NHL Rumor Mill – July 7, 2018

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The ongoing Erik Karlsson trade watch saga plus the latest on the Islanders and an update on Patrick Maroon in your NHL rumor mill.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are reportedly no closer to acquiring Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson (Photo via NHL Images)


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators aren’t any nearer to shipping defensman Erik Karlsson to the Tampa Bay Lightning after reports on Thursday suggested a trade could be close. He also reports the Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks remain interested in the 27-year-old blueliner. While the Lightning have the assets to tempt the Senators, the word around the league is Tampa Bay executives don’t feel at this point they’re close to a deal, though that could always change.

Making the dollars work appears to be an issue. It was assumed the Lightning might try to ship Ryan Callahan ($5.8-million annual average value) back to the New York Rangers, but the Senators would still have to take on some salary in the deal. The Bolts would need sufficient cap space to both take on Karlsson’s $6.5-million AAV and also negotiate a contract extension.

The Senators also have to determine if they can move winger Bobby Ryan and his $7.25-million cap hit to another club. Garrioch wonders if the Lightning are trying to get a third team involved in the deal to take Ryan. He also reminds us the Senators are willing to be patient to find the right deal. “A deal could happen, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, during training camp or just before the next NHL trade deadline in February.”

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Greg Auman lists defenseman Mikhail Sergachev, winger Ryan Callahan, Tyler Johnson and Cal Foote among the notables the Lightning might have to part with in a three-team deal to land Karlsson.

NJ.COM: With a rumor floating around claiming the New Jersey Devils could be the third team involved in the Karlsson trade talks, Chris Ryan observes they have the cap space and assets to be part of the deal. He suggests they could take on Bobby Ryan while likely getting another asset in return, or acquire Ryan Callahan or Dan Girardi along with another assets from the Lightning.

THE ATHLETIC’s Joe Smith last night tweeted we shouldn’t expect a Karlsson to Tampa Bay deal anytime soon. ” Not saying it won’t happen eventually, but nothing imminent or close.”

SPORTSNET’s John Shannon tweets there’s still a belief the Dallas Stars have a chance to land Karlsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s a lot of moving parts in a possible trade sending Karlsson to Tampa Bay. The Lightning must shed salary to make the deal work and the Senators hope to dump Ryan’s contract, which means bringing a third club into the mix. That team will want a sweetener to take on Ryan, Callahan or Girardi.

Meanwhile, the Senators want a solid return for Karlsson but there’s likely some assets the Lightning aren’t willing to part with. At some point, they could get this worked out, perhaps as early as today. However, it could also prove too complicated, which could send the Senators back to the Stars or considering other offers from Vegas or San Jose. 


THE ATHLETIC: Shayna Goldman lists Ottawa’s Matt Duchene or Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Tampa Bay’s Tyler Johnson, Chicago’s Artem Anisimov and the New York Rangers’ Ryan Spooner as possible trade options for the New York Islanders if they wish to replenish their depth at center via trade.

NEWSDAY: Andrew Gross recently suggested Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk as a possible trade target to bolster the Islanders’ blueline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene’s been overlooked because of all the trade chatter regarding Erik Karlsson, but his future with the Senators could also be in doubt. Like Karlsson, he’s due to become an unrestricted free agent next July and could be reluctant to stick around. If so, he could be available  in the trade market, though perhaps not until the Feb. 25 trade deadline approaches. Pageau, on the other hand, is a center the Senators are reportedly keen to keep.

As per Cap Friendly, Johnson carries a full no-trade clause. He reportedly hasn’t been approached yet by Lightning management to waive it. There’s no certainty he’d accept getting dealt to the Islanders. Ditto Anisimov, who has a 10-team list of preferred trade destinations.  Spooner, who’s currently a restricted free agent, might be available but I’m not sure the Rangers would ship him to a rival like the Isles.

As Gross observed, the Hurricanes could consider moving Faulk after signing former Islander Calvin de Haan. Their recent addition of Dougie Hamilton could also make Faulk expendable. Acquiring him won’t be cheap as the Canes will want a decent return. The Chicago Blackhawks are also reportedly interested in him.

Gross also suggested Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba as a possible trade option but I don’t think the Jets intend to part with him. 




  1. I think 50% of the Blues fans would welcome Maroon home and feel he meets a need on the team, but I think 50% of the Blues fans would make him the “whipping boy” and feel he is taking a position from a young prospect. Probably can’t come home again!?

    • Deeee.

      I’m battling a serious site issue & have been for over a year. There are lag issues, you can’t get the cursor to go back to edit posts just vanish & the site asks to reload. It’s actually a serious pain in the ass.

      That said do you have no social graces? Please don’t read my posts & stop being a dickhead. If you can’t be civil please just say nothing at all. There is absolutely no reason to be this rude.

      • Are You crying?😭

  2. I’m confused (as usual)

    If BR possibly going to NJ (with something else coming for pain and suffering) ; Callahan to Ottawa, then taking back some; then on to NYR; EK to Tampa; Serg +++ to Ottw…. are they talking a 4 way deal??????

    Again, as a Pens/Leaf fan … would like EK in the West.

    BTW.. I’m on vacation in Quebec City (great music festival) and got over to see (and tour) the Videotron Centre… beautiful…. absolutely beautiful.

    Every local I’ve talked to is dying for an NHL franchise… absolutely no problem for a straight 3-5 year sell out here

    Would love to see a relocated Quebec Panthers; or Quebec Hurricanes; or Quebec Coyotes….. or , if George is willing to move…. is there a possibility of a Quebec Senators team?

    • No nhl fan base should have their team ripped from them. Travesty of justice

      • Hi Chrisms

        I sympathize with fans that support (and in a serious way) a team , and then it relocates

        … that said … for the better of hockey and NHL as a whole… telos must happen…. there was a massive and verg long outcry when the original !Peg franchise left …. but on the flip side …. the outcry and subsequent length of same in Atlanta…. was miniscule

        The Carolina, Arz, and Florida situations are very close to the situation that was in Atlanta

        A move flips a revenue sharing draw to a revenue sharing contributor

        I read somewhere a few weeks ago some economist using the example of an Arz relo to another team in Toronto would mean a neg rev to pos rev swing of over $100M

        …. that’s a massive increase of league Revs…. shared between 31 owners and about 700 players

        …. in the big picture of things …. I’m all for relo

      • When Winnipeg came back in the NHL, the ironic thing was with revenue sharing and the jets being one of the top revenue sharing teams, some of their revenue went to the then Phoenix Coyotes. For those who don’t remember the Coyotes where the Winnipeg Jets 1.0 NHL team

      • If zona relocates to Toronto it’d be the first time since 1967 that there was a real hockey team in Toronto since the Marlies.

      • Pengy- you have no idea what went on in Atlanta. Don’t be an expert on something you know nothing about. Most of the people here are from th north and Midwest. Bad owners, worse management and 11 seasons of not one playoff win. One playoff series in 11 years. Not a recipe for success.

      • no pengy. its bad for the long term health of the game. bettmans expansion of the nhl to these cities are why players like mathews are being developed. Canada doesn’t need any more teams to help develop nhl talent and grow the game. they will continue to do that regardless. good gm and owners in those three cities that can bring competitive teams are all they need to become profitable. relocation of a franchise to Quebec is bad for the nhl.

      • With the purchase of the Hurricanes, Dundon accepted a clause that they couldn’t be relocated for 7 years.

        The NHL has fought exceptional hard to keep Arizona in Arizona. This relates to demographics issues. The NHL’s current arrangement with NBC expires in 3 years & these markets are important in negotiating a new lucrative long-term deal.

        Florida. Of all teams, this is potentially the most likely to move should such happen but Viola has deep pockets & 2 rounds of expansion revenue have helped mitigate losses.

        None of these teams is anything like Atlanta. There was no 1 willing to buy & keep Atlanta in Atlanta. These 3 teams don’t have those problems.

        In 3 years we will have our next lockout, owners will get more concessions making them more profitable, revenue sharing will again get more beneficial for the have-nots & the NHL will get its 1st major national television contract solving profitability issues for virtually every team in the NHL.

        People will be shocked at the bids the NHL receives. Bettman & Co. have established the fastest growing but more importantly in the US & they are about to be rewarded for all those efforts.

        I don’t see Quebec city ever getting an NHL team back. The NHL will expand & or relocate to Houston, Kansas City, Portland, etc. long before Quebec city. If by expansion I assume we will be almost 10 years out. Could the NHL be the 1st major professional sport in the NHL to expand to 34 teams? Absolutely due to the Canadian dynamic.

      • Deeee.

        I’m battling a serious site issue & have been for over a year. There are lag issues, you can’t get the cursor to go back to edit posts just vanish & the site asks to reload. It’s actually a serious pain in the ass.

        That said do you have no social graces? Please don’t read my posts & stop being a dickhead. If you can’t be civil please just say nothing at all. There is absolutely no reason to be this rude.

        The discussion relates to Quebec getting a team via relocation. I wasn’t aware this was a spelling or grammar exam. If so I would make sure that I can get this site issue resolved prior. Take a couple of deep breaths, you’re going to have a stroke, embolism or heart. Did your mom not love you as a child, you have some other disability that causes you to be a prick?

      • In that post, it simply chose to drop the word attack from the sentence. Heart attack, it was there when I hit send but it’s not there now.

    • I don’t think you can gauge a teams future success on what people say…. of course everyone will say they’ll go to games. In reality, will they? It’s funny how every city mentioned for any kind of sports franchise has this mentality. Until a franchise shows up. I’ve lived in a couple of places where teams struggle. Yet fans still wanted a team…. but don’t put their ass in a seat regularly.

    • Let me ask you this: do you seriously believe that a team can exist in Quebec City without language politics entering into the picture? And can you see many Anglophone UFAs opting to go where their language and that of their family is officially persona non grata at every turn?

      • I agree with George O. Quebec City and Montreal are 2 different animals. Having been born and raised there i do know that every one on the island and surrounding communities in Montreal speak both languages fluently. Quebec city and surrounding communities are primarily French. Most prospects would want to go the way of Lindros.

    • Part of the problem for Quebec was the bad combination of a smaller city, high taxes, a smaller rink and at the time a very high US dollar. I am not sure about the first three today, but the exchange rate is as bad as it was then.
      Add to the fact that the NHL Commish is all about the business of making money for the owners and the Las Vegas entry just landed the league a massive influx of US cash and TV exposure.
      Quebec deserves to be in the NHL, and the league does owe the city for the way things went last time, but there is no way that Bettman puts Quebec ahead of Seattle and probably Houston and maybe San Diego?

    • hey twin grow up jealous are we

      • Yeah, that was an old, tired and now obsolete epithet. Right now I can think of at least 12 NHL cities that would love to have the Leafs roster – including right here in Ottawa.

    • Quebec had a team and lost it due to lack of fan support. Why would the league give them another team?

  3. You can’t have Karlsson at camp.

    • That is absolutely right. It would go over like a lead balloon with the rest of the team – not to mention a growing number among the fan base. He has burned his bridges here.

    • SiverSeven, you just summed it up perfectly.

  4. Welcome to the era of social media, where everyone wants to break the storey first. Surprisingly how many media professional get caught up in this quick reaction times.
    It seems the facts elude some people now as it’s more important to be the first person breaking the storey and hopefully what I think I know will be true after I tweet it.

    • Caper

      I’ve not had my morning Tim’s yet… and I’m always confused anyway…are you posting that we’re minutes away from an announced trade????

      • It’s a follow up to a tweet Thursday night that said the Karlsson deal was done; here it is Saturday and it doesn’t appear to be close.

    • Real journalists need to confirm their stories from 3 sources.

      Shawn Simpson of TSN who said the deal was done pending league approval has retracted but he has lost any & all credibility and has made TSN look somewhat foolish in the process as well.

      I get you want to be the 1st but it’s far more important to be accurate. I assume Shawn’s actions will carry career consequences.

  5. Belated Tavares point.

    People keep saying that the Leafs will be so much better with Tavares, as if they were simply adding him to last year’s team. They seem to forget that the Leafs lost Van Riemsdyk and his 36 goals. It’s amazing how this fact seems to go unnoticed.

    OK, Tavares is a better all around player and will replace those goals plus possibly a few more. The Leafs will be better, but the improvement is only incremental. It’s not as if they added him to exactly the same team as last year. Combined with the loss of Bozak’s offense, the Leaf improvement this year with Tavares isn’t as great as is common being assumed. Better yes. Dramatically better, no.

    If Tampa gets Karlsson (see I’m an adult so I spell names out) then the impact will be much greater. First, he’s simply a better player and second, Tampa would likely be not losing a significant piece in the process. Sergachev is more a future than a significant piece.

    • I agree on Tampa. And with Hedman and Mcdonagh locked up long term, Sergachev will either be on his offside, or buried on the 3rd pairing. The right side is the glaring weakness of Tampa. Currently, they don’t have anything resembling a top pair righty. Karlsson instantly cures that problem.

      • The “Black Hawk Roller Coaster” the Karlsson signing might set up for the Bolts would be great if, like the Hawks, multiple cups were the result. Less so if you fall just short. Of course, in the Detroit model, one can fall just short for decades.
        On balance, with a system that seems able to produce youngsters outside the first round that play efectively, I’d hope Yzerman can pull it off. If its a rental, tho, I still think Sergechev is too rich. Sign and trade (implying appropriate salary cap moves in parallel)…well I hate to sentence a good kid like Sergy to the Ownership in Ottawa (known by reputation only), but the Bolts woould look solid on D

      • Ny4. Starting to think maybe you need to drop the 4 life part … lately starting to think you’re more a Tampa guy than you’d like to admit

      • I don’t think it’s a secret that I’ve been a Tampa fan for years. I’ll always be a ranger fan 1st. But it’s a hell of a lot easier commute to Tampa than Manhattan from here.

        It’s here, for yeas I lived in St.Pete and worked in downtown Tampa. Should I be a Tampa hater and hope for their failure? Maybe if they fold I’ll become a gator or Seminole fan like 98% of the southeast us?

        You may want to pick a backup team for the next few years. They’ll be pretty painful!

      • Ny4. Lol. I was in Hollywood area for 22 years so my backup team is Panthers. (My son played for jr Panthers). Back in No Jersey now, but my daughter is in Tally… go Noles!

      • My oldest is heading to UF in the fall… so I guess go gators?

    • On a purely statistical basis your comment has merit. However I would take Tavares hands down over JVR and Bozak. Tavares makes everyone around him better so I think you are wrong.
      Fortunately the games are played on the ice not out a stat book so it will be exciting to see you your comments have any merit

    • Stasiuk

      Good points and I mostly concur

      However the adding of JT gives a top 3 Centres situation that is like Pens… and that’s been their recent strength… although trying to be as objective as possible … Pens just slightly better on the top 3 Centres overall … but Pens have best 4 Centres in the League

      … So in that sense … overall Tor more stable …. let’s say “stronger” on the offence…. D still an issue

      Concur that Serg is a future and EK in and Serg out …. absolutely no question in the here and now TB stronger on D

      TB will also have to lose some forward or forwards as well

      … in conclusion … EK to TBay, in my opinion… makes them favs in East

      • Pens have two best censers Toronto have row and so does Edmonton

      • He means the Pens have the best centre depth in the league not that they have the 4 best centres. He just misspoke a little bit.

      • Who had the top 2 goal scoring centres in the league last season? This was a twitter question the other day.

        A hint, they added the 2nd best UFA centre available this summer.

      • The 2 top goal scoring centres last year were Karlsson with 43 and Staal/ Malkin 42. None of those teams signed Stastny, the second best UFA centre available. Your question is poorly worded and confusing. What exactly are you asking? The team with the top 2 centres with the most goals is Pittsburgh Malkin with 43 and Crosby with 29, or that’s how it looks at first glance.

      • Sorry, it dropped on 1 team. The answer would be Karlsson & Haula, Stastny just signing in Vegas.

        What’s odd is when I read it it’s correct but when it posts parts aren’t being picked up. Have been trying to resolve, have spoken to Lyle about it. Just won’t stop happening & it’s happening on all platforms, laptop, tablets & phone. We have even tried different internet platforms, explorer, safari & google but having the same issue with all. IT thinks it’s an add related issue but haven’t been able to resolve so I struggle through.

    • Tavares is a great player. Yes he’s an upgrade, due to position but not multi millions over jvr. Everyone is nieve to believe why Toronto and first round chumps… no defence… I’m by no means a leafs fan, but I was hoping they would have sailed the ship right this off season for such a pationate and suffering fan base.

      Maybe they can find someone to take on Marleaus contract, it will come down to resigning Marner or nylander or picking up a d….

    • I’m in agreement on Tavares. He is a decent player, but is it enough to counter the loss of JVR and Bozak?? I would say not, and his +/- was not that good perhaps due to his lack of speed.

      • remember kessel as a leaf?

    • JVR/Bozaks goals will be more then made up by more favourable match ups for matthews line, better centre ice man for Marner, better 3rd line centre, more PP time for Matthews and Nylander, more ice time for Johnson, Kappy and less time spent playing defence for Connor Brown, and of course and most importantly the goals that JT scores himself.

      Also Tampa will shed a lot more then Sergechev to make a Karlson deal happen, Tyler Johnson will be gone, if they can even trade him, and if not someone else.

      No team can be perfect in a cap scenario, and they don’t need to be, they just need to be better then the 30 other teams.

    • @Stasiuk What does Toronto not get to put a player on the ice for JVR`s shift now. Tavaras replaces Bozak huge improvement. Probably Johsson replaces JVR, how many goals he scores nobody knows right now, but he will score and Johsson is a lot better defensively than JVR so the difference may not be that big as you think. JVR was a powerplay specialist and a bit of a liability 5 on 5. So having somebody like Johsson in the lineup makes Toronto a lot better even strength and maybe a bit weaker powerplay. So quit with sky is falling, yes they may score a few less without JVR but they`ll give up less goals too. Tavaras and Johsson in the lineup makes Toronto a far better club than JVR and Bozak there. Seriously just think which would you rather spend 12 mill for JVR/Bozak or 13 mill for Tavaras/Johsson.

    • Sorry I disagree friend, look at it this way, if you were adding one player to your roster, Tavares or JVR who would you choose and baring in mind that most good to great hockey players are going to get points on the PP.

    • Tor has more than enough depth to cover for the loss of JvR & Bozak. Matthews, Marner & Nylander are just scratching the surface of their potential & have far more development & growth is coming, ditto Hyman, Brown, Kapanen & Johansson.

      The D is still a concern but the core is also young & not fully developed yet. Zaitsev, Reilly, Dermott & Carrick are all still developing, Reilly being the most but still, only 24 having played 388 NHL regular season games. Gardner is the oldest of the core having just turned 28, 1 year into his prime for NHL Dman, I hope they can get him extended. Hainsey is a solid stop gap to allow for these young D to develop.

      Tor has the ability to bid for a Dman should the right 1 become available and there are solid D prospects developing in the minors. Improvement in this area may just have to come from within unless they want to pay the high cost to buy a better solution.

      Tor will battle TB & Bos for the division title with Florida nipping at their heels. All should be very similar in points to the best in the Metro as well as in the league. This was a very good team without Tavares & the loss of JvR & Bozak won’t even be felt as they have players ready to replace them on their roster now.

    • how does everything turn to toronto you guys GET OVER IT it’s done stop be so jealous

      • Jealous of 50+ yrs of futility? I don’t get it

  6. I really don’t think after the subtractions and adding Erik Karlsson to the Lightning will make them better, maybe worse. He’s offensively gifted, but defensively challenged. Early in his career he was the guy in the box for a bench minor, and I haven’t seen big improvement, and he has a career -36.

    • If you’re leading team in toi… and your team isn’t very good… chances are you’re not going to have a great +/- Can’t really help that. There aren’t many teams in league that wouldn’t take him over any d man on their team

  7. if NYR may be taking Callahan back to facilitate a EK to TB trade….would we then offer Spooner plus to CAR for Faulk? so Skjei has a right hand partner for the season?

    • something like Tyler Johnson to CAR, Faulk to TB then Faulk and Callahan to NYR for Spooner plus perhaps so allow room for TB to make the EK trade……then TB can trade off spooner RFA to anyone they want…

      then CAR can keep skinner to play with Johnson…

      lots of options

      • Tyler Johnson has to want to move. If he and the Lightning are going to part, he may wish to wait a year for Seattle. The Lightning let his no-movement kick in recently, and seem solidly behind him as the 3 ctr / 2nd pp sniper.

      • Wouldn’t it make more sense for Rangers to try and get Karlsson instead of helping Tampa? What good is trading for Faulk for 2 years of service when you’ve already assured yourself of never being able to beat TB?

      • Gorton has made it crystal clear that he would not pursue Tavares, Karlsson etc. Rather he would look to these teams pursing them for young assets while maybe taking on a Callahan in the process.

        If NY was going to make bold moves and dive in, they would have done it at the draft.

        These fantasies of Karlsson and Tavares are/ were a waste of time even speculating. This rebuild is 12 minutes old. This team isn’t anywhere near in a position to take on a Karlsson or compete. They aren’t one player away. Don’t hold your breath for them to make any type of splash in the next year or two…. or 3. Unless of course taking Callahan is considered a splash?

        It’s time to face reality. This team is in a full rebuild. It would be pointless to get caught in the middle of a Karlsson at this point.

  8. You really need 4 teams to make this work. The problem is you have too many bloated contracts and NJD or NYR aren’t willing to be a dumping ground for 15M or so worth of salary. This deal won’t happen and either Ottawa bites the bullet and keeps Ryan or Vegas bites the bullet and takes Ryan

  9. I think the Karlsson deal might take a while . Complicated and very important to all stakeholders

    • Can’t help but chuckle and wonder what impact it would have on trade activity around the league if Karlsson suddenly threw a monkey wrench into the whole scene but suddenly deciding to sign the offered contract.

      • George o black n gold here..I know we have been going at it lately..that’s what the site is about right? Anyway..thought how could Pittsburgh get justin Faulk? If we could get Faulk add that to dumolin letang schultz oliesiak..nice modern day pick moving defense..providing letang returns to form and doesn’t suck..like last year. Tristan jarry olli maatta? Maybe a third team? Don’t really want to give up brassard..thoughts?

      • Sheesh Blackngold … I’m still trying to figure out what would be a good return for Karlsson that would at least give some hope for the future of the franchise, never mind trying to speculate on what the Pens might have to relinquish to get Faulk.

  10. The best deal would be TB, Ottawa, NJD, and NYR
    TB gets : Karlsson, Brian Boyle

    NJD gets: TB 2020 2nd round pick, Tyler Johnson, Bobby Ryan, Taylor Raddysh, Colin White

    NYR gets : Ryan Callahan, Cal Foote

    Ottawa gets : 2019 NJD 1st round pick, 2021 TB 1st round pick, Sergachev, Jesper Bratt, John Quennville, Colton Sissons

    This would probably never happen, but it seems pretty fair

    • I believe the Isles have to be in on this, if they could get Johnson and Faulk without gutting the farm it would make losing J.T. a lot easier. I think Johnson would accept the Isles with Lou and Trotz there

    • George o also Johnson to letang schultz dumolin olisiak faulk..we can limit letangs minutes.and get him off the power play..lose what would it take to get Faulk from Carolina? Know hurricanes like Tristan jarry add what?

    • Karlsson is rumored everywhere .Dallas Vegas tampa…I would bet since Vegas is the only one willing g to take on Bobby Ryan’s contract.the cheap as owner will lean that way plus Vegas new arena winning team sure karlsson wouldn’t mind going there… black n gold.didnt mean to tax that brIn of yours for an opinion..lol

  11. Sergachev Killorn Katchouk and a first 2020 if the price is more than that for Karlsson than
    bye bye bye.
    Callahan anywhere with another pick or prospect asset. No salary back or retained
    It also depends on what the avv gets negotiated to. Maybe he takes a little less than or the same as what OWA offered (due other considerations )

  12. The delay in getting Karlsson moved is monies & his demands limit the return especially if it has to include getting Ryan off the books. Few teams can take on a player who wants Doughty monies & term. Karlsson wants to play for a winner & those teams don’t have the cap space unless you perceive Vegas as such.

    I guess we should considering they made the Stanley Cup finals but I still struggle with how they beat the odds. It would have been so cool to have seen them win the cup.

    It is extremely important Ottawa come away with at least 1 future star in this deal & so far teams have been reluctant to give up that player as part of the package.

    I would much prefer to know what’s going on with Duchene at this stage. Ott paid a hige price to acquire this player & he’s in the exact same boat as Karlsson. A UFA 1 year giving him a get out of jail free card.

    • This deal will get done eventually, the Karlsson deal, if with TB they as being reported & discussed need to move out salary 1st or as part of such. That is complicated & may take time as the team taking these players contracts need to potentially be compensated in some way to do so.

      I would be very surprised if Karlsson is in Ottawa come training camp but we are moving into the dog days of summer where hockey people start to get some down time, holidays with family & friends.

      Having these things drag out is punishing for all involved including us. We get to keep playing the what if’s over & over. All good fun but after about a week or 10 days, it’s all rhetoric, the same discussion just being regurgitated.

    • i mentioned it before las vegas even existed, you could build a team of free agents “bums”, that most people deem too old, expensive, and not offensive enough…and win a cup, although you need a goalie and a tight defense system and manly officiating. Ive watched scotty bowman do it a few times.

  13. Maroon had one decent season riding the coattails of McDavid in Edmonton and is trying to score big bags of loot off of it.

    Buyer beware, he never did a thing before his year with McDavid and has done nothing since.

    Ryan Clowe 2.0

    • So same as any other player in the NHL who goes UFA and averages close to a half point per game. I think thanks to Edmonton and the Lucic contract teams will be a little more cautious as to what they’re handing out to half skilled big boys.

  14. All these Karlsson articles look like cut and paste jobs with Karlssons dropped in instead of Duschenes.

    They all say the exact same thing as they day before with nothing new or of value added. Sad to see what passes for journalism these days.

    • They’re expected to come up with x articles a month – it’s clear they could not possibly care less what’s in the damned thing. In that respect they’re much like the monopoly cable companies like Rogers and Bell who each own a bunch of channels that only exist with their endless repeats thanks to CRTC turning a blind eye to the lack of actual choice. It’s all part of the “New reality” I guess.

      • George o is Ottawa your team? I have asked you..you certainly RIP on me and my penguins😂

      • I’m not a fawning, put-them-on-pedestals fan of ANY team. I tend to follow Ottawa more because this is where I live. Why in hell would I choose to follow a team hundreds or thousands of miles away?

    • Ron Jull, these are rumors not journalism. Sports rumor speculation is it’s own little revenue stream because people like us like to debate and speculate as well. Real journalism is fact based with multiple source or actual physical evidence to substantiate. Rumor and journalism in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

  15. If the Isles somehow were able to come away with Faulk and Duchene, I think it would be a very good summer for the team even with the loss of Tavares. The Isles weren’t winning a championship with Tavares this season. Duchene and Barzal as your top 2 Centers is very solid. If they keep Nelson and Cizikas, I think they are fairly strong up the middle. On D although Faulk is not great, he would be replacing an injury riddled CDH. The Isles have a lot of young depth at D that needs a little more time to develop. (Aho, Toews, Vande Sompel, Wotherspoon, Quenneville). A top 4 (if healthy) of Leddy, Boychuk, Pulock and Faulk with Hickey slotting in as #5 and then probably Pelech or Mayfield at 6 isn’t bad, especially with a defensive minded coach. These players also wouldn’t cost a ton ($$$ wise). Just under 10.9M for these 2 players as opposed to 15.5M for Tavares and CDH. I would make that trade.

    • I don’t see the Islanders bidding for Faulk. I think their D is essentially set.

      Leddy, Boychuk.
      Pelech, Pulock.
      Hickey, Mayfield.

      I assume the 7/8 slots will be filled by veteran black aces who’s job it is to practice but barely play. They provide injury insurance when 1 of the developing kid D you mention can’t make it to the big club in time to fill that need. No benefit to having those kids in the NHL not seeing any minutes.

      NYI did sign Filppula to a 1 year deal so there C’s for this season barring a trade should be Barzal, Nelson, Filppula & Cizikas.

      When Duchene is made available I assume NYI would try to bid & certainly has the assets to acquire him but as a UFA 1 year out will he be willing to sign in NYI long term.

      Not many players aspire to play in Lou’s 1970’s perception of the NHL. The minute NYI signed Lou I had Tavares gone. He is a neanderthal living in a past world. That said he will right this mess, Trots will get the most out of this group & NYI will be a competitive team. Their prospect kitty is solid & although UFA’s can choose to go elsewhere young players can’t so Lou will make trades that improve this team.

      • Is was particularly odd when Lou went to NYi he brought back Martin (goon) and Komarov, while already having Clutterbuck and Czickas. Ladd is no sniper and more a high paid mid tier grinder… Strange roster Lou is building.

      • Yet Islander fans are burning Tavares jerseys? Smh

  16. Although contenders can afford to overload their rosters, other teams need to be factoring in expansion 2 summers out & what trades made today will do to their protected lists come that time.

    Breaking a stud player down into multiple assets is great as long as most will be expansion exempt in 2 summers, otherwise, your taking an asset that you may have to expose or that forces you to expose another player you ideally wouldn’t want to lose.

    The business side of hockey plays in almost every trade today in some way, the cap hit, term, waiver rights, arbitration rights & UFA status are all significant factors in trades. Gone are the days of just a pure hockey trade or they are exceptionally rare.

  17. I’m surprised the Avalanche haven’t been as nearly involved with this as the other teams are. They own the Ottawa’s first round pick this year which was acquired in the Duchene trade. Thinking they could dangle that and package Barrie and maybe something else to get Karlsson.
    However then again they could just sit back and let Karlsson get traded to another team, and I read rumors Duchene can be traded as well and the Islanders were interested …which could possibly lead to a sure lottery pick and maybe even 1sr overall to draft Hughes. Either way it’s a win/win situation for Colorado. But thinking they have the offense as is it and all the young prospects are working their way into the roster, trading for Karlsson is basically the missing piece of defense they have been missing for years to take the next step.

    • Are the Avalanche aloud to be in? The worst team in hockey season before last should still be in a website mandated rebuild like the Rangers! Even though Isles only finished 3 points ahead of Rangers with Tavares. Not sure why it’s ok for us to take on Cally for 2 years at 5.8 mil, considering I don’t see Tampa giving us anything close to Foote. Why not just go for Karlsson. Are we just skipping a couple years of other players prime years? Wonder if anyone who thinks Karlsson is old realizes that Kreider is only 11 months younger…
      How about DeAngelo,Skjei, Spooner, and the Rangers 1st rd pick next year for Karlsson. Ottowa gets a young top 4 D in Skjei, a 22 year old puck moving d prospect in DeAngelo, and Spooner, who plays both wing and center. Also a 1st rounder. George? striker? Do we need to add?
      Rangers would have Karlsson for next 8 years and still have plenty of prospects. They can trade Zucharello at deadline for a Nash like return

    • not sure sens fans would be happy getting first rd pick back for ek, turris, bowers, and avs also got girard and kamenov although from preds…would go down as one of the most lopsided trades in history….sens might be better served throwing sakics ph# in the garbage can

  18. Leafs should have moved JVR ,Bozak and Komorov at the deadline as they were not contenders. Not sure what the return might have been but you would think a few picks or a solid D prospect. Whoever was in charge made a mistake I know Leaf fans are starved for some success but that was mismanagement. They need to upgrade their defense or they are just spinning there tires.

    • what are you talking about how would you know anything can happen in the playoffs by your theory why didn’t every team do something then

    • that is a valid point, but due to lou’s ethics & torontos need to rebuild a respectable culture they decided to let them play out their terms (while still helping the team & giving them one last chance) for the sake of establishing player relations. Even dubas referenced this when speaking about toronto attracting free agents now when speaking about bozaks approval of toronto.

      • also, off the top of my head…i believe statistically most teams that trade their star free agents do better afterwards…which is cool if you like underdogs

  19. Bob lots of teams did move their UFA,s and in turn received picks and players. The Leafs decided not to I guess because they thought they could win the cup I would think most knew they wouldn’t. I’m just saying if they did trade those three and maybe more today they would have Johnny and probably a solid D man. I would think Islander fans probably think they to maybe should have moved Tavares for a bundle. Hindsight is 20-20 but anybody with half a brain knew Toronto wasn’t getting by the first round.

    • So the entire hockey world must be incredibly stupid by that logic cause they all had Vegas finishing last in the league. Anything can happen come playoff time. Good example is the Flames had no business at all making it to the playoffs in 2004 but yet they made it all the way to the final. Everyone with half a brain knew Calgary wasn’t getting past the first round that year either.

      • Anything can happen I’m talking about at the trade deadline teams make a decision either you believe you can win or atleast make the playoffs. Teams outside looking in move their UFA;s for picks and prospects usually teams @ the top usually add a few. In my opinion Toronto should have traded JVR and company because they weren’t going to win this year. If you believe they had a chance than keep them and get zip when they leave. Has nothing to do with Vegas they added a player and rolled the dice and almost won I would have done same as them. Toronto also rolled the dice lost in first round a decision I would have done differently. I also would have tried to sign Tavares if I had no commitment I would have moved him at deadline.

    • And those with an entire brain knew that Washington would win the Cup. Come on, man, give yourself a shake.

    • what those teams weren’t in the playoff race do you guys watch hockey

  20. I would like to say that the NHL should add more Canadian teams especially that it’s a Canadian sport and yet all I see is buttman keeps adding American teams sure expanding the sport to the states is awesome but it is getting to be ridiculous when Canada doesn’t have any legitimate expansion teams on the horizon and yet America has more teams coming …

    • Simple Frank. The more the game expands in the U.S., the better its popularity grows, increasing chances of getting TV revenues closer to that of the NBA, MLB and football. They have 10 times Canada’s population.

      • And where would you put them? There is no way the Leafs will allow a second NHL team in or around the GTA, Hamilton is out for much the same reason, with Buffalo adding their voice. Quebec City? Where the pool of best coaches, management would be narrowed down to language considerations, and few anglophone UFAs and their families would want to spend the bulk of each year knowing their language is officially banned. Halifax? Regina? Not a chance.