NHL Rumor Mill – June 9, 2018

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Another NHL summer trade-candidate list, including the latest on Erik Karlsson, Mike Hoffman and more in your NHL rumor mill.


Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson, Arizona Coyotes blueliner Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Pittsburgh Penguins right wing Phil Kessel, Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty and Carolina Hurricanes Jeff Skinner, Noah Hanifin and Justin Faulk top Craig Custance’s recent listing of 20 NHL players who could be on the move this summer.

Custance cites an NHL source saying he’d be shocked if Karlsson re-signs with the Senators, citing the bleak relationship between the blueliner and the front office. Ekman-Larsson is sitting on an eight-year, $8.25-million per season offer from the Coyotes, prompting one Western Conference executive to suggest the blueliner could stay put. Custance notes there’s debate over whether the Penguins will trade Kessel or not. If Pacioretty gets dealt at the trade deadline the Habs will want a significant return, while there’s an expectation the Hurricanes are going to shake things up.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ottawa Sun’s Don Brennan also believes the Senators could trade Karlsson this summer. He feels GM Pierre Dorion will make Karlsson an offer on July 1, the blueliner will reject it and Dorion will be forced to move him. The Vegas Golden Knights tried to acquire Karlsson at the trade deadline and could perhaps revisit their interest. 

However, Brennan also believes winger Mike Hoffman will be gone before then, saying multiple sources confirm Dorion’s been shopping the winger for weeks. He speculates the return could be disappointing, citing a league executive saying it’s difficult to get value for players with big contracts. Brennan also wonders how moving both players could affect Matt Duchene, who has a year remaining on his contract.

I agree with Brennan that Hoffman’s likely to move before Karlsson. It wouldn’t surprise me if both players are dealt in the coming weeks. I know Dorion wants to keep Karlsson but if the latter won’t commit it makes no sense to keep him for one more year. Yes, they might get a better return at the trade deadline but having the uncertainty over his status drag throughout next season would an unnecessary distraction for the team and their fans. Best to move him out this summer for the best deal you can get and rebuild in earnest. 

Buffalo Sabres center Ryan O’Reilly is popping up on several summer trade-candidate lists (Photo via NHL Images).

Buffalo Sabres center Ryan O’Reilly and defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen come in at 8th and 9th on Custance’s list, followed by LA Kings defenseman Jake Muzzin rounding out the top 10.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s growing speculation O’Reilly will be dealt, perhaps by the NHL Draft in two weeks time. I think it’s more likely O’Reilly gets moved than Ristolainen, as the Sabres could be unwilling to give up on the young defenseman. If the Kings are looking at a scoring winger, Muzzin could be used as trade bait. 

Minnesota Wild winger Nino Niederreiter and defenseman Matt Dumba, Washington Capitals backup Philipp Grubauer, New York Rangers forward Vladislav Namestnikov, Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk, Detroit Red Wings forward Andreas Athanasiou, Chicago Blackhawks winger Artemi Anisimov, Dallas Stars defenseman Julius Honka, Red Wings blueliner Nick Jensen and Boston Bruins rearguard Torey Krug complete the remainder of the list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Under new management, the Wild could shake things up this summer. While I can see them moving a forward such as Niederreiter or Charlie Coyle, I’ll be surprised if they also part ways with Dumba. With Braden Holtby entrenched as the Capitals starter and promising Ilya Samsonov in the system, Grubauer (a restricted free agent with arbitration rights) could be dealt in the coming weeks.

Namestnikov is also an RFA with arbitration rights who’s completing a two-year deal worth $1.97 million annually. If his contract talks get sticky, perhaps the Rangers will put him on the block. If the Canadiens opt to re-sign Pacioretty they could instead move Galchenyuk. I think the Wings will try to be patient with Athanasiou, whose contract negotiations got contentious last summer. He’s got arbitration rights this year, which could make thing dicey. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to move Jensen.

Custance said there’s some debate over whether the Blackhawks will move Anisimov. His colleague, Scott Powers, recently reported hearing they could have interest in New York Islanders pending UFA John Tavares, though he admits that move would take considerably financial gymnastics to pull off.  

Powers also heard the Blackhawks have interest in Hurricanes blueliner Justin Faulk and in bringing back goaltender Scott Darling. They could also look at pendings UFAs such as St. Louis Blues goalie Carter Hutton, Toronto Maple Leafs left wing James van Riemsdyk or Columbus Blue Jackets blueliner Ian Cole.

If the Blackhawks are looking at upgrading elsewhere in the lineup, maybe they’ll consider moving Anisimov, but I think they’ll consider other options.

Cap Friendly indicates the Blackhawks have over $68 million invested in 17 players with all their core players under contract next season. Assuming an $80-million cap ceiling next season, they have sufficient room to re-sign RFAs such as Vinnie Hinostroza, Tomas Jurco and Anthony Duclair, though their combined new salaries could push their cap payroll to around $74 million. However, if they can find a taker for all-but-retired winger Marian Hossa’s $5.275 million cap hit or place him on LTIR at the start of next season, they could have enough room to make a splash via trade or free agency.  

With Valeri Nichushkin expected to return next season, perhaps the Stars won’t need to shop Honka for a top-six forward as Custance proposes. Krug’s been linked to the Edmonton Oilers in recent trade speculation. The Bruins are apparently looking for a bigger, more defensively responsible defenseman. Krug could be dangled as trade bait, though dealing him could affect their blueline production.  



  1. makes little sense to me, even from a dollars to dollars bottom line mentality, to sell Hoffman and keep Karlsson.

    Strategy to keep fans is to have a winning on ice product. Selling Karlsson will bring back better value to balance outa roster to produce wins. Although jersey sales may suffer short term or even ticket sales….building a winning team above star names seems to fill seats the best….ala VEGAS EXPANSION KNIGHTS.

    I would keep Hoffman this year so to seesaw his chemistry builds with Duchene. If both curtail their #s….then ship them both off at the deadline.

    Karlsson should bring in a decent young d-man, good young winger and at least 1 high value draft pick. It also would save them $$$$$$ and can afford 3 players to the 1 of Karlsson.

    Shame real shame….

    • Maybe try and see if montreal, Carolina or buffalo be interested in karlsson for their top picks in this year’s draft.

      • Karlsson to MTL would require Weber to HAVE to be traded. NO way they can afford 2 10mil avg. cap defenders along with an 11mil goalie… Unsustainable to make a balanced competitive roster. If Weber and karlsson were spring chickens with their talents levels and Price never got hurt again or got bored and started the season in the can……then MAYBE….

      • Well yeah. Plus trading karlsson to either division rival of buffalo or montreal would be tough to swallow let alone the conference rival in Carolina. But heck perhaps a deal can be found.

      • Sabres will never trade that #1 pick. So, don’t get your hopes up.

    • How about we see how the knights do next year…. and they didn’t end up winning the big prize. Seems the star players are needed to win the ultimate prize.

    • IHC

      I know I posted (below) yesterday but the more I think about it … the more I believe VGK should go for Karlson…. I think it might take a bit more than you are suggesting though… see what I’ve listed as prospects below …. what do you think

      From yesterday(sorry to lazy to re-type as a fresh thought/post:

      If (and I say if) VGK shoot for the moon on having 2 Karlson’s on board… what will it take?
      If I read the draft notes correctly– they have but one pick in first three rounds (2-61) in this year’s draft. However in 2019 they have their own 1st rounder, 2 * 2nds, and 3 * 3rds.
      If they go for Karlson— I would assume the keep of other top 6 are Schmidt, McNabb, Miller, Theo, Eng (not in any order BTW)
      This leaves trading chips: Merill and Hunt and possibly prospects Suzuki and Ferguson. Note I would not think that they would consider moving Glass or Hague
      What’ll it take?

      • just for Sh****&gigglezz

        karlsson & RYan to VGS for rights to Perron & Neal (sign & trade), Theodore & 1st rd pick 2019

        ??? deal?

      • Ottawa has no 1rst round pick in next year’s draft so I would think a 1rst round pick would ve mandatory in this trade so 8t could happen with vegas.

    • Would be a real interesting experiment to see if Canadians would still support a team to viability even if they arn’t being built to win. (no short term or long term plan, just $$). I say support the team regardless

      • Of course they would support the team no matter what. Hockey in Montreal is like Islam in Iran, it’s part of everyone’s life. I bet if they rang an alarm in Montreal in the morning everyone would pull out their mats and kneel in the direction of the Forum.

      • Is there an emoji for a dirty laugh?

      • But I was referring to sens

      • You a Leaf fan, Chrisms? Just kidding.

  2. Alotta big names rumored to be moved, wonder which GMs will have the guts to make the big moves? Better to make a good, big trade than a bad UFA signing on July 1.

  3. Stilling thinking offer Namestnikov & Spooner to BUFF for ROR and see what else it takes to get it done.

    Dependable centers are so vital to long cup runs. NYR have enough youth to fill in the wings (even if they are natural centers) and get their feet wet at the NHL level.

    • I would love to see the Leafs make a run a ROR for the same reasons plus the Leafs truly have a need for his skill set…having Auston, ROR and Kadri down the middle is win win.

      • I don’t know how this hasn’t been brought up

    • I’d rather lure Gretzky out of retirement in his 50’s to play center before I trade for a guy that lost heart!

      Any player that says something like that should be retired on a playing golf with Gretzky.

      ZERO respect for the guy… Zero!

      • ROR would never fit in NYR. They would never play a player who was an obvious problem in the locker room cough cough messier, lindros, jagr cough.

      • Oh boy, I have to hear how any one of these players mentioned was a locker room problem in NY.

        Messier? The guy every fan cheers on as a great leader was a locker room cancer? Lol.
        The only conflict I’ve ever even heard whispers of problems was Messier and Nedved…. but it was whispers, nothing confirmed.

        Jagr? The guy who wore the C In Ny and helped bring them back to a competitive team, the guy who started the fan salute with his team? Maybe he had issues with the Pens, but never even rumors of there being any conflict with him in the NY locker room..

        Lindros? Did his Bobby Clarke issues somehow spill into the NY locker room? That’s news to me?

        And did any one of these players EVER publicly mention “losing heart” when Ny was losing? I certainly don’t remember any of that?

      • the comparison was actually that these players had problems in other locker rooms. Jagr publicly quoted he was dying alive in pittsburgh, messier stole a retired players number in van, and lindros and his family publicly butted heads with phily for years… why would accepting ror onto the blue shirts be any different? (and I know the messier thing happened after rangers).

      • Stealing a players number ( and seriously it’s messier… it should have been handed over) and publicly whining about losing and saying they lost heart are miles apart.

        None of those players were toxic in NY.

        Ny isn’t exactly a walk in to the playoffs, really completely unclear what that roster will look like come October until after July 1. Why would his attitude change?

        More importantly, why trade Stepan at 6.5 per to seek O’Reilly at 7+? Their production is a mirror image, except faceoffs.

        Why bring in a guy with a crap attitude? To spread it around the young players NY has brought in?

        I definitely don’t see any fit here.

      • I don’t see a fit either but if ny had no problem with the aforementioned then his public quote shouldn’t matter. Dying alive is far worse a quote than losing heart. Essentially the same thing but jagr did his with his customary drauma. Messier stole the number of a man who died of brain cancer and upset the hell out of his grieving family. How anyone could justify that based on how good you can play a game is unbelievable. Why did ny fans accept and continue to accept these players if this type of off ice behavior isn’t acceptable in ny?

      • Still the Messier thing is irrelevant. Dying of brain cancer is a terrible thing. Should it get your name or number enshrined on the hof or rafters? At the expense of sounding insensitive…. no!

        I’ve never even heard this story until you mentioned it. So it couldn’t really be that big of a deal

      • The point was all three players did something worse than O’Reilly. And were and are accepted by ny fans. O’Reilly no different. And to be fair this applies to all fan bases. O’Reilly never had a rep before this and if he went to ny he would be embraced. But it’s a tad judgmental to say he wouldn’t be wanted in ny mr ny after you just shaded right past former players transgressions

      • Past transgressions that didn’t have anything to do with NY at all. Wasn’t Jagr bitter after the sell off?

        And the Lindros , Clarke Feud was very 2-sided… misdiagnosed concussions, expecting him to play through concussions, trying to put him on an airplane with a concussion…. and a collapsed lung which could have had deadly consequences….. And Lindros was FAR from the only flyer player with these type of complaints. 2-3 players filed and won lawsuits against them for the same thing….

        Messier… again a number? Over a guy that died of brain cancer 40 + years ago?

        Vancouver doesn’t have the most rational fan base to begin with,… see the cup loss “parades” after losing to NY and Boston

      • Ny. Let me see you rebrand ror the same way. It would be fun.

      • Messier’s 2nd tour as a Ranger was torture. He was getting 1st line minutes etc etc. It was torture

    • They’re not doing anything until the Tavares situation plays out. Can sign him without giving up anything. Use assets to acquire a top right dman…. imo. Tavares leaving Isles

  4. Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass. Not even I want to work for Melnyk.

    • Take the job striker. You already are proficient at shrugging off trolls. Thats a top job requirement for GM’s these days

  5. Come on striker. Take the job.

    Melnyk is doing more than alienating his stats. He alienating the fan base evidenced by the attendance record.

    I’m a pretty optimistic guy but man its going to be a long couole of years before things get brighter in Sens land.

    Melnyck is probably waiting to get the next expansion dollars before he sells haha.

    • Why trade Hoffman when you need scoring fw’s.?Everybody’s stuck with a couple lousy contracts here and there. Don’t throw the baby out with bath water.
      If there’s hardly a chance to sign Karlson, move him at draft.

    • I’m assuming either Hoffman is unhappy or the team is embarking on a full fledged rebuild.

  6. A little push back on the Striker haters. I am a Ranger fan for 50 years, and I usually only have interest on comments concerning them. I’ll put my 2 cents in on other matters but I don’t pretend to know more than the fans of other teams. Although I feel Striker should defer to me on the Rangers, I give him credit for doing his homework and sharing his knowledge of all teams. Nobody else here goes as in depth as he does… I sure as hell aren’t..like it or not… that said, if OEL is truly sitting on an offer of 8.5, what would be a reasonable price for Karlsson? I’ve seen 11 mil here but I don’t see him that much more than OEL

    • I am another one that likes to read Striker…lots of relevant information and concise opinions ….getting personal in a forum like this is silly….

      • You’re a silly!

      • Ya Striker does get to many personal attacks. I happen to agree with him more often than not, we just happen to disagree most often with regards to our team, the Bruins. But I do enjoy the debate and don’t take it personally as it isn’t intended that way from him.
        The thing about Striker is he is willing to actually stick his neck out on what he thinks teams should/will do as opposed to just shooting down other people’s suggestions.
        It seems to me the ones who trash, are the ones who never say what they would do, and just jump on others who do.
        Just trolls.

    • who is Striker??….

      jk Striker =)
      You do give interesting insight and perspective albeit your constant no votes to my Smith trades =)

      What makes it great is we all have opinions on what we HOPE a team should do…and probably the same % rate of success as current GMS, who at times, also make blunders and bad deals …with all the knowledge at their fingertips…..

      Food for fodder I reckon’

      • Our only hope of trading Smith would be if he was included in a package deal as salary going back and we throw in a late 1st rd pick …otherwise, our best hopes are that he comes back and works his ass off into a top 6 role. Then we can trade him!!!

    • Karlsson will be looking to get 11.5

      But he likes to play with his number 65. He makes 6.5 now.

      So im thinking an offer of 10.65 might get it done for Ottawa.

    • not sure anyone should defer to anyone else. thats boring.

      also 50 years of fandom *can* be counterproductive to solid judgment.

    • looks like the man upstairs pencil whipped that problem. Thank you Lyle! Friendly banter and even some less than friendly give and take is enjoyable… blatant targeting of individuals over and over is really a bummer and makes the site less than enjoyable. especially considering this is the neatest little online hockey community on the net.

  7. This is a retread of old stale rumors, tell us something new.

  8. Melnyk doesn’t want to win, just like my Sabres for 20 years, they had an owner and GM who didn’t try to win and talked more about making a profit or breaking even then trying to win a cup. He should sell the team to an owner who has Billions of dollars and doesn’t care about making a profit. I remember all the brainwashed sheep in Buffalo used to go around quoting the owner “if we don’t make a profit the team will move”…Oh really? What is happening now, the owner now says over and over again he doesn’t care about money and he will pay guys in AHL millions, buy out anyone and front load deals etc. It’s refreshing to have an owner who is like that, plus this owner doesn’t stick his nose into anything, he has made mistakes though hiring Tim Murray who thought the new NHL was about size and zero speed.

  9. I’m not sure how Buffalo can trade ROR this year, they have no clue if Casey Middlestadt is the real deal 2nd line center ready to carry the load, a better plan would be to play the year and see how Casey does. Also, trading Risto without knowing if Dahlin is ready to play top minutes is a scary thought. Just pick up fast-super fast scoring wingers and trade for a goalie such as the Caps backup goalie and the team will be good.

    • I think the guy(s) they will trade will be Reinhart and/ or Nylander. Murray screwed up by passing on Sergachev and grabbing Nylander 2 years ago , and Reinhart has been hot and cold , streaky player ; O’Reilly would be an added bonus in T.O. as the #2 center behind Matthews , but will Buffalo want to trade him to a division and geographic rival, and what would the Leafs give up for him ? Kapanen? Dermott?
      Carolina needs a center in a bad way , maybe ROR for Faulk or Hannifan?

      • Thing about Reinhart is that he played better, and more consistently, as the season progressed. As for ROR, unless he’s asked for a trade, I’d hang on to him for now at least and see how things look by next year’s deadline. I see the Sabres being a decent team next year – infusion of a talented rookie and hopefully more maturity from their young guys.

  10. Max Pacioretty to Vancouver for Olli Juolevi, Adam Gaudette, Nikolai Goldobin and the 7th ova, 2018. This way, Vancouver gets a scoring winger to add to their young team and MTL gets to draft Zadina at 3 and Kotkaniemi at 7.

    • Vancouver wants to keep their 7th pick I think. I would prefer a deal like galchenyuk + two 2nd rnd in 2018 to rangers for namestikov and 9th overall. I know rangers are rebuilding but they have other 1st rnders. They get a good winger on contract. I’d be willing to add Mcnivven and or Jokinen (center prospect) in that deal.

      • Why do people keep thinking Montreal is going to get a first round pick for Patches? Decent scorer (until last year) but doesnt check and is notorious for pulling no shows come playoff time. 3rd rounder and mid level prospect, if that.

      • No chance Rangers trade their 9th overall pick for Galchenyuk.

    • I doubt that will happen. Benning seems to be actually sticking to the go with the youngsters mantra. Patches does not fit the mold. I would be shocked if Benning moved a top prospect for him.
      I think you have grossly over rated Patches value.

      • Ron Jull, are you sure your name isn’t Marc Bergevin. Patches, a 5 time 30 goal scorer for a 3rd round pick? You sound like you’ve worn a hockey helmet your whole life without ever having played a minute of hockey.

    • That’s a terrible trade for Van. Not going to get the 7th for Pac. Juolevi maybe but doubtful. Pac is really good but GMs are finally valuing their top picks and young assets highly

    • wow. I think you might be Bergivan and that you also might be describing your wet dream last night.

  11. Less Juolevi might be plausible .No deal if he is involved

    Melynk will not pay Karlsson. If forced to, other heads will have to go and the team would not be very strong less Hoffman, Stone, Duchene and the like.
    Ryan would have been long gone if that was possible. What is a new franchise worth because that is what he’ll want to sell. Slippery slope to the bottom when you lose the fans.

  12. To IHC

    Responding now re below …. sorry was doing my Sat. Shopping


    “just for Sh****&gigglezz
    karlsson & RYan to VGS for rights to Perron & Neal (sign & trade), Theodore & 1st rd pick 2019”

    I keep forgetting about Ryan and Ottw wanting likely to unload at same times as Karlson deal

    Financially likely works for Vegas …. but I can’t see them including Theo if they must take Ryan; and I can’t see Sign/trade with Neal…. can’t see his Mgr allowing that

    If they make must take Ryan on the deal …. a contract has to go back and the only player with any sizeable (albeit mid-range contract) that was even close to being overpaid this year by VGK is our Manitoba Carrot-top friend … and I believe (could be wrong) he played better in second half than first

    If Ryan NOT in deal … maybe : 1st (’19); Merrill ; Suzuki; Ferguson

    If Ryan IN deal…. Carrot-top; Merrill ; 1st(’19)

    ….. would really like to see 2 Karlsons in Vegas

    • highly doubt karlson goes to vegas without theo or miller going back other way. you dont get one of the top 3 d men in the league by going

      “lets see… dorion… I’ll send you a 1st (I know it will likely be non-lottery but its still a first), a bottom pairing d man, a prospect (not our best prospect of course but hey still a prospect), and our former 7th round pick project goalie. now see if anyone beats THAT Dorian!

      • You are likely right … I do think Ferguson is way better than a reflection of where he was drafted ; and Suzuki is a great prospect….wth that in mind … I’d add Miller keep Theo (IMO … higher upside long term)

        …. all prob a mute point as Ryan prob a must per Dorian in the deal. If Ryan has to come then I don’t believe VGK will have to (not should they) part with either Theo or Miller

  13. Lucic & 10th over to BUFF for Moulson, Girgensons & 2nd rd pick ??

    would be PC at his finest hour……

  14. This will be an interesting summer. Can’t wait for the draft. I think Ottawa, MTL, and Edmonton are gonna do big moves (Karlsson, Hoffman, Paccioretti, Galchenyuk, RNH or EDM 10th overall).
    Even Buffalo might do a ROR move and Carolina a Faulk, Skinner and or Lindholm move. We shall see

  15. I want to throw something out there … it IS in the “never going to happen category”… but since there was actual “what-ifs ” and “what would it actually take” discussions thrown out re offers for first over-all pick … for both the McDavid draft and the Austin Mathews draft ….. what would it possibly take to invent Buff to give up this pick …. and which teams are in a position to make that move/deal???

    At the very least GMs must send feelers out on this ….

  16. I want to throw something out there … it IS in the “never going to happen category”… but since there was actual “what-ifs ” and “what would it actually take” discussions thrown out re offers for first over-all pick … for both the McDavid draft and the Austin Mathews draft ….. what would it possibly take to invent Buff to give up this pick …. and which teams are in a position to make that move/deal???
    At the very least GMs must send feelers out on this ….

    • Incent not invent

    • Pengy:

      It would take a lot. A high draft pick on 2018 draft (top 10), a prospect, a established NHLer (winger or defensemen) and more.
      Carolina, Ottawa and Arizona could make such a deal. Ex: Carolina sends 2nd overall + Faulk + Sebastian Aho + prospect. Or, Ottawa sends 4th overall, Karlsson, Pageau + prospect. Or Arizona sends 5th overall, Domi, OEL + prospect

      • Yes … quite a lot … Arz might throw something like that out there… their final offer for #1 (Mathews) just before he was selected was 7th,20th , Strome, Domi … after Mathews was selected I heard Arz upped the offer by switching Domi for OEL in their offer … bigger deal to them than normal 1st as it was a home town boy

        …. can’t see Arz in on an offer like that ; Car loaded on D;

        The Ottw suggestion not bad …. for Ottw …. out with one Swede D leader to same (4 years down the road)…. but Buff not going to pay $22M for Karlson and Eichel …. and no way Eichel allows someone else to take centre stage in Buff

      • I can’t see any of those trades happening. As great as Dahlin should be, that’s a massive overpay on all fronts.

      • Pengy: How is trading the 4th overall pick, Karlsson, Pageau and a prospect for Dahlin a good trade for Ottawa? That’s quite possibly the most lopsided trade proposal I’ve ever seen on this site.

  17. So what’s your purpose?

    • Slick62
      Just a post to incite discussion and to get an answer to something I have been wondering about…. I always like draft day moves

      • Pengy… sorry, that comment was for another poster up top

  18. Mon ? …. 3rd, Patch, Petry … Buff would have to move in that; yes????

  19. I just had an interesting idea:
    To MTL : Draistil + Edm 1st 10th overall
    To EDM:: MTL 1st (3rd overall) + 2nd (35th) + Galchenyuk + Lindgren + Sherbak
    *maybe even add Ikonen or Poehling
    EDM saves salary big time and gets 50-60pts winger + prospect ok #1 or good #2 goalie + goes up 7 spots in draft, makes sense + future top 9 winger

    • I doubt Edmonton trades Draisaitl, but that could make sense for them if the want to redistribute salary. RNH would then be their 2C.

    • It is an interesting proposal, and actually seems fair. But Edmonton has to try and build a team to win now.
      They are in a tough spot and need the current roster to play to their potential and their young guys to continue to grow.
      No choice as they have a shallow prospect pool and need all the young controllable assets they have to contribute.
      Little room to add salary and few bargaining chips.
      Having said that I think they are a playoff team if they stay reasonably healthy. Especially on D as they lack depth.

    • I don’t think Bergevin is that stupid to make a move like that …..

      Oh , wait a minute ! Maybe he is ….

      Pacioretty + Scherbak and pick # 35
      For Nurse + # 10 pick , 2019 2nd

    • How about pacioretty and birdie benn to Pittsburgh..for Phil kessel and Matt hunwich

      • Sorry benn jordy

  20. NYR going to trade up and use a high pick + either player or another pick. Maybe trade with Detroit. They may also move up using Boston’s pick + one of their UFA’s. NO ROR please. WHy him at 7MM? more likely kovy ..at least he does not cost them players or picks. Rangers need an elite scorer and one more Dman to go along with the prospects they picked up, irrespective of the rebuild/retool.