NHL Rumor Mill – July 21, 2018

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Updates on Erik Karlsson, Artemi Panarin, Max Pacioretty, Jeff Skinner and Jacob Trouba in your NHL Rumor Mill.


NHL NETWORK: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman yesterday provided updates on the status of Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson, Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin, Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty and Carolina Hurricanes winger Jeff Skinner.

A number of factors could be holding up a possible Erik Karlsson trade (Photo via NHL Images).

Regarding the trade chatter earlier this month linking Karlsson to the Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights, Friedman doubts it was as close as rumor had it. He said an NHL GM last week told him there’s a sense that Karlsson would prefer remaining an Ottawa Senator but not under the current situation. Friedman sees one holdup being ownership wanting winger Bobby Ryan to be part of the deal. He doesn’t see many teams able to do it.

If Karlsson goes to Tampa Bay, Friedman doesn’t see him getting the eight-year, $11-million extension that Drew Doughty got with the Los Angeles Kings. If he goes to the Stars, it’ll likely be as a rental. He feels the Golden Knights would have more interest in Senators’ forward Mark Stone than Karlsson. Ultimately, Friedman believes we’re in a holding pattern as offers that would entice the Senators pull the trigger aren’t there right now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s a lot of factors affecting a Karlsson trade. His status next summer as an unrestricted free agent and the high cost of re-signing him are the biggest. Taking on his current $6.5-million cap hit is another. The Lightning were rumored to be trying to get a third team involved in hopes of shedding extra salary to make room for Karlsson.

The Sens’ high asking price, which could also include taking Ryan’s $7.25-million annual cap hit through 2021-22 off their hands, is certainly a big sticking point. They reportedly wanted the Stars to include top blueline prospect Miro Heiskanen and the Lightning to give up promising young rearguard Mikhail Sergachev. 

When the Chicago Blackhawks last week shipping Marian Hossa’s contract to Arizona, Friedman wondered if they would be looking at Pacioretty.  He believes the Canadiens will trade their captain sooner or later. He also notes Skinner is a similar player to Pacioretty and thinks those two are in a holding pattern as well. 

Friedman believes teams are looking at those assets and hoping to out-wait Montreal and Carolina in hopes of getting a better deal. He noted the Pittsburgh Penguins had looked at Skinner and wouldn’t be surprised if they have more interest in the Hurricanes’ winger than in Pacioretty.

Friedman also pointed out that Hawks general manager Stan Bowman had hinted he might wait to see how arbitration affects certain teams before making their move and believes they’re not the only team thinking that way.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like Karlsson, Pacioretty and Skinner are eligible next summer for UFA status. The Canadiens had a deal in place at the draft that would’ve sent Pacioretty to the Kings but it fell through over lack of agreement on a contract extension. If both players are intent on testing next summer’s UFA market, it effectively makes them rental players for the coming season and could affect their trade value.

Cap Friendly indicates the Penguins’ recent addition of Derek Grant leaves them with just over $1 million in projected cap space. They’d have to shed considerable salary to take on Pacioretty’s $4.5-million cap hit or Skinner’s $5.725-million.

The Blackhawks, however, have over $5.4 million in cap room. Depending on what they’d have to give up, they could have an easier time fitting either guy under their cap ceiling.The Canadiens and Hurricanes would likely want a good young center (hello there, Nick Schmaltz) in return. 

Based on Panarin’s reluctance to sign a contract extension at this time and his unwillingness to talk contract after Sept. 13, Friedman believes the Blue Jackets have rechecked the trade market to see who’s really interested in Panarin, what the market is and if there’s any clubs willing to swing a deal at this particular time.

Friedman’s not saying a deal will happen but he thinks the Jackets are serious about looking into it. He wonders if teams that are investing big into next season, such as the San Jose Sharks and Toronto Maple Leafs, might be interested. While the Leafs can’t afford to extend Panarin he wonders if they’ll take a shot with him for a year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sharks’ re-signing of Evander Kane earlier this year has them set at left wing, so I don’t think Panarin’s a fit there. Based on their failed attempt at wooing John Tavares, they seemed to have more interest in landing a center.

Panarin would be a better fit with the Leafs, as he would replace the departed James van Riemsdyk at left wing. However, the Jackets want a return that helps them right away and reportedly aren’t interested in a package of picks and prospects. The asking price could be Mitch Marner or William Nylander. Since the Leafs can’t afford to extend Panarin, I doubt they’re interested in giving up a young asset for a player who could bolt via free agency next summer. 


WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports it’s possible an arbiter could award Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba a one-year, $5.5-million contract tomorrow. That would split the difference between what Trouba sought ($7 million) and the Jets’ proposal of $4 million. It’s also possible the two sides could reach agreement on a contract before the arbiter’s decision. 

Wiebe now wonders what the long-term future holds for Trouba. He doubts the Jets will trade the blueliner if he’s unhappy over the award. He also expects Trouba will remain a Jet through the end of 2018-19, but next summer’s contract talks could get complicated with the rearguard a year away from UFA eligibility. If the two sides can’t agree on a long-term deal then, perhaps the Jets will explore his trade value next July. 

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Paul Wiecek thinks the history of bad blood between Trouba and the Jets worsens by going through the arbitration hearing. He believes this will leave a lasting scar in their relationship that will eventually lead to the defenseman’s departure out of Winnipeg. 

Wiecek wonders if Trouba simply doesn’t want to play in Winnipeg. He points out teammates such as Dustin Byfuglien, Mark Scheifele, Nikolaj Ehlers and Connor Hellebuyck had no problem accepting lucrative long-term deals with the club. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Wiebe that the Jets won’t trade Trouba if he gets an arbiter-awarded contract for 2018-19. A lot can happen over that period and perhaps the two sides can work out a reasonable deal next summer. But if they can’t, I think the Jets could seriously consider trading him by late-June or early-July.

Sure, they could keep Trouba for one more year and lose him for nothing to free agency, and perhaps that’ll be worth it if he helps them win the Stanley Cup by then. But it’s rarely a wise decision to lose a valuable asset for nothing. 



  1. Panarin would look great next to Crosby , but they are against the wall with salary , someone would have to go , most notably Kessel. Would San Jose or St. Louis take a shot at him?

    • Yes but if he truly wants to play in a big market then Pitt isn’t it … giving up Kessel and assets for a rental doesn’t make sense. With as fragile as Matt Murray has been throughout his career why JR isn’t looking into a vet goalie is baffling … I’m a Pens fan and Jarry & DeSmith don’t cut it as backups. I’d try and send Jarry, Sprong & Hagelin to Carolina for Skinner.

      • Let me get this straight. You don’t have faith in Jarry as a backup but expect to get Skinner for him as a key piece. Gee, that’s logical.

        And I’m sure that Carolina would be dying to get Hagelin for one year.

      • LOL LMacdonald – love it. But it’s a bugger when you throw logic into the equation – confuses them no end.

      • Sprong alone would be a massive overpay. He’s a future sniper. It’s possible he ends up as Sid’s RW this season even.

        Jarry alone would be a massive overpay.
        He’s a future starter (and should not be lumped in with a AAAA goalie like DeSmith).

        Carolina would pounce on that offer and pop the champagne.

        He’s right that the Pens should target a veteran backup. It’s hard to push for a former Star after Niemi, but Lehtonen would be a good fit. If I got really (really) desperate, I could maybe (maybe) be talked into Steve Mason.

      • Sorry George. Logic went back out the window again.

      • Carolina already has a truckload of backup goalies, why would they trade Skinner for another one?

      • Only if you are convinced a guy with 4g and 1a in 26 NHL games played and a goalie with 27 games played are can’t miss, automatic stars of the future. If so, some of you Pittsburgh guys are beginning to sound like some within LeafsNation who believe that anyone drafted by the Leafs and who had fair to good AHL numbers are solid gold which other teams should gladly acquire by giving up their established stars.

        I don’t … but that’s what makes the world go ’round.

        Some people create their own storms … and then get upset when it rains.

      • There is not a GM out there that would consider Jarry as overpaying for a guy like Skinner! Not one!

        I get that you’re a fan, I get that you like him. But cmon! When is the last time ANY goaltender landed a guy like skinner straight up? The answer is not in recent history. Nor has ANY goaltender fetched anywhere near that return straight up.

      • Funny, I remember hearing that same song when Pens fans talked up Sheary, Guentzel, Rust, Murray, etc. (none of whom had the pedigrees of even Sprong or Jarry, BTW).

        Seem to recall that turning out OK.

      • Some NHL GM’s think it’s a good idea to sign Brendan Smith to a 4 year deal worth over $16 million.

        I said it was absurdly stupid.

        “Appeal to authority” has it’s flaws.

        And have people forgotten that we aren’t talking about Jeff Skinner signed to a long term team friendly contract? It’s one year of a guy near certain to walk.

        Jarry (or Sprong) for a one year rental of Skinner would be a Brendan Smith like overpay.

      • Not even remotely close hear. Look at what a proven guy like Schneider landed….

        Then look more recently. Lehner for a 1st. How did that work out?
        Talbot a 2nd….Darling 3rd round pick…. see what’s missing here? None of these goalies got a return of a 50-60 point player in return. Not one! You’re beyond delusional if you think Jarry is the guy that sets a new standard for goaltender value in the NHL.

        What does Smith have to do with the price of milk?

        Is this supposed to hurt my feelings? Or does that deal somehow change Jarrys value? If you’re trying to hurt my feelings…. swing and a miss. I’ve said 100 times on here I didn’t like the deal, nor did I like the Shattenkirk deal while we’re off topic.

        But let’s stick to the topic here…. Jarry or any similar goalie is not getting a guy like skinner straight up. It’s beyong reaching, overvaluing and bordering on insanity! Regardless of skinners contract term….

        I’ll wait right here while you find a deal remotely close to what you value Jarry at….

        And don’t use a Patrick Roy deal from 20 yeas ago. #1 that was pre-cap era… #2 although I’m sure you’ll find a way to make this comparison… if you dare compare Jarry to Roy it’s time to just stop posting! Someone needs to take that keyboard away and burn it.

      • If gmjr could make the money work he would ship Jarry and sprong to Carolina for Skinner. Let’s be real here. Maybe it’s not the best plan for down the rd but gmjr has shown down the road doesn’t matter to him and ownership seems on board. Mg your being a bit silly.

      • Georgiev to Pittsburgh
        Kessel to NYR’s

        What do you think? Seems about the right price , right?

      • Whoa there MG. NOBODY was “talking up” Sheary after 2015-16 when he scored 7g 3a in 44 gp. Only after 2016-17 when he 23g 30a did anyone begin looking at him as a solid NHLer.

        The talk about Guentzel followed his 2016-17 season when he potted 16g 17a in 40 gp – not his modest AHL stats.

        Rust had no one talking after his 1g 1a in 14 gp in 2014-15 – OR his 4g 7a in 41gp in 2015-16. But he did start to generate some talk after his 15g 13a in 2016-17.

        Same with Murray whose 13gp in 2015-16 didn’t have anyone seeing stars. That changed in 2016-17 when he appeared in 49gp.

        BIG differences from the meager appearances so far of Sprong and Jarry

      • And, by the eay, who are the “etc”

      • Rutherford thinks Sprong will be a star player and has said as much. He will not be traded, period*, and certainly not for a rental.

        George, do you realize you are arguing against your own point?

        You list the modest numbers that some prospects put up in the early going before becoming KEY pieces of Cup championship teams and then you dismiss other players (with more pedigree) because of their modest early numbers.


        When the players we talk up fail to win the Cup for more than one season, then maybe you can start to compare us to Leafs fans.

        It’s not pie in the sky when the banners hang from the rafters.

        NYR, we danced this same dance with Filip Gustuvsson. For days. Yawn.

        *Until he lands in Sully’s dog house and then he could be Cole-d, I suppose.

      • I wouldn’t give Jarry or Sprong for Skinner let alone both. Why the heck are the Pens helping out the Canes with that massive overpayment. Sprong has a Patrick Laine level sniper shot. He can stay right where he is.

      • Man. When pens fans start acting like leafs fans. Sad day.

      • Man, when bandwagon fans don’t understand players that don’t have nhl stats for them to determine their potential future. You get trades like Erat for Forsberg. Sprong, Jarry and Haglen for Skinner sounds ok until Skinner gets his bell rung again in the fifth game of the season and never plays again while Sprong scores 45 goals and Jarry wins 45 games. Only an idiot makes that trade. https://youtu.be/mhUZdyH6Eik

      • So proltby is losing his spot? Horny and kessel are ceding enough ice time for sprong to score 45? Young players are always better than vets? You know… I always knew Patrick won that trade.

      • We definitely never had any such conversation…. yawn… did you come up with a young unproven (or any) goaltender landing a 50-60 point player? Yawn…. I didn’t think so…. yawn.

        Do you like the trade proposal I made for Kessel? Yawn…. I didn’t think so…. yawn….

        Just another case of you grossly overvaluing a goaltender who has in no way shape or form established himself ahead of the other unproven guys out there…. yawn… but he somehow has the value of Patrick Roy? Yawn!

        Come up with an example… yawn… the only one bored here should be me. You obviously have a ton of wasted research to do. Because you will NOT find anything comparable out there! YAWN!

    • Kessel, a top prospect, a 1st and a 2nd might be enough to get Jarmo to trade in division. On the other hand, would Jarmo make any kind of trade with a team that is quickly becoming the Jackets’ #1 rival and with whom there is a lot of bad blood? Coin toss, I guess.

      • And kessel straight up for a rental isn’t even a conversation pens have. It’s not a good match for either team.

      • As a Leaf fan I have never been sold on Nylander, for a few reasons but also the stories about his dad being a me first player.

        I’m certain Columbus would ge for a deal involving Nylander but could the Leafs fit him in cap wise.

        This is from a sportsnet article on Nylander.

        “In his long NHL career, Michael Nylander had crossed paths with many of the NHL executives and scouts who were evaluating his son, and Michael Nylander hadn’t made a great impression on many of them. In the opinion of one NHL scout who had played with him, “He was a talented guy but a me-first type, selfish. He wasn’t a coach killer, but he wasn’t committed to the team concept. If he gets his goals, gets his contract . . . whatever he can get out of it.”

        Another who played with Michael called him “the worst teammate I ever had . . . it was always all about him.”

        That Michael played for himself was a common view. Not that he was poison in the dressing room — it was just that he wasn’t what guys thought of as a good soldier, not even a soldier for hire, or a teammate first.”

      • The entertainment value of notion of player Kessel together with coach Tortorella is mind boggling.

    • Anybody would look good playimg on Crosbys wing.

      • That’s not true at all. Crosby has had multiple established wingers try to play on his line only to find themselves moved to a different line in a short amount of time. Crosby can only thrive with a small amount of wingers and they need to play by his rules so a Kunitz or a Guentzel will find much more success than a Kessel or an Iginla. Malkin is much easier for a star to play with.

    • I agree the bradman would look good with the Sid..m Columbus would never deal him to Pittsburgh..great thought though..

  2. Panarin might have the best value at the deadline. Then teams will be in an arms race and not only is the team acquiring him getting a premium piece but they are also preventing other teams from doing the same. I don’t see how Columbus gets outta this with a direct top 6 player. Even at deadline it would be pick and prospects. Columbus could be creative and move Panarin for those assets and then flip them themselves for a replacement player.

    Not sure Panarin would look good next to crosby. Crosby plays best with middle six wingers who learn how to read Crosby. Most top tier talent playing with Crosby has fizzled. Hossa and him turned it on in the playoffs but it took awhile for that to happen. If your top center can turn decent players into stars (something almost no other player can do now including mcdavid, hence the sole reason Crosby remains the best player in the nhl) it allows you to build up depth elsewhere.

    Bet goalies will be a dime a dozen by the deadline. No reason not to see what happens with the youth. If Murray remains inconsistent that can be addressed pretty cheaply in the trade market

    • I’m not sure you’re right about the return on Panarin. But let’s put that aside. Word is turning up that Oliver Bjorkstrand could have a break out season and become a borderline 1st liner. If that happens, it’s possible that Jarmo would take a middle six type winger plus other assets in exchange for Panarin with a first line of Bjorkstrand/Atkinson – Dubois – Anderson. Interesting possibility, if you’re a Jackets fan.

      • If that offer is made. If Panarin refuses an extension so he can try the market he is a rental. Teams renting are usually loathe to give up nhl talent they need to make a run. Maybe a young winger stuck on their third line or something,.. one with potential to be a top 6 someday. But jackets won’t get a replacement top 6 winger for Panarin if he holds out. If jackets are looking solid and with this depth they have maybe they ride it out and make a run?

      • Maybe, maybe not. Over the decades, I’ve seen some “I can’t believe it” trades at the deadline. Just have to wait and see.

      • Hoping for the exception to the rule is a bad sign.

    • Panarin will have his best value now not at the deadline. You can get more for a guy who’s staying for at least the whole season as opposed to a couple of months, just ask the Raptors. Panarin will get even more value if they make a deal with a market he actually wants to play in and he signs an extension as part of the trade. A tdl rental is the least value he could ever be.

      • Not always true at all. At the deadline teams know what they need… the players cap is prorated upping the suitors that can bid… sometimes players garner more due to the increased bidders. Also the we got em so they can’t factor

      • Rick Nash waves hello.

  3. All of the Lightning stars have inked team-friendly contracts, relatively speaking. Is EK interested enough to do so also, rather than max out dollars which free agency would clearly permit? & where are we if he insists on Tampa, or Dallas & Ottawa insists on a young stud D in return? Stalemate, and another log on the dumpster fire that is Ottawa. If Ottawa actually cares about rebuilding & maintaining their fan base, its a buyers market. If they don’t and start the season with both Karlsson and Ryan, the environment is possibly going to be quite toxic. Now, they can probably land a good selection of prospects and find a way to finesse Ryan. After the season starts….

    • As long as he doesn’t break another finger or other part of his hand trying to catch a flying 100 mph puck with his kid driving gloves … in the season opener

  4. I like Brassard being the third line center. But, if he’s going to be a LW then I’d rather trade him for an actual LW. Especially since it’s 99.9% likely that he’s gone after this year anyway.

    I still like…

    Skinner to MTL for Max P. (who the Canes resign for 6/36). MTL retains $2.75M of Skinner’s salary making him the same $3M cap hit as Brassard whom the Pens ship to MTL for Skinner. MTL gives Brassard a 5/30 deal.

    …for all teams involved (if the Pens don’t plan to use Brassard as a center).

    Max gets a low pressure market and a new deal. Skinner gets to play with either Sid or Geno in his UFA walk year (and if the fit works for all involved, maybe they keep him over Kessel). The Habs get a quality #2 center (who would be their #1C for a year or two until Kotkaniemi is ready) who is also a francophone.

    • This assumes

      Patches wants to resign in car. Molson wants to eat millions of dollars. Brassard wants to resign in mont.

    • You, like many other people don’t see to get what the Penguins are doing. There is a big difference between trying him on left wing and him being a full time left wing. The Pens are just looking at options that they can play around with. Who knows how good Sheahan will look? Can he really be a 3C? Who knows how much Cullen has left? How can they fit enough PKers in the line up? Who knows what injuries will occur? It ain’t black and white.

      • Thank goodness you are here to explain what we are all missing. Phew. Sigh of relief

      • I agree with you LMacdonald. Having Brassard play wing till injuries require him to play C make sense to me. It’s worked very well for numerous teams not the least of which is SJ where Pavelski has played as a RW whenever Thronton is in the lineup but a C when not.

        You can never have enough C’s & Sheahan seems like the logical #3 as Brassard has far more offensive abilities & I assume Cullen was brought back to be the #4. Grant depth protection.

        The issue for me, does Brassard line up as the #2 LW or the #3, I assume Guentzel is locked in with Crosby but will Hagelin be moved off Malkin’s wing to accommodate Brassard. Might Brassard play as the #3 C & maybe Sheehan plays as the #3 LW.

        I really have no idea what Sullivan & JR’s plan is here. It’s a nice problem to have.

      • Brassard struggled in his adjustment to Pittsburgh coming from Boucher’s gimmick system.

        Making him move back and forth between top 6 LW and third line C sounds a lot like what the Pens did to Jarome Iginla, when they moved him from RW to LW and from line to line to line. He never got comfortable and was never useful.

        Brassard’s focus should be finally learning the system and getting to know his linemates, not learning to play LW for the first time in his NHL career.

      • Players get injured forcing the issue.

        Hockey isn’t rocket science.

        The difference’s in systems are incredibly subtle. There is an adjustment period but more developing some familiarity with someone. Most teams run pairings now with the 3rd forward in constant flux.

        Playing Brassard outside the top 6 doesn’t really make sense to me & if he is it doesn’t limit his actual contribution but it’s certainly going to affect his ability to post solid points & he won’t be happy in a contract year with that scenario.

      • The difference between centre and wing is pretty minimal. As a centre you take face offs and come a little further back in the defensive zone. It’s not like switching from forward to defense. Giroux did it last year and thrived with not adjustment period what so ever. The Canadian Olympic team was mostly a bunch of centres and they picked the best 4 and the rest, including Tavares, Seguin, Getzlaf and Bergeron played wing. It’s harder to go from wing to centre. Going centre to wing is nothing.

  5. Trouba held out on his last contract and ended up signing what the team offered. He asked for $7m and the team offered $4m. Trouba now feels low balled by the Jets twice and depending on how he felt about the constructive feedback the Jets gave in their arbitration hearing, Trouba season may very well be a max of two in Winnipeg.
    I don’t think time changes the feeling of being disrespected if That’s how Trouba taking it.
    Myers a ufa next season, big Buff 33 and possibly less then 2 years left of Trouba, the Jets are in a win now mode.

    • I never got a chance to get back yesterday.

      I was in the camp of Trouba’s getting out of Win as quickly as able right up until rumours swirled he was happy now after their playoff run.

      What are locals saying on the radio, newspapers, etc.?

      I don’t see how the path Win has chosen plays out well. Sure they get him for 6 possibly close to 7 but if he doesn’t want to be there isn’t his value in trade more the longer the term exists? If he settles in arbitration neither Win nor a new team can extend him till January.

      This is 1 of the very rare exceptions where I Dman of this quality can be had. Extenuating circumstances.

  6. Striker, the feeling im getting in Winnipeg is most fans were hoping a long term agreement would happen and in the neighborhood of 7 or 8yrs at $7 or $7.5 but if a new contract isn’t signed before the arbitrator announces his, the general feeling is Trouba days are numbered.
    Trouba said all the rights things from a fans prespective at season end, that he wants to stay, like playing with Morrisey (another RFA), playing against other teams top players etc. For me all sound good but if they couldn’t hammer out a deal amicably two times, don’t see how it happens on a third effort.

    • Brutal. I hate seeing this quality of player lost by any team. If I were Trouba I would want the opportunity to see power play time & that role is blocked out by Buffy on the #1 unit & Myers the #2 presently. Myers could also possibly be lost & Win probably has to choose between 1 & the other as Morrisey’s is another stud Dman who I assume will also get bridged but want a huge raise 2 years out.

      Unfortunate but with expansion looming & cap issues Win can’t keep all of them. At least 1 of Buffy, Myers, Trouba or Morrisey will be lost eventually I assume but there are ways it could be made to work.

  7. Gary McCollom: I too am not sold on Nylander, & by all indications, neither is Babcock.
    To me he is too one dimensional. Another JVR. I can’t see him being with the Leafs long term, as long as Babcock will be there.

    • Nylander had 20g 41a in the regular season, he kind of looked timid in the playoffs and wasn’t very effective. Will be interesting to see how he starts out this season.

      • NHL history is full of players who shone in seasonal play but who were ineffective when it came to close-checking playoff hockey.

      • Nylander is just a kid, he turned 22 on May 1st & has 185 games of NHL regular season experience. You should all know what that means for me. The best is still yet to come offensively & he still hasn’t filled out physically, most males don’t till 25, he may pack on another 15 lbs of muscle over the next 3 seasons. 30 goals & 75 points next season in a walk barring injury.

        His defensive game will even take longer to develop. It is primarily a learned trade by most players but especially those that have spent their whole life driving offence.

    • This is a “make or break” Season for Willy this year. Last year was “make or break” for Kadri, and he did just fine. Let’s hope Nylander fares as well….

      • How can it be a make or break season for Nylander at 22 with 2 20 goal & matching 61 point seasons under his belt?

        Most forwards don’t peak offensively until 25 & then sustain that level of play right into their early 30’s.

        Let the kid develop into a man before we put so much presure on him.

      • Kind of my point as well, I acknowledge that Nylander could very well be as good as Panarin but for the Leafs and considering the position Columbus is in I would feel comfortable trading Nylanders potential for what Pamarin is now.

        What if Nylander has another playoff like last year…

      • Your not moving a player 5 years from UFA status for a player with 1 with Nylander’s upside. Tor doesn’t need Panarin.

    • I guess you can tell everything you need to know about a player after just two full seasons in the NHL. Must be nice to have that skill, ever try being a NHL scout?

      • Guy Lafleur was a benchwarming third liner for the first couple years of his career. Produced so little Montreal actually considered trading him but didnt. He turned out to be pretty decent.

  8. I still dont see anybody making a move for Panarin without a sign and trade in place. The risk is too high. Giving up draft picks and or your best prospect(s) for potentially only one season doesnt make any sense unless you truly and honestly believe you are one player away from winning a Cup and have the cap room to add him. The list of teams meeting that criteria is pretty short and would exclude any needing defensive help (Toronto).
    Sign and trade looks like the only route to go to me.

    • We have seen players moved for solid returns at the trade deadline with UFA status that summer. If Panarin is moved now with only 1 year the return will still be solid just nowhere near what it would be if he can be signed.

      Whoever trades for him will want to know before they trade for him & if any doubt futures will be added to pick up some of the possibility.

      The most recent deal of such was TB with McDonagh. Granted Miller was also in that deal but McDonagh had 1 year + 14 games & a playoff run.

      If Clb moves Panarin & it appears they may have no choice they will get a decent to solid return but not enough to offset his loss but they put themselves in this position when they traded for him with 2 years to UFA status.

      I’m curious as to what is going to happen in Ott with Duchen & Stone if he takes a 1 year settlement as both would then be in the exact same position as Panarin & others. This situation with Panarin is being played out with numerous players.

      • This is just my gut feeling, but I don’t think Panarin gets traded until near the deadline. And if (when) that happens, someone will pay out the ass for him, thinking he’s the last piece they needs to win the Cup.

    • He’s got a ton of value as a rental but not in current nhl top players. He would be the prime deadline target and garner a 1st plus a top prospect in return… at least. But not the current nhl talent the jackets would want barring them being out of a playoff race

      • This puts Clb in a no-win situation really, similar to TB having to move StLouis & Vancouver Kesler but only has the ability to negotiate with 1 dance partner each. At least Clb isn’t restricted to such.

        If I had to guess & that’s all it really is I would say at a bare minimum today a 1st, a very solid prospect & some player that helps today in some role, or he moves for a similar asset, or a lesser player being offset in prospects & picks.

        All Clb can do now is make the best of a bad situation taking the best offer they can get. They have enough depth to try & work around it. Not ideal but what can you do. There is no replacing Panarin. Perhaps you look to swap him for Skinner in some way & hope you can convince Skinner to sign & Carolina can get a better return on Panarin than they can get on Skinner, possibly everyone wins.

  9. Question to all w.r.t. arbitor’s decision on Trouba and any trade after decision:

    If Chevy doesn’t like decision he can walk away …. not likely ….. but how long after that Arb decision does Chevy have to announce his accept/walk decision

    More importantly … could Chevy trade Trouba between Arb decision and his decision deadline …. and if so is aquiring team bound by that Arb deal or could they negotiate a longer deal with Trouba

    …. your collective knowledge in response to this is greatly appreciated… thanks

    • There is no scenario where Win is walking away. If they had to take Trouba for 1 year at 7 mil they would & then still have 2 years to find a solution.

      Creating this bad blood is odd & with each passing day, Trouba’s leverage & salary expectations rise as they should salary’s are out of control.

      • Hi Striker

        No I don’t in my wildest dreams expect a walk away …. I was just trying to find out if there was a trade option still there and if receiving team could still negotiate a longer deal… is it possible??

      • Got yeah.

        If Trouba is made available in trade the bidders will be significant & if Larsson got you Hall god knows what the return for Trouba might be.

  10. In all the Panarin/Skinner/Pacioretty talk no one seems to talk about Jason Zucker’s status playing onto it all. Depending on how his arbitration plays out he might be in play as well.

    • I think Zucker will be signed before his arbitration on July 28th. Now that Dumba is done Fenton can turn his attention to Zucker.

      At least 5 years in or around 5.75 to 6.5 is my assumption. Shorter-term lower salary, longer-term higher salary.

      • Striker

        I agree … Minn has shown desire (with Dumba) to sign… Zucker doesn’t have the exact leverage that Dumba did … best interest for both parties to work out a deal B4 next Sat. My thoughts were about a 1/2 Million shy of ur projections but I’ll not be surprised if they settle in the range you’ve outlined

        The biggest( read least predictable ) Arb case is William Karllson’s …. serious talks need to go on in next two weeks…. if he’d had 1/2 that production in the previous year he could argue progression (astronimical but a progression) due to maturity and opportunity etc…. the exceptional jump in production leaves a conundrum that I would personally not want to negotiate for on either side… I’ll take great joy in watching the mounting speculation and eventual outcome

      • Striker,I agree that is the kind of contract Zucker will get but looking at capfriendly that puts that Wild tight with the cap. They are then basically ‘stuck’withthe same roster as last year. Granted the Suter injury really hurt but he now a year older and even more banged up. The question I was trying to ask/was wondering if Fenton would consider seriously some sort of trade that might include Zucker or someone else of note. Thoughts?

      • @Habsfan1

        does MTL come calling MINNY and see who they may need to ship out to clear cap space ?? and grab an additional asset also? Maybe take Parise off their hands and a top rated prospect

      • I posted some #’s re Min to the News section today.

        “Capfreindly shows Minn at $73,854,424 with 24 players signed & on that roster not counting Zucker. 2 forwards will be sent down or trades are coming to be roster compliant the day before the season starts at 23. I’m removing Rau & Kunin from that 23 man roster unless injuries or again a trade happens. That free’s up another 1.625 giving Min 7.270,576 in cap space to sign Zucker, more than enough.”

      • Pengy.

        I totally agree with William Karlsson situation. Ideally, you would lock him up at or Marcheseault & being 2 years younger if the term is longer cap hit goes up.

      • Striker, I got that Minny had the space to sign Zucker, no doubt, but that means they have an essentially unchanged roster. If Zucker is signed to that 5.75 million contract is 2.5 enough to make another impact move? Who would be on the block for trade?

        ihatecrosby, I have wondered if a Brodin for Patches+ trade would work. McCarron is available and I think Lindgren could also be had, maybe someone else from our depth in wingers. I think(and /i totally recognize I really suck at judging goalies) Lindgren can be traded as I am not convinced he is the next No 1 and McNivenis a better prospect. That not to say Lindgren is worthless but between the two, McNiven is better.

      • Oh and Parise is far to expensive for far too long especially since he is not a center.. Spezza from Dallas if Dallas needs financial help with cap for Karlsson however……

      • I think Minny was better than they showed last season. Injuries to Coyle, Niederreiter, Parise & Spurgeon coupled with the loss of Scandella with no suitable replacement in-house are all factors In Min’s struggles last season add Suter in the playoffs & Spurgeon playing on 1 leg then as well.

        Greenway will be new on the 3rd line, Eriksson-Ek has far more to give as will 4th liner player Fehr & RW Brown being new. Where Min really helped flush out the roster moving into next season was the surprise play of Seeler, he with Olofson & Peteryn who was given 3 years at a cap hit of 2.25 should really help the 3rd pairing.

        I don’t think Minny needed to do much, part of the reason I never understood the GM change. This is a very good team with a solid prospect pipeline that was really the victim of some bad luck & timing.

        I expect significantly better seasons from Coyle & Niederreiter career seasons to date. I expect Dumba & Brodin to get better still as well. Improvement really should come from within.

  11. Honestly. I know Pittsburgh prefers skinner but I think this trade makessense:
    To MTL: Brassard and Dumoulin
    To PIT: pacioretty + 2nd rnd pick 2019 + Cale Fleury (Brated defense prospect) + 4th or 3rd rnd pick in 2020
    This makes sense for both team because Pittsburg gets rid of dumoulin’s relatively heavy contract and get a scoring winger they can sign. They also get a good and a decent pick to add prospects in the next two years. They also get a prospect
    MTL gets a good center they desperately need and a defenseman that can play on the left side.

    • Makes too much sense for MB to agree to it.

      • Paul Bowles: LOL
        Habs101: I agree with the targets of a Pacioretty trade to the Pens but I think Rutherford might not be keen to make that trade this summer and would likely squeeze the Habs for more. Great handle BTW

      • It’s not my handle, it’s my actual name.
        Anyway, I’d like to see Patches in Columbus, but I don’t see it happening. In some ways, I feel sorry for Habs fans. You guys have suffered through more poor seasons since the Habs’ last Cup than the Jackets have existed. Seriously, what your team needs is the equivalent of JD & Jarmo. Since they took over, the Jackets have a 238-178-42 record. Not great, but compared to the decade plus of futility that came before, more than enough to make Jackets fans happy and looking to the future.

    • Pitt needs d. They can’t afford to move a top pair d man and one of the most underrated d men in the league in this deal.

      • Chrismis..agreed penguins need D…
        Depth d hamhuis emelin for bottom pairing..

      • Not quite what I meant. No cap space for either. If like chad as a 7 and want to see who comes outta camp as 8-9.

    • Habs101

      I can’t see GMJR agreeing to that. IMO Dumoulin is fairly paid and not a “relatively heavy contract”

      From MB side … well worth it… big big advantage in trade in favour of Mtl

      Pitt (GMJR) is in win now mode …. futures not interesting to him/Pens right now

      This trade would weaken SC chances this year and next; by a considerable margin…. increase in offence yes … a bit … not leaps and bounds….and yes they have extra Centres right now … but losing Dumoulin is substantial

      …. can’t see that trade happening

    • This absolutely ludicrous. It’s one of the worst, one side proposals I’ve ever read. And that’s saying something. You want not one, but two top end players for a rental and couple of pucks tha the Pens don’t care about because they are in win-now mode?

      You must be out of the loop on Dumoulin because he is an excellent defenseman on a very good contract and has started to show even more upside in playoffs. The Pens would likely trade every single one of their other defensemen before parting with him.

      • Except Jj obviously

      • LMcdonald. You dont have to be so hars. It’s just a proposal. I’m just thinking of a way brassard goes to MTL and Patches to PIT

    • Pit would be crazy to give up Dumoulin & getting Patches signed long term is virtually impossible with the players needing to be signed & or replaced in the next 2 years. Let’s also not forget expansion is 2 summers away.

    • Dumoulin is a stud signed for years at a steal of a cap hit. He might actually be our best D man.

      I always go back to Skinner because JR likes getting his old players, but a trade of rental Brassard for rental Pacioretty does make sense, as well.

      I’d rather have Brassard as my 3C, but if he’s going to be the LW2, then I’d take Max for that role instead.

      • Patches for brassard 1 for 1 isnt worth it for the habs. And Pitsburg doesn’t have the cap space.
        Habs would need to retain some of Patches salary (like 30%). But PIT would have to give more then brassard. Honestly, even considering he’s a center and all, Ptches brings more to the board with his 30 goals.

    • I am a big patches fan, but he needs to move on. I watched Kale Fleury all winter, steady, not flashy and not convinced he is a future NHL defencemen. I make this trade if I’m bargain basement Bergy. Brassard is a huge upgrade over anything we have at centre.

      • Pittsburgh does not need patches who will want a lot of money after this year and we don’t need skinner…period

  12. why not skinner and Faulk plus to OTT for Karlsson…

    then CAR can flip to TB for Tyler Johnson (who might wave his NTC for CAR but not OTT) and some other assets

    should clear cap room for everyone

    • and OTT should offer Bobby Ryan to TB for Callahan and Coburn as part of the 3 team deal

      • IHC

        Love 3 way deals …. very complicated to engineer tho

        Good end result for 3 teams but comes down to “pieces/pics/etc”

        The extra pieces coming back to Ottw would have to be substantial I think though if they are taking on both Callahan and Coburn

        Car trading Skinn and Faulk for TJ “and assets”

        It would all come down to the extras/prospects/pics in the three way … because
        If the plus to Ottw to get EK is similar to “and assets” in the Car /TB deal then Car flipping Skinn/Faulk for TJ … which would be an unfair trade

        …. as a Pens & Leafs fan I’d like EK to either stay all year with Ottw or go West

        …. TBay has best package overall to offer… but they covet Heiskenen (sp?) and VGK will take BR … who knows???

        Love ur thoughts on the multi-team idea tho … so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if a conveluted deal comes about that nets EK to a “new” suitor??

  13. Trouba is not worth anything remotely in the neighbourhood of 7 million a season. Offensive defensemen get big contracts, and there is nothing to suggest from his play he will be that type of Dman. His powerplay looks have been atrocious, and he can’t hit the net to save his life.5.5 to 6 mil a season is a generous contract especially considering Dumba just signed for 6 million a season for 5 years.

    • Vlasic signed an extension last summer that kicks in this season for 8 years at 7 mil per he’s 31.

      McDonagh’s extension he just signed kicks in next season at 6.75 for 6 years, he’s 29.

      That’s the market. Trouba is 24 with 5 years of NHL experience & he has far more to give. Hard to generate any significant offence when you are tasked with playing a shutdown role & see little to no PP time. Trouba was 12th in PP TOI/GP in Win last season, 11th if you remove Stastny. That means he wasn’t a regular on either the 1st or 2nd unit & most of the PP time he did manage was garnered in the 11 games Buffy missed.

      Nor should you just be looking at 1 season. The season prior in 60 games with no camp he scored 8 goals & 33 points but with his move to the right side this season he took on a greater defensive role. We won’t even know what Trouba really is until we are well into the 2019-20 season. What he may be is 1 of the next truly elite 2 way Dman if ever given the PP time.

  14. In regards to Ottawa, they are in rebuild mode and only want picks/young assets. I do not know if it has been mentioned, or if it has crossed the mind of anyone else that the reason Karlsson had not been dealt is because GM’s in the league do not want to bring in a big money superstar without substantial proof his wife is not fabricating these alleged charges against Monika Caryk? What a clustercuss that would be IF she is the crazy one, and not Hoffman’s fiance.

    • Ott does have to hit the cap. They have to pay someone to actually play for them.

  15. Dumba at $6m for 5 yrs. Trouba should be a little less due to offensive. In 5 yrs. Byfuglien will be done and then he can get his money. Arbitrator could be closer to the Jets number than many think. One or two years ?

    • One year to retain RFA status on Trouba. If they cannot work out a long term deal i suspect he will be traded before the draft next year. Chevy is a pretty smart GM, and has built a great team upon patience and foresight. Most GM’s in his position would have been fired long ago, but Chipman/Thompson are extremely good owners who will give appropriate time for development which is an asset to a team beyond recognition.

  16. To see the effects of horrible ownership we need only look at Buffalo, Edmonton and Ottawa in no particular order.

    • Dont forget Montreal!

  17. Striker you clearly do not watch the Jets and only peruse statistics on players. He may have been delegated to the shutdown role but so were Scheifele Connor and Wheeler and/or Lowry line. The reason he had PP Time ONLY when Byfuglien was out is for a reason. Not only because of the injury. Because he can’t quarterback a powerplay.

    • Someones not watching.

      The only player to start a greater # of their shifts in the Ozone than Win’s 1st line of Sciefele centring Connor & Wheeler was Laine.

      Weird that you are comparing forwards to a Dman. No Dman started a greater percentage of their shifts in the D zone than Trouba.

      You may not like the #’s but they don’t lie.

      I can’t even count how many times I saw Win play this season on TV, I do know I saw them 5 times live.

  18. I saw every single game. His O zone to D zone starts are slighlty skewered to the D side, but his other advanced stats are not indicative of being pure defensive as some might believe. It was relatively even which means he had his chance to produce offense and he didnt. I like Trouba, but he is far from an elite defenseman and should be paid as his greater than average stats denote. Thats 5.5 to 6 mil.

  19. By the way I was not comparing offense to defense. What I was insinuating was he played with upper echelon players, which pushes statistics to his side of the table.

  20. Over 100🎉🎉

  21. If I’m the Lightning I hold off on the Karlsson trade. I don’t give up Point & Sergachev because they’re part of their future & unless something changes Karlsson will be a FA next year & Im sure the Lightning will be one of the teams he’ll consider. Especially when he’s good friends with some of them. If he were to go there they could get him & still hold onto Point & Sergachev. Sure they’d still have to free up some $$$$, too! They’ll probably let Girardi walk next year & Id consider trading Callahan.

  22. Sprong the key piece for Skinner?
    Unproven vs proven & not a Center…Say no more

  23. As for the Sens & the limited trade partners idk if they get their high asking price. Karlsson is great but too many issues are in play. Sens need to forget adding Ryan or they lose Karlsson for nothing. Temper the deal and start with say Killorn++. Wanting a C is one thing but they are rare to get just look at the stupid price they paid for Duchene. GM’s can afford to wait it out or walk away when a seller is desparate & asking for the moon. TB is not under pressure its the Sens that are.