NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 9, 2018

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Updates on David Perron and Kris Letang plus the latest on the Detroit Red Wings and Vegas Golden Knights in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

 STLTODAY.COM: David Perron became the first player in St. Louis Blues’ history to do three tours with the club. The 30-year-old left wing signed a four-year, $16-million contract last week with the Blues, admitting he passed up more lucrative offers to return to St. Louis. “I love St. Louis. This is the biggest reason why I came back. I didn’t even want to think about anywhere else.”

David Perron is happy to return to the St. Louis Blues for a third stint (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perron was still well-compensated on his new contract by the Blues, but it’s nice to see a player get an opportunity to return to a city he loved. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang and his wife, Catherine Laflamme, announced the birth of their second child, a daughter, on Sunday. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Congratulations to Letang and his family on the occasion of their new arrival. 

LAS VEGAS SUN: The Vegas Golden Knights have become an attractive destination for NHL free agents. They signed unrestricted free agent center Paul Stastny, convinced Ryan Reaves to stay and re-signed defenseman Colin Miller to a four-year deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Exceeding expectations in an inaugural season to reach the Stanley Cup Final will do that. 

THE DETROIT NEWS: Over the weekend, the Detroit Red Wings signed prospect forward Filip Zadina to a three-year, entry-level contract. Zadina was selected sixth overall by the Wings in the 2018 draft. 



  1. Yep, definitely a slow news day.

    • It Drives me in saying that Chicago didn’t pick Bouchard but things could’ve been so much better if we would’ve lost just a few more games and then picking sixth ( Zadina) goi g to the hawks would have been nice.
      LW. Zadina C. Toews RW.Saad
      Kane Schmaltz DeBrincat

      That would make for a really good top two lines.

  2. “LAS VEGAS SUN: The Vegas Golden Knights have become an attractive destination for NHL free agents. They signed unrestricted free agent center Paul Stastny, convinced Ryan Reaves to stay and re-signed defenseman Colin Miller to a four-year deal.”

    Yeah, but they also lost UFAs Neal and Perron and their 41 goals 69 assists 110 points.

    • Tuch moves up to take Neal’s spot, opening up a roster spot for Cody Glass, Tatar was acquired to replace Perron. Stastny’s acquisition should push either Haula or Eakin to LW & or RW respectively.

      Can Vegas score 268 goals for again with these changes, perhaps not but they will again ice 4 solid lines.

      Marchesseault, Karlsson, Smith.
      Haula, Stastny, Tuch.
      Tatar, Eakin, Glass.
      Nosek, Bellemare, Reaves.
      Spare. 1 of Carr, Lindberg, Carrier or Carpenter. All have to clear waivers & most teams carry 13 F, 8D & 2 G’s as their 23 man roster with a few minor exceptions generally related to waiver issues until injuries or a trade can resolve the log jamb.

      • Striker, you gotta stop that! NO, not everybody goals are picked up by other players. Neal will be missed in Vegas, just like he was in Nashville.
        George point was they lost two ufa’s and they did.

      • Agreed Caper. Not directed at George but on topic. I may be better served to just post independent of his post or others as opposed to on thread.

        I assumed that Perron & Neal were gone when they were unsigned by the trade deadline & I believe the reason McPhee went out & traded for Tatar giving up 3 picks was he knew neither could be retained for some reason.

        Hard to believe considering what each signed for, Perron 4 years at 4 & Neal 5 years at 5.75 that both weren’t offered similar or better contracts numerous times over the year but for some reason both wanted to move on.

      • Exactly Caper. I was simply responding to the Vegas article that asserts that the city has become an attractive location for UFAs by pointing out that they lost two – who were, incidentally, very instrumental in their successful run.

      • I thought the idea of this site was to post opinions & engage in discussions about current subject matters related to hockey.

        I don’t begin to assume to know what George’s point is nor am I objecting to his post. Does everyone know as I have had endless discussions on this site where most render an opinion on a player based on 1 season or less & then expunge on what that means in value for that player to be traded. Most are wrong.

        Vegas will be hard pressed to repeat last seasons performance but the loss of Perron & Neal will barely be felt as Vegas has the assets to replace them. Not all teams do.

        Tuch had already started to bump Perron out of the top 6 in the 2nd 1/2 of the season & playoffs, leading to a juggling of lines. Tuch being a RW & Perron a LW.

        Can Tatar & Tuch replace Perron & Neal’s 41 goals last season? I would say yes but they don’t actually even need to as that scoring is going to be spread out over 3 players, not 2, adding Glass into the mix, not necessarily right out of the gate he may need some seasoning but I see him getting in at least 41 games.

      • George.

        Not directed at you just on subject. Not sure why this is a difficult concept for either of you to understand.

        Do you think Tuch who scored 15 goals as a rookie last season, 1 less than Perron & Tatar who has scored 20 goals every season but his rookie year he scored 19 can’t match Perron & Neal’s goal-scoring production? I also have both posting more than Neals 44 points last season but neither will match Perron’s 66 points.

        Perron posting a career year with 66 points at 30 is an aberration. It happens just not very often but by the end of the season & into the playoffs he wasn’t playing well & was even a healthy scratch often, injury related? Quite possibly.

        My point is that the loss of these 2 players isn’t really going to be missed. Perron & Neal being essentially replaced by Tatar & Stastny allowing for Haula to play LW the position he played in Minnesota primarily.

        As crazy as it sounds I think Vegas’s roster next season is better than last years on paper but Calgary, LA & SJ are significantly improved so I see Vegas potentially finishing as low as 4th in the Pacific but I will reserve a final opinion until opening day.

      • Perron had a career season-if he gets 40-50 this season no one will be surprised. Staying with Vegas he most likely does not get 66 again either. Good team player and good for him to get 16 million more reasons in STL.

        I really thought James Neal would land in Boston

      • Speaking of hard to understand, when, exactly, are you going to realize that not every comment is an open invitation to a lecture? ALL I was doing was pointing out that, contrary to the Vegas article, NOT al UFs are finding Vegas attractive. Neal didn’t. Perron didn’t – obviously not attractive enough to stay there for less term/money.

        But somehow, and aside from your assertion that this site exists to “post opinions & engage in discussions” (which, of course, it is) you took it as if I was looking for a dissertation on the coming fortunes of the Vegas Golden Knights, and that perhaps I was suggesting that the departures made them any weaker. It was simply a point made on an article.

      • but they gained an even more valuable FA. anyone think perron or neal will live up to those contracts? These comments reek of continued Canadian / old guard jealousy of vegas and what vegas represents.

      • Striker and George. I agree with both of you. I thought the Vegas being an attractive landing spot made no sense since realistically, 2 of the guys signed where already on the team. On the flip side, it would be nice to come here and be able to comment without getting attacked and having your posts dissected.. Speaking of having a repeat season, W Karlsson shot 23% last year. Does anyone see him sustaining that? Wonder what kind of contract he gets. Cap space is going quick

      • I hope you’re not expecting Karlsson to reach the points level he did, this season.

    • James Neal is a big loss for Vegas as is David Perron, but less so. There were times in the playoffs when Neal carried Vegas and changed the tempo of games. He will prove to be a major loss for the team.

      • I’ve been saying since before FA started that Vegas couldn’t keep everyone. Vegas seems to always be in on rumors… Tavares. Karlsson. This isn’t bashing Vegas, but they don’t really have cap space or assets. They’re a new team. They had last years draft picks. As Striker mentioned, they traded this years 1st rd pic + for Tatar.
        As far as Neal or Perron living up to contracts? Neal got less money per year than Statsny, but 2 more years… he lacks a ntc and he’s 2 years younger than Statsny. Perron is also 30 and got even less money per year for 4 years. I don’t see Vegas being better and they still need to sign Theodore and W Karlsson, who I don’t see putting up anything close to what he did last year. Not without players who left plus he can’t keep shooting over 20%
        If I’m going to get bashed for suggesting Rangers should trade for Erik Karlsson, then same argument should apply to Vegas. It would be a mistake for them to give up what prospects they have and possibly future picks for EK. They would be in a serious cap crunch when extension kicks in

  3. Congrats Kris and Catherine

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if the Jan Kovar signing works out and he helps the Islanders get into the playoffs and they play the Maple Leafs in the first or second round and beat them? The universe working in a way where both teams get what they deserve.

    • Dee, you are impressive? Did you think of that all by yourself?

  5. “These comments reek of continued Canadian / old guard jealousy of vegas and what vegas represents”…hmmm…must be!