Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 8, 2018

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Latest on the Erik Karlsson trade watch plus updates on the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSDAY: The trade status of Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson is affecting the Dallas Stars’ offseason business. That includes discussing a contract extension with center Tyler Seguin, who (like Karlsson) is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

No end in sight for the Erik Karlsson trade watch (Photo via

If Stars general manager Jim Nill fails to acquire Karlsson but remains keen to make a trade,’s Matthew Coller believes Carolina Hurricanes left wing Jeff Skinner would help resolve their need for secondary scoring.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the New York Rangers are indeed interested in acting as a third party to help facilitate a trade sending Karlsson from the Senators to the Lightning, provided they can get more than a late-round first-round pick in return. He notes the Senators have set a high asking price for Karlsson, plus the Rangers aren’t deviating from their rebuilding process.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just like John Tavares’ free-agent situation in late-June, Karlsson’s status is affecting the NHL trade market in early-July. Until it’s sorted out or general managers grow tired of waiting, notable players still believed available in this summer’s trade market – Skinner and his teammate Justin Faulk, Montreal Canadiens’ left wing Max Pacioretty, Minnesota Wild forward Jason Zucker and perhaps Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin – probably won’t be going anywhere.  

Earlier last week, the Stars appeared the front-runner for Karlsson but a deal appears stalled over their unwillingness to send top defense prospect Miro Heiskanen to Ottawa. Late last week, it seemed a trade shipping Karlsson to the Tampa Bay Lightning was close. However, salary-cap room for the Lightning and return for the Senators appear to be sticking points. 


THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers believes the Chicago Blackhawks must find a taker for the contract of all-but-retired winger Marian Hossa. His $5.275-million annual salary-cap hit is preventing them from improving the roster.

Recent attempts to send that contract to a club in need of reaching the $58.8-million salary-cap minimum were hampered by the Hawks’ unwillingness to include another asset in the deal. A league source believes it’ll take the inclusion of a top prospect to get it done.

Powers thinks the Blackhawks will likely place Hossa on long-term injured reserve again to start the season, which would free up room to perhaps make a move near the Feb. 25 trade deadline to acquire a rental player if they’re in playoff contention. Such a move, however, will also mean giving up an asset.

Despite the addition of defenseman Brandon Manning, Powers believes the Blackhawks still must upgrade their blueline for 2018-19. “The Carolina Hurricanes are still expected to move Justin Faulk, who would be an upgrade for the Blackhawks as a right-handed defenseman. The cost may be too much though, as multiple reports have said the Hurricanes want Brandon Saad in exchange for Faulk.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Powers observes, the Blackhawks are in a difficult spot this summer. They need to bring in another experienced top-four defenseman, but lack the cap space to do so. They’re also unwilling to part with a significant asset. They can’t move Hossa’s contract without a sweetener, but if they put him on LTIR and attempt to bring in a rental player later in the season, it’ll cost them a prospect, young player or draft pick. 





  1. Poor Ottawa. Negotiating that ferry ride is pretty tough after you’ve burned the bridge. It might be draft choices and AHLrs by the time they’re done being stubborn.

    • So they should just let him go for spare parts cuz it’s easier ? Thank God you’re not an NHL Gm – you’d be getting fleeced in every transaction . He’s a great player – you make the deal ONLY when the return is right . You don’t want to give up a high end prospect (Dallas) then you don’t get a high end player – Simple.

      • This is my opinion. I believe anyone who trades for Karlsson will regret it. He was a good player. The injury that he suffered he will never be the same. Defensively he’s a disaster. To pay 11 million or more he’s not worth it. Ottawa knows he’ll never be the player he was. They’re toying with the teams who are interested. He’s damaged goods.

      • LOL. Well said.

      • Agree with Stefano. Not only do they get to give a long term high priced contract to a possibly damaged player, but they get to give up some assets for the privilege. No way.

      • Bitter fan comments are hilarious

    • I think you said the say thing about Sakic when he was trading Duchene…

    • Where’s the rush. Ottawa could even wait to the seasons trade deadline. Not ideal but if they believè karlsson will bounce back and have a solid season it would end speculation on his heel and up his value a bit if he does.

      Though in season trades can be tougher due to the cap but we watched many teams keep cap room available for tavares. Only one team got him.

      Ottawa can wait, training camp is a long way off. If other team doesn’t want to give up whay Ottawa asks then they can hope to get him at free agency. That’s a big gamble.

  2. I don’t see Saad as too high a price to get Faulk.

    • I agree with that trade being even. That would however remove a scoring forward from the Hawks lineup which they cant afford to lose, or replace.

    • problem for the Hawks is that Saad was the return for Panarin in that terrible trade. If they get rid of him, Panarin for Faulk is still a lopsided deal

      • It certainly didn’t work out last season but what happens if Panarin walks from Clb as a UFA next summer or they are forced to trade him and Saad bounces back?

        Perhaps Chi knew when they signed Panarin to his current 2-year deal that he had no intentions of signing long-term.

        Saad had a weird year, he played well but he couldn’t score to save his life. His shooting % drooped by over 4%. Chicago’s lack of depth also made checking what little scoring they had much easier.

        I have Saad is 1 on my bounce back candidates next season. 20 to 25 goals, 50 to 55 points. He did score 18 goals last season but his 35 points were extremely disappointing.

        Clb won it so far but Saad still has 3 years on his deal, Panarin 1. I will wait to see how the next 3 years play out before deciding. Someone is going to have to pay Panarin 7 years at 8.5 mil+ to extend him & that wasn’t even an option in Chi. The business side of hockey impacting player decisions & trades.

    • Come on! He has multiple years of control and Faulk is a free agent after this year

      • I would think that Carolina – if intent on dealing Faulk – would give other teams a chance to talk with him and his agent, much the same as Ottawa did with Karlsson. Only makes sense to be sure he would sign an extension before relinquishing something substantial in such cases.

  3. As long as Dorion has more than one team interested the better the odds are of him being able to get one of them to overpay.

  4. News flash! Both teams (Sens/Bolts have a couple bad contracts they need to unload (especially Bolts) Sens have Ryans, Bolts have Callahan’s. Bolts can’t do it unless they have an agreement reached with Karlson.
    i’ll bet there are teams (maybe my devils) willing to take one bad contract in exchange for a prospect or decent pick in draft
    Callahan (Taylor Raddysh-sp?) Ryan- (2nd rounder)?

    • Sens = “need to”
      Bolts = “want to”

      • The Sens don’t need to move Ryan’s contract. They’d like to and a Karlsson trade is the only way without eating significant salary in the near term. They still need some big contracts to hit the cap floor.

        TB has to move a big contract to take on Karlsson this year and beyond. Callahan makes the most sense since he’s massively overpaid, but only has 2 years left. Plus, many other trade candidates (Johnson, Killorn, Palat) have full NTC’s.

      • I agree Van. That whole “take Ryan too” emanated from trade-deadline rumours surrounding Vegas when one so-called journalist surmised that such a trade might be the opportunity for Dorion/Melnyk to unload Ryan’s contract since Vegas had the cap space. That was it. I have NEVER heard Dorion even mention unloading Ryan. But like all out-of-left-field rumours, it has taken on a life of its own, with those who delight in calling Melnyk “cheap” jumping on it with size 12 boots. Of course, they never mention the fact that the Sens played last season with cap space of just under $6 mil. That made them “cheap” whereas any other team with similar space was being “prudent” by leaving some “wiggle room” in case a benefial trade came along. Horses*^t.

      • Ott still has to sign Ceci & Stone to sign & they will both be getting huge raises if signed long term, even if they go to arbitration the pay will be much higher than what they were making.

        Stone is 1 year from UFA status, Ceci 2. Are either willing to sign long term? Both just filed for salary arbitration & could simply refuse to sign take 1 & 2-year awards making themselves UFA’s very quickly. This provides them with significant leverage in contract negotiations & I’m very interested to see how these contracts are going to play out.

        This roster is a mess & there are far bigger issues than can they hit the cap floor. Why would anyone want to stay here today if they can get out in 1 or 2 years, really sooner as Ott isn’t riding any of these players or Duchene to UFA status, they will all be moved prior & for something.

        This team needs Ryan far more for the fact he is 1 of the few scorers left than his cap hit. Who’s scoring goals for this team next season? Hoffman was 3rd with 22, 1 behind Dzingel & Duchene, Brassard was 5th, Karlsson is their offensive driver & is Duchene starting the year in Ott or being moved at the trade deadline? What about Stone & Ceci, why would they sign long-term here?

      • Striker: Ottawa isn’t losing everyone of significance this offseason. Ceci and Duchene are local and everything mentioned in local media is that long term deals are on the horizon once Karlsson is worked out. Stone is considered the likely next captain and I’d be shocked if he is signed to only a one year deal. 8 years at $7M-$8M/year is way more likely. Duchene could very well be extended for 6 or 7 years for similar monies to Stone in September.

        Ottawa has some very good forward prospects coming up next year that will contribute offensively. Two or more of White, Brown, Batherson or Chlapik will make the team and get 10-20 goals each. I think Formenton and Tkachuk are one year away, but they could surprise too.

        Ottawa’s defence prospects are much thinner and, in addition to losing Karlsson, why they need a good young defensive prospect back in that trade (ex. Segachev, Heiskanen, Theodore).

      • Van, if Tkachuk decides to turn pro – and he’s getting pressure from close friends White and Brown – he’ll almost assuredly make the team out of camp.

      • George O: I agree Tkachuck would make the team if he signs this year. I’m just saying we don’t know if he will for sure. Returning to BU wouldn’t be a horrible thing for his development.

  5. If Chicago wants to dump Hossa’s contract on someone, they’re going to have to bite the bullet and toss in something worthwhile. They created this salary cap situation with insane signings, now they have to pay the price.

    • You would think like when Savard was moved not once but twice, Pronger, Datsyuk, etc. they cost to move Hossa should be about a 2nd. The cap hit is 5.275 but his salary is only 1 mil per for those 3 years. Chi eats 1/2 the salary 500K & a team like NJ can absorb the cap hit for 3 years easily based on their current contract structure.

  6. Brooks tends to report with his heart and not his brain. He keeps bringing Callahan into conversation, which appeals more to him than GM Gorton. There where rumors last night that Rangers are in conversation, but not as a 3rd party. To me, Karlsson makes perfect sense…. to keep saying they’re sticking to rebuild hints that they’re not looking to compete next year, which is absurd with the core they have. When you’re looking at locking up an elite player for next 8 years and you don’t have any elite players on roster, why not? Rangers drafted 5 1st rounders in last 2 drafts. On top of that they added prospects like Hajek, Lindgren, Rykov and Howden. They can make a deal and still have plenty left. Would Skjei be the type of young top 4 dman th would want back? I think Rangers are also in a position to take on Ryan if necessary. Maybe if Zucharello was part of deal?
    To Rangers: Karlsson and Ryan. To Ottowa: Zucharello,Skjei,Spooner, and 2019 1st rd pick

    • Would the Rangers part with Howden or Lias Andersson?
      Rangers will be full of 2nd and 3rd line centers soon- Hayes, Andersson, Howden, Spooner, Names(better on the wing)…. Chytil plays a wing imho

      • IF EK was 22 and we had a chance to grab him yes… but at this time EK does not make sense for the Rangers…. the roster is not balanced enough. We still do not even have a #1C nor a game changing top winger. Kreider could be but still runs too hot & cold. Noone else is at that level. EK would only take away from the process of building youth and getting better long term.

      • Not sure why I even replied with players for EK for the Rangers… with Shattenkirk why need 2 offensive RHD when the rest of the D minus Brady is suspect

      • DS…You take Karlsson because he’s all around better than Shattenkirk. Shattenkirk has 3 years left on contract and has a mntc if you wanted to move him before… Skjei i offer because he seems to fit what others are rumored to be offering. I don’t see Skjei ceiling being anywhere near what Karlsson brings. Just as you mentioned with centers, I see same issue with left handed d men. We’re still stuck with Staal and Smith. We just signed free agent from Ottowa. And we still have at least 4 or 5 future nhl level prospects.
        Ihatecrosby: Zib is our 1c, wether people agree or not. As a 24 year old he scored 27 goals last season while missing 10 games. He is hitting his prime and not many guys with his combination of size, skating ability and skill. We lack elite scoring wingers… otherwise his point totals would be up there with other top centers. Karlsson just turned 28. B Burns won Norris at age 32…. considering an expansion team went to finals last season, I don’t understand this whole timing, rebuild thing. And again, we’re talking about having a guy for 8 years. He’s not retiring after next season.

    • I doubt thats anywhere near enough.
      Zuch is at best 2nd line center, Skjei a 3 or 4 dman at best. Spooners a good piece to add but I dont see Dorion making that deal. Then you have to wonder if Karlsson would want to resign with whats left of the Rangers roster. Lundqvist at 36yrs old and not much else.

      • Ron Zuc is a winger. Rangers leading scorer. Skjei at 24 is currently their top pair left D. I would consider him as good or better than Sergachev.

    • Slick, your obsession with the Rangers getting EK are comical. Does not make sense right now.

      • Or Tavares or moving out Smith, etc.. Cracks me up & makes for good humour. He’s relentless in his passion for the best case scenario for his Rangers.

      • FD. Your shortsightedness is comical. Let me know when’s a good time

      • Karlsson addition make the Rangers a bubble team or better than Columbus/Philly? Not yet.

        I’d rather see what the young D prospects can do and shoot for a 2020 playoff spot. Still if you give up a single ‘A’ prospect, Tampa’s 2019 pick, a spare center and your own 2019 1st round…would you do it?

      • Striker, I’m not the guy that’s always proposing Smith trades… another guy. You yourself have often mentioned how Rangers core is still very competitive. You can’t keep stockpiling guys at same position and expect them not to have to trade eventually. IMO you don’t always get a chance at elite players like this, so I’d rather grab now than wait a year or 2 and wish we wouldve

      • DS. IM not sure what it would take, but I think we can make a deal without hurting rebuild. I too would like to see young guys play and I do see Rangers as bubble team because of that. I don’t see us as a lottery team unless we start trading everyone else .Karlsson would be good to have while developing guys like Pionk,DeA, Hajek and Lindgren, while still having vets Shatty, Staal and Smith. So maybe we don’t compete for cup next year, but let’s see what happens with Chytil and Kratsov. Let’s see if Panarin hits FA next year.

      • Why would Karlsson want to play for the Rangers? They aren’t even a bubble team. If the Rangers continue with the rebuild they may be a real contender in 3 to 4 years. Karlsson will control where he plays and it will be with a contender, period.

      • Tavares, Karlsson and Panarin!? Stanley cup here we come!

      • Brooks today.:::First, the observation. If a team approaches every transaction from a “We’re not ready to win,” perspective, that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
        Rangers are rumored to be in again. Am I not allowed to comment as a fan. Who wouldn’t want Karlsson. It’s really easy to sit back and echo everyone else that screams rebuild. If I’m owner, and I make big money in playoffs, do I really prefer taking on the contract of some crappy player just to add another pick? Yeah, let’s keep rebuilding. Let’s wait 3 years and we’ll have 10 centers and 15 left defenseman. Is there a cup for team with most prospects? Are current players going to stop aging??

      • Hey Laurie, Rangers have the assets and cap space to do it. They have Swedes Zibenejad and Lundquist who have played internationally with him. With Karlsson they’re easily a playoff team. Besides, it’s not just about next year. Rangers now have a ton of good prospects going forward. We’re one of the 3 or 4 youngest teams

      • Slick… you say all of this as if this rebuild has been an ongoing thing…. they don’t even know what they have today from all these moves. They’re not even 30 games into a rebuild and you’re saying “ enough already”?

        You aren’t really paying attention to what this organization has been saying. Going back to Tavares…. knowing the Rangers weren’t even talking to him or in on the California meetings…. yet you held tight to the delusional thought he was on his way to t Broadway…. possibly.

        Gorton has stated he’s not in on Karlsson… yet somehow once again you’re creating tha delusional scenario they’re somehow in on him.

        Ny needs to fully understand what they have before committing to a 10-12 million per 7 year Karlsson deal.

        They aren’t in the race….. it’s time to face reality here. If after 3 months of a rebuild you’re expecting this type of insanity, and impatience… you’re in for a miserable couple of years….

        It is what it is. It’s a good thing really…embrace it and move on.

      • “It’s really easy to sit back and echo everyone else that screams rebuild”

        And it’s even easier to come up with ps4 trade scenario pipe dreams that will fix this team over night , yet are never going to happen.

        We may as well discuss the possibility of breathing underwater.

      • Ny4. 1st if all. You have never heard Gorton say or have you ever seen a quote where they weren’t interested in Tavares. My guess is he had no interest. All the while that was going on I maintained it was a long shot. This is a website for rumors and opinions. Is yours more important than others? As far as rebuild, it started when we traded Zib for Brass. Continued with Stepan/ Raanta for Anderson/DeAngelo. 10 picks this year. 3 in 1st round. I refer you back to Brooks quote about self fulfilling prophecy. I suggest you read the ny post article. You often accuse Striker of being opinionated and condescending. Why don’t you look at your own comments

      • Now all of the sudden Brooks is a knowledgeable guy? Lmao… that’s a first! June 30th Brooks “Forget the Big Splash, at least for this year. Even if there were a deep pool into which to dive, the Rangers wouldn’t do it. Next year, maybe … next year, probably … next year, definitely.”

        June 22nd “ Rangers employing rebuild plan they haven’t tried in 40 years”…..

        I read the post daily. Perhaps you should as well? Or at least how this man contradicts what he said 3 days prior!

      • Ny4. I’m not a big Brooks fan ….but he does have his sources…. other times he’s just reporting rumors he’s read just like us. He was the guy that broke story about Karlsson having permission to negotiate with other team, including RAngers

    • The first round pick could be lottery pick for rangers with or without ek. I would not give that up next year. I say wait one year for rangers and then let the spending begin

  7. as crazies it may seem.. would it make sense for both CHI and OTT to swap Hossa for Ryan?

    Ryan (outside of being injured) is an active player and will basically be the same cap hit as Hossa correct? it at least gives CHI a winger to play. Hossa coming to OTT is perfect for Melnyk because the salary is actually lower and the cap hit is what he wants to stay above the floor but not actually have to pay a salary.

    is it feasible?

    • Interesting thought, actually works for both teams. Especially if Ryan actually scores some goals for Chicago.

    • Ryan’s cap hit is $2M more per year plus has four more years vs. three for Hossa. That likely doesn’t work for Chicago.

      Plus, Ottawa already has potentially over $9M (MacArthur and possibly Gaborik) in dead LTIR cap space. Yes, Melnomics would love to add a Hossa type deal, but they would quickly run out of room to ice a team if they had $15M/year on LTIR. That being said, I’d put nothing past Melnyk given his cheapness.

      • OTT can hold 1.5 million….to balance out more. Think it gives more wiggle room to move Anisimov to something if needed or to ride out another year and see how the addition of Ryan plays out. Playing with Kane and Toews may do wonders… CHI can also take a prospect back from ott to help facilitate

    • The Hawks aren’t trading the Hossa contract for the bad contract of an active player.

      It’s annoying to work around (they’ll have to wait to sign a free agent or make a trade or send a bunch of guys to the AHL to open the season before recalling them, etc.) but they get Hossa’s money back once the season starts.

      If they take on Ryan, that cap hit stays on their books.

  8. So NYR is supposed to take Callahan for a late 1st rd (really a 2nd rd pick) and that is all? does not seem good to me…. Perhaps Killorn and Callahan for Spooner? and call it a day for NY…
    it allows TB to not even think of moving Kucherov or any other of their top assets to squeeze in EK’s salary…
    then TB can ship Spooner & others assets back to OTT for EK….

    • I agree. I’d want a lot more than a 2nd round pick to absorb Callahan’s contract for two years.

      • My take on what’s holding up the EK trade is Mylnyk wants out of Ryan’s contract. Hes pressuring Dorian to maximize return but unload the contract as well. Other teams are saying sure, we’ll take Ryan’s contract but we want what Tampa is going to give you or at least the big piece going back to Ottawa. I really believe Melnyk is interfering big time.

      • That’s pure speculation with NO foundation in fact.

  9. Yes Chicago could use an upgrade but this team is heading in a downward trajectory, youth is developing so the turn around may not be long but Chicago shot it’s load several years ago & is now paying the price for that success. Are Kane & Toews 10.5 mil dollar players, Seabrooke a 6,875 player? These contracts have a ton of term left & hamper Chi’s efforts to flush out its man roster.

    Moving out Saad to get Faulk causes more problems than it solves. Chi has better defensive depth than forward depth, young D depth but most are NHL ready. If that’s the cost to acquire Faulk I don’t think it’s a cost Chi can afford.

    I have been working on my depth charts based on what we know today. Nothing carved in stone & pairings can be adjusted but more looking at the business side of the rosters. Players who have to clear waivers, contract structure etc. determining who will be in the NHL & not.

    Keith, Murphy.
    Gustafsson, Seabrooke.
    Manning, Rutta.
    Oesterle, ?

    Not great but barring a trade they will all be in the NHL as all would need to clear waivers & none would.

    • Sorry, the last sentence in the 1st paragraph should read. “to flush out its 23 man roster.”

    • Striker, are Kane and Toews $10.5 million players? Put their names out there in the trade market and find out. If I were to pick a guy as frontrunner for comeback player of the year, my money would be on Jonathan Toews – he will be healthy and motivated and he is still one of the best two-way players in hockey. Patrick Kane just keeps doing what he does best – set people up and score goals.
      When Chicago were the best team in the league, these guys were underpaid. Now I’d say the salaries are about right.

  10. Chicago has drafted 5 out of 6 defence in the first two rounds in the last three drafts. They know they have backend trouble. If Keith or Seabrook go down yikes.
    I think Saad is an overpayment for Faulk. If he is so valuable why have the Canes made all their D moves and made him available. I like Slavin much better.

  11. This was suggested by Philly scribe. Flyers take on Ryan Callahan along with a top prospect such as Taylor Raddysh.
    Flyers have cap Space and money coming off at the end the year and next year.

    • I was wondering if the Canadiens could take on Callahans contract

      • Habs could, but Bergiven hasn’t admitted they are in a rebuild yet.

  12. Dallas having a psuedo-Contender that missed the playoffs entirely last year and not being willing to trade a prospect for a top 5 NHL player while their window is still open…makes no sense to me.

  13. Early discussions this week was about the inclusion of dman prospects.
    Did you know from 2005 – 2015 there was 33 defenseman drafted in the top 10 and all but 2 Dylan McIlrath 2010 and Griffin Reinhart 2012 were able to establish themselves with an NHL career.
    The 2012 draft had 8 dman drafted in the top 10; (2) Ryan Murray, (4) Griffin Reinhart, (5) Morgan Rielly, (6) Hampus Lindholm, (7) Mathew Dumba, (8) Derrick Pouliot, (9) Jacob Trouba and (10) Slater Koekkoek who looks like he is establishing an NHL career.
    The other 2 players drafted in the top 10 of 2012 1st overall Nail Yakupov (who is trying his change of scenery in the KHL) and 3rd Alex Galchenyuk.
    Drafting a dman in the top 10 seem to be an odds favorite of establishing and NHL career.

    • It certainly seems like a greater % of D taken Top 10 work out better than F when you look at the total games played. I count 34 D taken Top 10 from 2005 to 2015 as follows (the 10 with an asterisk, while playing varying numbers of games, are clearly lagging behind their draft class – alkthough some slack still has to be cut for anyone drafted in 2013 – 2014) – showing name – drafting team – position taken – NHL games played

      Jack Johnson – Car – 3 – 788
      *Brian Lee – Ott – 9 – 209
      * Luc Bourdon – Van – 10 – 36

      Eric Johnson – St.L – 1 – 637

      Thomas Hickey – LA – 4 – 409
      Karl Alzner – Wash – 5 – 673
      * Keaton Ellerby – Fla – 10 – 212

      Drew Doughty – LA – 2 – 776
      *Zach Bogosian – Atl – 3 – 552
      Alex Pietrangelo – St.L – 4 – 617
      Luke Schenn – Tor – 5 – 708

      Victor Hedman – TB – 2 – 626
      Oliver Ekman-Larsson – Ariz – 6 – 576
      * Jared Cowan – Ott – 9 – 249

      Eric Gudbranson – Fla – 3 – 391
      *Dylan McIlrath – NYR – 10 – 43

      Adam Larsson – NJ – 4 – 416
      Dougie Hamilton – Bos – 9 – 433
      Jonas Brodin – Min – 10 – 404

      Ryan Murray – Clb – 2 – 264
      *Griffin Reinhart – NYI – 4 – 39
      Morgan Rielly – Tor – 5 – 388
      Hampus Lindholm – Ana – 6 – 371
      Mathew Dumba – Min – 7 – 310
      *Derrick Pouliot – Pit – 8 – 138
      Jacob Trouba – Wpg – 9 – 326
      *Slater Koekkoek – TB – 10 – 76

      Seth Jones – Nash – 4 – 393
      Darnel Nurse – Edm – 7 – 197

      Aaron Ekblad – Fla – 1 – 309
      *Haydn Fleury – Car – 7 – 62

      Noah Hanifin – Car – 3 – 239
      Ivan Provorov – Pha – 7 – 169
      Zach Werenski – Clb – 8 – 155

      • George O you’re correct I left Luc Bourdon off the list who look like he was going to have a promising career. But yes 34 drafted in the top 10.

      • George that’s way more typing then I’ll ever do.

      • i would wonder how many of those d men listed were able to sustain their nhl playing days due to the self-fulfilling prophecy of being a top ten pick? How many would have lost their jobs to a younger or better asset but due to either the “hope of them filling out their potential” or “we used a top pick on this guy he needs to work out” kept them going.

      • Chrism the list is provided by George, who would you say? If anyone could make an argument for Reinhart, unfortunately for him and McIlrath they were drafted when big men were wanted.

      • Lee Ellerby schenn Cowen pouliot to name a few. Pouliot being the obvious player who has gotten chances not on talent but on draft stock

    • Derrick Pouliot was a bust for the Penguins.

    • Yet they never go early Caper and often slip on D Day. Center center center mixed in with scoring wings. Just saw it this year again.
      Considering the demand for top 4 D right now, plus the evidence you posted, makes you wonder?

  14. George O. Striker. Lyle. Anybody.
    Help me out. Without opinion of whether you think Rangers should do it or not…. if you have knowledge of roster and prospects. If you’re Ottowa, what do you want from us for Karlsson????

    • skjei, 1st rounder, anderson/howden etc, kreider.

      skjei replaces erik, kreider replaces hoffman, the center prospect replaces duschene eventually.

    • Kreider, Skjei and Shesterkin

      • Can’t do Kreider or SHESTERKIN. OVERPAY. HOW ABOUT Skjei, Anderson, Huska, 1st rd pick

      • can’t do wither of them then most likely you cant beat what other teams will offer.

      • But Kreider is my sons favorite player!! Lol. Can it be another… Vesey?

      • OVERPAY? For one of the premiere D in the league? If they took Vesey I’d provide the rope for Dorion’s lynching.

      • I think this is purely a question asked, that he only really wants the answer he wants to hear and nothing else. Why ask at all if you already have the answer? And why limit the question to “whether the Rangers should do it or not “

        Basically this screams “tell me what I want to hear only” why not just make a statement instead of a question?

        I don’t always agree with Striker, or Lyle. But I don’t believe for one second Striker, or Lyle would say this is a move beneficial to either NYR’s or Karlsson.

        What’s your honest opinion George?

      • I truly don’t think the NYR are in play in the first place – and I seriously doubt Karlsson – if he’s adamant about not re-signing in Ottawa (and that hasn’t been said yet to my knowledge) would go to a team regarded as a bubble playoff contender at best. He asked what I though Ottawa would want IF that unlikely scenario was a possibility, and I listed the 3 I think they’d go after.

        Maybe, just maybe, a high price like that is what’s holding up any finalization. As Ron Jull points out above somewhere, as long as there several teams seriously in the mix it can only benefit Dorion in the long run, since one – if past history is any criterion – will seemingly overpay in someone’s eyes.

      • Mr Broken record here.
        The return will only be a haul if Karlsson agrees to sign an extension there. Or he is just a rental.
        Would he in NYR? Maybe, but I agree 100% with Nyr4life, they ain’t interested, nor should they be. For all the reasons he has already said.

      • Nyr4. Can you engage in a Hockey conversation without always going into a personal attack. If you think I only want to hear what I want to hear, then stay out of the conversation!! We all know your position. The funny thing is I assumed Ottowa would want prospects, I wasn’t thinking George would go for 2 roster players and a goalie prospect. 2 roster players would be great since you think so low of this team anyway and their prime years would be wasted .. so how does this hurt rebuild? We have other goalie prospects. We just drafted a kid pretty high in 2nd rd. I like Shesterkin, but as you say, who knows what we got. Losing Skjei is ok. Still have Staal and Smith. Have the kid we just signed from Ottowa and between Hajek and Lindgren, who knows. Kreider is only 11 months younger than Karlson. Frees up some cap space. Ok George, I like it. Deal

      • George, maybe Rangers are in, maybe not. But… I think the cost is higher for Tampa though. If you figure they might have to make another deal with a 3rd team, theyre giving up a lot. Nobody is taking Callahan without a nice sweetener. Dallas, maybe they’re in. Vegas I don’t see.I’ve said for weeks, they really didn’t have the cap space to keep team together. They’ve already lost Neil and Perron, and need to sign W Karlsson and Theodore. Schmidt and Fleury are UFA next year. Is this a team Karlsson would want to be on after they give up what they need to get him? Last year was a fluke and they’re already worse than they where.

      • Slick it’s pretty obvious we all know your position as well. Pretty much nobody is agreement with you here. Yet you just continue on and on. Tavares , Karlsson, the rebuild has taken too long … lol

        Seriously, it’s obvious you only want people to agree with you here… which isn’t happening…

        How do you say in one breath, say that Vegas was a fluke… yet have all this hope for a team and players that haven’t had 3 minutes in the nhl? That is a strange outlook.

        So now an 18 year old goalie taken in the 2nd round is the great hope here? Boy oh boy. I remember the last time an 18-19-20 yo goalie jumped right in and … wait . No I don’t remember anything like that.

        Shestyorkin is a hell of a lot more proven than ANYTHING in ny’s pool. You’re grasping at this point .

        “f you think I only want to hear what I want to hear, then stay out of the conversation!!”

        Stop making delusional one sided conversation!!!!!

        Hey what would it take…. No my son likes Kreider? Lol

        You’re 100% on an island here. Nobody is even close to agreeing with any of this insanity.

        I don’t know what they have, neither does the organization yet. Does that make me a lesser fan? Or a more realistic fan? You can call a cat a fish if you like… but it won’t swim.

    • I, personally, do not feel EK is worth getting for the NYR at this point. Too many variables on the roster.

      Not worth at this point giving up Skjei, Kreider, Shesterkin, Anderson, 1st rounder or whatnot at this point

      This is a transition team not close to being a consistent play-off contending team. IMO. They are best served to manage payroll and see how the youth develops and utilize their cap to grab additional assets to fill the holes on the roster. Thank Hank for being a trooper and sticking with this team during it’s transitional rebuild. It would be tough to watch with even more goals going in against them.

      Hopefully after the EK drama…the news can focus on the more important news… How Gorton moves Brendan Smith….that is more news worthy =)

      • I agree. It’s impossible to really say what they have in all these young players just yet. Andersson and Chytl aren’t even sure roster players yet. Nevermind this years draft selections, or players acquired at the deadline. Who knows what they have? There is still a ton of talk about Hayes, Zuccarello Spooner etc being moved. So it doesn’t even seem they’re done gutting this team to the floor .

        What is the core of the NYR’s right now? And how many of these “core”players will have to be moved in order to land Karlsson? Outside of an unexpected miracle Vegas type run, this team is not ready to compete. With, or without Karlsson. Chytl and Andersson are probably the most seasoned NHL vets among all this young players with a combined 17-18 games between them?

        I’m definitely not trading Shestyorkin. I truly believe that this is the guy their going to build around. Unless of course anyone thinks it’s a good idea to keep Lundqvist around until he’s about 50?

  15. I guess you missed the part where I said without commenting on whether you think they should make the trade or not

    • To me, no chance on an EK to NYR deal. I just don’t understand why the NYR would give up a potential lottery pick, as you suggest, next year–which could end up being a franchise changing center- For EK, aside from his friendship with Lundquist would not have any benefit to playing with the NYR at this time and under these circumstances. I don’t know who the NYR “Core” you are referring to is either. It’s not exactly Leetch, Richter, Mess and Graves playing on Broadway right now. We don’t even know what we have exactly right now, with all the kids. Bottom line is we have to face reality- the NYR are NOT cup contenders and won’t be for several years. That alone should deter us from any thoughts of having EK on the roster. From a business standpoint alone, it would be a ridiculous move. The discussion should be centered on what return we would expect if we are indeed “third parties” to a deal (having to absorb a contract).

  16. Quite the Rangers blog going on.

    The piece that seems missing on all the various comments pages related to Karlsson is what HE might want. I see lots of deals offered to secure him for a particular fans team, but it always assumes he will sign an extension. He has a 10 team list he is required to provide. He did. Of those 10, how many does he truly want to go play hockey? If he doesn’t want the destination, he refuses to sign an extension. The value of the offers plummets if he won’t re-sign or if Ryan is included. It doesn’t matter if a team offers their best 4 players, best four prospects or 4 first round picks…Dorian might love the deal but, if EK won’t sign a long term extension, he is just a one year rental and then goes where ever he wants for just salary. There might be 2-3 team League wide that have a chance to sign EK, because he might sign an extension there. The rest is just fans and their fantasy.