Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 29, 2018

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Updates on Max Pacioretty, Wayne Simmonds and Kevin Hayes in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NBC SPORTS: Joey Alfieri lists the Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, New Jersey Devils and San Jose Sharks as five logical landing spots for Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty.

Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty remains among the notables in his summer’s NHL rumor mill (Photo via NHL Images).

The Canadiens need centers but Alfieri doesn’t see the Blackhawks parting with Nick Schmaltz or Jonathan Toews for a player on an expiring contract, nor does he see them parting with promising prospect Adam Boqvist. He also doubts the Canadiens would be interested in acquiring an aging player such as Artem Anisimov.

The Oilers still have to re-sign defenseman Darnell Nurse and would have to shed salary to take on Pacioretty’s $4.5-million cap hit for 2018-19. They could have difficulty coming up with the pieces to make a trade work.

A deal that would’ve sent Pacioretty to the Kings during the 2018 NHL draft fell through because a contract extension couldn’t be worked out. Still, Alfieri believes they shouldn’t throw in the towel as they obviously made a serious offer that tempted the Canadiens.

The Devils haven’t been linked to Pacioretty and GM Ray Shero could be leery about giving up assets for a possible short-term acquisition.

Sharks GM Doug Wilson has been aggressive this year, acquiring and signing Evander Kane and then flipping Mike Hoffman to the Florida Panthers after landing him in a trade with Ottawa. He was also in the bidding for John Tavares before he signed with Toronto. The Sharks would have to shed some salary to get Pacioretty but it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks, Kings and Sharks have been linked to Pacioretty for several weeks. Wouldn’t surprise me if Pacioretty ends up with one of those clubs before the Feb. 25, 2019 trade deadline. I don’t see him landing with the Oilers or Devils. 

I daresay the Canadiens prefer moving him this summer rather than have this situation carry over into the season, but to do that they’ll likely have to lower their asking price. It’s assumed the Canadiens want a good young forward, preferably a center, as part of the return.

If Pacioretty isn’t willing to sign a contract extension with his new club, however, that will affect what the Habs will get in return. There’s no question teams are interested in the five-time 30-goal scorer but if he won’t commit beyond this season they won’t want to pay much to get him. 


CHERRY HILL COURIER POST: Dave Isaac recently reported winger Wayne Simmonds future with the Philadelphia Flyers remains hazy beyond the upcoming season. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. While the Flyers want to keep him they might not be able to afford him if he seeks the prices some of the other 30-goal scorers around the league have gotten. Isaac doesn’t expect Flyers general manager Ron Hextall to lose Simmonds to free agency for nothing. If a long-term deal can’t be worked out, Simmonds could be dealt by the February trade deadline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A lot could depend upon Simmonds’ recovery from off-season pelvic surgery. If he returns to his usual form, Hextall could find a way to keep the winger in the fold, perhaps by moving another contract. However, the recent addition of James van Riemsdyk can be considered insurance in case Hextall has to trade Simmonds this season. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports there’s been little progress between the New York Rangers and center Kevin Hayes regarding a new long-term contract. It’s believed Hayes seeks a five- or six-year deal worth between $5.5 million and $6 million annually, which is in line with what he can expect to get next summer on the open market.

Hayes is slated for an arbitration hearing on Aug. 2 unless he and the Rangers agree to a new deal before then. If the 26-year-old gets a one-year arbiter-awarded contract, Brooks expects he could be traded before the trade deadline for “a presumed late first-round draft pick.” 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t blame Hayes for trying to get the best deal possible, but I’ll be surprised if the Rangers agree to meet his terms. This one could require arbitration to settle, which will ensure Hayes becomes a fixture in the rumor mill this coming season, especially if the Rangers aren’t in playoff contention as the calendar flips to February 2019. 



  1. Sometimes I wonder does Brooks have issues with certain players. He seems to be the one person who has kept Hayes in rumor mill for last year. Hayes has a little bit of a relationship with new coach. He was at press conference when Coach was introduced. Along with hiring of BC asst.who coached Hayes, he seems well liked by org…biggest issue last season was center depth and there seems to be too much faith being put into unproven young players like Chytil, Holden and Anderson. To me, if Rangers can lock up Hayes at a comparable contract to Skjei’s, they do it. I think ntc’s might play a role with expansion coming up again. Skjei didn’t get any. Rangers would be smart to sign long term with no clauses… trading him would be easier in future if he’s on a reasonable contract, than if he is on expiring contract.

    • Howden——- not Holden!!!! Uggg never want to hear that name again

    • He does have an arbitration date set for August 2nd, so for some reason they haven’t reached an agreement as of date. The obvious part is Hayes wants more then the Rangers are willing to give.

      • My guess is they agree before Tuesday. 5 years @ 5.7 mil. Brooks usually wrong. I don’t think what he’s asking is excessive..look at what Stepan was getting before he was traded. As I said, ntc could be only thing they can’t agree on. I think there’s mutual interest in both sides to keep him in NY.

    • Brooks is a moron

    • Teams should start trading General Managers and presidents of organizations. Montreal could probably get a can of soda and some poutine for their bad picks

  2. i could see zacha being involved in a NJ-Mon trade seeing some of montreals recent acquisitions though i personally would want more for pacioretty.

  3. Don’t see the BlackHawks parting with Johnathan Toews! Wow you just can’t throw that out there and leave it.
    That is the first time I heard Toews name ever mentioned. No he isn’t going anywhere and even if he was Montreal couldn’t afford him and the assets they would have to give up would set them back years. 30yr old 5yrs left at $10.5 this is payment for 3 cups but not worth it to any other team.

    • Toews wouldn’t even think of going to that toxic stink show in Montreal. Everyone wants out of that sinking ship. MB is the worst GM in history. He makes Milbury look like a genius. Habs fans are in for a long long wait. Just like the Leafs…long long wait. Montreal is the last place any player wants to go to. What a disgrace of a franchise.

      • That’s a little extreme on MB, from those of us who remember Milbury, Rejean Houle as well as any # of Leaf GM’s.

        However, I don’t dispute your overall thrust.

        As to Toews – I assume you mean the player whose production has been declining for years

        I don’t believe even “Bergie” is cretin enough to take on that albatross of a contract.

        Let Toews slide into his years as a “character player”, overpaid on the basis of his earlier career, it’s the Hawks problem, so let them deal with it.
        As a Mtl fan I wouldn’t touch that reek with a bargepole.

        What we actually do need to do is emulate what Toronto has done, undertake a SERIOUS rebuild.

        So, young players/ prospects/ picks are where we should be heading when Pacc is dealt.

      • Completely agree. Bergevin has gutted the Canadiens to the point that theyre a laughingstock franchise now. Bad trades, bad in feee agency.

        I used to believe Dim Jim in Vancouver was the worst, but the torch has been passed, Bergevin is brutal.

      • Rattus Rattus, I think you are right. All the negativity for Mtl when Ottawa is just next door? Dorion,I belive, could be bettr the MB but Melnyk is a horrible owner and does/will handcuff Dorion. He is the reincarnation of Harold Ballard! MB has made some solid behind the scenes move and bottom six moves and bottom four D moves. Unfortunately top 6/top 2 D haven been, well, suspect (putting a whole heap of sugar on it). Habs have a chance to be entertaining in a season, more likely two. Montreal is a demanding place to play as a vet, but THE best place to play as a rookie. Fans/media get it that young guys need to learn to pay. Show you are hitting the ice and giving an honest effort, they will love. Be a slack-ass, you will be tolerated only so long.

      • FD, wow buddy- chill out. I’m a Habs fan and yes things don’t look good and won’t for another 5-6 years. I also can’t believe MB is still around, however, the NHL implemented a salary cap to ensure the smaller markets can compete with the larger markets, Montreal being 1 or 2, but it’s not a level playing field because of taxes! Teams in Canada are already short changed by the exchange rate and weather, the NHL has to address at least the tax situation so we can be at level playing field!

      • Or Canada can address the tax situation. That is not a nhl prerogative.

      • Don’t worry about fd the 50+ yrs of futility has gotten to him! Bruins are in a rebuild and still beat the leafs 1st rd, than the bruins were outplayed by tb and tb was outplayed by the caps. When is the last time the leafs actually won a playoff series? And with that terrible defense it isn’t going to happen without some major changes

      • Chrisms you can’t disagree about the taxes, American teams have a major advantage but that’s what buttman wanted.

      • You must be a Leafs fan, because you sound like one.
        Leafs fans talk trash about the Habs only when they are in a good place. They forget where they once were…

      • He is a leaf fan nik, he crawled out of his hole cause the leafs have gotten knocked out of the first rd 2 yrs in a row! Lol

      • Guys, the taxes aren’t bad in all of Canada. Do a little research first.
        No different than the USA. Some provinces are higher than others, same as some states.
        Look at the taxes in EDM and CGY, then come back on here and let us know what you find out.
        And as far as the exchange, is it not a benefit to have your expenses in CDN $, and your revenue in in US$?
        Give your heads a shake.

      • Give your head a shake ray! The majority of us state taxes are lower than any Canadian teams! Where are you getting your facts ?

    • Not the first time I’ve heard it. There was “chatter” involving price and Toews at one point. Buts it’s been some time

      • Mtl is a tire fire. They are where the leafs were. Toronto was horrible for 50 years…well documented. 25 years since the Habs won the cup. Be another 25 before they catch a sniff. They had a decent draft but with MB at the helm where do you start? They need a rebuild plain and simple. Wake up and smell the Shwartz’ pastrami!

      • Another 25??? Lol typical leaf fan that doesn’t know anything! Lol maybe they can pick up a couple number one dmen for some ahlers and a fourth rd puck eh fd! Lol most delusional fans on the planet leaf fans are

    • I clearly read it as an “as if Chi would part with Toews” but when you’re a hammer …

    • Toews name has popped up earlier in the summer and the return was Weber , even though he was in rehab prior to his surgery , something that doesn’t make sense at all from both sides. MHO ? ….i think MB is waiting for FLA to cave in to his demands , and that is Borgstrom and a 1st for Patches….i can see Philly doing something here , just a gut feeling , no rumours or anything to back up the comment , just a feeling . If it ends up being Chicago , i would suspect a 1st rounder and recently drafted dman Nathan Beaudin would be part of the package …MTL wanted Beaudin in a big way.

      • Sorry , it’s Nicholas Beaudin , must be thinking Nathan Beaulieu , similar names, hopefully Beaudin will be better .

  4. In my opinion Hextall will move Simmonds for a decent return. The return of a young player, prospect and a draft pick. Flyers will not want to commit long term to a player with a lot of wear and tear. Hextall already has a deep prospect pool, so he can look at acquiring a top 4 right handed D with the prospects and draft picks.

    A team like Winnipeg, Nashville or SAN Jose Would be ideal fits. Simmonds leadership and skills could help put someone over the top.

  5. Phi should be able to get Simmonds signed for 5 years in or around 5.5 & appear to have the cap space moving forward to do so.

    The D appears set to me & with expansion 2 summers away Phi could potentially lose a Dman. I assume Gosttisbehere & Provorov are locked in long term but Hagg, Sanheim & Myers make 5 & Phi only has room to protect 3 based on their current roster make up as no way I see them choosing the 8 skater formula that would expose a serious quality forward.

  6. Hayes only has 4 years of NHL contractual experience shouldn’t he be 3 years away from UFA status still. Letting him take a 1 possibly even 2 year award in arbitration may make sense. Essentially works like a bridge deal & NYR locks up next summer long term.

    Hayes has a monster frame. 6’5” with 310 games of NHL experience. He is already playing the hard shut down assignments taking over such from Stepan. Hayes won’t be fully developed at the NHL level till well into the 2019-20 season. This is the type of C every team covets. Big, skilled & solid defensively as well.

    He has far more to give offensively. Vigneault barely gave Hayes PP time till late in the year & he scored 25 goals regardless, 19 at even strength. Hayes will eventually be a 30 goal scorer putting up in or around 70 points. I assume that will happen in 2019-20 but he sould hit 30 goals & 60 points next season as long as he plays at least 75 games.

    If it takes 5.5 to lock him up for 6 years I would gladly pay it but prefer a bridge & then locked up long term so as to get more than just 6 years potentially.

    • Hayes will be 27 before next summer making him a ufa before the 7 years service is completed . This would be the last year he is restricted

    • Still not on the Hayes bandwagon. His lack of foot speed kills me and mixed with his lack of intensity not a player I feel deserves over 5 million. Offensive players are in their prime at 24-30. He should be 50-55 point guy for 4 more seasons. Hope I am wrong

  7. It’s kind of a head scratcher that Namestikov was the 1st one of these guys signed. He wasn’t exactly impressive down the stretch. Then again he was playing primarily on the 4th line with McLeod etc. Not exactly sure where he fits going forward. 3rd line center? I would have preferred they locked up Spooner and Hayes who’s roles would be more defined before signing Namestikov.

    • funny how they resigned McCleod before Hayes and Spooner without giving the young guys a chance in rookie camp to play.

      With the amount of cap space I am wondering if the Rangers should try and snag Weber from MTL and the RD needs for Skjei…giving the Ranger a solid top 4.

      Smith, DeAngelo, 2nd rd pick and a top prospect (Not Chytil)
      Smith, DeAngelo & 1st

      if Some of the younger kids were ready for 2nd line center duty I would say offer Hayes & Spooner for Patches but I do not foresee any of them ready for that level of responsibility yet.

      • Montreal would have no interest in Smith or Deangelo. And at this point NY shouldn’t have any interest in Weber. He’s 32 and has 8 years left on his deal at nearly 8 million. I don’t see Patches as a fit right now either.

        Ny needs to evaluate what they have and where they are at this time. No point in making either one of these trades today.

  8. Perhaps Kevin Hayes would be a fit with Montreal? He could push Drouin back to left wing where he belongs, and fill that top centre spot until Kotkaniemi (maybe) is ready to fill it himself. He’s not a legitimate number one centre, but would give Montreal more depth at the position and a player who could reach 25-30 goals and 60 points playing with skilled players like Drouin.

    After Zuccarello outlive his usefulness the Rangers will be rather thin on right wing. Perhaps Nikita Scherbak could land Hayes? Add in a 2nd rounder if Hayes signs for longer than one season.

    Habs forwards would look like:

    Drouin – Hayes – Gallagher
    Pacioretty – Danault – Domi
    Hudon – Byron – Shaw
    DesLauriers – Plekanec – Armia


    Kreider – Zibanejad – Zuccarello
    Vesey – Andersson – Buchnevich
    Namestnikov – Chytil – Scherbak
    Spooner – Nieves – Fast

    • Still think Zuc gets traded before Hayes

    • Seriously….
      Sherback ? A Russian who can’t play top 9 for a poor team ?


  9. First off I just wanted to say I just met Max Pacioretty at the Kevin hart show the guys a good guy and Montreal and all the media and fans around should be thrilled this guy loves Montreal and wants to stay here … If Montreal and Patches could work it out they should because this guy will score 30 goals anywhere he goes … He’s a star in life and on the ice at least he’s no GalsnortYUK that’s always out at restaurants and snorting Coke a Cola lol patches a family guy that is a professional …. now Montreal should fire Bergevin and hire someone that is passionate about hockey and knows hockey and that is respected like a Mike Modano, or someone like Tampa went and get Stevie Y … if Bergy trades patches he should be fired and then as a UFA Montreal should sign back patches since bergy would be gone .

  10. I have to say I’m a bit thicked off because I loved Galchenyuk until I saw he wasn’t a serious guy always out instead of training as for example right now he’s traded to Arizona and instead of getting ready training he’s going out to restaurants and eating everything he can ….. Talented guy but he’s not serious understand he’s young but come on … get it together wish him the best tho

    • Frank, do you have a job? do you go out week nights,? do you eat anything or everything ? What’s the difference between his job and your job. Have you seen how ripped 27 was? Even if he goes out at night when there is no game, if there is a game the next. Igor you know they play at 7 pm. You probably get home late and leave for work by 8 at the latest.

      • The difference between me and him is that I’m not getting paid 4.9 million $$$ to eat and go out and party all night … If you get paid 4.9 million $$$ you should I don’t know be a professional and take the job seriously …. i don’t know maybe you work at mcd’s and you don’t take the job seriously but trust me if you would of been told hey we will pay you 4.9 million a year I think you’d take it more seriously … Oh he is ripped hahaha dude I don’t think you’ve seen him lately he’s not so ripped…

  11. Someone mentioned NJ?

    I would accept Zacha and MacLeod straight up, and hope for a pick upgrade bonus also.

    I’m thinking, though, that Fla (Borgstrom +)and NYI (Dobson +) are more likely destinations.

    If Bergevin can get past his Denial phase and move into the rebuild.

    Or, alternately, if we could somehow get a new GM.

    • Patches to FLA will require a 3rd team again

      To MTL: perhaps Borgstrom & Petrovic & picks from FLA

      To PHI: Huberdeau from FLA(?), Shaw & 2nd from MTL

      To FLA: Patches & Simmonds

      • That sounds shamefully like a trade Bergevin would actually make.

        Montreal gives up Pacioretty, Shaw and a 2nd round pick and all they get is Borgstrom, Petrovic and a few 2nd and 3rd rounders? Better be 2 first round picks on top of that.

        Philadelphia gives up only Simmonds and gets Huberdeau, Shaw and a 2nd round pick….. the city would build a gilded Hextall statue to put on the steps of City Hall.

        Just so lopsided. Where it seems more even is with Florida’s exchange. They get Pacioretty and Simmonds, instantly giving them probably the best top 6 in the NHL, and they would give up Borgstrom, Petrovic, Huberdeau and a couple of picks. Huberdeau is the big fish that makes it an equal trade, although as Florida I would still be wary of trading a young talent like his for two veterans, one of whom is permanently banged up from his style of play and the other simply in the latter stages of his prime years (in the 90s prime years were 27-32, in today’s league it is 23-28..ish). Florida would have to be in a win now mode to make that deal, so many futures for two veterans.

      • This would be more equitable:

        Florida trades Jonathan Huberdeau to Philadelphia for Wayne Simmonds and Travis Konecny.

        Florida trades Travis Konecny to Montreal for Max Pacioretty.

        Montreal trades Andrew Shaw and Victor Mete to Philadelphia for Robert Hagg and a 2nd round pick.

        Montreal gets Travis Konecny, Robert Hagg and a 2nd, gives up Pacioretty, Shaw, and Mete.

        Philly gets Jonathan Huberdeau, Andrew Shaw, Victor Mete, giving up Simmonds, Konecny, Hagg and a 2nd.

        Florida gets Pacioretty and Simmonds, giving up Huberdeau.

        Florida kind of wins in the short term, but this is way less lopsided.

      • Wishful thinking from a PHILLY fan ….nice try though…., if there was any chance Huberdeau was available , and even as bad as MB has been lately , he would be on this quicker than a fat kid on a plate of poutine. If Philly is a 3rd team involved , i think ( or MB should consider) asking for Sanheim , and take Petrovic out of the deal

  12. What would a team have to give up to acquire S. Weber from MTL at this time? Understanding he is injured and not due back until late December/early January at the earliest. Can he even be dealt?

  13. These proposed deals are way too complicated . Never going to happen. The three way is rare . In all facets of life including hockey😋
    Still think a Skinner Pacioretty deal with adders .

    • I think the thing that makes threeway awkward is jealousy.

      • not if you have a birth given reason to be confident =)