NHL Rumor Mill – July 28, 2018

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Latest on the Carolina Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Penguins in your NHL rumor mill.

The Carolina Hurricanes still have a valuable trade chip in defenseman Justin Faulk (Photo via NHL Images).


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Despite the recent lack of activity in the NHL’s offseason trade market, Matt Larkin believes the Carolina Hurricanes still have two big trade chips in defenseman Justin Faulk and left wing Jeff Skinner.

Their recent additions of Dougie Hamilton and Calvin de Haan, along with promising Haydn Fleury, Jake Bean and Adam Fox in their system, give the Hurricanes an overflow of talent on the blueline. Larkin believes Faulk is most likely to be dealt, suggesting the Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks could have interest in the mobile right-shooting rearguard.

The Blackhawks could also use a scoring winger such as Skinner, as could the Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Larkin believes the Hurricanes need a dominant center but doubts Faulk and Skinner can land that type of player. He instead suggests picks and prospects could be the return, though the Hurricanes might prefer something that provides more immediate help.

NHL NETWORK (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): Mike Johnson believes Skinner’s situation could dribble over into the season. He’s eligible next summer for unrestricted free agent status but the Hurricanes don’t want to lose him for nothing. Though Skinner’s a valuable commodity and a market for his services, Johnson expects the Hurricanes will take their time and wait for the right deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Larkin suggests, perhaps the reason we haven’t seen Faulk or Skinner moved yet is due to high cost of acquiring either guy. Interested parties could be waiting for the Hurricanes to lower their asking price. 

Another factor could be teams perhaps waiting to see what happens with Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson, Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Artemi Panarin and Montreal Canadiens left winger Max Pacioretty. If one of those players is moved this summer, teams that lost out in the bidding for their services could shift their focus toward Faulk or Skinner. 


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey reports Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford said he’ll stay in the mix if he hears certain players are available regardless of how his team is doing. However, Rutherford doesn’t feel he has to make additional moves. Some feel the Penguins carrying six centers suggests he might have more moves in store but it appears he will evaluate his club’s performance and act accordingly. 

Derick Brassard, Carl Hagelin and Tristan Jarry have been suggested as trade pieces. However, there’s a feeling a healthy Brassard will have a better performance this season. The Penguins really like Hagelin’s speed and his efforts on Evgeni Malkin’s line. The recently re-signed Jarry could be a future number one goalie. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford could swing a deal before training camp opens but it appears he’s intent now to be patient and see how his current roster performs. His next big move will likely take place at some point during the 2018-19 season. 



  1. Could the Leafs not make an overhaul of their D with a few trades? Giving up some future for now, I’m all for it!


    Trading with Carolina for Faulk would REALLY boost the right side D and allow for Hainsy to be moved to the third pairing while Faulk would take his top pairing spot with Rielly.


    Next would be a trade for Karlsson. Again, a bump down the depth chart of existing D would occur.


    Hainsey can be “dumped” somewhere via trade or sent to the minors to help with the D development there.

    Getting Faulk would likely cost a #1 2019 pick and a prospect or two. Bracco and Grundstrom should get the job done.



    #1 2019

    For Karlsson, better prospects and young talent currently NHL ready would be needed in an offer I believe.




    Dumping Horton to help with the $$$ would be important for both teams I believe, helps OTT get to the floor without paying actual $$$ as his contract’s insurance would cover most of it, and would free up $$$ for the Leafs to negotiate an extension with Karlsson without heavily/at all impacting their ability to extend Matthews and Marner next year ($11m and $7m respectively I think). While the add of Sparks to the OTT goalie situation would be a big boost as Anderson is at the end of the line.

    And although the the talent the Leafs give up would significantly impact the prospect pool, none of the players being given would crack their top 6 F or top 4 D anytime soon, if at all ever. And would still leave the likes of Borgman, Liljegren, Lindgren and Holl in the system as far as D prospects go. All this and next to no impact on draft picks!

    Now is the time to strike!


    • Ottawa will get to the floor with the signings of Stone and Ceci, without problem. No way they take on Horton’s contract. As for the Leafs getting Karlsson for that group of maybes, you have GOT to be kidding.

      • With OTT management/ownership nickel and diming things, having a contract paid for by insurance like Horton would be a desirable thing would it not?

      • Horton’s contract isn’t insured. Columbus couldn’t get the contract insured when they signed Horton as it was considered a pre existing condition.

        This is how Tor was able to dump Clarkson. Clarkson wasn’t on LTIR when shipped to Clb. Tor wanted the cap relief & didn’ t care that they would have to pay his salary regardless.

        It’s good to have hopes & dreams but neither of these offers will fly. Other teams will pay a far greater price. The Faulk offer has some merit but other than Kapanen your offering nothing for Karlsson. Lei or is waiver fodder at this point. Not sure what Babcock has against this player but he was stuck in limbo. Babcock wouldn’t play him, Lou wouldn’t waive him but no trade could be found to get him out of Babcock’s doghouse.

    • Man. Nothing like starting the day with a laugh. Thanks!

    • Why would anyone trade a top player for prospects who have no chance of becoming a top 4 defenseman or top 6 forward anytime soon ?

      • Not too 6 or top 4 on the Leafs. Other teams? Sure!

      • The Leafs are currently 2 D deep insofar as Top 4 are concerned – even with Ottawa’s problems what they have now on D – including prospects – is as deep as Toronto’s. Leivo is not going to replace anyone on Ottawa’s Top 6 F and why on earth would they want Sparks when they have Gustavsson from Pit in the fold? They already have a “sparks” in Condon … enhh at best. They don’t need Horton’s contract in any way, shape or form.

        Sorry, but that’s just one more example of an unrealistic Leafs fan way-overvaluing players in their system, figuring they can acquire battleships for canoes.

      • Hollywood, you are a dreamer, thus the name Hollywood –

    • This is one of the craziest posts I’ve seen on here in a while.

      A+ for creativity…
      F for reality…

      Sorry, you had my interest at Faulk but then you lost me brother. Nothing after Faulk is realistic really.

      – Karlsson wont go to the Leafs
      – Ottawa wont trade him to the Leafs. They would be effectively committing PR Suicide doing that. When they lack the faith of the fanbase right now, that would be the last thing they need. I’ve lived in Ottawa. They still complain about playoff loses almost 20 years ago!
      – Nobody will trade a defenceman who is considered amongst the BEST IN THE WORLD for table scraps. No matter who it is, Leafs or not.
      – dont forget Bobby Ryan and how he factors into trade discussions (not that he is a certainty to be traded with Karlsson)

      It’s fine to dream and all but you have to be realistic.

      Faulk is a possibility though and everything up to that, acquiring Faulk, where he would slot in, totally agree with.

    • What an incredible waste of time that post is.

    • …and then you wake up lol

    • First off 29 other teams in the league could offer a better package then that. Secondly with the cap going up to 81 to 83 million and signing Matthews to 11, Marner to 7 and low balling Nylander at 6, you still have to sign Karlsson who will want Doughty money so signed for 10 and Faulk at 4.83. Even with Horton off the books you will have 8 forwards 5 defencemen and a goalie signed for around 80 or 81 million. Come out of Leaf dream land and do the math in reality.

    • 1st off i’m pretty sure that Horton’s contract is NOT insured. That’s why he was traded for Bolland, we were worried that Bolland would come off injured reserved. 2nd the Sens would never consider trading Karlsson to the Leafs unless the Leaf started the conversation with Matthews +++. The P R would ruin the Sens fan base even more than it already has this off season.
      I also wonder if the trade for Faulk would be worth it as we already have the left handed version in Gardiner. I think that Dubas should 1st explore if there was any truth to the rumor that C Parayko might be available. If not then call the Kings and check on the cost of Slava Voynov rights. He may still have to be reinstated by the League, but is still a top 4 D-man. Just have to make sure that he learned his lesson and is going to live under N. American culture, not Russian.

      • Faulk is the right handed version of Gardiner? Really? A. U r incorrect,different style of play, and even if Faulk was the same asGardiner only right handed, all the reason to acquire him! The Leafs right side is TERRIBLE, for a top ranked, cup contending team. Zaitsev is solid and still improving his all around game,but Carrick is a big drop off and Hainsey is just getting slower. Adding at least Faulk to the right side would be a BIG boost to the Leaf D that would be worth the price asked by CAR.

      • Good lord.not as bad as Hollywood. .but dam close lol..

    • lmao. Why would a cash strict Ottawa team take Horton, and it does not matter for leafs anyways because Horton goes on LTD. lastly, how would the leafs afford Karlsson along with Faulk on a team with huge contracts coming to Marner, Nylanders and Matthews after Tavares. Come on man, wake up.

      • Faulk is $4.833m for this yr and next. Cheap for a top pairing Dman.

    • Always laughable to see some of the trade proposals on here.

      I’ll trade you two 4th liners and a minor league goalie for your All Star. Its a great deal 3 for 1.

      Ottawa is not going to trade Karlsson to Toronto for their trash.


    • No way we get Faulk without giving up a Nylander or something equal to that.

      Karlsson? Keep dreaming lol

    • You have got to be kidding all those moves or combination of would kill any chance to make $$$$$ work. You don’t have the commodities to pull any of those trades off to begin with. No one is gonna take Tor left over trash either.

      • Gilmour/Phaneuf trades anyone???

    • Kadri for Faulk straight up !!

    • Karlsson deal? You’re on drugs. You want Karlsson? START with Marner.

  2. Karlsson will demand 2 good roster players 1 prospect and 2 draft picks of which one being a first
    Not going to the Leafs.

    Skinner and Faulk would be a nice package

    • Sooooo….

      #1 2019
      #2 2020


      • I enjoy this site and some of the trade suggestions are truely laughable, especially this one. First, I cannot imagine that Ottawa would consider trading Karlsson to Toronto but if they did, the conversation would likely start with Nylander, Dermott, Sparks and a first.

      • Just stop

      • You keep tossing out 1st and 2nd as if both were guaranteed can’t miss unknown diamonds in the rough. Let’s just waive reality for a second and assume both Carolina and Ottawa go along with that fantasy. Without having giben up any roster spots of note, that would put the Leafs among the favorites for certain, which means the 1st and 2nd would wind up being the 29 to 31 and 56th to 62 overall. Now go through the draft for the years 2007 to 2016 and tell me how many taken in the last 3 spots in each round have turned out to be solid top level NHLers commensurate with having given up a Karlsson. Of the 60 taken I count 9 that fill the bill – or 15%.


      • If you want to be realistic you would have to start with Marner and Nylander plus a draft pick or Marner and a 1st + a 2nd this year and a 1st in 2020 that might get it done.
        Ottawa would have to get a Kings ransome from Toronto because they are in the same division plus their fan base would want to fleece Toronto because of the rivalry

      • Typical leaf fan trade lol. Their fans are the most delusional of all nhl team fans

  3. Even if you by get Karlsson how you resigning him not giving up the farm for a rental sorry keep rebuilding threw the draft

  4. If Murray stays healthy and the Pens can get Jarry performing well he could be moved for a good piece

    • There is no way they can trade Jarry. How in the world can the Pens know whether Murray won’t be injured the NEXT game after they trade him? If Murray were injured and Jarry gone, then DeSmith has to be the regular starter, which he has never done in the NHL. And who becomes the back up? They have no one else. They are then one injury to DeSmith away from a total catastrophe. You need at least three goalies who can play in the NHL or any safety at. They trade Jarry, then they have two. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they added another vet goalie with NHL experience to WBS before the season starts to have be four deep.

      • Jarry will have to clear waivers before the start of the 2019-20 season so that will mean either he or DeSmith will need to be moved next summer as neither is clearing waivers. If Pit decided to carry 3 goalies as a few teams have tried to start next season injuries usually force the issue.

        Expansion is coming the summer following the 2019-20 season & Pit will only be able to protect 1, I assume that will be Murray but time will tell & stranger things have happened. Vancouver had Schneider & Luongo 1 minute, neither the next.

        Regardless the return for goalies is never really that good. Grubauer just moved for a 2nd & Col eating 4 mil in cap space 2.5 this season, 1.5 next. 2 teams just walked away from goalies. Buf with Lehner & Phi with Mrazek. I think Buf is going to regret that decision.

        Other recent goalie trades. Schneider the 9th overall & he was a very well developed NHL goalie sharing the #1 roll in Van. Lehner a 1st, Varlamov a 1st & 2nd many years who now all others less. What does that make the return for Jarry. Supply & demand limits the return for goalies for everyone.

      • The aren’t any good vet back up goalies left…don’t say lethtonen he is worse than Niemi and we know how that turned out….awful

  5. Always love the scenarios of the Leafs giving up next to nothing to acquire everything

    • Lol

      Our table scraps for your prime rib. Its the Toronto way.

  6. Karlsson is not a trade deadline acquisition type for 2 roster 2 picks & 1 prospect . He will need to be signed and not maybe for Doughty type money . So if you can’t do that why give up that many assets

    • I agree. In fact I do not want him and I am a Leaf fan. We cannot afford him nor do I think he is going to be worth what he will be asking as a future salary. The Leafs do have a budget that included a lot of future salary. There are other defencemen I would sooner see.
      BTW, the trade suggestion quoted above, have we legalized pot here already?

      • Oh u don’t want him? That makes sense, a top tier D man in his prime is available, nah, don’t want him… Gimmie a break.

      • The Leafs already have 2 offensive dmen! They don’t need another no matter how good he is! They need people to clear the net and make things tough on opponents forwards!!!

        Sorry, but you are on crack man. Your name is Hollywood because you live in a fantasy land dude.

  7. Tor’s D isn’ t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. What it is with the exception of Hainsey is very young & Hainsey can still play well over 20 mins a night Against the leagues best.

    None of Reilly, Zaistesv, McDermott nor Carrick are fully developed the only 1 close is Reilly but still not there yet at 24 with only 388 games of NHL regular season experience. Gardener just turned 28 so just entered his prime for Dman with his development & NHL experience to start last season.

    Many want to add Faulk & he would help but he’s like a poorer version of Gardiner. Faulk isn’t the type of Dman Tor needs. Gardiner is Tor’s offensive, transition Dman, he joins the rush & pushes the envelope offensively exposing him self defensively. He has comfortably made the top 20 Dman in scoring the last 2 seasons. You need to accept him for what he is.

    Reilly has been cultivated well & the best is yet to come. This should be his breakthrough season. Hard to best the 52 points he posted last season but he can but he can still be significantly better defensively & he will be & continue to do so as he reaches an NHL Dmans prime years which sr
    Tart at 26 to 28 depending upon how quickly you became an NHL regular. Reilly did so very young so for him it will be 26, 2 years from now.

    Dermott will be a good top 4 option eventually but this will be his 1st full NHL season so let’s just give him time but he’s ready for a full time 3rd pairing roll. Tor will need to bring in someone to help shelter him & a Dman like Faulk would over expose Dermott, they need a solid shut down guy to help cover for the mistakes he will make pushing offence.

    I assume Tor is trying to trade for 1 but they may just sign an Enstrom, Bieksa type UFA for 1 or 2 years to bide time for all the youth at D in the NHL to improve & coming. What does the future hold for Ozhiganov, Rosen, Borgman, Sandin, Liljegren, Nielsen, etc.

    With expansion looming 2 summers out these kids future needs to be determined in Tor for many. The solution to Tor’s D is being addressed internally. Tor is drafting & developing it for the most part. Lucking into acquiring Zaire’s for free.

    Might Tor. Did for Voyonov when the NHL reinstates him. He was LA’s #2 Dman when he left the NHL at 25 & is a rand handed shooter. LA could use some cap relief & being easily the oldest team in the NHL some prospects & picks.

    • Sorry dam auto correct. I have resorted to using my IPhone as it experiences the least lagging issues, but you really need to pay attention & edit constantly.

    • No Striker they are what they are, limited.

    • Striker Reilly is what he is, Toronto defense is terrible most can see it obviously you can’t. So since you’re a stats guy read the stats! The main 3 shots,scoring chances against time in their own zone. You can even throw in giveaways, Reilly and gardener are neither top pairing dmen and the rest are at best number 4 dmen

    • Actually Toronto D is even worse than it looked. Andersen bailed them out big time lsst year. Whether he can do it again is questionable. History is full of goalies who have first big year with a new team and then fall back to mediocrity. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Leafs take a step back, Tavares or no Tavares. If Andersen isn’t great again combined with the loss of Van Riemsdyck’s 36 goals and Bozak.

  8. Nothing like a bunch of peeps ragging on thoughts/suggestions and not providing feedback on what THEY think would be reasonable. A couple references to Marner/Nyylander and a first for Karlsson, and what planet are YOU on??? A young RFA/pending RFA for a pending UFA??? C’MON NOW! Not gonna happen! Not unless you are talking “lesser likes” such as Leivo/Kapanen/Brown or farm team prospects like Bracco! Marner/Nylander and a couple picks for Karlsson would have made sense if Karlsson was a few yrs younger and had term on his contract! Then sure!

    • So you, yourself, just articulated why such a trade as YOU propose could never get done. Toronto isn’t going to give up a Nylander and a Marner and a 1st for a player who is only going to sign a long-term deal somewhere for BIG money, and Ottawa isn’t about to relinquish him for a pile of crap.

      Bottom line, Toronto doesn’t have – in terms of what it would take – in either draft picks (too far down the list of 31 even with their existing line-up which isn’t bad – just not a cup contender) or players they’d be willing to give up which Ottawa sees as a decent return. There’s no match there.

      Other teams, however, DO have both the cap space and roster players they might be willing to give up, along with perhaps potentially higher picks they’ve picked up from other organizations (e.g. Vegas) in order to make a deal possible.

    • The most common mistake made by fans of certain teams is that they look at two teams in a bubble and forget about the other 29 teams. Your deal supposed that (on top of being weak from tor) no other team in the league would pay more. And they sooooo would. Karlsson instantly turns playoff contenders to locks and cup contenders to favorites. I didn’t give you a counter proposal because your proposal didn’t warrent even that.

      • Riiiiiiiggghhhtttt. Ok, and u don’t want to give what would be “better” from another team either?!?!? Ok. (#eyeroll)

      • Seriously. I’m supposed to make up trade proposals for 29 other teams because you failed to realize you were living in fantasy land? Use your bountiful imagination friend. I’m sure you can come up with your own.

  9. just throwing this out there but how about pens trade maatta and hagy for faulk and shinner. don’t if it would work dollar wise, or for any other reason. im sure everybody will let me know one way or the other. looking to hear for pengy and or striker, you two seem very much right on more often than not.

    • Maatta is the 2nd best d man on the pens currently. Right after dumo. To me he is untradable. You move letang or Schultz first.

    • That’s as bad as Hollywood’s trade! Never gonna happen, hags will be a dump and maata isn’t as good as Faulk eat alone Faulk and skinner lol

  10. Canes want a C. Its very obvious so suggesting D is a non starter

  11. k, knew id get blasted but that’s what the pens gm does is make things happen. ya it would work out better for the pens short term, win now right? maybe even throw in a pick, second or lower. hell throw in the first, seem to do that every year. lol. but if you think maatta is second best d man on pens, you need to watch something other that the face liking bruins, lol. ya that was a shot but ye who throw stones must be ready to have some thrown back. dumo, letang, Shultz then maatta, maybe. love maatta but not second best d. please

    • Maata is at best a number 4 dman that trade is terrible deal with it

      • The armchair scouting reports of Pens D men offered here is what is terrible.

        I love that given the choice the between stating…

        A) “The Penguins defense must be much better than I realized seeing as the WON THE STANLEY CUP, I need to reevaluate my opinion.”


        B) “You can win the Cup with a mediocre defense.”

        …people still choose B.