NHL Rumor Mill – July 11, 2018

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Latest on Max Pacioretty and Erik Karlsson plus a recent update on the Vancouver Canucks in your NHL rumor mill.

Is Max Pacioretty’s time with the Montreal Canadiens drawing to a close? (Photo via NHL Images)


THE ATHLETIC:  Marc Antoine Godin reports an NHL source claims Montreal Canadiens general manager has told captain Max Pacioretty that he won’t receive a contract extension and the club’s intention is to trade him as soon as possible. Pacioretty’s new agent, Allan Walsh, declined to comment except to say his client loves Montreal and hopes to stay.

It’s believed Pacioretty will seek a lucrative long-term contract after his current deal turned out to be one of the league’s biggest bargains. The 29-year-old left wing would prefer to re-sign with the Canadiens but there’s been trade speculation stretching back to December. Bergevin does not publicly comment about contract talks with his players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s already a bit of push-back against this story, suggesting this could be an agent’s tactic and pointing out the rumor didn’t come from a Montreal source. Still, it was widely reportedly the Canadiens had a trade in place to send Pacioretty to the Los Angeles Kings during the NHL Draft last month but the deal fell through because he declined to sign a contract extension with the Kings. 

Rumors linked Pacioretty to the Kings, San Jose Sharks. St. Louis Blues and Florida Panthers. With the Kings having signed Ilya Kovalchuk and the Blues yesterday inking Patrick Maroon, they’re likely out of the market for a scoring winger. The Sharks, who lost out in the bidding for John Tavares, could be the leading suitor. 

It’s widely assumed the Canadiens would want a scoring center in exchange for Pacioretty but that return could be difficult to land if he intends to hit the open market next summer. As per Cap Friendly, he lacks no-trade protection so he could be unwilling to sign a contract extension with the Canadiens unless he gets a guarantee that he won’t be dealt during the final season of his current contract.


THE ATHLETIC: Joe Smith reports the Tampa Bay Lightning re-signing winger Nikita Kucherov yesterday to an eight-year, $76-million contract extension doesn’t preclude the Lightning from acquiring Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson. GM Steve Yzerman didn’t mention Karlsson by name but said any report that he was close to making a major acquisition was “very inaccurate”. However, he didn’t rule out the possibility of taking on a high-salaried player, though they’d “have to make the money work, so to speak.”

Smith notes the Lightning have around $4 million in cap space for 2018-19 while Karlsson’s annual cap hit is $6.5 million. Defensemen Braydon Coburn ($3.7 million), Anton Stralman ($4.5 million) and Dan Girardi ($3 million) come off the books next summer as unrestricted free agents. However, Smith suggests the Lightning would still have to move a contract, such as that of winger Ryan Callahan ($5.8 million annually) or center Tyler Johnson ($5 million AAV), to re-sign Karlsson, who’s also due to become a UFA next July. No-trade clauses for those like Callahan and Johnson could also complicate things.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yzerman won’t say he’s pursuing another team’s player via trade as that would be considered tampering. However, it’s no secret the Lightning GM is trying to work out a deal with the Senators for Karlsson.

As Yzerman noted, making the dollars work is a sticking point. There was talk last week of the Lightning trying to get a third club involved, like the New York Rangers, to take a salaried player off their hands. Still, the Senators will also have to take one or two contracts from the Lightning to make this work.

It’s believed they want promising young defenseman Mikhail Sergachev as part of the return. They could also ask for another young roster players such as 22-year-old center Brayden Point. 


THE PROVINCE: Last week, Jason Botchford noted the Vancouver Canucks kept saying they wanted to be active in this summer’s trade market. However, they “may have to be creative to get it done.”

Botchford recommended retaining up to half the annual cap hit of a defenseman like Ben Hutton ($2.8 million) or Michael Del Zotto ($3 million), consider moving a player like Nikolay Goldobin or Brendan Gaunce rather than risk losing them to waivers, or move a veteran such as Brandon Sutter, Sam Gagner or Sven Baertschi. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t rule out the Canucks considering any of these options, though they might end up having to wait until the season is underway to drum up some interest.

Hutton and Del Zotto are both entering the final season of their contracts so maybe, as Botchford suggests, a rival club could consider one of them as a reclamation project. Goldobin or Gaunce could improve into full-time roster players so moving either guy this summer could be premature.

Sutter would have to waive his no-trade clause to be dealt. Gagner lacks no-trade protection but teams could balk at his $3.15-million cap hit through 2019-20. The Canucks recently re-signed Baertchi to a three-year deal worth over $3.36 million. Having him under contract could make him easier to move but I think they see him as part of their rebuilding plan. 



  1. I dont see there being a huge market for a 29 year old 17 goal scorer on an expiring contract. But then again, I’m no Marc Bergevin.

    Who’s worse? Bergevin? Benning? Chiarelli?

    • Worse at what?

      MB is running the Habs into tge ground.

      Chiarelli won McDavid & traded Eberle for Strome & signed Lucic.

      Benning inherited a bare cupboard & ntc/nmc’s.

      What about Dorion, Holland, Nill & any other GM in the basement or struggling to even be a PO team?

      You tell us?

      • Don’t forget Hall
        Think he won the league mvp.

      • I believe Holland was under orders to keep the team competitive to make the playoffs while Mike Illitch was still alive and then going into a new building.

      • and you can’t forget trading a 1st and 2nd round pick for a player that played 4 reg season and 1 playoff games for the team before being claimed by LVK ( and they currently have him in the minors ) the 1st turning out to be an 85 pt Calder winner ( Barzal ) and the 2nd ( with the pick trading up ) a 20 goal scorer ( Beavillier )

      • You have to put hextall in there for the worst! Never can find a goalie a bunch of anchors and just signed another in jvr, voracek is highly overpaid and a lot of the d prospects that were highly touted are falling way below what they were supposed to be

      • I hate the Flyers with a white hot passion and even I can admit that Provorov, Ghostisbehere, Morin, Sanheim, Patrick, Konechy, Hart, Frost, Lindblom, and Sandstrom are all going to be excellent players and they are all Hextall players. Hex inherited Voracek, Simmonds, Giroux, and red neck boy. The philth might even have a good team soon enough.

    • On the other hand, I do see a large market for a player who average 34 goals per year in the preceeding four years.

      Your pathetic attempt a devaluing a top player reveals your agenda.

      • whose revealing whose agenda with that post? you’re certainly right but glossing over last season and his age is also a pathetic attempt at overvaluing a top? player.

      • He’s avg more gpg than kessel even with a bad last yr! Another troll comment from Chrisms

      • That you trying to turn the tables bigbad? That’s adorable

      • Like you just did? Lol look in the mirror

      • Did you just peewee Herman me? I think I actually like you now.

    • There we go again valuing a player based on 1 year of his career. What about the 5 out of 6 seasons prior where he scored over 30 a year & the 6th was the lockout season where he scored 15 in 44 games? This just doesn’t make sense to me.

      Yes, Patches had a bad year & it will have a minor impact on his value but the biggest issue is his UFA status & is he willing to sign an extension with the team acquiring him. If he is the return will be solid, 30 goal scorers are an incredibly valuable commodity, if unknown futures will be added at a reduced rate in case he does.

      Were you 1 of the majority that had written off Duchene, Barrie, Colorado, Sakic, etc. last summer? Were you 1 of the many who wanted Duchene moved for a bag of pucks to eliminate his negative impact on Colorado’s roster?

      1 season doesn’t make a player or his career. The return for Patches should be solid although these rumours about not wanting to extend him & moving him ASAP don’t help his value at all. It makes it sound like their desperate to do so quickly. Sometimes waiting is the best option. It served Colorado very well with Duchene. A moron stepped up & overpaid significantly for a player he probably can’t even extend.

      What’s odd is Bergevin’s delay in doing so is reducing the # of bidders & thereby most likely the return. As the article states LA is most likely out. StL appears to be also, Cal out, several others as well & Skinner is also still in play. I’m taking Skinner before Patches simply as he’s over 3.5 years younger & a far better skater.

      • His age is also an issue. He will be 30 in Nov, you can’t sign this player for more than 5 years ideally, 6 tops & his contract should come in between say Neal’s 5 years at 5.75 to JvR’s 5 years at 7.

      • Precisely… Pacioretty had an off-year. Look at the rest of his team. The entire team had an off-year. Look at Carey Price. His GAA this season was 3.11 but during the last four seasons before he had a GAA between 1.96 and 2.32. Are you going to say there wouldn’t be interest in him or that his value is lowered due to an off-year?

    • I’ll go with Tom Rowe, he made it 1 season in Florida. Fired Gallant, let 3 of his top 6 forwards go in 1 offseason the expansion offseason, never replaced 2 of them, paying Vegas Marchesseault to take Smith’s contract off their hands. Unrivalled by all comers.

      Viola put this organization back 2 years with that hiring. Thankfully Rowe got what was coming to him. His walking papers.

    • you forgot Murray

      • Which 1, Tim, Brian or Bob? Ha-ha! I know you are referring Tim Murray got shafted by Eichel & Paggulia. He wasn’t given enough time to grade properly less than 4 years & was hired mid-season in January of 2014. I think the foundation he had started to lay was solid & he shouldn’t have been removed but he refused to fire Bylsma at Eichel’s demand & ownership backed Eichel, firing both. Now ROR has been moved as he was at odds with Eichel. Never a good idea to hand the keys to the inmates.

        I would argue the worst was Brian Murray his uncle, he started this demise we are seeing in Ottawa, was part of the Alfredsson moving to Detroit situation, etc..

        This isn’t meant to slight Botterill, he is playing the hand he was dealt & has a bright future & I like his return on ROR. I think this is a good deal for both teams.

    • Benning drafts well but gets fleeced in trades and is the worst GM for signing UFA’s. Bergevin moved a skilled quick puck moving D-man Suban for a supposed game changing Shea Weber that backfired and then the same poor lack of judgement in moving Sergachev for Drouin. Chiarelli has been the worst. Moving Hall and Eberle and signing Lucic long term to an almost unmovable contract. I think Bergevin is safe as he is supported by Molson and Benning earns another year after two very good drafts and the chance at getting the lottery pick in Jack Hughes and picking possibly #1 overall for the first time in franchise history in front of heir own fans (Franchise luck say they finish 31st and lose the lottery falling back to 4th…. but Chiarelli has the Leagues premier player in McDavid. Conference final at minimum and they don’t have the lineup for it. Probably gone by Christmas. Don’t forget Dorian in Ottawa. His hand has been forced, but if he screws up the Karlsson trade he’s fired too!

    • Bergevin BY FAR Chiarelli won a cup can’t imagine Bergevin ever doing that unless there was only one team in NHL. Benning is putting together some good young talent.

    • Sergachev and Point in return for Karlsson ? Would be a fantastic deal for the Sens. But I doubt this kind of a deal could go through. Sens would be winners if this happens.

  2. Lyle, was all that reported BEFORE the Yzerman soundbite saying that media reports of him trying to trade for and land a BIG NAME player were completely inaccurate?

    I’m going to give the Tampa reporters benefit of the doubt here…and say probably.

    I think the window for Dorion to move him during the offseason has closed. I’m completely fine with that.

    • The quote wasn’t stating that it was inaccurate that he was involved, but that it was inaccurate that a trade was imminent or near completion.

      Him not denying directly that he was involved is as close to confirmation as you will get, and the fact that he mentioned taking on significant long term salary pretty much spells out they are interested.

      What could complicate things is the possibility that Kalrsson may choose to not immediately sign an extension with any team involved. This could reduce the return significantly, or create a scenario where the return becomes more pick based, with some conditions on Kalrsson re-signing.

      If I were Dorion I would look hard at a destination like Vegas or Dallas, and get some sort of 2020 conditional first if Karlsson re-signs. The reason being both of those teams play in some level of obscurity with no state income tax, and both teams have the cap space to make a good long term pitch. This allows them the best chance combo of Karlsson potentially re-signing, as well as teams whose picks in 2020 are not a sure thing to be playoff picks. Both teams would be heavily improved with the Addition of Karlsson, but neither team appears deep enough to completely rule out an injury plagued or unlucky season causing them to miss the playoffs.

    • I don’t think he has a choice in moving him this off season. Waiting till the season starts would be stupid. What if he got injured? You can’t have a situation like Tavares and there’s no way he’s staying with the club. Dorion will probably have to accept a crappy offer as the summer drags on and we’ll all regret Melnyk got involved in nixing the Tampa deal because he wanted ryan’s Contract gone too.

    • I would be shocked if EK is on Ott’s roster before veterans are required to report to training camp. We are entering the dog days of summer but if TB is actually out & rumours are to be believed Dal & Vegas are still working to try & close this deal.

      • Ottawa has lost their window of maximum value

  3. Something has to give & trader Jim needs to deal someone. Picks are at best the return. Helps looking ahead to the 2019 draft.

  4. Patches/agent is saying all the right things but, deep down he wants out so bad. I cant blame him. MB is driving a knife threw the heart of the Habs organization. Every other GM in the league is getting in line to fleece him next. Bad decision Marc

    • I’ve said it before, but in his hunt for creating a better “identity” in the locker room, he has seemed to make it toxic.

      Relationships with Markov, Galchenyuk, Subban, and Radulov all seemed to sour during negotiations, and he ended up either having them walk or trading them. Now if this is happening with Patches as well, it could hurt whatever value he gets there.

      It really sounds like a lot of the toxicity in Montreal is stemming directly from the guy who has made it his mission to “fix the locker room”.

      If he really is a big part of the problem (we don’t know that, but signs are starting to point toward it), he is doing a lot of damage by essentially damaging his assets, and having them walk away, or trading them for less than they are worth. This will impede the organization from going forward as long as he is in charge.

      • nailed it.

      • anyone that thinks patches wants out of Montreal is an idiot! Who would only accept an extension from one team? ( panthers) some people on here like fd( shticky) need to think before they write

    • Not for me to defend MB, but judging by his last deal, getting Joel Armia from Winnipeg was solid, Armia give them some solid size and still has offensive upside but even if he doesn’t score anymore he is a solid addition to Montreal.

      • That deal was very solid, and outside of the Galchenyuk deal, Montreal has had a solid summer. The draft was considered a success by just about every expert, and they at least resolved the Galchenyuk noise.

        The problem would stem more from MB’s attitude if players continuously feel insulted. Markov openly stated he felt insulted by Bergevin last year, and was willing to come back on a one year deal. Radulov left for the same money elsewhere, simply because until someone else offered it, Montreal wasn’t interested and offered much less term. Galchenyuk was a public whipping boy, and he made it clear he wanted to part ways with Subban. Top all that off with his statement about the year being a bust from the get go because of the attitude of the players in the locker room, most of which who will be back next year, and it sounds like he has a personality that is hard to get along with, and if he doesn’t like someone he makes it known.

        If MB continues to drive the value of his players down, both on and off the ice, Montreal will never be able to rebuild properly.

      • I agree Caper & I also liked the Domi for Gelchenyuk trade, both in upside but more importantly from a business perspective.

        Statistically, by points per game in their NHL careers to date, these 2 players are virtually identical. Galchenyuk scoring more goals, Domi getting more assists but Domi isn’t fully developed, Galchenyuk is. That doesn’t mean Galchenyuk doesn’t have an upside we haven’t seen yet but Domi hasn’t played enough NHL games to be fully developed. Gelchenyuk was 2 years from UFA status & Mon just bridged Domi for 2 years so still a RFA coming out of his current deal.

        I also liked Bergevin’s acquisition of Danault, Weber, injuries suck & seriously impact this trade currently in a negative way for Mon, signing Gallagher for 6 years at 3.75, Subban’s 2-year bridge deal, getting Petry for a 2nd & a 5th, claiming Byron off waivers from Cal.

        It wasn’t all bad just way more bad than good, even taking some of those positives above & turning them into negatives. I can’t believe I’m defending Bergevin but not all is bad, just most of it & how he still has a job as Mon’s GM is shocking to me.

    • Montreal’s problems only start with MB. Long term mismanagement and the insistence on hiring only head coaches who can speak French are the two major reasons for the Habs’ decline. Both have contributed to UFAs preferring to sign elsewhere. Yes, there’s a lot of blame to place at MB’s feet, but a complete rethink and re-organization are required to turn this once proud franchise around.

    • Deep Down?
      Have you read 1 of the 100 articles? It’s very clear that the loves mtl and doesn’t want to go anywhere.

      • Ya it’s guys like FD that just come on here to troll that make stuff up or he really has an iq lower than 20? Lol

      • Patches has class, like I said above he is saying all the right things considering the situation he is in. Has he not loved his time in Montreal? I’m sure he has but that ship has just about sailed. Troll? Bigbearbruin…that GM job belongs to you.

        Signed….shticky ikki ikki ikki

      • So it is an iq lower than 20! Lol you can tell that shticky stupidity anywhere

  5. What would Karlsson bring in a trade deadline deal? The Lightning or Stars or even the Rangers don’t need to make a deal to start the year nearly as much as Ottawa does. The Lightning, if that is really the rumored ‘want-to-play’ destination for EK, can afford to wait for his free agency, which is still his contract circumstance, knowing that he cap issues they now face heal themselves with three big numbers coming off at the end of this year. He doesn’t have to accept a trade at all. He can be a rental if he chooses. I see the return to Ottawa fading fast. What is the fan reaction there if he comes to camp and goes through the motions? What player with any reasonable NMC wants to go the the hot mess that s the Senators? I don’t think Point was ever on the table. Sergachev might be if you also fixed Tampa’s cap space, but if a third party is needed the value will come out of the Ottawa side.
    Naturally, there has been no conversation with the Lightning (or any other team) regarding the various future scenarios….and there is no gambling at Rick’s Cafe. If Ottawa doesn’t move and get what it can, Karlsson will get what he wants a year out, and the fault lines might impact the franchise for years.

    He doesn’t seem the holdout type to me, I’d expect he’d give a professional effort. In an mostly empty & angry building. Even a bad GM isn’t likely this bad….Dorian has had some success in the past. I think he’d like to make the best of a bad situation and move on…and his hands are tied by a dysfunctional ownership.
    At this point, its likely that any player with a choice will say thumbs down to the Sens, so no matter which direction he’d rather take, he sees prospects, draft picks, and journeymen on the table, with the young studs pulled away because of the barrel he’s over.

    • Do you see Karlsson on Ottawa day roster? I believe the Ottawa organization where blindsided when the Karlsson got the restraining order, I also believe that was the Karlsson way of saying to Dorion; You knew about this and you chose to do nothing, so now we are reacting and you’ll have to react in kind.
      I don’t believe Erik wants to be in Ottawa anymore and Ottawa doesn’t want him anymore. The Senators made him an offer that they knew he wouldn’t accept.
      There is more then one team wanting Karlsson, this creates competition and yes Eric get to direct which way he want this to play out.
      I don’t see Karllson on Ottawa open day roster, Dorion has to get the best deal possible, but that team is going to have to offer Doughty money or do not apply.

      • Well said Caper, I 100% agree on all your points.

        Both sides need to walk away from this relationship and move on.

    • Good point on the Rangers not needing to make any deals(but please move a center…

      I am sure EK and mrs EK be fine going to NYC. There is probably a deal in the Rangers favor sitting on Dorion’s desk as a last resort.

      Vegas still seems logical for assets and winning

    • Man oh man, Hoffman’s wife may have just ruined a franchise for years to come. Other factors come into play but, that is a biggie. Mind you, IF proven of course.

      • What are you on about now? Quit trolling shticky

  6. I really hope my sabres are not done making moves because right now they are looking like a lotto team again. I would take Max Pacioretty on Buffalo, we need a good scoring winger. Trade Rhino the sloth for him.

    • Why would Montreal want “Rhino the sloth?”

      • And why would Patches agree to play in Buffalo beyond a single season?

    • Get a true starter in net. Problems there is where to begin. Add scoring wingers after thats done.

    • I have Buf as 1 of the 2 most improved teams so far in the offseason. That said improving on dead last isn’t difficult. No team has been worse than Buf for 5 years running both in wins & goals scored, it’s not even close.

      Moving out ROR has given Buf some much needed NHL depth, which means next season they won’t be dressing players who should be playing in the AHL like Pouliot, Josephson, Wilson, Griffith, Baptiste, etc.

      Yes, they are a lottery team again but a significantly improved 1, nor should they finish last in the east, 2nd to last? Maybe, 3rd last for sure barring more trades.

      At least Buf is going to ice an NHL quality team next season, not a great 1 but at least far better 1 than previous seasons. Very difficult to determine who is playing where, as they have a ton of players that play RW but very few natural LW’s & Berglund & Sobotka can play C or LW but neither is really suited to a top 6 role. Could Rodrigues find his way to the 2nd line as a LW? Not ideal but what other options currently? Girgensons? Will Buf bid for Skinner or Patches?

      No idea how to mix & match this group move players around anyway you wish.

      Sheary, Eichel, Reinhart.
      Rodrigues/?/Trade, Mittlestadt, Okposo.
      Sobotka/Berglund, Berglund/Sobotka, Pominville/Thompson.
      Girgensons, Larsson, Thompson/Pominville.

      Skinner would fit great on this team but would he be willing to sign an extension in Buf?

      • I think Buffalo makes more moves and agree that they will definitely be better next year. If they get consistent goaltending, they could pull an Avalanche – type season out of the hat.

    • we really do not know what we are getting in the Sabres. They could be all over the board, but then again, you could be right about them being a lotto team – again.

  7. Where is Torey Krug getting trade and what kind of return do you think he’ll bring back?
    Note to Striker, I know what you think; however what do you think is a realistic return for Krug?

    • A good fit in Edmonton. Canes don’t need D. I don’t see CBJ needing him either.

    • The first thing is finding a team that values Krug for exactly what he is, which can be difficult with a smaller offensive minded defensemen. That isn’t to say that some wouldn’t value him, just that smaller defensemen get undervalued by some GMs, so you would want to avoid teams that view him that way in order to maximize his value.

      He is essentially a top pairing offensive talent with 2nd pairing defensive talent. That is a lot of value. He is much better defensively than he gets credit for by some, but has obvious limitations and would be most effective in a 2nd pairing role playing with the offensive forwards against checking lines or secondary scoring lines.

      Next is finding a team that needs a left shot D in their top 4, preferably a team that needs more offense from the blueline, and likely a team in immediate playoff contention who will view a 27 year old with two years left as good value without a long term contract as of right now. Some good fits could be New Jersey, St. Louis, Winnipeg, and Edmonton.

      I like Winnipeg as the best fit, they just cleared some cap space, but then hand nothing to spend it on. Also, they don’t have a lot on the left side, and are contemplating playing Myers on his off side right now, which isn’t ideal. They also have some good forwards they might be willing to move, and a deep enough team to do so.

      Edmonton could be a good fit if you think getting another LD back with a different skill set makes sense (like getting back Klefbom), and both New Jersey and St. Louis could use more offense from the back end.

      I think Krug is likely worth a comparable forward, but not many teams have a comparable forward for a 1-1 swap. So most likely it will be a lesser forward with some upside, and some prospect or pick.

      I think Winnipeg could offer some immediate help in the form of Perrault or Lowry, along with adequate sweeteners, but I think it would cost more than Krug to get someone like Connor.

      I think if Boston was interested in trading Krug, I think Perreault with some sort of pick or prospect would be a good fit all round. Perreault seems to be capable of more, he does well with the ice time he gets, and because of his age and where the roster is, he likely gets undervalued a little in Winnipeg. So I think there is a good chance to get a nice second piece. So it’s not a bad combo of a player that can help immediately along with a future piece.

      I am not sure it makes sense for Boston to give up on Krug right now, but that’s the way I see it.

      I actually think he might have more value after another year in Boston. They can use him this year as much as they can use almost anyone they add by trading him. Next season if they feel like some younger guys have pushed him down enough, they can shop him with the potential for a new team to immediately extend him, which could push up his value.

      I think having 2 years left is one of the worst contracts to trade in some ways.

    • I don’t wish to see Krug moved but as 1 of the NHL’s premier offensive Dman, easily in the top 10 based on his production to date with 2 years at 5.25 I would say exceptionally high.

      I have him making the top 5 in D scoring next season as long as he plays a minimum of 75 games. He finished last year tied for 8th with Subban playing 6 fewer games, 4 points out of the top 5 logging significantly less TOI/GP than almost any Dman anywhere near him in the scoring race.

      I would be shocked if Krug is traded & potentially disappointed depending upon the return. I’m open to moving anyone if I get an offer I can’t refuse or makes sense due to roster need or business issues.

      As an example of making sense. Jones for Johansen. I feel Clb won this trade if just looking at a player for player but Nas got something they really needed & with their D could afford the loss of Jones comfortably.

      You can even make an argument for Edm moving Hall to get Larsson. Again as stated previously NJ wins this trade based on a player for player but Edm addressed a serious need & paid the price required to do so.

      We see so few Dman in this range ever moved & when they do the price is usually ridiculous. The only other 1’s I can think of happening recently say the last 5 years is Hamilton not once but twice, Subban for Weber, Hamonic, who else can we use as a reference for value?

      • Shattenkirk at the trade deadline 2 years ago to Was but he’s even more 1 dimensional than Krug facing UFA status that summer. I’m sure there must be a few others just not popping up in my brain currently.

      • How is Chicago as a fit?
        Keith is obviously a premier defenseman but his offence is limited at best, Krug would be a very nice offensive upgrade to their PP.

        That being said, I don’t know nearly enough about Chicago’s bench strength so not sure what the deal would look like

  8. Karlsson as a rental at the trade deadline would get you a decent return and create a much larger buyer’s market However a season of this rhetoric and a player who does not want to be there would be an absolute cancer for all concerned. Get what you can before camp opens

  9. If Krug is moved he will be part of a Skinner or Panarin deal Boston has 8 D man but Chara can’t play forever you wouldn’t think. Krug is a very good offensive D man and I’m not sure Matt is ready to QB the power play. Charlie can also put up points but not at Krugs pace. Tough decision for sure.

  10. Even though he played with a bad groin Derick Brassard was unimpressive to me in his short stint as a Penguin last season … Habs need a centre, JR wants a scoring winger … Pens would add a sweetener but nothing too tasty. Would then have to play Sheahan at 3rd line C and hope old man Cullen can play regularly on the 4th.

  11. Just got back from vacation in Quebec City— and Karlsson still not traded. And — the team that is “at the forefront” per TSN is now Dallas (…..again).


    IMO this bodes well for Ottw as I believe this is one of two things— (1)true bantering and negotiations that do in fact swing between leading candidates or (2) Ottw PR/BS to `push`the competing teams into better offers.

    Either way — the result should be to maximize whatever Dorion will get in return.

    I`m hoping that Dorion can pull this off w/o Melnyk interference ($’s only in the here and now, and no concern for the future)

    My pref as a Pens/Leafs fan is to have EK go west (VGK, Dal)— but if EK has any input (pseudo off the record–“I’ll definitely sign here long term” which then encourages a team to give up more now)– I would believe that TB should be the favoured team to get him.

    EK has a close friend in the most recently voted best D in the league and IMO — TB with EK has the absolute best chance of the three teams (in fact IMO almost all teams) of getting a SC

    The financial situation (after tax $’s) is the same in Vegas, Dall and Tbay; all are good weather climates; all beautiful cities to live.

    … TB must get rid of Calahan though—- that in my mind is the only hold up— all other pieces (offer, EK willing to sign long term, etc. etc., prospects, roster players to trade; etc. etc.) are best (IMO) with the Tbay offer.

    We’ll see…. perhaps another team comes out of the woodwork as the “most likely suitor of the day” …. Arz—- LOL

    …. George, would Dorion take a straight up offer from GMJR of JJ… heh, even kick in a 2nd rounder—- LOL

  12. Lyle,

    is GMJR still in the hunt for Skinner?

    Is the Phil Kessel trade possibility completely dead in the water now?

    • So many wingers available this off season that gmjr would never get the value back that would justify trading kessel.

      • Chrisms— concur that that is the case now.

        I think GMJR lost his opportune time (pre draft, during draft)

        I’m still a firm believer that PK’s numbers go down below 82 points this upcoming year and will continue to decline (relatively quickly) thereafter.

        I think the ideal trading partner was likely St L before all the moves that St L made.

        Nothing else out there as a team to team trade with value to Pens— only likely chance now would be a multiple team trade… which is even more unlikely.

        I have my fingers crossed that I am completely wrong about Jack Johnson. If he (this fall) is the player that GMJR sees he will be — then Pens are OK on D. If not, trouble trouble and more trouble.

        I think Sprong will have a good year.

        I was very baffled with the other signings for forward depth. There was plenty out there with better upside…. and in MCs case, waaaaay younger.

        Fingers crossed

      • Why? There is absolutely no evidence to support your theory. If Eric Staal can score 42 goals at age 35 there is no reason Kessel at age 30 cannot continue to produce at a high level, especially when half his points come from the PP and he’s not getting taken off that top pp unit any time soon.

      • Hi Dee

        My logic is not stats based, and I wouldn’t compare Staal to Phill Kessel. Age has nothing to do with it.

        I know I’m in the minority. It is just my opinion.

        I have watched Kessel play for well over 500 games (full games watched) and possibly even 600. Just a handful with Bos—- but almost full years for his complete tenure in Toronto and Pitts.

        My opinion is just subjective. I have watched this athlete progressively rely on his fantastic individual skills (and they are fantastic; absolutely no question there) as his cardio (again to me) appears to staggeringly diminish and his weight (not my opinion– fact) has increased every year.

        Again, IMO (and boy do I know I’m in the minority here) I see that his peak has been reached. IMO, his skills will no longer be able to compensate for the reduction in cardio/shape and added weight. I’d love to be proved wrong. Boy would I love to be proved wrong.

        With that logic only– again IMO— trade PK when he is at his peak (and when his value is at its highest— and viewed so by most—- I’m in the minority) to get a return higher than what the Present Value of his future production will be.

        Weeks ago I had posted my desire to see PK traded for a top 4 day plus leave Cap space on the table. I believe it could have been done pre- draft.

        Many kept coming back to “how do you replace his 92 points”. My argument was that 92 points did not need to be replaced because that argument assumed another 92 point season from PK in 18/19— a contention I did not and do not hold

        Sprong is coming up and will add some production that was not there last year.

        My contention weeks ago was a PK trade for top 4 D… for less Cap hit. Then trade Sheary and Hags for whatever, to free up Cap space. The extra cap space (with above ) would have been ample enough to pick up a top 6 winger. That top 6 winger plus bringing up Sprong; in my mind and logic, would get production not so far off that of what I expected the 18/19 production (not 17/18 but 18/19) of PK + Hags + Sheary. The loss would have been more than compensated by a reduction in GAs (much stronger defence).

        That was weeks ago— now as pointed out— not much out there w.r.t. top 6 wingers; and all now would have to come from a trade. The JJ signing (with the logic listed above) does not fit.

        I will be ecstatic to be proved wrong not only about my forecasted 18/19 production of PK but as well, my currently positioned viewpoint of JJ.

        I will add– that if TB does land EK— I believe, unless something radically happens; that TBay will go to the SCF.

        Soooooo my hopes for another Pens SC is via :

        (1) EK to the West; and

        (2)either being radically wrong about PK and JJ or a trade by GMJR that improves either/both scoring and/or D

      • It was the case during draft too… more so cause then kovy was still in the mix. Since then Hoffman also has been moved. Wingers are not at a premium right now. Panarin is potentially available and he is a better player than kessel. Lesser options than kessel but still decent ones are patches skinner etc.

      • There is no asset you could trade Kessel for this year that you wouldn’t lose that trade both in the short and long terms. There is zero organizational need at this time and there is no reason to trade and top 12 forward or too 5 dman in the organization as whatever you get will not equal what is going out. Kessel is happy and content playing on this team and all of the so called tension between he and Sullivan is just made up BS by a media group that had to come up with news to sell papers earlier this year than the last 2. The Penguins forward group is the best in the NHL especially at centre. They are going to be about 1.5 mill under the cap and the only weak link is Jackass Johnson and hopefully he plays his way out of the lineup in the first 2 months. Selling high on Kessel might be a smart idea if this team was not a true contender, but they are, so there is zero reason to even consider trading him this year.

    • All quiet on both fronts. Doesn’t mean they won’t get traded but there’s little chatter involving them at this time.

      • Thanks Lyle

      • Phil Kessel reminds me so much of a team-mate from oldtimers hockey who could go like the wind when we had the puck and looked like he couldn’t make it to the bench when the other team had it. Mind you, if our opponents turned the puck over, he would be one hundred per cent fit in a heartbeat.
        Kessel loves offence, hates defence, what you see is what you get. He’s still one helluva player.

  13. how about a 3 way deal? principles being

    Pacioretty to Panthers
    Coyle to Habs
    Bjugstad to Wild

    • Hi Fergy22

      Why a 3 way? I think FLA/Mon deal can be done directly

      Fla wants Patches; and Bjugstad and Coyle are basically a saw off… minimal difference ….in playing time as centres; production a little more in Bjugstad’s favour and close to compensating for extra $’s paid/cap. Bjugstad also locked up for an extra year over Coyle.

      3 ways are much tougher to complete and with the similarities (Coyle/Buj); might not be worth exploring for either FLA or Mon.

      I do see the benefit for Minn in that they feel a change in scenery for Coyle (and Bjugstad) would lead to higher production for both; and they’d be willing to pay more and lock more term that currently they have with Coyle

      • Pengy …Coyle and Bjugstad have not reached their potential and could benefit from a change in scenery. However if I was MB I would pitch Pacioretty for Borgstrom and a conditional pick.

      • Fergy22

        No qualms here re MB aiming for Borgstrom…. I don’t see FLA thi willing to part with him tho….. they see Borgstrom as possibly another Barkov type in a few more years and are hoping for mentorship from the elder Finn to develop Borgstrom

  14. Great offseason so far for the Bruins filling their needs…..meanwhile TB is a better team than them and the Leafs got better……nice job thus far Bruins FO

    • The bruins don’t need to do much. They have multiple internal pieces that are getting a whole lot better.
      Some of the guys who are projected to have a bigger impact this year, Donato, Heinen, DeBrusk, Carlo and MacAvoy. Bruins are a quality team

  15. I’m one of the few Habs fans who doesn’t bash Begevin. I liked the Subban and Drouin trades and the fact that he has not traded away draft picks and prospects for aging veterans. But his big weakness seems to be that he overvalues his own players and holds out for a bigger return than other GM’s are willing to give, then being forced to settle for even less (Tinordi, Beaulieu). I’m afraid he’s doing the same thing now with Pacioretty. His best shot at a good return was at last year’s trade deadline, which is when every GM can justify overpaying because they are “going for it”.

    • You move a future stud Dman for a soft player with character flaws in Drouin. Drouin still has significant upside offensively but I’m curious, what do you like about this deal for Mon?

      • If you really watch sergachev he’s a 2nd pair dman, I know you just read stats but actually watch his lateral movement and how slow he is at reacting offensively and defensively! And let’s be honest as soon as Montreal traded him he goes to a STUD. Prospect in your mind

    • I agree with Striker. TB won the Drouin/Sergachev trade hands down.

      • @Van they did indeed

    • How do you like the Subban deal? What about it was good?

      They overvalued the player they were acquiring in the Drouin deal and not sure what gave them the confidence that he could jump from being a winger to a 1C? Just FYI a conditional 2nd rounder was a part of that deal in case M Serg didn’t play 40 games.

      • Your3 not winning with subban on your team! Weber is just plain better only a stats reader would say subban is better, Weber brings so much more than subban

  16. The Canucks will have 25 players on their roster according to Capfriendly when Stetcher & Virtanen are signed, add Goldobin who has to clear waivers if sent down & they are at 26. They need to submit a 23 man roster just like everyone else on Oct 2, 2018. The only waivable players on that roster are Gaudette & Boeser. Dorsett is destined for LTIR & the Canucks have a ton of cap space so designating him sooner is inconsequential.

    That means the Canucks have 2 juggle 3 players to be roster compliant, Dorsett is destined for LTIR his career is over that means 2 players need to be sent down traded & or waived. I assume with the signing of Beagle, Roussel & Schaller that Gaudette is destined for the minors. The means the Canucks need to waive 1 of Gaunce, Biega or possibly Leipsic to get roster compliant if injuries don’t allow all to stay.

    Gaunce was drafted 6 years ago, has been a 4th line player seeing very limited minutes, Biega has been nothing more than a depth Dman a 7/8 guy playing only when injuries or illness has allowed for such primarily. Losing either is inconsequential & unlikely either would be claimed if waived.

    Del Zotto was a stop gap & will be jettisoned no later than the trade deadline for whatever the Canucks can get. Hutton is 25 with 3 years of NHL experience & 207 NHL games under his belt. Trading him before seeing him fully developed, 2 to 3 more years or in or around another 200 games doesn’t make sense unless the return is reasonable.

    • Hutton and Gaunce for Brendan Smith there Striker….eh?? =)

    • I agree bbb, you cant win with Subban. At least you cant if your Montreal. Nor does it look like you can with Weber either or will. The habs are a mess, plain and simple! Get a GM, get a coach, get a center heck…get a goalie without a 10 million dollar cap hit with an albatross term. Start somewhere! What MB is doing is prolonging the inevitable. He has no credibility with the players, no one wants to sign there. He is toxic.

      • Weber is a great player, as is Carey. It’s tough knowing they will waste their primes in that toxic black hole!

      • Lol says a guy whose team hasn’t won a playoff series in how long? And been terrible for 50+ yrs, and just wasted 11 million on a position they don’t need because that defense is terrible and will never win a cup! Keep dreaming fd you leaf fans are great at it!

  17. The story I have been hearing for weeks is that Patches only wants to play in Miami, one team. Not sure why, maybe he owns land down there? Not sure that Tampa has been a realistic option, so it is likely more than just the Florida tax situation. If I am hearing it, no doubt NHL GMs are hearing something similar. That is a pretty crappy formula for Montreal getting any sensible trade offers. Good luck Bergevin.

  18. somethings gonna happen in Detroit , Mantha 2yr x 3.3 which is a steal , only leaves 2.8 to sign Larkin. Maybe a package deal (including Svechnikov) for Faulk ?

  19. Bbb…deflect deflect deflect! Keep up the grade 2 answers. No one answers you except chrisms, and he just toys with you.