NHL Rumor Mill – July 5, 2018

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The Erik Karlsson trade watch continues plus the latest on Max Pacioretty and Torey Krug in your NHL rumor mill.

No sign yet indicating the Ottawa Senators are close to trading Erik Karlsson (Photo via NHL Images).


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports all was quiet yesterday on the Erik Karlsson trade front. Though the Senators have allowed the blueliner’s agents to speak with two teams (“and possibly more”), there’s no evidence that a deal is imminent. The Vegas Golden Knights and Tampa Bay Lightning have pursued Karlsson for months and the Dallas Stars recently entered the picture.

Garrioch feels signing Karlsson shouldn’t be an issue to the interested clubs, as it’s expected the blueliner, who’s a year away from becoming an unrestricted free agent, could seek a deal comparable to the eight-year, $88-million contract recently signed by the LA Kings’ Drew Doughty.The return sought by the Senators could be the stumbling block.

Garrioch also believes the Senators will get a lesser return if they insist on adding winger Bobby Ryan and his $7.25-million annual cap hit as part of the deal. The Golden Knights could be the only team willing to do that deal. He said the Senators keeping the door open to a deal without Ryan or moving him separately.

Trade discussions seemed to fizzle yesterday after it appeared a deal could be imminent, in part due to the July 4th holiday in the United States. Senators GM Pierre Dorion will be patient as he won’t move Karlsson unless he gets the right return.

SPORTSDAY: Josh Lile doubts the Dallas Stars, who were in talks with the Senators, will part with promising defenseman Miro Heiskanen as part of a return for Erik Karlsson. He suggests the Stars could shift their focus to other trade options if this situation drags into August. Lile also believes the Stars shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to land Karlsson if it means accepting Bobby Ryan as part of the deal, recommending the Stars request the Senators absorb part of his $7.25-million annual cap hit.

THE ATHLETIC: Joe Smith reports the Tampa Bay Lightning are still in the mix for Karlsson, though it’s uncertain if they’re among the clubs the Senators have granted permission to speak to Karlsson’s agents. Creating cap room for Karlsson, however, could be difficult. The Lightning would have to send a salaried player the other way plus the Senators’ asking price could include young  blueliner Mikhail Sergachev. The Lightning also have future contracts for Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevskiy and Brayden Point to consider.

Aaron Portzline reports the Columbus Blue Jackets are among the clubs that contacted the Senators about Karlsson. “But, sources said, a deal is unlikely to be reached between the two clubs unless Senators general manager Pierre Dorion significantly lowers his asking price.” Portzline said neither Seth Jones or Zach Werenski were discussed as part of a possible deal. One league sources thinks the Jackets probably offered up winger Artemi Panarin, but the Sens aren’t interested in a player who’s a year away from UFA eligibility.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Garrioch noted, things could change quickly but it doesn’t appear at this point that a Karlsson trade is imminent. Dorion has understandably set a high price and, for the time being, can afford to wait for someone to meet it. That tactic could backfire if interested parties wait him out in hopes he’ll accept a lesser return. He could also be waiting for other teams get into the mix in hopes of setting up a bidding war. 

Dorion may be keen to include Ryan in the deal, as it would shed a big cap hit. It appears for now, however, that he’s willing to keep him out of it if it’ll adversely affect the potential return for Karlsson. Perhaps if he’s willing to pick up part of Ryan’s cap hit, maybe a team like the Stars would accept it, but I think Dorion wants Ryan completely off his books.

It certainly seems like the Stars won’t part with the promising Heiskanen, who is projected to become a future NHL star. It was rumored they preferred parting with Julius Honka. 

It could become too complicated at this point for the Lightning to land Karlsson. Cap Friendly indicates they have around $4.4 million in projected cap space for 2018-19, which isn’t enough to take on his current $6.5-million cap hit. With Kucherov and Point due for new contracts next summer and Vasilevskiy due in 2020, the Lightning could face gutting a significant part of their roster to make room for the whopping great raise Karlsson will seek in his next contract.

As for the Blue Jackets, their interest in Karlsson is understandable but I don’t see that deal happening. Either Jones or Werenski have to be part of it or the Jackets re-sign Panarin and then ship him to the Senators. 


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey believes the Montreal Canadiens should forget about trying to trade captain Max Pacioretty and instead re-sign him. The 29-year-old left wing wants to stay in Montreal and Hickey believes he’s worth keeping if there’s no trade to be had that’ll bring back a first-line center. The Canadiens reportedly made two attempts to trade Pacioretty, including a deal to the Los Angeles Kings during the draft that fell apart because the winger wouldn’t commit to signing a contract extension with the Kings.

THE ATHLETIC: Marc Antoine Godin also believes a contract extension for Pacioretty would make sense. He notes the Canadiens could once again have plenty of salary-cap space next summer, giving them plenty of room to re-sign their captain. He also pointed out most of the top UFAs show a reluctance to sign with the Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hickey and Godin make a good case for retaining Pacioretty but it remains to be seen if the Habs front office shares their view. Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin doesn’t discuss contract negotiations. Last month, it was reported the Canadiens had started discussions with the Pacioretty camp about a contract extension, though that was seen as potentially setting the stage for a “sign-and-trade” scenario. 

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty recently noted the Boston Bruins’ addition of John Moore gives them a surplus of defenseman heading into 2018-19. He suggests that could make puck-moving blueliner Torey Krug an attractive trade chip to bring in a scoring forward. He cites Krug’s 110 points over the past two seasons, considering him an easy sell for clubs seeking production from their blueline, especially on the power play. 

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Matt Porter also thinks Bruins GM Don Sweeney is in the market for a scoring forward, pointing to his failed pursuits of John Tavares and Ilya Kovalchuk. He wonders if Krug or promising winger Jake DeBrusk could be dangled for a winger such as Columbus’ Artemi Panarin or Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Krug is definitely available and could be shopped for a scoring winger. Whether that move happens this summer remains to be seen. Potentially interested clubs might prefer waiting until training camp or preseason to evaluate their rosters before deciding on such a move. Krug also carries an eight-team “no-trade” list and a $5.25-million annual cap hit, both of which could complicate trade efforts. I don’t see the Bruins being keen to part with DeBrusk. 



  1. I would be careful with any rumors Aaron Portzline reports. Since Columbus was awarded an expansion team, he has been reporting on the Jackets, first for our local newspaper and, now, the Athletic. While his reporting of facts has been very accurate, his rumor reporting has been quite flawed. If (and I think it’s a very big “if”) the Jackets are interested in Karlsson, I find it very unlikely that they offered Panarin in return.

    • Mtl management , as well as the media have done a lot of harm to this organization ; publicly ridiculing their players , openly talking about their private lives , not supporting the player when times get tough, it makes it tough to draw elite players in when free agency arrives , and the ones receiving all this unwanted publicity want out .Pacioretty is saying the right things as a captain , and i honour that , it may be his agent telling him to hold your tongue until you get traded , then let loose ….but he is unhappy , and i don’t blame him. When the Habs made their best run in ’14 , that was the time when they needed to stock up in the off-season , instead they get knocked out in the 1st round . I wonder , because Price being who he is , an elite goaltender , and the mistake management made when they traded Patrick Roy , is this holding the team back , basically what i’m saying is , do they think they can compete and contend because Price is in net ? Is he going to be 100% healthy the whole season , or better still , the next 3 to 4 years? Do they think they have the talent in front of him to support that ? Hmmmm……i don’t think so. This reset BS that they claim to be doing is only wasting valuable time , and depreciating the main assets on this team , that if you trade for maximum value now , the rebuild in theory will take less time . If the so called rumour back in February was dealing Price to St. Louis for Jake Allen , Robert Thomas , another player and 2 picks , then they should have jumped all over it , and if they were to deal Pacioretty earlier , and Florida was the destination of choice , take Borgstrom and a 1st , then at the draft you grab at #3 , center position solved for he future , competent goalie , and you get a high end sniper to go with your 2 young centers along with Drouin and Domi that can play theor natural positions . I’m not a GM , nor any of us are for that matter , and we can speculate all we want and go by rumours and make fantasy moves we perceive to work , but all i’m saying is when a team procrastinates like the Habs do in making a decision to go an uncharted path , do it and with conviction , the fans will climb on board eventually , and in the long erm everyone will benefit from the results…..ask any Leafs fan 5 years ago what they wanted ….and look where they are now . Long story short, S#!T or get off the pot ! Make up your mind and go for it

      • I think Montreal made the same mistake as the Rangers did. Assumed that because they had/have an elite goalie (Price/Lundqvist) that they would be perennial Cup contenders and instead of adding a high level player to compliment them only added smaller pieces to the puzzle. I think both could have won a Cup in the last few years but you cant win when your best players are Patches, Gallagher and the Turtleneck.

        Having an elite goalie certainly helps you win, but every team needs a solid defence and at least one forward line that can dominate play.

        Sadly Montreal, like New York has chosen to waste the career of one the best goalies of his generation.

      • Hextall is running philly into the ground, 7 million for a slow skating no defense jvr is terrible! He still hasn’t addressed any goaltending and voracek is is a ghost in the playoffs and makes way too much

    • WHY? Panarin makes tons of sense. Expiring contract for guy who apparently won’t sign long term.

    • W Nylander for Krug and DeBrusk..

      • yeah……Boston isn’t remotely interested here.

      • The Leafs are laughing, I think they said they will call back in about 12 to 14 years and re visit the offer maybe then. But thanks. Cheers

  2. Please, someone, please tell me what I am missing with the value of EK? Poor defense, sulks, injury-prone, selfish….and for TB to give up Sergachev? The team that gets Erik will have regrets: he is not Doughty, and the fact that CBJ would not give up Jones or Werenski tells you what you need to know-he is not a game changer! And what bad luck for any promising young player to land in Ottawa! They are becoming the Cleveland Browns of the NHL!!

    • Ignore this one. Repetitious, unsubstantiated crap.

    • This is what you are missing (analytics in 2017/2018):


      ReITCA60: Karlsson 87, Doughty 82


      SCB%: Karlsson 96, Doughty 71
      xPrP60: Karlsson 89, Doughty 27

      Pass Qualities

      1TSA60: Karlsson 82, Doughty 23
      BuildUp60: Karlsson 87, Doughty 99
      DZSA60: Karlsson 50, Doughty 50
      ixA60: Karlsson 97, Doughty 28
      Trans60: Karlsson 97, Doughty 94

      Shot Creation

      PSC60: Karlsson 92, Doughty 33
      SA60: Karlsson 98, Doughty 56
      Shots60: Karlsson 82, Doughty 22

      Shot Qualities

      1T60: Karlsson 85, Doughty 14
      iDZ60: Karlsson 62, Doughty 53
      ixG60: Karlsson 53, Doughty 40

      In summary, Karlsson is better than Doughty in nearly every category including Defense. Everyone knows he is the best offensive defenseman in the league too. Karlsson’s Pass Qualities, Shot Creation and Shot Qualities are off the charts.

      • Save your efforts on this one Van. He never responds when called out on his “facts” – just a s86t disturber” exercising his warped brand of “fun”

      • I would take Doughty over Karlsson any day of the week. The metrics don’t measure intangibles. Karlsson is as soft as wet toilet paper. Doughty does it all. Most importantly he seems to win.

      • Hi Van, very nice info. What site provide that type of analytic detail?

    • youre missing the truth. hes 1a/1b with doughty and isnt a slouch at all defensively, not to mention an almost ppg defender. hes quite possibly the biggest gamechanger in the nhl.

    • He’s one of the 5 best players in the NHL.

      • Agreed completely. He is not only the best defensemen but possibly to the best player, aside from McDavid

    • Jon, are you hard of reading? Is says both those Columbus players were not discussed as part of a trade.

    • You put Karlsson on Tampa, and they are hands down the favorites this year. Even with the subtraction of Sergachev. Who Played an extremely sheltered role in the playoff.

      • Karlsson with that team would be scary. In year one they could probably do it without many big subtractions to the line up too, and their core is young enough that even after that they still have several years of being very competitive.

        They would need to move out a little money, but with a few expiring D contracts, it shouldn’t be hard. In an ideal world, they can get the Kalrsson trade done without removing much other than Sergehev from the roster, and move Girardi in a separate deal. They would likely remain the best offensive team in the League, and with the retention of McDonagh as well, they would have significantly plugged their biggest hole.

    • Kalrsson is a game changer, really not much to add to that. He basically held together Ottawa and made them look more competitive then they were for many years. He is the only reason they get to within a goal of the cup final.

      CBJ not willing to give up Jones or Werenski makes sense. Neither is what Erik Kalrsson is, but neither will cost $11M in salary, and both are top pairing D, and both look like they can be in that stratosphere. Jones is making $5.4M a year, and CBJ has control of them pretty much right through their primes. The fact CBJ won’t give them up doesn’t have anything to do with Karlsson’s ability. I don’t think they are giving them up for any defensemen in the league except maybe Dahlin.

      • “He is the only reason they get to within a goal of the cup final.”

        That’s a tad cut-and-dried Danny. Bobby Ryan’s 6g 9a 15 pts – many of them in clutch situations – and Craig Anderson’s .922 save % and 2.35 ga average didn’t hurt.

      • George,

        You are right, without big contributions from some key players they don’t get as far, but that’s true of any team that wins or loses in any close contest, every contribution counts.

        Karlsson was undoubtedly the straw that stirred the drink, and during that season, and that playoff, there was no player whose team looked more different when a single player was on the ice versus off the ice.

        Karlsson’s contributions don’t take away from the accomplishment of others, but my point is to illustrate he has the capability to elevate a team even during the post season, and even when his team isn’t surrounding him with superstars to share the load, and isn’t spending to the cap regularly.

      • Oh, no argument from me on that score. Just that your statement that he was the “only” one to get them that far seemed a bit stark. They’ll be somewhere else by 2020-21 after they have trouble attracting a corporal’s guard. And any fans left should forget the downtown arena – too many bureaucratic levels in the way in a city that still thinks “small” when it comes to progress. They’d much rather see the money spent on the “arts” and ubiquitous “social programs.”

    • I say that Jones is far better, defensively, than Karlsson and his offense is improving. Werenski is fairly close to Karlsson on offense and his defense is improving. Oh, and before someone reminds me that neither have won a Norris while Karlsson has two, I say that part of the reason is that Karlsson is far superior to the rest of Ottawa’s blueline, making him stand out, while Jones & Z will always split votes because they are on the same pairing.

      • wow Paul, that is so oversimplified that it is bordering on ridiculous.
        Karlsson is a generational defenseman, his offence is basically the best with burns being a distant second. He is not as bad defensively as he is made out to be, he just isn’t elite. Jones has a long way to go and werenski wasn’t a top pairing defenseman last year.

      • Holy crap! What colour are those glasses you use when watching games?

      • Werenski isn’t first pairing? Since when? As a 19 year-old rookie, he nearly broke Rick Nash’s team record for points as a rookie while playing good defense. This past season, his only problem is that he played most the season with nagging minor injuries which restricted his movements. Jones’ offense definitely is comparable to Karlsson’s especially when you consider that they play in completely different systems. Ottawa almost had to rely on offense from Karlsson, but Jones usually was on the ice with Werenski (another offensive d-man), Panarin, Dubois and Atkinson, all capable goal scorers. Can you say something comparable about Karlsson? No. Add in that fact that both are years younger than Karlsson and the comparables pretty much even out.

      • this is joke karlson can’t and won’t find his own net you guys think all your teams got the best d but only one team won the cup therefore you all need help on d

      • Still not as much help as the leafs need!

    • Man i think instead of us tell you want juste miss it w better thankyou simply want him play and perhaps learn of the game.

    • Jon.totally agree..Ek is an offensive dynamo that’s it! He is an orange traffic pylon on defense, brittle and often injured, and yes selfish too… Some team will over pay for him and will regret it…

      • Karlsson has played 396 games out of a possible 410 games over the last 5 years…. anyone of Malkin, Crosby or Letang have missed more in that time frame. (Without even looking) So are they worthless and brittle/ overpaid/ regrettable contracts? Or do they somehow get a pass for wearing a Pittsburgh uniform?

      • There’s another one with that “often injured” bulls*^t.” As I’ve said on two separate occasions, the MOST games he’s missed came as a result of that a-hole Cooke cutting his achilles (while he played for Pittsburgh incidentally) and in terms of % of games played since entering the league, it’s over 90%. So shove that observation where your proctologist does his/her best work

    • thank you some one who sees it like the real hockey fans see it

      • George o really Cooke cutting his tendon ok then what happened to the other foot.
        C’mon man

      • One injury makes him “prone” – c’mon man!

      • George o we are all suseptable..and day to day..lol

  3. i still can’t see how the math adds up for TB to acquire EK and sign him long-term. Sure, they can let Girardi and Coburn leave, and replace them with prospects. Callahan can be bought out, unless he gets hurt at the end of the season, which would prevent that.
    Maybe convince Tyler Johnson to waive his NTC.
    But I believe Kucherov is an RFA next off-season. And the way the team has nickled and dimed him thus far, he will shoot for the max contract through arbitration, if TB can’t resign him long-term, which would be an AAV for $10M+.

    it would make no sense to acquire EK and give up a lot, without getting a commitment from him to sign long-term

    • Ny4life..agreed Malkin Crosby letang have had their share of injuries.your right so stop pooping in your panties…Karlsson has had both feet shaved so that’s tough..but my point is even healthy he is a weak defender a big minus for his career -38.. he isn’t even close to doughty or hedman..not worth $11 million period..

      • I completely disagree. As someone points out above he is nowhere near as bad defensively as you and some others make it out to be. I’d take him at 11 before I took letang at 7+. Talk about a defensive mess….

        And side note… “pooping panties “ …. really?

        You’re wrong…. as I clearly point out above….. admit it and move on. Be a man…. not a 4 year old.

      • Ny4life..I’m not sure I would take letang either at $7 million he was brutal last year..but he is a career plus player +48 so there’s that..your just assuming just because I’m a penguins fan I ignore stuff..I don’t I agree with everything you said about Malkin Crosby letang..letang is as brittle as a potatoe chip..but even letang is better defensively thN Karlsson.all I said is I wouldn’t pay karlsson 11 plus million a year..that’s all.

      • Aww horsecrap. Hey, blackngold, here’s a valuable tip: s*^t emanates from that orifice just below your lower back – Shinola is a shoe-shining product.

      • Ny4life look it up karlsson is a career -38 it’s a fact your the 4 year old.

  4. “Garrioch also believes the Senators will get a lesser return if they insist on adding winger Bobby Ryan and his $7.25-million annual cap hit as part of the deal.”

    More deep insight from Garrioch. Who would have even thought of that! Really, how do these people keep their jobs writing such drivel.

    Naturally, he misses the main issue here. Ottawa would be making a big mistake to try and package Ryan with Karlsson for a smaller return than for Karlsson alone. They need to get the biggest possible return for him in order to keep their already angry fans from going into full scale rebellion.

    • Just an aside – are you any relation to Vic Stasiuk who played for Detroit and Boston in the 1950s?

    • Talk the other day was the isles were looking to make a splash and were discussing Duchenne with Ottawa. Face it this is the Miami Marlins of the NHL. Gut your team of best players but be forced to keep the expensive underperformed. Be surprised if this team is in Ottawa in 3 years with this owner. Fans won’t nor shouldn’t put up with this garbage.

      • They won’t. As I said the other day, they’ll be somewhere else by 2020-21

      • What’s the diferance the fans don’t show up anyway, we’re talking of a team that can’t sell out for a playoff game, they don’t deserve a team, but they don’t deserve an owner like the one they have. Have the league take the team away from that idiot and sell it to Quebec and move them. They are pathetic, oh it’s 45 minutes outside if the city,. Please give me a break there are Leaf fans who drive ; to 4 hours a week for a game at the SBA (formerly ACC). Just during the Boston series I read about a family who share a pair of tickets and the older sister who has lived in Parry Sound Approximately 3 hours north of Toronto and more on the weekend comes in every weekend to watch the leafs play the last 14 years with her daughter just as she did for years with her father and after getting married on the weekend from up North until her father passed 14 years ago now her brother takes his son during the week and she still comes in on the weekend every weekend home game and her daughter is claiming her tickets afterwards and she says that she’ll take her husband along if he behaves himself during the week lol. This is a fan a two way trip on the weekend can be between 7-8 hours in a car because of all the cottages up in around that area and this I know my uncle has one up there and it’s taken over 4 hours to get there when you go at the wrong time, and the winter whiteouts are bad as well but they come. The Senators fans can’t travel 45 minutes how phatetic is that. Cheers

    • Ummm the rest of you understood him telling us what you claim he missed

    • Wow classy George o..thanks ur a winner..have a good day -38 that’s a whole career so go ahead blame cooke he was still a minus player before that. I’m just saying he isn’t an good as doughty he doesn’t deserve $11 per.

      • And your snotty “poop in your pants” comment to NYR4life was nothing but class, I suppose? Practice what you preach.

  5. The Bolts have the current Norris trophy winner. They do not need to gut the roster to fit Karlsson in.
    People take vacation in July this could drag on through the dog days .
    A balancing act for Dorion for sure they had better not get themselves “JohnnyT’d”

    • I would agree that they don’t need Karlsson, I do think he improves the team. They weren’t spectacular defensively. Their hard sheltering of Sergechev meant that Girardi got a lot of tough minutes. That was a massive weakness and a reason that their defensive numbers/goals were so weak/mediocre for a team that boasted a Norris caliber D, and Vezina nominated Goalie.

      I think both of those will be improved as they will get a full year from McDonagh, and Sergechev will likely make some progression, and require a little less sheltering, but it does mean there is room to improve at exactly the position that Karlsson helps.

    • George o he just called me a 4 year oldgo scold him.daddy

      • If the shoe fits …

  6. I still believe VGK have the best total package to offer to Ottw— and willing to take on BR

    If comparing the two main/key pieces coming back from VGK and Dallas… Theo and Hiesk– Theo better and proven right now. Perhaps (I’ll accept likely) Heisk better in the long run (2 years out) and is younger.

    However— VGK willing to take on BR — a big thing for Ottw AND in addition could offer up Suzuki, Eakin, 1st, Two seconds— I really can’t see that over-all package beaten by Dallas

    Ottw gets a forward with similar production to BR at 1/2 price and for lesser time; then gets basically 2 firsts, 2 seconds for EK

    I’m hoping for VGK to get him

    TB also has a bucket of young talent and picks to offer up— just can’t see it working with Cap — unless Calahan, Coburn and Serg come over in the deal

    As a Pens & Leaf fan— would love to see EK go West

    • I would love to see Vegas land Karlsson. I will state that I think Heiksanen is the most interesting piece that could be available from anytime mentioned so far, but I do think Dorion will highly value 1) Taking on Ryan’s contract, 2) giving pieces that could help immediately.

      I think the thing that will give Vegas an edge is the perception of the deal. Vegas could offer Theodore, a 1st, and another good prospect not named Glass, while taking on Bobby Ryan. That deal looks really good, Theodore plays immediately, and if Vegas gives the first without protection, or with minimal protection, it could give the fan base hope of a high first if Vegas regresses a little in a Division that seems to have improved. Even if that deal isn’t as good as what Dallas offers in the long run, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad deal, and the immediate perception is nice having cleared cash and adding a roster player with upside.

      • Agree with basically everything you said, Danny. I can’t see Ottawa working out a trade with Dallas without Heiskanen because they don’t have any other intriguing prospects.

        It is sounding more and more like TB is the favourite to land Karlsson and either Sergachev or Point would be great additions to the Sens as well. If Vegas took Ryan’s contract and offered Suzuki, Tuch, Theodore and a high pick (1st or 2 2nd’s), that is a pretty good package for Ottawa.

  7. Lyle

    have you heard any more w.r.t. GMJR working with Carolina on getting Skinner?

    Anybody heard anything w.r.t. extension on Jamie O— looks like only Pens NHL spot yet to extend

    • It’s rumored Rutherford isn’t done making moves this summer and Skinner could be among his trade targets. However, that depends on whether Pittsburgh is on Skinner’s list of preferred trade destinations and the Hurricane’s potential asking price.

      Nothing yet on Oleksiak but I daresay it won’t take long to get his contract sorted out.

      • Thanks Lyle

        Fingers crossed on Skinner as a Pen

      • As a Leaf fan, I’d love to see Skinner in Toronto – not happening I know – but can’t you just see him with Connor McDavid?

      • When did Toronto land McDavid?

      • @George that’ll be the next signing, JT’s contract expires a year apart from McDavid’s 😛

        Kidding…..or am I???

      • Yeah, taz, but by then Skinner will be using a walker.

      • WE don’t need Skinner he is a pending RFA or UFA who makes $5.75 AAV and will want more. With the addition of Matt Cullen eiher Riley Sheahan or Derrick Brassard can slide to wing..ACTUALLY ALL THREE CAN PLAY WING…

        We need to ship Olli Matta and young goalie Tristan jaarry to Carolina for D-man Justin Faulk..Carolina loves Tristan Jarry and Olli Matta is a solid NHl defense man.


      • maatta for faulk? you done lost your marbles. at best that’s an even swap and doesn’t make any sense. but to include another asset?

      • Anthony Duclair…. one more try before he’s KHL bound.

  8. The Bolts say no thank you. Sergechev by the end of the season is likely to be mores than 80% of Karlsson, and arguably a better defender, and in two years their value likely crosses.

    • LMAO. Seriously? Have you seen Sergachev play defense on the third pairing? Karlsson always has the top assignments and still produces like no one else in the league on a crap team (see analytics above). People commenting on his lack of defense simply haven’t seen him play.

      It would be an accomplishment if Sergachev is 80% of Karlsson in his prime let alone his third year in the league.

      • We saw Sergy play, on D, as a 19 yr. old.
        30 other teams would love to have him.
        Karlsson is very gifted offensively, and good defensively, and playing on a crap team. But I think there has been enough wear and tear that he is at peak for a couple of years, then decline sets in. Can’t disparage any player who has an obvious shot at the hall. I said 80%, not equal, and thet’s enough, playing on a D that already has a Norris Winner. Srgy helps keep the window open long term.

      • Richard your a lightning fan, please take the fan glasses off on the lightning a team that top of the league and besides the good start to the season he was very avg to below avg

    • I did included young goalie Tristan jarry a good young goalie..chrisms please read..Carolina really likes him as a future number #1 goalie and Mata is a good third pairing dman with a good shot…

      • I did read. Personally I would rather have maatta. Still has upside and is a real solid middle pair guy.

      • Where did you here Carolina likes Tristan Jarry?

    • Nyr4life..penguins do have a history of revitalizing players..schultz oliesiak sheahan and others low risk on a 23 year old with skill and speed..

      • Yeah. They’re either miracle-workers or there’s something in the local water. Of course, you fail to mention that they had to arrange the greatest deliberate collapse in order to get Lemieux, and then got bone-luck before landing Crosby.

        Come down of your pious perch.

  9. very well could see a Krug & for Simmonds in a trade and sign, as good as Krug is on the O he’s not a very good player on the D, can get by with it in regular season but when it’s gets to the playoffs he’s a target by opposing wingers resulting in not finishing the playoffs series last two seasons

    • But not a debrusk krug package for simmions

    • George o why so negative going back to lemieux and tanking..wow who hurt you..lol who’s ur team wise crack..??? Oh yeah jealousy is a nasty disease…

  10. i think the avs are flying under the radar on this ek thing…. give sens first rd pk back + markar/or timmons + compher… although they might not be on ek’s list…not sure why though…a up and coming team and in my opinion in better shape than the stars

    • George o your an idiot..I simply said some guys have turned their careers around comicombing to pittsburgh.wow jealous much your turn nothing into controversy… never said great anything..who’s your team georgee..

      • “georgee” … right there you betray yourself as having the mind of a 4 year old. What’s next “nah nah nah naaa nah?”

        Go play with your black and gold marbles.

  11. There seems to be a lack of understanding of windows (when they open, how they open, how long they stay open) in NHL circles.

    The Dallas Stars have a win now wannabe Cup contender. Their core players are in their primes. They didn’t even make the playoffs last year.

    You are telling me they are going to pass on Erik Karlsson because of a prospect who might never be a star and will almost certainly not be one until Benn and Seguin are shopping for Just For Men?

    Kyle Dubas flashes that smile that is simultaneously the most goofy and most cocky I’ve seen and says they will keep all of their young forwards. Which means keeping a defense that isn’t even close to good enough.

    I know, I know…they have the young core, the window is open forever, right?

    Well, when you piddle away a few years with an inadequate D, a few more on a young and inexperienced D, by then Tavares is losing a step, by then maybe Marner misses a year with concussions, maybe Matthews tweeks a knee and is never quite the same, etc…

    The window can close quicker than most think.

    If the Leafs don’t think that trading a Nylander for a D to balance their team now is a good idea, FINE BY ME…I still want the Pens to win more Cups.

    • I agree with everything you say — except for the Pens winning more cups 🙂

      • George o penguins will win another cup..they will b well rested after a normal longer off season and they will retool..

  12. Krug tied for 8th with PK Subban in pts among Dman, PK has 25 pppts and Krug 24; I do not believe his $5.25 salary is an issue, if anything it’s attractive.
    No Boston should not trade him for Simmonds or Panarin both players entering into their final year of their contract.

    • would have to be a trade and sign otherwise I agree

    • If Columbus does trade Panarin, it won’t be to a team in the same conference.

      • That baloney. This isn’t the 6 team NHL where a team played the other 5 14 times a season. The most any two teams will play each other in a season is what, 4? 5? Out of 82 games!
        Any GM may just as well cut his own throat if he takes that approach, especially if the best offer comes from a division or conference “rival.” His job is to do what’s best for the franchise going forward – not worry about someone who may “come back to haunt him.”

        If by far the best offer for Karlsson came from the Leafs I think Dorion would make it in a New York minute.

  13. I seriously doubt there’s one GM or media type who pays ANY attention whatsoever to the demented rambling of us great unwashed. They more than likely regard our opinions like a giraffe receiving criticism from turtles who are commenting on the view from the level they are on. As for our praise or criticism of trades, the thing is, they are a lot like the stock market – every time one sells, another buys, and at the end of the day BOTH believe they were astute

    • How do my penguins pass on 27 year old USA dman john Moore really good skater passer cam score for 32 year old jack Johnson who they paid more money? Moore 5 yr $2.75 million Aav Johnson 5 years $3.25 Aav jf wake up could have had both almost for the cap space u created from sheary and hunwick?

  14. This from a Leaf fan

    When Shanahan came in he managed the Board….convinced them to change the annual pursuit of play off squeak in or just…..this in my opinion was the start of the turn around followed by some luck and some good decisions

    While this Leaf fan likes beating the Habs and the Sens every time we play them….he doesn’t like the structural stuff that seems to be happening in both franchises..it is not fair to those fans

    Ottawa has an owner who because of his personal crisis can’t be managed by the GM ( who is overly criticized the Sens fans) and the Habs have a manager that seems incapable of presenting a convincing specific plan of action to his owner….The Habs appear on the verge of becoming what the Leafs were for too many years….A team that procrastinated,accepted mediocrity and tokensucces and were Laffed at for years

    The Habs need to decide what they are….the Sens need the help of a higher power as their situation seems impossible to solve

    Love beating both teams….don’t want either to repeat what the Leafs did for too long…it takes the fun out of winning

    • I think it would be great if all three teams were in the playoffs again and reinvigorating the rivalries. Ottawa vs. Montreal a few years ago and the old Leafs vs. Ottawa rivalry in the early 2000’s were great for hockey in Canada.

      I like what the Leafs are doing. If they can either develop or trade for a legit top pairing defenseman in the next 2 to 3 years, they could win the Cup.

      • I totally agree. But they MUST find that elusive Top 2 D-man and to do that they either have to get supremely lucky from within their own organization from among a crop of D prospects that – so far – no one is identifying as a budding “star” – OR deal for for one and be prepared to relinquish what other GMs will demand in order to let one of those go.

      • George

        I just don’t see it from within— must be in a trade. I’d do it now.

        Wee Willy ++ to make the move

      • That’s why I said “supremely lucky” pengy. I agree that any big improvement on the D is going to have to come through trade.

      • I dont see Willy moving now. If Marner is playing with JT they can’t take Nylander away from Mathews.
        They’ll need to find another way to swing a trade – maybe kapanen, brown or bracco move with lots more. I can see them moving a blue chip prospect like Liljgren along with one of those and pick for immediate help.

        Not saying that gets it done but I am saying that Willy won’t be moved.

      • like i said before including your beloved sens one team won the cup that means all the other teams need help on d you were one goal and you were also one goal not away

      • Like I said bob, the leafs need a lot more help on the backend than most teams! Don’t give that crap about goals against Anderson was a beast until the Boston series, that defense shots against,scoring chances against and end zone time all in the bottom 5 of the league

      • bob, they are NOT “my beloved Sens” – if you think that’s the case, then you haven’t been following these threads. Yeah, I’ve followed them over the years – after all, I LIVE in the city so why in hell would I “follow” the Leafs or Pens, for example?

        But if they upped and left town tomorrow I wouldn’t lose a moment’s sleep and life would go an usual.

      • wow mr bruin you won two more games than toronto oh my your defence must be awesome holy tomale in the last 2 yrs did we not beat you 6 times out of 8

    • To be honest, what we need the most is a leader that knows hockey and can challenge the GM, not an owner that hasn’t a clue what to do or the vision to build a successful team. Nothing against Molson – its a great family that has done a lot for Montreal – but building a hockey team is a business in its own. Keep your eyes on the business side Mr Molson and hire a good president…. Hate to say this but the Leafs are the perfect example… We need a Shanahan.

      • That is 100 % correct…. Molson has to do what Tannebaum and Pettie had to do , step aside and let a ” hockey guy” come in with a blueprint of the current team ; players , coaching staff , management , farm system , scouting , PR , make a long term plan , present it , execute , and stand by it. Stand by your decisions, stand by….not ridicule your players when things go bad , confront the media when they fire shots at your players , don’t hide and whisper , show some balls ! Get out of your head the glory years , of the mystique of the franchise, the history , it’s all great and stuff , but it’s not winning you hockey games . Have A person who can tell a very diverse fanbase and media , that to win and be perennial contenders , this Francophone thing has to stop ! You pick the best person for the job , the best coach , best player , not if he can speak French or not , but if they can contribute to the identity and philosophy of the team.If they can speak French , and are a player that will fit the mold and identity of the team , then pursue it , get them and work with them. It all starts with one man , Geoff Molson , to turn the page and lead the charge

    • Old Blue Dog, agree that it would be great to see things improve in OTT, and ya, the answer to their problems isn’t likely to happen for a long time.
      Disagree on the Habs, watching my Bruins beat them will always be fun, even if it lasts another 50 years and I’ll be dead by then.

      • The problem is they will never beat Montreal as much as they beat us, look at the playoff records against they own us!

      • Which is exactly why it will never get old BBB

  15. with two swing and misses ( Tavares & Kovalchuck ) by the Bruins can’t see them not trading for a goal scorer since they know where their main problem is.

    • I want Bos to do little to nothing. Move out 1 Dman ideally McQuad adding a pick or a prospect to acquire a decent 3rd line C. If that can’t be accomplished possibly look to sign UFA Letestu to play as the #3.

      He can kill penalties & help the 2nd power play unit. He has solid face-off skills, is a good skater. The cost should be nominal.

      1 year deal at or near 2 mil. Stop gap.

      Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak.
      Debrusk, Krecji, Donato.
      Heinen, Letestu/Trade; player acquired for McQuad & a pick/?, Backes.
      Nordsrom, Kuraly, Accairi.
      Spare Wagner.

      Chara, Mcavoy.
      Krug, Carlo.
      Grzelcyk, Miller.
      Moore, Goloubof; brought in to be a blackace at the #8 spot if a Dman is moved. Paid to practice.

      Rask, Halak.

      This is a very good team that once healthy last season dominated the NHL in almost any category & has a ton of youth that still has tons of growth & development.

      A bad trade, injuries to Carlo, Krug & poor play especially by Rask & McAvoy in the playoffs had TB brush them aside.

      No radical change is needed here nor do I wish to see Krug traded. Stay the course, move out Mcquads 2.5 1 year deal with a pick for a #3 C or sign the only real UFA C left Letestu for chump change, keep the 3 mil in cap space to address injuries over the course of the season.

      • Some possible trade options for a #3 C for Bos.

        Rumours are Chi wants to create some cap space. McQuad & a 1st for Anisimov. Take back a 4th round pick. Bos’s cap space gets tight would leave in or around a mil, with Bjork going to the minors. Anisimov’s 3 years at 4.55 fits in well with expansion looming.

        There appears to be bad blood-forming between AA & Det can he be had? Same offer as above.

        Coyle Min, McQuad, Bos 1st in 2019 & 2nd in 2020.

        Laughton Phi, McQuad & a 2nd?

        Gagner Van, Petan Win, other.

        Very few teams can truly afford to trade 1 unless a significantly better player than McQuad but there are a few that could potentially that could use McQuad’s skill set & some cap relief.

      • Striker

        Bos might not need to go so big to get Anisimov– McQuaid plus 3rd may 2nd instead of 1st/4th flip

        Re: AA — would love to see him in a Pens jersey

        Lightning speed with AA– IMO fair offer as you have it for AA

      • No thanks on Letestu. Character guy and can actually contribute on the PP as well, but he sure didn’t generate much 5 on 5 in Edmonton. Good in the dot, but I didn’t see the good skater you mention. Riley Nash was an absolute bargain at his AAV while he was here, so replacing that is next to impossible. I give Kuraly a shot with JFK, Heinen pushing during the season. Backup plan Backes, although he just doesn’t skate well enough any more for that role and the responsibilities it brings so it is a gamble.
        The more I learn about this Studnika kid, the more hopeful I get that they may have struck gold in the 2nd round. Obviously not strong enough for the 3C role above yet, just wanted to post it.

  16. Pacioretty still wants to stay in Montreal knowing the GM makes efforts to trade him? I really doubt it. If he stays, how could he be motivated? He’s a legitimate 30 goals scorer in this league and with a good center could maybe (note the maybe) reach the 40 mark. Plus playing for a competitive team should be a strong motivation for him. If it isn’t, it tells you a lot about his drive and competiveness. Which is exactly what the fans dislike about him. Great person but lacks of will or desire to excel.

    Or maybe, he just wants to stay put and tackle the FA market next year. Fair enough. But in that case, I would trade him as soon as I can for a good prospect or a couple pics.

    • LL
      Patches saying the right things. I think , for him— best is to move to another team. I believe in any other situation he will have a big bump in production (pressure is off – fans/media); and then his value for extension increases dramatically.

      As a Pens and Leaf fan— out West would be a nice move

      • Damn hoping duclair would sign with Pittsburgh..he just signed with Columbus.sh☆☆☆t

    • Does Patches have a full NTC? If so Id love to see him ride the year out in Montreal the pull a Tavares and leave Bergevin with nothing. Maybe that will get the incompetent boob fired.

    • To be fair, often choices are about competitiveness, which we like to see in athletes. However, these guys are people – often with kids & families. Wives & children with friends, schools and neighbourhoods they like, etc.

      Sometimes – love it or hate it – they will make their choices based on a happy family life instead of only competitiveness.

      I wouldn’t blame any player for that, but it’s hard because that rarely gets reported

  17. interesting that Maroon is still available in the UFA pool, I would have thought for sure that he’d be scooped by now.

    • Taz

      not sure if it is hard bargaining by his mgt team; lack of interest; wait and see; and or combo of any/all of those

      Not sure his asking price/term desired. Will be good addition to most teams at right price/term

      • Well that & the NHL’s move to a speed, transition game. Maroon will get signed. I would assume 3 years in or around 3 mil by someone eventually.

      • Striker

        Absolutely re: Speed. I do think there are teams that realize his speed is not up to new game but appreciate his tenacity and character– 3 @ 3 sounds fair— some team may go same AAV one more year???

    • Maroon is trying to make bank off of one season riding McDavids coattails. Hes vastly over rated his worth.

      • if Komarov got 4 x $3M then I don’t see how Maroon gets less

      • Good point, Taz. Maroon > Komarov.

  18. For me, Karlsson is 1 of the top 10 Dman in the NHL easily, top 3 to 5 easily if we look solely at driving offence, but say what you will, he’s not in the class of a Doughty, Hedman, Weber, Suter, etc. defensively.

    Factor in he will be 29 when this new contract kicks in, injuries are starting to become a concern & I’m not paying him Doughty money. The 10 mil per that Ott offered would make him the 2nd highest paid Dman in the NHL today & is very fair.

    Numerous teams would gladly pay more that’s the market I’m just not in that camp. I’ll keep what I have & spend that money elsewhere.

    This in no way is meant to slight Karlsson. He’s a stud but it’s also a business & we all complain about players at or near 30 wanting huge money on long term deals. This next contract will carry Karlsson to 37. Most Dman start to lose their offensive abilities long before that age & again he doesn’t have a solid defensive game to fall back on ala a player like Chara.

    • Striker

      Concur that he is not in the league of Doughty, Hedman, Weber, Suter, et al defensively.

      Offensively he is very very good.

      League seems to favour a puck-moving offensive D over a Def D.

      That said– I believe he is top 3 over-all in League– other two are Doughty and Hedman— Hedman paid at bargain basement rates

      EK is a year younger than Doughty– both extensions to kick in same time

      Agree re- inuries– do see him at full strength again next year

      I feel his value is approaching Doughty’s— EK will want 11*8… will likely get between $10.5M and 11 for 8

      10*8 by Ottw was fair offer (I posted this before) to show good faith– and prob max they could offer. I did expect him to come back with a counter offer and then they could have refused and/or gambled at 10.5 * 8

      TB, VGK, Dall will pay 10.5 or greater * 8 to get him though

      Hoping VGK– West– away from Pens/Leafs save for 2 games ea/year

      • This is pure speculation on my part but I believe Ottawa’s offer would not have had substantial bonuses. This is with regards to a potential lock out. So if the league doesn’t plan in 2020 then EK makes no money (or very little) whereas other contracts are bonus heavy, for example McDavid’s.

      • Taz: I agree that the signing bonuses are part of it. Looks at Tavares’ new deal. I’m sure Karlsson wants something similar, which Melnyk won’t do. Remember how much he complained after the Heatley fiasco about the $4M signing bonus?

      • Weber is an accident waiting to happen. Just heard he’s now out 5-6 months following sudden knee surgery.

      • Doughty AND kARLSSON ARE BOTH 29….

      • Black N Gold

        Both are 28 now— but EK (1990) just turned 28, 3 or 4 weeks ago and Doughty (1989) will be 29 some time this year– not sure of when his birthday is

        EK will start next contract as a 29 year old and DD if not 30 at season’s start in fall of ’19, will be shortly thereafter.

        Either way— still think EK worth $10.5 – $11 but as has been pointed out by others here— that I didn’t (and should have) pay that much attention to; is structure (bonus vs Sal). More than likely, as has been pointed out; Ottw offered $10M per, highly skewed to Sal vs Bonus (nothing similar to the JT contract).

        I don’t know for sure— but that does seem logical. Ottw could then not argue that they didn’t put a fair ($10M per * 8) on the table.

        Don’t see an issue with either VGK, Dal, or TB putting together a skewed bonus type of contract

        Still fingers crossed on VGK

      • Weber is out 5-6 months. Ouch, OTT (COL) may have competition for the best lottery odds.

    • Agree Striker that the 10 x 8 was a fair offer, I am also not so sure he wouldn’t accept if it came from TB or VGK. If the rumors are true, the hold up is likely the return going back to OTT.
      I think Karlsson will age well because he skates so well. He will be overpaid from 35-37, no doubt, but I could see him aging like Neidermayer who could have played longer than he did.

      • Really penny you are arguing over a couple months karlsson Nd doughty? Look karlsson is weak on defense a d his game isn’t gonna change..

  19. About Hickey’s report, I think it’d be great for the Habs to keep Pacioretty, but it requires a couple of things:

    1. That Pacioretty even wants to re-sign there after everything

    2. That even if Habs & Pacioretty both want to extend, that his salary demands are in line with what Montreal wants to spend (e.g. if he’s demanding 8x$7.5M, Habs will say no)

    I’m a Habs fan and would love to keep him, but it seems like too many “ifs” to make it work out

    • JvR just signed for 5 x 7M and is a comparable. Max (with the exception of last year) tends to be a mid 30s goal scorer and JvR is early 30s. MP is also a better defensive forward and plays 5 on 5, PP and PK. Similar age, both drafted in 2007. I’d say 8 x 7.5 is probably the right number.

      • I agree that may be the number Max gets (or at least wants)! I just don’t believe it fits with the Habs game plan or they’d give it to him, if those end up being his demands. In which case, I think they have no choice but to trade him.

  20. Well seeing as how Weber won’t be doing much for a while and is looking worse and worse.

    Ottawa offers

    Erik Karlson
    J.G Pageau
    Bobby Ryan


    Montreal’s 2019 first round pick (unprotected)


    • This is very very heavily favoured towards Ottawa. Even if you consider JG and Ryan’s negative trade value to be a wash – EK is not worth Patches, Weber and an unprotected first.

      • Anyway, I would venture a guess that Montreal is on Karlsson’s no-go list.

  21. Would Tampa offer Killorn, Tyler Johnson, and Sergachev for EK and Bobby Ryan? Think the dollars would work out at the end of the year once they let Coburn and Giradi walk.

    • IHC

      Concur on numbers working. However, I don’t see it being either offered or accepted.

      Serg is in any deal on EK to TB , no doubt about it. However, Ottw will want more youth (picks/prospects) coming in the deal.

      TB does not need and/or want BR

      …. shooters at craps in Vegas say “come on 7, no snake eyes”— well whatever, ….. come on VGK …. EK —- Go West young man!!!! (he’s not landing in either of my two fav spots (Pens/Leafs)… so keep him in Western Conference

    • Agree with Pengy, and a further issue with that is both Killorn and Johnson have full NTC’s through 20/21. They aren’t waiving to go to Ottawa given they likely took discounts to stay in TB.

      Callahan is the biggest problem with TB this and next year given he also has a NMC/M-NTC the next 2 years. He would be an option for Ottawa in a larger deal if willing to go to Ottawa (doubtful) so Ottawa could get a better package. Something around:

      To TB:


      To Ottawa:


      Pageau has a much better cap hit and doesn’t make a lot less than Callahan in real dollars the next two years ($1.3M/year). However, his cap savings are $2.7M/year less over that span and he is a much better player. Pageau would be a great 3C for TB behind Stamkos and Johnson. He is also clutch in the playoffs. TB is in win now mode and Karlsson would make them the Stanley Cup favourite.

      Ottawa could then have Duchene and Point as their top 2 centers and ease in White/Brown in the 3C slot. Plus, the Sens would likely remain a bubble team with that package assuming they keep Stone and Duchene long term. Not guaranteeing the playoffs, but not the disaster of last year either.

      • Bobby Ryan for Callahan swap as part of the EK trade??

  22. Shea Weber out 4-6 months after knee surgery. Seasons already over in Montreal and its only July.

  23. silly season aint only for gm’s. the over valuing and undervaluing of karlson done on here is amazing.

    • Chrisms— we just love having fun with our prognostications and market value antics 🙂

      I’ve been overvaluing myself for years— I just looked in the mirror the other day and wondered where the handsome young man from 1985 went???

      All I have left that is the same is my height, hair and teeth— sad story

      Glad my wife’s eyes are failing and she is still wayyyy over-valuing me 🙂

      I’m confident that I won’t be traded this season; but after that who knows

      • There must be a trade brewing in Detroit, Wings signed Athanasiou for 3mil leaving them 6mil to lock up Larkin and Mantha.

      • Be careful Pengy, you may just get traded for a right handed mailman!

    • Totally agree…. Regardless of everything people say on these boards , he’s living the dream , and getting paid lots of money to do it, good for him , let him turn it around and write about us , now that would be interesting ! 👀

  24. So, Tampa really wants EK. With the Rangers apparently involved…we may just have something brewing here. Stevie Y is getting antsy. Sergachev a Senator to play quite often the club that traded him. What would New York get back for taking on Callahan’s salary?

    • Haven’t seen Stevie Y get antsy yet FD. Time is on his side, as it is with all potential trade partners in on EK. If he doesn’t get his price he won’t pull the trigger.
      Dorian has to move now or wait til TDL EK can dictate who he signs an extension with, and I think he wants to go to TB. Why wouldn’t he? IMO all TB has to beat is what someone will pay for EK as a 1 year rental, and no more, Stevie Y knows it too. I would guess that Dorian does now as well.
      That will still be a good return, but not some massive haul. Similar to what BUF got for O Reilly.

      • Ray, valid points indeed. I do think Yzerman has no issue moving out some established Tampa players for the right fit. Man would I ever love to hear some of the chatter going on in those offices. Is the Whisper 2000 still in production?