NHL Rumor Mill – July 24, 2018

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Latest on Jacob Trouba’s future with the Winnipeg Jets plus an update on some of the remaining UFAs in your NHL rumor mill. 

Could the Winnipeg Jets trade Jacob Trouba at the end of his new one-year contract? (Photo via NHL Images)


NBC SPORTS: Scott Billeck took note of the one-year, $5.5-million contract awarded to Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba by an arbitrator on Sunday. With Trouba two years away from eligibility for unrestricted free agency and once against due to become a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer, Billeck wonders if the blueliner’s time in Winnipeg might be coming to an end.

Speculation over the inability between Trouba and the Jets to work out a long-term deal has prompted speculation the defenseman is angling to depart Winnipeg. There was a significant gap between the two sides prior to his arbitration hearing, with the Trouba camp seeking $7 million and the Jets’ $4 million.

Trading him this summer is an option but Billeck doesn’t consider it the best one if the Jets are serious about making a run for the Stanley Cup in 2018-19. If the Jets trade Trouba, he speculates the asking price could be “a comparable rostered defenseman or a very highly-touted prospect rearguard.”

Billeck expects there will be several potential suitors if Trouba hits the trade block “but pinning down who and what is involved is anyone’s guess.”  He proposes the New York Islanders (who have Manitoba native Ryan Pulock on their blueline) or the Detroit Red Wings as possible options, though acknowledges that’s just pure speculation on his part.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre notes the Jets will likely face a salary-cap crunch next summer. Trouba, Patrik Laine, Kyle Connor, Andrew Copp, Joe Morrow and Laurent Brossoit will be restricted free agents while Blake Wheeler, Brandon Tanev, Tyler Myers and Ben Chiarot will be UFAs. Among McIntyre’s suggests options to address this issue could be trading Trouba, which “would not only be best for both sides, but a necessity from Winnipeg’s perspective.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff could surprise us by trading Trouba this summer but I doubt he’ll go that route. He’ll keep his current roster intact to make another serious run for the Cup this coming season. Next summer, however, is another matter. Cap Friendly indicates the Jets currently have over $43 million invested in just nine players. Assuming the salary cap reaches $83 million for 2019-20, they’ll have $40 million to work with.

Sounds like a lot but perhaps half of that will be eaten up in new contracts for Wheeler and Laine, while the others will be due significant raises. Should Trouba have a career year, he’ll be able to justify pushing for over $7 million per season.

While a lot can happen between now and next summer, trading Trouba next June, perhaps during the NHL Draft weekend, could be their best option to ensure sufficient cap room to maintain the bulk of their roster. He’ll attract considerable interest in the trade market. 


SPORTSNET: Luke Fox recently updated his list of the remaining top-10 NHL UFAs. Among the notable updates is a July 13 report claiming the Chicago Blackhawks contacted former Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Luca Sbisa. There’s also surprise former Dallas Stars blueliner Dan Hamhuis hasn’t been signed by anyone yet.

Buffalo’s WKBW’s Matt Bove suggests the Sabres should consider adding veteran rearguard Brooks Orpik to an affordable one-year deal to bring in some experience and leadership. He could also be used as a trade chip near next February’s trade deadline.

A report out of Russia has Avangard Omsk coach Bob Hartley trying to woo forward Mike Cammalleri. The agent for defenseman Alexei Emelin recently said his client had spoken with several teams but declined to say if the Montreal Canadiens were among them. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: These players have now fallen into the off-season limbo that occurs after the opening two weeks of the free-agent market. When most of the best players are signed up, teams become more budget conscious, meaning those players still available in the UFA market could be forced to wait for weeks before getting new contracts. General managers are also currently focused for the next two weeks upon dealing with players slated for arbitration hearings.

Some of these players, such as Hamhuis and Sbisa, could get new contracts before the start of training camp in September. The others, however, could be forced to accept professional tryout offers, contract proposals from KHL or European teams or retirement. 



  1. PTO for that group . They will have choices to which camp to attend but nothing up front.
    Sbisa always lands on his feet. For being kicked around still on the younger side. ,
    I said it the other day this list seems longer than in years past . Has to be almost 20 players with some form of a career
    Trouba for one year . Why not two ? Was that the Jet’s decision ?

    • A 2 year deal brings him right to his UFA status, while a 1 year deal leaves him as an RFA.
      For Winnipeg, they can play out this season with him, and get as much for his RFA rights as they would likely get for a player with 1 year to UFA status. However, because he will be an RFA, if something changes and they trade him prior to July 1 of next year, the new team can immediately extend him, so the RFA status does allow Winnipeg to be slightly more flexible.

    • Jets decision for one or two they picked one, because he be a ufa after two and they want more time to negotiate.

    • Yes, the Jets got to select the term. Obviously, want to retain as much leverage as able. It’s not much but better than nothing. It also gives them a chance to potentially try to sign him again come January.

  2. Before I get blasted for mentioning a potential move of Hags …. I want to say that I like him and he’s a good team player…. below is only an option to throw out there

    IF …. again IF … GMJR set on Brass for 2nd line LW… then Hags on 3rd line is overkill at $4.0

    … cap Friendly shows ZAR below the line …. bring him up …. move Hags …. get whatever

    Now with cap space freed up

    …. waive or trade Rhuwedl; Sign Hamhuis ($1.5-$2.0)

    Let DeCasey and Jarry have another year in minors … bring up when injuries flare

    …. sign Mason or Lehtinen as back up …$1.5 Max

    D got stronger ; back up helps Murray

    Hags loss minimal compared to ZAR expected production

    Negative is the loss of Hags in the PK

    Above should also slightly increase current cap space

    • Rather have chad than any ufa d man right now. Not all players can thrive in a 7 d role. Not playing for weeks at a time. Chad has shown he can.

      • Chrisms

        Ur right … he’s filled in admirably as 7thD… no questions at that

        Remember I’m still skeptical re JJ… this was a buffer move option … as at now (want to be proved wrong)… would love Hamhuis over JJ (looking forward to being proved wrong)

        What are ur thoughts re having Hags at $4.0M as 3LW?

        I still think GMJR set the recent acquisitions up for a bigger move (Skinner??)…6 Centres great to have but…..??????

      • I think the people that come on here and post line ups are being really silly. Hags wouldn’t be a third line winger. He would be a 1-4 winger as injuries, hot and cold streaks, matchups, etc change line ups game to game and shift to shift. Hags is a decent piece who is slightly overpaid. I’m worried pens might get into cap trouble a la Rutherford first season. I’d be ok moving hags in a cap dump but I’m not upset if he stays.

      • Well, thank you nothing wrong with being silly. My wife thinks coming here & even posting is silly.

        Move players around any way you wish. I have qualified my lineups many times & often post as people have players getting roster spots when there is nor room especially when factoring in the business issues, cap hits, waiver rights specifically.

        Lineups get juggled all season for a wide range of reasons but at year end you can pull stats for linemates by ice time played together in all situations as well as most common linemates by shifts & or points with specific players again in what scenarios.

        This may not be valuable to you but certainly is to me as it helps me in making determination on a players ability to generate points. Pretty hard as an example for Kapanen who many of us were discussing last week as in a 4th line role with no PP time how does he do so.

      • Definitely nothing wrong with being silly. But it is a silly exercise none the less. Some coaches keep players together for much of the season… others mix it up regularly. For the pens the only players close to inseparable are crosby guentzel and dumo letang. Judging line ups the way you do (and by the way my statement was directed at many posters not just yourself just to be clear) is misleading… proof can be found with your hag Malkin statements you made repeatedly.

      • “6 Centres great to have but…..??????”

        Not sure who the 6th center is (Crosby, Malkin, Brassard, Sheahan, Cullen, Grant, and ?) but only 3 of them can play top 3C. Sheahan can fill in, but is not a 3C. I don’t care how many 4C’s they have. You have Sheahan in as 4C. If they need to waive Cullen, Grant, or Dea (or Hayes) to get in the 23 man roster, no loss what so ever if they get grabbed.

      • Ever watch Sesame Street? My daughter loves it

      • ^ LOL. Am I missing something? Guy said he’s not sure who the 6th centre is and then names off 6 centres

    • There is so much wrong with this that it is hard to know where to start.

      1.”Let DeCasey and Jarry have another year in minors.” DeCasey has to go on waivers. They risk losing him if he goes down.

      2. “waive or trade Rhuwedl; Sign Hamhuis ($1.5-$2.0)” $2 million for a 7th defense is crazy. Also, remember when the Pens traded for Hamuis’s rights. He has made it clear many times that he wants to play out west. Oh yeah, and lets make the 2nd most expensive defense in the NHL even more expensive.

      3. “GMJR set on Brass for 2nd line LW… then Hags on 3rd line is overkill at $4.0″ Hagelin won’t be on the 3rd line. Hagelin and Malkin were gangbusters last year. They won’t be separated. Brassard on LW is an experiment, nothing more. No one on the Pens has ever said that he might be a full time LW.

      4. ” sign Mason or Lehtinen as back up …$1.5 Max” They are already cap strapped. It is folly to waste an extra million on backup when there is no guarantee that he’ll be better than Decasey, who was just fine last year. If he falters they still have Jarry.

      5. “Hags loss minimal compared to ZAR expected production” This has two errors. First, what expected production? There is no reason to expect Aston-Reese to be much of a scorer, even at Hagelin’s level. At this point, he is an undrafted meh level propect. Second, looking only at production is myopic. Hagelin’s strength is he is a disruptive forechecker. Players on a team fill a role. Hagelin fills a very important one, even though it isn’t scoring. Aston-Reese is simply a body at this point. This pathetic optimism bias that every unproven player will easily replace proven players is childish.

      6.”Above should also slightly increase current cap space” The Pens can’t spend any more. Period. Their cap cushion is already too low for comfort.

      So what you propose is to dump a valuable player who works well with Malkin, squeeze the already minimal cap space dry, risk losing a cheap serviceable backup and relying on an unproven prospect in return for an overpaid #7 defenseman and a backup goalie, both unneeded at this point. Yesh, this is a real good plan.

      • Oh, yeah, forgot one more thing. Hagelin is one of the fastest players in the league. Aston-Reese is below average, or worse. Swapping Aston-Reese for Hagelin significantly decreases team speed. The Pens can’t afford to lose much more speed. If anything, the Pens could use more speed, not less.

      • What good is Hagelin’s speed when he possesses hands of stone? Last time I checked speed doesn’t put the puck in the net, hands do. And Hamhuis is one of the most overrated d-men of the sport. Soft and weak. Pens have enough of those players.

      • Hi L McDonald

        See my post response to Chrisms

        Knew I was open to being blasted

        Was just throwing out some armchair GM banter/Spec/food for thought

        Premise was on GMJR statement of playing Brassard at LW… premise on the whole spec was with assumption (that I know is temp at best) that he’d be taking Hags place with Malkin

        With that in mind and my skewed perception of JJ ( again I hope I’m wrong ) Re: the move to get Hamhuis (Basically as a JJ replacement)… fits. Was just using Hamhuis as an example ….and yes he has said he likes out west but also said he’s open to an Eastern contender… was using Hamhuis as an example ….other UFA D at similar/less cost could be swapped … Emelin???

        My apologies re mistake on De Smith … I did not know he had to clear waivers

        Outside of the De Casey error … my above moves WOULD have increased available cap space ….

        ZAR Hamhuis (or other UFA D) + UFA Goalie in … $4.5-$4.8

        Hags De Smith Rheuw out …$5.3M

        Net increase in space

        Sorry … new I’d upset people … I like Hags …. this was just a what-if move

      • I agreed with everything but your possible assessment of ZAR’s abilities. ZAR has shown given development time he has scored at every other level he has played at.

        1 more full season in the AHL covering for injuries in the NHL when necessary & he will be NHL ready then follow a similar path as most NHL players. A little older getting their simply as he started later in the NHL going undrafted coming out of college.

        He should see 30+ games this season depending upon injuries & become a full-time NHL player in 2019-20. In his 1st full season, I see 20 goals & 40 to 45 points & then some progressive growth from their settling in as at least a 3rd line player who appears to have 2nd line potential not yet realised.

        He did score 31 goals & 63 points his last season in College in 38 games. That’s quite an accomplishment & lends somewhat to his abilities.

      • LMcdonald…

        Stop using facts and common sense. They have no place here.


      • Ha-ha!

        1 of the greatest lines ever. “Stop confusing the issue with facts.”

    • Pengy loves some ZAR who has showed nothing more than 3rd line winger potential. On the Pens it comes down to who has chemistry with Sid or Malkin.

      • ds

        No bromance here re ZAR … but do see a young player that has potential

        …dang …. knew I was going to get eaten alive re a suggested Hags move

        For the record …. if JJ is not near my biased expectations (or lack thereof … again I hope I” wrong)… roster good to go for SC contention… 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I do however stand by my gut feeling that GMJR made recent low cost depth moves with a view to set up a potential bigger move …. I don’t think GMJR has closed the door wrt possibly aquiring Skinner or the like

        Apologies to all who are JJ fans …. I welcome a plethora of “I told you’s” if JJ performs as GMJR expects (and at rate he’s paid for)

      • ” Last time I checked speed doesn’t put the puck in the net, hands do. ”

        The Pens already score lots of goals. They don’t need more. They need to keep the puck out of their end and out of their net, and that’s what Hagelin does. He keeps the Second, lined up with Malkin, he scored at a 15 goal even strength clip. That’s enough.

        Once lined up with Malkin, he scored at abot a 15 goal clip.

      • “Sorry … new I’d upset people … I like Hags …. this was just a what-if move”

        To objections had nothing to do with liking Hagelin. They had to do with the lack of thought that went into the plan. If they had to trade Hagelin to get Skinner or something, that’s one thing. Trading him for a #7 defenseman and backup goalie is crazy. It’s even more bizarre that you are now saying that Johnson will become a $3.25 #7 defenseman. This is bsed on the evaluation of a player who has never even stepped on the ice for the Penguins.

        As far as cap space is concerned, you seem to ignore the fact that both are signed to one-way contracts. They are not going to be sent down, no matter what. Neither would clear waivers.

      • Hagelin may not generate significant points considering he plays with Malkin but he helps Malkin be far more effective. His work defensively, chasing down loss pucks pressuring the opposition has significant value to what Malkin can do.

        Malkin isn’t a good defensive player & Hagelin does they heavy lifting for him thanks to his speed, allowing Malkin to concentrate on scoring & setting up the other 3 people he is on the ice with.

        As much as I like #’s, facts, they are just part of the formula. There is no replacement for the eye test & some players just win & make those they play with better & for some reason that can’t be quantified.

        There was a quote by someone, some scribe about a comment DJ Smith made to Babcock when Polak just hammered an unsuspecting player with the puck. I’d like to see you the analytics on that hit! No way the quantify or qualify its result, it gets listed as 1 hit but 1 serious hit can alter momentum & potentially alter the course of a game.

        Part of the reason I love hockey. No sport like it.

    • De Smith has waiver rights. I don’t think he would slip through so he stays in the NHL, gets traded or he’s lost.

      My ideal Pit line up based on what we know today is.

      Guentzel, Crosby, Hornqvist.
      Hagelin, Malkin, Sprong.
      Simon, Brassard, Kessel.
      Cullen, Sheehan, Rust.
      Spare. Grant.

      Cullen can’t play 82 games at this point. Would love to get ZAR into the lineup but challenging unless a trade is made not bringing back an NHL player or injuries hit. The fact he doesn’t need to clear waivers to be sent down & needs to keep playing a ton to develop kind of has him in the AHL to start until injuries allow for his recall.

      • Pit’s starting 6 D is essentially set now as well. Granted 4 lefties & 2 righties but these are all NHL Dman.

        Dumoulin, Letang.
        Maatta, Schultz.
        Oleksiak, Johnson.
        ?, Ruhwedel.

        1 of Johnson or Oleksiak will have to play their offside on the 3rd pairing.

        Doesn’t make sense to bring in a Hamhuis or another UFA Dman of any quality when all that is really needed is another blackace to sit with Ruhwedel.

      • Striker

        Agree on your Fwd make up except my ideal would be to flip spots :

        Sprong Kessel flip spots
        and I’d first test out Grant 3rd LW instead of Simon …. there’s a potential
        There … if it gells … great … if not ((10-15 game look)… then slot Simon in

        Cullen needs to be paced/saved for playoffs … 60 games reg season max in my opinion

      • The reason Kessel hasn’t played with Crosby or Malkin almost exclusively is he isn’t the greatest fit. All 3 of these players like to carry the puck & Kessel doing so makes somewhat nullifies their abilities. Playing him on the 3rd line balances out the roster making it virtually impossible for teams to shut down Pit’s offence & then Kessel joins them on the PP or in games where they need to load up lines to catch up.

      • I would actually prefer to see ZAR in Simon’s spot but the business side of hockey is in play. Every other player on Pit has to clear waivers making ZAR AHL bound again baring an injury or trade.

      • Hi Striker

        No … I knew the rationale re spreading out the top 3…. and I do see Sprong 2nd line down the road …. just didn’t think he should jump there (on reg basis) to start season

        Agree wrt ZAR as a bus decision

        Still like to try Grant as 3rd line winger and flip in/out of 3/4 C as needed

        Small sample size for seeing him play (8-10 games)… but I did like what I saw …. seemed to have fair agility/speed for a bigger player (I believe he’s 6’3″ and somewhere in the 215-220 range)… and I do remember from the games o saw him playing that he was a pretty fair face-off guy…. little downside with experimenting at 3rd line centre and flipping in to the 3C/4C spots as needed

        I was not harsh as some re: Rowney … and Ana gave him 3 & $1.13 M… Grant at league Min is IMO a boon

        BTW … StL now up against cap (I think about $1M left)… still have to sign Smaltz

        Anybody know re Jarry contract negotiations ??? Per Capfriendly this is only outstanding Pens unsigned player

      • I love that striker watches 3 Penguins games a year but he has his own “optimal lineup.” And he knows more about the players than the teams actual fans. At least you didn’t insist on putting Kessel with Malkin even though you stuck Hornqvist with Crosby. At this point putting Kessel in the top 6 makes the team too top heavy and easy to play against and goes against everything Sullivan has done up to this point. Last year Kessel played as much with Sheahan as he did with Malkin and that created 3 legitimate scoring lines. I don’t see that changing. And letting young, up-and-coming players waste away in the AHL to bring in a bunch of over the hill bums who have experience is what is silly. This teams success the last few years has been built on the contributions of young players stepping into the lineup and getting opportunity. Oleksiak is more comfortable on the right side so if the 2 it’s JO on the right over Jackass.

      • You realize you ripped into a man for making comments without actually seeing enough of them to be a good judge then followed that up by judging a player you never seen in a pens uniform?

        Young guns have been great but recent success with them mostly has resulted from mid to late season call ups.

      • LMcDonald….true hands score..but if you cant get to the net what’s the point of great hands…just saying..

    • Lethtinen is worse than Niemi good God no…haMhuis maybe alexei emelin possibly..

  3. Trouba gets $5.5m this season and no talks until Jan 1st. Everyone is assuming Trouba wants out of Winnipeg, including myself.
    Listening to talk radio shows yesterday, some are under the feeling Trouba wants to much and that’s the only reason he isn’t signed. Maybe or maybe the jets are not willing to pay. $4.5 was a low ball over, if you felt he was a $5.5 player then offer him $5.5
    Maybe the issue simply is Trouba wants most of his money in a form of bonus, to protect himself against any potential lockout and the jets are not willing to give on that front.
    What would Jacob Trouba get as an ufa, $7m plus easily and if he happens to get his point total up say 12 plus goals and 45 plus points, he is already elite shutdown dman. You’ll have an established #1 dman at the age of 26 hitting UFA this doesn’t happen anymore, Jacob will get his money and then some with the cap going up he could push for $9m per. Maybe Trouba doesn’t necessarily want out of Winnipeg but is eyeing the big pay day and he’ll get to chose where he plays.
    Personally Winnipeg best keep him for the season, trade him at the draft and move on, someone will poney up a decent offer with the hope us signing long term, maybe Detroit or NYR.

    • The arbitration asks aren’t overly meaningful. Winnipeg low balls, Trouba asks for max value, they settle in the middle.

      The real question is whether or not there was any chance of Winnipeg getting a long term deal. Trouba could very well just be taking the only path to free agency available to him under the CBA. Drafted players are essentially required to give a minimum of 7 years of captive service to the team that holds their rights. That is a lot, and the fact that it’s so hard to keep it at 7 without creating any Drama is just a little bit silly.

      To Chevy and Trouba’s credit, there hasn’t been any drama erupting for either side, it’s all media speculation. The fact is, Trouba has no obligation to give more time to the Jets than the CBA requires, and he could very well just be facilitating that the only way he can.

      I think the Jets will likely just keep him for a cup run, maybe hope he has a change of heart, but if not his RFA rights will be worth something and they can recoup some assets. In the end, Winnipeg may end up getting 6 years of Trouba, at an average cap hit of less than $3M over his tenure, and also get a package of a young player and a pick back, that will really be a pretty successful use of a 7th overall pick. Not every pick needs to turn into a player for life in order to be a good use of asset.

    • “The reason Kessel hasn’t played with Crosby or Malkin almost exclusively is he isn’t the greatest fit.”

      His fit with Malkin is fine. The notion that he didn’t play well with Malkin is pure fiction. On the other hand, he doesn’t play with Crosby for good reason – he doesn’t offer puck support. Crosby has already said that when goes into the corner, he wants some who can come in bang a bit and supply support. Why do you think that Crosby liked playing with Kunitz? He was the perfect guy for Crosby. This is also why Crosby doesn’t work well with Hornqvist, who just goes to the front of the net. Ironically, the current player who is most like what Crosby wants is Aston-Reese, which why the Pens tried him with Crosby last year, despite his not being a scorer.

      • I don’t get this not a scorer reference for ZAR. He scored 31 in 38 games his last season in College. 4 in 16 games in the NHL & 9 in 41 in the AHL. That would lead me to be he has been a scorer. If his foot speed is an issue that may not translate to the NHL but it may regardless as it has for many others.

        Regardless we won’t know really for about 3 more years & due to his unconventional path to the NHL age isn’t really a factor but experience is.

      • Kassel is terrific with Malkin…that’s where he needs to be unless Sullivan keeps his head up his ass… third line of brassard rust and sheahan will b solid…

  4. Just a thought: Why don’t the jets see if they can swing a Trouba for Karlsson and Ryan plus a high pick deal? Winnipeg has the cap space and both D are rentals. Trouba doesn’t have a NTC and Ryan would provide wing depth and be a step up on Dano or Tanev. Ottawa clears the cap space and gets a shot at Trouba. Winterpeg gets a moderate improvement, ditches a grumpy player, and gets a pick for their trouble. Karlsson gets a legit shot at the cup. Trouba, well, who cares.

    • Winnipeg doesn’t have the cap space for this today, and it only gets worse. Next year they will likely have about $40-$44M in cap space, but have to sign Laine & Wheeler. That leaves them with a roster of 11 players, and likely somewhere around $22M-$26M in cap space (at best). They still need to sign Connor, Copp, Tanev, and either sign or replace Myers, and Trouba. Also, they don’t have Morrissey or Dano signed today, so there needs to be room for whatever they sign for.

      That cap space will shrink quickly. They can’t afford to take on Ryan’s contract, as they will plan to be a long term contender hitting their stride with a core in it’s prime. This means they can’t intentionally waste any cap dollars.

  5. Does anyone know if a team is permitted to extend a player recently signed to a 1 year deal, if that team trades for him?

    For instance, if NYI or WIN were to shop Nelson or Trouba, is the acquiring team still ineligible to sign an extension because those players just signed a 1 year deal? Or is that rule only applicable to the team that actually signed the 1 year contract?

    • Don’t know Danny, Caper mentioned no talks until Jan 1, and he lives in WPG. Perhaps that is the reason.

      • They can talk all they want just can’t put pen to paper until Jan. 1, 2019.

      • Striker, but does that rule apply to a team who didn’t sign the current 1 year deal?

        Just curious, as it would be a weird situation.

  6. Trouba wants too much money is the belief of many who cover the Jets, and a popular opinion with the fans. Over 7 million for a shut down defenseman is too much. If he was a great two way player he could command 8 mil plus, but unfortunately his offensive game is lacking the vision,and ability to pick good shooting lanes from the point. That’s really the only knock I have on Trouba. I like him as a player, and a human being but I firmly believe his agent Overhardt has much to do with his inflated sense of entitlement to a large money contract. I think Winnipeg keeps him for the playoff push and tries to move his rights if a long term extension has not been done prior to the draft. I will be amazed if Chevy can get a trade done that brings back like value. Trouba undoubtedly will be the best player in any trade he is involved in. Another potentially limiting aspect to any deal with him is he may be unwilling to sign long term with any team. He reportedly wanted to play in his home state (Michigan) last time he held out, and I would not be surprised to see him hit UFA status ASAP and sign long term in Detroit. They could really, really use him.

    • If Trouba is moved next summer his contract demands will be even higher. Trouba has a ton of untapped offensive potential if ever really deployed in that role. Just go look at his scoring history comparing it to his TOI/GP in all situations & his zone deployments.

      1 of an exceptionally small group of Dman who has shown elite level abilities as a future elite 2 way Dman. He is only 24 with 326 NHL regular season games of experience. By mid-2019-20 we will finally have a full perception of his abilities & when he gets to Detroit & takes over their 1st PP unit he’ll have no issues generating points.

    • DC, how do they know he wants too much money? They only thing made public were the offer for arbitration, $4.5 and $7 how much is too much money? If Trouba signed for 8yrs at $7.5 that will be a good deal for the jets.

    • I don’t know about anyone else, but before I’d give Trouba north of $7 million I’d want to see him play an entire season twice in a row. In 5 seasons, he’s missed significant time in 4 four of them. That has to be a concern.

  7. Sbisa should be called Pilsbury……the guys a turnover machine.

    • Ron, that pic of Phaneuf with oven gloves on and a chef’s cap baking turnovers is golden!

      • You could probably put all 6 leafs dmen in the kitchen with oven mits on! Lol that defense is the worst in the league and stats prove it

  8. I had Trouba as a goner in Win as soon as he held out taking a low ball bridge deal & have said so here dozens of times. I actually bought into the rumour this summer he might want to stay but Win continues to low ball a player who gets 7 mil in a walk from a great many teams in the NHL for 8 years easily.

    This was the most interesting thing for me this summer even with all the BS in Ott. The can has essentially been kicked down the road & with each passing day, his value in trade is diminished nominally.

    I think Trouba may already knows where he wants to play & is simply going to make it happen, getting everything he wants & frankly he’s worth it.

    • Trouba said all the right things. But if you’re Trouba why would you want to stay? Chance to Win?
      For me Winnipeg insulted him twice, the first being his last contract and now the $4.5 offer was insulting. I think Chevy played this wrong from the beginning and when Trouba signed his last contract, I said Winnipeg will be for that down the road and they are now.
      Fascinate me how quick things can change both Trouba and Myers could be gone next season and big Buff a year older, depending on the return for Trouba, the Jets could suddenly be looking for help on defense.
      This is the year the Jets have to make a run at the cup.

      • I am not sure we will ever know for sure, but I don’t know that Winnipeg ever really had the opportunity to get Trouba long term. I really think Trouba is just inching his way to controlling where he plays.

        The negotiation could have been around the fact that he would have preferred a 4-5 year deal, and Winnipeg either wanted longer or bridge.

        The reasons he sited for his trade request initially seemed like a polite way of saying he just didn’t want to be there. He held out for training camp, but not any actual games. He hasn’t done anything to disparage his team, and I think he is kind of pulling a Panarin, in that he wants out, but is playing it as politely as possible.

        Maybe Winnipeg has insulted him, but it doesn’t seem like that is the issue to me. The Arbitration asks from both sides were actually closer together (in terms of percentages) than a lot of teams go in, and both had to know that there was likely a long term deal somewhere between the middle number and Trouba’s ask. That doesn’t seem like enough of a gap that it can’t be closed unless Trouba simply didn’t want to sign that. With Myers as a UFA at the end of the year, and Trouba playing the most important minutes last year, hard to see the Jets having that hard a time coming to a real solution as they are likely to need Trouba.

        Also, it was player elected arbitration that went through with it, and then didn’t get ironed out before a deal was awarded. That seems like at least one of the parties just wasn’t interested in negotiating anything else, and given it was player elected, I think it’s likely Trouba just wanted to get through it to get what will likely be his final contract with Winnipeg.

      • Agree with Danny on this that he is inching his way to UFA status. If they could have agreed to a fair number for the extension it would have happened. Perhaps Trouba just wants the leverage of being a year away and his next contract will contain max years of UFA status which drives the price up. Whichever it is you have to appreciate the confidence he has in his abilities to increase his value every year or 2.
        So let’s assume he doesn’t want to stay in WPG, or WPG decides they won’t pay want he is asking for, so it is basically the same thing as far as the decision Chevvy now has.
        When do you trade him, and what will the return be? He is worth the most he will be as a trade chip to WPG right now. Wpg is chasing a cup right now so tough call.
        Another team chasing the cup with a window that is closing due to core player age is Boston.
        Caper you are a Bruins fan who lives in Wpg, so your opinion is informed from both sides. Would you trade McAvoy for Trouba? This assumes Boston can talk to him regarding an extension and like what they hear. If he is willing to sign a reasonable extension (8 x 7/7.5), I think I would from Boston side.

      • Ray Bark, that’s a tough one for me. I really like Trouba and we tend to forget Trouba scored 10 goals in 65 games and 8 goals in 60 games, so getting 12 – 15 goals isn’t out of the question. Love his physicality however he wasn’t the same player when he came back from injury, he didn’t hit and shied away from physical play. So it will be interesting to see how he starts the season.
        Charlie Mac 7 goals in 63 games his first NHL season, he just the complete package, need t be a little stronger on his skates, always in a good mood. The upside is so high with Charlie, but he isn’t as good as Trouba today but what will he look like with 3 more season under his belt and he 4yrs younger then Trouba. I have to stick with Charlie. Now lets Package Carlo and something else and have both Charlie and Jacob.

    • Trouba…for olli mattA plus a pick…???

  9. They could always extend Myers and trade Trouba. Myers is a very capable defenseman, a solid 2nd pairing guy and since his surgeries I believe has eliminated the worries of his durability. He is still young, just entering his prime. The lowball offer is standard business for arbitration, team goes low, players go high. The actual difference between the two sides numbers was probably not far off in reality.

  10. Striker …. if Trouba does get moved to Detroit ….

    What are ur thoughts wrt what/who is coming back in trade if:

    1) Trade B4 season starts?
    2) Trade after next year’s playoffs?

  11. How much is too much money for defensive Dman is debatable. You’re worth what someone will pay you essentially. I just believe giving him Byfuglien like money for his current production is too much. It may come back and haunt the Jets if they dont sign him, and have to trade him for a lesser defenseman, but with their forward group currently, and the talent coming up, there is no need to pay Trouba 7 million plus. They actually have a player in the organization (Myers) who can fill that spot assuming he is willing to extend.

  12. That pens conversation was entertaining. Zar has good potential. Pens could use a vet backup if Murray stumbles but can solve that moving on in the season. Might not be a problem at all. Pens d is set. Maybe a try out invite. Hags and kessel are meh with Malkin. Horny plays best with him.

  13. Cant figure out why some people think De Smith and Jarry are superstar goalies. Seem to be vastly over rated by some on this board. They might be good prospects but are nowhere near as good as some may believe. Even current Mr Wonderful Murray had holes in his game exposed last season. Just cant figure how or why the hype on these two.

    • Can’t let this pass. What absurd twaddle . It is a classic hate post. You agenda is showing. Show me where any suggested that DeSmith will ever be anything more than an ok backup and that Jarry will be an NHL starter.

      • Several posters over the past year have posted exactly that lanny.

  14. Would buffalo offer Risto and a 1st for Trouba?

    • They might, but they shouldnt. A young defenceman and a sure to be lottery pick doesnt make sense.

  15. @Ihatecrosby

    That is a good question, one I pondered myself. That deal would work well for both sides and would be a solid “hockey trade”. I do not think Buffalo would give that up for a player who is going to leave in 2 years though, nor should they. It is pure speculation on my part but Trouba apparently wants to play in a larger market where he can “market” himself as well. There has been speculation he prefers to play in the States as well. This could all be conjecture, but based on his actions like all good rumors there will be a shred of truth to it. I would love to see Karlsson in a Jets uniform but what GM is going to sell the farm for a guy they can get in free agency in a year for nothing but money?

  16. Whether its a Crosby or Malkin or whomever I’m all about dynamic duos then add the 3rd wheel to make it all tick. Generally it starts with a C that can dish it or onoccasdion the winger can ala Kane or Gaidreau. Thats rare. The 3rd wheel gets no luv very often when filling in doing the grunt work as long as he has decent finish, thinking a line has to have loaded up on 3 elite talent types isn’t realistic. Balanced scoring works if can be had & if it ever went 3 lines deep WOW.

    Puck moving D top it off.

    Its one thing to be shutdown D but its another if the puck leaves the zone well. It helps relieve pressure & lessen ops opportunities & less goals. PO’s are the acid test for team D & in goal its dink or swim.

    Puck watching & feet still tend to be the mistakes that end up in the net. Gardner as an example. Wandering around out there lost is glaringly obvious & D that minimize that are more steady.

  17. so does GM Chevy call Stevie Y and offer Trouba for a boat load since Dorian is making Stevie Y wait too long???