NHL Rumor Mill – July 2, 2018

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The latest on Erik Karlsson, James Neal, Max Pacioretty, Milan Lucic and more in your NHL rumor mill.

The Ottawa Senators tabled a contract offer yesterday to Erik Karlsson (Photo via NHL Images)


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators general manager Pierre Dorion confirmed he’d tabled a contract extension offer to captain Erik Karlsson yesterday. He wouldn’t discuss Karlsson’s reaction to the eight-year offer.

If he doesn’t re-sign, Garrioch believes the Senators will have to consider their trade options, whether it’s this summer or before next February’s NHL trade deadline. He said it’s believed the Vegas Golden Knights, Tampa Bay Lightning, San Jose Sharks, New York Rangers and Washington Capitals are among the teams interested in Karlsson. The Knights are also among the club thought to be willing to accept winger Bobby Ryan, who has four years left on his contract worth $7.25-million annually, as part of the deal.

THE ATHLETIC: Despite the Tampa Bay Lightning’s re-signing of defenseman Ryan McDonagh yesterday, Joe Smith reports the Lightning might not be done making moves this summer. Smith believes the Bolts could still be among the clubs pursuing Karlsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering LA Kings defenseman Drew Doughty recently signed an eight-year, $88-million contract extension, it’s safe to assume Karlsson would want something comparable. Whether it’s with the Senators or another club remains to be seen.

The Sharks looking into acquiring Karlsson near the trade deadline but I think they’re more interested in adding a scoring forward. The Capitals lack the cap space to take on Karlsson and appear more intent on keeping most of their championship roster intact. 

While the Senators will set a high asking price for Karlsson in the trade market, they’ll likely get back a deal heavy in draft picks and prospects, though a good young player or two could also be part of it. The Lightning carry plenty of young assets that could tempt the Senators, though they’ll have to shed considerable cap space to re-sign Karlsson. 


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty notes the Boston Bruins depth in left-side defenseman with their addition yesterday of John Moore. He wonders if Torey Krug might be used as trade bait “to bring in an impact top-6 winger like Jeff Skinner, Wayne Simmonds or Artemi Panarin.” He also cites some sources ” wondering if the Bruins could revisit Krug-Klefbom trade talks with the Edmonton Oilers if it meant Milan Lucic (with the Oilers picking up a good chunk of his contract) making a triumphant return to Boston, but that feels like a pretty remote possibility at this point.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: According to Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli “is no longer trying to make a trade for a power-play quarterback, a deal that has eluded him since the 2018 trade deadline.” Spector also reports Chiarelli attempted to move Lucic before the recent NHL Draft but expects the winger will be back in training camp this fall. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey reports the Canadiens tried to trade captain Max Pacioretty during the NHL Draft, but he squelched a potential deal with the Kings because he wouldn’t sign a contract extension. “Pacioretty has made it clear he wants to stay in Montreal and the Canadiens should attempt to accommodate him,” writes Hickey.

LA PRESSE: Jean-Francois Tremblay reports Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin confirmed he’s had discussions with UFA winger Anthony Duclair and defenseman Calvin de Haan. He’s interested in Duclair but declined to say more, while noting contract term and money were among the issues regarding de Haan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pacioretty lacks no-trade protection but being a year away from UFA status gives him a measure of control in any trade discussions as interested clubs will likely want assurances they can re-sign him. It’ll also affect whatever return the Canadiens might get for him.

Regarding Duclair and de Haan, it sounds like Bergevin could be leaning more toward signing the winger than the blueliner. 


THE MERCURY NEWS: With the San Jose Sharks losing out in the John Tavares sweepstakes, Paul Gackle reports they’ve set their sights on re-signing UFA center Joe Thornton, defenseman Dylan DeMelo and restricted free agents Tomas Hertl and Chris Tierney. Gackle speculates they could pursue a trade for Carolina’s Jeff Skinner, Columbus’ Artemi Panarin or Montreal’s Max Pacioretty, but GM Doug Wilson won’t make a move simply because he has cap space available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: During the NHL draft, a rumor circulated claiming the Sharks were close to acquiring Pacioretty. Nothing came of it, but I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of the Sharks contacting the Habs to discuss their captain. I don’t think the Blue Jackets are keen to move Panarin unless they get an impact player in return. The Hurricanes are apparently not done shaking up their roster. Skinner’s been the subject of frequent trade chatter. Like Pacioretty, he’s eligible next summer for UFA status, so the Sharks would probably want to discuss a contract extension first. 

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: David Schoen reports the Vegas Golden Knights remain in contract discussions with UFA winger James Neal. The 30-year-old reportedly seeks a six-year contract, which could be tough to find in this summer’s market.

**UPDATE** The Calgary Flames signed Neal to a five-year deal worth an annual average value of around $5.75 million. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the New York Rangers didn’t sign center Vladislav Namestnikov to trade him. The signing could mean RFA winger Ryan Spooner hits the trade block. If the Rangers are interested in shaking up their roster they could attempt to move a center like Mika Zibanejad or Kevin Hayes. The Winnipeg Jets have a hole at center after the departure of Paul Stastny to Vegas, but Brooks said they’re not interested in trading RFA defenseman Jacob Trouba.


THE ATHLETIC: Eric Duhatschek reports the Calgary Flames are targeting UFA winger Patrick Maroon as they hope to add one more big-bodied forward.

Scott Powers believes the Chicago Blackhawks aren’t done making moves. He believes GM Stan Bowman would still like to add a top-four defenseman. They could explore moving center Artem Anisimov, who yesterday submitted a 10-team list of trade destinations as his no-movement clause changed to a modified no-trade. They’d also like to find a taker for all-but-retired winger Marian Hossa’s contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks have been linked to Carolina Hurricanes blueliner Justin Faulk. If the Hurricanes are on Anisimov’s list of destinations, maybe there’s a deal there to be made. 

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Jonathan Bombulie reports Penguins GM Jim Rutherford isn’t closing the door on this summer’s trade market. “It’s the same as always. If something comes along that makes sense for our team for whatever reason, we’ll talk about it.”




  1. The leafs can keep nylander atleast this year. Also, i presume they go all in this season and with their deep prospect pool and upcoming draft picks they should aquire defence. With the right returns teams teams will eat good portions of their contracts.

    • That sounds neat and tidy. Just dangle some Marlie prospects and a pick or two and teams will be lining up to relinquish a top 2 D-man. If only it were that simple.

      • Hey George O., many of my Leafs counterparts think making trades are that easy as everyone should want to play in Toronto. I was absolutely shocked when we landed Tavares. I hope his signing changes how players feel about playing in their hometowns throughout all of Canada. Not just Toronto! I love what Calgary has done this summer so far as well.

    • WHen you trade all the prospects for d who plays with Mathews Marner Tavares and nylander when they are making 35 million plus ? And how do you pay them now ? 13.7 today with nylander Johnson to sign and 3 more bodies to get to 23 ? They are all in . With a win now d , and a win never d . Can trade Martin and his 2.5 possibly but still cant go bring any big contract in to the mix , especially with term . Unless nylander is in the mix out the door too . Also have to find money for kapanen gardiner , replacement for hainsey next year .

      • LIKe you said , cobble together . Win now o , and mmn not signed yet and a win never d . If the plan is to let gardiner hainsey walk to keep nylander that d is much worse filled out with marlies in 18/19 .

      • Whining and complaining from a Leafs fan about their 2018-19 team??? Wow. Some folks are never happy.
        And just think, we’re THRILLED with the Blues after signing David Peron and Tyler Bozak and trading for Ryan O’Reily yesterday!!!
        I guess it’s all relative?

      • I’m not a leafs fan Steve king , the d Is no better today in 17/18 . Babs is stil coaching and leaf nation sees Carrick sealing a role ? He couldn’t do that last year over Roman polak , borgman was given a look before him , hainsey a year older , no upgrades . And come 18/19 they can’t reasonsbly expect to upgrade the d without major subtractions . Win now o with win never d . The 11 million to Tavares makes it impossible to address the glaring weakness that hasn’t gone anywhere , and outlook no better . Can’t ask the entire marlies d to become the leafs with Reilly in a few years and expect to compete

      • did you forget horton ltir adds 5.25 million and martin with a trade 2.5 million leaving leafs approx 20 mill in cap room.

      • Big sight is 20/20. As mentioned with big raises coming next year is probably their best chance. Not all teams can win multiple cups like the kings and penguins during successful rebuilds.

        Let’s also be knowledgeable that none, or very few of the readers on here can remember Toronto ever winning anything besides the marlins or the argonaughts. Even one cup to get the fan base believing again.

        And if they even do win one, they have to keep flopping out good players every offseason like the blackhawks did.

        If I’m the leafs I’m going all in next season pre flop.

      • No ziffles I did not , I mentioned Martin and 2.5 , next year when hainsey gardiner kapanen Mathews and marner and the combined cap hit goes from 10 million to what’s your best guess on all 4? Just Mathews and marner eliminates ltir money and Hainsey departure … and you haven’t replaced gardiner or signed kapanen yet .. like I said either big pieces going out of marlies d with Reilly moving forward with win now o

      • ziffles, they may have $20 mil now – but there’s no UFAs of any note left over to spend it on and at the moment they have 11F, 6D, and 2 goalies on their NHL roster (including Dermott), meaning they still have to fill out the roster with 4.

        Unless they promote 4 Marlies at minimum wage (and good luck with that), they will be spending a chunk of that $20 mil on a few.

        If you’re thinking they trade for better NHL-ready players because they have the money, I hope you aren’t thinking all they need to do is dangle some of those Marlies and maybe picks and opposing GMs will come running to oblige.

      • Bringing in a d man , expiring , who will fill the role they need him to fill with the money that will be available is extremely difficult . And at what cost for a guy expiring , if he has term who else it going out ?

      • Jesus Craig! You seem to know a lot about the Leafs for someone who isn’t a fan!

      • I know the oilers and leafs situations better than the rest . Not claiming to know it all , but I’ve done a lot of homework on both lol , if someone can show me a breakdown of how these guys fit in 18/19 and beyond without major moves I’d love to see it . Especially if that includes a d man with term added to the mix and not losing at a minimum nylander and gardiner and filling out the roster with marlies . Tim Horton ? I know your reading !

      • I’m a fan of the nhl in general and have a basic grasp on all the teams , leafs up a couple notches due to my friends lol , and oilers because they are my team . Usually that leads to comparsing the two , not trying to do that here , would love to see a lead fan break that down

      • Are you taking into consideration that this is Marleaus last year on the leafs? His contract is heavily frontloaded and he will be traded next year to a team with cap spac almost assuredly.

      • Doug, all Craig is doing is pointing out the obvious. Surely you aren’t one of those famous LeafsNation types who only wish to hear what you want and not what you should!

      • And Marleau is going to accept this trade to a team aiming to reach the ceo floor ? Any of the contenders paying the 6.25 cap hit regardless of salary ?

    • Leafs Prospect pool isn’t that deep. The young players on the roster are A+. But based on any publication the leafs do not have any high-end prospects outside the NHL.

      • The Leafs high end prospects start and end with the guys already playing big roles in the NHL. With the exception of Liljegren, just about everyone they have projects to be a 2nd pair D or middle six forward at their high end. The upside is that won’t have a need to replace a star internally if they manage their cap well, and they should always be in a position to polish up their roster around the edges with internal promotions rather than dipping into the overpriced depth UFA market.

        The AHL system Dubas has built is also helping immensely. It doesn’t generate high end talent any faster or anything like that, but he has had their coaching staff make sure to prominently feature younger players, and play a system that matches the system employed by Babcock. What that does is give those younger players a place to develop directly into the role they hope to have with the Leafs eventually, and for the Leafs, they pretty much get guys from the AHL who can plug in seamlessly when called up.

        They need to re-structure their D, or at least their Right side, but it doesn’t need to cost all that much more than the one they have currently, as the cost isn’t the problem. Hainsey and Zatisev take $7.5M in cap space without giving you even one legitimate top 4 RHD.

        The Leafs don’t need a world beater D, especially with their forwards likely controlling play a lot of the time, but they need 3 competent pairs, who can all move the puck effectively to those forwards. The NHL misvalues D more than any other position, so this is something they can build without breaking the bank, but it will no doubt be the trickiest part going forward. It will be interesting to see what they cobble together.

      • They will have to trade for D. And D that are in the same age cluster as their cor(excluding Tavares) and or on team friendly contracts.

        I think a good trade partner for them would be the oilers. I’m not going to guesstimate proposals but Edmonton has sekera,nurse,klefbomb, Adam Larsen, benning,bear,Jones,

        Edmonton is almost in a position we’re they could look at dangling a nurse,sekera, klefbomb or Larsen.

        There would be ties with nurse as the leafs GM drafted him in Ssm, and I doubt the oilers would trade him unless mariner was in conversation.

        The oil need wingers as much as the leafs need d

      • Hey craig,
        Stop bragging about knowing what all nhl teams are about and apply for GM.

  2. George, what would Dorian have presented to EK… 11mx8? Same as DD. Will someone pay him more?

    • No idea. But if it was 11 x 8 and he turns it down then for sure he wants out of Dodge and far, far away from Marshall Melnyk. I suspect that if we don’t hear back from Karlsson within the next week that he accepts the money and term, then a trade will follow soon after. Likely followed by Duchene – if not this summer then certainly before next year’s trade deadline day.

      • I think it will have far more to do with the state of the Senators roster than the money in Ottawa George.

        I didn’t have Duchene staying in Ott when they acquired him, nor Brassard nor Karlsson & have stated such for a very long time.

        It’s an unfortunate mess. Ott would have been better served to have kept Hoffman as at least he had 2 years remaining before he could escape.

      • Yes it’s a mess – but they aren’t the first team to find themselves in that situation, nor will they be the last by a long shot. The only way now is UP. And no thanks to Hoffman – good riddance and not just for the allegations against his fiancee. I never liked this guy’s game which was score only when the team was going good and disappear whenever they were in a funk. He’s no leader by any stretch of the imagination. And I don’t give a rat’s patootie what the stats say. Unlike you (by your own admission) I saw him a lot and he NEVER impressed me as a take-charge guy. Goodtime Charlie.

      • and i suppose ottawa’s prospect pool is the best in the world again with the rest of the players leaving. in the hockey world if you can do it you go for it

    • I’m not paying Karlsson the same monies as Doughty. Karlsson doesn’t have Doughty’s defensive game. Doughty is 1 of the best 2 way Dman in the game today if not the best. That said facing UFA status a year out someone will or very close to it.

      If he simply forced the best deal possible taking the money his contract could exceed it but that won’t be from a cup contender.

      • Doughty is the best all around d-man in the game period..Karlsson is a traffic pylon on defense. Hedman is a close second to Doughty but doesn’t have the snarl that Doughty does…

  3. Anisimov for Faulk would be a bad trade for Carolina but the Dundon/Wadell GM team would probably do it if they could save money in the deal.

    • I doubt it. If that’s the basis of a trade Chi would be adding significantly.

      Carolina is in for some serious turmoil. Calgary easily wins the Hanafin, Lindholm for Hamilton, Ferland & Fox trade, not slight to Hamilton but Hanafin will be Hamilton when he reaches the same milestones. At 25 Hanafin will generate very similar production to Hamilton at 25. Hanafin didn’t have the luxury of just stepping into 1st line PP time in car, Faulk blocked him.

      By year 3 Hamilton was seeing 1st line PP time in Bos, Hanafin has yet to.

  4. I really like Brad Treliving’s work. Hanafin, Lindholm and Neal in and Hamilton and Ferland out? Big upgrades to a roster I thought (incorrectly) was a fringe Cup contender.

    Lindholm would have been a nice upgrade to their top line RW spot, but Neal is a perfect fit and now Lindholm can plug in somewhere else making that line better.


    Nylader would be a real nice centerpiece in a trade for a top pairing D man. There could be as few as 2-3 teams bidding on Erik Karlsson. No one can offer as much as Toronto could.


    Pens fans keep talking about getting Jeff Skinner. That would be a good move…in EA Sports NHL 18. At some point you have to build a real team, not an All Star team. If they are going to pursue a rental LW, Pacioretty would be a much better fit cap wise and on the ice.

    • Wherever Karlsson is dealt – IF he is dealt – ONE piece that HAS to come back is a Top 4 D. Since it’s going to take more than Nylander to land Karlsson, what do the Leafs have to offer in terms of Top 4 D? And don’t say Gardiner! I don’t want ANY of the Marlies.

      • George

        Under the parameters you’ve listed … Leafs just don’t have what it’ll take

        Best trade partner for Ottw likely VGK… first of all not in Div and not even in East

        Second … willing to take BR

        I would think EK+BR would have coming back

        Theo + Suzuki + Eakin (’cause BR coming over) plus 1st (’19), *2nd(’19), *2nd(’20)

        *Note VGK currently have 2 2nds in ’19 and 3 2nds in ’20

      • They don’t HAVE to get a D in a Karlsson trade. They need to get the best player(s) they can and it’s doubtful anyone will start a package with a better asset than Nylander.

        They can get some D in the Mark Stone and Matt Duchene trades.

      • In any deal with Vegas, Pengy, Theodore would be part of the package for sure – but I’d want something more established than Suzuki.

    • Fully agree on Calgary.

      I like Skinner far better than Patches due to age & potential contract demands. Skinner is 3.5 years younger & an exceptional skater.

      No reason almost any team couldn’t lock him up for 8 years in or around 6 once acquired. There are far better options for Skinner though from a money & term perspective.

      • FTR, I prefer Skinner over MP in a vaccuum.

        With the current Pens lineup, Skinner would be one too many small, skilled, soft forwards in the lineup.

        And it would require moving more than just Hagelin’s contract to fit him.

        Not worth it.

        To Danny’s point below, I agree Skinner and Sid would be good, but we already have Jake Guentzel in that spot.

        Having said all of that, I think there is a decent chance Rutherford gets him because of his affinity for his former players and the fact that it will cost less than most might think to rent him.

      • No. He is not. Few in the league are worse than Gardiner in that respect. In fact, with the game they usually play, you will seldom SEE Karlsson scrumming in front of the net. A forward will normally come in to lend a hand to the other D-man while Karlsson is nearby ready for a break-out play. THAT’S the way he is employed. But don’t compare him to mr. Giveaway/

    • I find it strange that Hamilton was moved again, but I think the trade is relatively close to even. Carolina get the best player today, no doubt about that, and Ferland is a good low cost winger who can produce. Fox is a decent prospect, so overall the return is pretty good.

      Hanifin and Lindholm probably don’t have the ceiling that Hamilton does. Hamilton was far better at Hanifin’s age than Hanifin has been, and Hanifin has been very sheltered. He looks like he will be a good defender, but he has been passed by several D from his draft in their development. Some of that might be Carolina simply not allowing him to take on a bigger role, but right now I would bet on Hanifin never getting to Hamilton’s level. But with that said, Calgary managed to get two young assets that will be under their control for at least 5 more years, and they moved on from Ferland, UFA in one year, Hamilton, UFA in 3 years, and Fox, who there were reports that he isn’t going to sign and could stay in college and eventually become a UFA too. So all in all, Calgary likely traded a bit of immediate skill to gain more certainty. Also, given they have two top pair D already, they could afford to move on from a guy they felt might just leave the team in 3 years anyway.

      I don’t think Toronto gets anywhere near Karlsson, and I honestly don’t think they trade Nylander anytime soon unless it’s for an undperpaid top pair D. Unless someone out there is offering a Parayko, Lindholm, Ekholm type player I don’t think Toronto is in the bidding at all.

      I feel like the Tavares signing means Toronto will be trying to put together an unsung, undervalued D group to compliment the forwards. It’s been Dubas MO with the Soo, the Marlies, and I think the will try something similar with the Leafs. So I don’t think overpaying in assets to get a player they have to sign to big money is going to be part of his plan.

      For the Pens, I think Skinner would be a great target. His goal scoring style is similar to how Crosby plays. Much stronger on his legs than his size would lead you to believe, very good hands, uses his edges to create space in tight. He could be underrated a bit as well. If the Pens can get him and immediately extend him for a reasonable price, he could be the best fit as a goal scoring winger for Crosby as they have ever had. Skinner creates his own chances pretty well, but has never really played with a playmaker. Going from any of the centeres in Carolina to Crosby or Malkin could take Skinner’s goal scoring to the next level.

      • We are going to need to wait & see what Ferland becomes being a UFA 1 year out & rumours were Fox woukdn’t Sign in Calgary. Being a College player with the required term he can choose to make himself a UFA when he leaves college.

        Hamilton has 3 years to UFA status, Hanafin 4, Lindholm 2 but I assume Lindholm will be locked up for at least 5 in not longer & I would bridge Hanafin for 2 before locking up long term.

        It’s not a lopsided trade very fair at point of trade but has the potential long term to benefit Calgary significantly if Fox doesn’t sign & moves on.

        From a business perspective, asset management I don’t like the trade for Carolina no slight to Hamilton who is a great Defenseman if some what 1 dimensional. I have no issues with Dman that lean more to offence. Defensive Dman are generally cheaper to acquire & it’s a skill that can be learned. Hard to learn to be offensive at this stage of a players career. Not religious but using a figure of speach God gave them those skills.

      • have you guys ever watched karlson in front of his own net he is worse than gardiner


    • MG

      If I were GMJR I would still be aggressively in the hunt for Skinner

      I would definitely go after Skinner before Patches … yes an extra $1.2M …. but IMO …. well worth it …. both recently down in production … but Skinner better recently and IMO in upcoming year; and is 4 years younger

      I was dissapointed in GMJR with some of the depth acquisitions …. can’t believe he opted for a seriously declining MC who is coming up 42 …. for $350K more could have had Kunitz… better deal. They also signed Jimmy Hayes for $650k… Kunitz at $350K more… a much better deal

      I keep asking this but no one will answer me …. what is up with Brandon Pirri????

      Signs at $650 — two-way $300 guaranteed…. he is for sure wasaay better than Hayes and Cullen and is better than Simon. He also has the ability to move up the lines in a pinch and can fill in at Centre…. VGK have once again stolen him at $650K

      When are they extending Jamie O and Jarry? Everybody else extended!!!

      • I was happy to let Cullen walk and I didn’t want to bring him back last year, but…for 650 K there is no way to complain about this. Cullen had 11 goals, Kuhnhackl had 2.

        I liked the depth moves. For a 15th forward, Jimmy Hayes is really nice.

        Stefan Elliot is a great lotto ticket. Upside and pedigree and some NHL games under his belt. If he busts, it cost nothing. If he develops, he could be a better version of Ruhwedel.

        Two more random points about Jack Johnson…

        1) Very unique circumstances led to Johnson pressing too hard and becoming a selfish player. Torts was not wrong to remove a selfish player from the lineup. BUT…those unique circumstances are now gone and Johnson no longer has to try so hard to make an entire career’s worth of earnings in one contract. He can just play hockey now.

        2) Would the people complaining about the term of the deal be OK with him signing a 2 year deal for $6.5 million?

        If so, good news. After the CBA expires, there will likely be another round of compliance buyouts. If Johnson is bad, he will be gone with no residue on the cap. If he’s good, he’s locked up long term at a bargain rate.

        The downside of this deal is highly exaggerated and the upside largely ignored.

      • Huh? Hayes was signed to a 2-way, so his salary doesn’t even count. Signing Cullen was a masterstroke. His age is irrelevant. Declining. He still scored 11 goals last year. How many did the Pen’s 4LW score last year?

        He is also a good pker, so they can scrap the plan to make Brassard, something he has never done before. Also, Cullen can play C or LW which hives them all sorts of options. They can play Sheahan or Brassard at LW or they could trade Brassard, move Sheahan up and play Cullen at 4C.

        Pirri is a joke. If he’s so great, how come he couldn’t get more than $650? Oh, it must be his age.

      • Stasiak

        I’m asking what the issue is with Pirri… he is worth way more than a 2 way $650K player

        No one seems to know… watching him play he is very good and would fit in well as a 3rd line winger on at least 1/2 the NHL teams. He’s doing very well in AHL. My cousin has seasons ticks to Chi (AHL) and is always raving about Pirri

        VKG brought him up for only 2 games late in the season and I actually saw both games …. he was flying … got 3Gs

        There has to be more than his playing ability … for sure his playing ability is good enough to play at very least depth forward on any NHL team and I believe he could very well be suited as 3rd line winger on many teams

        He is a good 2 way player… something is up

        He is either a nightmare in the dressing room or he is fooling around with other player'(or coaches’) wives… I can’t see any other explanation

      • Is your cousin a scout? As a Ranger fan, I saw enough of Pirri for a lifetime! I actually stated while he was playing (due to injuries at center) that he played his way out of NY…. while still playing! The guy is god awful! People need to let go! Ditto on Duclair! How many teams have to say no thanks before they take the word of their cousins!? Aye aye aye!

    • There would be alot more added on to Nylander to aquire a legit top pairing D.

      Centers and Defence trump wingers too. Not saying it was a good or bad trade but refer to the hall vs larssen trade. Or johansen for jones. Joes was on an entry level contract and although he was as close to a sure thing at the time of the trade wasnt a “top pairing guy”

      Theres probably only 25 legit number 1 centers in the league if that and no one if gifting the leafs one.

      Nylander with other pieces would get you a top 4, potentially.

      Marner would be the starting point over nylander if i was one of the 30 GMs in the league.

      What would EK cost the leafs? Even if its just for the one year potentially?

      Philly may have a surplus, krug is rumoured, oilers need a winger.

      If im the leafs im atleast kicking tires on parayko,theodore,faulk, morrisey or myers in winn( they cant keep everyone) dumba the last year of ryan ellis,tyson barrie,montour or fowler or chris tanav.

      They arnt all top pairing but toront wont need the best defence in the league to comete with firepower upfront and andersen in the net.
      See pittsburg for any doubts.

  5. Dorion NEEDS to do something. I hope Karlsson stays, but COL has our first and we’ve done nothing to improve our roster so far. No trades, not even some depth UFA signings. I dont know if they are hoping some of the kids will step up, or our reclamation project filled team will improve or what.

    If Karlsson doesnt sign, do you think we have to at least give the Avalanche a call? Build a deal around Zadorav, Makar, and our 1st back.

    • If you were a UFA with other options would you sign in Ottawa? I wouldn’t not today anyway.

      Colorado isn’t trading for Karlsson. A bunch of teams will & the return will help to set up Ottawa for the future. They have help coming. The prospect pool is decent to solid it just takes most kids a very long term to become dominant NHL players not all just most. The old 80/20 rule.

      Similiar to Edmonton the worst thing to happen to Ottawa was everything going right in 2016-17. It gave false hope. I full rebuild is in order & unfortunately, Ottawa has put themselves in this odd position after having paid a significant price to acquire Duchene a player I never saw staying. I hope I’m wrong as if not the cost is brutal & I don’t know who’s truly responsible as Melnyk would have had to sign off on it but Dorion will have to be the fall guy if it plays out that way.

      • Sure, we ain’t luring a top flight UFA, we are a cheap club in flux. But guys still need to play. Goalies want a shot at #1, you get it here, players want larger roles? We can gamble on the top 6 and top 4 roles cause we have nothing else to lose.

        I hope personally Karlsson stays and I do not think you could say Col would never trade as any team would be silly to not listen to the offer. The Duchene trade is killer right now and Ottawa fans are hurting. We just need some sort of sign that things will get better and I’m not high on our prospects as we have had a terrible time drafting and developing in recent years and we always force up the wrong guys.

      • Even just getting Ceci & Stone under contract would be nice at his point.

  6. If Toronto doesn’t make another move, are they better today then they were Saturday? Arguably the best 1 2 3 center in the NHL. But with the loss of JVR, Bozak and Kamarov their overall depth has taken a hit.
    Buffalo with two moves lost one roster player and added 5 with Thompson, Sobotka, Berlund, Sheary and Hunwick for a team with no depth they just added a line.
    Boston didn’t get JT yesterday and i’m happy about it. Not because I don’t think JT is good, but 11m for 7yrs for a point a game player, no thank you but if he can bring a cup to Toronto then it’s money well spent.
    St.L adding RR, Bozak and Perron are a better team today.
    MTL can’t seem to sign any ufa’s uh sorry they did sign Plekanec and I do like Armia, which was a decent trade for Montreal.
    As a bruins fan and 8 dman sign something has to give, but will it be big or small.

    • I slightly disagree on the Leafs. Many of the core players are just entering their primes.

      Tavares/Johnsson should balance JVR+Bozak. Leo already lost his role..

      But they do need to find a D pair to close out games

    • Toronto is a more competitive team today than they were.

      Last season they opened with Bozak, JVR, Komorov and Polak (actually I think they added Polak in November).

      This season they start and replace those roles with Tavares, Johnsson, Kapanen and Dermott.

      That is a big upgrade in skill overall. Bozak and JVR together came to $12M in AAV yesterday, so the $11M on Tavares is well spent as an alternative.

      Toronto still likely makes moves this summer, some might be disappointed that they don’t end up with a big name D, but I think they tweak that group, and I think they get more out of whatever group they go with next year. I think Dermott getting more minutes will likely be an upgrade over Polak right off the bat, and I think rolling 3 lines that control play will take a lot of pressure off the D.

      Toronto will likely build a D that focuses on moving the puck to the forwards rather than going for big names. I think Dubas will look for value additions, by targetting teams with near NHL guys who can’t crack the roster, or guys who have just been undervalued for one reason or another.

    • Yes I think Tor is better, significantly so. Kapanen, Johannson are NHL ready. Brown & Hyman are ready for far more responsibilities offensively.

      Replacing JvR, Bozak & Konorov is easily covered in house.

      Bridge Nylander to buy cap space & time to get Marleau & Hainsey off the books. Horton’s contract can go to LTIR but still a pain in the off season but that problem is gone in 2 summers as well. Paying a team to take such isn’t as easy as others as that contract wasn’t insurance.

      Who cares about Martin, waive him & if not selected send him down & save 950K his 2.5 isn’t a significant burden.

      Tor’s D is getting better as they develop. Reilly & Zaitsev have a to. Of development & improvement still to come. Zaitsev May be in his mid 20’s but that doesn’t significantly alter his development schedule.

      Toronto will be a force to be recommend with next season. They will battle Bos & TB for the division title & they may not be done tweaking .

      • Striker, I disagree with you, when your using Hyman 15g, Brown 14g and Kapanen 7g (interesting their goal total is the same amount as JVR 36). Lets not forget in our conversation that these 3 players were part of the leafs last year and if your projecting that they’ll pick up JVR slack alone, then your Doubling their goal totals 3o for Hyman, 28 for Brown and 14g for Kapanen. While it isn’t impossible none of these players have accomplished these totals in their career.
        You said the same thing last year when Neal left Nashville, that it wasn’t a big loss and so and so would make up the difference, it didn’t happen and Nashville certainly could’ve use Neal in the playoffs.

  7. Not very happy with the Bruins signings thus far and hope they aren’t done….BU Goalie signing isn’t bad but nothing they did made them better….shutdown Dman and scoring winger with size is still needed

    • They really just needed to flush out their 4th line. Donato is NHL ready he plays as the #2 RW or Backes does.

      They may need a #3 C if Backes does play RW. Bjork is very close could play but there isn’t really room he may need to wait for injuries to get to the NHL as he can be sent down with out having to clear waivers.

      I assume at least 1 Dman McQuad or K. Miller is being moved & that should potential form part of a package to get a #3 centre.

      I condoned doing little but trying to sign de Haan. I assume with Moore signed that hope sailed.

      I’m happy & assume a few tweaks are still in the works. Skinner would work for me to but not Patches.

      • Hearing Carlo might be out till Dec/Jan…..mighty not be able to move McQuaid or Miller…..guess my point is they shoot for the moon with JT and when unable to get him they have no backup plan besides signing roster fillers

  8. I’ve said this before, I think Karlsson will sign the extension. It will quiet the media circus that’s been surrounding Ottawa and give Dorion time to find the best deal possible for the team and the player, I’m predicting to Tampa next summer. Plus, having him in the lineup this season will possibly prevent that pick they traded to Colorado being a 1st overall. Karlsson is a true class act.

    “Pacioretty has made it clear he wants to stay in Montreal”….when did that change? All last season and right up to the draft he wanted out! I can specifically remember his interview last season after the trade deadline had passed how disappointed he was that he wasn’t moved. Maybe it’s the new “attitude is everything” motto lol. This was one of the best teams in hockey 3 seasons ago and looked like they were really close to a cup but Bergevin has set them back in a huge way. If Patches walks next summer for nothing it will be another major blow to the franchise

  9. Caper

    I’m glad for my hometown Leafs … getting JT is a great thing … I believe overall they are better than at the end of this year’s playoffs

    They may be good enough to win division and perhaps even East reg season

    They are NOT there yet, IMO without a serious upgrade in D

    Reg seson games can be won 6-5 often …. very rare in playoffs …

    Great opportunity now to trade for a top 2 D … moving Wee Willy +++ is the best route… but it may take MM

    Before StL made the recent moves …. I would have aggressively shot over WW; Gardner; 1st(’19) for Parayko… STL no longer desperate for scoring as they were before

    Something has to give on the D front … the depth at top 3 C …. fantastic; winger depth fantastic; prospects …. great…. D …. not good enough IMO

  10. Lyle…can you explain the nature and duration of the Leafs responsibility for the Horton contract….and how do they rid themselves of it….thanks

    • Horton is signed through 2019-2020 at an annual cap hit of $5.3 million. They’re on the hook for it unless they can trade that contract to another club with the cap space and the willingness to absorb it. If necessary, at the start of the season, they can place Horton on long-term injured reserve to free up cap room.

      • 1 oddity that differs from any other player currently in the NHL destined to LTIR is that Horton’s contract wasn’t insurance when signed. Tor is on the hook for the actual cash. Not an issue for Tor they have more money than Saudi Arabi but an issue for a team that acquires him in trade potentially.

        The reason Columbus was willing to take Clarkson’s it was insured.

        I know a team can only eat 1/2 the cap hit if desired on a player, Le can a team take on the entire cash component but pass the cap hit off?

  11. I’m a Habs fan and love Pacioretty. But the team needs an overhaul, especially if Pacioretty doesn’t sign an extension. What I’d do is:

    Price⇨ STL for Jake Allen & Thomas or Kyrou + Picks
    Pacioretty⇨ CAR for Faulk & Rask
    Weber⇨ TOR or EDM for stud young winger, e.g. Johnsson/Nylander + player with salary to make it work

    – St. Louis improves in goal and gives up a great prospect, but in a position they’re deep in. Their aim is the Cup, now. Price gets them closer.
    – Carolina gets rid of two people they’re cool on. They can trade Skinner for positional need while getting a different scoring winger
    – Leafs fill the one position they need most and trade from a positional strength.

    If I’m the Habs, I definitely consider trading to the Leafs. Our windows are different. Who cares if Leafs win the Cup, Habs job is to make their own team better, not stop specific other teams from winning the Cup. Plus, if we lose 8 times/yr to the Leafs? Better draft pick for us!

    C= Thomas/Rask/Danault/Pleks
    W= -Patches, +Johnsson
    D= -Weber, +Faulk
    G= Allen

    + picks & cap space

    This makes for almost as good a team now and a much better team later, IMO.

    • price for allen alone is an overpayment unless mont eats a good chunk of salary. patches for faulk and rask isn’t enough due to patches contract status and the value discrepancy between wingers and d men. weber to those teams would make sense but would return a marner or anything like that due to his contract. unless salary was held.

      • Price for Allen is an overpayment ? In what universe ?

        How do you figure anything you just posted is accurate ?

        Paddy clearly states his post is his opinion,

        Maybe you should stick to corny one liners and emojis bud

      • ^5, Dino. Clearly just my opinions out here, just as chrisms, you’re allowed yours! But I stand by my valuation of Price & Weber. Would agree Patches contract status makes his value lower, though it does seem that Carolina wants to move on from Rask and perhaps Faulk, too. Not for nothing, but I’d say a multiple 30-goal scorer is hardly nothing, either!

      • this universe? Price coming off his worst season and ablout to make money that should be reserved for top centers only for 8 more years? Anyone who doesn’t think Prices contract is a severe hurdle and a significant blow to his value is out to lunch. And while I excel at one liners and emoji’s I think the occasional foray into hockey talk is necessary to validate my continued presence on this board.

    • Nobody in their right mind is going to trade for a goalie that will make ten million dollars a year for the next eight seasons. Especially when said goalie is always in a state of injury or rehab.

      Montreal signed Price to that ridiculous contract, their stuck with him.

      Price is a great goalie, when healthy but that contract and his injury history should terrify anyone trading for him unless Montreal retains a huge chunk of $$$$.

      • Yep, that’s fair. It was a terrible contract, even before the last disastrous year for the Habs.

        Simultaneously, winning a Cup is worth a LOT of $$$. I doubt the Blues think they’ll win a Cup with Allen at this point. If they think they can with Price, that has a lot of cash value. That said, I’d agree the Habs could hold $$$ or take a bad contract in return.

    • I didn`t know Toronto was in need of a dinosaur with an albatross contract. You guys are going to lose 8 times to Toronto with or without Weber. Hey maybe Nashville will trade PK for Weber eh maybe not.

      • ROFL!!!!

  12. What D should the leafs have gotten instead of signing Tavares?

    It’s easy to bash the signing sure, but atleast point out what options Toronto passed up to sign Tavares,

  13. Pat Maroon, buyer beware. Unless you have a Crosby or McDavid to feed him the puck youre bound for disappointment. One year flash in the pan riding McDavids coattails. Id avoid signing him unless I had a spot on my top line with an elite center. No speed, doesnt check, a one trick pony.

  14. If the Sens actually wanted to keep Erik Karlsson, they would have been engaged in talks for weeks like Doughty and OEL.

    Instead, they waited until July 1 to make him an offer without his input and then announced that they made the offer to the media.

    This is most likely an attempt to get a portion of the fan base to vilify EK rather than the team when he leaves.

    They probably offered the least amount possible to pretend it’s a legit offer. Something like $64 M over 8 with no NTC.

    • That’s a wild guess to beat all wild guesses. First, Dorion was handed an internal mess that he had to clean up first to appease Karlsson (i.e., getting rid of the s*^t-disturber Hoffman and his paramour ), so discussing contract with Karlsson would not have been prudent in the circumstances.

      And some may forget that it was Karlsson himself who cracked open the can of worms months back when he announced that, when his new contract came up, he was not taking anything less than what he thought he deserved. Nothing wrong with that attitude – as long as he kept it to himself. Captains do not answer media questions like that even if that is what they’re thinking. All he should have said for public consumption was what other star players have said in the past when asked the same question: “I don’t discuss contract negotiations through the media” – and leave it at that. What he did pissed off Dorion no end, I’m sure, and you just KNOW that disdn’t sit well with Melnyk – so the only conclusion I can draw from all that is, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing all along. Which I’m sure did nothing for team morale.

    • MG

      Unfortunately Ottw has had to deal with a ton of crap recently .

      They did say all along that they were going to make an offer as soon as they could (technically July 1st)

      I’ve no idea if there were any talks at all pre July 1st.. but they met their promise

      Part of me hopes that legitimately they waited to hear going prices and see what Doughty would get

      Either way … I can’t in my wildest dreams think that they would offer as low as $8*8

      That offer would have been made public by EKs team as an insult…. and would lower their expected return if wanting to trade him because that shows Ottw valuing him at way less than what he’s worth

      This offer can be (1) rejected outright (not yet) or more likely digested for a counter-request

      My sense is that the offer is $10*8 hoping on off chance for a signing at that… not happening

      EKs Mgt team can then come back asking for $11.5*8(one up Doughty)

      My sense is one of 3 things happen (in this order of probability)

      1) Trade in next 2 weeks
      2) Sign 8*11 — keep
      3) Sign 8*11 — trade

      I don’t believe it will get to a 4th option …. but here is a chance however slight …. no extension agreed upon; keep; trade at deadline or close to it

      ZERO chance of keep to end of next year w/o extension and w/o trade

  15. Can someone please explain why Toronto would even look at Karlsson? He is injury prone, lacks the defensive skills needed to help Leafs and while he is an elite offensive talent, why do they need that when all the pundits scream for D?
    And Leave Mitch alone: the Leafs are not trading him..Nylander perhaps but I would not make that deal straight up for Nurse. Trouba, maybe, Seth Jones, definitely but CBJ crazy to let him go. I agree that the Leafs need upgrade and some grit at the back…

    • Injury prone? Except for the year he missed a slew of games thanks to a severed achilles delivered by that a-hole Cooke, he’s played 610 of 634 games – or 96%. Where the hell do you get “injury prone?”

      • And didn’t he lead league one year in blocked shots?

    • Why would they want one of the 5 best players in the league?


  16. I think you are a little off on your read of the Duclair/De Haan issue in Mtl, Lyle. I used to teach at the high school in Mtl that Anthony Duclair went to. He was the student of some of my close colleagues. This to say that getting Duclair to sign in Mtl is not going to be an issue for the same reasons Tavares signed in TO. Thefact that MB got quiet says even more as he is notoriously tight lipped on such things. De Haan,however, will need to be swayed by term and money. My gut says De Haan is hoping to work something out with TO as, according to Pierre McGuire, JT and De Haan are friends teammates from before the Islander days…..

  17. Even at a reduced return due to OWA being a captive seller it would have to be similar to the Oreilly deal which I think was a lot . 2 roster players + a young B prospect with a game sample and a first round plus one other subsequent round .
    Dorion needs to get this behind him ASAP because it will feel like an enternity until next July 1 and if it goes that far -get nothing . Ask the Islander faithful what it’s like

    Sign and trade . Get him the 8th year at Doughty money and move flip to the team that can meet the parameters I noted above . Don’t complicate things with Ryan. A gentleman “s deal for leverage .? I sense not a lot trust there. Ottawa will have to take some dollars back 7-8 m

    • Silver7

      If he’s traded to VGK… and BR going … then Ottw has to take back something in contract (that is over-valued)… only one I can think of is Eakin. Theo coming as well plus at least one of their key prospects (I suggested Suzuki but Ottw would want Glass); a 1st and a 2nd and another pick; Ottw would ask for on top of that another roster player.

      I still believe that Theo+Eakin+Suzuki+1st(’19); 2nd(’19)+2nd (’20) for EK AND taking on BR would work

      Ottw gets rid of Albatross contract w/o take back …. sends 2 rosters out 2 rosters in ; including a very good up and coming D Man in Theo; plus gets 2 Firsts (Suzuki went in 1st round) and 2 seconds.

      I know George wants more … but I think that would be fair

      • it’s actually a very fair trade. a rarity for this board.

      • I don’t understand why Vegas is in on every rumor. They don’t really have the cap space or the assets. Lets say Eakin goes the other way. That’ll give Vegas about 22.6 mil in cap space. Ryan and EK combined is about 14.( and they both have modified ntc’s) Theodore is currently unsigned so there’s 0 savings there. Their leading scorer is also a rfa. He needs a new contract. Next year, Schmidt becomes a UFA and so does Fleury, on top of EK extension kicking in. Does he really want to come to a team that’s up against the cap and has already lost Neal and Perron, along with whatever they give up to get him? If they don’t take Ryan, Ottowa will want a bigger return. What prospects do they have? They had 1 pick in 1st 3 rounds this year ( a 2nd rounder.. you’re giving up next years 1st rounder and a player they drafted last year? They’re a new team and they’re already trading away their future. EK will end up with Rangers. Bank on it. They have the assets and cap space. They’re not deep at all on right d. Most of their top d prospects are all left handed

      • LOL. I never suggested it wasn’t fair. Just that I would want something more established than a 5′ 11″ 185 lb junior. They already have a boatload of promising but untried juniors who have proven nothing in the pro ranks in Logan Brown, Drake Batherson, Alex Formenton and Brady Tkachuk.

      • Rumor that Ottowa has given permission for teams to negotiate an extension with Karlsson. He’s in play!!!

  18. Gaudreau- Monahan – Neal

    Calgary finally got a top RW. This is going to be a deadly line.

  19. Burp 🤤