
    RIP: Bourdain

    • Monkey off Ovies and the Capitals back. Well deserved, Washington was clearly the better team.

      Hard to work up any sympathy for Bourdain, the guy punched his own ticket.

      • That last comment is pretty heartless and ignorant. You should be booted off this board for comments like that.

      • That’s messed up man.

      • Have you missed all the information on mental illness? You are truly a completely classless clown!

      BUT-*** Barry Trotz is one of the classiest guys and he deserves it for sure..and the Cup stays in the Metro! aLSO SAW THE CONGRATS TWEET THE pENGUINS ORGANIZATION SENT TO THE CAPS ON nhl TONIGHT..COOL

      Also I hated Ovechkin when he first came up he was dirty and nasty but over the last 4 years has done a lot of good things.buying that homeless guys clothes, supporting that little kid in that espn special..heart moment and he and Malkin were the only Russians to stay on the ice at Socchi when Canada won gold and the national anthem plays….plus he deserves it he has become mature and a leader.

      one year that’s it…LOL

  3. LV should let Perron walk and resign Neal. They could use another game breaker and an elite defenseman. They have the cap and trade chips to make it happen.

    If Perron is a big part of the locker room he should be resigned but he is going to get more $$ than he is probably worth

    • Just seems to me Vegas never really played their game…credit to the capitals…..

      Also I think Washington intimidated them they looked nervous.. they were so good against Winnipeg..I think Winnipeg would have been a better match up style wise versus Vegas..

  4. Smith-Pelly and Wilson type players win you championships. A lot of teams are missing this element of size ,grit and tough to play against-every sift. They also chip in offensively. This is tougher to find than point producers. Caps must resign these two and that is also why Reaves is a valuable player.

    Lucic played 3/4 of the year with either McDavid or Draisaitl. He was also on the #1 PP until late January/Feb and that resulted in 34 points ! It was not his slow feet or weight it was his hands. Many ,many point blanks looks with no finish. I was a fan and considered him a beast. Watched him about 30 times last year on TV and in person and that perception has changed. His problem is mental. As Yogi Berra said ” It’s about 90% half mental”

    • Does one misquote Shakespeare or scratch a Van Gogh?

      Yogi Berra said:

      “Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.”

    • Lucic’s career shooting % is 13.7%, last season it was 6.8%. That’s an aberration for me, a statistical anomaly, it happens. Lucic will bounce back to 20 to 25 goals & 50 to 55 points regardless of where he plays as long as he plays at least 75 games.

      Moving Lucic with a solid pick or prospect or taking back another bad contract doesn’t make sense to me. He also has a full NMC & chose to sign in Edm as a UFA. Does he want to leave should be the question, as if he doesn’t he stays.

      Edm has 16 players signed with 11.2 mil in cap space before it increases to 78 to 82 mil. I removed 1 of the 3 goalies; Montoya & his mil & change but perhaps they send down Koskinen & his 2.5 hit as he doesn’t have to clear waivers, from Capfriendly’s cap hit as Edm won’t be carrying 3 goalies in the NHL.

      RFA’s Strome, Pakarinen, Caggiula, Nurse & Benning, should eat up in or around 12 mil getting Edm to 21 players, add Yamamoto & his deferrable bonus laiden ELC contract that gets you to 13 forwards so EDM needs a #7 & 8 Dman.

      What you see in Edm may be what you get. They could tweak nominally but they may do little, the player to try & move may be Russell & his 4 mil cap hit to make room for Bear to play at the NHL level in a sheltered role. They could potentially use a RW depending upon if Rattie, Puljujarvi or Yamamoto can play with McDavid.

      RNH, McDavid, Rattie.
      Lucic, Draisaitl, Puljujarvi.
      Aberg, Strome, Yamamoto.
      Caggiula, Khaira, Kassian.
      Spare. Pikarinen.

      Klefbom, Larsson.
      Sekera, Russell.
      Nurse, Benning.

      Talbot, Koskinen.

      Edm doesn’t really have a cap issue it’s tight but they should be able to ice the above roster & still have 2 to 5 mil in cap space depending upon the increase factoring in deferrable bonus monies.

      • Lucic shouldn’t be finished as the player he is, he just turned 30 yesterday.

        Like Edm he had a terrible season. No way Edm can be that bad again nor Lucic, especially on the PP. Their PP went from 7th best to dead last from 2016-17 to 2017-18. The only change was Eberle really.

      • Just thinking, what about a Lucic for Bobby Ryan trade? Ryan has a $7.5mill cap hit for 4 more years and Lucic has a $6mill for 5 more years.
        Would the Sens go for this? Looking at their roster they do need some toughness.

      • Pikarinan is headed to Europe along with Slepyshev.
        I think the extra forward is Tyler Bennson’s to lose.

    • “Smith-Pelly and Wilson type players win you championships”


      I think you just had a stroke!

      • Maroon is a dime a dozen? That guy is a dork horse! Maybe it was dark horse, can’t remember…

    • “Smith-Pelly and Wilson type players win you championships. A lot of teams are missing this element of size ,grit and tough to play against-every sift. They also chip in offensively. This is tougher to find than point producers. Caps”
      Sorry, but the toughest thing to do in the NHL is put the puck in the net. Players like Smith-Pelly, Willson, Maroon, Kassian, Perron, and Simmons are a dime a dozen. Scores are the toughest type of players to find in the NHL.

      • As player (if you have played) do you want T Wilson bearing down on you or Peter Klima ? Good ones are not a dime a dozen and get paid not based on their point production. T Wilson was also a first round pick – for his points ? A team is like making a cake. It would not be very good with all eggs or flour

  5. The Caps had 3 guys who play low minutes score 6 playoff goals, Smith-Pelly, Eler and Connolly…I find it funny that Rick Nash and Joe Thornton have never scored that many goals in any playoff year. Joe can’t even get half that many goals and people claim he’s a playoff guy. When bottom 6 guys can get 5-6 goals and your top center who plays top minutes and top pp takes most of shots on pp can’t score more than 3 goals, I feel Joe is a loser

    • Ya and Buffalo cant even get into the playoffs for Eichel and co to show you the same!

      • Hahahaha…. yet he comes here daily to criticize every OTHER team! ” Nothin to see here folks” Every thing is glorious in sunny Buffalo!

        Seriously, take a look at your own trash, broken team one day!

      • When Eichel gets in playoffs he will score more goals than Joe and loser Nash

      • I criticize my Sabres all the time!yesterday I said Reinhart is slower than a three toed sloth and how I wanted to trade him. I even said Ristolainen is a turtle and I hate slow players. Rangers fans are goofballs, without that goalie that team would never make playoffs. Put a number 1 goalie on buffalo this year they will be in fight for playoffs…I’ve said many times how I hate Sabres goalies, how we are slowest team in league blah blah. So go enjoy your Rangers miss playoffs this year

      • Yet everything I said in original post is a fact!

      • The Sabres coach and GM lost team and made terrible decisions that’s why they were fired. It doesn’t matter today because Sabres will draft Dahlin and have Eichel with Housley as coach. Phil Housley was a star at age 18 right out of high school, he can relate to these young players better than Danny Boy who nobody liked.

      • Wait Matt. In one breath you say you have consistently criticized the Sabres (“I’ve said many times how … we are slowest team in league blah blah” then, in the next breath you say “Put a number 1 goalie on buffalo this year they will be in fight for playoffs …: Just wondering, are you saying a team that is the slowest in the league can turn everything around JUST with the addition of a # 1 goalie? If not, they clearly need to make more changes than just dumping Lehner.

    • All grit and no quit.

    • Even Tom Wilson had 5 playoff goals.

      • Don’t forget Wilson got a pass from the league – he should have been suspended for his blind side hit on Marchessault early in the series. That’s called playoff hockey – shame.

    • Joe Thornton isn’t a goal scorer but a passer. He has played 160 playoff games scoring 27 goals & 123 points, .769 points per game. In his career playoff games he has managed 327 shots, essentially 2 per game with a shooting % of 8.3, His career shot averages are virtually identical, 2 per game but his regular season career shooting % is 14. I assume this is directly related to playing stronger competition & every team plays tighter defensively come playoff time.

      Joe Thornton will be a 1st-time hall of fame ballot. He sits at 1493 regular season games played, 160 playoff games. He sits 16th in scoring all time & will climb at least 2 more spots on that list before he retires.

      What a bizarre comment. 1 of the greatest players to ever play the game.

    • Matt,
      I respect views of posters here. Everybody’s viewpoint is different. I’m certainly biased and jaded in many ways.

      That said— I just can’t put DSP, Connely or Lars Eller in the same boat as Jumbo Joe. I just can’t.

      Even at his age; he controls play and sets up those who score… always been a pass first player.

      I sense he will play again in upcoming season and likely back with SJ— however if he moves— he makes that team better IMO

    • One thing about this Caps team, most of the roster were first rounders. Even the role players.

      Burakovsky, Eller, Connolly…all first rounders. Smith-Pelley was projected as a first rounder who went in the first half of round 2.

      OV, Backstrom, Kuznetsov, Vrana, Oshie, Wilson…their entire top 6…all first rounders.

      Carlson, Niskanen, Orpik…all first rounders.

      McPhee and McClellan do deserve some credit for accumulating players with upside, even in depth roles.

  6. I was all for the Rangers signing Jay Beagle when he was a UFA recently-would of made the Rangers bottom 6 better and the Caps lacking Beagle.

    Lars Eller was solid both ends of the ice no matter who his wings were.

    Speed and transitions of the series made me want to watch a few more games.

  7. That was one of the more enjoyable cup celebrations I have seen. From Ovie’s over the top Joy to Oshie and his dad, it felt like the wait actually sweetened it.

    Glad Ovie could win one, and it’s also great he managed it while still at a point where he could be the star and not as a farewell tour by moving from contender to contender. Kuznetsov could have been as a good a vote, but I think it was close enough that people chose Ovie anyway, and you could aslo make the argument that Ovie was a bigger piece of getting them to the final where they faced more adversity, and he certainly didn’t do anything in the final to detract from it.

  8. Both goalies had a finals appearance, so management put some pretty competitive teams around them, a cup win seems to make a such a difference.

    Capitals with 3 presidents trophies, 8 Division titles, 10 playoff appearances in 11 years, team is an utter failure.

    Same team wins a cup and now easily one of the top 5 most successful teams of the past 20 years.

    The team built in Vancouver is extremely close to the same scenario, the difference being they came up just short when they got to the finals, so they are viewed as an organization that doesn’t know how to win.

  9. If (and I say if) VGK shoot for the moon on having 2 Karlson’s on board… what will it take?

    If I read the draft notes correctly– they have but one pick in first three rounds (2-61) in this year’s draft. However in 2019 they have their own 1st rounder, 2 * 2nds, and 3 * 3rds.

    If they go for Karlson— I would assume the keep of other top 6 are Schmidt, McNabb, Miller, Theo, Eng (not in any order BTW)

    This leaves trading chips: Merill and Hunt and possibly prospects Suzuki and Ferguson. Note I would not think that they would consider moving Glass or Hague

    What’ll it take?

    Re re-signing— Neal if $6M per max but I would let Perron walk unless he truly can take a home town discount?????

    • it’ll take miller or Theodore, a pick, and another prospect or young player.

      if some kind of insurance was in place for a new EK contract, Theodore, Suzuki, and picks. would be fair.

  10. I would like the comment of a Sabres fan about ristolainen if you read this. Why does it seem like Sabres fans are willing to move him? Is he not helping the team? I’ve heard he’s not the fastest guy, but at 6’4 220 it’s kind of hard to expect that. Perenial 40 point Dman. Great contract. Not to mention you move him it creates a big hole on the right side.
    So, what’s the deal Sabres fans, what don’t I see?

    • I’m a Bruins fan but he always seems like the best player on the ice when we play Buffalo. I would take him any day.

    • I’m not among those looking to just purge Kris Letang from the Pens roster, but I’d trade him for the younger Risto any day.

  11. Who are you really & why the name change?

    What a ridiculous comment, you sure make yourself look well?

    Here are NYR’s playoff results for the previous 6 seasons.

    2016-17 Lost to Ott in 6 games, 2nd round.
    2015-16 Lost to Pit in 5 games, 1st round.
    2014-15 Lost to TB in 7 games, 3rd round.
    2013-14 Lost to LA in 5 games, Stanley Cup Final.
    2012-13 Lost to Bos in 5 games, 2nd round.
    2011-12 Lost to NJ in 6 games, 3rd round.

    In those 6 years, NYR has played 93 playoff games the next closest team is Pit at 88, 3rd is Chi at 82, 4th LA 69, 5th Was & Anh at 60. Since the 2004-05 lockout, they are 2nd to Pit.

    Nice try swing & a miss.

    • Agreed! Anyone seeing guys like Mcdonagh, Kreider, Miller, Zuccarello, Richards, Stepan, Brassard, Shattenkirk, Nash, St. Louis, Yandle etc as “minor leaguers ” is pretty much an idiot!

    • I just can’t be that harsh but thank you, as that’s what I wanted to say as well.

    • I believe the Rangers are a victim of a poor system. They’ve been a bad team at times, but never bad enough to get those Mcdavid, Crosby type players. Unfortunately, the system favors and rewards losing. So being competitive or not horrible for YEARS gets punished.

      54 years and counting without a top 3 pick in the league. How does that happen?

      Ny has had to make due with low 1st , 2nd and 3rd rounders. And trading. And have remained a competitive team doing so for years.

    • @Nyr4life, lets not forget the pre cap era in the 90’s where rich teams like the Rangers took advantage of the smaller market teams like the Oilers and took all the better players because of their deep pockets. Where would that ’94 team be without all of those former Oilers they had?

    • Actually, it was that kind of thinking that had them in trouble for years! Neil Smith drove that franchise in the ground.

      On the flip side… where would the 99-07 teams be had they not traded Amonte, Zubov, Weight , Kovelov, etc? They sold their soul for 94. Show me a team that wins without trades and free agents.

      There was plenty of homegrown talent in 94. Leetch(Con Smythe winner) Richter, Kovelov, Zubov, etc.

      Take Leetch and Richter alone off that 94 roster and they aren’t winning.

      And again spending money = trying. Laying on the basement floor for a decade and letting your top talent dance out the door to only suck up more 1st rounders say what about ownership?

    • That very well could be true. But you also take Messie, MacTavish, Beukeboom, Lowe, Tikkanen, Graves, Anderson off of that team Leech and Richter would have a very difficult time getting that team into the playoffs let alone the Stanley Cup.
      Do you really think a team could afford all of those players plus Larmer in todays NHL?

    • Take them out, and as I said put back the pieces it cost to accumulate those guys.

      Amonte, Weight, Nichols, etc. not to mention the multiple draft picks. They would have been set up for more success in the future. Do they win a cup? Impossible to really say. But it’s impossible to say they wouldn’t with the list of players I mentioned in the last post.

      Weight , Amonte, Kovelov, Leetch, Richter, Zubov, Marc Savard, Vanbiesbrook, etc. doesn’t exactly look like a long term bottom dwelling team

    • Also in the 90’s the Oilers were still fighting for playoff spots. They were pretty much forced to trade all of their top players, i.e. Weight, Arnott, and Joseph because they couldn’t afford to keep them. So, it was trade them away or lose them for nothing to FA. It had nothing to do with poor ownership or managment. As you have forgotten Glen Sather was the Oilers GM back then.

    • Sorry, as you may* have forgotten.

    • Vanbiesbrouck was an expansion draft casualty and only had 3 good years as a starter. He was more of a good backup goalie.
      The Amonte and Marc Savard trades just show that the Rangers GM didn’t know what he had in his system. You could also question the Doug Weight trade. Those just support what I am saying is that back in the 90’s the deep pocket teams like the Rangers just tried to by the cup every year.

    • No I haven’t. But how is a market like Edmonton supposed to compete in a cap free era? NY state has nearly the population of Canada… nevermind Edmonton alone.

      But here we are, fast forward to today. Edmonton handing out longer more expensive contracts than NY on players that should still be cost controlled in a cap era…. and yielding horrible results.

      For a smaller market team, they’ve certainly shown they can open up the checkbook when they want to. Edmontons Payroll is probably close to what NYs was 15!years ago. And inflation hasn’t been that bad.

    • Really?! I wonder what Messier’s 6 million per year in ’95 would be today?
      Today’s cap is related to revenue and the Canadian dollar. Back in the 90’s the Canadian dollar was barely over $0.50 US. Today revenue is shared among all teams and is well into the billions. Back pre cap era NY Rangers got to keep all of their team related revenue. Which, like you said NY has more population than all of Canada, so their revenue was substantially more. Today the cap makes it so the smaller market teams can compete with the larger markets. Yes the Oilers are making good money, but that is nothing compared to what the Rangers are making. One just hat to look at the Forbes list of what each team in the NHL is worth.

    • Ny is the most valuable franchise. I’m not sure where Edmonton falls?

      I don’t see Edmonton as much different than the 90s Rangers. Trading Hall, Eberle, signing Lucic.
      Handing Hall, Eberle, RNH, Draistl,Mcdavid HUGE contracts before they were due. Yet unlike NY, who was never quite bad enough, they still reap all these 1st round draft picks for their failures.

      Which was my original point. It’s a broken system. How many top 3 picks has Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Edmonton alone had over the last 20 years? 9-10-11? And let’s not forget how they got all those picks! By not trying …. actually by REALLY not trying .
      And NY has gone 54 years without one, 14 of which, not only did they have to play by the same rules as a small market team. But had to do so in a place where taxes and cost of living are pretty much the highest in the country…. Maybe LA is as bad?

      The rules, are not even in the draft, nor in the cap.

    • Messiers deal going back to 93 would be a little over 10 million today. (US)

      Remind me again what Eichel, Mcdavid, Pk subban make today with a cap on place?

      In 95 Messier had 6 cups to his name and was one of not only the best played of his era, but in hockey’s history….. so again remind me how small market teams can afford in a cap world the same or more for players who haven’t done anything yet?

    • @NYR NY state is closer to half the pop of canada, 5m more than pop of ontario

    • Ny state population is 19.85 million people. Canada is 33 million people. So yes…. a bit of a hyperbole . But being that Canadas population is 33 million… I’d say NY’s area…alone …nevermind ny, Nj and Connecticut area which is Ranger country is significantly more than Edmonton.

  12. On Lucic. Can they not buy him out? If that is possible it may be the cheapest way to move him!

    • With 5 years remaining that’s a 10-year buyout at 2/3rds his salary & signing bonus monies owed.

      NYR bought out Girardi with 3 years remaining, 6 years & that shocked me as they then went & signed Smith for 4 & Girardi’s buyout with Smith’s contract cost NYR more than just having kept Girardi a far better NHL Dman. Well at least he is an NHL Dman, Smith is & has always been a borderline NHL Dman but 1 reasonable playoff run mesmerised Gorton.

      • Striker, you need to stop conflating the 2 players. Nobody saw Smith demise coming. The decision to buy out Girardi was the right call. Rangers wanted to get younger on D. Girardi is washed up. He proved it again this year as he basically broke down in playoffs. At 34, he’s 5 years older than Smith. I’m not a fan of Smith, but he did play well in last years playoffs. He decided to take the money and party all summer, showing up to camp out of shape. It’s easy to look back and say they just should’ve kept Girardi, but one thing has nothing to do with the other. The Smith signing was a mistake. It happens. The Girardi buyout wasnt

    • $22,333,333 buyout according to CapFriendly. $7,333,333 + 15,000,000 in bonus money.

  13. Congrats to Washington and especially home town favorite Braden Holtby the kid played great. I’m sure he hated sitting on the bench the first two games but showed when he got his turn he could handle the pressure. Can’t wait to see him and that big smile at the golf course and shake his hand. Could have easily been MVP along with about three other guys.

  14. Chiarelli is an idiot can’t believe he’s allowed to run a team.
    Traded Hall to make room to sign Lucic.
    Edmonton was on their way forward and he ruined it in my opinion.
    Should have let the young guys gel together.
    Hall and Eberle I would never have moved.
    This is from a Bruins fan forever upset on the Seguin trade.

    • He didn’t move Hall to sign Lucic. He moved Hall to get a Dman, Larsson.

      Chiarelli isn’t an idiot. You can’t judge any GM on such a short period of time. # years isn’t sufficient. Chiarelli has completely rebuild Edm’s D & last season it was devastated by injuries.

      Buying Dman, especially young solid 1’s who can play 1st pairing minutes against the leagues best players, with great contracts is extremely expensive. The price to acquire that Dman, Larsson was Hall a huge price to pay but the only way to get it done at the time.

      • and it shouldn’t have been done at the time for that reason.

    • Hall had issues in the Oilers dressing room. He had to go.
      Eberle had 2 whole points in 13 games in the playoffs in 2016/17. Yeah they weren’t great returns, but he was also dealing from position of weakness.
      How about the majority of other deals he did? Before Chiarelli the Oiler were a 30th place team with a horrible defence, poor dressing room, poor character, and described as an easy team to play against. He brought in Maroon, Lucic, Kassian, Larsson, Russell, Caggiula, and Benning. Not to mention he also drafted Bear in the 5th round, so the prospects have also improved. The Oilers are far better now with Chiarelli than they were before.

      • You missed Sekera, his 1st summer UFA signing shortly after being hired.

        Yes, trading for G.Reinhart was a serious mistake. A panic move as their D was so bad he was just grasping for anything & everything at D possibly available. That trade sucked big time. Turned out to be Barzal, the 2nd pick was flipped to move up & acquire Beauvilier. Ouch.

      • From what I understand is that Reinhart deal was being pushed hard to Chiarelli by a scout. Needless to say that scout is no longer employed by the Oilers.
        Yes, I forgot Sekera, I was thinking he was signed the season before Chiarelli.

  15. Regarding the montreal canadiens. I think these trades make more then sense
    To MTL: Beauvillier + 1st rounder 2018 (one of 11th or 12th total)
    To NYI: Galchenyuk + 2nd 2018 (35th or 38th total) + 2nd 2018 (56th)
    To MTL : R O’Rielly
    To Buffalo: Paccioretti + Mcnivven (prospect goalie) + Jordie Benn + 2nd 2019 or 3rd 2018*
    *if you guys think that’s not enough I add De La Rose and propose both picks mentionned above
    You draft zadina cause you just traded 2 wingers and sign a free agent winger.

    • NYI & Buf aren’t making those trades with or without De La Rose.

      Patches is a year from UFA status, Galchenyuk 2. NYI has Lee, Beauvilier & Ladd on the left side now & they aren’t replacing the cost controlled Beauvilier, 5 years from UFA status with Galchenyuk.

      Yes ROR would help Mon tremendiously but it will cost far more than Patches, a #5/6 Dman, an undrafted goalie & a bunch of crappy picks.

      Incase you missed the memo expansion is coming, teams get 2 protection options. 7 skaters, 3 D & a G or any 8 skaters & a D. Breaking a player down for at least 3 players, 2 that are UFA’s in 1 season is crazy, that would need to be protected if resigned or extended is crazy.

      For Patches to be the main ingredient in a trade for ROR he would have to agree to an extension with Buf or not happening. Why would Patches agree to go to what is easily the worst team in the league that appears to be considering perpetuating the rebuild. Moving out ROR & replacing him with a rookie isn’t making Buf better far from it.

      • Not that Patches is a rookie but Mittelstad replacing ROR as the #2C in Buf. Does anyone think that makes Buf better?

      • Your right about the Buf trade. except that Pacc would sign with a team that will be good two years from now. Patch is I beleive still a 25 goal scorer. A 2nd is not a crapy pick. And Lindgren was not drafted and yet he looks pretty good. You could switch Mcnivven for Lindgren. And having more depth is better for when expension is coming. You can change the 2nd in 2019 for a 1st in 2019.
        So Pacc + Lindgren + 1st 2019 + 3rd 2018 + De La Rose + Jordie Benn (if they want him) for ROR. that is a fair deal and pacc will sign with a team with rasmus dalhin and eichel

        For the NYI trade. Galchenyuk is a better winger then Beauvillier. But the contract thing is true. Maybe MTL could take a bad contract from NY. But apart from contract its a good trade

      • You really have know idea what you re talking about with skill level of a player striker! Ror is an overpaid number 2 centerman he is not gonna receive the haul you think he is, quit talking like you’re the only person that knows anything on here. You’ve been wrong way more than anybody on here

      • ROR was tied for 25th in scoring for C’s last year playing on a he worst lowest scoring team in the NHL. That makes him a soft #1. He plays hard minutes against the other teams beat players.

        He’s not an elite 2 way C like a Bergeron or Kopitar but just in the next tier.

        I made no claim as to what the return will be. I just said that he wasn’t moving for those proposed returns.

        Your social skills are superb as always.

        How did that Mon D work out for you that you argued about with me for weeks & told me I was a Moro. & had no idea what I was talking about. Made Price look like a really bad goalie from my perspective.

        Looks good on you though.

  16. Bibbadbruins:

    So Striker says ROR is worth more than what I suggest and you say he’s worth less. I don’t think anybody is wrong or right. I think ROR is a really good #2 but he’d be #1 in MTL. And Pacc + 1st rnd 2019 is not enough to get a guy that will be your #1.
    Also, it’s not about winning the trade, its about getting what you need (direct quote from RDS specialist who know what theyre saying). Also, I don’t think like a ps4 which is why I give the haul to get ROR.

    • It’s ok I’m used to Bigbadbruins negative, name calling. Like dealing with a 12 year old.

      Can’t debate the facts or merits so resorts to personal barbs many of which are beyond well beyond rude.

      Lends to a persons level of intelligence.

      • What facts? You thought vegas would finish bottom 4! There’s nothing wrong with that you follow stats which is fine, but don’t come on here talking about how much a trade is worth because you’re wrong all the time with trades and that’s because they’re traded on their play not the stats they got on their respected team

  17. Patches, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, and Lindgren to the Isles for the #11 and 12 picks, and Pullock provided Patches resigns.

  18. If Edmonton Oilers offered there 2018 10th draft pick with Milan Lucic I would take a chance on him for the St. Louis Blues.

  19. Lucic to Vancouver if he’s willing with 2nd round pick and retain some salary, or no pick and half the salary. Or they could trade two Ex-Boston players with elephant term and cash for each other hoping change of scenery works. Lucic for Louie Errickson.