NHL Rumor Mill – July 4, 2018

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Dallas Stars the front-runners for Erik Karlsson, plus the latest on Justin Faulk and Kevin Hayes in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSDAY: Josh Lile cites sources and multiple reports indicating the Dallas Stars have become the front-runner for Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson. He notes The Athletic’s Chris Stevenson reporting of talks between the two clubs. “Senators focusing on Miro Heiskanen third overall to Dallas last year, one source suggested. Dallas would rather give up Julius Honka, 14th overall in 2014,” said Stevenson, who added the talks don’t involved Senators winger Bobby Ryan being part of the deal.

Could Erik Karlsson be headed to the Dallas Stars? (Photo via NHL Images)

Lile believes the Stars would also have to give up “a first-round pick, other picks, and prospects in some arrangement.” He also feels a contract extension for Karlsson would be an issue, as he rejected an eight-year offer worth $10-million annually from the Senators and could seek a deal comparable to the eight-year, $88-million contract recently signed by Los Angeles Kings blueliner Drew Doughty.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Stars are among six teams – the others being the Vegas Golden Knights, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks and Columbus Blue Jackets – believed to have held talks with the Senators regarding Karlsson in recent weeks. He said there was some hope a deal could be done on Tuesday but it never materialized, pointing out Senators GM Pierre Dorion won’t rush into anything and won’t move Karlsson unless he gets the right return.

Garrioch also said the Rangers appear to have backed off but the New York Islanders might make a pitch. Of the aforementioned clubs, he feels the Golden Knights, Lightning and Stars could be the best fits for the all-star defenseman. Garrioch believes if Bobby Ryan ($7.25-million cap hit) is to be part of the deal the return for the Senators could change. Not every team involved in discussion is being asked to take on Ryan’s contract.

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: David Schoen notes multiple reports indicate the Golden Knights are among the clubs attempting to acquire Karlsson, with trade rumors also linking the Stars, Lightning, Islanders and Colorado Avalanche to the Senators’ captain. “The Knights’ package to acquire Karlsson likely would include defenseman Shea Theodore, a prospect and draft picks,” said Schoen, who suggests they could also sent the Senators another NHL-salaried player to help them stay above the $58.8-million salary-cap minimum.

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Tom Dougherty notes NBC Sports’ Joey Alfieri including the Philadelphia Flyers on his list of possible suitors for Karlsson. While the Flyers have the cap space to make this move without subtracting too much from the current roster, Dougherty notes the asking price and the cost of re-signing Karlsson would be very expensive. He also points out Flyers general manager Ron Hextall prefers to build with youth and only goes big-game hunting if it makes sense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, Karlsson has a 10-team no-trade list. Leading up to last season’s trade deadline, however, it was reported the Senators asked him to provide a list of 12 preferred trade destinations. 

As Lile observes, Karlsson wouldn’t be the scoring forward the Stars were looking for (hence their interest in John Tavares), but the ability “to throw Karlsson or Klingberg on the ice for almost the entire game is formidable. The Anaheim Ducks rode Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer to a Stanley Cup doing it. Dallas is pushing for Karlsson with the same idea in mind.” 

If the Senators aren’t pushing Ryan being part of the package, they will seek a high return. Their insistence on Heiskanen from the Stars could be a deal breaker, but GM Jim Nill might be willing to do it if Karlsson agrees to a long-term extension. 

Should discussions between the Stars and Senators fall through, the Golden Knights could take over as the front-runner. They’ve got the cap space and the depth in prospects and young players to make this work, plus they came close to landing him at the trade deadline.

As for the Islanders’ interest, B.D. Gallof cites an NHL source saying there’s no trade discussions right now because the Isles aren’t a team he’s interested in signing with. I don’t see the Flyers getting seriously involved in the bidding.

The Avalanche being linked to Karlsson could be due to the recent trade history between the two clubs, when the Avs sent Matt Duchene to Ottawa last fall as part of a three-team deal with Nashville. Just because they’ve dealt before, however, doesn’t mean they’re doing so again. I’m not dismissing the notion but I have my doubts that Colorado is on Karlsson’s trade list. 


THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Chip Alexander wonders if the Carolina Hurricanes signing defenseman Calvin de Haan yesterday opens the door for a possible trade of Justin Faulk. With over $19.6-million tied up in de Haan, Dougie Hamilton, Jaccob Slavin and Brett Pesce, Alexander suggests “there isn’t enough money or playing time to go around for Faulk,” who has two years remaining on his contract with an affordable salary-cap hit of $4.83 million. He feels Faulk could be “a valuable asset for the right team”. Hurricanes GM Don Waddell said he doesn’t feel any urgency to do something but admitted he’ll consider all his options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams that lose out in the bidding for Karlsson could shift their interest toward Faulk, who’s also been linked to the Chicago Blackhawks and Toronto Maple Leafs in recent trade speculation. The Hurricanes could use a center and the Blackhawks could consider moving Artem Anisimov, who lost his role as second-line center last season to Nick Schmaltz. Anisimov has a comparable cap hit and a modified no-trade clause, but perhaps there’s a deal there for the Blackhawks if they are interested in Faulk.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes New York Rangers restricted free agent center Kevin Hayes could get a five-year, $30-million payday if he hits the open market next summer. He suggests Rangers GM Jeff Gorton must decide if he’ll re-sign Hayes to a similar contract or ship him to one of the teams around the league in need of a center. He feels it would be folly to allow Hayes to go through arbitration and get a one-year deal. Brooks feels the return should be for “help and muscle on the wing,” and wonders if Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk would be off-limits. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what Gorton does with Hayes. Forking over five years and $30 million would be an expensive investment for Hayes, who has good size (6’5″, 217 pounds), offensive skills and can play center or wing. However, he’s not overly physical and has yet to crack the 50-point plateau. As for dangling him for DeBrusk, I don’t see the Bruins making that move. 



  1. I don’t know anything about Chris Stevenson but if he thinks the Stars can get Karlsson for either a 5′ 11″ 186 lb right D (Honka) or even a 5′ 11′ 182 lb left D (Heiskanen) – both of whom are at least 2 to 4 years away from the NHL, he’s dreaming in technicolour.

    • There’s that size bias again. Heiskanen is considered one of the top d prospects in the world. I’d get Dallas hesitating to move him for an 11 mil plus cap hit.

      A deal around nylander and Faulk is almost too perfect for both teams to not happen

      • I just stated their facts chrisms – doesn’t matter if they were both Chara’s size, at this stage of their development they do nothing to help the senators for at least 3 to 4 years.

      • I doubt you’ll get anything to really help the team this year. If the Dorion can parlay the Karlsson mess into a blue chip d man and some other items that would be a miracle

      • George you’re wrong I’m afraid. Getting Heiskanen as part of a package is about as good as Dorion would be able to get. You’d obviously need to add one or two first rounder and /or another NHLer to make it interesting but it’s the foundation of a deal. IMO not Heiskanen, no deal.
        I’d much prefer a deal centred around Glass, Theodore and a 1st but we’ll see.

      • No way. Nylander is already worth more and has more upside.

      • We all saw nylander in the playoffs, his value isn’t very high! Soft soft player

    • He was suggesting a package around one of those players with the Senators preferring Heiskanen, and the stars preferring to part with Honka. That is the type of package you can expect. Heiskanen was 3rd overall last year, if they get that plus a 1st, some 2nds/3rds, and other good prospects or a good young roster player, I think they will have done as much as they can. Maybe you don’t like the package in particular for some reason, but if you can get a teams best prospect, their 1st next year, as well as other pieces, I really don’t think there is anyone out there that will give more than that.

      • A deal with Vegas could bring back a Theodore who is NHL ready now – neither of those players mentioned will see the light of the day in the NHL for several years.

      • As much as Ottawa doesn’t want to give up a high pick to Colorado, I wouldn’t make trades with that as a driving thought process. If you also think Theodore has a higher ceiling than Heiskanen, then yes, make that deal, but I wouldn’t take Theodore over Heiskanen simply because he might help the perception of a deal that is already done.

        Decreasing Colorado’s odds of getting a lottery pick does not help Ottawas future. It might make Dorion feel a little better about the trade, but it doesn’t net Ottawa any additional assets, so they shouldn’t be willing to take less assets to hopefully make that happen.

      • And to go back to my original comment, who is this Stevenson guy and what “in” does he have with the tight-lipped Dorion that the local media doesn’t have? Sounds more like dreamed-up speculation than reality.

      • Stevenson is a local media guy in Ottawa, so he has access to the Sens. A deal involving a top D prospect of course makes sense and it did not say that was the only piece going back

      • George. What makes you think Heiskanen is years away? He’s a lot closer than that.
        Plus I have to agree with what’s being said. That first next year is gone. What’s more important is getting some more first round picks and top prospect coming our way for the future. I think we should have given up our first this year but that ship has sailed.

      • George, Stevenson is a contributor for the Athletic… His source was a colleague in Dallas that also writes for the Athletic. I’m not sure what exactly the Athletic is but it seems to be some kind of new sports mag online. Came out of nowhere. From a Hockey perspective, the writers seem to be mostly local bloggers. I don’t see them having sources like long time beat writers. When a guy like Brooks from the NY Post broke the story that Karlsson was given permission to talk to other teams, he had sources from Rangers who where in on it. Now these “bloggers” seem to know it all

      • Many of the athletic writers were long time beat writers that got bought up by the site.

      • True Chrisms, the vast majority of these guys are long time local beat or national writers. They have actually focused on getting the best writers. Most are very well respected either locally or nationally.
        It is somewhat unique in the sports media space as it is subscription based and not reliant on advertising $$ and doesn’t have to rely on click bait to drive revenue to survive. Which allows the writers to focus on quality instead.
        If there is anyone who would be able offer an educated critique on the Athletic it would be Lyle.

      • Chrism. My apologies to the Athletic as I don’t know much about it. I don’t subscribe. I do follow a bunch of Rangers bloggers though and have noticed some have contributed to the Athletic. I’m not a fan of Brooks, but he does have better sources than most. His problem is he often writes based on his opinion and not fact base info. Here’s a recent quote from GM Jeff Gorton:
        He added that the Rangers won’t be a team of 18-19-20 year olds and that “we need to have the necessary players on our team that can help these guys learn the game and help us do everything we can to win every night. I think that is pretty clear where we are at.” Its quotes like these that are why I never count them out of Karlsson sweeps.

      • I dont subscribe either… but I do know some of the better pittsburgh writers got sucked up. damn shame too. if they were gonna take the best writers why couldn’t pittsburgh have made them take bums like madden and cook as well?

      • The athletic still doesn’t have good insiders, they just get their info from the real insiders. You just look at James mirtle terrible writer that really shouldn’t even be writing about hockey

    • I wouldn’t say Honka is 2-4 years away from the nhl considering he’s already in the lineup. Maybe 2 years till he’s a top 2 D potentially.

      • Hi! How are You? About Chris Stevenson, There can not be more reliable than Him, He is a Journalists convering the Senators since Their inceptions in the NHL and here is the link of Who He is:
        Take care and have a nice day.

      • you forgot to tell us that we handsome walk on beaches fun time with long legs and cute smile call this number attractive man.

      • When I said 2 – 4 I was thinking 2 for Honka to become, as you say, an “established” D and 4 for Heiskanen. BrokenHip thinks he’s a “lot closer than that” but I don’t know what he’s basing that on. The draft history of D – even those taken as high as 3rd overall (which Heiskanen was) is filled with hit-and-miss, especially if they rush them.

        Gudbranson, for example.taken 3rd in 2010.

    • Honka played over half the season in the NHL last year and Miro Heiskanen is 6′ tall if that really matters. He is also considered a pick for the NHL next season.

      Now do I think a deal around either isthe best package? Nope. But I still want to evaluate objectivity with proper information.

    • George – Ottawa has asked for Heiskanen and Dallas has declined. To clarify, it’s Heiskanen in a package – either way the stars are unwilling to meet that price, your intel is wrong here.

      Chrisms: Nylander for Faulk is an absolute no go for the Leafs. I like Faulk, his physicality and PP shot is a nice add but he is extremely porous. The Leafs need someone who can play a shut down role, Faulk is far from that. He is no longer a 1-2 and was mis-cast in that role to begin with. If the canes want to add to that deal there may be a conversation to be had.

      • “Ottawa has asked for Heiskanen and Dallas has declined”

        According to a blogger’s speculation. We don’t know that for certain.

      • Hahaha are you on drugs? The leafs have the weakest defence in the division Faulk becomes a top pairing guy instantly his numbers in a season are better than Reilly’s he s a huge upgrade and helps the leafs Nylander is a center that Carolina could use but don’t over value you him he s no more than a 65 point forward max

      • mike did your team make the playoffs and did you check stats before you opened your mouth

      • I agree about nylander mike, his value isn’t high that playoff series really shows his softness as well

    • Karlsson weighed 105 lbs. or so when his career began. He worked out OK.

    • You need not worry. I have no idea what a team will pay for Karlsson & with Dorion at the helm & Ott targeting the cap floor what they want but I don’t see Dallas moving Heiskanen in a trade for Karlsson.

      I think that’s a non-starter for Dallas. It would have to include different assets Could easily be wrong though.

      They return for Karlsson should be significant & I sure hope Dorion doesn’t mess this up as well.

    • Heiskaen is a hell of a young player. I’m ok with him as a centre piece.

    • I think the Avs is a great trade option for Karlsson just so the Sens can get their first round pick back for next year. It’s probably going to be top 3 and getting number one is a real possibility. Obviously getting the number one in 2020 would be better from a marketing perspective but getting Jack Hughes is going to be huge for whomever gets him. Ottawa is very close to Quebec and getting Alex Lafreniere, who is going to be the most special player since McDavid would be better for business. If Ottawa got both it would be pretty unfair for the rest of the league for a long, long time.

  2. IF DeBrusk for Hayes was even a possibility the Rangers would jump on it and add more

    • It’s become a joke how Brooks is trying to get rid of Hayes.

      • Nope, Brooks is just always a joke.

      • Striker, lmao. Couldn’t agree more, but sometimes when he just reports on facts from reliable sources he can be useful. He did break EK story. … always enjoyed his back n forth with Torts

    • Another winger for Hayes? Who’s playing 2nd line center?

  3. and ideas out there as to why the Leafs did not sign De Haan…..he would seem to answer their needs

    • Because he’d have to play in Toronto? That might sound snarky but look where he signed. The public pressure climate etc etc is about as polar opposite to Toronto as possible

    • Leafs biggest need is a RH dman , notably Faulk who jumps off the page , I think Shanahan missed the boat on Hamilton who would have loved to play in T.O. , but what the Canes gave up in Hannifan and Lindholm , what would that equal to with what the Leafs have ? And don’t say Gardiner and Kapanen because either one of them are not what Calgary received . Gardiner’s ceiling is gone , he is what he is ; Hannifan is 21 and still has years to develop into a higher end dman, time will only tell if he gets better or turns into another dman that Carolina picked 3rd overall in ’05 and didn’t pan out the way he was projected to be ….Jack Johnson. Kapanen could be a decent 20 goal winger , Lindholm however can play both C/RW which is a bonus and plays 18:50 -20+ minutes/ game which makes him very versatile….like i said my opinion only. So the ones i could see moving ….and for the right price in the right situation would be Faulk , Dumba , maybe Demers from SJ or Savard from CBJ , Tanev fron VAN, Ristolainen would cost you and would Buffalo want to trade him in the same division ? I think not .

      • I like your deductive reasoning skills, well thought out. You nailed Gardner perfectly. He is what he is, which is 1 of the top 20 offensive Dman in the NHL, not a train wreck defensively like many such Dman but he is still exceptional 1 dimensional & that’s the game he plays & Tor also wants him driving offence.

        de Haan would have been perfect & I don’t care as much as many about the leftie righties issue. Ideally, you want the balance but not essential.

        Tor needs a solid defensive Dman & that’s not Faulk. His game is almost identical to Gardner’s.

      • Doughty, Karlsson, Suban, Green, Riley, OEL. Letang, Shultz, Riley, Giordano, Weber, MCAvoy, Burns, Parayko, Carlson, Klingberg, Ghostisbehere, Hedman, Sergachev, Krug, Jones, Barrie, Pieterangelo, Josi, Suter, Byfuglien, Suter, Butcher, Leddy, Provorov, Muzzin, Werenski, Jones, Risto, Ekblad, Schmidt, Theodore, Lindholm, Fowler, Ellis, Montour, Manson, Hanifan, Edler > Gardiner and that is just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are a lot more and Gardiner is the Leafs second best dman. Hell on a personal note I wouldn’t trade Maatta or Dumoulin for Gardiner because both are too good playing actual defense.

    • Or elsewhere. Good for Carolina. If they choose to retain all their Dman they may have 1 of the best D in the NHL on paper. Unfortunately, the game isn’t played on paper but Carolina could ice 3 solid pairings playing very similar ice time with the only real minutes differing between almost the entire D coming down to speciality ice time, PP & PK.

      You would assume Carolina moves Faulk now but if not Fleury may be pushed to the minors again as he doesn’t have to clear waivers & isn’t suited to sitting as the #7.

      Slavin, Faulk.
      de Haan, Hamilton.
      Pesce, van Riemsdyk.

      Pesce & van Riemsdyk are both righties but barring a trade, I have to believe these 6 D are all NHL regulars pushing Fleury out of the lineup & to the minors again barring a trade or injury.

      It certainly makes sense to trade Faulk with this mix for something.

      • A cheaper option would be Petry out of MTL , which would cost about the same as Faulk , the Habs would probably take a d prospect ( not named Gardiner ) lol and maybe Kapanen…. He (Petry) is a couple of years older than Faulk , but a more refined game and played pretty damn good on an awful Habs team last year , however… i’m not too sure what his salary is, and what that would do with the Leafs current cap situation.

  4. I don’t think Nylander moves for Faulk, or at all this year.

    Faulk is likely being shopped, and despite the value for RHD being high, I don’t think he gets that type of player in a 1-1 swap. This isn’t because of talent, but simply that a younger forward who is under team control for longer is worth more than a player with 2 years until UFA status. I think he either gets traded for a package of lesser forward and picks/prospects type deal, or as part of a package for a center.

    I also think this because I don’t get the feeling Dubas is as worried about landing a big name D as fans and media types make it seem he should be. I think he would be comfortable looking at cheaper options who have been undervalued previously. I am not saying I think this is the only way to build a D, just the impression I get of what he intends to do.

    I think one of his bigger goals will be to try and almost take away options for D that don’t fit his mold. He let Polak walk, re-signed Carrick, and signed Holl to a one way deal. I think he could end up just tinkering with the D this summer, and end up doing nothing big unless he can do it without parting with Nylander.

    • It may be better to ride the offense but top d men don’t come on the trade market often. Especially cost control ones. Using the ever looming hall Larsson deal as a comparable hall better than nylander and Faulk better than Larsson then the value is about right

      • If I am a GM, I am not entertaining any deal where I am using Larsson for Hall as a comparable, if I am getting the Larsson side of the deal.

        Dubas seems to be approaching everything very carefully to avoid overpaying. He didn’t offer the most for Tavares, he lost out on De Haan apparently because he wasn’t willing to go as long on term, and all of his other signings have been about $1M or less. He dumped some salary for the near term despite having loads right now.

        I really think he is likely in on Faulk, but I doubt he considers moving Nylander in that deal, and if Carolina is really looking to make a splash, which they seem to be, and they now have 4 D they value higher than Faulk, I think he moves this summer, and you don’t need to pay Nylander to get him unless someone else is willing to offer something similar.

        Personally, I would be shocked if any team offered anything in that range for Faulk. Again, not because of talent, but there aren’t many teams that have a winger of that value to offer in the first place, and virtually none that feel they can afford to part with them, who also needs a RHD. The market is what it is if they want to add offense for Faulk.

      • Chrisms, I know the Hall\Larson deal was done and it now represents a precendent. IMO, it was a horrible trade for Edmonton. They gave up an elite player for a very good defenseman. Granted the elite player plays wing, but still elite. I’m not suggesting Nylander is elite or will ever be, but my point is, it should not be used to evaluate forward for defenseman trade worth.

      • Ok. What other deals are available for comparison? What top 2-4 d man with term has been moved recently? Car cal trade was essentially a wash. McDonagh? Multiple prospects 1sts and roster players involved. Not a lot of comparison deals out there

      • So, Larsson nets a Hall – but the best Dorion can expect for one of THE premiere D in the league are picks and prospects? Jaysus.

      • Karlson essentially has to be traded and is gonna cost 11+ mil and has a mntc. Larsson had zero of those hurdles. I mean the situations are hardly comparable for jebuses sake.

      • I don’t get that suggestion, Hall moved for Larsson, therefore this guy should move for that guy. It’s one bad deal made by one GM who thought he was filling a need.
        Simply put it was a bad deal by Pete, not his first bad deal and probably not his last.
        If I’m making a trade I could give a rat *SS as to what another team trade was because it has nothing to do with the trade I’m trying to make.

      • The thing is everyone says that the trade was bad and it was. But that was the best deal he was able to find. So it does shine light on what the market was at the time. Again. What other trades have involved a winger for a top 4 d man would you use as a comparison?

      • I would add that GMs thought that was the best deal available (Hall/Larsson) but clearly that was an overpayment. If Karlsson had moved two years ago then the return would be huge, based on the Larsson/Hall trade GMs will be hesitant. Chrisms is on point here, there are a lot of moving pieces and hurdles with the EK trade

      • @chrisms Seth Jones & RyJo. Jury is out on that one but it looks like Columbus will win that deal in the long run.

      • Good pull. But if applying to karlson ditto my post above. None of those hurdles were present with jones

      • Often overlooked in the Hall/Larsen swap is the salaries of both. At the time of that trade Edm was up against the cap and was looking to sign Lucic. They picked up about 2 mil in cap space with that trade

      • Maybe Larsson and Karlsson are not comparable in terms of what it cost the receiving franchise in cap money. BUT, given that Karlsson is among the elite D in the league – way the hell in front of Larsson – that’s a bit like saying someone getting McDavid in a deal couldn’t be expected to give up much given what he’s going to cost them!

      • Still not a comparable situation due to the situation in ott. You’d have to have mcdavid needing to be traded or he walks in a year. The oilers would have to be insisting the team also take Lucic, mcdavid could limit his teams to a handful, etc. Sorry George. Karlson should bring back a nice haul. But there are significant challenges to this that will inhibit some value

      • Faulk is overrated , but then again , he’s making the big bucks in the show , and all of us are playing fantasy gm , right ? Lol ….Anyhow , For Faulk to succeed , he cannot be a top 2 dman on your team , he skates decent , lots of shots , can play heavy minutes , but can and has been a defensive liability. Using this as a comparison to the situation , not comparing the players , i look at this in comparison to Subban in MTL , who tried to do everything , and was ridiculed for it , then the trade to Nashville , where you have Josi , Ekholm and Ellis as a supporting cast , he just needed an environment to just do his job and be effective at it , not carry a team on his shoulders ; i feel the same thing can be said about Faulk , be a #3 man , 2nd pp unit , simplify his game , be stronger in his own end . So i don’t think a team like T.O. would be a good fit for him as a top 2 guy , imo he would do well in say Anaheim , Minnesota , Columbus with a good def corps, but someone will pay for him to be something more than he is , we will see…

      • just to let all you guys know the marlies won the calder and were on top all year with lowest goal against as a team so we also have 8 to 10 defenceman down there

      • Bob you can’t compare anything about the ahl and nhl players, go look who led the ahl in scoring and how many chances he’s had in the nhl

    • Danny, another key reason for not moving Nylander is they want him playing with Matthews. I can’t imagine bringing in JT to play with Marner and not having a very talented, NHL ready player to side by Matthews. The optics IMO would be awful for Matthews, who is playing for a contract next season.

      Danny, all your points were very valid as well.

  5. I think the Sens would want what O’Reilly got Buffalo. A couple of roster players a couple of high draft picks and a decent prospect . I do not see Dallas as a fit with those pieces

    Carolina will be moving a D either from current roster like Faulk or developing players like Fleury or Bean

    • I agree. Not sure how many teams can take EK without shedding some salary. Maybe in separate deal. I can see them trading Spezza. And I agree with George. If I’m Ottowa, I’d want BOTH Honka and Heiskenan… one of them isn’t getting it done… have to figure that Dallas’ pick next year would end up being a late 1st rd.

    • I’m not sure Buffalo wanted those roster players as much as STL insisted they take them as a salary dump and time was running out on that 7.5mil bonus so Botterill had to do it.
      Maybe a third team gets involved to make it happen. Will Dallas have to clear some cap space to fit Karlsson and still be comfortable come the trade deadline to make a move or two plus they have 3 RFA’s that need to be signed. Seguin’s contract is up after this year and he’s going to get a good raise from his 5.75mil so maybe he’s traded out for draft picks/prospects to make it happen.

      • Buffalo took Bergland and Sobotka to give them NHL depth in the bottom 6. Taking those 2 will actually give the Sabres a lot more depth than they had last year and Middlestat can take on the 2C role. If Casey works out even close to a Barzal then the Sabres will be better top to bottom than they were last year. If you have
        Sheary Eichel Reinhart
        Nylander Middlestat Okposo
        Sobotka Bergland Pominville
        Wilson Thompson Girgensons
        then sorry but there is a lot of talent there. It’s not perfect but it’s solid.

      • To get Karlsson in Dallas at least one or 2 of their stars have to go with Karlssons 11 mil contract in the way. I would love to see Karlsson and Klingberg on the same team and also Karlsson back with Methot but I think too much has to happen in Dallas for this to happen.

    • Buffalo got 2 roster players but Berglund is an anchor – dead weight. Sobotka maybe not so much.

  6. Carolina needs to replace what they had in Lindholm. Anisimov is soft, has a career 45% face off percentage and had 11 assists in 72 games last year. He is a down grade from Lindholm or Ryan.

    • I think Cgy got a good player in Lindholm , he will carry some big minutes if needed .

      • Agree Lindholm and Hanifin both great potential. Hamilton id quite a loss though. I think this will be the demise of Ferlands career.

  7. What about Faulk for Hayes straight up? Canes need a Center and want to get bigger and have the $$$ to resign him. Rangers get a youngish D under control for a few more years at decent $$.

    • easily forgotten but the Rangers have Shattenkirk already. They don’t need Faulk and should not get into the bidding for him

      • Reasonable cap hit for 2 years and we don’t have much depth on right side after Shatty. Pionk, DeAngelo and Smith playing off side again? Not sure I’d give up Hayes but maybe Spooner +?

      • I did totally forget he was there.

  8. Heiskanen, Gurianov, two more prospects, two firsts, a second and Spezza for Karlsson, assuming he signs an extension.


    Here is why it was a mistake for Ottawa to keep this year’s pick…

    IF they just took the hit now and owned their own pick next year, they could take an honest look at their franchise and make rational decisions about what is best for it.

    Instead, they can’t do the full rebuild they need to do because the Avs will be the beneficiary and they will botch the EK, Stone, Duchene, etc. trades trying to get bodies who can “help” now.

    • You really think Spezza or any of the no trade clause stars would agree to be traded to Ottawa. Highly doubtful

  9. Dorion can’t worry about where is team ends up in the standing or about saving face because Colorado own its first round pick. They could finish in 24th and still end up giving Colorado 1st overall, can’t worry about it, move forward.
    He has to make the best hockey decision for his team today, that will help them now and down the road.

  10. why doesn’t dorian ask for both honka and Heiskanen?

    forget additional picks…ask for both…

    would jim nill blink and say yes?
    builds a better backend anyway for ott….then drafting a player even further out from helping the team.

    • I don’t think anyone is suggesting Heiskanen alone is getting Karlsson. He would be the big piece but a roster player and a 1st also included. Probably a bit more

  11. Has it been theorized yet that Dorion gave permission to other teams to speak to Erik’s camp for the purpose of matching the best offer he gets? Not necessarily trading him. If we are to believe all we’ve heard, he turned down the initial offer of 10×8. Dorion says, fine, get a better offer I’ll match…….and the re-financing 13.5 x 10 = 135 million.

    • I highly doubt that the permission is given just so Ottawa can match. That would be unusual but not out of the realm of possibility.

      A few things to consider in that case:

      1. What team is paying the most bonus (keeping in mind a possible lockout for 2020)

      2. The bonus may put the sens out of the running since all indication is that Melnyk would not sign off on a bonus laden deal

      3. The market is clearly set for Karlsson. Doughty 11M and OEL 8.25M. Hedman’s contract is the anomaly. Karlsson will get 11M from somewhere comparable to doughty, is he worth is or not is a separate topic (I believe he is)

      4. How his next contract affects his trade value is a layer that is above my pay grade so I won’t speculate.

    • Dark G, If I am a rival GM I’m not signing up to be a price checking service.
      The 8 x 10 offer seems fair to me as I value Doughty more than EK, so he should get more.
      If Dorian can get Heiskanen and a first he should take it, but sounds like Dallas balked. Hell if he just gets Heiskanen, it may be the best offer he sees.
      Dorian still has time, but I have to think the next few weeks are his best time to make a deal. If this drags into the season he loses leverage.

      • Karlsson will not sign for less than Doughty’s 11 mil per. He believes he is the best Dman in the league and should be paid as such. He will get 11 or more.

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Isles kick the tires on Faulk. They just lost CDH and need veteran defense. Faulk does not make a ton which would allow the Isles to pursue a 1 or 2C. It also would allow many of the youngsters in the pipe for the Isles especially on D to develop. A top 4 of Leddy, Boychuk, Pulock and Faulk wouldn’t be bad and to round out the bottom with Pelech, Mayfield, Aho or possibly Toews and they are in good shape.

    Also look for the Isles to revisit Duchene. He would automatically slot to 1C, keep Barzal at 2C so the top 6 would stay fairly stable.

    • Hickey would be in the bottom pair.

    • There we go “kicking tires” again. What did they ever do to us?

  13. Philly needs to jump in. Sign and trade Simmonds add in Ghost and Elliott and a first round pick for Karlsson and Anderson and 2 million cap space for four years

    • That sounds complicated but it would be funny if Anderson and Elliott get traded for each other again. I don’t see Philly trading both Simmonds and Ghost tbh and I don’t see Ottawa doing a trade without picks involved.

    • you see simmonds getting a deal without at least a mntc? I don’t.

    • I wouldnt trade Provorov for Karlsson let alone add Simmonds and draft picks. Kid is 20 or 21 years old and already eating up 22-23 minutes a night. Provorov is a stud, no way the Flyers move him.

      Sanheim, Frost, Lindblom, Elliot, 2019 first and second.

      Karlsson and Anderson


  14. MG

    Re: “Heiskanen, Gurianov, two more prospects, two firsts, a second and Spezza for Karlsson, assuming he signs an extension.”

    I’m not sure, but I believe Spezz has a NTC— if so , he’s not going back to Ottw

    I still believe VGK have a better purse to deal from and they are willing to take BR

    I’ll post again here my thoughts on a great offer that works for both Ottw and VGK:

    EK+BR going West
    Theo, Eakin (3rd line Centre: 2 more years left at $3.85); Suzuki (1st rounder from 2017); 1st (’19); 2nd (’19); 2nd (’20)

    The BR/Eakin flip nets Ottw buckets in savings and committed for only 2 more years. Big incentive

    So basically for EK they get a very very good current and up and coming NHL D; plus savings on BR/Eaking flip; plus 2 firsts, 2 seconds.

    That , IMO is better than the Dallas offer proposed

    I believe that EK will end up with a 8*$11M

    • TB if bidding

      Could offer up Serg +Callahan + Coburn + Foote + Rddysh

      • If I’m Ottawa trading with TB, I want Sergachev and Point in the trade. TB may not even have a 1st round pick next year and any 1st rounder they have in the foreseeable future will be 25+. TB also has the issue that all of their higher paid players have NTC’s/NMC’s/MNTC’s and who will want to leave TB for Ottawa? If Yzerman could somehow get Callahan to waive to go to Ottawa or a third team given he needs to dump salary, this could work. Ottawa could even send Pageau back to TB depending on all of the pieces in the trade to get Point.

        I don’t know how TB is going to handle the cap over the next couple years if they add Karlsson with Kucherov, Point, Sergachev and Vasilevsky getting big raises then. Some good players (aforementioned or Killorn, Johnson, Palat, etc.) will have to go even with Callahan, Girardi and Coburn coming off the books. If they get Karlsson, Stralman is a goner after next season too. Must be nice having these issues.

      • Didn’t mean to include btoh Sergachev and Point in the last paragraph. Can’t see a trade scenario where neither goes to Ottawa and as stated above, Ottawa should push for both.

      • Sergachev, Raydish, and Foote for just Karlsson is ridiculous, Tampa should just role with what they have which is pretty GD good.

      • Deee: Even for one year of Karlsson, that would be a conversation. That wouldn’t be enough if you get Karlsson for the next 9 years.

  15. I think Nylander for Ristolainen is the right move for both teams. Nylander can play 2nd line center and shelter Middlestad. He might also get his brother going. On paper…one for one…its a good hockey trade.

    • Big Jim

      Good points for both teams but IMO Leafs would need to sweeten deal just a bit … prospect and/or 2nd added to Wee Willy

      • no

      • Big Jim I think the leafs would have to add to that

    • No offense….but that is a dumb trade for both teams …. Buffalo does not have the defense depth to trade Ristolainen , even with Dahlen there now , both teams are young , Toronto has taken a huge step to contend by signing Tavares and i don’t think any of the other teams in the Atlantic division are going to give their opponent a major piece to push them over or near the top . Plus the fact, if Tavares plays with Marner , who does Matthews get ? Is he not the anointed one? The franchise ? If you want a bigger riff between your young superstar and a ego crazed coach , this is the way to do it. Dubas will go cheap on this , more like a Hamhuis/Bouwmeester style player , you Leafs fans need to be a bit more patient , just because you got the prize forward in FA , doesn’t mean that it’s a guarantee that you will win ; there are a lot of hurdles to get through … Tampa , Washington , Pittsburgh , Boston , and the team down the QEW just got better with Hutton in net , Middlestat and Dalhen in their lineup ….breathe people ….breathe .

      • KRW, it’s the non-Leaf fans that are impatient, insisting the Leafs need to move all in now. They have been doing this for a year now, it’s just going to get worse. Knowledgeable Leaf fans are fine going into the season right now with what we have, evaluating and making a deadline move to further enhance the team. I commented above regarding Nylander playing with Matthews as a team must. Nylander is going no where.

    • I don’t think the Leafs will trade or want to trade Nylander. Personally I think they will offer him a 2 year bridge contract at about 2.5 million per. They may need him as a good forward that won’t break the bank knowing full well Mathews will get 11 milllion and Marner will get a long term deal in the 6- 8 million range

  16. I almost hurt myself laughing when I read that, supposedly, Columbus has an interest in Karlsson. Let’s put aside that, next year, a large portion of the Jackets’ core will have their contracts expire and having Karlsson will make a near certain cap crunch even worse. Why would the Jackets want him when, in Jones and Werenski, we have 2 Karlsson’s who are younger and will only get better?

    • Agree with your reasoning (Columbus isn’t a good fit), but neither Jones nor Werenski are close to as good as Karlsson. They are a great foundation going forward though.

      • Fine, you want to get technical? Karlsson’s in the making. Though Jones is pretty close.

      • Neither one of them are likely to be as good as Karlsson. Karlsson is historically good looking at any kind of analytics and stats you want. That doesn’t mean Jones and Werenski are bad. They are both great young players. However, Karlsson is one of if not the best defenceman in the league right now and has been for 7 years. He won two Norris trophies and could/should have won two more.

  17. EK to Colorado with Bobby Ryan (2 million retained)and Filip Chlapik for Colin Wilson,Tyson Barrie,Tyson Jost, 2019 Sens 1st, 2020 Col 1st.

    conversations start
    Dallas Heiskanen ++
    Philly Provorov ++
    TBay Sergachev ++
    Vegas Theodore and Glass +

    if including BR diminishes the return then leave him out

    • why would OTT have to give up Chlapik at all? Holding 2$ of Ryan’s cap should automatically mean not having to add Chlapik.

      Perhaps a 4 team trade?
      to NSH: EK
      to COL: PK
      to NYR: Barrie
      to OTT: NSH 1st, COL 1st(from OTT), NYR 1st and a top prospect from NYR

      is that too complicated to get done?

      • plus some other things from NSH and COL 7 NYR of course…but the 1st rd picks are the highlight..

      • I think it is likely too complicated, but I also don’t see Ottawa accepting only draft picks and a top prospect. They need to get a defenceman back that is ready to play next year (think Theodore, Sergachev or Heiskanen) as they currently don’t have anyone else that can come close to absorbing those minutes. Chabot and Ceci will play a lot, but they need another 2nd pairing defenceman to play ~20 minutes a night. That isn’t Harpur or Borowiecki. Wolanin looks promising, but he and Wideman would be a scary bad second pairing if Wolanin is even ready to step in full-time.

      • Other than Tampa Karlsson is not putting any of those teams into the top of the class as far as cup contenders go and I wouldn’t give up on a very young and already super talented Sergachev for a guy who’s best years are behind him. I wouldnt tradre any of those 3 for Karlsson because 4 years from now they will all be top 25 in the league and just coming into their own.

      • Deee: You clearly have not watched Karlsson much the last few year. Top 3 to 5 player in the league is much different than possibly being a top 25 player in a few years time. You are also neglecting the fact that you would get him signed to an extension and have him the next 9 years. Lidstrom, Chara and many other elite defenceman have been great until their mid to late 30’s. Why is Karlsson going downhill in his late 20’s?

    • The Colorado trade is an interesting option, but I highly doubt Colorado would take Ryan even with Ottawa eating $2M/year. If they took Ryan, they would probably want to send Soderberg back given his contract over the next couple years instead of Wilson. Chlapik is a promising player for Ottawa, but I’d be very happy with Jost and two 1sts (including Ottawa’s in 2019) with Barrie in the package.

      Agree with everything else, but may actually prefer Point over Sergachev if having to pick one or the other with TB. TB draft picks aren’t worth as much given how good the team is without Karlsson and I’d focus more on prospects than getting a 1st back in that trade scenario.

      If Dallas doesn’t want to give up Heiskanen in a Karlsson trade that includes the 8 year extension, than I’d take a hard pass on a trade with Dallas. They have a poor prospect pool and Ottawa can’t take Honka back as the centerpiece.

    • Seems to me like an overpay by COL.
      If I am COL I am not trading that Sens 1st in 2019.
      Even if you eat $2Mil of Ryan, he is still overpaid and for 4 more years. Knock an asset of the list for that.
      If you have to take Ryan, I am giving back 1 high end young (Barrie or Jost) asset back, with a 2nd round pick or an OK prospect. That’s it.

      • Ray Bark: Ryan is a tough sell, but I think you are undervaluing Karlsson and Chlapik in your counteroffer. I agree with IHC that Ottawa shouldn’t be including any of their better prospects in a Karlsson trade. I mentioned Soderberg above instead of Wilson because he and Ryan are equally overpaid if Ottawa ate $2M on Ryan. Barrie, a 2nd and an OK prospect for Karlsson, Ryan and Chlapik would be a horrible trade for Ottawa.

        If Colorado was to get Karlsson with an extension, I don’t think the Sens 1st in 2019 should be off the table. Without an extension, I agree.

      • Hey Van, I was responding the IHC original post as yours wasn’t up yet when I posted.
        I just think Dorian is in a bad spot and is getting squeezed by other teams. Hard. And it will impact the return significantly.
        Every GM knows he has to trade EK, and they all know he really wants to do it before the season starts as it will be even harder then and not a good situation for the team.
        To make it worse he needs EK to negotiate and agree to an extension which ties his hands and lets EK basically decide where he goes.
        If you were EK, wouldn’t you want to know what assets the team you are signing with has to give up so you know what you are walking into for the rest of your career? He can be a UFA after this season and the team he goes to gives up nothing. Helps him and the team.
        Only other choice is he goes as a 1 year rental and I am not giving up those assets for 1 year of EK if I am Sakic.
        Many posters make is sound like Dorian is a moron if he screws this up. I think it is more complicated than that.

  18. Any team that considers itself a Cup contender should do their due dilligence and at least ask what it would take to get Karlsson.

    Contender, not pretender.

  19. Included Chlapik because I believe White and Brown will get a shot at playing center before Chlapik does. Slot Jost on the wing.
    If BR clouds the return then leave him out.

  20. Are you or the leafs crazy enough to investigate karlsson???

    It;s all about winning the SC not having best prospects…even though EK is not a Chris Pronger, he is elite & would probably guarantee 1 stanley cup (ya ya), even with injuries, soft d & ridiculous contract.

    I’d spit ball: EK for 2019 1st / lilijegren / kapanen or sandin / prospect / and make ottawa take zaitsev or hold salary.

    Lilijegren would hurt as he’s a EK clone but fk it :p go all in while you have tavares in prime.

    Perhaps even a 3 way trade for gardiner to somehow keep lilijegren…

    On the other hand maybe EK is washed up and will be the worst trade / contract in history. Either way i’d consider it.
    What do you think George, good trade for ottawa?
    Ek + Ryan is probably going to LV

    • no karlson tor passes doesn’t know were his net is

  21. I would suggest a trade for Jason Spezza. Toronto boy who just turned 35, 6’3″, 210 and 1 final year on his contract at 7.5k. Yes, he’s aging and possibly slowing down as a result, or is he just putting in time? I propose that Dallas take back half his salary. Frees up 3.75k. Also, they offer Toronto their 2nd and 3rd for 2019. In return, Toronto gives them their 1st for 2019. Dubas will be trading down regardless IMHO as I feel it will be 27 to 31(hopefully). May as well do it now and asap as this may light a fire under Spezza and get him working on everything over the next 91 days for the Montreal game. Where would he play…4th line centre, right hand shot feeding Kappy or Brown. The cap can accomodate for this year only but what the Leafs get is Matthews, Tavares, Kadri and Spezza down the middle. What does Dallas get? Cap releaf(lol), and a 1st along with theirs for a Karlson trade. Just a suggestion, right or wrong. I agree on being patient with our defense. I would like to see the competition at camp and what this RH defense-man from Russia can do.

    • need dman though – patience is the key

  22. You have a family and it’s been started in Ottawa. Why would you wantake to leave. 10million a year and u refused.so much greed. Of players want a cup why squeeze all the $$ from them with more money u can aquire more players with skill.