Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 10, 2018

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Contract buyout candidates plus updates on Milan Lucic, Ilya Kovalchuk and Ian Cole in your Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.

Could Dallas Stars center Jason Spezza become a buyout candidate? (Photo via NHL Images)


SPORTSNET: Rory Boylen recently listed Ottawa Senators winger Marian Gaborik, Philadelphia Flyers forward Jori Lehtera, Carolina Hurricanes goaltender Scott Darling, Dallas Stars center Jason Spezza, Minnesota Wild winger Tyler Ennis, San Jose Sharks defenseman Paul Martin, Calgary Flames right wing Troy Brouwer, and Columbus Blue Jackets center Brandon Dubinsky as this year’s top-eight buyout candidates.

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz lists Brouwer, PIttsburgh Penguins defenseman Matt Hunwick and Buffalo Sabres left wing Matt Moulson as “costly, but might be worth it” buyout candidates. He feels Lehtera and Ennis are definitely worth buying out but suggests Spezza might be worth retaining for the final year of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The contract buyout period runs from June 15-30. Check out Cap Friendly for their buyout calculator.

Players with one year remaining on their contracts, such as Spezza, Lehtera, Ennis and Martin, are more likely to be bought out than those with two or more years remaining on their deals. For example, The Athletic’s Kevin Kurz reports being told there’s a “strong possibility” the Sharks buy out Martin later this month. 

Even then, that’s not a certainty. In April, Flyers general manager Ron Hextall said he doesn’t plan to buy out Lehtera though he doesn’t rule out changing his mind.  Boylen also reminds us players must be medically cleared before being eligible for buyouts. If Gaborik hasn’t fully recovered from recent back surgery, he’ll be ineligible for a buyout this month. 

I don’t expect the Hurricanes will buy out Darling this summer, as they’re likely to give him another shot at proving himself as a reliable starting goaltender. Dubinsky battled with injuries and personal issues this season, but given the Blue Jackets’ depth issues at center, I believe he’ll return with them in 2018-19. If the Penguins need more cap room to bring in depth elsewhere in the lineup, I can see them buying out the final two years of Hunwick’s contract. 


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples is “somewhat optimistic” another NHL team will want to trade for Edmonton Oilers left wing Milan Lucic and his $6-million annual average value through 2022-23. Despite the troubling decline in Lucic’s offensive stats last season, Staples suggests we shouldn’t underestimate how some NHL GMs value size, toughness and past reputation. Lucic also has a full no-movement clause but there’s a belief he could be open to being dealt.

Staples colleague Jim Matheson believes there isn’t a rush on the Oilers part to move Lucic. “The only conceivable way the Oilers could trade Lucic today would be to take on somebody’s onerous long-term contract back, and maybe toss in a draft pick or prospect to sweeten the pot,” said Matheson, who feels there’s no real upside to trading him. He noted the Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks tried hard to sign Lucic in 2016 and wondered if they might still be interested in him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything’s possible, of course, but I share Matheson’s doubts about the Oilers finding a trade partner to take on those remaining five years of Lucic’s contract. There was some speculation of a Lucic for Andrew Shaw swap with Montreal, but I think the Oilers would have to absorb part of Lucic’s cap hit to make it palatable for the Canadiens. Even then, the remaining years of his contract could be a deal breaker.


THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline recently reported Columbus Blue Jackets pending UFA defenseman Ian Cole is open to re-signing if he gets “the right offer” from the Jackets. Cole was acquired in February from the Pittsburgh Penguins in a three-way deal involving the Ottawa Senators and is completing a three-year deal worth an annual average value of $2.1 million. “He quickly became a stalwart for the Blue Jackets, joining David Savard on the No. 2 pair and the top penalty-kill unit,” writes Porzline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Blue Jackets have over $61.6 million invested in 19 players. Boone Jenner, Oliver Bjorkstrand and Ryan Murray are their restricted free agents and will all seek raises this summer. The Jackets aren’t expected to re-sign Jack Johnson and Thomas Vanek but could bring back Cole and Mark Letestu if their salary demands are realistic. They must also keep sufficient long-term cap space open for Artemi Panarin, Zach Werenski and Sergei Bobrovsky, who will become free agents next summer. 




  1. Tom Dundon has painted himself in a corner with respect to Carolinas goaltending. He said major changes were coming and his job was to find better players at every position. He also said winning is more important than money. So what kind of message does it send to the team and fans to bring Darling back instead of Ward. He either has to replace both goalies or get a starter to replace Darling and sign Cam as the back up.

    • Dundon said winning was more important than money…and then he only offered $400,000 for his open GM role and ended up with Atlanta Thrasher legend Don Waddell running his team.

      His actions have yet to match his words even once since he bought the Canes.

      • & Waddell was already President. Everyone Dudoin approached declined & it may not have just been monies that factored in.

        I like Rick Dudley but Don Waddell is a failure.

      • The only good trades Atlanta ever made were made by Dudley. Good to unplug D-Wad’s trade phone

    • perhaps Wadds makes a bold move and offers up Darling, the 2nd overall and Hanafin for Patches & Price???? If I am MTL I do it then run for the American order for asylum.

  2. Ian Cole remains criminally underrated.

    Matt Hunwick…yeah. Still have no idea what they were thinking there.

    • MG
      Can I have an Amen!!!

    • Not sure how Hunwick has last in the league this long.

    • It’s easy to talk from 20-20 hindsight.

      • Go read my comments the day he was signed.

        Zero hindsight here.

    • Brendan Smith for Hunwick and NYR hold 250k ?

      penny don’t trying matching $$ for $$ again LOL….the reason to trade off Smith to to free cap….

      • Ha-ha!

      • IHC…. I stick with my original offer plus I’ll buy you a beer

  3. I don’t think lethera will be bought out. With the flyers having plenty of cap Space there is no need for that. I would prefer playing him on the fourth line or at worsein the minors and getting him off the books for next year. A buyout keeps him on the books when Provorov salary increase kicks in.

    The only caveat is if they big game hunting and land Tavares. Then they may need some cap space.

    • expensive 4th liner but you’re right no buy out would be better long term decision, do you think they go after any big fish at all if so who and where do you think simmonds will be traded to?

      • I wouldn’t be shocked if OEL becomes available they try to package the Blues #1 and prospects in a package.

        Another possibility is a player like Spezza. He can replace Fillipulla as 3rd line Center. He can serve as a place holder until Morgan Frost is ready.

        In addition to Lehtera coming off the books next June, Andrew McDonald and gudas come off the books the following year. Opening up more cap space.

      • I have always felt OEL will be extended on July 1st. All indications are he likes playing in the desert & 8.25 for 8 years is good market value. He would get more next summer as a UFA but I get the feeling he wants to stay.

        I also think his friend Hjalmarsson will be extended simultaneously as well perhaps a few days later.

        Arizona is very close to taking a major step up. Still, not a playoff team but all that youth will be getting better & it took over 1/2 the season but it started to come together in the 2nd 1/2 pof last season.

    • I believe Phi only gets 950K in cap relief if sent to the minors. Keeping him for 1 more season may make sense. I always he assumed when he was acquired it was a contract dump by StL & Phi would buy him out this summer but Hextall’s clouded that.

  4. Cole will look at 4 mil a year on the open market. Maybe slightly less with decent term.

    Most of those teams with buy out candidates should explore trades holding 50% of salary. Most of those players have value at half salary and the trading team is on the hook for the extra years.

    • Chrisms

      I concur … if a player was absolutely so bad before (not worth 1/2 value)…. why weren’t they bought out

      Spezza @ $3.75M …. lots of teams willing to go that for one year….. what’s he worth in trade at $3.75??? 3rd line centre that can pop on wings???? Maybe a prospect /3rd? Dally saves $3.75 M this year on cap compared to buyout …. and would not have $$2.5M hit in 19/20

      Now …. TWSNBN ….. that’s another story… there has to be some team that will pick him up for $1.12 M for 2 more years …. future considerations (which as history has proved …. can amoint to nothing or never come to fruition)…. Pens save $1.12M in cap this year and next…. compared to $1.50 this year and next but then hitting cap ($.750M) in yr 3 and 4

      ….. pens please don’t buy him out ….GMJR… beg on your knees for a taker at 50%

    • I could possibly live with 4 at 4 for Cole, ideally nominally less. He has become a solid 4/5 Dman that can play difficult minutes, is that the cost now for that asset in the NHL?

      Holding 1/2 a players salary depends on the term for me & the player. Does Dal want to pay Spezza 3.75 to play for someone else or 2.4 & change per for 2 years? Do they need the cap space more this year or next, does that even factor in?

  5. Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had an interesting nugget, if true…

    He said last year the Pens wanted to bring back one of Chris Kunitz or Matt Cullen for their fourth line, but not both. They focused on Cullen, lost Kunitz and then got neither when Cullen went home to Minnesota.

    Tampa is evidently going to move on from Kunitz, despite him having a very nice year. For the right price, Kunitz would be a nice piece for the Pens to have around.

    • MG
      Would Kunitz sign for $1M? I think beyond that figure they have to re-evaluate

      • The reality is, if they re-sign all their RFAs, there are 14-15 forwards in the Pens organization that are better players than Kunitz is at this point in his career. There’s is really no reason to bring Kunitz back and have to play him over a younger, cheaper, more talented player. Sometimes you just have to believe “out with the old and in with the new.”

    • Give me kuni over kuni any day!

      • Going back to yesterday, I wouldn’t rebrand ROR. There have been PLENTY of Rangers I could not stand. ROR would be just another one of them.

        My biggest problem with the guy… He signed a deal with Buffalo, and should have had a full understanding of the state that team was in. He was brought in to be a part of the solution. Instead, he’s part of the problem. Divided locker room, and supposedly, he’s one of the reasons why. I don’t have any respect for Eichel either.

        These are players that should be leading the charge of change and culture in that room… Not ones dividing and fracturing it.

        I always liked ROR… prior to this years bs. I’d have zero problems still not liking him in a Ranger jersey. I don’t have that kind of homer in me. To start… again why trade Stepan, who was never problematic, cheaper, production is virtually the same. For a more expensive, bitter ROR? Does anyone see him as a legitimate solution in NY, Regardless of his attitude?

        I spent the entire year arguing the direction I thought NY was taking and needing with Striker…. Did anything I say this year strike you as being a homer waving Pom-poms? If it did, I don’t think you were paying attention.

        If I could bring myself to say things like “this team isn’t good enough, ” “they should explore trading Mcdonagh ” Lundqvist contract, Staal contract, Smiths contracts are terrible…. I’m positive you wouldn’t see me cheering on ROR.

      • How do you know the Sabres have a divided locker room are you inside the room? Just because a few out of town reporters or hockeybuzz guys claim this doesn’t mean it’s true. I thought the same thing for a week until I saw Eichel and ROR out on town together laughing and then attending a Bills game once again laughing and having fun standing next to each other. ROR’s comments at end of year about losing love for game was way overblown, the guy was just upset with being on a last place team, his follow up interviews he explained himself, anyone who can have a good time on a last place team is not a player I want and Buffalo does have many guys who are used to losing. Personally I would keep ROR for another season and play Middlestadt at left wing with Jack then trade ROR at deadline or draft following year.

        for people saying Eichel is a coach killer, not one player liked Dan Bylsma he had poor communications with players. One day he would tell Eichel to be creative then in news he would say he wants him to play conservative.

      • How do you know it’s not true? Are you in the locker room?

        Overblown? Lol. If any NY Ranger said things like ROR, I’d be screaming trade, buyout, etc.

        Again, this guy was brought in, on a VERY generous contract to be a part of the solution. Perhaps he should think twice before making public comments like that.

        What does a comment like that say to EVERY single player in that locker room? Spin it any way you want. Things are far from “fun” in Buffalo. Dead last with these players… Dead last! Do you really think things get worse by shipping that guy out? Can they finish 32nd out of 31?

        For a guy that constantly has things to say about every team and player in the league….. you may want to take an honest look at what’s going on in Buffalo! You’re entitled or feel you are to basically pick apart everyone…. maybe you should be less sensitive to Buffalo criticism.

        They didn’t get that 1st by being good….

      • There were more than a few players at the bills game….. in December… 2 months into the season and a bunch of months before the whining. Google… it was basically for fans, not because they’re Bf’s

      • NYR$LIFE…agreed… i wanna player with heart above talent anyway of the week BUT…..the potential for it to alleviate defensive matches ups for Hayes and allow him to grow offensively might be too good to pass up especially if offering up 2 RFAs. BUFF needs multi-players and all all positions. I still see if Nammer and Spoons gets it done….if not….stick with what ya have for another year…provided they can sign them both to 1 yr deals…. but depth at center is keep to long term success and Zucc and the others own the locker room here……they would be infectious on ROR and not the other way around…..

      • you’re reading to much into it NY. The point was NY has accepted many players, many of its star players over the past couple decades, with similar or worse baggage than ROR. If he was traded for allt hat would be washed away by ny fans. a “player without heart” would become “a player with hearnt now that he is out of buffalo.” It’s what happens all the time with all fan bases. anyone saying they wouldnt want ror on their team simply because of that statement he made is being disingenuous.. even if its to themselves.

      • ROR – Everyone just needs to relax abit. He has been on a bunch a crappy teams and nobody wants to be there. Better have a guy admit how he feels than have one that takes the paycheck and does not care. The first 31st place team in NHL history and nobody wants to be there.

        You only trade ROR if somebody comes along and offers you a deal you cannot refuse – young wingers.

        Sabres’ fans – just be happy you finally got rid of Murray.

      • The problem with that 4th Hanson, he already took that check! He was moved from Colorado to Buffalo and singed an extension. Why sign an extension with a team just as bad or worse than Colorado?

        It’s not like he was coming off an elc , someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m positive he was nearing UFA. Why not ride it out and sign Somewhere in better shape? Was he expecting some sort of miracle turn around?

      • NYR- nobody could have expected Buffalo to be this bad this long. Murray has a lot to do with that. I’d be sick of losing too. Waste of a career.

  6. Dundon was penny pinching to fill out his GM and head coaching positions. What makes you think he’ll spend money to buy out a player like Darling?

    Kovalchuk loved playing for Deboer in NJ, and always respected Lamoriello, so I’d think the Sharks and Islanders would be the top contenders for him

    and as long as Bergevin is GM, count on him making a bad trade to acquire Lucic from the Oilers

    • Canes need to give Darling one more season. They are kinda suck with him for at least one more season.

      • I agree & hope his struggles last season were just a mental tick in his development. That said they need to bring in a solid veteran in case he sucks again, bring back Ward or sign a player like Halak.

      • Chicago isn’t going to take him back either, not with that contract.

      • It depends on how the deal is structured but rumours have been floating around about a Darling, Faulk deal with Chi for the last 3 days.

        What if Car takes back Hossa’s cap hit, solves cap issues for Chi over the summer before Hossa can be put on LTIR, draft picks & a prospect of some nature?

        Hossa is only being paid a mil but insurance will pay 80% of that & Carolina can afford the cap hit. They have bags of cap space.

        No idea how this deal would be structured but Carolina may want out from Darlings contract. The 1 major error Francis made was listening to whoever sold him on that deal.

      • Striker, Francis probably listened to the same person that sold him on Eddie Lack. He made the same mistake twice.

  7. Kinda surprised that the Wild are giving up on Ennis after just one season.

    • It was just a salary dump to facilitate the Scandella, Pominville trade. His future was a buyout in Min this summer. At 3.65 in salary to Pominville’s 5 a slightly cheaper buyout.

      • It’s too bad, the kid has talent but frankly, he’s just too small and injury-prone for the NHL game.

      • Agreed. Has never been the same player that formed a dynamite line with Girgensons & Moulson years ago. Injuries derailed what looked to be a decent career.

  8. Gaborik had back surgery so unless Ott gets a 2nd buyout window due to player arbitration Gaborik won’t be eligible to be bought out. He won’t be fit to play by the 1st buyout window which I believe opens 48 hours after the cup is hoisted?

    I doubt that Clb would buyout Dubinsky with 3 years at 5.875 in salary & cap hit to go but NYR did buyout Girardi under a similar contract, he had 3 years at 5, 4 & 4 but I felt that was a mistake, as signing Smith with Giardi’s buy out cost NYR more money than just keeping Girardi.

    Hextall as said he isn’t buying out Lehtera twice now & who knows what Carolina is doing, rumours are the new owners cheap & buying out Darlings 3 remaining years is expensive & then he needs to be replaced. There were rumours this weekend of Chi being interested in a package with either Hanafin or Faulk?

    I’d say the remainder are likely although someone may take Spezza if enticed to.

    • Frankly, I worry about the future of the Canes in Raleigh. Carolina looks as doomed as Atlanta did 10 years ago.

      • Agreed but Dudoin’s purchase agreement with the NHL keeps them in Carolina for at least 7 more years, possibly 6 depending upon if last season counted or not.

        Dudoin shouldn’t have terminated Francis. He restructured this roster exceptional well in all areas except in net.

    • Striker. . Stop using Smith signing to attack Girardi buyout!! It was warranted. He’s horrible… ..Rangers needed changes on defense. Cap isn’t an issue. Smith signing was a mistake but has no bearing on G buyout

  9. The #1 PK unit in Clb was Jones & Murray. Yes Cole joined Savard on the 2nd pairing but in his 20 regular season games, he was 6th in TOI/GP for D in Clb & 5th in PK TOI/GP. In the playoffs 5th in TOI/GP & 4th in PK TOI/GP.

    No slight to Cole but someone is going to overpay this Dman. Cole can play as a 4/5 & provide solid PK skills but at what cost? If more than 3 years at 3.75 I keep looking. Rumours in Pit were he wanted 4+.

    • AGREED!!!!!! Cole is not worth the $5m he will be seeking… very serviceable but not a true minute munching top 4 Dman.

      CMB here in NYR land we have a guy already signed if you want him and we’ll give him to you for “future considerations”

      you may have heard of him…… Brendan Smith…… =)

      • Alzner signed for 5 years at 4.25 with Mon last summer as a UFA which surprised me after playing 1st pairing minutes in Was for years with Carlsson. I thought he’d get more term & salary.

        Who would you prefer to have Alzner or Cole? I would have though Alzner in a walk but he looked lost in Mon last season. His pairing with Petry was an unmitigated disaster.

      • Pardon me dropped the 6, Alzner got 4.625

      • Striker….i would like Alzner BUT the age of this group will not compete for a cup in the next 3 years so best to get max value for a player like him and clear long term cap space …so trading for Orpik who is up at the end of the year is perfect….. Orpik mentors some youth D and then next season they do not resign him and play youth. I would say grab some draft pick as well and fill the cupboards..

        problem too is Petry is the only pairing that makes sense and it clearly did not work out so best to move on..

      • I don’t know what Bergevin & Jeff Moulson are trying to do in Mon. This team isn’t structured to rebuild if it is why give Price 8 years at 10.5 with a full NMC, trade for Weber, Shaw, sign Alzner as a UFA, etc.

        I don’t see Mon trading for Orpik, I assume Was will have to buy him out as they can’t afford his cap hit. I guess they could pay someone to take him off their hands but to what purpose.

        Montreal’s D appears set potentially if anything their current 8 has to many left-handed Dman.

        Weber RD, Petry RD, Alzner LD, Benn LD, Schlemko LD, Juulsen RD, Mete LD & Murphy LD. All are signed & all need to clear waivers except for Mete & Juulsen.

        Trading Benn or Schlemko won’t return much if anything. Trading Alzner might but his modified NTC only allows for 7 teams. I think Petry & Alzner will be broken up next season hopefully but we have seen lots of coaches try to cram a round peg into a square hole.

      • Still never understood why St. Louis basically gave up on Ian Cole. I thought he showed promise there, though the Pens certainly got some mileage out of him.

        Alzner – 20 goals in 673 career games. Not much offense. Never understood why the Habs gave Petry the contract he got – never been impressed with his game.

      • Some players just get buried, who knows why, we get stipends of rumours. StL. never gave Cole a chance.

  10. Still think MB in MTL should look to move Petry/A.Shaw for Spezza or maneuver other salaries around not including Weber, Drouin or Galchenyuk….. to retool this team for more cap space and draft picks to rebuild their farm.

    Offer Alzner to WSH for Orpik. Frees up cap after the end of the season
    Offer Schlemko back to SJ for Martin
    Offer Price to CAR for Darling, Hanafin and the 2nd overall
    Does AZ want Patches for the #4? Can they just keep taking youth only and hope to progress?
    Offer A.SHaw to EDM for Lucic ($1.5 m retained) & 10th overall then flip Lucic to a team that has been looking for him like VAN. Perhaps Lucic (via MTL) & 2nd rd pick for the #7 overall.


    MTL needs to acquire assets and clear the roster out…. will be worth it to rebuild them….

    • Since Chyka took over as GM in May 2016 he traded for & signed pending UFA Goligoski, L. Schenn; to buy time, Stepan, Hjalmarsson, Raanta, Demers, Panik & Kruger.

      I assume this summer he will continue to add some veteran depth with at least 1 player at forward, ideally a #3 RW but I could see him adding a Dman as well to solidify the 3rd pairing either via trade or UFA signing.

      I’m not sure it serves Arz well to be dressing Dvorak & Strome in the 2 3 slots at C, that’s a ton of youth so perhaps a veteran #2/3 C is brought in pushing Dvorak to LW & Panik to RW on the 3rd line.

      I though Arz would be competitive last season but they really struggled to adapt adding numerous new players, a new coach & system.

      Domi, Stepan, Keller.
      Perlini, Dvorak, Fischer.
      Panik, Strome, Merkely/? trade UFA signing.
      Cousins, Kruger, Archibald.
      Spare. Dauphin.

      Move wingers around any way you want & again Panik could move to RW on the 3rd line to allow Dvorak to move to LW on the 2nd lined if a #2/3 veteran C; Bozak/Thornton/Stastny is brought in to buy time for Strome to develop into the role.

      The future looks incredibly bright in Arz just a question of when. Chayka has completely rebuilt their D in 2 summers, the kids are ready to advance, they have a ton of cap space & could afford to cut their 1st round pick with so much youth on the roster & in the system.

      • exactly!!! trade the # 4 for Patches….. and perhaps use some of their youth forward talent to fill a bigger need if any….

      • Arz picks 5th & I’m not giving that up for a pending UFA. Even if signed to a reasonable extension I think I’d prefer to spend the pick on the prospect available. Tkachuk or 1 of the D, not Dahlin appeal to me more.

        Arz doesn’t need a LW Domi, Perlini or even possibly Dvorak are LW’s if he doesn’t play C.

        I’m thinking a lesser light not someone that will cost that much in trade & want to much money to sign long term.

    • ihatecrosby: That trade doesnt make sense for EDM. Especially if they keep 1.5m. If you do A.Shaw + 2nd (35th) for Lucic (no salary retained) + 10th overall that makes more sense.
      Then you can do Lucic (1.5m retained) + 2nd (38th) + Sherback for 7th overall
      And even then, those are ps4 moves.

      • another PS4 move that happened was Gomez to MTL for McDonagh. lol

        a lot of PS4 moves that have happened…

        so ya never know =)

  11. With all the youth in AZ they will have issues with contracts coming over over the coming years so any veterans grabbed in the off season are either stop gaps or need to be on longer term deals so they can manage the finances without guessing.
    Once OEl and his buddy Nick are locked up they will explore other things.

    As for CbJ and JJ, where does he go and for what price?

    • Det 5 mil per for 5 years.

  12. the oil and there faithful fans and media of which I am one continually run players out of town after one bad year lucic presence on the bench never mind the ice gives Mcdavid acers of room on the ice no one takes liberties with McD with loosh there so he had abad year his pride will bring him back a completely changed player enough with running out the likes of Schultz and eberle and so on after one bad year be aware klefbom your on there radar

    • Well said.

    • lucic, nor any player since the instigator penalty, has ever stopped players from taking liberties.

      • I disagree, I think it makes you think twice & if Lucic is on the ice you had better know where he is, which has you looking over your shoulder.

      • Lucic, Wilson, Ryan Reaves – give me any of these guys on my team, any day. You better believe Lucic stops guys from taking liberties – cuz if you hit McDavid, you are gonna pay.

        Watch July 1 – Ryan Reaves is gonna get paid. And not because he can score goals or do pirouettes.

      • such bologna. Tom Wilson took cheap shots at the Knights, some borderline suspendable shots, with reaves on the ice! let alone the bench. no one is going to avoid rubbing out McDavid because Lucic is sitting there. They hit McDavid, Lucic comes out and charges after one of the other players… Lucic gets the penalty and then their team is on the PP. during reaves tenure in stl… when he was acknowledged as the premier enforcer of the league… stl had the second most suspensions against opponents for dirty hits placed against stl players. good job reaves! really kept those other teams heads on a swivel. Anyone who actually believes that crap deserves to have a lucic crawling up and down the ice with brick hands for 6 mil a year.

      • Reaves will take a rain check on Wilson. He’s certainly not going to go after him in the finals. They have gone a few times before.

        I will take Lucic, but not at $6M a year.

        Finally, R.I.P. Pie McKenzie.

  13. Hahahahaa
    Ihatecrosby …i know we legalized weed the other day but wont be for sale for 2 to 3 months bud!
    Lucic and the 10th for shaw???
    Then lucic and a second rounder for the 7th overall?
    Exactly how do u figure lucic is worth shaw ( but have to pawn off the 10th..).then all the sudden lucic and a middle 2nd round pick are worth the 7th overall?
    Hahahhahahaahah unbelievable!!

    • never said they are worth what I typed…. those are suggestions and not foregone conclusions…..
      Lyle wrote EDM would have to hold $ or send a pick to grab player…with lower term or cap or trade off bad contract for bad contract…. i merely enhanced it all by combining the philosophies =). Would Lucic and the 10th be overpayment for Shaw…YES! clearly…but if you were MB would you not suggest it and see what else needs to be added to get that tenth overall and perhaps already knowing you can flip Lucic and not have to retain him? Van needs someone… would they give EDM the #7 for Lucic? prob not but if they got additional things ie 2nd rd pick amongst other picks or prospects…maybe…… so add the 2nd rd pick, McCarron and Lucic for the #7 overall and another pick.

      all conversation starters….. =)

    • the big new trend (finally) is playing younger guys and the reason they mainly do is not just speed but primarily they are COST CONTROLLED. Salary cap and term. The economy appears well but trust me….. every business is preparing to trade tariff wars and subsequent indirect costs as well as market fluctuations bc the economy is cyclical and we have been on an uptick for 8 years now……

      They know McD and Leon D salaries kick in and need some $$/cap space back to keep profitable….. trading off Lucic for a shorter term and lower cap hit is what they want to do. if it means giving the 10th overall to do it…they just may eat it this year for long term $$ relief. Pockets aren’t as deep as everyone thinks.

      • Draisaitl’s contract kicked in last season.

        You can’t really compare sports to the real world. The biggest issue would be the Canadian dollar as if it declines significantly that’s a problem that can impact the cap significantly.

        Edm doesn’t have a cap issue today. The #’s work based on the current salary & contract structure. The roster is littered with youth, they will get better, especially defensively.

        I think for the most part what you see in Edm is what you get. They could acquire a RW option for McDavid but they may wait & see if Rattie, Puljujarvi or Yamamoto can play with him.

        As I suggest the other day moving out Russell with other assets possibly this years or next years 1st might make sense. Hoffman can play RW, although I prefer him at LW, would he work with McDavid?

        Russell & this years 10th overall for Hoffman?

      • Lucic and the 10th pick for Zucharello,Smith and the 26th pick

      • slick take out zucchini and lucid and you have a deal Smith for the 10th overall L OL

  14. EDM will have to pay big time to rid of Lucic; for anyone to listen to offers, EDM will have to withhold a chunk of his salary [$1.5 M range], & offer a prospect or draft pick. And be willing to take back a bad contract as part of the package.

    • Oil isn’t gonna get rid of him so they better find a better way to use him. Lucic will be an Oiler for a few more seasons.

      Best Edmonton can hope for is a work stoppage – and the addition of a buyout similar to the one teams received in the last work stoppage.

      I’d keep him anyhow to make sure nobody touches McDavid.

      • A work stoppage is coming. I don’t see the NHLPA or the NHL opting out early in the 1st window. The NHL wants changes that the players don’t want to give willingly but will get almost all regardless having to give something back.

        The players that have been signing long-term lockout protected deals kick in hard following the 2020-21 season. Last I read 160 mil will be paid to players whether the NHL plays games in 2021-22 or not.

        Under the current bylaws of the NHL I believe Bettman only needs the support of 12 board of governors to impose his will.

    • Why would they do so? What’s gained in that scenario?

      Why not just keep him & readdress down the road.

      Does anyone here think Lucic can’t bounce back next season to 20 to 25 goals & 50 to 55 points, being a solid physical presence? I assume he will do just that, if not in Edm then elsewhere.

      Lucic’s #’s were an aberration last season a statistical anomaly, it happens all the time. His career shooting % is 13.7, last season was 6.8 actually dragging down his career average. The odds of probability don’t support him being that bad again. He just turned 30 3 days ago, his game was never built on speed.

      I assume these are the same people that wrote of Duchene, Barrie, Sakic & Col.

      • The more I look at this, I’d be happy with Lucic, if it meant unloading Smith to Edm..Rangers traded away Miller,Nash, Grabner.. all left wings ( sometimes right). Good chance Zucharello gets moved. Adding a big body to lineup against guys like Wilson in Washington… and he can chip in 20 goals per…For a team that is rumored to be interested in Kovulchuk at same price for 2-3 years maybe Lucic a better all around move considering we get Smith off books…. Also, zero chance we trade for ROR, unless same deal, they take back Smith… maybe a blockbuster deal where we get Ristolainen too!!

  15. Re Lucic…. Ed should pay SB on 1/7 … after that about $22.5 left for 5 years… retain 50% and receiving team gets at worst a solid (pun doubly intended) 3rd line winger effectively for $2.25M per for 5 seasons…. 25% take back they get him effectively for $3.38 M per…. he is definitely worth between $2.25 and $3.4… so what would a team trade to get that … and which teams would/should be interested… I would think Van would consider him in that range… home town product and all that …thoughts?

  16. Heck …. at $2.25M …. Pens could offer up TWSNBN…. uh? Was that my out loud voice??? Dang …. daydreaming again….. sorry I jest …..

    However …. the more I think about it… and adding to the realty ; as Sriker has pointed out; that ML’s poor 17/18 season more likely an aberration and not norm going forward … there has to be at least 6 teams willing to take him at $2.25 …. what’ll they offer up ?

  17. Striker … ponying on the idea that Lucic will rebound … I also believe this … and I often believe that a change of scenery will help many players… Ed looking for faster winger… here’s a thought …. Sheary/Lucic swap … to be equal financially … Ed pays SB then takes back 1/3rd … Ed definitely gets faster (and younger) …. I truly believe with the “change is as good [if not better than] as a rest) that both teams will get more points from their incoming player in 18/19 than their exiting player provided in 17/18

    This is an unfair trade as it is with Ed benefitting in speed and age

    Pens gain in physicality and size but trade still not even

    Ed has to give up more ……. or …. wait for it…. accept TWSNBN as part of the deal

    Eds penalty for gaining speed and youth is 2 years of TWSNBN on the payroll

    Both teams gain in points (under my assumption above)

    Pens gets grit; size ; a useless D and opens up $2.25 M in cap room

    Yours in Christ


    • That should have said Pens get rid of a useless D

    • Not sure Christ woulda referred to hunwick in such disparaging terms….

      • Prob correct Chrisms … but I’m nowhere near a perfect Christian …. and TWSNBN brings the worst out in me

        I will say 10 hail Mary’s

      • Pengy would you trade Hunwick and Hags for Lucic & 10th overall?? nothing retained either side