Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 3, 2018

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Latest on Drew Doughty, Max Pacioretty and John Carlson, plus updates on the Carolina Hurricanes and Vancouver Canucks in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

The LA Kings are reportedly discussing a contract extension with defenseman Drew Doughty (Photo via NHL Images).


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports contract-extension talks are going well between the Los Angeles Kings and defenseman Drew Doughty are going well. Doughty is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July but the Kings can re-sign him to an extension on July 1 of this year at the earliest. There’s nothing preventing the Kings from gauging what he’d be seeking on his next deal. Kypreos believes Doughty won’t get much more than $10.5 million or maybe $11 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Last fall, Doughty suggested he’d prefer earning more than Nashville Predators blueliner P.K.Subban ($9 million annually) on his next contract. He’s also expressed his desire to remain in Los Angeles. If the Kings are offering around $10.5 million per season, that should get it done.

Kypreos noted the Vegas Golden Knights had interest in Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson leading up to the Feb. 26 trade deadline, but he wonders if they might pursue Washington’s John Carlson for a fraction of the cost. Karlson is slated to become a UFA next summer, while Carlson is eligible this July 1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carlson hopes to re-sign with the Capitals and they want to retain him. Still, if he hits the open market this summer, I think Golden Knights general manager George McPhee (who drafted Carlson when he was GM of the Capitals) will pursue him. Provided, of course, he hasn’t already landed a big fish such as Karlsson before July 1. 

With winger Evander Kane off the market, Elliotte Friedman reports some teams looking to the free-agent market for a scoring winger have inquired about Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty. The 29-year-old Canadiens captain is due next summer for UFA status. Friedman thinks those teams are wondering what he’d want for a contract extension and speculated over the possibility of a “sign-and-trade” scenario.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was recently reported the Canadiens have had preliminary contract talks with the Pacioretty camp. Friedman’s report will add a little more intrigue to this story. If teams are interested in the Canadiens winger, it’s understandable that they’ll want assurances they can get him under contract before his UFA eligibility next summer.


NHL.COM: Adam Kimelman recently reported Carolina Hurricanes general manager Don Waddell believes his roster needs some changes after missing the playoffs for the past nine years. While he doesn’t intend to engage in a fire sale, he feels there are some players who’ve been with the Hurricanes for a long time that could need a fresh start. He believes his goaltending needs improvement, adding it’s up to Scott Darling to prove himself as their starter. He also didn’t rule out bringing back pending free-agent netminder Cam Ward.

Waddell also admitted he’s received some offers for his first-round pick (second overall) but he’s telling teams he’s keeping that selection. “If you want to present something to me, it’s my role as general manager to listen to what you have to say. If someone wants to put a package together that we can’t say no to, assets for the organization and where we’re headed, we would look at it, but it’s going to be very difficult for somebody to get that pick from us.”

THE PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma recently noted there are trade rumors linking the Canucks to Hurricanes defenseman Noah Hanifin. He said the asking price would be steep. “The Hurricanes aren’t looking for picks or a mid-range prospect. They have those. They would want the No. 7 selection and a prime, young, roster player to make a deal happen.”

Kuzma is also skeptical over the notion of the Hurricanes trading the 21-year-old Hanifin when he’s coming off a career year, pointing out defensemen usually don’t reach their prime until they’re 26 or 27. Adding another left-shot defenseman would also muddle things for the Canucks, who already have plenty of lefties on the blueline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kuzma also believes young Canucks such as “Brock Boeser, Bo Horvat, Elias Pettersson, Adam Gaudette, Jonathan Dahlen and Thatcher Demko are untouchables.” I think the Hurricanes would want one of those players, along with the seventh overall pick, as part of the return for Hanifin. That’s likely far more than the Canucks would be willing to pay.



  1. If the Kings honour Doughty’s asking price then he is staying put. Not saying others wouldn’t offer the same but the only way he leaves is if a team has the cap space. The Oilers would struggle to pay him and the Leafs have too many up and coming that they will have to pay at some point. And many teams are in a similar position as these two. I bet this causes many teams to inquire about John Carlson. A great defence man at a more affordable cost. Not only that why would Doughty leave LA after spending his whole career there unless he feels there is no more opportunity to win?

    • I agree, if the money is decent Doughty stays in L.A. Unlike Tavares he’s already won a Cup so he can base his decision on money and location instead of chance of winning.

      Carlsons a good choice as a fallback, not quite at Doughtys level but solid. I get the feeling though that someone is going to overpay to sign him.

  2. The best thing the Kings could do right now is trade Doughty (maybe sign and trade) and/or Kopitar while they have significant value for younger less expensive players. Try to rebuild on the fly. They are 1-3 years as a team from being the current Red Wings.

    • I agree with you about Doughty and I was contemplating the same re Kopitar. This team isn’t winning and their brand of hockey is so very boring to watch. I saw 1 1/2 hours of a game against Vegas during the first round and had to change the channel completely bored out of my mind. Kings need to revamp the team to one that scores more and is more fun to watch. Doughty is a good player but not worth $10.5-$11M for 8 years. Trade him and bundle Brown with him in order to rid Brown’s cap hit.

      • I’m not sure we watched the same series. I’m with Bobby Mac. The LA/Vgs series was awesome, low scoring but not from a lack of opportunities. The shots, PP opportunities were all high. I’m not sure another series had as many hits as this 4 game sweep.

        Just because the games were low scoring didn’t make them boring. The flow was great, Quick was unbelievable but LA just couldn’t score. MAF played great but Quick was even better.

        LA has been transitioning to youth & speed. This is a very good team & there will be no pulling the plug. Youth is coming & developing at the NHL level but you can’t just flip a switch. Kopitar & Doughty will be kings for a very long time yet.

        Kopitar’s NMC moves to a modified NTC in 2020-21 & as long as he’s effective regardless of age he isn’t going anywhere an elite 2 way C & Doughty will be a king even longer.

    • In your opinion, what would the return look like for Doughty as a potential rental, and what would the return be if the Kings signed him to a long term deal and traded him as a sign and trade? My feeling is that it wouldn’t be too much different. A first round pick(maybe 2), along with an A level prospect and a B level prospect? Two A level prospects?

  3. Wondering what Carlson will get on his next contract – $7M/7 years?

    • 4thHB
      I must be up front that I have not watched Carlson very much at all B4 this year and my viewing of him this year is heavily skewed to playoffs … with that in mind and with a quick review of what his recent production is; and his age…. I believe it will be $8M per and term will be 7 or 8(Wsh)… again limited knowledge of him … my best guess

      • $8M may be more realistic – especially with the cap going up this year, leaving more teams a little more cap money to play with. Carlson is a 2nd tier dman, but he’s still gone get paid and term.

    • Perhaps more, depends on if he stays or goes in Was. If he truly tests the UFA market & simply goes with the highest bidder I would assume as much as 2 mil more. I’d gladly pay Carlson PK monies to play for my team if in need.

      • You know Striker, this is another upcoming free agent that should have been locked up a long time ago. Caps should not have let the player get this close to free agency. Very, very few players give out hometown discounts anymore. Carlson sure won’t.

  4. And the Canes are not trading Hanifin, no way whatsoever.

  5. I can’t imagine Washington letting Carlson go. Don’t see him or Doughty signing with different teams. Also makes no sense for Canes to trade Hanifin. Can we just skip today’s rumors Lyle? Lol. What else you hearing?

  6. Canucks should move Jake Virtanen and Sven Baertchi as young roster players with their first round pick this year. A couple of large Holes with the twins gone that need to be filled. Also their backend is suspect and they need help in a couple of areas. Not sure Gaudette and Jonathan Dahlen are ready for prime time

    • You think the Canucks will trade away Virtanen, Baertschi AND their 7th round pick to fill the gap left by HBenrik Sdein’s 3 goals and Daniel’s 22 goals? Canucks have stars-in-the-making lined up and ready to play. You must hate the Canucks.

      • I am not a hater just looked at their roster.
        Daniel second on the team for goals and points and Henrick third for points. Like a said a couple of big holes especially when Sutter goes down and Gagne folds in the second half.
        Ericksson can’t be the answer.

    • Baertchi can go…Virtanen is slowly getting it together.
      Most would agree Dahlen and Gaudette would benefit from a year in Utica.

      When I think of Don Waddell, I think of yhe guy that drafted Patrik Stefan for the Thrashers 1st ever pick. Also think of the guy that once coughed up a 4th OA for Alexi Zhitnik. Coughed up large for 4 weeks of wayyy aged Keith Tkachuk along with countless other blunders that set that team back.

      If Canucks can pry Noah Hanifin out of Car, I hope it doesnt involve the #7

    • It’s hard to piece the Canucks potential roster for next season together in early June but here is where they are at present. Waivers are in play for Goldobin, Gaunce, Leipsic & Chaput. I assume the Canucks would be willing to lose Chaput on waivers but not Goldobin & ideally probably not Leipsic or Gaunce but Goldobin stays in the NHL or he gets traded, if waived he will be taken.

      That said the replacements for the Sedins are already in place essentially. The Canucks have cap space to do pretty much anything they want but I don’t think they plan anything crazy, the rebuild is getting a serious youth injection with the Sedins retired. Pettersson for sure & it sounds like Dahlen will be given every opportunity to play in the NHL, if that actually happens it will actually create a logjam of too many forwards at the NHL level unless trades happen.

      Baertschi, Horvat, Boeser.
      Pettersson, Sutter, Gagner.
      Goldobin, Gaudette, Eriksson.
      Leipsic, Granlund, Virtanen.
      Spare. Gaunce.

      Move the wingers around any way you want. Gagner can also play C & Granlund all 3 forward positions. Granlund & Sutter were the Cancuks shut down pairing, they manned the #1 PK & logged hard defensive minutes together when healthy. Sutter will move down as soon as another player is ready for 2nd line C minutes or perhaps Gagner plays that role until Pettersson or Gaudette are ready.

      Nothing really wrong with the Cancuks D either.

      Edler, Stetcher.
      Del Zotto, Tanev.
      Pouliot, Gubranson.
      Hutton, Biega.

      Not stellar but 7 NHL capable Dman with only 6 spots available. Hutton regressed last season but he & Stetcher are just kids with limited NHL experience. Hutton has only played 207 NHL regular season games, that means he’s still 3 years from fully developed at the NHL level. Something actually has to give here as having any of this 7 sit as a healthy scratch makes no sense.

  7. The Kings are falling down a hill, most of their core is old and signed long term, Not sure Doughty will be happy there in another year or two. Carter and Brown are 34 during next season and Kopitar signed for 10 million cap hit per year for 6 years, will he be worth 10 million at age 33-37? Not many forwards are worth anything past age 31. Sure Kopitar had 92 points this year but year before he had 50, who knows what he will bring in next few years.

    • I agree with you. Kopitar’s skating concerns me; right now he’s young and strong enough to compete against faster skaters but I wonder if this will still be the case in a couple or few years from now. I say keep him for now but should trade Doughty, Carter and Quick to restock with picks and prospects as well as to unload Brown’s and Phaneuf’s bad contracts.

    • Brown’s contract is one of the worst in the league.

    • Tiffoli just turned 26, Pearson will be 26 when next season starts, Iafallo 24 just completed his rookie season, Kempe 21 just completed his rookie season, Rieder was added just before the trade deadline he turned 25 in January on D Forbert just turned 26 & completed his 2nd full NHL season.

      Kids who have seen a few cups of coffee & are very close to NHL regulars. At D Fattenberg, & Ladue. At forward Broadzinski & Amadio. Prospects with NHL futures at D Brickley & forward Rempal UFA signing out of college. & you have Vilardi who could possibly step straight into the NHL but barring trades or him simply kicking the door down the business side of the NHL will hold him down until injuries hit.

      This is a really good team who have had 1 year to transition out of full D 1st to slowly opening it up. If Carter hadn’t missed 55 games LA may well have won the Pacific & their roster is fully intact moving forward & better than it was last season all ready & it’s June.

  8. From my understanding of the chatter from everyone here the Canes need a center….. so would this get it done??

    to CAR: Sutter, Hutton and the 7th overall
    to VAN: Hanafin & 3rd rd pick

    • Not sure Sutter would agree to go back to Car since he DOES have a bit of control of where he goes

    • IHC (and others re: Hanafin)… I’ll admit to my shortcomings of following very few ‘Lina games … and hence limited knowledge on (and less right to throw out opinion) …however having said that….I do see quite a good set of young D to build around ( and Hayden Fleury on the Horizon)…. I’d keep NH now…. yes he will get a good ($) contract and (at first glance) skewed spending (short term) on young D for a team out of playoffs likely again next year (and possibly following year)….but keep him this year.,.. HF maybe as a trade chip.

      Yes ‘Lina needs centre but also has to re-evaluate G position. If focus is on centre …. ROR is a good target …. Eichel wants him gone … and apparently whatever JE wants Pagula gets/gives.

      I will once again throw out one of my Timothy Leary induced dreams …. PK+TWSNBN+Brass for ROR+Scands; then flip ROR+Sheary+ either Hags or Rust for Staal (“getting the band back together) and Skin

      … fit wise ; $ wise ; needs wise works for 3 teams … happening … as with all of my Psychaedelic dreams …. Nyet

      KK… have at it … it’s Sunday …. I deserve it … going shopping soon ; so when I’m back … I expect a flurry like set of “Wilson” targeted hits

      …. yours in Christ


      • Already feeling the sting in that air …, but should have added …. Spring playing next year … and cap space freed up to aquire UFA winger

        …. have at it

      • Wilson like the volleyball 🏐 in castaway?

    • I disagree with everyone & anyone who says Carolina needs a C.

      They have Staal 1338, Rask 716 & Lindholm 793, those 3 with UFA Ryan 940 took virtually all the faceoffs for Carolina last season. Aho was 5th with 172.

      Necas will step straight into the NHL & most likely start as the #3 but his responsibilities will increase as rapidly as he can take them on, his addition will actually push Lindholm to RW where he is better served. & he will dislodge Rask as soon as able.

      No C is logging more minutes nor forward for that matter in Carolina than Stall who really plays as the #3 offensively but see’s the other teams best line & mans Carolina’s #1 PP & PK units.

      Carolina doesn’t need a C. They need a goalie & more time for all these kids all over the roster to continue developing.

      • Striker… I am inline to think consistent goaltending has been the achilles heal to the team. Could they use a true #1C that is a game breaker sure… but Vegas has show…win by committee WORKS!!!

        I am merely tossing ideas around for conversation…. to me….if they can find a younger cheaper Skinner to replace him then use Skinner as a trade chip to solidify a true need.

        Think Skinner to DET for Athanasiou plus works???

        Heck…they can fit Tavares under their cap very easily right now and have room in the future…..

      • I would not go out and trade for any of Carolina’s centers, if it truly cost me anything.

        Canes, Habs and Rangers all lack what you really need in the NHL – quality depth at center, you just can’t scrimp in the pivot positions.

      • Carolina does indeed need a center as I don’t think that Rask fits into their plans. A best, he was hurt and generally ineffective. At worst, he wasn’t *that* hurt and was just disinterested and spent some time in the press box. I’m hoping for the former. But until they see how he responds to his shoulder surgery, I don’t see him being anything better than a 4th C. Ryan is UFA and can’t necessarily be counted on at this stage. There is talk of moving Aho to C, but that only opens problems on the wing.

  9. Agreed. MB clearly is not in a position of strength to negotiate. I have this unnerve feeling MB is asking for a top young center back when that clearly is a non starter….bc no GM is giving their top #1 young cost controlled center away for someone a year away from UFA status.

    That being said, IF MB works to get a top top pick this year and another 1st in 2019 or 2020 then perhaps he can have a conversation starter. Allow teams to negotiate with Patches to help facilitate his value.

    EMD’s 10th overall is a potential option
    to EDM: Patches & Benn
    to MTL: Sekera & 10th overall
    Patches is a winger they need that can score and skate. Sekera being sent packing clears cap for Patches to they can make other moves. Swap Sekera for another defenseman is fine by me

    AZ’s 5th could be an option as AZ might want to take the next step from the bottom of the league
    to AZ: Patches & McCaroon
    to MTL: Domi & 5th overall
    or something where Patches and the 5th are the primary pieces

    VAN’s 7th is another option as they need to balance the roster
    to VAN: Patches, Schlemko & Shaw
    to MTL: 7th overall, Hutton, Dorsett, and 2019 1st rd pick

    many options for them

    • Hahahahahaha. Put down the Kool-aid.

    • Striker…it is summer.. Kool-Aid all day man….all day…. =)

    • I don’t really see how your proposed Arizona trade would benefit them, but your Canucks trade makes even less sense.

      Vancouver needs its first round picks this year and next. Its prospect pool is still shallow on defence and the team should be looking to stockpile picks, not trade them away for aging veterans. Also, the 2019 draft will be in Vancouver and there’s a realistic chance the team could be in position for its first-ever first overall pick (or another high pick).

      Unfortunately Derek Dorsett suffered a career-ending injury. He will not play pro hockey again. His contract won’t count towards cap space and the Canucks aren’t a budget team (the contract may be insured in any event).

      Pacioretty would not improve the Canucks.

    • Crosby hater, that Vancouversuggestion is a real fail. I love the Habs and Patches is a favourite as is Shaw but no way they get you two firsts. Those two guys alone are not going to bring Van the Cup. The Edm deal has something to it cause I do think PC is open to trading his 1st. The AZ suggestion might also work but I do not think Domi will be included. AZ does have a bit of a logjam in capable centre prospects that could interest the Habs so perhaps something can be worked out there.

  10. Mofo single finger typing … Sprong not Spring

  11. Ok I’ll take the bait. You guys that like to reinvent yourself & give yourself new names crack me up. Just be who you are.

    The return for Patches, if traded, will be at least a solid developing young NHL player & as much as Mon needs C’s no guarantee it is such, a very good prospect & picks. The pick will be at least a 1st & if from a team assumed to be a playoff team it would require an additional pick to offset the low selection.

    His 1 year to UFA status reduces his value but only somewhat & if a sign & trade or he is allowed to speak to the team wishing to acquire him it could be a trade & sign with futures attached for such.

    There will be at least a dozen bidders should Mon move him. I have no idea what Begavin & Moulson are doing I don’t think they do as well & I had Bergevin fired by last Christmas. This roster is a mess. How do you even start a rebuild, retooling, whatever you want to call it with that roster & those contracts currently on the books?

    • Sorry, I should qualify that before I get hammered down the road for how it’s phrased but I take some things for granted.

      If the quality of the player or prospect is exceptional then a 1st isn’t assured obviously.

    • Patches had a down year but he still has good value, especially if you do a sign and trade.. Hopefully if bergevin does trade him he gets good value or else he’ll end up getting fired and trading one of the best trade chip the team has..

      They need to get a prospect and at least a 1st rounder in this years draft for patches.. if not this team might be hurting even more for years to come

    • Problem is wings have limited value. The omnipresent hall for Larson trade for example. And hall and mp are similar value. If it’s to a competitor looking to up their game then patches for a late first and a not top 3 depth chart prospect is where that’s at.

    • While these trade proposals and your response to them were well thought out….I’m going to respectfully disagree.

      I don’t think Bergevin gets a 1st round pick for Patches. His perceived value outside of montreal is LOW. Soft player. Perimeter scorer.

      we should have a side poll or at least see what happens around the draft. If I’m wrong I promise not to change my name and own it.

  12. why not Horvat for Hanifin?

    • ^assuming Hanifin is currently a solid 2nd pairing dman with high potential to be a first pairing guy in a few years. If so I would move Horvat for him. No way Petersson goes. Or Boeser. Gotta move talent to get talent.