Sunday NHL Post-Draft Rumor Roundup – June 24, 2018

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Check out the latest on John Tavares, Max Pacioretty, Jeff Skinner, Erik Karlsson and more in your post-draft Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple reports New York Islanders center and pending free agent John Tavares will be meeting with representatives from at least five teams at agent Pat Brisson’s Los Angeles’ office during the unrestricted free agent interview period beginning on June 25. It’s believed the Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks could be among the suitors, along with perhaps the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning, though it remains to be seen if the latter has sufficient salary-cap room to make it work.

Staple also reports the Islanders are believed still very much in the mix for Tavares. Reports emerged the club offered him an eight-year, $88 million contract, which is $8 million more than they reportedly offered him in February. Isles GM Lou Lamoriello said he wasn’t discouraged or disappointing, noting Tavares has earned the right to make whatever choice he wishes. Lamoriello remains hopeful that decision is to stay with the Islanders.

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reports it’s assumed the Leafs, Sharks and St. Louis Blues are three of the teams that could meet with Tavares, along with perhaps the Stars, Lightning and Vegas Golden Knights joining that list. Tavares’ asking price could be between $10 million – $12 million. The Islanders are the only club that can offer him an eight-year contract, as the rest can only offer a maximum of seven years.

NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos believes we shouldn’t bet against Tavares re-signing with the Islanders. While the Leafs could be among the suitors, Traikos doubts they’re willing to invest $11-$12 million in another forward, especially with William Nylander needing a new contract, Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner in line for new deals next summer and the Leafs’ glaring need for a substantial upgrade on defense. “Then again, maybe they offer him a lucrative one-year “win now” deal. Anything is possible with a player whose presence can instantly turn a team into a legitimate contender.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect Tavares to dominate the rumor mill between now and July 1. Yes, the Leafs could sign Tavares to a one-year, league-maximum $15.9 million contract, but if they don’t do anything to significantly improve their defense corps, he won’t help them win the Cup next season.

If Tavares seeks a lucrative long-term deal with a club that seems poised to be a contender for years, the Golden Knights might be the best bet. Then again, looking at the moves Lamoriello’s made since taking over a GM – including the recent hiring of Barry Trotz as head coach – Tavares could decide the Isles are finally heading in the right direction and opt to stay put. 


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey reports a rumor reported by NHL Network during its coverage of the 2018 NHL Draft yesterday had Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty possibly being traded to the San Jose Sharks. While that false rumor made the rounds, Pacioretty parted ways with agent Pat Brisson and hired Allan Walsh to represent him. Hickey also said there’s been talk of a contract extension for Pacioretty.

THE MERCURY NEWS: Paul Gackle reports Sharks GM Doug Wilson declined to comment on the Pacioretty rumor. The notion of the Sharks pursuing Pacioretty isn’t absurd, as they cleared cap space to pursue “a difference maker” this summer. With Ilya Kovalchuk joining the Kings and John Tavares a possible long-shot to join the Sharks, Gackle suggests Pacioretty’s name is rising on the list of potentially available players. Another option is Carolina Hurricanes left wing Jeff Skinner.

TSN: Bob McKenzie tweeted yesterday afternoon the Canadiens had “nothing going on Max Pacioretty trade front. At this point, the plan is to keep him in the lineup. That could change but for now…c’est tout.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The contract extension speculation for Pacioretty emerged earlier this month and prompted speculation of a “sign-and-trade” scenario. If the Canadiens move Pacioretty they have to get a scoring center in return. Failing that, they could keep and see how things play out over the course of 2018-19. Re-signing him could cost up to $7 million on a long-term deal, which the Canadiens could be reluctant to do for a winger who turns 30 in November. I think the Habs intend to field offers this week.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are reportedly among the clubs interested in Carolina Hurricanes left wing Jeff Skinner (Photo via NHL Images)


THE ATHLETIC: Josh Yohe reports multiple sources confirm Carolina Hurricanes left wing Jeff Skinner is on Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford’s wish list. Rutherford drafted Skinner in 2010 while he was GM of the Hurricanes. The Penguins want to add depth to the left side. Possible Penguins trade chips could include wingers Carl Hagelin, Conor Sheary and Bryan Rust, as well as center Derick Brassard. The Hurricanes could also be interested in acquiring future assets such as draft picks and prospects. The St. Louis Blues could also be interested in Skinner.

Pierre LeBrun believes the Hurricanes intend to trade Skinner. Their addition yesterday of right-shot defenseman Dougie Hamilton suggests blueliner Justin Faulk could be available for the right price. The Hurricanes also had trade talks involving center Viktor Rask with the Montreal Canadiens on Friday through Saturday but the Habs weren’t willing to part with two second-round picks, including the 35th overall.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes aren’t done dealing. Skinner and perhaps Faulk could be next on their way out of Carolina. With the draft now over, perhaps they’re less likely to weigh offers for Rask. Regardless, there appears sufficient interest in Skinner and Faulk to attract quality offers from interested clubs. The Penguins, Blues and Sharks could be after Skinner, while Faulk might be enticing to the Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks or Edmonton Oilers. 


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports the Buffalo Sabres had considerable trade talk about center Ryan O’Reilly during the 2018 NHL Draft but couldn’t find a suitable deal. The Montreal Canadiens and St. Louis Blues were believed interested in O’Reilly.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: O’Reilly’s $7.5 million signing bonus on July 1 is likely the sticking point for interested clubs, who’d prefer acquiring him after July 1 to avoid that payment. It’s possible O’Reilly could be dealt next week, though the trade market could be affected by then by other deals and free-agent signings. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion was fielding calls for defenseman Erik Karlsson leading up to when he made his first-round selection (fourth overall) in this year’s NHL draft. It’s believed the Vegas Golden Knights were among the interested parties, which sources indicate included “Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals and San Jose Sharks” showing “varying degrees of interest.” The clubs were also apparently willing to also take on winger Bobby Ryan and the remaining four years (and $7.25 million annually) of his contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Dorion was feeling any pressure to trade Karlsson he obviously wasn’t letting it cloud his judgement. He still has Karlsson under contract for one more season. For now, time remains on his side to find a suitable return for the superstar defenseman. If the Washington Capitals re-sign defenseman John Carlson, clubs that intended to pursue him via free agency could consider making a play for Karlsson.  



  1. Sounds like the people with assets won’t give them away cheaply. ROR has a spot in the Buffalo lineup and 5 more years, he’s not going anywhere on his own.

  2. I would think any team that has the cap space or thinks they are a legit contender should explore seeing what it might take to sign Tavares. Teams like Nashville, Philadelphia, New Jersey are at least three that should at least ask what it would take.

    Signing Patches for 7 million per season will make him untradeable. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay that kind of money for a 17 goal scorer or they shouldnt.

    Its going to be interesting to see who gets grossly overpaid once silly season officially kicks off.

    • Hextall might be the worst gm in the league! Tavares won’t sign in philly, hextall has done nothing to improve the flyers in his time, trading schenn was a horrible deal for philly

      • Why?

        We won’t know what the assets were that Phi got for moving Schenn for years. 2 1sts 2017 & 2018.

        He’s tall as a solid prospect Coté especially at D. He drafted a stud young goalie in Hart. Provorov is going to be the type of D every team covers. An elite 2 way Dman.

        Numerous other solid young players coming or on the roster.

        Did someone not have their Wheaties this morning.

      • Lol maybe if you actually watched the prospects instead of just spouting off about their height you might realize their potential

      • Hextall has already stated that he is not signing a free agent to 7 year deals. To say trading schenn was a horrible deal, I am assuming you are referring to Brayden and not Luke Schenn. Furthermore, his goal is not instant gratification, but building a team to compete long-term, so the trade of Brayden Schenn accomplished this and more. It will take a few years to properly grade the trade, but I am confident it will be beneficial for the Flyers.

      • Typing error. Autocorrect on the phone. Should read Hextall has a solid prospect Kitty.

      • Provorov, Ghostibehere, Konecny, Sanheim, Carter Hart, Morgan Frost. AHL Phantoms stocked with young talent and made it to Calder Cup semis before losing in 7 to eventual champs. Cleared millions of dollars of cap space.

        Im quite happy with the “worst” GM in hockey thank you very much.

        Oh, buy the way Mr Bruin, how did that Rick Nash deal work out for you?

      • Ahl stocked lol hextall will take that team no where he’s terrible, I didn’t like the Nash deal from the start and I’ve said many time Sweeney isn’t a good gm

      • Worry about your Habs

      • Good hockey comment shticky!

    • What about his previous stats prior to last season? 4 straight 30 goal* seasons. 35, 30, 37 & 39!

      You sure like to live in the now. How did Barrie & Duchene do last season. Both bounced right back after off years.

      1 bad season playing on a terrible team doesn’t define a players abilities or future.

      • I’d say more injury riddled don’t forget they won the division the year before and tb missed the playoffs. Injuries hurt no matter what you think

      • I’m defending Patches to Ron.

        Not sure what your directing at me.

      • I know you were I’m just saying to say a terrible team is a little much considering they won the division the yr before and tb didn’t make the playoffs! It goes to show how much injuries affect teams performance

      • As we discussed before the season started even before losing Weber I had no faith in Mon due to the D constructed.

        That said I agree with you. Mon didn’t have the roster or prospect depth to overcome what they started the season with never mind once injuries started mounting.

      • How did Mr Patches do in the playoffs after each 30+ goal season? How many of those goals were on the pp or into an empty net? Im not saying hes not worth a raise, he certainly is but hes no where near worth 7 million. One dimensional and soft as melted butter.

        2nd round pick and mid level prospect is all hes worth in a trade.

      • Shows how much you watch hockey! Patches is a good two way play even play# the pk he’s put up those goals with no number one centerman, you put him with carter or kopitar and watch his stats go up!

  3. Find it odd on the speculation about the 5 teams to meet with Tavares agent. A few teams mentioned here are also mention in rumors for Karlsson. Must have a lot of cap space! My guess is agent is just putting out a number to emphasize that they’re not going to meet with every team and drag this out. There’s no way he has a list already without knowing which teams are even willing to shell out that kind of deal. Today is first day he can talk to teams. Always felt Rangers where a long shot but after Brooks proclaimed they’re not on list, I now think they have a shot!!!

    • Not dissin’ the Leafs, but meeting with Toronto is a waste of time. Tavaras is not
      I think he’s going resign in New York. But if he did leave, I would bet it would be San Jose. going to sign a one year deal, he is going long term. Leafs need defensive help and missed out on Hanifin and Dougie.

      • Not dissin’ the Leafs, but meeting with Toronto is a waste of time. Tavaras is not signing for a short term deal, he is going long term.

        I think he’s going resign in New York.
        But if he did leave, I would bet it would be San Jose. Leafs need defensive help and missed out on Hanifin and Dougie.

      • It is a waste of time the leafs defense needs to be better in a big way, if not for Freddy that team wouldn’t have made the playoffs

    • I agree The Leafs could use help on D but if you get a chance to get a guy like Tavares you do it. If the other team doesn’t have the puck your D won’t look so bad. Pitt 2 years ago didn’t have much better D but still won. I think Dubas sees that most Cup winning teams in the past 5 years have had big contributions from very young and thus cheap players. Leafs window to surround very talented, young cheap players is this year and next before having to pony up $$ to keep them. I could see them offering the max to JT for a couple years – they have the space to do it – i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again (just like what enticed Babcock) – not just the $$$ but bringing a Cup to Toronto instantaneously makes you a Hockey GOD for eternity… That I would imagine would hold some weight to a local boy…

  4. Skinner to the Penguins makes no sense at all. None. They will already have two all offense, no defense top-six singers in Kessel and Sprong. Then they have the midgets in Sheary, Guentzel and Rust. It’s clear that they need to add a 200 ft winger, with good board. Skinner is just the opposite of what they are looking for – another soft, all offense type. The Pen don’t need to score more goals. They need to toughen up a bit and be harder to play against.

    • Skinner could join the band and be a backup singer?

    • Yeah that Kessel rendition of Old Macdonald had a farm is pretty much a classic now. Sprong can hit the high notes but you can still hear his Dutch accent.

      • You’ve proved your point. There is nothing more pathetic than someone who thinks he’s clever and isn’t.

      • Then you are pathetic

    • Respectfully disagree 4th Hanson. When your 2/3 Centres put up or have potential to put up 67 Goals (Tavares and Kadri vs. Tavares Boazak 41 Goals) and are both dedicated 200 ft players, it eases up pressure on the D and the G. Add Tavares leadership to the Team and that will grow confidence. If I am Freddy and I have Matthews Tavares and Kadri as the top 3 Centres I would be jacked. Yes, Leafs D needs help and it is coming. Still, compared to the Isles Roster currently, Tavares should go for it. I hope he is the first Ontario Big name who comes home to make a difference, instead of Nash, Stamkos, who cannot handle the pressure, and opt for the easy way out, and just as many Cups… It’s time to come home Johnny.

      • Here Here good sir! Well put! Hanifin and Hamilton would have cost us assets. Signing JT just costs us money and we have that this year…

        Speaking of Hamilton – when do the rumors that he’s a douche bag in the locker room start up again? 2 teams so early on in a career doesn’t look good…

  5. Those “varying degrees of interest” by supposedly 4 teams inquiring about Karlsson had to be about as enticing as a half-eaten sandwich in a dumpster and likely had Dorion offering 2 words and 1 finger

    • While I have my doubts that the Hurricanes were ever in the Karlsson sweepstakes, I’m assuming bringing in Hamilton takes that supposed interest away.

      Assuming Karlsson leaves, they’ll need (at least) an RD PP specialist. Faulk, anyone? I’m not sure what the return would be.

  6. With both Hanifin and Kovalchuk getting away from the Bruins it was a big swing and miss a top 4 DMan and a big scoring winger is are big needs just please no Rick Nash

    • With Boston being the only east coast team on Kovalchuk list, I didn’t think it would happen and for 3yrs congrats LA you can have him.
      Sweeney is finding the price to high to make the trade with Carolina, I think they had the assets to make it Happen.
      Like to see Boston take a run at JVR or James Neal. Maybe take a run at Calvin De Haan for a Left side dman.

      • I’d take de Hans pass on everything else suggested.

        Let the kids play.

      • Yea we’ll take him, thank you very much. Enjoy Backes and Krejci, lol.

      • Striker thinks backes was a good signing lol yet didn’t want kovalchuck

    • JVR to Boston ?

    • I prefer Bos do little to nothing but trade 1 of McQuad or K.Miller.

      Marchand, Bergeron, Donato.
      Debrusk, Krejci, Pastrnak.
      Heinen, Forbacka Karlsson/Fitzgerald, Backes.
      Kuraly, Accairi, Bjork.

      If anyone is coming in Bos needs a #2/3 RW & or a #3C. Move wingers around anyway you wish, Backes could play C if needed.

      Chara, McAvoy.
      Krug, Carlo.
      Grzelcyk, Miller.
      McQuad, ?

      • Still only a one line team, getting rid of krejci should be Sweeney’s first move

      • Addition by subtraction, BBB?
        Please explain how you fix a supposed 1 line team by trading the #2 center.
        The horsechit never ends with you.

      • They finished 6th in goals for, 4th in PP efficiency. Krug tyed Subban for 8th in D scoring. 2 rookies Heinen & Debrusk made the top 10 & 15 in rookie scoring, McAvoy the top 20.

        Defensively 4th beat in goals against, PK efficiency 4th as well, shots against 2nd best.

        Bos had success once everyone got healthy as they had 3 lines scoring.

        As usually you just spit out BS. The #’s don’t even closely represent what you claim.

      • Striker Boston second line did almost nothing against TB; Nash 1g 0a 5 vs 5, DeBrusk 1g 0a 5 vs 5 and Krejci 0g 1a 5 vs 5.
        Reports today that Nash is considering retirement.
        Boston need JVR or Neal bump DeBrusk to third line

      • Against tb it really showed the bruins weren’t contenders, as I said before the playoffs the only reason the leafs or bruins are getting out of the first rd is they play each other! It’s amazing striker that you can actually try to talk your way out of saying they aren’t a one line team, we aren’t your pool flunkes here. Why do you think they went after kovy so hard………..secondary scoring maybe? Try understand that your input isn’t the final say

      • I think bigbad might have a picture of striker on his wall with cigarette burned out pupils. Yikes.

  7. Rumors of Taveras and the Lightning, and rumors of Karlson and the Lightning, coould only be true if the Bolts were able to part with Coburn, Callahan, and probably Kilhorn, and make a several committment to fleshing out the lineup with entry level contract players. They have a deep enough talent pool to do this..but is it a cup winning strategy?
    It is sort of a mystery why these two ‘kings ransom’ players would want to talk to the Lightning, knowing going in that the local stars have taken a home team discount already. It would likely cost either player 20MM over the life of the contract to fit in with the Bolts as opposed to the best deal likely available elsewhere.
    There are rumored strong personal affiliations involved; Stamkos & Tavares, and Hedman & Karlson. There is the “model franchise” angle. There is the Cup Opportunity angle.
    But it is still a little hard to get one’s mind around.
    The Lightning will listen, of course. You never know quite when and how opportunity will knock. Maybe, as noted before, it’s not all about the money. I’d be a little less incredulous if sign and trade were possible – 8 yrs vs 7 and a return to the sending club…but don’t think folks in Tampa are holding their breath.

    • Does anyone think that travel and tax dollars sometimes play a role? I mean $1MM or so difference per year to play in Tampa or Florida or Dallas versus the northeast. That adds up on a $100MM contract. Not sure that ad dollars for hockey make up for this shortfall unless maybe in Toronto. Probably so much money for Tavares that it does not matter

  8. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Bobby Ryan? If he’s included in a deal for EK, do you think he could bounce back to the player he was?

    • ONLY is someone rams into his thick skull that gloves are supposed to PROTECT the hands and not feel and fit like kid driving gloves.

      Every long-term injury he’s had since joining Ottawa – 5 seasons – has been to the hands, causing him to miss 57 games, 20 each of the past 2 seasons.

      Does he still have the ability to be a force up front? Damned straight – in last year’s playoffs he was arguably their best forward throughout.

  9. Lyle, this morning in your morning coffee you reported McPhee has made offers to his ufas: Neal, Perron, Sbisa and Reaves. According to cap friendly they have about 30 mil. Figuring those 4 would be about 15-17 mil total, and Tavares should get at least 11 per based on reported offer from Isles, that space gets eaten up real fast. How much left for W Karlsson and Theodore? And next year you need to sign Fleury, Engelland and Schmidt I don’t see it.. I think their incredible run will end up hurting them with guys having career years

  10. Tavares will quite likely follow the Stamkos process; of listening to other offers, but resigning with the NYI in the end. The latest reportred offer by NYI was 8 years at $11 M per.
    The Leafs did diddly squat in the Draft to try to improve their small, offensive minded & weak defense. What do they do? They picked more small, offensive minded defencemen. Disappointing.

    • Ya I was really surprised with their selection of dman, none of them are defensive dmen. I think they’re going to have to trade a forward for a dman

    • No one knows how well these picks develop but I would think an offensive defense man even topping out as a 2nd or 3rd pairing would fetch more than a “stay at home one”. Even if your team has plenty of a type of players already in your system, well then as long as your prospects are good and have value, you’ll be trading from a position of strength.

      Drafting is always the long, long game not the immediate needs or fix.

      As for Travares to the Leafs is a long shot but doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I mean when you can upgrade one of you top two centers with a player like JT for about $3M you do that right?
      The Leafs can do just that by simply trading Kadri + for say that Dman or a 3rd/4th C they need and to make room for that, they can also trade Jake Gardner since the Leafs have a few LD in the system that can make that jump to fill in the void that Jake leaves.

      • Interesting Ron, I have wondered why nobody is talking about moving Kadri to upgrade the 2C spot. Possibly because even at his current salary he is still cost effective as a 2nd or 3rd C. However he might be more valuable than a Leaf winger in a trade to get you a better D man in return. Would love to have all three though in Matthews Tavares and Kadri. Gardiner trade may pull in a better RD man who is above Zaitsev and Hainsey. Dermott IMO can become a sold 2nd LD. Strength needed on Right side, would love to get Trouba or Dumba somehow.

    • Isles actually got a big 2 way dman with the 12th overall. Not sure which draft you watched. Not an Isle fan but having Dobson and Wilde fall to you with their 2nd and 3rd pick was a steal

      • Sorry, misread statement

  11. how can TB even think about Tavares? They have to set aside money to extend Kucherov long-term, and he’ll expect to at least double his current cap hit. Also, 1/2 of TB’s defense are free agents next summer, how would Yzerman stock his defense with Tavares, Stamkos, Kucherov and Hedman taking up all their cap space ?

  12. If any teams have a chance (Besides The Islanders and an 8 year deal) at getting Tavares it’s Vegas or San Jose. If they don’t get him he takes less money and no 7 year deal. Which is his best bet because he locks in a big payday. Plus both teams are very capable of a run at the Cup next year and for years to come.

    • I think SJ has a good shot at Tavares. If they do get him, I think Thornton will become available. I don’t agree with Vegas. If you read comment above, they have way too many guys to sign .. there’s no way they sign Tavares and retain key players from last seasons improbable run

  13. I’m surprised there’s so little talk of Stastny. He’s no Tavares s but with all theses teams looking for a quality center and only on JT you’d think some GM would be proactive in recruiting the second best available.

    • I read statsny is meeting with teams this week

  14. To Pitt.. Skinner

    To Carolina.. Sheary, Simon and Letang

    LET’S do it!!!!

    • Pens 4 ever really..I’m not a huge letang fan..when healthy he is good..but until we get another top 4 dman cant move letang..while skinner is solid and would look good in pittsburgh..not letang. Sheary Simon Tristan jarry yes..Carolina likes jarry..

    • Ah, the classic adolescent internet trade: “Well give you a bunch of players that we really don’t want anymore for your star.”

      I’m surprised you didn’t offer to add Kuhnhackl and Hunwick as extra bonuses.

  15. Armstrong and the Blues, who are eager to add offense with a scoring winger and #1 center, can’t seem to find a dance partner and are running out of time and options!

  16. If TB is able to trade Tyler Johnson and Killorn then that would free up space to sign Tavares right? Then work to peddle Coburn or something else to free up more money to have space for Kucherov. Perhaps offer Johnson and Killorn at a discount if they take Callahan.

    Trade Killorn and Johnson and Callahan to Carolina for Faulk?

    Or Johnson Killorn and coburn to the islanders for Tavares rights and picks then sign JT.


    Tb has options to make it work

  17. Tavares:
    If he doesn’t resign then Leafs are getting him. Tampa & LA don’t have cap space.

    I believe his new team can circumvent the system by signing him to a one year deal & then extend him up to 8 years (since he’d be a ufa again & you have his rights) thus allowing you to manipulate 2019 & 2020 cap space accordingly.
    Additionally, everyone say the leafs can’t afford Tavares & a Doughty, but if you do the math they can sign both (hypothetically), although they would be right up against the cap long term.
    In 2020 its no problem as they have the cap space:
    Tavares 11 (example)
    Doughty 11 (example)
    Matthews 11 example
    Marner 8
    Nylander 7
    Reilly 5
    Kadri 5
    Anderson 5
    $63M cap on core for 2020 with a cap raise up to $90-95M would leave $25-30M for the rest of the 14 players, bonuses…which is feasible since the have young players on entry level contracts to fill every other position.

    To sign dman in 2019, gardiner/hainsey ufa $7m more or less covers it. Additionally, I believe Horton LTIR is extra $5M cap ceiling space so that’s = $13M

    So yes the can afford Tavares & Doughty but would be right up against the cap in general.

    If they are slightly over or need extra overhead cap space until 2020, all they have to do is trade:
    zaitsev $4.5M &/or combo of marleau / martin / horton this year. Ufa 2020 $13M

    So yes tavares & doughty can and are coming to the leafs :p

    • Dream on assman, Leafs are not landing either one, guaranteed!
      Especially Doughty.

  18. Pens need to.

    Trade off sheary and hags. Mid round picks come back
    Sign a decent 4-5 d.
    Sign kuni
    Resign rfas not including kunhakal
    Find a 1b goalie to push Murray.
    Bernier maybe? Lehner if cheap?


  19. Chrisms..agree with you sheary get a top 4 dman get a decent back up Bernie is solid for sure keep jags importantly for our speed game..go after free agent Micheal grabner dude gets tons of break a Pittsburgh wow..not sure what he’s looking for!

    • Grabner is a no way nope. Hags has to go to to afford a decent d man. Sheary hags free up almost 8 mil which allows you to sign kuni a d man and a vet backup.

      I was so against the vet back up idea last year but Murray systematically ground me down. He is a legit star goalie but he needs pushed and mentored yet.