NHL Rumor Mill – July 3, 2018

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Teams reportedly talking contract with Erik Karlsson, plus the latest on the Islanders and Maple Leafs in your NHL rumor mill.

The Ottawa Senators have reportedly allowed teams to talk contract with Erik Karlsson (Photo via NHL Images)


SPORTSNET: cited a report by the New York Post’s Larry Brooks citing sources claiming the Ottawa Senators have given permission to teams interested in acquiring Erik Karlsson permission to talk contract extension with the all-star defenseman. The report was confirmed by Sportsnet’s John Shannon. This comes a day after the Senators tabled an eight-year contract extension to Karlsson, who’s eligible to become an unrestricted free agent next July.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch suggests Karlsson could seek a deal comparable to the eight-year, $88-million contract recently signed by Drew Doughty with the Los Angeles Kings. He also expects the San Jose Sharks to step up efforts to acquire Karlsson after failing to land John Tavares via free agency. However, a league executive tells Garrioch the Sharks don’t have a lot in their prospect pool to tempt the Senators.

Garrioch also listed “the Vegas Golden Knights, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals and New York Rangers” as potential suitors. The Golden Knights and Lightning were rumored to be interested in Karlsson leading up to February’s trade deadline. He speculates Vegas could also be willing to take on winger Bobby Ryan and his $7.25-million AAV through the next four seasons as part of the deal, though Garrioch thinks they would offer up less of a return under that scenario.

THE ATHLETIC: Chris Stevenson reminds us that, even if the Senators have reconciled themselves to trading Karlsson, the blueliner holds all the cards. He points out how Karlsson’s trade value would be affected if he opts not to negotiate a contract extension with a Senators’ trade partner and plays out the season with the intent of heading to free agency next summer.

THE ATHLETIC: Rick Carpiniello cites sources close to the Rangers claiming they won’t pursue Karlsson via trade. Such a move would go against their rebuild and they’re unwilling to give up top prospects to get him. They’re also don’t want to take on Ryan’s contract and would be unwilling to extend Karlsson to the type of deal Doughty received with the Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could shape up to be the “Summer of Karlsson”, as speculation over his future could dominate the headlines now that the free-agent frenzy is dying down. I don’t think he has a future beyond 2018-19 with the Senators. While he could reject a contract extension and hit the open market next summer, I’m not sure he’d be keen to deal with the constant media questioning and the disappointment he’ll surely face from Senators fans by playing out the string in Ottawa.

Karlsson could seek a larger deal than Doughty’s ($12-million or more per season), but there will be teams willing to pay that on a contract extension if they can hammer out a suitable trade package with the Sens. If a trade can be made and an eight-year contract extension worked out, the gaining club would have Karlsson for nine seasons, as he’s already under contract for 2018-19.

As for potential suitors, looks like we can rule out the Rangers. I still think the Golden Knights could be the front-runner as they came close to acquiring Karlsson at the trade deadline. The Senators might be willing to accept a lesser return from Vegas if they can also shed Ryan’s contract in the deal. The Sharks could be interested but their focus seems to be on landing a scoring forward.

The Lightning could be in the running but they’ll have to dump considerable salary to make this work. As for the Capitals, they appear intent on keeping the bulk of their championship roster intact. Cap Friendly indicates they have over $8 million in cap space but I expect half of that will go toward re-signing restricted free agent winger Tom Wilson. Acquiring Karlsson is too costly for them. 


NHL.COM: Having failed to prevent John Tavares’ departure via free agent, New York Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello still has a busy summer ahead of him. Brian Compton lists finding a starting goaltender, extending the contract of winger Anders Lee, determining who will be their second-line center and upgrading the defense as the priorities. Goalies such as Ottawa’s Craig Anderson and Detroit’s Jimmy Howard have surfaced this summer in trade rumors.

THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple reports the Islanders are interested in bringing back Calvin de Haan. Defense trade options could include Carolina’s Justin Faulk or Minnesota’s Matt Dumba. He also notes the Islanders have the cap space and depth in prospects to make an offer for Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson and can also take on Bobby Ryan as part of the deal. Possible goaltender trade targets could include “Craig Anderson, Jimmy Howard, Semyon Varlamov and Cory Schneider.

NEWSDAY: Andrew Gross indicates the trade market could include Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson and goaltender Craig Anderson. Netminder Robin Lehner is also available in the UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Islanders are willing to offer a monstrous contract to Karlsson, I have my doubts he’ll consider them an attractive trade destination. They stand a better chance of acquiring Anderson, though I don’t think the Sens want to part with him despite his trade request. The Isles could stand a more reasonable chance acquiring someone like Faulk or Dumba, though I’m not convinced the latter is available.

If the Wings put Howard on the trade block I believe it’ll happen near the February trade deadline if they’re out of playoff contention by then. Ditto Varlamov, as the Avs likely want to see how well new goaltender Philipp Grubauer adjusts to the starter’s job. While Keith Kinkaid played well spelling off an injured Schneider last season, I don’t think Devils GM Ray Shero is in a rush to move Schneider this summer. 


TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas will turn his focus toward improving the club’s defense. Former Islanders blueliner Calvin de Haan is attracting lots of interest in the free-agent market. Dubas acknowledged his younger players will eventually be in line for significant raises but he stressed the Leafs are “well situated to handle that when it comes. We’ll always be flexible.”

TSN: cites a report from the New York Post’s Larry Brooks claiming Leafs winger Matt Martin is in demand on the trade market. The Athletic’s James Mirtle also reports the Leafs were trying to move Martin and noted the Rangers as a potential destination. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Martin was a frequent healthy scratch last season with the Leafs and didn’t get any playing time during their first-round series against Boston. He’s signed through 2019-20 with an annual cap hit of $2.5 million. The Leafs likely aren’t seeking much in return, though a high demand for Martin could push up their asking price. 



  1. Hey Lyle how about the islanders? Any thing about them gerting in on karlsson.

    • Islanders are interest in Karlsson. It depends on the compensation Ottawa wants in return

    • I heard a rumor Ho Sang, Nelson Bailey and a 1st and 2nd for Anderson, Karlsson and Ryan. Karlsson would have to sign a extension 8 years at 11 to make it work it is on Karlsson now to say yes or no to make it work. Lyle did you hear this also?

      • Heard where?

    • I’ve heard rumours myself. Figured I’d go to my trusted source in Lyle to see if he heard anythingvfrom the media sources he complies

  2. A team is going to be hard pressed to give up the type of assets Ottawa is looking for plus $11-$12 million a season to give Karlson the benefit of an 8 year deal. There’ll definitely be more suitors if he goes the UFA route…

    • Nashville says hello.
      They could offer up their 1st and Ellis as a starting point which would probably be one of the best return packages. They have the cap space to also sign him beyond.
      Poile is on a run and Im sure he is more horny than ever before to reach the finals. They were set this year but bumped up against super Cinderella Vegas.

  3. Why wouldn’t the Isles offer the same money as Doughty got? He fits a need that they have.

    • Karlsson isn’t close to the all around package that doughty is..I wouldn’t give him $11 million and lots of assists

      Just not worth it..he is a traffic pylon on defense even when healthy..he has a major surgery on both feet..dynamic yes reliable defensively hell no..

  4. “When I go to market, I’m going to get what I’m worth, and it’s going to be no less, no matter where I’m going,” Karlsson said following the club’s practice here (Brooklyn)” (Nov 30, 2017)

    When he made that announcement to the newshounds – instead of just saying “I don’t discuss contract through the media” as befitted his position as captain of a team – Karlsson destroyed whatever team morale was left and effectively relinquished his position as a team leader. He can’t leave town fast enough as far as I’m concerned and if, in the process, we lose a few misguided “hero worshippers” from among the fan base well, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    And Jeff, that Islander thought isn’t far out of line. Lou has a habit of doing something big and unexpected (he and Dorion have already concluded a trade I never thought possible) and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a blockbuster deal involving Karlsson, Ryan and Anderson. Be interesting to speculate what would be coming back the other way.

    • “When he made that announcement to the newshounds – instead of just saying “I don’t discuss contract through the media” as befitted his position as captain of a team – Karlsson destroyed whatever team morale was left…”

      I slagged EK for this at the time, but with the context of hindsight…

      The team morale was already destroyed. Vaporized, actually. They made the awful trade for the dog, Duchene. Anderson was awful but they can’t blame/hate on the guy whose wife beat cancer the year before. The coach and his system were exposed and he had no ability to adjust. And the Caryk stuff was already known in the locker room.

      When EK made those comments, it was in a locker room that he was being forced to share with Hoffman because his GM couldn’t get a deal done.

      So, yeah, he wants out and no one outside Canadian Tire Center blames him.

      The Ottawa situation is just awful all around. Terrible ownership and management. It’s hard to blame any fan for not wanting to support them. BUT, it’s also one of the softer markets in the league and if it gets much softer, the team will be moved.

      They aren’t there quite yet, but…they are perilously close to a franchise death spiral.

      • And I, for onwe, wiil not lose a moment’s sleep as the trucks move out.

      • We disagree on the value of his offensive contribution & I can’t speak to his character but the only other player Ott currently has who can score like Hoffman is Stone.

        Regardless what’s done is done & what’s left is a total mess. Maybe the worst asset management ever.

      • Duchene deal was a win for Ottawa. Elite talent and good scorer. Good deal. Terri’s isn’t even close to Duchene.

      • Duchene had 49 points in 68 games playing on Ottawa’s top line and top PP for most of it. He is not a 200 foot player.

        Turris had 42 points in 65 games playing on Nashville’s second line and second PP unit for most it. He is also a good 200 foot player.

        Turris is a better player outright, forget the treasure trove Dorion added on top of him for a player who is a year away from walking as a UFA.

    • I agree George & the reason I think they should have kept Hoffman as opposed to moving him for essentially nothing.

      • Hoffman is a cipher insofar as far as contributing anything to the team in the dressing room or on the ice beyond scoring his goals when they matter the least.

      • Ya, I don’t know how you keep Hoffman on that team.
        Again, it is alleged only, but…
        Most of these guys will have known about this and know much more than we do and would also have a better idea if this is true or not.
        If the players think it’s true, Hoffman had to go. No choice.

    • I’ve been noticing that the fan base is quickly turning on karlsson.

      My theory to thst is it makes it easier to see him go.

      My perspective. When a guy bleeds for your team. Carries it almost to the finals. He dese4ves respect. You thank him and wish him well if he moves on. You support him if he stays.

      But I see more and more Sen Fans like George turning on him the moment it grows more apparent he is leaving.

      • For the record Jeff, I “turned” on him the moment he uttered those words to the media back in November about not wanting less than “market value” – rather than being a real captain and saying simply “I do not discuss contract issues through the media.” BIG effing difference.

  5. Not a lot of teams can fit Karlsson. Isles should take a run at him and his $11m
    They can return Pullock+ Ho-Sang + Dal Colle
    A first and a second. Leave Ryan out of it.
    They may have had the best draft this year and by adding Karlsson could return to playoffs in a couple of years. What they have signed so far wil do nothing for any fan support. I would be boycotting

    • Thats just a god awful ugly group of near busts but who knows with Dorian.
      Tbh, I love the new look Islanders and wish/hope they can get back that 80’s swagger but I cant help but see Nashville as the best fit and the team that can offer up the best package. 1st, Ryan Ellis trumps Pulock, Dal Solle and Ho-Sang.

      • Shouldn’t Isles be treated same as Rangers? Why wouldn’t they be considered in a rebuild. Their best player was a rookie last year. Rangers have more talent right now to compete . Isles finished out of playoffs last year with Tavares, 3 points ahead of “tanking” Rangers

    • Shouldn’t Isles be treated same as Rangers? Why wouldn’t they be considered in a rebuild. Their best player was a rookie last year. Rangers have more talent right now to compete . Isles finished out of playoffs last year with Tavares, 3 points ahead of “tanking” Rangers

  6. The Isles has better get in on Lehner as well

    • Lou will get a starting goalie. Craig Anderson had a tough year, he’ll be very good this year. That’s how he rolls.

      • Not if he stays in Ott, they are going to be terrible, easily the worst team in the league on paper today.

      • You know what some paper is used for don’t you?

      • Writing on? Ha-ha!

        Nice to have you back George. I was missing that sharp sense of humour.

    • I agree, 3 years at or near 3. I like Lehner always have. People complain about his health but his injury issue was in 2015-16. He posted solid #’s playing behind Buf the worst team in the league, couldn’t score to save their life’s. They were the worst in the NHL at such his 3 years no 1 was even close.

      Nor do I think they should trade for Karlsson. If they can get de Haan back in the fold that would be great. Why did Snow sign de Haan to a 1-year deal making him a UFA this summer? Scratch that why did Snow was an idiot. de Haan was an RFA in the summer of 2017 & should have been locked up or traded then. Same for Tavares.

      • Striker, found some things we disagree on for a change.
        Lehner – the guy can’t control his emotions and runs too hot and cold. No thanks on a head case in net, especially in a room that is already struggling to come together.
        de Haan and Tavares – takes two sides to sign a deal. If he wouldn’t sign past 1 year in order to become a UFA, than that is his right, just as it was for Tavares. If I am a good NHL player I am not giving up UFA years unless they pay substantially and in a place I want to stay.
        Methinks they wanted to see what was up with the Isles and what was available in free agency. Seems reasonable to me.
        You can’t force people to sign a contract.

      • Then I wouldn’t have even given de Haan the 1-year deal. You use what leverage you have when you have it. If he wouldn’t sign nor Tavares I would have traded both for the best deals available last summer & moved on. Better something than nothing.

        For me, almost every goalie or player for that matter has some form of issue. Patrick Roy is & was a total primadonna wing nut. He was also 1 of the greatest goalies to play the game ever. I’m not saying Lehner is Roy nowhere close but his SV% playing behind those misfits is very impressive, Buf has & was terrible for those 3 seasons. At 26 the age most goalies finally become legitimate # 1’s he still has a very bright future ahead of him.

        We don’t have to agree & time will tell who is right or wrong. What I do know is NYI thanks to Snow has nothing to show for Tavares & appears they won’t for de Haan either. For me that’s inexcusable. Snow has received his Karma for such & I will be shocked if he can find a job with another organization as anything more than a scout, possibly a head scout.

      • Agree that he should have traded them without a commitment to a deal, especially de Haan. Likely trying to appease JT by keeping him around. Who knows.
        He obviously wanted to keep JT and tried to hang in and save it. Didn’t work out, and now he is looking for work.
        My only point was you can’t force de Haan or anybody else to sign an extension.

    • Anders Nilsson just won a Gold at WC….stuff like that usually gets Lou’s attention

    • They did…signed a 1yr 1.5 mil show me contract

  7. tim Horton
    You had a few breakdowns moving forward on how the leafs manage the cap past 17/18 . Care to share with the board ? Some of these thoughts included trading nylander straight up for Parayko . Hahaha . Another had Horton and cap hit with brown as the sweetener . 2 year bridges on Marner / Mathews ( he be a coyote before 2 year bridge) All included a full compliment of marlies d with Reilly and 4th line and pressed to the cap . I don’t think it’s possible to keep Tavares Marner Mathews nylander and make Any upgrade on d past 17/18 or in 17/18 for that matter . No leaf fans wanted to try yesterday. I’d love to see it if it’s possible . Win now O , with a win in 5 year d plan and no room for upgrades .

    • Craig,
      I know you’re an oiler fan , who is quite possibly jealous of the new favourites to win lord Stanley in 2019.
      I would like to hope Dubas builds this team around 3 deep centres:
      Matthews 11.5
      Tavares 11
      Kadri 4.5
      ( centre core 27 million )


      Core (two)
      Nylander 7
      Marner 7
      Winger core (14 m)


      Freddy 5
      Sparks 1
      Goaltending (6 m)

      Reilly 5
      Zaitsev 4.5
      Dermott 850,000
      Liligren 900,000

      (Defence core ~11.5 ..: I know this needs upgraded … but lots of prospects coming in , and lots of depth at wing to make a move for a cheap option.

      That’s ~ 59 million of core players that Toronto needs. ( dubas isn’t chilly… and I trust he doesn’t trade a hall of famer for a Larson ) dubas needs to build around these guys and the pieces will fall into place. One more year of Marleau, and if they can trade Horton cap hit with a sweetener, I see the future very bright in leaf land.

      I know many people are hesitant on Toronto’s blue line. But when you have the puck over half the time , and have elite scoring down 3 lines .. you’re ok. Freddy also needs to make timely saves.

      What team doesn’t have a need/want?

      Oilers have mcdavid, Leon , and nurse. They have hope klefbom, sekera, and talbot bounce back. And they have a GM who better hope things turn around or he is looking for a new job .

      • Just FYI, you know that Toronto isn’t actually the favorite, right?

        The odds are designed to generate bets, not represent an accurate analysis of a team’s chances.

        The books know that TO fans are ecstatic after the JT signing and they want to get their money at low odds.

        Toronto still needs a D and some forward depth or else they aren’t even better than TB. They need to trade Nylander for a D and promote Kapanen to the top 6.

      • I think the Leafs made a mistake signing JT. They were going in the right direction and fell into the big name trap. JT is a nice player but his best attributes are his stick handling, his determination and focus. The rest of his game is average. He’s a sub par skater and poor defensively based on skill not effort and he doesn’t exhibit toughness offensively. He can take a hit to make a play but will never throw a hit to cause a turnover. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a nice player but more of a 6-7 mill guy that gives you 4-5 more for another piece. If you listen to the Isles fans they are all pissed off that management let an asset walk for nothing not that they lost a world class talent. The Leafs should go all in for the next 2-3 years b/c after that Tavares contract will definitely have lost it’s a luster. And no this isn’t a knock on JT it’s just an opinion on the new breed of fast young skilled players and the cap constraints. Matt Barzal was lights out the Islanders best player last year and many can argue the Ho-Sang out performed JT the end of 16-17 when they were clawing to make the playoffs. I just think that the Leafs window with JT is a lot smaller than JT thinks and Mangement should have focused on a young stud D-man. The Leafs will definitely be a cup contender next year but they would have been better served if they heisted Leddy from the Isles and used the change to add another solid D.

      • MG,

        Forward Depth!? The Leafs do need to re-tool that defense, but they have arguably the deepest group of forwards in the League. Maybe Winnipeg is better positioned in terms of their depth up front, but that’s about it. Their forward depth will not be what sinks them.

        I get that people are skeptical of the Leafs, they haven’t won anything yet, but at the end of the day the team that just finished tied for 7th overall in the league added the best player available in free agency. To say they are amoung the contenders isn’t a stretch, and their window is relatively long.

        Winning the cup is no longer about making one good run, it’s about building a core you can keep together, and build around for an extended period of time. It’s why Pittsburgh has multiple cups several years apart, and why Washington was finally able to take it down.

        It remains to be seen if Dubas is up to the task to manage that core through the next 5-7 years, but at the very least, they are in the beginning stages of contention, with a young group of players. Leafs fans would not have seen anything like that in their lifetimes, so while it may get annoying, they aren’t drawing the optimism from thin air.

      • Aren’t you forgetting Gardiner? Doesn’t he make 5 million? What team would want him? He’s Swiss cheese on D

      • PT, I don’t disagree that the JT contract will be a burden down the road, but methinks they get 4-5 excellent years out of him not the 2-3 you mention.
        I think he will struggle more than some others as he is not a “natural” great skater, even though he improved it significantly. I think guys like Karlsson and Daughty will age better because of that.
        The interesting part for me is what the do after next season when they need to extend the young guys and add some D.

      • I love the JT signing for Tor. They will find a way to make the monies work, they always do.

        The cap is still going to increase & when the NHL’s new national TV contract is up in the US, I believe there are 3 years remaining on the current deal, the NHL is going to sign it’s 1st real national TV deal & the cap will be jumping significantly the year after that revenue stream comes online recession or no recession.

        I’m thinking 10 to 12 mil in 1 year. These contracts signed today will be average for a star 4 to 5 years out.

      • Toronto is definitely not the favourite to win anything next year. They also do not have the best forward depth in the league. They don’t even have the best centre depth in the league. Wow you give leaf fans a shiny new toy and suddenly their dad can’t beat up everyone else’s dad.

      • They already have the streets blocked off in Toronto for the parade. Barriers up. You name it. Never mind a Defensive core that needs more Veteran leadership. Who cares. Run with it….🤣

      • I’m more excited to watch Toronto this season than I am Edmonton. Can’t wait to see what Tavares can do with something other than the 3rd line talent he’s been saddled with his entire career. It must have been a treat for him to play with Barzal last season.

      • I don’t see any Toronto fans on here bragging about their shiny new toy just bitter jealous non fans so blinded by their hatred for Toronto that their Hockey sense is compromised. As a matter of fact the only one who posts here that can see past the team they cheer for is Striker.

      • Jealous?? Jaysus, where do you come up with that kind of juvenile crap?

    • Craig, hasn’t Chiarelli given you enough food for thought on cap mismanagement? You bought a new car and hate it already.

      • Thanks for your note Striker, you’re always one that sees things for what they are. The Leafs biggest issue right now is they have too many great young players. I don’t know a team that doesn’t or shouldn’t want that issue. They have a cap expert like all teams do who works closely with the GM to project the team out 3-5 years. As best they can. They adjust and figure out how to stay competitive, just like Chicago\Pittsburg\LA have done in our cap based NHL. Its a really good problem to have

      • Dee, there is no favorite to the win the cup next year, there currently is 10-12 and the Leafs are one of them whether you like it or not.

    • I have no idea why all you non Leafs fans are so concerned about the Leafs. Most knowledgeable Leaf fans are not. So Craig, it could be the reason you didn’t see a response. The other reason was most of us were outdoors enjoying the Canada day weekend yesterday.

      Knowledgeable Leaf fans\hockey fans get the direction the team is going and I quite frankly approve. Dubas is quite confident with his ability to manage the cap over the next number of years and has made these statements. He is responsible for that and I trust he will be able to achieve it. How you might ask, by stockpiling the number of quality prospects to fill roles as needed including defense. The Leafs are also well setup to allow players to develop in the AHL, a formula that has been used to by top teams for years.

      If Dubas does fall into cap problems, trades will not be hard to accomplish. For those that think we can’t get a quality defenseman for Nylander, I can assure you we can. The fact that we haven’t is more about the Leafs not wanting to deal Nylander or MM as opposed to any other misconceived thought you non-Leaf fans seem to assume.

      Teams are all pressing the offense button these days. All the money is going into the centre position, why – because it’s where the biggest difference is made in hockey. Thirty one teams would have found a way to add John Taveras within their cap including Tampa. Controlling the centre of the ice wins hockey games, including playoff games.

      I look forward to teams trying to match up against the Leafs. Removing Bozak and JVR to me was addition by subtraction. I pity Philly for paying that much for JVR, a 30 foot player. Bozak has always been horrible in his own end, a facet that significantly affects the defense more than who is playing defense. Removing Bozak and JVR is equivalent to adding significantly to the defense. The maturation of the young talent, again equivalent to adding to the defense.

      Defense is not a six man game as many of you mistakenly keep harping on. It’s a team game. All 5 plus the goalie are involved in retrieving the puck in their own end as well, keeping it out of their net. Our forwards are far better positioned going into 2018/19 then they were last year to playing 200 foot hockey. A function of removing some players and others maturing, filling out.

      I like the Leaf chances over the next decade to be cup contenders. That’s all we can try to be as there is no certainty in winning a cup. JT didn’t sign here simply because of his home town, he knows the team will be cup contenders starting this upcoming year.

      • “For those that think we can’t get a quality defenseman for Nylander, I can assure you we can.”

        When you say “quality” are you referring to a top 2 D? Exactly how can you “assure” anyone – unless you’re privy to the thoughts of the other 30 GMs?

      • Trekkie Tim Horton
        Let’s take Tim Hortons core of 11 players locked up at 59 . Core to me means who you build around , not include in trade .
        Still need 12 bodies to get to 23 . Hyman and brown makes 63.5 , Marleau still on the books past rookies signing , up to 69.75 . Still need 9 bodies . What’s the cap going to be to make this work ? How Much “building” can he do ? Trade the Horton hit , trade Matt Martin , you still need to fill out 9 spots with the remaining money without trading “core” pieces ? Johnsson taking a million ? What about kapanen next year , 1 million ? You can fill out the roster , but like I said not without filling the rest in with marlies or trading “core” pieces . It’s nice to just throw out the core and dubas knows it all , but I still see no solutions without getting in to the “core” or filling the rest of the roster with marlies . Like my point was .
        Tomorrow I’ll provide my oilers outlook early on the board . Leafs fans instantly jump there when facts start getting in the way .

      • So true regarding Leafs fans and their thoughts of this team’s direction. I myself am surprised at the work Shanahan has done…I can’t think of a big slip anywhere in his time here so far.
        For fans that ask all these tough questions, just because you thought of these while brushing your teeth or something, the guys we are discussing and questioning, just happen to get paid a lot of money to not only have answers to these obvious questions but to think and solve others we have no idea even exist. It’s really had being part of a conversation when your not in the sane rule as we fans are. And I’m sure some think they are smarter which if that was true why don’t they have a job with a team, any team?
        I think what I hear a lot regarding the Leafs signing the best FA (to date) is just dumb. People forget adding a star in his prime without giving up assets is almost never done. The cap space used is about the same as it would of been if they signed JVR and Bozak…anyone need to argue about preferring them to JT?
        Freeagents such as the restricted type are team controlled meaning they can offer the RFA whatever they want but in reality each RFA is its own special case. The Leafs have one this year and two next that all three could easily fit under the cap without much turmoil. There’s room to even upgrade the backend and still be under the cap.

        Players like winning. When I played that’s all I wanted to do and being on good (winning) teams made that easier and much more enjoyable then being on poor ones. If I or you even went pro, would you leave money on the table to be part of something you believed in? I would and I’ll bet a lot of guys do, we sometimes don’t hear about it but I know (due to my profession) they do and bet these guys also will.
        Regardless, based on the impressive 4 years so far with this management and complete turn around I don’t have any doubts they’ll fail unlike the haters out there and btw we’re really flattered.

  8. Pierre LeBrun on Toronto radio just say Nylander straight up for Parayko …. Blues were asking about Willie…

    • I’d tell Toronto to shove it if I were the Blues. They’d be fools to trade Parayko.

      Toronto has the assets to outbid anyone on Karlsson.

      Nylander, Gardiner, two prospects, two firsts and a second.

      They could give up a package similar to that and not miss a beat. The Sharks, Knights, Caps can’t do anything like that. The Isles could, but doubtful he’d go there.

      • MG, the Leafs are not emptying the cupboard for Karlsson. We don’t need what he brings.

      • Nylander would be great, the 1sts would be super late, and Leafs Nation is always trying to give Gardiner away. So those prospects are going to consist of Liligen and some combination of Kapanen/Sparks/Johnsson to even begin to think it possible IMO

      • I sincerely hope Dubas feels that way.

        ‘Cuz EK is exactly what the Leafs and I want to see at least one more Pens championship in our current window.

      • No, No, No. And NO again to Gardiner. Thank you very much!

      • Joe

        I can’t see Pierre LeBrun being that clued out that he thought Nylander alone would net Parayko.If he said it— he is really not valuing things right.

        It might take as much as Nylander and Gardner +

        IMO — Parayko will be one of Canada’s top 2 D at next Olympics

      • MG

        I believe Vegas has a better set to bid on EK– first of all they would take on BR

        For EK and BR

        Theo + Eakin + Suzuki + 1st (’19) + 2nd (’19) and 2nd (’20)

        Note: VGK have 5 2nds in next two years drafts

        As Suzuki was a first round selection, they are giving 2 1sts, 2 2nds, an up and coming very good young D in Theo; plus a 3rd line Centre ; and taking BR off of their hands— for EK.

        I don’t believe that Toronto could match that package. They won’t want to take on BR for sure.

        BTW— anybody notice that Carter Rowney — not extended by Pens got signed 3 years for $1.13 Each year (Ana)— wow

        I was a fan of his in the depth role— big surprise on term and amount though— good for him

      • Pengy, I’ve think I already addressed this in previous posts. Vegas had a good run but by no means can they repeat that. Their leading scorer I think had a 23% shooting percentage. Maybe Striker can check that. He needs a new contract, along with 3 other rfa’s. Suzuki, who I doubt Ottowa would want, and Theo who is also rfa, aren’t being counted against their cap. So only salary you’re sending back is Eakin. Bringing in EK and BR will cost close to 14 mil next year and will go up following year with Karllson extension…so for this year you would have approx 10 mil to sign W Karlsson and 3 other rfa’s Giving up prospects leaves your already not very deep pool pretty empty… and you have an older, worse roster, with no cap space. Next year will be a nightmarenightmare

    • George, I’m not in the room with other GMs, I just know where the game is and where it is going, I can see it. Teams spend more on offense then defense, especially in todays game where the competition is so tight that a game breaker is often the deference between winning and losing. Nylander, at 21 is already a game breaker.

      My opinion is teams would be very eager to get a Nylander. You know, the guy at 20 that led Sweeden to hockey gold at the 2017 WC – the same guy voted as MVP of the tournament

      • MG, the Leafs don’t need what Karlsson brings. He’s a guy that can move the puck and has good puck retrieval skills but his real gift is what he brings to the offense as well, PP Quarterback. The Leafs don’t need the offense and they do not need a PP Quarterback. MM and Nylander play that role and at their age, very well I might add. So why would we pay a huge toll for what we don’t need?

        Getting what we really need cost far less, a good strong physical defensmen that can skate. Borgman is strong and physical, but his skating is below average. He is still young enough to improve this part of his game. I can remember Connor Brown at 18, his skating was far below average, he is now an above average skater and filling out very nicely. A very good six round selection.

        If Borgman isn’t the guy for this role, and we can wait until December\January to find out, finding a physical defender that has above average skating ability will not cost us significantly.

      • But eager enough to give up a Top 2 D? That’s what I asked when you used the term “quality.” Nylander’s 20 goals and 41 assists in 82gp placed him 71st in league scoring and in 7 playoff games he contributed 1 goal. 30 of the F who finished ahead of him in the scoring race played less games than he did – some considerably less.

        I’m not slagging the guy – he is an offensive talent many teams would covet. I just don’t think his overall game is good enough to bring back a Top 2 D on his own.

      • George,

        I would agree. Dangling Nylander probably doesn’t bring back what you want. Didn’t work when Hall was Dangled, definitely won’t work with Nylander.

        Only way a top 2 D moves is if a Team decides to shop them for one reason or another. It’s the nature of the game. You can’t try and pry out a guy who isnt’ available, you have to overpay too much.

        If a team is shopping a guy that fits that mold, yes, a package centering on Nylander likely gets it done, but only in a scenario where a team has a guy they have decided they want to move.

        The Leafs would be much better off trying to acquire guys who have been mis valued, and trying to put together a kind of underrated D with guys who can skate, and keep the puck up the ice as much as possible.

        D is the most divisive position to accurately rate. You are better off trying to jump on teams small mistakes than overpay to pry out a guy everyone knows is a stud.

        It’s the reason I don’t think the Leafs end up moving Nylander for a D. Not because they shouldn’t if a team like St. Louis was willing to send Parayko for Nyalnder, just that the type of deal that would make it worthwhile just isn’t likely to be available.

      • A little off topic but my wife’s friends husband is a huge leafs fan/ weirdo who has nicknamed Nylander “Will Ny the goal scoring guy” which literally makes my skin crawl so in turn reading about Nylander makes my skin crawl. So maybe we could tone it back a little on what Nylander is worth in trade? There is no way any of you could know unless it happens.

      • I wonder if bill ny could figure it out?

    • I admire LeBrun but I don’t see StL giving up Paryako unless they receive an offer they simply can’t refuse. He is now their #2 Dman & only has 3 seasons & 242 regular season games of NHL experience. That means he’s still at least 2 full seasons from reaching full development at the NHL level. No slight to Nylander but that ain’t getting it done.

      StL is 1 of the most improved teams in the league this summer so far. Fabbri is healthy & they have 3 of the best prospect forwards in the entire NHL waiting in the wings. Dunn shocked everyone just stepping into the NHL last season as StL #5 being forced into a top 4 role when Bow went down. StL may be a cup contender as currently constructed but only if Allen can post top 10 SV%.

    • That would be a great trade for Leafs because Nylander is terrible in playoffs, he looked soft as mink fur.

    • Craig,

      I like to think dubas keeps his core together.

      With Tavares now locked in, the Leafs’ roster boasts five of the top 65 players in points per game (minimum 120 games) over the past two seasons in Tavares, Matthews, Nylander, Marner and Nazem Kadri. The Stanley Cup champion Capitals (Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Evgeny Kuznetsov and T.J. Oshie) and Jets (Mark Scheifele, Blake Wheeler, Patrik Laine and Nikolaj Ehlers) each have four. No other team has more than three.

      This is what you build your team around. I know it will be tough, but I just pridham has multiple options for the cap situation. Here is my rough take :

      Centre ice
      Tavares 11
      Matthews 11.5
      Kadri 4.5
      Lindholm 1 ( just throwing in a guy with a number )
      Total 28 m

      Marner 7
      Nylander 7
      Marleau 6.25
      Kapanen 2.2
      Brown 2.1
      Hymann 2.3
      Johnnson 2
      Grundstrum 1
      Total 29.8m

      Reilly 5
      Zaitsev 4.5
      Dermott 1
      Liligren 1
      Ozhiganov 1
      UFA ( or trade) valued at 3.5
      Total 16 m

      Freddy 5
      Sparks 1
      6 m

      * Horton cap hit needs to be traded

      * Martin will be traded

      Total cap hit 80 m

      Is this the way to go? Not sure, but I build my team around the core, and have the pieces fall in place.

      • Gardiner? That defense is not too defensive, Lijegren isn’t big enough to play in the NHL yet. That is not the best forward group in the NHL.

      • So Tim Horton and Trekie, curious to see what happens when Arizona, San Jose or NYI knock on Dubas door with the 15 million dollar per year offer sheet for Mathews? How does that change your plan?

    • Craig, I assume the 11 include Matthews, MM and Nylanders new contracts. That number makes sense.

      A couple points, Marleau is a one year cap issue, easily resolvable, and yes they will be filled by Marlies or better put prospects – just like every other team has to do. Luckily our prospect pool as fill players is growing and quite frankly very exciting including potential top 6 forwards as well top 4 defensemen. Have fun with your Oilers, I wish them well. Once JT’s contract is over, Newmarket’s boy McDavid will be dying to be a Leaf. Funny how that lines up so nicely 🙂

      • It’s easy . But you have no solution . Haha . Priceless . Back to the oilers when the facts get in the way ! Haha . How is it easy with full no move and no Trade ? Is he accepting a move to a team reaching for the cap floor ? Is a contender paying him 6.25 at 40+ ? Let’s hear it ?

      • Trekkie
        To get through that year intact YOU said it’s an easy resolvable issue . Then I said , if it’s so easy , where is he going ? Can’t put him on robidas island , which trade is he , the leafs and another team in on ? It’s easy you said ? Yet you can’t figure out ANY solutions or fits ? Jus going to ask a prospect or two to wait the year out without pay ? How do you get past the year with the core and 6.25 .

    • Joe

      I can’t see Pierre LeBrun being that clued out that he thought Nylander alone would net Parayko.If he said it— he is really not valuing things right.

      It might take as much as Nylander and Gardner +

      IMO — Parayko will be one of Canada’s top 2 D at next Olympics

      • Craig, wtf are you talking about? Again, Marleau is a one year issue, we’ll be just fine thank you very much. The fact that it doesn’t make sense to you means nothing to me as you are obviously clueless.

        How hard will it be for the Leafs to continue rolling out players that can become very good via their prospect pool to keep filling spots to non core players that either leave or get traded. Let me tell you, not hard over next decade. I guess the Marlies winning the Calder cup means nothing too right.

      • Craig, they need do nothing with Marleau, again it’s a one year problem. They fill to the cap with their abundant prospect, I was sure I spelled that our very clearly? I have no idea why it is not sinking in with you.

        Tampa will have similar issues coming with Kucherov, Point and Sergachev – are you worried about them too?

        Craig, worry about your Oilers, they have far bigger issues then do the Leafs.

        Leafs, cup champions 2019, you can bet on it in Vegas but its not paying very much :). Just kidding on the Cup Champions part but we have a team that can win.

  9. Chris Stevenson isn’t totally correct. Karlsson doesn’t hold all the cards just the best hand. He has a contract for 1 more year with a modified NTC, a 10 team no-trade list. If Karlsson refuses to sign an extension with the team he’s traded to the return will be far less than if he did but it will still be substantial. Far better than what Was paid for Shattenkirk at the trade deadline the season before last.

    Futures will be attached to any trade in this scenario but ideally, Karlsson would accept to be traded to where he wants to sign an extension & Ott would receive maximum value. If this doesn’t happen, Dorion, & Ott have no 1 to blame but themselves, they put themselves in this position.

    If Ott is adamant about attaching Ryan to any trade then the return is going to be far less than if he wasn’t & would limit the trade partners significantly. I think Ott just needs to suck up the Ryan contract for now & address that issue independently down the road unless an ideal fit is found. The only team that might be able to do such would be Vegas really, as any other team with the cap space to take on Karlsson’s future cap hit & Ryan’s are incredibly limited.

    • Dorion protected Bobby Ryan over Marc Methot in the expansion draft.

      Now, they are going to try to dump him by attaching him to EK and will lessen their return greatly.

      This after trading Hoffman for peanuts because he asked for the moon when he needed to move him last winter.

      All while the team is poised to finish 31st without a first round pick because they traded it (and a better a player) for a second line center whose teams always lose.

      He’s one more bad move from being maybe the worst GM in NHL history and he still has to trade Karlsson, Stone and maybe Duchene.

      • MG I think he had to protect Ryan as he had a NMC.

      • Ooops. Correct, Ray. A NMC clause even.

        I know Phanuef refused, was there another player they kept over Methot? I seem to remember there being some drama there.

      • Actually, Dorion didn’t protect Ryan because the language in the NMC allowed him to be exposed. Phaneuf is the one who screwed the team by not waiving his NMC. Ottawa had to protect Karlsson, Phaneuf and Ceci or lose Brassard or Pageau in the 4F/4D option. I’d rather lose Methot than Brassard or Pageau.

      • ott would have had to protect D karlson, ceci as well as f stone, hoffman, turris, pagouaeuo or whatever, smith, brassard… so if they went 8 skaters to protect methot they would have lost pagaeu or smith… not sure they valued either less than a propped up over rated d man.

    • What I would like to know is how much will it effect the return if Ryan is included.
      This is no small ask, as it is for the next 4 years. I have to think it is huge.
      If this was about starting a rebuild and collecting young assets, which IMO it needs to be, then severely limiting your return is just plain dumb. If the Sens are serious about that, then they should not have any cap ceiling issues, and when you look at their roster they won’t. So moving Ryan is not a necessity to try and win.
      Which makes me think this isn’t just about setting a new and best course for the franchise, this is about saving Melnyk money. Which is his right, but it is also the fans right not to spend their’s to watch this team.

      • Agreed. Ottawa also has to keep some veterans and larger contracts around to hit the cap floor if trading Karlsson. Hopefully, Duchene and Stone (new Captain if he stays) stick around, but I’m not holding my breath now. Melnyk and Dorion have made a complete mess of things.

        Attaching Ryan to a Karlsson trade would kill the return. Stick with Karlsson for the maximum return.

  10. IF Ottawa is to trade EK, it’s prudent of the Management to get as big as a return possible. It’s unfortunate Ottawa been in the news a lot as of late and for no good reason. They need to turn things around.
    Bobby Ryan is considered a negative if added to the Karlsson deal and for that reason Ottawa should exclude BR from any trade including Karlsson, need to maximise the return
    If it Vegas it starts with Shea Thoedore and Alex Tuck

  11. SJ has Burns & Vlasic signed for 8.5 7 more years & 7 for 8 more years respectively. They have Tierny still due this summer, Pavelski & Donskoi are UFA’s next summer, Thornton can’t continue to play forever & will need to be replaced & Meier, Lebanc & Ryan are RFA’s next summer.

    SJ can’t afford Karlsson & their trading for him makes no sense to me.

    • Agree on all. But a contract year for Karlsson, and probably Thornton’s last as a Shark. That PP would be insane.

  12. NYI’s roster for me baring further trades. As always move wingers around any way you like the coach will. Think in pairs as opposed to full lines of 3. Flip-flop Nelson & Filppula if you prefer as over the course of the season different combinations will be tried but barring injury when TOI/GP with whom can be figured out here’s what I see today.

    Beauvillier, Barzal, Eberle.
    Lee, Nelson, Bailey.
    Ladd, Filppula, Komorov.
    Johnston, Cizkas, Clutterbuck.
    Spare. Kuhnnhackl.

    Leddy, Boychuk.
    Pulock, Pelech.
    Hickey, Mayfield.
    ?, ?.

    Greiss, Lehner?

    This isn’t that bad a team & surely Lou will do something with that 23.8 mil in cap space. They could surprise people. Filppula & Komorov will really help NYI’s PK it was the worst in the league last season by a significant margin.

    NYI is now in a forced rebuild. Snow has finally been killed & a proper structure can be put in place. Trots coached a similar bunch of players in Nas for years maximising their abilities with a sound structure, dedicated system & hard work.

    • The Islanders are in a better position this offseason than they would have predicted a year ago had they still lost Tavares, and Barzal coming in an immediately looking like a #1C really softens the blow.

      They do play in the Metro, which feels more wide open than the Atlantic, so that an make things a crap shoot as well.

      Trotz will help, and Komorov will help the PK, but that contract could get very ugly very fast. I think they really need to make a big addition to contend for a playoff spot next year, but they probably aren’t a basement dweller either.

      Lou brings stability, and you have to commend the job he has done in a short time. Things would be looking pretty great in a short stint had they convinced Tavares to stay, and none of that falls on Lou at the end of the day. Seems like Toronto was just in the right place to pull it off, and it happened to be a player that still had that nostalgia for his home town team. That doesn’t happen often, and Lou couldn’t combat it.

  13. I’d love to see Karlsson in Boston but if Bobby Ryan has to be part of it, it won’t happen or should I say, I don’t want it to happen. B’s were very silent when they acquired Chara so there’s a slim possibility…plus Karlsson and Chara know each other so Chara may have some influence as well. Maybe I’m just a Bostonian dreaming eh?

    • No thank you.

  14. Leas and Karlsson? Why? What does he bring other than a flashier Jake Gardiner?. EK plays horrible defense, gets injured a lot, sulks, and is more an individual than a team player..why would Leafs have any interest? Makes no sense especially with the JT signing. The poster who mentions that defense is a team game, that it matters who plays the wing and center, and the Leafs are already better in that team defense by shedding both JVR and Bozak…..let someone else bite big on a contract for EK that their fans will hate by 2020….

    • There you go with the “gets injured a lot” crapola. As I said in response to the same statement yesterday “Except for the year he missed a slew of games thanks to a severed achilles delivered by that a-hole Cooke, he’s played 610 of 634 games – or 96%.”

      • As usual, George, you’re right but I didn’t see Karlsson fully healthy last year. His injury was almost career-ending; I really hope he gets back to his best because he is fantastic to watch then. As for a hockey trade for Karlsson, the Islanders can certainly make a decent bid. I just think Las Vegas can offer more. I’d keep Bobby Ryan out of the deal though or it could be a sad return for a true superstar.

      • BCLeafFan, I believe what gave Karlsson the slow start to his personal season was the off-season surgery that caused him to miss the entire training camp. And the NHL history books are full of “off-seasons” experienced by players who either miss camp due to surgery or as the result of contract hassles. But that doesn’t make him injury “prone.”

        Hell, the other guy in the news these days – Tavares – missed the rest of the 3013-24 season after a knee injury in Sochi during the 2013-14 season and I don’t hear anyone calling him “injury prone.” S*^t happens as Forrest Gump allegedly coined.

      • Oh, and by the way, I agree they should just hang onto Ryan got now – with the added proviso that he get fitted with a pair of hockey gloves that actually PROTECT the hands rather than “gives him a better grip.” The grip means bugger all up in the press box – and every damned injury he’s had since joining Ottawa has been to the hands.

      • “Ryan right now …” Bloody faded script.

    • You do realize in all measurable defensive stats outside of hits, Karlsson is one of the best in the league? Take aways, Possession, shots blocked. He plays in all roles. Karlsson, is far from a defensive liability, he is elite.

      Always I injured? In the past 5 years, Karlsson has missed 16 games total. 5 2 years ago (was personal not even injury) and 11 this season. He hasn’t even played under 70 games a season since his rookie year. Excluding his rookie year in 8 years he’s missed 24 games, total.

      • He didn’t respond yesterday … and I doubt he responds today. Clearly one of those who subscribes to the Joseph Goebbels theory that, if you repeat a big lie often enough the masses will come to accept it as the truth. Kind of like McCain asserting that the 9/11 terrorists entered the U.S. through Canada. Total B.S. – but many believed it.

      • Didn’t McCain also say they were aided by a crotchety ol sens fan too? He a dummy.

      • Erik Karlsson is a top 5 player in the NHL.

        I think Leafs fans have been conditioned to hate him and thus minimize him for years.

        I think Guy Boucher should be fired as his gimmick has been figured out again, but he does deserve a lot of credit for rounding out EK’s game.

        The version that won those two Norris trophies isn’t half the player that EK was in 2017.

    • I don’t think the Leafs could even entertain getting in on Karlsson, but he certainly wouldn’t hurt the team.

      His Defensive game being terrible is an add myth that circulates simply because he A) isn’t a defensive stud, and B) scores a ton, so therefore he must be bad defensively?

      I never get why players like Karlsson and Subban get pegged with that Label. Karlsson is probably a slightly above average defensive D. His strengths, like exiting the zone with control, stripping the puck along the boards, and basically skating in his own zone to relieve pressure, easily make up for his weak net front presence and overall board play. The turnovers a non-factor, as he has a very low turnover rate compared to the amount of time he carries the puck out of his end. While some risks don’t pay off, he has such a high success rate with most of his offensive plays, they are just an accepted trade off of what he creates.

  15. As a Sabres fan I’m happy to see John Tavares go to the Leafs, hoping it will be a heated rivalry. I hope they get Karlsson also, I hope their cap is really bad next year.

    • Matt, well done!

  16. Leafs, don’t need to do anything now. Firstly they need see what they have at training camp. Also defenseman do come available after every team is trying to make there final cuts. Prices are a lot cheaper than. Give Rosen, Dermont,liljegren a chance to start the year with the big club and leafs might not have to add an older veteran. Hell wasn’t it two years ago the leafs had 9 rookies in the lineup and they made the playoffs. If by Christmas they truly need a defenseman, look for a short term rental.

  17. 1) Trading Nylander for a Top 2 D man will not help with your limited cap space. 2) All the Leaf fans out here thinking Matthews is going to sign for only $11.5m a year to be their #1 Center when JT, their second line Center, is making $11m. Good luck with that! lol

    • Not sure Tavares will be the 2nd centre on the Leafs but he will take a lot of the heat off Matthews. Why does Matthews need to make more than Tavares? He’s young, has a long career ahead of him, he’ll get his money – pretty sure he’d trade dollars for a chance to win.

      • Because Matthews is the better player and should be the #1 Center. That alone is why he should/will get more $$$ than Tavares. He will be in the same boat as JT was this off season. Teams will be lined up for him. Plus you won’t be getting a hometown discount with Matthews like you did JT. Remember, Matthews is a California boy, and what team went hard after JT and didn’t get him? San Jose.

  18. For us Bruins fans out there it looks like Bos may have it’s 23 man roster set for next season barring trades. Capfriendly shows 23 players signed, 13 forwards, 8 D & 2 goalies. Not sure who’s the #3 C, Kuraly played as the #4 last season & better suited than Wagner bit I assume that’s still to be addressed unless Backes plays as the #3.

    Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak.
    Debrusk, Krejci, Donato.
    Heinen, Kuraly/Backes/?, Backes/?.
    Bjork, Wagner, Nordstrom.
    Spare Acciari?

    Might Bjork be destined for the minors to start the season until injuries allow for his call-up? Playing as a 4th line LW doesn’t really make sense & Acciari is better suited to that role Where does Backes play C or RW? Kuraly is a better 4th line C option with Wagner playing as the spare 13th forward.

    Chara, McAvoy.
    Krug, Carlo.
    Grzelcyk, Miller.
    Moore, McQuad.

    Might K. Miller & or McQuad be moved in some package to get a #3C? None are well suited to being healthy scratches this regularly.

    Rask, Halak.

    I like this roster. I would like a better #3 C & at least 1 of McQuad or Miller moved out to address such adding a pick or prospect to get a better option.

    Not planning any parade routes but not unhappy.

    • Ya, unless there is an issue with Carlo’s injury it is difficult to understand the logic of carrying 8 NHL caliber D men all season.
      I like how McQuaid plays the game and have an appreciation for his courage and character. But he is probably the least skilled of the group, also just a year left on his deal, so most likely to be moved?
      I also like Krug & Grezlyk, but Neely came right out and said he would like to get bigger on the left side of the D corp. Then they add Moore for 5 years, with Zboril likely ready in another year if he continues to progress. Moore is also a better skater than McQuaid so who knows what the thought process is moving forward, or I am just reading too much into Neely’s comments.
      Sounds to me like Kuraly & JFK (with Frederic and Studnika getting getting a shot, but in words only) will compete for 3C. Not sure Backes still skates well enough for that role.
      That is the 1 big maybe in their roster. Rest is solid and set.

  19. Any GM that has an upcoming UFA that hasnt or wont resign in the off season before hitting UFA needs to trade him. Get what you can for him. Snow got played by Tavares all season long and in the end received nothing for losing him. Getting something is better than nothing.
    If Dorion is insisting Ryan be included in any Karlsson deal he is severely limiting his trade market.

    Trade Karlsson now, dont get overly greedy taking something less than ideal now is much better than having him walk for nothing.

    Ask Garth Snow if he would have handled things differently had he known Johnny Maple Leaf was going to shiv him.

  20. One team i also notice nobody talking about it Winnipeg.
    They could offer a far superior return package than ANY team.

    “Hey Pierre, you would like an established D young D in return…here take Trouba, you’re gonna love him.”

    “Oh, you want a 1st too? No problem, our scouts still find good stuff in 2nd rd.”

    “Oh, you ALSO want a good prospect? Got PLENTY of them to choose from.”

    “But seeing how guys like Benning, Sakic, Poile and others have bent you over Melnyk’s desk, how bout you just take Trouba and we’ll call ot a day huh?”

    Jets have PLENTY of cap space, youth, depth and are sooo close to making noise.


    Thats a very nice right side.

    Whaddya guys think?

    • Well, I think for starters that Winnipeg is probably on his 10-team no-trade list.

  21. With Martin going back to the Isles for a minor league goalie, I wonder if this means Sparks or Pickard is going to be part of a package for a d-man. Rumors about Canes interest in Sparks and Leafs interest in Faulk could mean something is brewing

  22. Late day post…

    No one needs Karlsson more than the Islanders.

    Beauvillier, Dobson, 2019 first rounder and?

  23. Chris Stevenson says Dallas is frontrunner for EK.

    If so, that means they are offering Miro Heiskanen (sp?) as part of the deal.

    Maybe they are sending Spezza back for a farewell tour, too.

  24. Boychuck, HoSang, DelCole, Ladd & a 1st for Ryan and Karlsson?

  25. Tyson Barrie, Ottawa’s #1 back and Avs 2019 1st pick.

    We all know where the Sens are going to finish and the Avs will pick first

  26. I believe Nylander will be the odd man out in Toronto and some form of a package deal to the Blues for Parayko should have been offered before the Blues traded for O’Reilly. The Blues don’t have a need for Nylander now. But if it was me….I’d look to Buffalo for Ristolinen.

    Nylander was drafted as a center and has been taking reps at center through out the season. He could play 2nd line center and provide protection for Middlestat(spelling?)so he can play sheltered 3rd line minutes. He could possibly also jump start his brother Alex.

    Hockey trade…one for one. Nylander for Ristolinen.