NHL Rumor Mill – July 10, 2018

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Suggested trade targets for the Bruins, an update on Erik Karlsson plus the latest on Patrick Maroon in your NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty recently took note of the Toronto Maple Leafs signing John Tavares and the Tampa Bay Lightning’s efforts to acquire Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson and wondered what the Bruins will do in response. He advocates against making a panic move by trying to match those moves, especially if the cost is young players such as Jake DeBrusk or Charlie McAvoy.

Could the Boston Bruins attempt to acquire Carolina Hurricanes winger Jeff Skinner? (Photo via NHL Images)

Earlier, however, Haggerty noted the Bruins’ need for a high-impact scoring winger, suggesting Carolina’s Jeff Skinner, Columbus’ Artemi Panarin, Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds, Edmonton’s Milan Lucic or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Minnesota’s Jason Zucker and Ottawa’s Bobby Ryan as possible trade targets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Haggerty frequently proposes the Bruins dangle puck-moving defenseman Torey Krug as trade bait, but it could cost DeBrusk or McAvoy as part of the deal to acquire one of those players on his list.

Skinner has a full no-movement clause and it’s possible the Bruins aren’t on his list. The Flyers’ recent signing of James van Riemsdyk suggests he could be an eventual replacement for Simmonds, who’s a year away from unrestricted free agency. Lucic would probably agree to waive his no-movement clause to return to Boston but the Bruins might not be keen to take on his $6-million annual cap hit.

Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli has repeatedly said Nugent-Hopkins won’t be traded. Zucker has filed for arbitration and perhaps could be available if he and the Wild fail to work out a long-term deal. Ryan’s fat $7.25-million contract and declining production are likely deal breakers for the Bruins. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports talks between the Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning over a possible Erik Karlsson trade have subsided. If the Senators trade Karlsson, Brooks said the Dallas Stars have re-emerged as the potential destination for the two-time Norris Trophy winner.

Brooks also claims the New York Rangers still have some interest in bringing back former Rangers winger Ryan Callahan if the  Lightning seek to shed salary. Callahan is signed through 2019-20 with an annual average value of $5.8 million, but the Rangers would want a draft sweetener included in the return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning’s limited salary-cap space ($4.4 million) for 2018-19 is among the significant stumbling blocks hampering their efforts to acquire Karlsson from the Senators. Hence the talk of the Rangers’ willingness to take Callahan off their hands if the Bolts include a quality draft pick or a high-end prospect in the deal.

 As per Cap Friendly, the Stars have over $10 million in cap space, more than enough room to take on Karlsson’s $6.5-million cap hit for 2018-19. The Senators, however, reportedly insisted on getting top prospect Miro Heiskanen as part of the return, which the Stars were apparently reluctant to do. 

STLTODAY.COM: Jim Thomas speculates a recent change in player agents could account for delaying unrestricted free agent winger Patrick Maroon’s decision on where he’ll sign by perhaps a few days. Maroon replaced his former agent, Allain Roy, with Ben Hankinson, who recently suggested his new client could soon sign with the St. Louis Blues but his camp is also entertaining options from other clubs.

The Blues have around $5 million in cap space but must also re-sign defenseman Joel Edmundson, whose arbitration hearing is set for July 25. They reportedly offered a one-year, $1.7-million contract to the St. Louis native but the Minnesota Wild, Arizona Coyotes and the New Jersey Devils (Maroon’s former team) are also believed interested. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maroon could be interested in signing with his hometown team, but if another club is pitching a more lucrative offer he could sign elsewhere if the Blues won’t budge from their original pitch. 



  1. The Rangers have the cap space to pick up Callahan from Tampa. If he only has a year or two left and they can get a decent prospect or pick from the Lightning they should do it.

    • would the fans welcome him back? Would the leadership now there open a role for him? With the Karlsson thing open, if this one were easy i’dve thought it done by now.

      • Most NY fans would welcome Messier back as a 1st line center!

        All that being said, I’d have no problem with it as long as something useful came back as well. They can’t trade next years 1st or 2nd because of the conditional 2nd in the Mcdonagh trade. If the best they can offer is a 2nd in 2020, NY should run away! That’s an awfully expensive 2nd (low) round pick . 9.4 million (actual) dollars ? Yikes! No thanks on that one.

      • NYR4life. Not directed at you just on topic. Not sure why I have to make this declaration but some are struggling with this concept.

        Due to the nature of the late pick in 2020 perhaps they include a B grade prospect or add another pick?

        That said I see NYR’s turn around happening quickly so another team would be better suited to take on Callahan’s contract if necessary.

        If TB is out of the bidding now as is being reported but who really knows, perhaps his contract is moved or bought out next summer.

        Does TB really need EK?

      • Nobody is struggling with the concept. I think you’re struggling to see the point. 9.4 million for a 2nd round pick, a b prospect and 2 years of Callahan? Yeah that’s still a no thanks. Regardless of what the market is or what you think it is…. it’s still a hard no thanks. (It’s my opinion)

        As far as do the lightning NEED Karlsson, probably not NEED. But he’d look a hell of a lot better than anything they currently have on the right side.

      • NYR doesn’t really have as much cap space as it appears. Hayes, Vesey, Spooner, Skjei, Gilmour & O’Gara are all RFA’s & 4 of those are getting solid raises, Hayes & Skjei significant 1’s & Spooner may as well he should get at least Namestnikov monies if settled in arbitration, Vesey is most likely bridged.

        That 24 mil could evaporate very quickly & NYR still has to fill 7 roster spots according to Capfriendly, 4 of those should be filled by the RFA’s above leaving 3 spots. I assume Andersson & Chytil flush out the 23 forwards but I still see NYR most likely bringing in a Dman from outside the organization not EK unless Smith has found some form of an NHL game. Although a new coach may have more tollerence for his warts than Vigneault did.

      • Striker, It has been reported that Smith is spending the summer in NY working with trainers. Gorton has said he’ll be given the same opportunity as others to make roster. Best case scenario is he bounces back and plays, maybe he at least builds some trade value

      • NYR4life.

        numerous people are struggling with the concept. I get posts all the time about my piggybacking responding to a thread as it’s on topic but not directed at the original poster. Just had this discussion with Caper & George yesterday, have had with you numerous times.

        Part of this relates to the form of communication being text. Not always clear, add in spelling, grammar, human error & site issues & easily misconstrued.

        We are discussing something we are both in agreement of at least as it relates to NYR but NYR would take the contract just like a few others if provided a sufficient incentive to do so. I do agree that TB’s 2nd isn’t sufficient as it should be an extremely late pick.

      • Let’s hope so Slick62. God forbid we need to listen to your good humoured Smith trade options all year. Ha-ha! I mean that in a humorous way. I enjoyed your relentless optimise.

      • Nyr4life could not agree more, I personally hope they look at the young talent in the east and simply keep moving towards first-round picks for that kind of commitment (9 million). There are going to be 6 or more teams with bad cap issues (Edmonton and Toronto anyone) looking to give up real assets to fix a problem…if I had a NMC as a player and New York came calling I could think of worse places to close out my career, if my team won’t play me. Unlike Arizona the Rangers have the money, like Toronto, to absorb this strategy for a few years….take it!

      • I’m not going to keep on going back and forth. We have a few goalie prospects. You said the other day you see Shesterkin as the guy you build team around. I’ve also said that I believe the decision to get “younger and faster” started with Zib for Brass. I’m just going with what the letter actually states!!! If you feel a need to put your own spin on it, and continue to dictate what you want to call fact, knock yourself out.

      • Striker, I am not the guy who post all the crazy Smith trades!!!
        Pretty sure that is I hate Crosby

      • Lol. What the letter states and reality are 2 different things! This years NY roster will look pretty much the same maybe minus Hayes and Zuccarello.

        Andersson and Chytl have a combined 16-17 games between them. If you want to put in your notice at work for a parade down heroes canyon next year by all means …. go for it! I’ll be here living in reality of another missed playoffs and a top 10 pick next year.

      • The same roster that dropped what? 10-11 of their last 18? Possibly minus Hayes , And or Spooner , Zuccarello?

        I’m starting to think you may be on to something here…. Stanley cup here we come 2019! Woo-hoo!

    • I never thought I would read it. The mighty New York Rangers taking on salary to help another team.

      • If they take on that contract there will be some goodies coming along with it. They aren’t that stupid.

  2. Mcavoy is worth about all those people combined… and I ain’t no bruins fan. only player coming close to Mcavoy on that list would be a signed panarin. debrusk though might be a worthwhile piece to upgrade the team.

    • Lol

    • Not a Bruins fan either …and aint moving DeBrusk or Mcavoy for nearly anyone!
      Both these players are on break out years and have shown to be on the cups of the next core of the Bruins.

      Id entertain moving Krug and Krejci if there were any takers and the right deal presented itself.
      Not sure how many teams want the price tag with Krejci but id move him in a heartbeat, for the right deal.

      In a perfect scenario if the Kings were able to make something work by either buying out Dustin Brown or moving out Jeff Carter Krejci could be a really quality upgrade there in a deal….and a great 2nd line Center to Kopitar.

      Something surrounding Gabriel Vilardi for Krejci ….this will help Boston move out some cash and get younger and it will improve 2nd line Center on Kings.

      The Kings need to break up with Dustin Brown and Carter …its time…one way or another!

      • Carter has been excellent for the kings – I’d take Carter over Krejci any day, all day.
        Brown is coming off an excellent season as well, the Kings need to build off last year instead of making significant changes.

      • If the Kings trade Vilardi for old man Kreji then they should just fold as a franchise. They already have the oldest team in the league. Trading an up and coming potential all star player for an older, often injured, player is just asking for failure.

  3. If I’m Rangers, I’m not taking Callahan for a draft pick. If they win cup, we would already get their 1st next year. If we can somehow come away with Foote in a deal, then go for it

    • What team has the need for an aging 3rd line center who plays 30 games a season with injury issues for 5.8 clams?

      Rangers cap space sure…. Buffalo logical but Eichel needs to be the leader now and bringing in a former captain will not help the issues there

      Kuch resigned….

      • Callahan plays RW.

      • It’s called a salary dump trade. A 2nd round pick in 2020 or beyond should suffice if TB needs to shed Callahan’s salary to get someone to take him but there are only a few teams that could or would. His on-ice contributions are a nominal factor in such a trade & he could be bought out of his final year also.

      • My bad I know he is a RW

        Back to my point is what team wants Cally at all unless its a sweet pick or prospect coming with him.

      • Rangers Already bought out Gerardi. Still need to sign their own restricted free agent’s. Taking on Callahan’s contract makes no sense at all. Saying he can’t be bought out next year isn’t feasible. Still don’t know what will happen with Smith and still stuck with Staals contract
        Striker, Are you still having issues with the site? I am as well …everything you mentioned, Plus my phone seems to heat up also? Not sure if that is related to the site or not but curious if that has happened to you

      • Striker, as I mentioned above, 9.6 million dollars for a low 2nd round 2 years from now? No thanks. Dolan would rather blow nearly 10 million on new hats!

      • 9.4, not 9.6

      • Rangers first need to figure out their sudden depth of 2nd line centers. Do any have the ceiling of even Derek Stepan? Namestnikov, Spooner, Hayes, Howden, Chytil, Andersson… I like Lias as a player but that will turn out to be a bad reach with the 7th pick.

        The trade marker for Namestnikov and Spooner must be light

      • DS.

        There are several possibilities. NJ being the most logical for me. They took Savard for a 2nd off Florida in the summer of 2016 & their contract structure would allow for such.

        His defensive game, PK abilities & leadership would fit this roster well if enough of a sweetener were added to motivate NJ to do so.

      • Slick62.

        Yes on all platforms. It’s beyond brutal & no 1 can seem to resolve.

        I eventually get frustrated & stop posting as it’s a huge waste of time losing 70% of what you type & waiting long periods of time to be able to even get the cursor to relocate.

      • NYR4life.

        I don’t see NYR as a good fit for this contract dump. NJ appears the best potential landing spot but even then next year may make it more palatable for them & others.

      • You keep using savard as a comparable , savards actual salary was 575k at the time of the trade. Not 4.6 x’s 2.

        That is apples to battleships.

      • When your making a 100 million a year like NYR is, 4 or 5 mil isn’t an issue in dead salary if you feel you can accommodate it & are provided sufficient enticement. I have agreed with you 3 times on this discussion on different portions of this board today what more would you like me to say?

      • So because Dolan has more money, he will pay literally 20xs more than a team with less money for a 2nd round pick?

        This is how the rich become poor! Lol. I’d pay 9,4 more million ( if I had 9.5 million more than I have) to be a fly on the wall for that negotiation!

      • I’m pretty sure James Dolan could wipe his butt with 10 million and not feel it, However, I have a gut feeling he uses Toilet paper like the rest of the world.

  4. I don’t see the Jackets trading Panarin within the conference unless they get a massive haul, including a scoring forward, in return. I don’t see Boston being willing to give up that much, even for Panarin.

    • I think the Kings would be a great fit for a trade. Tofolli, Muzzin and a 2019 1st. Kings get one of the best top six in the league and Columbus gets a top six winger, a top 3 d-man and a late round first.

  5. “These comments reek of continued Canadian / old guard jealousy of vegas and what vegas represents.”
    Chrism, that was your reply yesterday to George O comment pointing out not all ufa’s want to go or stay in Vegas. What in the Heck does that even mean? How do you jump to that assertion by someone pointing out a fact? What does being Canadian have to do about Vegas or any other US city that has an NHL team?
    I for one live in Winnipeg, but am a life time Bruins fan. Living in Winnipeg the fans of this base understand that Winnipeg is NOT a desired location for a lot of UFA and its been reported they are the team that appears the most on No trade list. However we enjoy our hockey and we understand winning hockey will always lead to UFA wanting to sign in that city. Winnipeg in general will have to pay a premium to bring in top level UFA’s but as long as they are winning and considered cup contenders they will come.
    No reason to be jealous of any other city, we enjoy it here, winters are cold, summers are awesome and we understand it’s a small city with bitter winters and the jets have to pay more to attract UFAs.
    Side note I was hoping JT would sign in Vegas, I certainly didn’t want him in Toronto.

    • Nothing against Vegas but two of the three free agents they signed were already on their team.Statsny Probably would’ve signed with the Jets if they could have fit him in

      • Nonsense. The Jets had plenty of space to sign Stasny after dump Mason.

      • Marchesseault, McNabb, Engelland were all pending UFA’s when they signed extensions during the year in Vegas.

      • Again, not knocking Vegas, just pointing out that resigning guys that are already there isn’t the same as attracting free agents from elsewhere. And yes, maybe Jets could fit Statsny, but that would mean losing somebody else. Too many guys needing new contracts in next few years. 6.5 for 3 years for a 32 year old 2nd line center? Jets made right decision. I doubt if they offered same , Statsny would’ve went to Vegas

      • in this case slick its pretty damn close. most of those players resigned didn’t chose to go to vegas in the first place. if they were unhappy there they could have easily chosen to go elsewhere.

    • So much vitriol was thrown at vegas over the fact they made it as far as they did. People who thought they could never make a real team with the expansion rules all of a sudden were whining that the expansion rules were to favorable. most of those complaints came from fans of teams north of the border who already are frustrated with expansion and the growth of the game and the direction bettman has taken it. Lyle made a nice point about vegas being a destination city and people responded with the yeah buts. neal and perron leaving is a fact… vegas not overpaying for them is also a well planned fact. not a lot of mention about that.

      to clarify… not every Canadian has a stick up their bum over vegas but from my online experience most of the people that are whining about vegas are candian. that cross section comes from only a handful of hockey blogging sites so it could be misleading but it absolutely my observation.

      • Chrism, fair response.

      • I had Vegas to be the best expansion team ever due to the rules but never saw them making the playoffs. What they accomplished is great for the game & going to Vegas adding hockey to the mix is awesome as I don’t gamble in that way so like going to a show.

        I would have loved to see them win the cup. It would have capped off an incredible season. How can this not be good for the game?

        It shows perfectly how opportunity, hard work & a commitment by all to a system can be incredibly successful. Going to be curious to see if any other team, not an expansion team try’s to copy this model.

        Solid points Chrisms.

        Vegas making the cup finals is apparently going to make them a top 7 in revenue earner possibly sliding in at #5. The sold more merchandise than any team in the league, ran at 103 % capacity & had a ton of playoff games.

        I’m still shocked but not upset. How can this not be good for the game it’s created & is creating 10,000’s of thousands of new NHL fans from all over the world but more importantly the US. I sat next to a family from Alabama that had never heard of hockey before Vegas entered the league! The forked over 250+ per ticket to see that game. They did get all you can eat food & drinks at that price point.

      • I don’t know that you had me in mind specifically chrisms as a result of my post yesterday – but as I tried to explain to the resident professor, all I was doing was responding to the Vegas article which said UFAs are finding Vegas attractive by pointing out – with tongue firmly in cheek -that 2 UFAs did not – Neal and Perron.

        I have no stick of any size up my ass about U.S. expansion – hell, I’m on record saying that there’s no way Quebec City should ever be considered and that Houston and Seattle will have teams long before they are ever remotely considered again. After that? Maybe Milwaukee and, if they can ever find responsible ownership, perhaps Atlanta again (3rd time’s the charm??).

      • striker you firmly said vegas wouldn’t make the playoffs in 5 years.

        to be fair I was optimistic they would make it in in three… not quite what actually happened.

        George… tone gets lost in this forum. it sounded to me very snarky responding to lyles insight by pointing out neal and perron. my apologies if I misread that comment. I still stand by my comments because the vitriol vegas received from many of our northern friends as the playoffs came around and during said playoffs was palpable.

      • Chrisms.

        Yes I did & I was wrong.

      • George as expressed both on the news portion & rumours section my comments weren’t directed at you yesterday but on topic.

        I guess self-proclaimed professor is better than what you usually call me but I don’t really like either nor claim to be. Ha-ha!

        Just a hockey freak with his own opinions.

      • Chris, I live in Canada and don’t see or hear many people who are angry about American teams doing well. Of course it is normal for people to be upset if they feel that their game is being lost to another country, but Canada is a small country and it is in evitable. Having said that when I was 15 years old I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach when Joe Carter won the World Series for the Blue Jays, and at least where I was the Americans did not handle that with a ton of grace. And that was definitely not a major threat to the Great American pastime. The game was not expanding in Canada and the teams were not full of Canadians. I am fine with American expansion where it works, my problems growing up in Hamilton was that we didn’t get a team because it is blocked by Buffalo and Toronto. It would have no impact on Toronto but would definitely hurt Buffalo as about 2000 season-ticket holder‘s live in Hamilton. And when the phoenix debacle went to court Bettman said under oath that according to the leagues on research Hamilton would have been the fourth highest grossing revenue team in the league. Expansion should go where expansion works. Las Vegas works. Arizona doesn’t work. Any major corporation, say McDonald’s, doesn’t keep a franchise that has lost money for 20 years and doesn’t look like it is going to improve. Hey New York, Hamilton wants the Rangers back… Though that was pre-NHL of course.

      • Does outspoken mean “ troll “ or “ dumb comments “? Not directed at anyone!

  6. In my view DeBrusk and McAvoy are not starters. They will be all stars long after that list is done .
    Someone said it yesterday a Panarin and Pacioretty deal with adders could work.
    A lot of teams can fit Karlsson next season. It is the several after that is the challenge .
    I would not add Foote to rid salary and then include Sergachev in the deal. Defence depth will get thin. Everything is fine until injury rears it’s ugly head.

    • DeBrusk and McAvoy in trade discussion are non-starters. They definitely are starters

    • Patches for Panarin would be interesting …but it would be the Habs luck that Panarin doesn’t re sign there and goes UFA …

      Even if the Habs made that trade …they still have issues like no Center to play with Panarin …and doing a swap of Left Wingers is not in the Habs interest …they need multiple pieces back for Patches …a Center and a youth quality prospect!

      If Iam Beregevin id try to avoid a one for one deal with Patches ..you really need a multi piece deal.

      • Again, I don’t see the Jackets trading Panarin in conference. While Patches is an interesting idea, I don’t think that would be enough to sway Jarmo, especially since he’d be trading one left winger on an expiring contract for another.

  7. That’s Joe Haggerty for you, “the Bruins shouldn’t do anything”, “The Bruins need to go get one of these guys.”
    The Bruins have 8 signed NHL defenseman I don’t believe they’ll go into the regular season with you don’t want Millions of cap space sitting in the press box.

    Chara, not moving, Just signed Moore and Grzelcyk, McAvoy not going anywhere. That leaves Krug, McQuaid, Miller and Carlo. The return for Miller and McQuaid would be minimal, if looking for impact that leaves Krug and Carlo. While Carlo name has been brought up before, I don’t want that size and skating ability moved.
    Krug and Grzelcyk both 5’9″ not your ideal size defenseman sure it can work, but not ideal. Krug has proven to very effective on the pp and Boston doesn’t have anyone ready to do what he does; however he isn’t great 5vs5 and outside of McAvoy and Carlo will bring the greatest return and I believe he’ll be traded before the season starts, the only question is what kind of return does he bring back, which is another debate.

    • As always I don’t really want Bos to do much. Donato appears NHL ready, others are banging on the door & should provide injury depth over the course of the season in Bjork, Cehlarik, JFK, Frederick & Fitzgerald.

      All I want to see added is a #3 C & that should be had for a McQuad or Miller with a decent draft pick especially if taken from a team with cap issues. I provided a list of targets the other day.

      Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak/Backes.
      Debrusk, Krejci, Pastrnak/Donato.
      Heinen, ?, Backes/Donato.
      Nordstrom, Kuraly, Acciari.
      Spare. Wagner.

      Under no circumstances do I wish to see Krug traded, he is an elite level offensive Dman who has now played 398 NHL regular season games & should post his best offensive season ever as long as he can stay healthy & play at least 75 games. I want him extended next summer not moved to bring in a forward.

      Although with expansion looming that may become problematic but not necessarily as Bos’s 3 keepers at D could be McAvoy, Krug & Carlo come the expansion draft for Seattle.

      The only way I want to see Krug moved is if his salary & term demand next summer are excessive.

    • I first off wanna say : I’m a Blues Fan, & may get blasted for this suggestion but, WHY THE HELL NOT ?!

      What if, Boston maybe makes a deal with, Ottawa centered around Stone for Krug, & Carlo with, adders wherever it’s deemed fit ?

      • Bos doesn’t need a RW they need a #3 C, although Backes could play that position.

        I have no issues with Krug’s game. Since entering the NHL full time 5 years ago he sits 13th in points for all Dman 6 behind Doughty at 8th overall & those were his development years.

        Krug is going to climb that list rapidly. He is just approaching full development for an NHL Dman, 5 to 6 years & or 400 regular season games played for about 80% of Dman. He has played 398 to date.

        Krug’s 14 goals & 59 points last season tied him for 8th in Dman scoring with Subban having only played 76 games; Subban 82, 4 points out of the top 5. Krug is a huge reason Bos is so proficient offensively in transition & on the PP. This type of player is not easy to acquire, find or develop. He’s exceptionally well suited to the new NHL game of quick transition & puck possession that most NHL teams are adapting to.

        I am a Bos fan 1st but have numerous other teams I really like. StL being 1 of them. Enjoy as they have been on the cusp of greatness for several years just haven’t been able to bust through but they are 1 of the 3 most improved teams in the NHL so far this offseason & like Calgary positioned to make a serious run with a little luck. My concern is Allen.

  8. IF there is one thing clear from the comments on this blog, it is that a hard salary cap is an effective way to allow all the teams in a league to be competitive. Check the baseball standings. I hope the value allows the next labor deal to be hammered out without strike or lockout; hockey can’t afford teams playing to empty buildings. With 4hr non-competitive baseball games, football suffering from political correctness, and basketball becoming a playground battle of player created superteams, hockey has an opportunity to gain a bigger footing as a fast, exciting, and realistically competitive game with a lot of compelling personalities. Ad as 4K inches its way into the TV world, one can finally see the puck on the tube. Don’t blow it, guys. Euro division? 6 teams? Upgrade the minors & adopt relegation/promotion? There’s room to grow. There’s not room for a pi**ing contest to set us back again.

    • While I do agree with you on the statements of team equality through out the league …the NHL has ripped of the players with a cap system and crsushed there true market value …they get paid peanuts in comparison to EVEY other sport and probably outside Footbal take the moist punishment in a grueling season where they practice daily and play a long season and back to backs.

      Players were ripped off especially mid level players !

      • I’d suggest that the player’s share of revenue in the major sports is comparable..it’s just that hockey has considerably smaller gross revenues, mostly due to lower TV revenues. The disparity between the stars and the midlevel players is high in all sports — and the player’s unions don’t look to have devoted huge efforts to supporting the blue collar contingent. But we aren’t in the dark ages where players need summer jobs any more; a journeyman on a three years deal earns as much as a skilled ordinary worker in a lifetime (as is proper for the rarity of his skill and effort). If the maximum deal were decreased to 7.5MM & the minimum increased to 2MM would that make you happy? (It’s certainly a defensible position). That’s a union thing; the salary scale flows from where the max is set and what takes to retain the start players…the ones you can’t win without. You COULD make the argument that the stars are dragging the cup-of-coffee guys into paydays beyond their wildest dreams, and even the AHL beats bagging groceries or painting houses. It’s a discussion of economics, tho….I dodn’t see “ripped off” as part of it.

      • the players are paid in comparison with league revenues. good system for sports. they get paid less than other sports because hockey is still a nitch sport in many places, though growing. The players DO get ripped off in the entry level and rfa years. that’s an embarrassment.

    • The NHL is the fastest growing professional sport in the world now, the growth at the grass routes level in the US is amazing. It lends to all the arena’s the NHL, it’s member teams & corporate sponsors have built all over us since Bettman came on board.

      Unfortunately, another lockout is coming as you can’t fix decades of imbalance in 2 lockouts & a strike & negotiate with a body that has 700+ members & a management team in constant flux. The NHL still needs serious concessions from players to make it possible for all teams to have a hope of being profitable.

      I see the players share of NHL revenue dropping to 47% but encompassing far more revenue streams not the least of which is expansion revenue counting as hockey revenue. Profit sharing is improved significantly for the have-nots, free agency declines again by at least 1 year, possibly 2. Olympic participation is guaranteed, benefits are improved for players particularly the lump sum payout at 55 for far fewer games having to be played than those today to qualify.

      I see no way we aren’t experiencing another lockout & I’m OK with that. It will lay a far better foundation stabilising the NHL for the lesser teams & when the new US national TV contract gets signed almost every team in the NHL will be able to turn a profit, most without having to make the playoffs to do so.

      I’ll be back when the puck drops again.

      • I’ll be back too, but I’d rather not leave. There are owners who lose money, through their own failures, who wish a system where badly run teams can profit. There are players whose agents want basketball contracts. But the game as a whole seems to me to have the best competitive balance of the four majors, and be the one most on the rise (grudging complements to Bettman, he has not grown more personally attractive but I have to admit great results for the game, and respect his tougher decisions like keeping Arizona but letting Atlanta go).
        I continue to hope, with new TV money on the table, that there will be room for agreement without a stoppage. Olympics is a tough one due to horrid schedule compression, a pause in mid season, and injury risk, against the seemingly near universal player desire to wear a national sweater & play on that stage. And the Olympic committee treats the NHL with complete disdain, rather than being part of the solution to get the players there.

      • I agree but both sides still aren’t on the same page. The biggest issue for me is lack of stability in leadership within the NHLPA.

        Yes, some owners have cost themselves money & you could argue every team has in some way with bad player personnel decisions or contracts.

        A new national US TV contract will help significantly as will far better revenue sharing but greed is alive & well on all sides & no 1 wants to share or give up their monies but none can make such if not for the NHL. You shouldn’t have to make the playoffs to run a profitable hockey operation with an 82 game regular season.

        The cap still hasn’t reached what Detroit spent in the 2003-04 season. Their payroll was well over 80 mil. teams like Mon, NYR & Tor the 3 largest revenue earners historically couldn’t be making the monies they make today if not for Bettman’s vision of the NHL.

        Nor is it like players are suffering. There are more NHL jobs than ever before & with that more AHL, ECHL & other hockey opportunities worldwide. Salaries have been appreciating rapidly especially at the top end. It seems like only yesterday Gretzky was the 1st mil a year player now the Nordstrom’s of the world are getting a mil or more to play annually as 4th liners or worse.

        1 more lockout, possibly 2 & it should become easier for the NHL & NHLPA to have better harmony a little to no labour unrest only resolving much smaller issues.

  9. The EK drama is the only notable news but I think their ask is probably over the top. The stars would be stupid to trade miro plus for him. If Seguin doesn’t return next year just imagine if they went all in on ek with an expiring contract.

    The only thing that makes sense if a package from the leafs. I have no idea of the return but any combination of future picks McDermott and nylander.

    Ek just makes too much sense to the leafs, especially if Ottawa eats half his 6.5 Salery for next season.

    • Nah

    • What happens the year after? Do they just get Karlsson for one year and give up Dermott and Nylander? Love EK but this would be bordered on insanity.
      Cap is not an issue this year for the Leafs – next year will be a different story.

      • NO WAY IN HELL….

        Dermott has the ability to be a Swiss army knife D man for EVERY situation at the top level ..Karlsson is a disaster on theD side of the puck and when his numbers slip due to time age and his previous injuries in 2 – 3 years he will be worthless and a Dion Phaneuf type contract!

        Id do Nylander for Dumba Trouba Parayko or maybe even Myers as a right hand D man …but NEVER Karlsson ..IMHO

        The Leafs DO NOT need a soft D man they need a skilled big body who makes life difficult and scares opponents coming in the zone …do not need Karlsson with the amount of offence they have now NO NEED at his price tag… non!!

        We have to sign Marner and Dermott long term and get a big body winger like a Tom Wilson and a shut down D man and THATS IT !!!

      • Kal El: If Dermott ends up being 60% of Karlsson, that would be an accomplishment. That comparison is insulting. It is also a myth that Karlsson is bad defensively, as I pointed out with the Doughty/Karlsson comparison stats a few days ago. Karlsson is more than competent defensively and the best offensive defenseman in the league, top 3 overall on any list with Doughty and Hedman.

        I do agree that Nylander and Dermott for one year of Karlsson would be a bad trade for Toronto. If the deal included an 8 year extension, more may be needed.

    • go fly a kite your not getting dermott nor nylander how about innes and loverde

  10. Kucherov – 8 years @ 9.5M

    • Just saw that. Does this mean they’re out on EK?

      • Slick, that was my thought.

      • This wouldn’t have any effect on the EK proceedings.
        They were signing Kuch either way and are trying to fit in EK by moving Callahan and maybe TyJO.

      • No effect? If Karlsson gets at least a 10 mil extension, that would leave Tampa with less than 4 mil cap space for 2019/20 season. That’s for a roster of 13 players. No guarentee they move Johnson or Callahan. I don’t see Rangers taking him for a late 2nd rd pick 2 years from now. If they do, they’re crazy. They would still need to give something to Tampa in trade. I think Dallas has the better chance

      • TB has handcuffed themselves with too many NTC’s and NMC’s, giving them no flexibility. Killorn and Johnson both left money on the table, but aren’t the calibre of players that should have full NTC’s. The only player they have with an ~$5M+/year salary that has no trade restrictions is JT Miller, and I doubt they want to move him. Callahan’s MNTC has been the biggest issue with the Karlsson trade by far as he assuredly won’t waive to go to Ottawa.

      • Yes Slick, no effect. It’s not like they were getting into the EK market and letting Kucherov walk net year.
        They are figuring out a way to fit Karlsson under their cap by moving out salary – kucherov wouldn’t have been the casualty in the pursuit of Karlsson. So this signing has no effect on the EK trade – in fact it gives tampa an even better handle on what they can extend EK at if the trade were to be made

      • Van.

        If you look at all those contracts except Stamkos all become modified NTC’s very quickly & for the final 3 or 4 years of all those deals. I addressed such elsewhere in Lyle’s post regarding the signing. Yzerman has built a ton of flexibility into all those deals again but Stamkos.

    • Stamkos signs for a hometown discount and then they make Kucherov the highest paid Tampa player a year removed …WOW!

      SLAP !!!

      Id say this signing is an ” F ” You Dorion taking my ball and going home ..GOOD LUCK !

      • Actually 2 years out as Kucherov still has another year on his 3-year bridge deal. Inflation is alive & well in the NHL & McDavid reset the bar last summer a year before Stamkos signed. Stamkos for me took fair market value considering his 2 serious injury issues, the player that really took the hometown discount in TB was Hedman. He should be the 2nd highest paid Dman in the NHL in the Doughty range. Is Doughty worth over 3 mil more per season than Hedman?

      • Sorry should read a year after Stamkos signed.

        I have had Kucherov as the best forward in TB for 2 years, so yes he should be the highest paid.

      • Kucherov is a far better and more important player than Stamkos and has been for 2 full seasons. 9.5 is a great price for him

      • the Lightning now have over $65 million tied up in 12 players for 2019-20. You need 10 more at an average of a little over 2MM each. Normal for your fourth line and 6th and 7th defenseman, for a one year deal for an aging vet or two and you’ll need 3 or 4 players still on entry level contracts. The Lightning depth in their prospect pool justifies optimism that this can work. OK now and golden if the cap continues to rise. Looks to me like all the Lightning recent big deals are team friendly but fair, tho certainly less than the players would get on the open market.

      • Striker: I completely agree on the Hedman contract and mentioned that the other day. What was he and his agent thinking? I understand a hometown discount, but he left $2M+/year on the table at that time.

  11. What will AM get on his next contract?

    • 12.5 mil

      • Chrisms, not being a dink but why 12.5? We have not seen a 100 point season amongst other valid reasons.

      • I believe he uses McDavid as a comparable. good arguments about why he should or shouldn’t be compared but he still will use him. on top of that cap keeps going up so signing him to the same as mcdavid would actually be less of a cap percentage when he signs than mcdavid got.

    • I think he gets 11M like Tavares, or 11.5 max

  12. I dont see the Leafs Chiarrelling this one

  13. The Senators make ZERO sense to me. They currently have $17,000,000 in space and are only $3,000,000 above the cap floor. They are looking to unload an additional almost $13,750,000 in cap with Karlsson & Ryan. Now some/most of that will probably go to resign Stone & Ceci … but the reality is, if Tampa needs cap room to make a deal happen and they are willing to add a sweetener. Then why would YOUR franchise take it back plus the added prospects/picks to make it happen or agree to retain for the season and get a sweetener back to do so.

    • look up dumpster fire in the dictionary, you will see a picture of the sens logo next to it.

      • Ha-ha! That’s a nice way of the dictionary to define what is happening in Ott. Bettman & Co must be cringing watching this unfold.

        How can things be going downhill this quickly in Ottawa? What’s the plan? How did the plan change so quickly?

        A goal without a plan is just a wish. Kids share their wishes with Santa Claus, women with their hairdressers, men with their bartenders, other than that wishes are useless & rarely if ever occur with out a plan.

    • JJB: As I said above, TB has too many NTC’s/MNTC’s on their roster, which limit flexibility. Callahan has an MNTC as I’m sure would not waive to go to Ottawa. Ottawa would gladly take him if it meant getting Sergachev and/or Point plus multiple prospects and picks. TB needs to find another trade partner than either has a similar contract to Callahan with no NTC protection that can be flipped to Ottawa or pay another team on Callahan’s list to take a big salary dump ($9.4M over 2 years as NYR4life pointed out) for sweeteners.

      • See above. Those NTC’s & NMC’s you mention all switch to modified NTC’s allowing for a ton of trade partners very quickly for all but Stamkos.

        You need to go to Capfrindly & click on all the players signed as your comments aren’t even remotely accurate.

      • Callahan has a MNTC and that is still causing problems in the trade with Ottawa. Many of the teams willing to take a salary dump to facilitate a trade would be nixed by a MNTC. Ottawa is clearly undesirable now and won’t be approved by many MNTC candidates.

      • Striker: My comments are 100% accurate wrt a Karlsson trade now. Killorn, Johnson and Palat all have full NTC’s currently are are immovable unless they approve the destination. I never said there weren’t changes later in the contract but who cares when the Sens have to trade him this season.

        MNTC’s can be just as restrictive when trying to dump salaries as the teams willing to take a bad contract generally suck and are undesirable for the traded player. If Callahan would accept a trade to Ottawa, Karlsson may already be in TB.

  14. This is letter Rangers sent to fans. Nowhere does it say they are “tearing it down and doing a total rebuild” true..They’ve been guilty in past of dealing away picks for short term fixes. But, there is a big difference between that and spending a few years going through a total rebuild.

    As a member of the Blueshirt Faithful, we consider you a part of the New York Rangers family, and always want to ensure we share important news about the organization directly with you. Today, we want to talk to you about the future.

    As you know, since the 2005-06 season, we have been a highly competitive team. We have played 129 playoff games, won the Presidents’ Trophy, reached the Conference Finals three times, as well as the Stanley Cup Final. While we’re proud of all those accomplishments – we didn’t reach our ultimate goal of bringing the Stanley Cup back to New York.

    So as we do every season, we have been continuously evaluating our team, looking for areas that can be improved to enhance our chances of winning. We began the process of reshaping our team this past summer, when we traded for assets that we believe will help us in the years to come. As we approach the trade deadline later this month and into the summer, we will be focused on adding young, competitive players that combine speed, skill and character. This may mean we lose some familiar faces, guys we all care about and respect. While this is part of the game, it’s never easy. Our promise to you is that our plans will be guided by our singular commitment: ensuring we are building the foundation for our next Stanley Cup contender.

    There are no fans like Rangers fans. You are passionate, loyal and true. You fill The Garden every night, and we always know there will be a strong showing from RangersTown in every building across the League. We do not take your support for granted. We appreciate that you have always stood by us, and we ask you to remain by our side as we undertake this exciting new chapter filled with promise and change.

    We will keep you informed as this process takes shape. Thank you for the incredible loyalty, pride and respect you show to the New York Rangers, each and every day.

    • By the look of how they handled the draft and free agenty, it sure looks like they want to be competitive…. in 3-4 years and beyond.

      But I guess Trading Mcdonagh, Miller, possibly Hayes and Zuccarello. I could see why it doesn’t appear to be a total and complete tear down from the outside looking in.

      If Staal and smith were trade candidates, they’d be gone.
      If Lundqvist accepted their offer to try and move him, he’d be gone. He turned them down.

  15. If if if Seems like you’ll only be happy if they lose and then you can say you were right about everything… good for you.. nothing in FA that was worth signing. One thing missing for Rangers all the past few years has been the elite player or 2 that puts you over the top… as has been noted many times here, look at the teams that did win the cup. So yeah, when guys like Karlsson or Panarin become available, you at least inquire. I don’t doubt Gorton called Tavares camp, but like most expected, he wasn’t interested in Rangers

    • As far as draft, they made all their picks. To quote Gorton again, there was trade talk but mostly Tavares rumors were keeping a lot of teams from making moves. Still a long summer ahead.

    • It seems that you are in total denial of what direction this team is headed. There’s being a fan, and there’s being a blind fan.
      I choose to not walk with a can and jar in my hands. I choose reality!

      You keep pointing to hypotheticals and possibilities. I keep pointing to reality. Actually, I’m pretty excited about the direction they’ve chosen. Obviously you’re not. As I said the other day, they aren’t even 4 months into a rebuild. And your patience has pretty obviously collapsed already.

      It seems it’s really YOU who wants to be right… Karlsson, Tavares… so far you’re 0-fer . Did Gorton want a trade on draft day? Absolutely, this was reported in every NY rag out there. He actually said he did… to trade up. Speculated 3-5.

      Do I want them to lose so I can be right? No. But once again there are FAR to many variables and unknowns to think differently.

      Barring miraculous seasons from a bunch of unknowns question marks and hypotheticals , is a little too glass half full for my taste.

      Again, don’t just take my word for it. But you won’t find many people that are in agreement with you.

      If “thinking outside the box” somehow makes you feel like a better , more loyal fan… congratulations! You win! But I still think these type of best case scenarios, and wishful thinking is best left to gm’ing on PS4.

      • Again, you obviously didn’t read the letter. 4 months into a rebuild? Letter stated pretty clearly that this began last summer when they traded Stepan. You seem to be privy to info nobody else has. All your comments are based on rumors. You can’t back it up with one quote from management. Funny how when I mentioned that they drafted a goalie high in the 2nd round you tore into me as if I had him starting next year? But you seem to think they’re going to build around Shesterkin, who while I’m also high on, there’s no guarentee he’s the one. Again I’ll go by managements decision to draft a kid that high. Shesterkin was a 4th rounder. He’s 6’. Kind of small for a goalie. And though he has some nice stats, he’s playing on a stacked khl team that is often called “Putin’s team” as a fan, of coarse I want to have a winning team.

      • For the record, I always said Tavares was a long shot…. Karlsson still in Ott. And as far as free agency, we did sign another left handed d man… That makes 5 if you assume we sign rfa’s Skjei and Gilmour. Add to that Hajek, Day and Lindgren will be battling for a roster spot, you don’t see a trade coming?

      • Lundqvist was a 7th rounder. Blackburn 1st round, Labarbra 3rd round, Al Montoya 1st round…. did you want to really use where a goaltender was drafted or are you just making more invalid points?

      • A coupe of more points.

        I’d say a “retool” started with Brassard a year prior. And continued with Stepan.

        The letter was long after Stepans departure. Which is when Gorton knew that team as was constructed was not going anywhere.

        Trading Mcdonagh, was the true pull on the toilet handle. How often do teams trade their #1 d-man with term , no clear cut replacements and still hope to be a competitive team….. and …….cue the jeopardy theme…….

        When is “never “Alex….

      • And no. I don’t see a trade coming. And I think it would be foolish to trade any of these young players now before they know what they actually have in them. (See Marc Savard)

        It’s not like they’ll be able to sell high.

      • . If a team approaches every transaction from a “We’re not ready to win,” perspective, that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

      • Nyr4. So, you don’t trade for an elite player because you don’t know what you have yet??? Like maybe there’s a minuscule chance it could be the next Karllson? Ok

    • & here I thought it was Vigneault’s personal choices, untimely injuries & the odd poor GM decision. Only 1 team has had more playoff appearances than NYR since 2012 prior to this season & even though they missed this year they may still sit 2nd I haven’t run those #’s.

      • I’m not even sure what you mean here Striker? Are you saying they are still there today?

      • Now now fellas, this isn’t Peaky F*&%&^g Blinda’s

  16. Krug and Backes to MTL for Patches?

    Then try to pry Eric Staal from Minn to solidify the 3rd center spot

    That may help in keeping with other teams like TB
    As suggested

    • Are you drunk already?

      Why would Bos want to trade Krug? I get your including Backes as a salary dump of sorts but Bos doesn’t need a LW. They have Marchand, Debrusk & Heinen.

      • And to go by your logic patches has a better gpg avg than Marchand he must be better right striker?

  17. Would nyr offer spooner to tb for Callahan and Tyler Johnson? Johnson fills the 3c and Callahan can play 4rw Johnson is the price for taking Callahan.

    And that is right I did not offer smith. You read correctly

    • Johnson has a no trade clause

      • Yes, he does for 3 more seasons before becoming modified, 20 team trade list. Is he going to be happy playing as the #2 possibly #3 RW or if given the chance to move to a more favourable location might he agree to waive it? Not saying NYR as he would be battling others for better quality ice time.

        He wouldn’t be the 1st player to do so but would have total control on where just like when StLouis & Kesler moved. They dictated where they were willing to go.

        Does NYR need a C? Zibanejad is the 1A, Hayes the 1B, I assume Andersson will get a shot at the #3 spot but either Namestnikov or Spooner could.

      • Striker, I really think Zib is the clear 1c. He missed 10 games Last year and still scored 27 goals.. 2 less than Crosby, same as Stamos Not saying he’s as good as they are but he just turned 25. His stats would be more padded if he was on a team with more scoring around him. Also I too am high on Chytil and Anderson, Let’s not forget about Howden… Tampa’s 1st rd pick year before those guys

  18. 100!!!!!!

  19. Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but Maroon officially signed 1 year with St Louis

  20. Final thoughts. For anyone who doesn’t think Erik Karllson is too old to get a long term deal. NIc Lidström :from age 28-35. 9 seasons. Averaged more games and points per season than his years before he turned 28. Brett Burns: first season at age 28 had issues with his mouth to start season. Has played 4 straight 82 game seasons since. Scoring more than he did in all previous seasons. Erik Karllson: Currently ranked 8th all time in points per game for defensemen!! ALL TIME

    • Sorry. For anyone that doesn’t think he should get long term deal. THAt thinks he’s too old