NHL Rumor Mill Update – June 21, 2018

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Latest on the Canadiens, Oilers, and Kings in your latest NHL Rumor Mill update.

Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty could be on the move during the upcoming NHL Draft weekend (Photo via NHL Images)


TSN: Frank Seravalli reports Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty is a player to watch heading into the 2018 NHL Draft weekend. He wonders if Pacioretty could be part of a package to bring the Canadiens a much-needed scoring center.

Seravalli said the 29-year-old Canadiens captain has been linked to the Los Angeles Kings and Buffalo Sabres, with the Habs apparently interested in Sabres center Ryan O’Reilly. It could take packaging Pacioretty with draft picks and prospects to land O’Reilly. Seravalli notes the Canadiens have four in the second round of this year’s draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent speculation has the Sabres seeking the Canadiens first-round pick, which is third overall in this year’s draft. Montreal general manager Marc Bergevin has indicated he’s willing to listen to offers for that pick.

Maybe Bergevin will peddle it for O’Reilly, though that probably won’t sit well with Habs fans unwilling to see the future given up for what they consider a quick fix. I’m of the opinion the acquisition of Max Domi last week could set the stage for Pacioretty being dealt for a center. Giving up “Patches” in a package deal for O’Reilly might be more palatable to the Montreal faithful. 


SPORTSNET: Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli said he’s willing to part with his first-round pick (10th overall) for a quality defenseman. Chiarelli said he’s had some discussions but admitted it’s not easy finding a deal. He also touched on the status of left winger Milan Lucic, who’s been the subject of considerable trade speculation, saying he expects a motivated Lucic in training camp this fall.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t rule out the possibility of Chiarelli finding a decent top-four defenseman with that pick, but I daresay the teams he’s speaking to want something else included besides that pick. He’s not dealing from a position of strength here. Wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps that pick and selects a young defenseman with it.

As for Lucic, a trade could be possible but the speculation over his future has quieted in recent days. Chiarelli’s remarks suggests there’s not a suitable deal to be found for the big winger. 


THE ATHLETIC: Josh Cooper speculates over which scoring wingers the Los Angeles Kings might target to bolster their offense. An NHL team executive tells him the Kings are looking at signing a winger in this summer’s unrestricted free agent market, or hoping to buy low in the trade market with Pittsburgh’s Phil Kessel, Montreal’s Max Pacioretty or Carolina’s Jeff Skinner. The Kings could have around $9 million in salary-cap room if the cap ceiling reaches $80 million as projected for next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings have already spoken with free-agent winger Ilya Kovalchuk, so they could be leaning toward a UFA option. Cooper also lists the Islanders’ John Tavares, Vegas’ James Neal, Toronto’s James van Riemsdyk and New Jersey’s Michael Grabner as other possible free-agent targets.

I think Tavares will be far too expensive for the Kings if he goes to market, which isn’t a certainty. Kovalchuk, Neal and van Riemsdyk could all seek at least $6 million annually, leaving Grabner as a much more affordable option, though he’s not considered in the same class.



  1. These two a day blogs are making me dizzy.

    Kinda like that time I hugged ether in biology class.

    Keep it up Lyle. Love it!

  2. How about Karlsson and Ryan for Nurse, Edmonton’s first and Lucic? I think it would be close

    • Umm no

      From Sens land.

      Maybe for draistle and Edmonton’s first. Oh yeah take Ryan as well.

    • Haaaaaa. Never going to happen.

    • This is not meant as an offensive comment, just a wake up call, since soooo many people are missing the obvious.

      Karlsson is not going to live in Edmonton. Too hard on the family… Consider all the extra travel time involved when you play for Edmonton, the fact that it’s a small market, and it’s either 20 below or Misquito season. Don’t you think players consider those things when making a decision? Everyone on this board seems to think EDM is an actual option in players minds… no offense, but keep dreaming.

      My guess is EDM makes more No Trade lists than the next two cities combined. Honestly the days of EDM having a real shot left with Gretzky and Messier. Players choose teams based on many variables now, not just Hockey.

      • That must have stung a bit.
        Just curious if you’ve ever been to Edmonton.
        I don’t live there and Definitely am not an Oiler fan.
        I agree with some things you said regarding travel and other variables factor into players choices when choosing a team.

        However I don’t see how Edmonton is considered a small market team.
        The city is A million plus people with a new stadium and billionaire owner.

        And to say weather is either cold or mosquito season is basically the same for anywhere in the world. So that just came across pretty flat.

        Anyways. I enjoyed your opinion. Just don’t agree with half of it.

        My money for Karlsson is Vegas.
        But using the glass half empty approach such as you did.
        Here are the negatives.

        Vegas not a place for a family or kids.
        Not a traditional hockey market.

        Oh and the big one they have Mosquitoes.

        Lol. Hey it’s kind of fun being a dick just for the sake of it.

        I get it now Bad lil’ Cowboy

      • Well, I have been to EDM more than once and when I say Misquitoes, I mean small birds. Vegas (or any other town in the lower 48) has nothing close to EDM on those. Misquitoes live in “Lake Infested” areas, not the desert.
        The point is, it’s rarely comfortable outside…

        A million may be large for a Canadian city, but not in comparison with places like Chicago, Philly, NY…etc. The size of the market is especially important to your bigger names like Karlsson, because it offers them other financial opportunities. (see Micheal Jordan, Eric Lindross…etc)
        And all owners are Billionaires.

        I ageree with K to V, and it is a family town once you are off the strip. As for the not being a hockey market, I think that plays to their advantage. Bobby Clarke established hockey in Philly almost 50 years ago and is an Icon in that area to this day. A plus for K to V.

        As for being a dick, I thought my opening line would clear that up, but I guess this is the age of the easily offended ProFlake.

      • Because playing for Ottawa is so desirable with it’s septic tank locker room. It would be awful playing with the N.H.L.s best player

      • A couple of things here.

        “And to say weather is either cold or mosquito season is basically the same for anywhere in the world.”

        The southeast US, Dallas, California Arizona, Vegas etc wave “hello there” Cold? Sure, even Florida can dip into the 30s 20s. Not very typical for Miami or Tampa. Snow? What’s that? Says pretty much every city and area mentioned above.

        I have to side with cowboydan on mosquitoes. I’ve been to Vegas a bunch of times. Played golf numerous times. Near small bodies of water…. I don’t recall a mosquito problem in Vegas. Or Arizona for that matter.

        Edmonton IS a small market. Any way you slice it. 1 million people is pretty much the suburban population surrounding large cities in the US. Nevermind the actual city.

        The owner could have all the money in the world. But that changes nothing. It’s still a business.

        After all, wasn’t Edmonton one of the teams screaming loudest about how unfair the market was prior to the cap?

  3. I’m afraid that Bergy will overpay for O Reilly

    • We all are anticipating what Berg gives up for a center…
      ROR Hayes Ansimov etc

  4. Why would Montreal trade Pacioretty plus draft picks and other prospects for O’reilly. Am I missing something with O’reilly he is an average center that is overpaid. I’d rather keep Patch who had 39,37, 30, 35 before putting up 17 with missed games on a bad team.

    • The Habs haven’t had a center like orielly in a long time, orielly is a 1b center! Never takes penalties plays great defense and still scores 50-60 points. Patches and 2nds for orielly is a fair deal