NHL Rumor Mill – July 20, 2018

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Latest on Tyler Seguin and Artemi Panarin plus an update on the Penguins in your NHL Rumor Mill.

Could the Montreal Canadiens target Tyler Seguin in next summer’s UFA market? (Photo via NHL Images)


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan wonders if Dallas Stars center Tyler Seguin would want to play for the Montreal Canadiens if he becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer. He notes the Canadiens struck out on John Tavares and Paul Stastny this summer, as the pair indicated they had no interest in coming to Montreal.

The Habs would have the cap space to spend on UFAs next summer, if any of them want to come to Montreal. Cowan notes The Hockey News recently name Seguin as next summer’s top UFA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t hold your breath, Canadiens fans. If Seguin hits the open market next summer, why would he want to come to a team that’s overdue for a rebuild? A club that’s in one of the most demanding markets in hockey and also has the highest taxes in the league?

Don’t tell me he’d be enticed by the opportunity to play for hockey’s most storied franchise. The Canadiens won their last Stanley Cup 25 years ago, haven’t come close since and aren’t even in the conversation as legitimate Cup contenders for 2018-19. Don’t try to convince me he wants to play alongside Carey Price and Shea Weber or to reunite with his buddy and former Stars teammate Jordie Benn. Those aren’t good enough reasons to entice him to Montreal.

Sure, the Canadiens will have the cap space to make Seguin a lucrative offer if he tests the UFA market. They also had the cash to make competitive pitches for Tavares and Stastny this summer. If money wasn’t good enough to even get them into the bidding for those two, why would anyone think that’s enough to entice Seguin? 


THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline reports Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin informed general manager Jarmo Kekalainen “that he wants all business matters pushed aside as of Sept. 13, the day training camp opens in Columbus and across the NHL. Panarin’s agent confirmed this.” Dan Milstein said his client hates the business side of hockey and wants to focus on playing.

Portzline said that deadline is meaningless as Panarin is currently unwilling to negotiate a contract extension. He feels it could carry more weight on the trade front if the Jackets decide to move the winger. Portzline assumes the Jackets could get a larger return from a team that knows it could sign Panarin to an extension. If the winger insists on that deadline, the Jackets will have less than two months to make their best trade or a deal that provides the best short-term return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Panarin isn’t interested in talking contract, the Jackets must either trade him or lose him for nothing next summer to free agency. If they don’t move him before the start of the season, they risk having his contract status becoming an unnecessary distraction. While both Kekalainen and Milstein say they expect Panarin will be in the Blue Jackets’ lineup at the start of the season, it doesn’t mean he’s going to finish the season with them. 


TRIBLIVE.COM: Jonathan Bombulie reports the Pittsburgh Penguins addition of Derek Grant yesterday gives the club a logjam at center. “Of the 15 forwards who could conceivably be on the team’s opening night roster, six – Crosby, Malkin, Grant, Derick Brassard, Riley Sheahan and Matt Cullen – list center as their primary position.”

Penguins GM Jim Rutherford said some of those centers, such as Grant, Cullen and Sheahan, can also play on the wing. Bombulie also suggests a trade is a possibility. Outside of untouchables Crosby and Malkin, Brassard could fetch the best return, perhaps to bring in a scoring left winger. He also acknowledged Brassard might also address that need if they try him at that position. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bombulie cites Rutherford saying the addition of Grant provides his coaches with more flexibility. It also gives the Penguins GM depth at a position that other teams lack. That could make Rutherford very popular among clubs in need of centers with depth in wingers later in the season. 



  1. Take a bow, Pengy. You got your boy.

    For 650K, Grant seems like a real nice addition. Why Anaheim let him go and gave real money and term to Carter Rowney…I dunno.


    Jimmy saying that they aren’t trading a center (Brassard) means little because that’s what he’d say if he was trying to trade him but wanted to maintain his leverage anyway.

    They may well keep him (that’s what I’d do) BUT…they are also linked to other names and the only way to make those potential deals work would be moving Brassard.

    Tossing a very random, yet very specific idea out there…

    Jeff Skinner to Montreal for Max Pacioretty. Canes sign him to a 6/36 deal.

    Habs retain half of his salary and send him to Pittsburgh for Brassard. Habs sign Brassard to a 5/30 deal.

    Pens use Skinner as a rental and then decide which of him or Kessel to keep after this season.


    Could Panarin be more clear that he wants a trade without actually asking for it?

    He won’t negotiate and then sets a deadline for the negotiations he won’t engage in to be wrapped up.

    • Pens are capped out and can’t afford Skinner

      • You mean like they were capped out and couldn’t afford Brassard? You mean like the Black Hawks were capped out?

        You’ve not been paying attention. There is always a way.

      • “Habs retain half of his salary and send him to Pittsburgh for Brassard.”

        Brassard’s cap hit is $3.0 thanks to Vegas. Half of Skinner’s $5.725 M salary is less than $3.0 M. That trade would actually give about $14,000 of extra cap space for the Pens.

        Going forward, he could likely be retained for less than Phil’s $6.8 M cap hit, if they preferred him.

      • We don’t need skinner..I’m tired of hearing his name and patches as well…we need defense..

      • Greg,

        Pens are capped out now …. absolutely.. but just as TBay can’t fit EK in and will move pieces to do so … GMJR will shuffle the deck and start dealing if he’s in the market for a Skinner or Skinner type

        … in the “here and now” mentality … Hags out replaced by Skinner … top 9 has improved …. what does it cost in futures and/or young guns? ZAR? Sprong ? Etc ?

        … if GMJR moves Brass to acquire Skinner or similar … then I’d also move Hags and shore up another depth D for $2M or less (replace Rheuwedl with Hamhuis or Emelin)

    • Posted in wrong place first (below)

      Was away for day and missed a bunch

      Happy for Pens on Grant signing … can’t pay a player less … got league min

      Smart move by GMJR … as it gives options … an extra C if the old man falters; an extra winger as he can play wing; trade chip or frees up another player to be moved (trade deadline)

      My sense is GMJR made this chess move just to make another …. Hags? Brass? I’m not sure

      Hags is a good player but it’s the cap hit that I think may be causing some to ponder a move

      I’m not against it if the team improves

      I know that Brass is GMJR’s “easiest” trade option for best return on value …. not sure he should go there

      Still tight on the cap ceiling … I see how cap friendly has put ZAR down and put Grant in … showing about $1M in space

      I like the make up of the team now but (with my pre-disposed bias on JJ)… D depth needed…. I hope I’m wrong on my JJ opinions … I really do…. if he plays at his cap value … barring significant injuries …. I really like this team… really like it

      GMJR looks at the here and now (top players primes… no qualms here) so this move might just have been to set up a move out of Hags plus futures (and unfortunately this could mean ZAR or Sprong) to acquire top 2 LW (Skinner or Skinner type)

      That kind of move has top 6 wingers in no rank/order of PK, Horny; Rust ; Guentz; Skinner; Brass not too shabby

      I would prefer … if GMJR does make a significant move … for him to move Hags …. Brass slide in at wing; Sheahan 3C…. let the young guns play…. use part of freed up Hags cap space to shore up depth D… waive Rheuwedl (sp?)…. look at UFA options … Hamhuis or Emelin if $2.0M or less????

      All in all … now ready as is or set up for strategic moves … great minimal cost acquisition

  2. Well said about Montreal Lyle.

    Panarin seems like he may want the luxury of cherry picking his own destination without those teams having to give up depth to get him. Bad news for cbus.

    I’m starting to wonder if brassard has privately requested a trade. He may want top 6 minutes at center to maximize his value in ufa next year. Cullen and grant seem to indicate something is up.

    • Brassard could be more interested to win a Cup with Sid and co. I could see him taking whatever role he is given. A ring and being a UFA will still get him a nice contract.

      Pens cannot find a better player for that 3 million dollar hit

      • No argument here. I hope he stays. But where there’s smoke….

      • Ds agreed at his cap hit brassard is peefect..he will have a good year he had the Visa thing started slow started to play well then got hurt..his track record is good

      • It’s funny that so many people think that he didn’t fit with the Pens because he scored only 3-5-8 in 14 games. That 18-28-47 (rounds up) in 82 games. That’s about his career average. And that’s playing 2C.

      • Chrisms..agreed there is some smoke..but I think if they move brassard I’m thinking more at the deadline..

      • I like Brassard but he is kind of buried on Pit’s roster. His cap hit is awesome. Getting Hagelin off the roster so Brassard could play LW with Malkin may be the answer although Hagelin is Malkin’s defensive conscience & they have played together 5 on 5 virtually since Hagelin arrived.

        I assume Rutherford still has something up his sleeve. They don’t have to do anything. The just waive The depth players if necessary & role with what the have to comply with the 23 man roster limit.

        A serious cup contender.

      • You keep saying that striker and it’s not true. Hbk bra. Hbk

      • Chrisms.

        Not sure what Hbk bra. Hbk means.

        The only problem with Hagelin is his cap hit. He’s not a 4 mil cap hit player especially for a team like Pit pushed right up against the cap.

      • Hags bonino kessel hbk. Hags only recently has been playing routinely with Malkin. I don’t mind hags. Good player to have on your team. Slightly overpriced is all

      • ds

        I agree that he’ll play wherever they ask him to …. his value at C or W at $3.0 is excellent …. if he stays I see him moving between the two positions to get a best fit worked out …. great benefit of having 6 Cs … the bottom 4 can and have played wing

    • Grant is waiver fodder just like Hayes. Just a fringe guy if injuries hit. Of no consequence to Pit in any way, potentially just blocking out a younger player like ZAR due to the business side of hockey.

      Baring a trade Pit roster is set & a player like Hayes or Grant are far better sitting as the 13th forward than a player like ZAR that has to play to continue developing.

      Moving out Hagelin & Brassard in trades bringing back nothing but picks & prospects as able so Pit could then try to trade for Skinner would be awesome for Pit & also make room for ZAR.

      Very unlikely but always nice to have hopes & dreams. As always move wingers around any way you wish.

      Guentzel, Crosby, Hornqvist.
      Skinner, Malkin, Sprong.
      ZAR, Sheahan, Kessel.
      Simon, Cullen, Rust.
      Spare. Grant.

      Pit would have about 3 mil in cap space to boot.

      • Everyone stop trying g to move hagelin..he isn’t going anywhere..he would be gone by now..he is important to the penguins.

      • I agree. It’s not so much I want them to just a cap issue & if that can be solved in some other way great.

      • Brassard would bring back more than picks prospects if pens wanted. Top 6 center at a premium right now. He could bring back a top 6 winger or a middle pair d man.

        Personally I think strength up the middle is the way to go

      • Chrisms.

        Was hypothetical to try & figure out a way to get Skinner onto Pit’s roster.

        Yes, Brassard would bring back more than picks & prospects but how would Pit get that more onto the roster. The idea I’m proposing is to try & get salary off the books, futures is the only way to do that.

        Hamilton moved for picks, so did Hamonic a ton of players do. The issue would be in this pipe dream is Pit better with Hagelin & Brassard gone, Skinner in & making room for ZAR & gaining over 2 mil in cap space?

      • Hi Striker

        Like the potential line up shown … I’d swap places of PK/Sprong tho

        I agree that Hayes is “waiver fodder”… like the term BTW

        …. but I see Grant as more …. league min …. couldn’t pay him less …. can and has played C … and good on face-offs … could very well be better than Simon at wing…but very valuable as potential 4c in your roster above as there is no way I can see Cullen playing more than 70 games …. play Cullen correctly and he’s “saved up” so to speak; for playoffs

    • I guess if you prefer playing in a non hockey market then bypass montreal. here in south florida, NO ONE cares about hockey. so if you really enjoy playing in a half empty arena, then look into a florida or Arizona. pacioretty could walk the length of sunrise blvd and maybe a passing motorist from Quebec may notice. when the habs are enjoying a level of success theres no better hockey market.come to a habs/panthers game in late December, where 90% of the fan base is hab nation

      • No better if you don’t mind a press that will rip you to shreds (and worse if you don’t speak French) if you make the slightest mistake or the team loses 3 in a row and don’t mind taxes and weather that make Toronto look paradise.

    • Chrisms..good point he may have quietly requested a trade. Publickly he has said all the right things, he wants to be there, he will play wing..guess we will see.

    • Toronto should step up an start a conversation of Panarin for Willy….Panarin is a better fit for Auston…who knows maybe thete is a hangup in negotiations between the Leafs and Willy.

  3. Just spitballing, but if I were a top NHL player, the last two teams I’d want to sign a contract with are Montreal and Ottawa. One is a tire fire and quickly becoming a joke, the other has a cheap owner who seems to go out of his way to tick off his team’s dwindling fan base.
    As for Panarin, this just looks like another tactic to get traded. News flash, Bread: Jarmo won’t take just any offer for you and trying to force a trade only makes you look selfish.

    • You might give a hat tip to to a local sports media that considers a player’s private life to be public business, and/or chooses to impose significant cultural litmus tests before acceptance.

    • He’s earned the right to be selfish. Why would he owe Columbus anything? Why would he encourage a trade that will cost his new team quality assets? That will hurt his chances of winning with that new team.

      • Then, he should be a man, like Jack Johnson, and request a trade. Just quit playing games about it. Either way, he’ll stay with Columbus until Jarmo gets an offer he likes.

      • Be a man? Or do you mean be dumb. If he is traded to one of the teams he wants to play for then that team would be giving up assets for him. For example say he wants the rangers. (Just an example rangers fans). Rangers trade for him and give up one of their up and coming centers and say zuccarilo. Maybe a pick. Wouldn’t Panarin rather just sign next year with rangers still having those pieces? He doesn’t sound like he needs out this season. Panarin is playing it smart. The jackets new this could happen when they traded for a guy with ufa looming.

      • Chrisms…I’m wondering if panarin doesn”t like Columbus or playing for tortorella..interesting..

      • If he simply doesn’t intend to resign @ Columbus, why all the games? Just flat out say, “I won’t be resigning” and have it done. But, noooooooooooooooooooo, Panarin has to do this “no extension at this time” “no business after September 13” bs. Put yourself in a GMs place. How likely are you to trade for a player who pulls this crap, or sign him once he becomes a UFA? What Panarin is missing is that being traded to Columbus did him a huge favor. For two years, all the experts were saying his numbers were so good only because he played on the same line as Kane. He gets to Columbus and shows everyone he’s an elite winger in his own right. If you ask me, all this game playing BS is only serving to make him look like an ungrateful jerk and reducing the number of teams willing to trade for him. Dumb.

      • Agree Chrisms, it’s not like he is trying to back out of a contract, he is just saying he doesn’t want to sign an extension. CLB want to sign him to one for obvious reasons as well. CHI traded him. Their decision, not his.
        If I am about to become a UFA I am gonna see what is out there unless for family reasons I really want to stay put and don’t want to risk getting traded prior.
        Teams can trade guys at will and they could care less what the player wants, until players can negotiate a NMC. Players can sign where they want when they meet the conditions.
        Pretty simple and each side is doing what is in their best interests. CLB can still sign him to a longer deal than the competition when the time comes and he has met with teams and should have the advantage, or they could trade him, or they could keep him and lose him for nothing. Just business decisions and all will do what they think is best for them. No hard feelings if they are professionals.

    • Ok, I’ll bite. Montreal is not a tire fire. Both your statements, however, fit the current Ottawa situation. Molson is not a cheap owner that is why I guess you meant Montreal must be the fire you refer to. We need to give Cowan a little slack here. The Habs will suck this year, marginally better next year, and only be exciting for the fans if some kids prove they can play in the bigs in three years. Big ‘if’ there. Point is for a guy who has eat and help provide for his family in a slowly dying English newspaper he needs to grab something to try and keep readers for the next three years +. No one really thinks Seguin will be a Hab. That said, I do not totally buy taxes as a reason to pass on Mtl, at least not for the very top earners. Instead of asking how much they loose to taxes, ask how much they keep. Point is the really top guys keep more than enough money for themselves and their families. Term and the quality of the team however, absolutely are issues and of absolute importance. For less well paid players, yes the taxes are a concern, IMO.

      • If I may add to this, It’s a pity to see how bad this franchise has become. Once a jewel, who really wants to play in Montreal nowadays. I think there’s multiple reasons: media harshness for sure, lack of vision by M. Molson and bad, bad, bad management from M. Bergevin, team being condescendent at all levels vs fans and most of all, a city of only one sport who deperately need some winning. Taxes, I agree are less a factor: Tavares choose Toronto, Kovalchuk choose L.A., theres a reason why… No way a top player like Seguin even consider Montreal for the big contract of his carreer.

        I agree it will take 3-4 years and a little bit of chance but I have real difficulties to envision this team bringing back a winning culture under the leaderships of MM Molson and Bergevin. Hope I’m wrong.

      • Somehow, I don’t think P.K. Subban would agree. Great trade, there, too. Send away a fan favorite who was heavily involved in the community for someone older, slower and, lately, often hurt. Oh, and he’s the best defenseman on the team. Give an often hurt goalie a $10.5 million/year contract extension. Insist that your coach must speak French instead of just getting the best available coach. Inform your team captain and, arguably, your best player that he won’t be offered a new contract. Yeah, it’s just going to be a few years while younger players develop before the Habs are good, again. Bud, your team has been rebuilding for twenty years. Call it what you want, but, to me, that spells tire fire. With Weber out half the year, meaning the Habs are already out of the race, might as well just start paying younger guys to see who might be able to handle playing in the NHL.

      • Wow a well written, logical comment from a Habs fan! Agree with Paul on the Subban deal and also didn’t like the term of the Price deal, not great now and will be brutal when he gets past 35. With the team in front of him obviously needing a significant, long, painful upgrade, why make that deal? Trade him if he won’t stay for a reasonable #. You ain’t gonna win with him or without him.
        I have only visited MTL, but both times I was there I loved it. Great city. Like to have a good time in that town.
        Dislike the politics there, being from AB, but a great world class city, great people. I can see a young single guy or young family being real happy there.

      • PB,I agree with most of your comments,actually. I will point out that if Weber retires after the next two seasons the Preds, not the Habs pay ALL the cap recapture and will be majorly cap screwed. That said, I get your point. The tire fire idea is nowhere close to what is going on with the Sens which is what I was responding to. Where I push back hard is at the French coach bit. You are obviously not a Quebecer nor have a true handle on the politics in Canada with regards to Quebec/the Habs. I would suggest the movie ‘The Rocket’ as a starting point. The politics might be a little subtle but present, especially if you know where to look. As a hint, a major book title of the Quiet Revolution was titled ‘White N****** of North America’. Offensive title for sure, but it gives you a sense of how the treatment of French people made them feel. The movie shows you what that looked like and why Maurice Richard and the Habs are so important to Quebecers.

  4. Pens are capped out, have an aging core group and have few prospects in the system. Is this a formula for disaster?

    • No, it’s a recipe for 2 consecutive cups and maybe third. You probably think it is better to be st. Louis with lots great prospects but never winning anything.

    • Not a Pens fan here but when you have 2 future HOFers still in their prime you mortgage the future to win now. They will compete for the Cup this season depending on the injuries.

      Next off-season I would ask Malkin to waive his no-trade and send him for a serious prospect package return.

      • Malkin will finish his nhl career a pen. I actually doubt he finishes his career in the nhl. At some point Malkin is going home to play in Russia. Pens will ride this out and then have a few tougher years. 1 cup is worth that… three? Absolutely. Just ask Toronto if they’d have made that deal

    • No. Those veterans like Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, Hornqvist & Letang are all in or around 30 with the ability to play at their current levels for at least 3 many 5 more years. The rest of the roster is actually quite young & the prospect kitty isn’t bare.

      Guentzel 23, Simon 23, Sprong 21, Sheahan 26, Rust 26, Maatta 23, Dumoulin 26, Oleksiak 25, Murray 24, Smith 26 & a bunch of players in or around 28.

      What Pit is is an elite level team with a cup window still in site for at least 3 years.

      • Striker.agreed penguins are younger than most…they have many young players starting in goal with Murray jarry desmith.

      • Your god damn right I would make that deal Chrisms…I would make make that deal right now!

    • .penguins are good for two or three years for sure..crosby’s work ethic Malkin letang is always in good shape..we have added young guentzel, rust, anton reese , simon and blueger is coming.

  5. The Jackets would not let Panarin walk for nothing. Tavares was a wake up call to all GM’s. That situation has not happened very often, Trade him in August prior to camp for whatever you can get. That holds true for Karlsson as well. The longer you wait the worse it will become.

    There are two things I know about hockey players. They want to play and they want to win.

    • Sakic did quite well waiting on Duchene.

      • And how did that season pan out-brutal

  6. Why would Seguin or anybody else for that matter want to sign in Montreal?
    Bergevin has turned the Canadiens from a contender into a lottery champ. I dont see any decent FA signing there until the trainwreck is cleared up and Bergevin is fired. Montreal has to be one of the “no trade” destinations in every new contract a player signs.

    • Montreal is bes bro! Bes

  7. As I generally only visit the site in the AM, thanks Pengy for your answer.

    Striker you’re overvaluing Kapanen.

    Just a thought does the language in Montreal be come a prohibitor for players going there? I understand winning makes a team more desirable, but does losing point out other areas.
    In retail there is a saying “good sales hide sins” you know what happen when you don’t have the sales.

    • Caper…just a different opinion….but mine is Leaf fans who want to trade Kapanen…and other fans who low ball for him in trade ideas are underestimating him…I watched almost all his Leaf games…I think has great potential..I think he suffers from Babcock insists he must do young players…..I agree with Striker…

    • Did I value Kapanen? I said he’s going to kill penalties on the 2nd PK & he’s just starting his NHL career. I have him playing as the #4 RW so I don’t currently really value him at all. He will need all of his 200 NHL regular season games to develop & he sits at 55.

      Hyman, Matthews, Nylander.
      Marleau, Tavares, Marner.
      Johansson, Kadri, Brown.
      Leivo/Ennis/?, Lindholm/Gauthier/?, Kapanen.

      What I said was the loss of 3 players JvR, Bozak & Komorov is going to be filled by a far greater group & Kapanen will assume a significant portion of Komorov’s PK minutes on the 2nd unit. I’m not sure how that’s overvaluing him.

      Gauthier needs to clear waivers so baring a trade I assume Tor’s giving him the 1st crack at the #4 C spot & if he can’t assume such Lindholm will be tried.

      Tor has a ton of cap space short term even with Horton not yet on LTIR, so many scoring forwards that anything is plausible.

      • Simple you said far greater group. I disagree, the group you mentioned are not far greater, in fact they are not even better as of date.
        Will they be, we’ll have to wait and see. I say no.

      • “Striker you’re overvaluing Kapanen.” That was what my response was to.

        As for which roster is better, this seasons or lasts we apparently disagree & as always time will tell. We are usually at polar opposites which is all good as it makes the debate & or discussion worthwhile.

        As I stated yesterday I have them scoring more goals & allowing less. Hard to move up much on 105 points they posted last season but I have them challenging Bos & TB for the Div & conference based on what we know today.

        Those opinions could change before the puck drops on the 2018-19 season for a whole range of reasons.

  8. Montreal should do whatever they can to suck the next 2-3 years. Sell off anyone you can for middle 6 plugs and first round picks. The top pick in the next 2 drafts are potential franchise altering, generational type talents. Getting Hughes next year would be great but getting Lafreniere, the local boy, the year after would be an absolute game changer. Then trade guys like Price, Patch and Weber and retain salary cap hits for higher first round picks. That’s the only way out of the mess they are in. Oh and fire Bergevin.

    • Dee, I think your last line, should be your first line.

      • Agreed. Montreal is going nowhere until they address the incompetence in management.

        Bergevin has to go.

      • Problem starts above Bergevin’s head , and that is with Molson ….he needs to just run the team , and get a quality hockey person to run all of the hockey operations , and i hate to say it, but the Francophone media has to back off on the team, especially he player’s personal lives . You can still get great value for Price and Pacioretty , play the kids , develop the newcomers in Laval , and draft smart, think long term.Bergevin made some dumb moves , but it starts at the top. You cannot build a team now days from the net , out , that’s the biggest problem the Habs have dealt with

      • Montreal is a train wreck!

    • Trading Price, Weber their enormous contracts and injury history would require finding a sucker of epic proportions. Sadly the only rube foolish enough to trade for either of them is Marc Bergevin and unfortunately he cant trade them to himself.

      • Weber’s injury is unfortunate but he had no injury issues prior. This is the same injury, unfortunately, it’s going to span significant portions of 2 seasons.

        He will be 33 in August but I still have little concern he will step back into the NHL & with 25 to 40 games get his game back.

      • All those players are tradable. But the value coming back would disappoint habs fans. Would a team like zona or buff or St. Louis or maybe even philly trade for price? Sure. But it would take salary going back the other way and at best garner mont a high pick or decent prospect. Makes more sense to keep the guy and hope for him to turn on god mode.

      • You would be able to get a large haul from philly Ron hextall is their gm and is one of the worst in the league! Philly needs a rebuild in a bad way their core will never be contenders

    • Too many veterans on this roster with to much term to unravel it that quickly. Mon will have to retool on the fly. I have been calling for Bergevin’s head for a long time. I had him fired by Christmas last season.

      That said not everything Bergevin has done is awful just most of it. Mon is a low middling team without Weber a higher middling team with him but help is coming.

      Mon isn’t a playoff team this season but could potentially be the year following depending upon how things play out with Patches being traded or others & the development of their young players.

      Luring UFA’s to Mon isn’t easy but they have assets they could trade & young players with significant upside are on the roster today. Drouin 23, Domi 23, Danault 25, Armia 25, Lehkonen 23, Hudon 24, Scherbak 22, Juulsen 21, Mete 20 & I assume Kotkaaniemi will see at least a cup of coffee. If ready he should play as the #3 C, if not Mon can send him to the AHL as he came from Europe & season him till the new year or do what Col did with Rantanen just give him a year in the AHL then bring him in next year as the #2 C.

      • Big bear today bigbadbruins tomorrow…he doesnt know what he is, just like the Cr(h)abs. Montreal is where players go to get shredded. I would bet on the Flyers winning a cup before the Crabs. What an embarrassment

    • No one is going to trade for Price with that contract and his injury history.

      • Someone certainly would trade for price. Wouldn’t be a good return. Mont would have to hold salary or take back a bad contract in return. But a guy with prices skills is certainly movable

  9. Tyler Seguin will sign somewhere where the night life is awesome like New York Tyler is more interested in a great party than hockey. I love his talent just not his commitment.

    • Haven’t been to many cities with a better night life than Montreal Obe.
      Vegas & Nashville in a 1st place tie, and I would put MTL a solid 3rd.

      • Agreed. Tons of other spots as well but those are all solid nightlife locations.

      • Montreal beautiful and great night life … NYC has everything but a bit too much of everything … agree on ur top 3 …. disagree on tie at top … LV then Nash for me

    • Seguin is a party animal , living the life , can’t blame him , but i do feel if you sign him , understand his off ice issues , he would be an excellent support player for someone like Nashville or Columbus , but to put the franchise on his shoulders would be not good…. Just MHO

      • Perhaps he needs a better management/support group …. if he’s known widely as a partier then this limits his strength/positioning in negotiating next contract…. they roped in Kane’s night-life behaviour …. and it worked …. who knows what will happen with Seguin in the next little while

  10. Caper.

    What’s the local scuttlebutt in Win about Trouba & Win heading to arbitration?

    Surely this can’t be positive, being 2 years from UFA status his leverage increases with each passing day.

    Any discussions about how far apart they may be on a long-term deal?

    • Prob one or both sides were looking to see the feel of what went on in Arb hearing to gear how far off they might be from possible arb decision … so that a new offer/counter offer can be struck…. can still sign an agreement right up to point that Arb sends decision email … my gut thinks a deal will happen by sometime tommorrow

  11. Was away for day and missed a bunch

    Happy for Pens on Grant signing … can’t pay a player less … got league min

    Smart move by GMJR … as it gives options … an extra C if the old man falters; an extra winger as he can play wing; trade chip or frees up another player to be moved (trade deadline)

    My sense is GMJR made this chess move just to make another …. Hags? Brass? I’m not sure

    Hags is a good player but it’s the cap hit that I think may be causing some to ponder a move

    I’m not against it if the team improves

    I know that Brass is GMJR’s “easiest” trade option for best return on value …. not sure he should go there

    Still tight on the cap ceiling … I see how cap friendly has put ZAR down and put Grant in … showing about $1M in space

    I like the make up of the team now but (with my pre-disposed bias on JJ)… D depth needed…. I hope I’m wrong on my JJ opinions … I really do…. if he plays at his cap value … barring significant injuries …. I really like this team… really like it

    GMJR looks at the here and now (top players primes… no qualms here) so this move might just have been to set up a move out of Hags plus futures (and unfortunately this could mean ZAR or Sprong) to acquire top 2 LW (Skinner or Skinner type)

    That kind of move has top 6 wingers in no rank/order of PK, Horny; Rust ; Guentz; Skinner; Brass not too shabby

    I would prefer … if GMJR does make a significant move … for him to move Hags …. Brass slide in at wing; Sheahan 3C…. let the young guns play…. use part of freed up Hags cap space to shore up depth D… waive Rheuwedl (sp?)…. look at UFA options … Hamhuis or Emelin if $2.0M or less????

    All in all … now ready as is or set up for strategic moves … great minimal cost acquisition

    • Pengy..agreed e.elin or hamhuis would provide much h needed defensive depth..emelin is solid, physical,defense first and would stAbalize the bottom pairing..

      • B&G
        Agree … not sure what either would settle for … I think Hamhuis more likely at $2M (or less) as he’s hit 35 …. so cap locked regardless if he retires…

        I really believe GMJR is positioning … he’s ripe with options as is … and worst case could begin season with 23 he has …. but I’d have ZAR instead of Hayes tho