Karlsson Trade Watch – July 6, 2018

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Is Erik Karlsson close to being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning? Read on for today’s updates in your NHL rumor mill.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan first reported yesterday that a reliable source told him to expect the Senators to trade defenseman Erik Karlsson to the Tampa Bay Lightning. He said Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman had been talking to Senators GM Pierre Dorion about Karlsson since before last month’s NHL draft. With limited cap space and such notables as Nikita Kucherov and Andrei Vasilevskiy to re-sign within the next two seasons, the Lightning will have to shed salary to make room for Karlsson.

The Ottawa Senators could be close to trading Erik Karlsson to the Tampa Bay Lightning (Photo via NHL Images)

It’s believed the deal won’t include Senators winger Bobby Ryan, who’s signed through 2021-22 with an annual cap hit of $7.25 million. Brennan suspects the Senators would target Lightning defenseman Mikhail Sergachev as part of the return, though the Bolts might prefer retaining him. The Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights are also believed to have interest in Karlsson.

THE ATHLETIC: Chris Stevenson cites a report by TSN’s Darren Dreger suggesting the New York Rangers could be part of a three-way deal in order to accommodate moving sufficient salary to enable the Lightning to acquire Karlsson, who carries a $6.5-million cap hit for 2018-19.

Speculating over the possible return for the Senators, Stevenson believes Sergachev would fit the bill. The Sens would also want affordable center like Brayden Point but the Lightning could be as reluctant to part with him as the Dallas Stars are to give up promising prospect Miro Heiskanen. Center Tyler Johnson could be a more likely target, though he carries a $5-million cap hit and a no-trade clause that kicked in on July 1. Among the prospects the Senators could target are winger Boris Katchouk, right wing Taylor Raddysh or defenseman Cal Foote.

Stevenson also cites Dreger suggesting winger Ryan Callahan could go back to the Rangers in order to help the Lightning clear cap space.

As for the Stars, Stevenson cites sources saying they prefer parting with Julius Honka over Heiskanen as part of the return for Karlsson. Center Devin Shore was also mentioned. He notes their prospect pool isn’t as deep as the Lightning’s.

The Golden Knights came close to acquiring Karlsson at February’s trade deadline and are willing to accept Bobby Ryan as part of the deal, though the return would be lesser. Stevenson believes the Senators would be interested in Vegas defenseman Shea Theodore and forward Alex Tuch.

Stevenson’s colleague Rick Carpiniello reports the Rangers have the cap space to take a bad contract off the Lightning’s hands, provided they get something else as part of the deal. The Rangers already have the Lightning’s 2019 second-round selection, which turns into a first-rounder if Tampa Bay wins the Stanley Cup next spring.

Carpiniello suggests former Rangers winger Ryan Callahan as a possible option. He has two years remaining on his contract worth an annual average value of $5.8 million. A source also said the Rangers aren’t interested in taking on Bobby Ryan as they don’t want to have that his contract preventing them from signing a desired player in next summer’s UFA market. 

Meanwhile, TSN’s Shawn Simpson last night cited his sources telling him a Karlsson deal with Tampa Bay was done pending a trade call with the league office. However, Lightning insider Erik Erlendssen said while it appears a deal may be close, there was no confirmation the trade call had been made. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman said he was getting denials about the trade call, adding “we’ll just have to let things play out”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: By the sound of things, a trade shipping Karlsson to the Lightning could be close to becoming reality. It could be announced today. If it’s a three-team deal involving the Rangers, there’s obviously a lot of moving parts here that would explain why it’s taking so long to get done. It’s also possible this could fall through. We’ll have to wait and see. 

The Lightning might be reluctant to part with Sergachev, but for the opportunity to land an elite defenseman like Karlsson, especially if there’s a chance to re-sign him beyond next season, they should go for it. Having two Norris Trophy winners in Karlsson and Victor Hedman would give the Lightning a potent one-two punch on the blueline. 

A report last night indicated Johnson had not yet been approached about waiving his no-trade clause. That suggests he might not be part of this swap. Callahan to the Rangers packaged with a top prospect and/or a draft pick seems more likely. We also can’t rule out the possibility of Senators GM Pierre Dorion returning to the Stars or Golden Knights to determine if they’re willing to up the ante. 



  1. A deal with Tampa, if it involves draft picks, has to take into account something else Brennan points out: “Because of a previous trade, the Lightning will lose their 2019 first round pick to the New York Rangers if they win the Cup next season – and the Senators would like to get one back because the Colorado Avalanche has theirs. The Rangers get the Lightning second round 2019 selection if Tampa doesn’t win the Cup next spring.”

    • The deal sounds like it’s getting bigger and involving more teams. I am wondering if a secondary team will be involved to facilitate a cap dump, or even if Tampa is sending along an asset to get a first from someone else as part of the package? Hard to imagine a team that can take on a cap dump is also sending along a first, but the Rangers are the team that hold the condition on the Lightening’s first. That condition isn’t worth a lot, since it basically either means they get the 31st pick or a 2nd rounder. Virtually no difference. I wonder if it’s possible that part of a trade could involve removing the condition on the pick, or trading the conditional pick back?

      Can a trade contract include the removal of a condition? Or would tampa have to trade to get that Conditional 2nd back in exchange for something (like a 2nd in a later draft).

      Could be a very interesting and complex trade.

  2. I wonder what TB will do to keep Karlsson, if he’s traded there. Every report I’ve read suggests that they’d be facing a potential cap crunch even without Karlsson. Now, how accurate those reports are is, in my mind, somewhat questionable, but with so many sources saying so, it’s difficult to believe otherwise. On a fan level, I hope Karlsson goes elsewhere as being on TB would severely damage anyone else’s chances in the East being able to get past TB in the playoffs. On the other hand, the nasty part of me would love to be able to give Toronto fans, who are so sure that Tavares makes them sure fire Cup winners, a little ribbing when TB eliminates them from the playoffs.

    • Yes they will be facing a bit of a cap crunch but they should be able to get it done.

      Next year the Lightning will shed Girardi and Coburns contracts ($6.7 million) and would have a decision to make with Stralman, which could possibly free up another $4.5 million if he proves to expensive to extend.

      They could even choose to buyout Callaghan or just wait to the following year for him to become a UFA and that would free up another $5.8 million.

      I realize they have some key pieces to sign over the next few years in Kucherov, Point, Sergachev, Vasilevki and possibly Karlsson but I’m sure in any deal for EK, money would be going the other way. This also doesn’t take into affect the cap increase that is likely to occur.

    • They can definitely get it done, especially if Callahan goes back to NYR in this deal, as his contract is one of the only “bad” contracts on the books.

      They will have to move salary, but won’t have trouble doing it because all of their $4-5M guys have value, and would be sought after.

      Tagging issues could prove a little more complicated. You can only have so much of the cap committed beyond the current season. I don’t think the summer cap goes into effect until July 1 (or maybe it’s after the cup is awarded).

      Right now they sit at $56M for the 2019-2020 season, and during this season can’t exceed $79.5 in committed dollars for that year.

      The would likely want to extend Karlsson, Kucherov, Gourde, Paquette and Point. They will more than eat up the remaining tagging space, so that means they will have to wait until the summer on some deals if their goal is to go into this season with as few subtractions as possible. So one of Kucherov or Point will have to wait until after next season to get a deal, that isn’t a big deal, but Tampa will have to risk a little by letting Gourde get to seasons end with no contract as a UFA, and they still have some other useful lower teir RFAs.

      Offersheets don’t get used much, and most people only think about them at the higher end, teams could target Tampa’s secondary guys with some strategic offer sheets given their cap situation. Koekkoek, Dotchin, Paquette are all RFAs, and offering them even the amount where no compensation is required, or low compensation is required for Paquette, would be difficult to deal with.

      Again, this isn’t to say Tampa can’t stay insanely competitive, just that the complexities of managing the cap well could lead to some interesting decisions. Yzerman has managed these types of situations extremely well in the past, and will likely do so again, but it will require him to be active, which is always more interesting than sitting and waiting.

    • @ Paul Bowels

      It was reported that when Stamkos was a UFA the TAX situation in Tampa was a talking point and he could save more money in that area …so if Karlsson signs long term but is able to take a discount annually because he will retain more in Tampa than say in Ottawa he may take lees in Tampa to make it work for Yzerman plus to be able to play with his good friend Hedman is a BONUS!

      • Very good points.

      • I want to thank all of you guys for the knowledge. Honestly, just trying to think of moves the Jackets could make while staying under the cap to improve themselves can get me confused. So, trying to keep track of other teams’ cap situation is just not going to happen. (Oh, Kal El, maybe you should use your super powers to notice that my last name is spelled Bowles, not Bowels. *chuckle chuckle*)

      • He sure would save. Probably in the neighborhood of 7-8MM over the 7 years. Tavares must have really wanted Toronto..since he did leave money on the table (in the tax sense)

    • it always comes down to toronto for you sens fans maybe if you hadn’t made so much fun of tor so many years you wouldn’t be in this mess

  3. Sergechev is very promising and would be tough to lose, but Point (alone) would be overpayment, & kill deal for me. He was arguably the Bolts best player in the last playoff run, and is a young, affordable, two way center who helps hold a lot of other pieces together. Realistically, Karlsson, if he came, might be a rental, as his downstream cap hit on an already cap-strapped team suggest all-in for 2019 would have to be followed by a very active off-season. I’d pass, and bring in someone like Tanev to shore up the D and maintain the plan. I have a whiff of Karlsson being a bright shiny object whose skills and abilities might not lead to as many team wins in the post-season as hoped. On the other had, there may be some ‘Swedish Chemistry’ that makes it all work; it’s so hard to judge a great player who has been toiling for a second rate team in terms of playoff prospects.

    • It’s easy to forget because of the mess in Ottawa now but just last playoffs they came within one win of the cup final. Karlsson was (arguably) the best player in the playoffs to that point (18 pts in 19 playoff games for a defenseman), and was playing injured – a broken foot I think. Of course Tampa will have to give up a good young player to get him, but chances like this don’t come that often. Sure this would involve shedding salary and giving up assets to do so (Callahan is the obvious salary that needs to go) but it would be worth it. I think Tampa is already the most talented team in the East and this would make them the easy cup favourite.

    • @ Richard ….

      I wish there was an archive of our constant trade deadline conversations about my reasoning on why Yzerman will trade for Karlsson….we had very lengthly discussions on this topic.

      I was pretty admit about this deal happening and shocked back then when it didn’t happen.

      One has to understand that Yzerman played with Lidstrom and knows the premium of this style player having played with one …I knew he would not let this go….as with everyone wandering its HOW he does that will be the most curious !! Not why !

    • Just to be clear, over the past 20 seasons that “second rate” team has been in the playoffs 13 times while, for example, Toronto and Tampa Bay have made it 9 times each. Over the same period TB has proven to be the most successful in terms of playoff rounds won with won 14, while Ottawa won 10 and Toronto 7.

  4. the fact that TBay is in the running amazes me since they will have to pay out big bucks to Kucherov and also resign Point next year, if he is not in the trade mix. Johnson would have been a sensible trade bit but since his NTC kicked in July 1 it takes him off the table… unless he waves.
    I think back to a couple of years ago, 2016, when many thought Tbay was screwed because they had to sign Kucherov and Stamkos and he somehow got them inked at below market value. Last year he locked up 4 more key pieces in Hedman, Vasilevsky, Palat and Johnson to respectable contracts.
    Stevie Y was a crafty player and has proven he is just as savvy in the GM role. I would not put it past him to get a deal done for EK and if he somehow manages to unload Callahan @5.8 in the process he gets an extra feather in his cap.

  5. “Sergechev is very promising and would be tough to lose, but Point (alone) would be overpayment,”

    This thinking is the difference between winners and losers. You wouldn’t trade Point, a guy with one good year, or a prospect like Sergechev for one of the top 5 players in the NHL? That’s thinking like a loser.

    Karlsson easy make Tamps the cup favorites. Winning teams worry about getting the cup right now. Losers are afraid to make a move because of what might happen somewhere down the road.

    • Completely agree. Even as a one year rental, Sergachev or Point should be in the deal. If Karlsson extends, both should be considered depending on the rest of the package. Part of TB’s cap crunch the next few years will be Sergachev’s and Point’s next contract anyway. Given TB has one of the best prospect pools in the league, Sergachev and Point can be replaced cheaply by another prospect going forward.

    • If the sens are getting sergachev and point then it would be foolish to pass that opportunity. Sergachev will be at worst a 3D and Point is already a very good 2C and possibly a 1C. He plays a 200 foot game, can score, defend, play PK – the kid is unreal.

      If the sens land a deal of Sergachev, Point and a pick then Sens fans should be ecstatic.

      • I agree. That is what I mentioned in the trade proposal yesterday that should have had Callahan included.

        To Ottawa:


        To TB:

        Karlsson (assumes extension)

        Callahan would be the hold up in this trade as he has a MNTC and likely wouldn’t waive to go to Ottawa. This would open up needing a third team on Callahan’s trade list. That third team could take on Callahan, Ottawa takes on another somewhat undesirable contract from said third team and TB adds prospects/picks to one or both teams’ returns.

        Duchene, Point and White/Brown as the top 3 centers in Ottawa long term sounds pretty good.

      • I personally don’t think there is any chance Ottawa lands both Point and Sergachev. It would have to be one of them and I don’t think it’ll be Point.

      • I wouldn’t want to give up those 2 players in a deal for Karlsson. I love Point. Already an outstanding 2 way C who still has at least 1 more year before we really can gauge is top end by 25 he could be an elite 2 way C.

      • I agree that it’s doubtful Ottawa gets both Point and Sergachev in the Karlsson deal, but it is worth asking if including Pageau. He is a good 3C that is cost controlled for 2 more years at a good $3.1M cap hit. Point is going to need a big raise after next year and you are talking about getting one of the best defencemen in the league signing long term and at a bargain $6.5M rate next season. TB would still be in great shape with Stamkos, Johnson and Pageau as their top 3 centers the next couple years.

        Either way, Ottawa better get one of Sergachev or Point in any deal with TB, especially if they end up taking back a bad contract (Callahan or one from a third team assuming Callahan won’t waive for Ottawa).

      • Bridge Point for 2 years at a manageable cap hit.

  6. Yesterday it being reported that Tampa and Ottawa were trying to.get a third team involved. All the speculation was to move salary to.fit in karlsson.

    Tampa doesnt have a 1rst round next year.something Ottawa wants. I suspect they were trying to get a 3rd team.to put one in.

    • Yeah, I suppose we can look at the notion that Ottowa really doesn’t want to get better, they want to tank and win the lottery. You could get enough back from Tampa to really help short term, tho not make you a playoff team.
      Can’t help but feel that O has no real strategy, and Tampa certainly does. Tampa can walk and certainly be a good team, Ottawa really can’t move forward with Karlsson given the degree to which they have already fouled their own nest. I’m not sure there aren’t three or four bidders forcing O to the bottom, rather than the Sens holding out for top dollar. All the contenders in the sweepstakes can live without EK. O can’t live with him, nor Ryan. Strange circumstances, probably breeding a strange outcome.

      • Why in hell would Ottawa want to tank and win the lottery. First of all, finishing last is no guarantee that you win the lottery and, most importantly, they don’t OWN their 1st pick next year – it belongs to Colorado.

      • They’re secret Colorado fans?

      • LOL. Maybe Dorion is feathering his nest for when he accepts some sort of job in the Colorado organization after he gets canned in Ottawa

    • Even if TB still had their 1st next year, if Karlsson gets them a cup it would be the 31st pick anyway – more or less a glorified 2nd.

      • Yes but Tampa can possible convince a team with a better 1rst to move it to Ottawa.

    • Tampa technically has a 1st. It goes to Rangers only if they win the cup. So they can offer the 1st ….maybe on condition it becomes a 1st in 2020 if Tampa wins cup?

      • Either way, with that powerhouse, both a 2019 and 2020 pick figure to be in the bottom 3 or 4.

  7. from Dallas I would demand Heiskanen but Honka, Shore, Hintz, 1st 2019 could get it done.

    • No thanks to that offer. If Heiskanen isn’t in the deal, I’d take a hard pass on any offer from Dallas. I understand Dallas not wanting to include Heiskanen without a Karlsson extension, but Karlsson fits in perfectly with Dallas’ age group going forward assuming he extends. Benn and Seguin will be past their prime when Heiskanen hits his peak years. Karlsson will be at his best now.

      • Seguin is 26, Ben 28. Heiskanen is going to step straight into the NHL next season & could easily duplicate McAvoy’s rookie year. He was the best Dman in Eurpoe last season according to numerous scouts including the KHL apparently.

      • but @Striker what about the 400 games for a D to be fully developed?

      • By the time he reaches 400 games he will be way better than next season or the season after but Heiskanen will fall in the 20% that either beat the standard curve or don’t.

      • He will still need those games to fully develop & reach his full potential but he will be really good right off the hip.

  8. Reading these reports about Erik Karlsson being traded to Tampa Bay is a bit like watching a magic show. What will the magician, Steve Yzerman, pull out of his hat?
    The concept of a three-team trade makes a lot of sense but the catch in all this is Bobby Ryan. How does Ottawa make his contract disappear? Might need a magician.

    • Personally, I don’t see the rush to get rid of Ryan right away. As I’ve pointed out several times, in the the previous year’s playoffs he was their best forward throughout the 3 rounds, scoring several clutch goals among his 9. His injury history centers around his hands so what needs to be done is to make it clear he HAS to be fitted with gloves that give proper protection rather than kid driving gloves that are “comfortable” – AND he has to be told to stop trying to stop shots by “catching” the puck (which resulted in broken fingers on two occasions. With those provisos he can still contribute, but if he goes through this again next season, then he becomes a buyout candidate at some point.

      • totally agree George, I think Ryan can provide value when healthy. Is he worth his cap hit @7.25? No. But I bet he would like nothing better than to stay healthy,produce and prove his critics wrong. No doubt the main reason for his dip in production the past 2 seasons is due to playing with bad paws. As you noted he proved his value in the ’17 playoffs.

      • I agree with both of you. Plus, Ottawa needs to have a few high dollar contracts to hit the cap floor.

    • He is definitely good at his job BCLeafan. Great negotiator because he is patient and knows when he has leverage and will use it.
      I keep saying this; EK has control of where he gets traded as he has to agree to an extension or the return is for a 1 year rental. He wants to go to TB. Great team, class organization, best buddy plays there, weather, taxes etc. Can’t blame him.
      TB only has to pay slightly more than a team will pay for 1 year of EK. Nothing more.
      Or they just wait a year, compete for the cup again, and sign EK without giving up assets.
      Yzerman knows it, Dorian knows it.
      No magic, fortunate situation for TB and he is smart enough to use it.

      • I think Ottawa has more leverage than you think. Tavares going to Toronto was a game changer in the East. If I’m Dorion, I’m letting Yzerman know that his window may not be as large as he thinks and getting Karlsson would push them over the top next year to get the Cup. Toronto is on the rise and a top pairing defenceman away from being just as competitive as TB even if they add Karlsson. Other than Pittsburgh, no one can match Toronto’s top 3 centers.

        If TB doesn’t get a cup in the next 5 years, they will be the Sens and Sharks from 10 years ago.

      • Interesting scenario Ray, and one that might not be that far off. But I think it will all boils down to what Karlsson wants NOW – not next year which means he would have to go through an entire – uncomfortable I might add – season in a city where he might suddenly be as popular as a skunk at a garden party. And I just don’t think he’s the type to create that nightmare. If Yzerman is thinking along those lines, it could just blow up in his face should Karlsson accept a move – and extension – with a Dallas, Vegas or even the Islanders should Lou step in with some creative machinations.

      • Anything is possible George as I am guessing on his intentions, but it just seems like the perfect fit for him.
        Obviously my perceptions of the situation are influencing my post, but why would EK go to Dallas or VGK long term instead of TB? Dallas has a ways to go IMO, and I still think VGK caught lightning in a bottle last season and lost some key pieces.
        Maybe Dallas/VGK offers more without the extension and hopes he signs? All I am saying is I wouldn’t.

      • I should have added to those teams I mentioned the possibility that Toronto could still enter the picture. Tax-wise it’s no different than Ottawa, but the prospect of winning a cup there is now better than in either Dallas or Vegas. But I’m sure Yzerman is aware of that too and the LAST thing he’d want to see is Karlsson joining Tavares in the Big Smoke, aka Dodge north.

    • That’s not the catch.
      The catch is Tampa getting up under the cap THIS year. Next year they have money coming off and they’ll be the Golden State Warriors of Hockey. They need a third party like NYR or NJD to take Callahan, or Tyler Johnson off their hands.

      I don’t trust Stevie Y one iota. He’s a jerk in person, and a shrewd savvy GM who’s already fleeced us in trades.

  9. Unless the Rangers can get Foote what do either teams have for the Rangers to be involved?

    • Goodwill?
      If the Rangers are involved, like everyone is suggesting, I’m wondering who or what is walking out the door?

      I’m certainly not seeing a high pick or prospect unless much more than Callahan’s crap contract is involved.

      • A 2nd round pick and a prospect that will be expansion draft exempt but has an NHL future of some nature should get Callahan off the books.

        Doesn’t have to be a stud prospect but 1 that will at least be a 3rd line checker with the possibility of a slightly higher ceiling.

      • Well they already own Tampa’s 2nd round pick next year, and regardless whether it becomes a 1st or not they can’t trade it again. Nor can they trade their 1st rounder next year. And I doubt NY is signing up to take on just shy of 10 million in real dollars and 5.8 cap dollars for a 2020 2nd rounder and a so so prospect.

      • It doesn’t have to be next seasons.

      • I just pointed that out.

        “And I doubt NY is signing up to take on just shy of 10 million in real dollars and 5.8 cap dollars for a 2020 2nd rounder and a so so prospect.”

        2020…. not next year…..

        Do you even read replies? Or do just have the same recycled thoughts stuck in your head and block out parts?

      • That’s kind of been the market. Not saying it’s happening just addressing the rumours of such.

        I read your comment & what difference does it really make if it’s 2019’s or 20?

        A solid 3rd line prospect with 2nd line potential isn’t a so so prospect for me. A so so prospect for me is a prospect that probably has no NHL future & see’s little more than a cup of coffee in the NHL if that.

  10. Katchouk and Raddysh are pretty decent prospects. Team Canada Juniors. Add one with Callahan in a salary dump and the other within Sergachev as part of EK deal. Not sure of the roster player that moves but some salary needs to back to OWA

  11. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see Girardi sent back to NY and paying him about 7 million next year and Smith’s contract still on he books?

  12. Nyr4life, I just threw up in mouth a bit after reading that.

    • On a good note, it would only be one year. I really think it’s a possibility.

      Either scenario is pretty funny. Callahan was pushed out the door over his ask, now they may be paying it anyway.

      • Nyr4life: I really like what Gorton did at the trade deadline, especially the Nash trade, but what was he thinking buying out Girardi and then paying Smith? Girardi’s contract would only have 2 years left now vs. 5 years of buyout and the albatross Smith contract. At least Smith only has 3 years left vs. the 4 year Ryan disaster.

      • RE: Van- Smith really was playing like a solid 2nd pairing D 2017 playoff run if you watched those series.

      • meant to add -after letting Stralman walk after his solid playoff run they were afraid Smith was not a fluke?

        Letting Stralman walk made the Rangers worse and Tampa better

      • Agreed. It’s obvious that Tampa would have been interested at 3 so why didn’t they facilitate a trade holding $$$s?

        And how did they go from trusting him on the 1st pair 20-25 minutes a night to not at least riding him out on the 2nd or 3rd pair? Not ideal I know, but neither was the path they chose.

        Overall I like what he’s done, and the direction they’ve taken. But Smith and Girardi are just head scratchers.

  13. I think Tampa is making a mistake here. 9 goals -25 last year. -36 career.
    Getting older. Will cost young assets and a big contract. I’m willing to bet Tampa has a worse season than last year if they do this. Also long term.

    • Karlsson’s plus minus is not a concern. Maybe his health means he never plays as well as he did at his peak, but 90% of Karlsson at his best still competes for the Norris regularly. He produces offense from the back end better than any defensemen in the league, and by a wide margin. He also doesn’t give up near as much defensively as some of the other guys who produce at the highest level. He is not a stalwart, but he is better than average in his own end, and does some things insanely well. Paired with the right partner his few weaknesses can be effectively minimized.

      The biggest what if in this scenario is how does Karlsson age given some of his recent injuries. Elite defenders who are excellent skaters normally age very well compared to your typical top 4 Defense. Karlsson’s injury, if it ever became a recurring lingering thing, could effect his skating as he ages, so there is that little wrinkle. Overall though, just about everyone would have him in the top 2 Defensemen of this era, those type of players don’t become available often, so while there is a risk, in all likelihood Tampa would be getting by far the best player in this deal.

  14. Lightning will probably have to send Johnson & maybe even Killorn, too! They’ll have to throw a defenseman in there, too! I’d hate to see them lose Foote because I’m sure Adam is helping him & if he could learn from dad maybe he could be just as good. Maybe they could find a way to throw Dotchin or Koekkoek in there instead but I doubt it.

    • Killorn and Johnson have full NTC’s the next few years. Good luck convincing them to waive when they took less on their current deals to stay with TB. Same goes for Palat. Yzerman has limited flexibility in trading his better, higher paid players because of the NTC’s.

  15. In other breaking news, Leafs sign Tyler Ennis. I don’t know much about him other than the fact that he never lived up to expectations. Any Buffalo (or wild) fans with info?

    • Injuries derailed his career. Depth insurance will be destined for the AHL but may not clear waivers & be lost.

      Really a meaningless signing.

  16. Off topic, but I noticed Petrovic signed a one year deal with Florida today that makes him a UFA next year at 27. Didn’t Florida give Vegas Marchessault, a first pick (Brannstrom) and Reilly Smith (for a 4th round pick) so they could protect Petrovic? Horrible asset management and the main reason why Vegas was so good last year.

    • Yep & yep.

    • They also wanted to dump Smith’s contract. Viola made a huge mistake with his restructured management team that made it 1 season & the mistakes profound. They got there just reward. Termination & Talon back in charge.

      • And they call Ottawa a mess! Far too many overlook Florida’s gaffes.

      • Yes but they bounced back from their’s very quickly. After a dreadful start to the season they almost made the playoffs.

        Which roster would you prefer to have today, Ottawa or Florida’s? I’ll take Florida by a mile. Ottawa is going to get far worse before it gets better, although not sure how it could get much worse. I guess they could go from 2nd to last to last, a given for me, they could win the lottery & Col gets to draft Jack Quinn followed by havingvto move Duchene. Oh wait I think at least 2 of those 3 are a given as well & God forbid the 3rd happens but that would be good Karma for Dorion & Melnyk.

        Florida fired their GM after his 1 year fiasco, Dorion is still in charge in theory but I assume he’s playing Howdy Doody for Melnyk as no 1 else will.

        This is the worst mess in the NHL & a shame for Ottawa Senators fans.

  17. if freidman says it’s not gonna happen that can only mean the trade will go through

    • its taken a full day – meaning there are many complications, I get the feeling that this deal is falling apart.
      It would be nice if it were to fall apart, rather not see EK in the Atlantic.

    • I just had another look at TB’s roster and their only higher salaried players without NTC’s/MNTC’s are Kucherov and JT Miller. That is very likely why they need to get a third team involved to dump salary. TB is obviously not going to trade Kucherov and very unlikely to trade Miller to fit Karlsson into the roster. They are probably having a hard time getting anyone to waive their NTC’s to facilitate a deal with Ottawa, which means a third team is needed to take on Callahan, Johnson, etc.

      I understand taking a discount to stay on a good team, but what was Hedman and his agent thinking leaving that much money on the table, especially after finishing an even bigger bargain contract? He is underpaid by at least $2M/year. He should have gotten a minimum of what Stamkos got on his deal as that would be a big discount. Unless Kucherov is equally generous, they’ll have a very tough time resigning him and keeping the team together because he’s a $10M/year player now.

  18. I just want to see Ott get a very solid return for Karlsson, part of which will help today.

    When I read about options like Honka, Shore, Hintz & picks I cringe. Those players NHL futures are very murky. All to young to write off & Dallas’s 1st would be late. No stellar pedigree’s for Ny of those prospects but all to you to know what they might be.

    • 100% agree. No Heiskanen, no Karlsson.

  19. For the life of me, why would Rangers, help Tampa fit Karlsson in? Are we not helping them resign Kucherov too? And why would Callahan want to leave? I understand Rangers have been hit with dreaded “rebuild” label, but how many prospects and picks do we need? Looking at what is being proposed, couldn’t Rangers offer more for Karlsson and still have a deep pool of prospects? Currently their 2 top right d prospects (AdA and Pionk)have been thrown into lineup already. With core of Kreider,Hayes,Namestikov,Fast and Zibinejad all between ages 25-27 and Shatty and Hank having 3 years left on contracts… are we only concerned with future? Hard to believe Kreider is less than a year younger than Karlsson but is looked at as “ready to break out” while EK is old?

  20. to Van,

    What makes you think that Pierre Dorion has the hockey experience to tell a man like Steve Yzerman about Cup windows and the needs of his team. I forgot Dorion captained a team to three Stanley Cups and has been a competent general manager for several years since.

    “If I’m Dorion I am telling Yzerman that his window is closing” … what an Aristotle.

  21. Supposedly this is what it might end up being.

    Point, Foote, Raddysh, 2019 3rd & 2020 1st for Karlsson.

  22. I hear the return is Sergechov and a 1st Round pick after this year and someone else but Point isn’t included

    • More then likely it’ll be Johnson or Killorn. They do be foolish to throw Point in there. It would be bad enough losing Sergachev. If they lose Sergachev Foote might replace him.

  23. Dorian has far less bargaining power than most of you think. If Karlsson has decided he wants Tampa, then he simply refuses to sign an extension anywhere else. That makes him a rental. Few GM’s are going to grossly overpay for a one year opportunity unless they feel they are Top 4 Cup favorites. Most of those teams aren’t going to dismantle a Cup favorite roster to add EK. If it’s a rental, then EK goes where ever he wants next Summer on a free move. That is the challenge that Dorian faces and that every other interested GM knows.there was higher value at the trade deadline when a team would have gotten two runs with EK. Now, nthe value plummets the longer it drags on.